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P r yreedora ani NRtioaallty.
. C. ni'.nVTM Editor,
We hive no newiof importance in thli
tlclnify. It was rumored that llicre w
a force of 700 rebel ft few mile ont on
the Cliarlotfe like yeiterday, but a re
cennolsfance prove'l it to 1e a fal"e alarm.
It i fcry probable that a large rcb l fjrro
' hai goao in the direction of Harpvlli
' 1 A Itebuke to the l'nli Soldicis.
' The addresnea aud rraoluliom piihlihh-
.A i. rw .... ...lillni-a in itnnilf.Tnnalinn flf
' the treasonable conduct ai the Cupper
head Dnuorracy, w ho, Availing k, m
mlvtaof the ab.Henro of Bcveral hundred
, Ihouland lnjal voters in the battle field,
ii'liava io tig lit to embarrHs all the war
Wamires of (ho Ailniiiiiclialiori. The
Chicat0 Times, New York Journal if Com
sncrte and Cincinnati Enquirer hare pour
i i ad out vials of wrath upon (he beads of
" ' toldlera who dared to protest against (he
uoursc of Yai.i.akdioiiam and other.. As
' a choice (ipeciiuco of (his conservative in
. , donation we republish an editorial which
i appeared a few week a'O in (he Louls-
fllld Journal, a paper which is s fciful
'"' that (ha Nakhvillo Us'iot will injure the
, i Uuijn causa in Tennessee that it endea
-ci vorod lo establish a branch of the' Journal
' 'Office In Nashville. Wo give the JuurtiaVe
"' editorial,' denouncing; a gallant oflkcr,
r , with tbq odurei-m nt of the Cincinnati
,;; , irfr th t newspaper which said that
!' -4he wive of the Ohio soldiers would turn
1 prostituleg in (ho absence f (hiir tins
band. The J'Jnquiier, of course, was de
lighted with ti e JvumuVs article. Head
the editorial and the endorsement. Here
luey are: ' ;
1 i ' ' 1 Vrrm tlia Cl,i-lmat tn.julri r
An FCi-lliiit Itrbuko to ticneral
Mllvor Hutl tbn Abolition Aritif
. . Officer from tlie I onlsville Jour
Tho ' Louisville- Journal, the elauuch,
1 nevcrfaltering and ablo organ of t bo
' Union party in Kentucky, thua adtninis
" ters a rfescrvr(J rebuke to military inter
' ferrngo in our pulitics; It takea the case
of 0(netal"Mllroy an a noticeable exam
:t pie. It says:
i r 'I A In'koiio ' Army. In illustration of
.. the reasons that the people think they
,, have to tear our army w hen tho war in
over, we will refrr lo a recent publica
tion by Uencral Milroy and some other
. .Abolition plllcers litim Indiana. Afier
.. denouncing, as traitors the Democratic
I uicnipcraof llio Indiana Legislature for
,1 fulfilling (he wiehcaand pronouncing the
., opinions of. Iliuir constituent, there ofll
. vers assume to tleclaio for thenist ln'i and
Ihe wholo army: "When we have
crushed armed Iro.isou at tlio South, wc
'will upon our retarir, while our hands are
In, also exterminate) treason at lh. N'orili,
by'hrnn, if need be, and by tho blood of
traitors wherever round."
' ' 'Ihh infanvfus threat from Lis subordi
" natcaii is to be hoped the I'resideut has
not Seen. ' Jii cJlit day its aulhots mould
'AitW lcn -jirdmp'ljj 'dismissed in disgrace
' froni'fhe army.' "It such threat can be
made ' with' impunity, by anuy . ofllcer
J ajjiinst llio peo)Ie,who are (axed to pay,
' tlcrthe and feed I hem, and be held in (if
1 rprtm' over the" representatives of (he
1 'people, Uie diiya vf fieedom are nearly
ono. 1 Wc had as well bp preparing llio
funeral obseqnius of American liberty.
Take this threat iu connect son with the
hotorious fact that (he last elections in
Missouri were carried under the terror of
the bayonet, and, the .Senate and tho
'l'losideiit must see that this is no time
: fnr increasing but fur Boothinir (he fears
of 1lie people. f ih,y do not see and
act thnj nee-.l not tie vvpitcd c the daily in
trek nW cKiW' forptMct"
,. MiLEOr, and all tho offcer who liare
indulKod In aueh language, should bo im
ni(Mliaely removed from' their commands.
' So said the Cincinnati j!inquir,r and
Louisville ' Journal , The rebuke applies
to every u company, reeiment, brigade
Utviaiitu and corps, which haa'ntlei-ed its
isd'Ksant protest against the traitors in
the" 'orthwil wl,o have sought to slab
'tlitlojal army iu the back. No wonder
mat sack ncwspaurs Hunk ' Hut the
Kakhvillk Uion is doing harm to (he
Union cause.' Vai.t.AXDinUAM thinks that
the prosecution of the war injures tho
Vniou came. Newspapers which de
Uoutierd l'resident Ltnoolw for calling
out troops to suppress the rebellion, and
denounced om eailant soldinra for rebuk
ing oflheru tiaiturs, do exactly right in
deprtcating; Ihe course of Ihe NAsnvn.i.u
Union. We have just hid our hands
upon' Cm. Mli.Uox'a letter, which the
Louisville Juuruitl and Cincinnati iv'uui w
aay is so " infauious v that its author
should be "evpelled in di.Hjjraea from
the aruiy." ,'',.'
