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-feljmttc patriot
ivTHujnr b. cisr. " p- Jh,
RV A. S. CAM1' A C.
; i .11 JV-J M1TH, liaiirf.'l'' f
1 R A I J0NE3 , J 1
w' v j011s fc HATCHER, Associate Edi'or.
, ffi ISo. 16 ldricfc Mrffl.
tur freiileiit,
Or 1 h- - ls-u..
For Vice-President,
I! A I-IK FETflOW, ol SoBBfr,
- H. (.'. TAVI.OH, of Carter.
1. J. "Vv. DEADELiCiC of Washington.
2. O. P. TEMPLE, of Knox.
. ALFRED CALDWELL, of ilcMiun.
4. S. S. STANTOM. of Smith.
5. E. L GOLLADA Y, of Wileon.
. WM. F. KERCHEVAL. of Lincoln.
7. JOHN C. BROWN, of Gil. s.
8. JOHN F. HOUSE, of Montgomery.
9. ALVIN HAWKINS, of Carroll.
10. D.B. NAEORS, of Shelby.
CenlrallCxecaiive Committee.
Edwin II. Ewixo, Netll S. Brown, Allen
A. II ill. P. W . JIaiet. Jobx Lelltett.
Job IL Callexdeb, Horace II. Harkiso.v
A our contemporary gives o much promi
nence to the views of Gov. Letcher, and in
each manner as to make them controvert the
position of Judge Douglas, we suppose, then
i a happy accord of sentiment between the
Governor and the Union and American. We
are sorry to fee this indication. We Lad
hoped to see our contemporary arrayed on
the aide of those who reject the idea If such
resistance as Gov. Letcher contemplate, and
who do not entertain the doctrine of secession.
A weak and unfair device to tnd avor to
convict us of disunion sentiment. We uavk
never held that the electiox of the
Black Kepcblicax candidate fob the Pre
hidexct wolld be 8cffictext cause for
DLScxiox or secession. Union and American.
Oh, no. neighbor! We did not des-ire tv
"convict" you of "disunion sentiments." Wt
depired to give you a chance to repudiate the
idea of the election of Lincoln being "suffi
cient cause for disunion or secession ,' ai.d
are gratified that you availed yoursc!.' ol it.
Hooper, of thi "Mail," take note the
"Union and American" - is with us and
against you in the attempt to "fire the South
ern heart." and precipitate the South into a
revolution in the event of Lincoln's elec
tion ! So when yon are to be hung for trea
son, you need not expect your editorial
brethren up here to do more than t-Lcil a few
tears over your fate.
Hon. II, B. Holmes for fircekiiiritlse
and Lane.
The Hon. B. R. Holmes, formerly a mem
ber of our State Legislature, and a leading
and influential politician of Yazoo county,
has openly, and without evasion or qualifica
tion, severed his political relations with the
enemies of the Democratic party, and has
come out boldly in favor ot Breckinridge and
Lane. His letter announcing this purpose,
teems with sound thoughts ar.d words of burn
ing patriotism. It will be found in our col
umns to-day, and will richly repay perusal.
We find the above ropablL-bed in the Uniun
and American of yesterday. We take it lor
granted that our contemporary, after inform
ing as that it "has never held tbat the clec
lion of the Black Republican candidate for
the Presidency would be sufficient cause fui
disunion or secession," dovs not mean to cu-
dorse lbs Mississippiin' opinion of the lcttei
of Jlr. Holmes. What ol.ject, then, can it
have for republishing the Mississippi m's re
marks? We presume the object was to ac
quaint its readers with the fact tbat a "lead
ing and influenti&rLopponent of the democ
racy in Misw.Mppi had joined the Breckinridge-Yancey
faction. If so, why not give
the readers of the Unim and Americm the
reasons of Mr. Holmes for his change of po
sition the "sound thoughts and woids o!
burning patriotism" which he brings to beat
to sustain the caase which he has tspt ascd ?
Mr. Holmes i3 a disunioah-L In the Con
stitutional Union party he was out of place
He sought that party, or fraction of a p uty.
whose objects and princ:p!es are most ncarh
allied to hid own. He did not do so Lecaust
be thought there was a chance for the suc
cess of the Breckinridge-Yancey men in the
Presidential election; for he admits that tiiey
will be defeated. He believes that Lixc lx
is bound to be elected, and in that event he
is for preventing his inauguration ui the
Union, if possible, out of the Union if neces
sary. Rather than submit to a republican
administration he would "grapple with the
pillars tbat support this tottering fabric
called the Union, and drag it down." It is
bat natural, therefore, that he abandons bis
old allies and musters under the flag which
flies above the disnnioait-U. No doubt he
feels'at home there. But our contemporary
mast feel a little odd In such company.
