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Safttrda; Momir, A.pril 15th, 1865
President Lincoln Shot.i
back, gfro hini air, has tiny one stirnu-BTho attendant i tm niiV v.,. ...i..,.,
iamb. Aiier tnerowaaa nastyIexannnaMaj. soward'a -wounds not dangerous. It
f irTt i 4 rifnn fAiwl ill... Jl . i 4 U id n rtrr AiiMnmf il . t
Secretary Seward Stab
The President and Mr. I
Seward both Dead.
tion it was found that the President had
bean shot through the head above
and back of the tamnnra.1 linn
and that Borne of his brain was oozing
out He was removed to a private house
opposite the theatre, and the Surgeon hardly oaoapo.
general ot uioarmy and the other sur- E It appears from lettora found
Grief of Mrs. Lincoln.
Seward's Son and At
tendants Attacked.
Young Seward's Skull
Wilkes Booth the Pre
sident's Assassin.
Seward's Assassin, jus-eaped.
WiSHnTOToipril 15th, 12:30 1 a, The
President was ahot in the Theatre to
night; he in perhaps mortally wounded.
2nd Dispatch, The President ia not
expected to live through the night, lie
Tffls ahot at the Theatre. Seoretaxy Sew
ard was also assassinated. No arteries
were cut,
Washington, April 10. President
Lincoln and wife with their friendu
this evoning visited Pord'a theatre for
the purpose of witnessing the perform
ance of American Cousin. It was an
nounced in iho papora that Qon. Grant
would also bo presoutjbu the-left by the
late train of cars for Bevr Jersey. The
Theatre wao densely crowded and every
body seemed delighted with the scene
before them. During the 3d act and
while there was a temporary pauso for
one of tbn actors to enter, the sharp
report of a , piatol was heard which
merely attracted attention but suggests
ed nothing serious, until a man rushed
to the front of the President's box
waving dagger in his right hand,
find immediately leaped from the box
which was in the second tier to tho
stage beneath, and ran across to the
opposite side of the atago, making his
escape amid ,the bewilderment of the
audience, from tho rear of tho the atre,
and mounting a horae flod.
The poroamfl of Mrs. Lincoln first
disclosed the fact to the audience that
the President had been shot, when all
present rose to their feet, rushing to
the stage, many exclaiming hang him.
The excitement wan oC the wildest pos
sible deacrption, and of course there was
an abrupt Intermission of theatrical
There was a. rush toward the Presi
dent's box, whenoriea -were heard otand
is now ascertained with reasonable curtnintv
that tvpo assassins woro eupnimd in l ift hnr.
ribjs-silair; Wllkoa Booth being tho on
mat auot tne President, mid tho other, a
companion of his, whose uamo is not kuown
but wuobq description Is so clear xhai ho oan
in Booth's
trunk that tho murder wbh nlannoc before
uio 4in oi March, but &1J througa thon
bocauno tho accomtilh'n lmoU..l .. ,.,ii
8J. v w . UL4W1A
Richmond could bo hoard from. Booth and
uiv .bwui,iii;U iroroui, uio iivory a ivblo at
o o oiock jaai ovonmg, and left thoro with
their horses about 10 o'clock or uhotly bo
foro tlmt hour. It would fffWim thfif irtT
had for Bovoral days boon eeokin ; thoir
cnancoa, out lor aoino unknown rmsonlt
was not carried into afloat uutll lnui uight.
Ono of thorn htm dvidontly inRdo hia way
to Baltimore; tho other has not yd. boou
(Bigned) e. M. STAKTON.
VrxauiXQTOs, April 15.Whou he ex
citemont ut the thoutto was Ht Ita wildest
height, reports were Circulated that Secre
tary BewaiU had aho been killed. On
reui hinj this gontieinan'a roeidiane, a
.rowd and a military guard vrera around
its door, and on entoriug it was ascf rUinod
that thu report3 woro based in truth.