.,, ( , ,V' Ve KrTKri, UlST VlBorNfA
( , i I , ' I January 30, lbii'X
, I have just re.nl Hie nohle resolutioua
of uiy bro hei; nl.ievru of Indiana iu th
gallant army of iinsecrans. who, hating
assiali;d Vy , their heroism in aehieving
th ispleuidiil , inlory over Ibn traitor
army uuijet; p agis, lorn round lo rebuke
the nmru, vile, ami cutvartily traitor at
home, who having ukeJi advantage of
Ihe absenua cl out one hundred Ihoo-'
aaud patriot aol.l.era to aleal into power,
are disgracing our Hit ,y their Ireas
enable acts. ' 1
I desire lo thank Iheso brvc offlieis
who, knowutj! no purty tave lhat f,ir thtf I
uuion, nave auopien l!ie( r.aolmioiu
which meet Iho most hearty approal. '
'Aay man, oret of men who, in tiima
like these,' when our Unveinn out i
Kgd in a deadly a!ru?s!u f- r i s
Wnce, a simple which involves imtoulr
the fate of lr.'i (ioveiuiniiit in cur own
country, but fi r uli (lie worl.l, Would .
tempt to disgrace ami proitlitnte (lie iuiue
of Lirtnocrat y tn(aiiiiinjr a parly un
due that name to oppose the Uovcitimeut
and diviile and detract the people of ll.o
loyal Slates, nt trailon much' vi,in r t'nri
S)ut u-hhltlj and di. ;7,'y '. ifn
JeArUiti.ot tie 0 wui.tMrd, tur lueto
praienuea Uemocrats aneal.i.uly and
luuirrcujr Sres.uie same and by fSclllug
prcjadica against the Guvci iiiui'Vt aud
division among (ba pco4i!c.
Tet these traitors of th Inulana Lee-
Islature, and the Coppcrhoada, flutter
nnts and K. O. C.'a thn uhoat the S:a'e,
who are Rifinpc aid, oomfort and eneour
agemrnt to armed treason in the B-uih,
read in the odium that has followed the
Blue Light Federalists and Hartford
Convenliouiati of 1812 sonieUiirtf of the
execration and detestation that Will fol
low their tncmory down th stream t-f
I Join with my fellow roldiera of (he
Union everywhere in warning these traitors
nt Itvme lhat tilien ve have o uthol armel
treason at th South and restortd the sov
ereignty of our Government over tliese
misguided Stales, (which, under Ood, wc
surely will do,) we will, upon our return,
while our hands are in, also exterminate
treat, ix at the NvitJx, by aims, if need be,
and aeal, by the blooil or traitors, wher
ever found, tho p-inianent peace of our
country and (he perpetuity or tree gov
ernment to all future generations.
Indiscriminate Itobberf and Plat:
derlns; by the Kebel Government.
The utter disregard of the right of
propetly even lhat winch belongs to its
secession sul jecls, manifested recently
on all occasions by the rebel Government
U arousing tho flerce opposition of the
people. The agents of the Government
break open meat-houses, rob tnills, sack
atorrn, plunder barns, corn-cribs and
stabhs, diive off berds of .cattle and
flocks of sheep, and even take away (he
wardrobes and bed clothes of private
familes, by force, for (he nsoof the army.
Payment foe these articles is no lo) ger
tendered, and even if it were, it would
amount to nothing, as gold is COO per
cent premium in Richmond.
To show the State of feeling against
the Government, we quote the following
extracts from the Richmond Examiner'.
"Olflei&l, legality, rnVitries never angwed
a srood purpose in any country or in any
age of the world ; and of all countries
and a;ca they suit ours least. '
These arbritrary impressments of Gov
ernment touch the people's pride and
sense of justice, and they tjftded a great
and rmliiral ehanne tn their sentiments to
wards the cawe.' Men who, in a rcmantio
and pious enihusiasrn for their country,
have cheerfully given up their sons to
the battle and have assisted with a sort
of mournful pridn in the burial of their
offspring slain on the field, have had (heir
feelings and temper towards theiiovern
tnnnt suddenly changed by (be rude and
and rapacious action orUovernment pres-
The temper of onr people revolts at
injustice and arbitrary violence, lliey
aro accustomed to the enjoyment of (heir
lights unimppBched, anvl, until recently.