For the benefit of such of the Union aud
American's readers as also read the Patriot,
we republish the conclusion of the letter of
Mr. Houckb. Here it is:
I believe, however, that the Republicans
will elect the President. What then ? Once
in authority, the Republicans have vowed
they would acknowledge no Constitution that
shields the institution of African slavery, and
having openly sworn thus, they should never
be permitted to stain, by their touch, the pub
lic institutions of the country, the keys of
the Federal Treasury, to our torts and arse
nals, to violate the Federal Court or pollute
the Federal chair, by placing in it the repre
sentative of a party who openly swears there
is a law higher than the Constitution of their
country. This should be prevented in the
Uuion, if we can, out of it if we must. The
inauguration of a Black Republican as Presi
dent of these States, would be an overt act
tor the overthrow and utter destruction ol
the Southern States, to prevent which, self
protection tbat first law of nature bids us
resist; resist if to the cost of the Union itseJf;
though it should iuvolve the Republic in civil
war. Ttt, sirs, rather thin submit to a disgrace
so black and damning, tee tliould grapple the Jul
ian thai support tlii tottering fabric called tie
Union, and drag it down about their heads, bury
ing thou hell-imps beneath its ruins. .
Respectlully yonn, -
li.ll. HOLMES.
To Messrs. Armistcad, Epperson and Phil
II pa.
fpST' If any further proof than we have
heretofore given, were necessary to demon
strate the truth of the charge that the dis
union leaders of the South broke up the
democratic party with a view to secure the
election of Lincoln, and to use that event as
a pretext to break up the Union, it may be
found in the fact that they still persist in
running their candidate, when the only effect
of it is to aid the election of Lincoln, by di
viding the conservative, Uuion-loving oppo
sition to him. i They, now concede that Lix-
coL will probably succeed, with Breckin
ridge on the track ; jet no one will doubt
that if be were off the track, Lincoln's de
feat would be certain. H that calamity shall
befal the country, therefore, the B keck in
ridge party alone can be held responsible for
it and for all its consequences.
fZT Tbe authorized edition of John C.
Breckinridge's ..Ashland peecb. which our
neighbor ol the Conner puousnea yeeu?ruj,
is, so far as our examination goes, noticeable
chief! r for tbe omission of the boat contaiu-
ed to tne fpeeca as aearerta origiunj iut
Kentucky is going to vote for the Seceding
ticket in November. This omhaion is both
modest and discreet. We approve lis Lou.
Indebtedness to tbe North. If tLeNf h
"leci Lincoln, as it may visibly d", the r.:. . -AilBtsof.-thst
latitude must wait for V- - r
Southern deb's, until another and better 'i.e
nuts oar oeoole in fix to par.
We reuard it now as atixed fact, ihbi f
. 1 f . 1 - T-
Lincoln succeeas, ooui.i uaroiius, riunu ,
Alabama, MissiFsippi and Texas will go o ,
at once; and that the other cotton States
indeed the greater part of the aouta v.i i
oromuily follow. The good that has. i
done, in this behalf, by oar noble, niait aolu
md most patriotic meed, 1. Ji. Watts, ta
not be over-estimated. He brings the wh .
Bill party Equareiy up xo me grcai lnsue, i.t
Alabama. It was really providential that us
declared for Bell, instead of Breckinridge.
Bat in respct to th-; mouey due by ot:r
merchants to the Norib, Tue North mu i
wait; it will be paid eventually, but they
must wait until all the exigencies of our n- v
condition shail have been proid.-d for un;;l
we are armed aud foitified autil co'.d croiis
bring us full pockets. Wc are lor paying-
mem every ceut tut ilc fcoulu o.we tin in
but in the corn uiti'T.c v c.'tittu.n ! u tlie
South will owe dniies to iiat-ll, v.isicu it can
not neglect. lu tue event iudicat-.-d,
merchants must have an ext n.-i-.u oi oacjull
year at least. HoutgMmnj Ala.) MAI, Sqt'.ll.
The impiis.ion i- here fcug'.t lo be nivle
that the U;:ion paity t,i AtAbrna is f i d"
anion. Two suggestion cccur louoon li i'-
-urj ct. If it were true. tiLy thou'.d I;
Mad be found oppo.-ing the: Union p.i'! - And
hy Is the Sliil perpetually harping t u the
anundmss of Mr. Bell and Lis supporters?
To answer cither of which correctly vrot;ld
convict the Mad of such stupidity to u-
mand a jury de lur,a!ico.