Jircrybody thero was or, excited that
scarcely an intelligiblo word could bo
gathered, but tho facta aro oubatanlially aa
followat About ton o'clock, a rmin rang
tho bell, and the call was anawond by a
colored man.
lift said he lind rnmn fivm Dp Vat..
uaed every possible effort of medical 8 dier. Secrotarv amvanl'tt f.i5W i,e!.
skill, but all hope was gone The part! oian, with . prescription, at the same
ing of his family with the dyiim Preai- i'timo holdi TUT hi )litl It find t tirnoll nT1,,v
I dent is too ad for description. The 1 of folded paper, and aayinp in .nsvvor
8 tj :j i r; i. jt'i . S . ....... 0
rriuouv uu iTiib. wucorn am not i to ti rolqsal, that he must see the Bsc
start for the theatre 'till ilftoon minute retary a he was intrusted with
after 8 o'oloolc Speaker Colfax was at particular directions concerning tho
the White House at tho time, and the medicine. Ueatill insisted on going up
Preaidont stated to him that ho was go- j although repeatedly informed t.'iat no
ing although Mrs. Lincoln had not been gone could enter the chamber: ho pushed
weu, uecause mo papers uau announced tne aervant aside and walked has
that Gen. Oraut. was to be proaontand S tily towards the 5?Prntw' rr,
as Gen. Grant had goue north he'iid, Ho was there met by Mr. Fred Sew
not wish the audience to be diaappin- S ward, of whom ho domanded to see
ted. He wont with apparent rdnc- 3 tho Secretary, making tho same ropre
tance, and urged Speaker Coifa to go J floatation which ho did to the servant,
with him,but that gon tloman had nado 8 What further pawed in Uio way of col
other arrangements and with Mr. tah-lloquy is not known, but the man struck
mead of Massachusetts bid him od him on the head with a hilly, aoveroly
niSht ' injuring the skull, and felling liim al-
l "War DEPAnTMKWr. "Washi Morns'. Anril S most sennelpflit.
5.- Maj. Gen. Dis: Abraham Linajhil lho paansfllu tlmn ruahod to tho cham-
geons wore called ua attend his condi
tion. On an examination of the pri
vate box, blood wan discovered on the
back of the cushioned rockinc chair.
on which tho President had been sit
ting ; also, on tho partition ; and on tho
iloor a common single-barreled pocket
pistol was found on tho carpet. A mil
itary guard was placed in front of tho
private residence to which tho Presi
dent had been conveyed. A n immunso
crowd was in front of it, all deeply anx
ious to learn the condition of tho Pres
ident. It had boon previously announ
ced that the wound was mortal, but all
hoped otherwise. The shock to the
community was terrible. At midnight
tho Cabinet, Messrs. Sumner, Faxns
worth, Judge Bates, Gov. Ogiesby, Gen
Meigs, Colonel Hayesj and a few
personal friends, with Surgeon General
Barnes and hia immediate as
sistants were around his bedside. The
President was in a atate of syncope,
totally liiueunllne suit breatuxtag !bvr
ly. The blood oozed from the wound
at tho back, of his head The surgeon
died thia morning fit 22 minutes pa& 7
o'clock, 33. M. Stan'to
1 - Secretary of War.
New Yore, March 15,9 AJM,
Intense aorrw, Jait depicted o:
countenances at the horrible
uiai occurred m waaruugton last w5Tj,fc
J and the griof of all good men. is W-f h Wd P1001?'
bora, and attacked Mr. Seward, the nav
master of tho United filaUs Amy, Mr.
i iianaei, a. moaaanger of tho Stato Dopart
mont.aud two male nurses diaablia? them.
Ha then rushed upon tho 6ocreti,ry who
was Jymg In bed m the same room wnd. in-.
Pn!?leuf 'fliroe staba in his neck, out Covering
i it is thought and hoped no arteries, though
roub evorywhoro at the .. death offlh'dsi The assassin thon rnshed down staha,
President. ' Wunted, his horse at the door, and
jSTo flags were hoisted in this city Lla Tad- offbefore an alarm could be given
morning until the state of th Pr'gi'
dent was known, when they tyorl'
placed at half-mast
People appear perfectly horritijedj?
known fleccHaionlfitsj
And in the same manner as tho assas
3in of tho President.
JTo Colchratlon.
Wo aro requested by Mayor Smith
!fu(tto 8tate that, in a consultation with
Gen Thomas, it has been detfirmincu
to atop tho intended procession and il
luminations, in Nashville, this day, in
consequence of tho terriblo ovouta de
scribed above. Whero flags aro out
towards all
......... rvsr.
roooi sympacmaers. jfcferS"- -
War Dsi-AacjiBtfr 4 10 a. s,,v(,i!ii
Maj. Gen. Dix: -The Prosident oo'ja.
ues insensible and io oinkine..- Ss..
9 V ' ' .'1V
Stary Seward remains without chaj,
3 hTftti. lv. MnwardL H alcnll in rptw.t t
-.-.-.111. "
two piaco uesmos a Bevero out jjsMy, hQy gllould bo drflped in blaCk.

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