they hate been strangers to wrong and
iiifiilt from Government ofllcials. If
they are properly compensated and
equally dealt with, they5 will pive all
their labor and savings to the Govern
meni, and give1 them cheerfully,' bnt if
these are exacted arbitrarily, and with
tnmilence and insult, they 'will not only
give nothing at all, but they will take
ell'i'dual measures to prevent tte minions of
(fnvemtnenl firm, Munung xvhat they prowl
through the eoun'.ry to seize for a mockery of
payment. 1 here is a feeling or resentment,
tteep-aeated and widely pervading theliest
class of the community against Government,
which is held responsible for these mad
and reckless impsessments ; and there
are high ollleers in this goodly city who
fancy they arc popular in the land, but
wh'ise names 'art lield in execration by Urn
staumh cl.tsses which, control public opinions
, Tho explanation of ihese Government
robberies lies in (he fact lhat the Gov
eminent has no funds but its own paper
to pay for its supplies, and this is mm
worthless. It niu-t live like a highway
man, and either rob or die. , ,t
i Tho leading editorial of the Augusta
Constitutionalist of the 8lh inst., is nothing
but a prolonged howl against the re
morseless seizure -and impressment of
property by the rebel Government, now
taking place all over the South. It pro
nounces such impressment " an arbitrary,
high-handed measure, for which Hier
can ba no palilalias ;" and says (hat ''if
persisted in, it will drive the people from
tho production of all articles of prim if
neeeseily, except what inay be sullkient
for the necessitiasof their families, thu-)
sapping the very foundations of the Con-i
federate Government, and even, of six iely
in the Confederate StaUa.'' , , . , , ,
The Columbus, Georgia, Sun of tho
13:h March, haa the following upon Hie
niiii- anliin I ' ' ' ' ' ' I
J '.,.,.,!
."Considerable excitement prevailed on
the Btreets yesterday, in eonaequn.-e t
the aeiiure of bacon in the hands of pii
vate parlies, by a person claiming to b.
an agent of the Confederate Government.,
The peraou who made the seizure, is a
young man, represents his name as per
ry, and claims to be acting under au
thority from the Secretary of War. . llo.
had made several seizures, when hia au-1
thoriiy was rjuetlioned, and hiukulf ar
rested by the civil authoriies and placed
in (he custody of the Sheriff to avtvavit, his
trial ou Saturday muruing next i "t
How, what plea can any 'JennosBean i
make for being friendly to Ihe Richmond'
dynasty, and desiring lt tucctsa ? ' '
That Goveromennt, by tho coufeiou
of its own journals, is au organizaljuii ol
robbers, which pluudera not only tbs en
emy, but its own miserable subject.
Gov. BilDWS, of Georgia, says' in a uiea
sigo lo the Legislature that the Wash
ington Government ahnwe'd a higher r-
grJ for Slate Righla than was shown by
the oiio at Richmond. Andhera we have
two leading Southern J6tiriiali decUrlny
that Own and tits; awotlatea "trample.
upon pir.Vcuyl' right well as, olato
Rights, i To light lor such a GovurAmeut
is only fighting for one's own enslave
ment. A man might as wisely fiht for
the right to live in a den of airjK ui. Ji,
i to lijjht for bis own ruiu. i .
. llvw diirureut is theooidition of things
in those ; Ktatta which are under' lie
Washington Goyeiument. : There 'life,
liberty and properly are seem fj-in o
presMon. The Govetuuirnt pay lib.-r-
ally, and latishly f r a.1! it purvhases,
and Itii p. ot.V ar-) haoi, n.l lJl'IlK llflliUli l
just ia proportion as il.y aoibmu to tii :
wise, mild, and benilicent tiperaiion eff
just aud liectasary laws.
Tennesseans, tljci hot' that deairo for
b; uint i?, cuuiuion to aU iiien, ptiip
oj (o return ImmeJiately to the old Gov
ernment ? What have Davis, Trkckin--ripok
and Harms dene for us that wa
should sacriQoo all lhat it dear to man,
for their gTander.ent?
Itrbel invasion ol Kentnrfcy.
Wa find (he following In the Louisville
papers of yesterday:
Kt m tlw lto rt. '
The latest news we have- from above
was brought by the train from Lexing
ton last evening. It appears that the
rebel Infantry, under J. 0 Breckinridge,
and ihe cavalry, under Chenanlt iu all
suppled to bn from 12,000 lo 15,000
men crossed the, Cnmbeilsnd river on
Sunday morning at Ktagall'a Kerry, and
passed through .Min'own, Somerset, and
Stanford, reaching Danville on Friday
afternoon. Col. WoHord has had several
i.kirmi'diis with them. A cilixen of
Dai.ville spent night before last in Law
renctbnrg, and fiom that point an im
mense light was seen iu the direction of
Danville, giving rise lo the impreasion
that the rebels had se the place on fire.
General Carter's forces, consisting of five
regiments of infantry and two batteries,
burned Ihe bridge over Dix river, and
were yesterday encamped iu (he vicioity
of Camp Ditk Robinson.
There waa no unusual excitement iu
Lexington yesterday at two o'clock.