But the p":h ar:d pi iiit of tl.e , n -..gr.. J h
above L a bir.t to the Sontiin i pvf-pi lotUp
paying tLt-ir debts lo North-i it peopb. . The
reason lor l!a is thai Lixco: x v V.I ptob.My
Vebctel. and that tL r.-opon - - -, i ; ; 1 1 C.ir -lina,
Florida, Alabama. Mi.-sisslppi and Texn
will go out, at once; and th:it iise uih-r cot
ton States indeed t'aeg!e:iiir part f the
South will promptly fullo-v." Ia t'u;it event
sonud poi;,-y would require ail our reoey t"
be kept at home, as v.e'.l as ali th;it we Loll
Wdioh Ilo!igs properly to oih'-r-. Revo'u
tiousciinnot be energetlcfilly e n rii d on with
out money. Why don't the M-tt! Fay what it
moans ia so many words ?
By the by, wc think it is I'.im- that th'ifC
who srecnginwiug this d:su:ii":i raoveiaent.
-hould in giving us some inform.itioii in re
gard to the cour.-e they d-;;-iga to pisnf, af
'er they have necomplisbf d Lixcou's ch.c
tion. ''Go out" "we'll go cut.'' isn't quite
definite enough. How are yo:i po;ng to get
out, and what are you poing' to do a'f-T you
,'etout? Will the Mail oblige a li.-t. nir.g
world, by telling all about It?
j5Why will the iJiecki.'.ridge organs
persist i;i trying to prove then- c::ndiil:-.t'' n
falsifier, by endeavoring to show that Mr.
Everett is untrue and unreliable as a na
tional, conservative man ? Mr. BisncKixmnuK
said he was "noble and tni'-," against sec-tionali-m.
If Mr. Erkckixriduk's organs 1 11
the truth aliont it. be his told a hood :
and if Mr. Breckinridge ha- not. told a false
hood, tliey have. If the former. Mr. Bi:kce-
inriix:e ought not to be support. -:d ; ami if
the latter, thev ought to withdra-.v ;ill t'u v
have said upon the sul jct.
&nS The Hon. Alexander II. Stf-phf-r.?. one
of the Douglas electors lor the State rf Geer-
jia, said in bin late speech at Augii-la. '.'
Goveruiittnt, aiiholl its dfficts, it the l-ol (ivi e.-n-
ment that ever cxitUd." The remark ijave mor
tal offrnce to Co!. Henry K. J.k k-on. lat
Minister to one of the European c-::i !s. and
now a Ereckinriil' elet- r in G ingiafor
the State a! large. Col J. l-itt. rly driioiinced
'.tie remark a few days a!U i -wards, in a.-p-ccli
at Atlanta, treaiiiig it as a gio.-s refl"Ction
upon himself and the party h represented.
You can't ail'ront the Yancey-l'.r. ckinridge
party of G- orgia, Soui!i"-Car'.::na. Ac. mere
directly than by speaking well ol the U. S.
system of government. They ii,!e the Gov
ernment. They tlett st the C.n-ti:u:in. They
arc as vile traitors as ever breatlud. and far
viler ones than d-eive !o bro.-.lln-.
Another I'm lortrwit of Cinribaldi--'A
lie Italian Dictator on M Jiln:irl.
An Eagli.-hman who mad-. the voyag- turn
Mes-ina with G.iribaltii, on boaid tii'trans
ooit A moron, give. this aero in t (,t t':? ap
pearance and iiiautter o! the nni !:
Panting and sweltering, all f u were
idl and li-tie.-s enough; but the G -neral
moved anion z the various groups u;.oa d- ck
with a kind and apt word !ur tach f th- m.
evincing that r--udiness of r.-cogiiition. ta.u
perfe?t acenracy of rtco'l-ctioa, that moci
ory of m-n ami thing and cireuuistfcm-es,
however triCtng, which are ranked umong
the innate ptivileges of royalty. He ii.id on
rds usu:il dictatorial suit, consisting ol t!i"
unfailini; flannel shirt, with a siik i-aiiiianaa
kerchief thrown loosely and widely iou:nl
the neck by wav of a scarf, light -gray tiou--
ers, and the nu-de-rn wide-awaac hat, with th'"
turn-np bnra.
The prodigious breauth of the GeinT..l's
boulders, his colossal chest, aud t!i" natural
dignity aud lion-like majesty of liis co'.inte
nauce, again ar.d again incline a b-hidds-r to
overrate his real stature, which is c: rtainly
not aljove the middle size You mu.-i go in ar
him, and mcasuie him by 'he standard of
common men, before you recover fiom the
error into which awe lor that couimandiog
figure leads you. The hair, on a nearer in
spection, is dark hazel, almost black, darker
by far than the beard, which is tawny or red
dish. He wears tbe hair rather long. The
beard ii full, and relieves lhn length of the
oval lace, which might otherwise be thought
excessive. The temples are somewhat com
pressed about the region of the eve?, and a
very strong oblique depression is observable
alont the eyelnows. The cb ek-bones: are
high, ami the nose comes uowu between them
in a perfectly straight, long line, even with
the slightly slanting forehead. The com
plexion of that small part of the face which
is not hidden by the beard is not merely
bronzi d or sunburned it has a peculiar, san
guine liu. intcKiy siuuueu wnu endless
Ireckles. This remarkable tint, tha features,
the color of the beard, joined to tbecal.n but
deep expression ol th dark eye, all contri
bute to give his countenance that, unmatched
character which won for Garibaldi the appel
lation of the Lioniace."
Senator Xoonibg on the ICleclion of
Hon. Robert Toombs recent lv made an
able speech at Columbus, Georgia, in which,
speaking of the encroachments of the North
upon tliengDtsot tne fconin. n; saia: - inai
bis people might stand it if they choose; he
had borne it until another -hair would break
the camelV back:' aud when," said the
speaker, rWug up to his full height, aud with
an eloquence that shook the house w ith ap
plause, " hen the lat disgr ice awl degrada
tion shall b;: consummated oy tt'e election oi
a chief magistrate over the people wLiose in
fluence and power will be wielded against tne
dearest rights of my section, and tbcsacied
guarantees of the constitution; when he shall
stand at one end of the capitol to take the
oath of cflice, then my commission as your
representative iu the beuate is at end; then
will I return it to those who honored me with
it; thou I wiil come to my constituents and
ask only one cflice within their gift, then I
shall be a candidate for the. White House of
the sovereign State of Georgia!" This de
claration cf the speaker was followed by loud
cheers, applause, and the waving of hand
kerchiefs tbat continued lor some lime.
Senator Toombs has let the cat out ot the
wallet! He announces himself iu the event
of Lincoln's election, a candidate for ''the
TiUe House" of tbe independent State cf
Georgia! No doubt many other Southern dem
ocratic politicians are looking anxiously to
some Southern "White House" or otberl
Knowing their chances are gone for get
ting to the "White House" at Washington,
they are willing to wad through the horrors
of levolution and civil war, if they cau
thereby occupy a "Wnite House" somewhere
else! What reckless demagogues and un
scrupulous conspirators. Richmond Whig.
A Southern convention is to meet at At
lanta in November, alter the Presidential
election. Does Mr. Toombs expect that con
vention, In the event ' cf Lincoln's election,
to prepare the way for the inauguration of a
Southern confederacy, the capital to be Mil
ledgeville, Ga,? And is it tbe " While House'
ct euch a confederacy tbat be looks to?
The Disunion movement
we l.-aru. from tb Fayetteville Observer,
'hit the Hun. T f. I':;n.rmnn A.,n,.r.nn o
g - u,uri" ,u RUUUUVC GO
wh- would held oflioe under Liucdn if elect
ed, Uf course then, as the Observer goes on
to observe, Mr.Clingman is for disunion in
that event. For if you shut up the Post
Offices and stop the malls, close the Federa
Coart, and discontinue the performance of
all the necessary duties under the Federal
Government, disunion follows : Mr. Rodman,
Bieckiniidge Elector in theNewbero District,
id out lor disunion incase of Liocoln!s elec
tion. The Bieckinridge paper at Tarboro
tsikes the same position. All through the
South, we bear ot Breckinridge men declar
ing ior disunion in case of Lincoln's election,
and at the same time declaring tbat Lincoln
will certainly be elected. We should be sor
ry to see this if xe had any idea that Lincoln
wiil be elected. We do not believe he will
b?. The managers of the Breckinridge
movement are doing their best to secure that
result ; but the people will disappoiut them
ln the aicantime it would b much more to
tU-; credit of thee lire-eating geutry if they
would advocate dissolution no. After the
th'ctioc, decided cou.-titutiouaily, we ate iu
honor bound to abide iU results, and wait lor
a civise of resistance'. The eois.-titutional
election of no mau constitutes that cause.