Geneial Ournsido was expected to arrive
there from Cincinnati. At Frankfort
there was some oneaainen felt among
Ihe citizens, though very few, if any
have left Ihe place.
. Quite a large number of refugees from
tho town of Danville and Boyle and Mer
cer counties, arrived in tlm city, yester
day afternoon and lust night, by railroad
and other meaos of conveyance. They
report that .the rebrls are conscripting
everybody that comes within their reach,
taking horses and other property as they
go along, i
frniD t'i I .niol: t Jiuriii'. . .,,
Ilrockiiirli'a'o at UandrltlareMklrni
Uklng mar Omp Vick Uoblneon.
There is no doubt that (he eastern
portion of Kentucky has been occupied
by rebel Iro-ps. The accommodation
train on' the Lotrfsvll'e and Frankfort
Railroad, which 'left Frankfort at 10
o'clock vealerday morninir, brought' a
number of refugees from the Interior of
the State, all of whom have their pecu-,
liar versions of the rebel raid.
We have a pretty well authenticated
report that Danville lias been occupied
by the enemy,' and that a rebil force of
seven thousand was advancing upon
Frankfort yesterday,- having arrived at
Lawrenceburg, a distance of twenty
three miles from the State capital.
It is also stated there was skirmishing
yesterday in the vicinilyof Camp Dick
Hobinsor!, in which Ihe enemy was worst
ed, but, owing to the superiority of the
rebel force, the Federal troops were forced
to fall back in the direction of Lexington.
'' There was great excitement yesterday
morning at Lexington and Frankfort, the
loyal residents or thoso cities fearing an
immrdiato advance on' tho part of the
rebels, and wc are aware that Ihe funds
of the batiks in each of those places were
rrnioved. 1 ' ' ! .
It viould not he proper for ns to state
the reo3ons, which back our belief,, but
we nie clearly of tho opinion that Ihe
reb'el force wh'ctv is at preneut. in Ken
tucky will not. only not make an advance
upon Louisville, but they; will not even
makq S seri-ms demonstration, in this di
rection Without the rebel forco is more
formidable than we have renson (o bo
licve it to be, guuh a movement would bo
fatal to Hie enHra'd ituoUnd. ' ;
' There is raid to be a force of (wo or
three thousand ubels in the vicinity of
Glasgow, and it it siu'd that they medi
1:(o a raid, upon the Louisville and Nash
ville Railroad ; ;but wo do not fear suck
a result, as the'.preparations for Iho do
fenco of tha,Kid 'in ,lhe future tiave been
of such a character as to secure it agairist
rebel incursions. ' ' , ' ' ' , ' I
. i :.., (i y ; i i: - H '. . J':, i : : III
Our. ivadeja may reft assuned that all
will be will' be well in Kentucky, and
that no dnilger. is at. all. like (o prove for
midable, ,iu lieWnOf the ,prcrauliyns
whioh have beet taken,.,' . ... j i
, 1.1 1 e In Alobile- i
: To see how tho 'cavalry live In Mobjlo,
read tho followinj; advertisements taken
from the Mobilvu Advertiser of (be 4th
lust. . ...... ..'' I
! IW!KC llm an na i I null) of l Kcril' :'nib
ii in hlfcO prtp? itf I'ror-B.irr, ii,
Hi.- hi, n.-.i l, . c atr .'t-'t to th kt:oufeij tMv u(
t-lMvi.i, r ton Itri ift.f, M- !i :
.A" iK-rvll tn na Ujjlt.IW p iraiirjt!i .
All live y IIimim .!,. uliuui Hi:(i., fl.ipi f inoul!'
: All T j' I Hoi f J (it i i)-, au I il ji.t bi i
Irsl : I '. , " " i
, (,n ,i ti I ,r..iU, t ' niloillc (!raril. ts '
In ' . i'o. ' tn Ni vr t'allii.f y iu T. '.
' lloris M4 Bui;y Pi In a'o k li. us I 7 om S :u
. ' , .1 N. fll.WS U A m, I
..- "'iv w'- will l ' -
. , : I)-.:. J. HOW NHO.V, . '
,', J. yal k'.vl.i, i
.ii 1 1 i'Liiiini.n.1, ..
H PASE, .... . I
I-1 1 ,'
;' M I ill'.' U
. ,i Pio(i to Milk. Iluyrra.
. T.ll! H10II inn;w IT mi, kihI of snrylliiiiJ
f m. UKIujiflc- lis illVK U N l m' tnrr Ihf irie .i
lllli; 10 I" I ' A K nut 1W1N1Y CK.NTSt:
: , i ANAV.