Many of the Breckinridge oratois hrre in
Virginia, are, also, out lor Disunion in the
c-vt-nt ot Lincoln's election. Such we under
stand to be the po.it.iou of Lieutenant-Governor
Montague. Attorney General Tucker,
lion. Wiibiugbby Newtaa, James Lyons, Es j.,
Bieckinridge elector for this district, and
many o'.h' is. Will not the people open their
evi s to th;2 slailling tacts? ilichmund
jylr Soiiw of onr Soutiiv.ru Breckinridge
e-.cii :ngos ate djuour.cing thf Douglas men
fr not fijs!ng with the Breckinridge men o'
N-.w Yoik. Two weeks ago thsy were de
nouncing th.. Douglas men for fusing with th
B il men. In short, before they got in the bum
or for fusr n,thcy were denouncing a'l fusions"
bit .Ii-Le ihey have discovered thul.they aig
too weak even t make an effort, of and fo
themselves, they are beggiog arouud for fu
s'on. In New York their petitioa was sparn-e-I,
and th-y were kicktd out into the street.
For our p::rt, wc think this was all wrong
it was brutal, and so wc pity the sorrows of
the?'. poor and needy creatures.
T It is now rt-duced to a reasonable
certainty that if it were not for the Fcdiral
otiL'L-l.cld.rs in the northern S.ates, Mr.
Bi:i.cKini;:: would gel no vote iu all tbat
region. Tin re is not a democrat worth men
tioning north of Mason and Dixon's line who
has not been obliged to turn a somerset to
get over on the Secession platloim; and
though much practiced by all of th.-m, the
exercise proved aw kwaid, inconvenient :iud
cmbarassing. They are all anham d of it,
and it is doubtful whether one half of them
will go lo Ihi polls ut ull in November.
Tlie miead of the Itreckluridge Com
mittee at Washington a Defaulter.
The St. Louis liqmllican. the leading dem
ocratic paper of Missouri, charges Hon. I. I.
Stevens, of Oi g-m, Ch drnian of the Breck
inridge National Central Committee, with
being a defaulter, or a debtor to the Govern-
niont wtucn is attorn itic same lutng. it
says :
It m .v nol be uenrallv known lhat tlte
Hon. I. I. Stevens, late Governor of the Ter
ritory of Washington, and now Chairman of
the Breckinridge Committee, is a debtor to
th Uuitod States in the sum of over 540,000.
. - i .
Sucu won id appear, ironi oinciai uocumenis,
to be the fact. We have before us the pub-
li-h' d statement ot tho Third Auditor of the
Treasury, (transmitted to Congress iu Febru
ary la-i.) of tbe accounts in the Treasury,
naj ami .n ivy, ueparimeiits, wnicn nave re
mained unsettled, or on which balances ap
oear to have been due more than three years
prior to July 1st, 1859. On page 23 is to be
lour.d a memorandum on account ol survey
of railroad from the Missisidppi to the Pacific,
charging Gov. Stevens with a '-balance, Sept.
oOth, ISjS, $1;,315 4o. There s at his cred
it, on sundry aecounts, SO. 173 18 ; st'eM leav
ing against him the sum ol $10.1-12 27."
And on pagl 5G, in the statement of the
nam s of ofi'n ers w hoc accounts for advances
made, or balances unaccouted for, for one
year prior to the 1-t of July, 1S59, as it ap
pears from the books of the Second Audi'or
ol the Treasury, have not been settled within
the var, mav be seen this item : ''Stevens,
I I late Governor, S30J40 32 balance."
So, according to these t fficial papers, the Hon.
Mr. Stevens eiwc.3 tne Government tuc'sum ot
$41,082 39.
Gov. St l-vests may well get up sp cinus and
sophistic tl :'.ddre-.s agaiu.-t Dou.la; lor hu
ksiov.s. or (.nght to know, that it the latter
b.coi.ies l're.-ident, be will make him pay up
what he owis. lie had better go about raits
ing th'. iii-in-y lo settle' these old debt--, iu-.-tead
of fi,oUn his time away in the vaiu ef
fort el a'.ing the people's choice lor Pres
id ni.
1I.:alti;hl Signs. Two of our well
known old i-itizjus and liu.-incss men have
return tl home, trom the Nortlt.decided Breck
inridge Dieu. They b ft here Bell mn. These
iudieaiioiis aro worthy of notice. Montgom
ery Mail.
Four of our citiz. as. who left here Breck
inridge and Douglas men. have returned,
an I noT sav they are lor the Union candi
dates. Bell and Everett. Their reasons for
changing arc (.bvious to evtry man who is
poslMl. If not. read Hon. II. W. Ililliard's
letter. Sehna Importer.
We have good reasons lor believing that
the Mail is mistaken in both the gentlemen to
which it refers.
Every one, so f ir' as we have heard, who
has gone North this summer, or lo Virginia,
or any of ibe adjoining Stales, ha3 returned
home "with the best, news as to lb increasing
strength ol Bell and Everett. We do not
kaow of an exception. We could mention
names in this connection, but gentlemen de
sire us not to paiade them before the public,
mid we respect their desires. Montgomery
(Ala.) Post.
What is Tuoight of Mr. Breckinridge's
Speech. The Cincinnati Commercial, a Re
publican paper, and rather disposed to give
a favorable view ol things anti-Douglas and
anti Bell speaks as follows or Mr. Breckin
ridge's late effort at Ashland. Il says : ,
Mr. Breckinridge met many inconsequental
points successfully, and evaded the thing of
consequence. The speech is one of consider
able force, in that it presents the Southern
sid.j of the Squatter Sovereignty feud in the
Democratic party very clearly and calmly
and makes out a good case. But it is weak
in tbe ouly point about which the great mass
of the people of the country felt interested
and nine out of ten of the readers of the
speech willl express disgust and contemptu
ous derision at bis failure to answer the Nor
folk questions. Several gentlemen stepped
into our effue, as the speech was being re
ceived, and iuquired in respect to it : -How
has he answered those questions?" He did
not answer the questions simply because he
dared not. Th re is a considerable portion
or bis supporters who avow themselves in
lavor of a dissolution of the Union rather
than see a mmlter of the Republican party
at the head of the Federal Government. He
did not presume to offend this class. After
this, bow -flat, stale, and unprofitable" is all
his wordy dec amation about devotion to the
Ccnstiiutiton and Union!
Bite of a Rattlesnake Cured in Two
Hocus. The Petersburg Express publishes
the following from a reliable correspondent :
A carpenter, while engaged a few days ago
in pulling down an old house, aud in remov
ing some of the rotten timiters near the ground,
was bitten bv a rattlesnake. In a lew mo
ments his finger was swollen to four times its
natural size, and a red streak commenced
running up his hand and wrist. A deadly
languor came upon him, and his vision grew
dim, clearly indicating that the subtle poison
that wascour-ing through bis veias was rap
idly approaching the citadel of life. But a
remedy was tried, merely by way of experi
ment, which, to the surprise of all present,
acted like a charm, tbe component parts of
w hich were onion, tobacco and salt, of equal
parts, made into a poultice and applied to
tbe wound, and at the same time a cord was
bound lightly about the wrist. In two hours
at terwardi be bad so tar recovered as to be
able to resume his work. I knew an old ne
gro who cured a boy that had In en bitten by
a wad-dog, by the same application.
Virginia Legislature Extra Session.
Gov, Letches has determined to call an ex
tra session of the Legislature of Virginia on
tbe 14th of January next.
The Questions Propounded to ,TW r
Doaglas at if or folk, and to Ittr.
Hrecltinrldze at l.exiaeton
As a matter of interest to our readers, we
give below the questions which a Breckin
ridge Elector sent up to Mr. Douglas while
be was making his speech - at 'Norfolk,- with
tbe answers of Judge Doughs: See Patriot
of Friday. "
These questions were, sprung upon Judge
Douglas with! a view to bis embarrassment
and prostration, bat he answered them with
out a moment's notice, and answered them
boldly and outright, bidding defiance to con
sequences. He then requested that the
same questions should he put to Mr. Breck
inridge. The Yancey Elector,, who had ap
pointed himself Grand Iuquisitor over Judge
Douglas pledged himself that they should
be put to Mr. Breckinridge and auswered by
him. They were put to him by the whole
counlry, by newspapers, by orators, and by
voters. He had days in which to prepare
his answer.- Mr. Breckinridge had appoint
e(l a tim' and a place for the vindication
ol himself, and promised lo group logi ther
and refute certaiu grave charges preferred
agaiust him. The people assembled lo hear
him. He spoke, but what a monstrous and
nominating discrepency between the note of
preparation aud the performance. He deni
ed that he had ever expressed a disunion sen
timent. Who said that he hail? He denied
that he signed a petition for tbe pardon of
old John Drown. Pshaw I He denied that
he ever joined the Know Nothings. Who cares
if he did or did not? The questions are
dead and gone. Nobody cares a pin for
them one way or the other, if these consti
tuted the "torrent of defamation," much el
oquence, and mutton, and dignity, might,
with great propriety, have keen saved to Mg.
Breckinr.dge and his friends.
But what answer did M.. "nckiurlige
make lo the great questions wI..oti were pro
pounded to Mr. Douglas, and which are- now
rocking this Union from centre to. centre.
denied what was never charged upon him,
but he dare uot deny tior aduttl that his party
are ltent upon the dissolution of the Union
iu a certain contingency ; and that marv of
his supporters support him for thu n.xAved
reason that his runuiag will m; - that con
tingency a certainty. . 11c was .ar.iiJ to ans
wer the question so boldly answered bv Mr.