J. Kllll, ,
' " i- t" . i t. hi r.frniFK,
i'fli.i ,ii .i i .' Will TOOMKK,
i, I- ,' i, ,VK.'VAKI) unijujTi
.i. .. " "iF Mi ,)N.S.M
n ii ; , .. I' M.flviiV
!,, -,. . I' M Mwtlk; l-.l TKK,
. i What brisk timea the cavaliers must
have in drinking epg-nog with girls, and
taking them out In, evening' drivel along
Ihe Bay. 'y ,,. 'it'i'ia xti'l' : ..
ttlitj paper ti Oeorgia saya there
arenee aholiiionists (Unionists) than
Southern,' lilghtK. Uiei) ! in" si, me parts of
tlat , Slt'e. j How does iJiis atateutent
agre .with the charge id' the Louis tj;i
Jmmnl and Oinrinnati Enquirer, that the
Emancipation IYei'tarnatlon aud Confls
ca(io(i A-i iw united the South against
Hia Govei iiniit ' .The most ' aaalous
suaportera t-f Hiese very acts are the
loyal alsvi h' i I. ra , and Unionists of (ba
oiilh, nliolove tbir un4utry alkova. sl
things else. . . t.:i ,, I
' The Kh'iaph ty$ that Bitfi kikkiissb
is goiug enfiice thd v'ousceipUon act
ia KenUiiikyi : We hope he B,ay geta1
few ngliuent t (he cowardly (hpo
elites who have 1jh.ii ktirring up niisehitt1
in that Slate, while they uera not wauly
awi, a liaili lit .in Irna Ksl lrnir I '
' ,
Gold U decllng rapidly everywhere.
1 In Ciiiiililiali it has f!Ieu to io. Tho
gojvi.df uca of Iho people iu the Adiuiuiai
Ii alion increase" daily. '
- f or Iks H5 1U f olon. -
The officers and soldiers f (he Fifth
Krstscby Cavalry, being on dress parade
at Nashville, Tcnn., March 17th, 1333,
adopted the following preamble and reso
lutions : .
Whkueas, We have learned with sur
prise lhat Cot. David R. Haggard was re
ported to the War Department, Washing
ton City, a beins; absent without leare,
and lhat he has been muatorcd eut of (be
United Slstes service therefor; where
fore. Hefdi.el, That the rep rt of his being
absent wi lmut leave is unjust and uu
Iruf. Col. ilajgard has not been absent
from his command without leave. That
he has not been absent at any time ex
cept when sick, and his Hickness being
the direct result of exposure when in the
line of bis duty.
, lit solved, That the officers now in the
regiment and soldiers now in camp re
spectfully though earnestly ask that Col,
Haggard at once be restored to the com
mand of the regiment.
Resolred, 1 hat by his energy and in
dustry the regiment Was organised, and
lhat through all the vlcisiiodes and
troubles the regiment has encountered
from its earliest organization and during
the progress of the same, he has been
our steadfast friend, and to his manage
ment and example we have established a
reputation and a name of which wa feel
Resolved, As a testimonial of our ap
preciation of his past services and our
present esiei ni for him 'as a gentleman,
patriot, soldii't and ntlim-r, wo tender o
him, through Major John Q 0 sley, how
commanding1 ti;e regiment; a sword, lash
and sprits, with a suitable inscription on
the sword, which we ask thai he shall
receive from tho offlceri of thi Fifth Ken
tucky Cayalry present and the soldiers of
the same now in camp.
Resolved, That with Col. Haggard re
stored to the command of the regiment
we think Iho regiment will soon be filled
again, and that we can have harmony in
the regiment. Men and officers know
where lo find him, his orders arc obeyed
and he treats us with kindness.
Resolved, That the editors of the Nash
ville Unioh, Louisville Journal and Dem
ocrat be requested to insert the above
resolutions in (heir papers, and will much
oblige (he officers andr soldier of the
Filth Kentucky Cavalry.,
Jonx Q. OwsLtv,
Major Commanding 5;h Ky. Cavalry.
Major Jons Q. Owsi.KV, Ccmimanifrn Hie
blh Kentucky CaVMry.
Through you I deire to express lo the
officers and soldiers of the 5th Kentucky
Cavalry toy profound gratitndo for the
friendly expressions of approbation of
my conduct, as your commat.diug officer,
since our first association as brother sol
diers. I doubt not that wo have been
actuated by the same mbtievs. Those of
us that hare given up our homes and fam
iiies living upon the border were 'prom
ised that we should bs permitted to do
fend and protect one families after 'the
rebels wero driven from' Kentucky. , As
patriots we Lave gone beyond our homes
and have penetrated the entire State of
Tennessee, and ramifled, and held every
point in Middle Tennessee, where we
have been ordered even as far as Ala
bama without a word of complaint
being uttered, ind aro now willing to be
ordered lo any point within (he limits
of Ihe Confederacy proper. We know of
but one great inucutivo to move the pa
triot in this struggle,' that Is to preserve
the ConHiitufion and its guarantues to
suppress' this rebellion at any and all
hazards. This being jour motive, wo
have maintained our honor, and have
frowned down and denounced every cf
fort of others, who have felt it their duty
to devastate the country through which
they have passed, in violation of posilivo
orders from headquarters.