Douglas. He evaded them. The timj for
evasion and political diplomacy has passed.
lfie people are interested in these great
questions, aud the people will have an answer
or tin y will repudiate the Presidential can
didate who evades tne true issue. Mark that.
if William Lloyd Garrison's "Libera
tor" speaks iu terms of warm commendation
of the nomination of Mr. Andrew for Gov
ernor of Massachusetts. It calls it "a cheer-
ng sign of the times," not only on account
of Mr. Andrew's moral worth, "but particu
larly because he represents the highest phase
ot political anti-slavery feeling as yet devel
oped; thus showing that Massachusetts 'takes.
no step backwards but is, on the contrary.
steadily advancing iu the cause of huavaaity
and freedom."
This tendency of radical republicaaism in
Massachusetts toward the vortex. c4' abolition
ism ought to excite the alarm of the mod
erate members of the parly,, lest, from a de
fensive attitude of resistance to the extension
of slavery, it should assume an aggressive
one, and aim at unconstitutional objects.
The World.
From Florida- A genlleniau writing from
Silver Spring, says: "Hopkins will be our
next Governor. We will send him across the
Suwannee with one thousand majority from
the East. Five hundred majority here se
cures his election." Roll on the ball, friends
in Florida; victory is just ahead of us il
will soon be within our grasp. Let every
man do bis duty, and the day is ours. Work,
work, work, every man that loves his coun
try, and would not see it wickedly destroyed,
and keep the Bell ringing continually. Ah
gusf'i Chron.
The Health ok Charleston- ThcCbir
of Monday says: "On enquiry at the City
Register's office, wc learn that no additional
case of Yellow Fever had been reported from
last week up lo the time of our visit Sunday
forenoon. The Dispensary physicians report
their different wards in a state of continued
gocd health, aud we have also the concurrent
opinion of several physicians of largo prac
tice, that the Break-Bone Fever is steadily
on the decrease."
A Breckinridge Elector Declined. In
the Enquirer, of Saturday, we find the follow
ing from Mr. Lacy, of New Kent, which
speaks for itself :
New Kent County. Aug. 24, 18C0.
Gentlemen: Do me the favor to state in
yoar paper that I respectfully decline the po
sition of County Elector for this county, on
i he Breckinridge and Lane ticket, which has
been assigned me by the Richmond Slate
Convention, and also by tbe Charlottesville
Convention. I shall support the national
nominees of the Dumocrat'u parly to wit :
Douglas and Johnson.
Verv respect full v,
.ltfcr. Taylor. AVItitthorue, and
- Wattersou.
The follt.waig list of appoiutniL-nU has been agreed
Uon for Mresrs. Taylor, WliittUorue, and Wattorson,
caiiditlUs for Elector tor the Statu at large, at which
times and places they will be pleased to meet and
address the people. Il will be- seen tliat a number of
counties have been omitted. This was unavoidable,
owing lo tha want of time:
Lcwisburg, Marshall county, Monday September 24.
Columbia, Maury county, Tuesday, September 25.
Centre ville, Hickman county, Wednesday, Sept. 26. '
Linden, Perry county, Thursday, Sept. 27.
Perryvtlle, Itecatur county, Friday, fcept. 28.
Lexington, Henderson county, Saturday, Sept. 29.
Jacksou, Madison county, Monday, Oct. 1.
Bolivar, Hardeman county, Tuesday. Oct. 2.
s-iimerviue, Fayette county, Wednesday, Oct. 3.
Memphis, Shelby county, Thursday, (Jet. 4.
Covington, Tijaon county, Saturday, Oct. 6.
lirovrusville, Haywood county, Monday, Oct. 8.
Ripley, Lauderihile county , Tuesday, Oct. .
Jtyersburg, Dyer county, Wednesday, Oct. 10.
Troy, Obion county, Thursday, Oct. 11.
Dresden. Weakley couuly, Friday, Oct. 12.
Paris. Henry county, Saturday, Oct. 13. -Camden,
Benton county, Monday, Oct. 15.
Waverley, Huuiphre county, Tuesday, Oct. 16.
Charlotte, Dixon county, Wednesday, Oct. 17.
Nashville, Davidson county, Friday, Oct. 19.
Franklin. Williamsoa county, Monday, Oct. 22.
Murfreeaboro, Rutherford county, Tuesday. Oct. 23.
etallatin. Sutmier couuty, Thursday, Oct. 25.
Lalayette, Macon county, Friday, Oct. 26.
Cartiiaffe, Smith county, Saturday, Oct. 27.