Gentlemen, you have in a becoming
manner expressed your surprise at my
having been reported absent without
leave from my command. ' I am equally
astonished. It must have been the work
of pome designing person or on that, was
iguorant of the facta. I have not been
absent from my regiment at any time
without permission from the pr oper offi
cers, I have been absent from my regi
tuent when aick at Frankfort, under the
order of Gen. I)oVL, lo visit that city ;
another time in the city ' of Nash villa,
aud forwarded to the. city ; of Louisville
fjr treatment. My indisposition in both
instances waa the direct result of expo
sure when on duty. I feel' thankful to
you, indeed, for (ha interest you feel in
having me restored to the command of
the regiment. It la but just lhat the
true cause should be assigned for my
dismissal from the service. Major Gun
Rosscians has done ma the jusitoa to
aay that it was not intended to cast any
reproach upon me whatever, but because
I was .ucapacitated by reason of nick
ness frqui attending to the wants of my
regiment. If the order dismissing tne
frou service ' had ' have read thus,
it woiild Lave been zuyre aatiafaclory
to . myself, and (friend. - 1 am not
aware, however, that any authorized
person, ' (ofiicer) of . surgeon, ' ever
made an examination aud reported
the fct that I would no be fit for duty
Again'. I have no doiiUi that I was re
jHirtetl by some person who drairad me
rvsBoved from my command ( but 1 t baa
Woed out . that he fa as unfit for that
position a he La shown himself, to be
in other positions, to which he may have
been assigned. Th regimental Surgeon
and Medical Director report me fit for
duty. , .
You allude, to my energ v aud industry,
exhibited in the organization of the reci
pient, . I confess when my Slate was
iavaded I felt it at) imperative duty in
cumbent upon me, to make any cacriflVe
to put to (light the cruel invade a from
wy native aoil. I gave up all, abandon
ed luy professional rcgaguieiits and tcoX'
the L'elJ, appealed o my 1'Jiiglrn-d ani
rue ii i a as, personal ana political, to
rally l Ihe aupport of our beloved aooo
try and Well did you r. p md t tin
tail. t '. . . , i
Wu have had our troubles aud (iifficai, ,!
t tiea, resultinj from anavoidabla inei 1
dent. Some caused by persons who had
not (he good of the regiment at heart. I
am your friend indeed; aid whether I
shall be restore' ti my oommand or not,
I shall ever feel grateful to yot who have
properly appreciated tha personal sacri
fices I have made for j on. I feel proud, In-deed-tn
receive tho proposed tes
timonials of your regard. I shall
keep them in my retirement at
sacred as the lover keeps his mementoes.
I will ware them when it is proper to
do so, and they ibttl b ever a fie from
dishonor as they were when .presented
to me by the honorable Major who now
commands the. regiment. You express
the hope that if Ihe regiment' wishes
were gratified that the regiment would
soon be filled. I concur with you in Ihe
conviction that my region nt could soon
ba filled, and harmony would again be
restored. If your wish is not gratified
I ak of you to never forget that you
have engaged in a saend cause, though
your private feeling aud wishes may be
disappointed. You may not have your
choice of officers to commend you and
provide for your wants, yet the great
desideratum is to preserve the Govern
ment. Let no disappointment dispirit
you. Meet the enemy on every field. As
Kcntuckians, I adjure you to adhere to
the Constitution and the Union as the
best and last hope of freedom. Defend
it ever. Seal the powerful and irresist
ible agencies (hat are being brought to
bear with your blood, if necessary, to re
store peace to a suffering people.
D. R. Haooabu,
Colonel Fifih Kentucky Cavalry.
Naohvim.r, March 17ih, 1803.
Ir Hi S hvi le luil. Liilu i.
Ttie Srcond Fust 'I'enness e I.'uvalry,
Camp Kcak MuitrRKK'nono
March 24, 1SG3.
Editor of the Xushvilte Union :
Dear Sir A I believe mention has
never been made of our regiment through
any public journal, I deem it not im
proper to inform your numerous readers
of the existence and something of the
actions of Ihe 2d East Tennessee Cavalry,
commanded by Cel. D. M. Rat. The
regiment is composed almost solely of
exiled East Tennesseana.
Our regiment was first engaged in the
battle of Stone rivcrjn which battle they
lost several men, among others the la
mented Capt. James 11. Morris, well and
favorably known in East Tennessee.
The i egimenl was in the fight eight days,
during which time their horses were not
tinsaddled. While the battle of Stone
liver was progressing, Col. Rav with two
hundred and fifty jmen tinder his cow
maud, in company with Col. Cooren, of
the Clh East Tennessee Infantry, with
his regiment, while guarding a provision
train from Nashville ta Mtirfreeahoro, wis
attacked by a far superior rebel force
noar the Lunatic Asylum. The enemy
waa speedily repulsed, with a loss of
ten killed and more than thirty wounded.
We had I wo wounded.
It was the 2d East Tennessee Cavalry
who papturcd Maj. Clist Douoasj to
gether with forty-four men, horaet,
wagon, guns, &c, at'Midtlieton, soma
two months ago. ' ' " '
: On tha 21sl of March, being at that
time encamped on the Salem pike, the 3d
Cavalry Brigade, composed of the 2d
East Tennessee, Col. Rav, 3d East Ten
nessee, Col. Pickims, and the 4th Indiana,
Col. Slii'Lsn, was attacked by a brigade
of cavalry, just at daybreak.. Our bri
gade at the lime waa comparatively
weak, ai a number of our ueii were out
on the scout. Uad it not been for the
cver-vigilaul CoI. Dvx Rat, who at, the
lime had command of the brigade, we
would now in all probability most of as be
"way down South in Dixie.'' But the
Culoucl was wide awake, and had Ihe
boys to saddla up at 2 o'clock, A. M., so
that wlien our pickets were fired on we
were ready to , niodut and away, JOur
pickets were, hotly pressed and slowly
driven back, when they were reinforced.
Our men. formed in liu of battle and
banded it to them gallantly for mora than
two hour. They were on the full run
when a aection of artillery came up and
gave them a farewell that doubtless ye't
rings in their ears. -Colonels I'ickkns
and Suoi.er deserve much credit for the
gallaut style in which they'., behaved
Iheanaelves during the fight. They, to
gether with their commands, are worthy
of (b 'praise Of all. The brigade lost
one in killed, two wounded, .and had
several horses killed.. ,Ti rebe loss was
light killed afiJ several wounded.
When duly is (o b done, tur regiment
and brigade has ever been on hand. ' ' " ,
'Very respectfully, '
: . ::-r i -wiLL. ru Mouatii, '.'!
.Major 2d East TetmCavalry.
la. fcigjai'a -irredj i
Gen. Siufct, closed a .lyUcr to, a Union
meeting . ' in tha folloalng' aJiuiiabh
words i -
I beliefs in tba Mncroe doctrine, iu tit
Butler" code, in the President's proclama
tion, in tha good will and perse teranea or
Ihe people, in tha undaunted courage of
Ihe volunteer, in tha final vindication of
the lKitvt, the, jnst and the brave; (a
the liberation of the down-trodden and
tha klavc, and in tha overthrow and death
of tba Southern oligarchy.
To this noble creed let every loyal
tongue khoijt a loud aud fervent Auien,
rni,Ai,Ki.f)r!A, March 23. las. CooU,'
genera! subscription aiteot, announceslur
eniiveision of l,'S'0,(ji'j of It-gal Under
notea into ( HO. Ihe lovii Mate being
thoroughly afousrd to the work, and Ih
belief j nprased lhl 2,000,000 per day
will be ren lied.
Tusntov N. J., March 2i. Roth
House adjourned am die at 1.40 this af
ternoon. A resolution Ws adapted by
holh House lo (Ira a national aaluta in
hojuir of I tie Federal Lioion. The Union
League also fired a sa.'ate i,vr (be drath
of Ihe Legislature.
Ob th teih tnitbj Pint p. n r. i..m, Wn.m
I. CortuTT lo Viae 8aiii Ass -itt, both of tdls
Ct-ALl'K 0. HAMll.TiiV
8 T. el MOSS
. . , Mar
,.Slav Slanstr
Benefit of W. M. FOSTER.
I'rIJav I'.tenint, .arc 81,'ii.la
.7A.CIv CDli:;
Or, The ltoruliimn of lwrnt.
.. t . ; . mh. rinitu)
40 and 50,
Or, Mr. and Mrs. LILLYWHITE.
In rrralun Jack Csds. Du Btir will La
glvruuf lha mil apivarancs of " Tlia Ku'ilwri."
SPRA'jUE'S minstrels
cornet band!
Theatrical Tronio I
Comprising fifteen Talviteil Performers,
Inrliulliiji L RVI.LK LOI'icK, Ilia iliarnilns dants
um anl nin.lunua.
New Scenery ani Stage Equipinenta
Friday lOvonlng-, niitrch 81th.
Ioors opa at V o'cl.iok, rlormnnc to oomipeaoo
V. SeaAaeP, I'ropriator. i. R. Ami, Pntlnrsa
Manager. SlarulUI
OS -
government" claims,
Dralta on Washington,
cashed nr
KxoVtnnsio and Money Dealers,
SUG&R OF THE ilOilil!
1IA.H ;
Just 13 eon Issued!
Srgir- (.rowing In (lie North J
With full instructions with regard to the
Jlauufu'tureof yrnjiand bugar,
Ths work Is psrlrcltjr prio leal u I Is kail Uomoly
HIiMtrataJ auj coalalDS lis
Prlr In patr tiliiilliiK, . 60 it-,
or bauilauxsly kuuuil Iu clutfa, - 13
nt ly mail, piwtairs prspalri, on ncalpt ol' iri,.
Aguuts waulai. Aililrcii
APPLIU tTi: & CO.,
I'ubluhain, AJ Main St., (Jliifluii.il.
Marcfa'Jt-tit '
Notice to Absentees 1st Mid.Tenn.
til. Kvtm.RS T this hkgimfnt iv tuk
dry, mill p jj.irt to nis at M !jh O.'lloimila
ISiilllug, ,.rrjr ntresl. 1'ulrM tli"y r.-urt wlililn
tss Dm rrm dais ih-T will l trM ,l OasnrUrs.
IlorJarpf Lt.lvl. KOUi'JtT UAIJIKAIAI',
CoraDiamlliiK lU'ijlniFut.
C. r. Bi, 2.1 l.t. Co. A . Ut UIJ. Turn. Cav.
Na.hvllls, JUroli J-lUd. '
A. kfNTS foe a awttanl ui.,ly .,r H,i(xrl,,r I! kI,
U ma Viiivvar. feir family n. OrJir. left at ibu
Broadway Mills will U atii-nittil to.
mcli27 KI .ti:beo,y.
18G3. 18G3.
, E3C JSl. J? 'SJ
rem tiir
S P 'B I N G .
Dii. Mullet and College.
Jjti itruivKa ao upkvi.0 a iaik.ii and
Gciitlemen'a Furn!shlcg Goods
v- ,"v .,, . or. Tin:,
, A1U OK
I UariliM-ly
Tl'sr RK iivrn tur uit m.,-h,.v .u .,
f I U tba cliy, su,(ur utW at I- H'lWH s 1
t . ......... V... .
- a i.tau.o Qlol.
ku.JJ MalliH IIM.
C00O Agents Wanted." "
OOLMsnsiy tp absitca: MAiiirfcOM I
O a o ..tUr in Doll.. ln, ,t i,,i.,, .
w II. l.-lr i,Ht J .liu.. Ul-anlii.p..rtmi0,.IK.
luh.ir. Ffi...mar. .,, I,, i,.. Aav. ti'ul.
uaa .lasts to pay rtlura p i(.., v'
miMi WlO.aau.l.Sl. I,,u,., il.
Ladies, Misses and Children.
11 I B BO jST S !
Our selroclotis Wli4 M U'IDAlLY lo NKW TO K,
from IMPOKTUS' sriICK, srs sucli thai can
prraent with cuiifi.k'uc. to (afb lJuj-r. i,r Mlllln.iy
81 l'earl Sirert, 1'lorlnnntt.
At.nt fir k Tdlcbralril mxV of Tlixir SkiT, al
ra.ts'B Factory prlc-, Nst
Mn-t2l tm
50 Oollogo Strool
or (Hlrni' Ktn HiuulHtit
AT I.OW riliiriiKI;
Tine Heavy Beaver Blouses
Ki.r Waff luf.nlry anil Ca.alry ;
500 1'airs Often s' rants, '
Dark and LiylU Blue Vests,
Kent Ingles Military fnh
Douhleand Single-Breasted Jaclrts,
(llravur and Clotb.) , ,'
&ishs and Sword Knots,
Small Fine Field (Ihssrt,
(Ssw slylra,)
100 Pairs lhree-Row Odd Emheide;i
For Mnj.ir Oonornl., Di igvllsrs, t'uluosls, LWuUii..i
Clonals, MiiJim-s, srsoons, I Uln, lj an J t 1 1
l.-nouu; SUIT, Iniautry, Uvulry auj Arllllory. ,
Smith's Patent Metallic Straps.
Hy lli ali.K pair, vr bun,lr4.
W II l; A T II S Hun lea, j Csimon, Cr.s
Hai.ran, Hat O.M, snt sll klmla of Ullllsty lmo
minus, CorJn, DraldH, Ao.
It V II II K It U O O D-Blank0U,V.mi;ri.
Bilk Rubber CoaU, Ao.
no IJoi Fins'
(Kilra largsaiiil Wag,)
Undctihirts and Drawers, ' '
Fine S7uJ;er Wcln SkIs,
Gauntlets, Oluves, BusfeniUrs,
Ties atul Sctiri.
snil antirs sallalaotlog guaraulwal.
"Ns Sty Is .11 piatsil tair Oullfsn, yrt,
Bus, for prsasntatlos j olil plalaJ as.1 oily alial
prs.Etllo Ppurai M-auaa Bpurs; S.lTr .Ul"0
Button Spurs; Ucr.w Spurs ; i:pgulatl"n four., Aw
Offlcerft Entiro Outfits.
Mga of til. AlbSrWaS rum
pJUrork.WlNi A I.ARUK AixftriUM i.t
t o n I'll IMMJ
Ladies, Misses and Children's
Boots, Gaiters, and Oxfords.
All tbw 0,.l. ,,f f., v., B..k.U. .uli..
SalUfacin, suJ ill U, ,;a ,t w ,i,.fc
A Iso a lot uf
Army Lsea ihois uhJ W.it ,
Tv sl.VL tba AlOS'li Suliws . vhe.
14 Union Street.

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