Smithvillo, DeKalb county, Monday, Oct. 29.
Cookeville, Putnam county, Tuesday, Oct. 30.
Sparty, White couuty, Weduesday, Oct. 31.
McMiimville, Warren county, Thursday, Nov. I.
Manchester, Coir.-e county, Friday, Nov. 2.
Speaking In ltobertson and David
eon. Messrs. Haywood , House and McCann, candidates for
Elector in the Eighth Congress ional District, will ad
dress" their follow-citizens as follows :
Cedar Hill Monday, September 17
Sprinetield Tuesday, 18
Sltoat's Weduesday, 14 19
Goodlcttsville Thursday, September 20
Smilevs Store Friday, " 21
Tom Harris', (oth district).. Saturday, 22
Tusctilum Monday, 24
Tank Tuesday, 2a
t)n Wednesday morning the 19ih inst., at the Sewanee
House, by J K Brigjrs, Esq, Mr Charus W McGagub,
of Nolin'd Station, Ky, and Miss Mart B Slacoiiteb, of
FJizebethtown, Ky. . . - , ...... , ,
FJizebethtowu Democrat please copy. i
Can ot bk Dkxieo that the celebrated and popular
medicines of Dr. S. A. Weaver, fur surpasses all other
remedies for humors and chronic complaints. All over
the country people are advertising this facL If they
arc truly as good as they are said to be (and Uiere is
no reason to doubt), they are truly a blessing to suffer
ing humanity. aug20-(Uw4w
11 ... - t
Country dealers visiting our city will bear ia mind
that W. W. Berry k Demoville, Rains k Brown, Ewin,
Pendleton & Co. 'a are the stores to And pure and genu
ine drugs, and such staple and genuine medicine as
Perry Davis' Pain Killer, Dr. Richardson's Sherry Wine
Bitters and Dr. Weaver's Canker and Suit Rheum Syr
up and Cerate. Any druggist dealing in such pure and
good medicines must prosper, and to use them warrants
health. aug20-dw4w
Da. Si. O. KicUARnsoN'M Sue but Wise Bittkxs. Phar
macuetical Preparation, 'by a regularly educated Phy
sician U one of the mobt pleasant and valuable tonics
of the day. Persons recovering from protracted ill
ness, or thorte who, at this particular season of the
year, are subject to Jaundice, Habitual Constipation, or
any disease arising from a disordered Stomach, liver
or Bowttis, will find ia the Sherry Wine Bitters a frieiid
more to be desired than gold. &, ". .., : 'f t 1
Isold by W. W. Berry k Demo v tile, Ewin, Pendleton
k Co., and Raiiui k Brewu, Xtihville,Tean. , -
au20-Uw4w '- - ' ' "
; . A. Card to. ramilies.
WE have oq sale a fine Brett Carriage, second band:
One Phaeton Carriage, new; (hie superb Barouche,
second band; One Urge Family Carriage, second hand ;
Fine second hand Piano, good make. - All of which
will be cold very cheap, to etuee, bv
. sept20-tf . Central Auction Rooms, 27 College ct.
Vim lluiigf iisWrnto .
MUELLER fc EVERETT .1 J. . '. UlillxioKR
ihnrsdav Eveuiitg, Sept. 2 0, I860,
Will bo performed the new ptar of Dickens' sublime
T ' j T ;, ' '; K V Work.n t Tpi
Sydney Carton, Mr- Stctoon Dr. Manetto, Mr. Ttm tie
ton ; Charles Durny, Mr. Pardy ; Terry Creneher, Mr.
Everett ; Ernest Detiiree, Mr. Wheelock ; Mr. Lorrv,
Mr.Imas. , !.A...;?.
i sept 20 ' . "?'; : - . v
Of Fine Imported Champaign es and French
E randies, with Old Whisky, Wines, etc. etc.
! On Friday morning, Sept. the 2lst. at 10 o'clock.
WILL sell on account of whom it may concern :
60 Baskets superior Imported Champaign,
11 cases ' " do
5 Quarter casks fine French cog. Brand v,
2 sup " ' Cherry Wuie, -1
" " " Maderia, " .
40 Barrels Whisky, Best Brands,
With a variety of other -articles to close. We call
tlie special attention of the trade to this sale, as the
goods are guaranteed genuine.
sept20-td Central Auction Room, 27 College tt.
Gity Election.
THE following persons have been appointed by the
City Council, ofticers to open and hold an electiou
in the corporation of Nashville, on Sa'urday, Sept 29' h,
1S60, for the purpose of electing of Mayor one Alder
man and two Ceunctlmcn frtm each ot the Wards, to
sarve tir the municipal year. The Polis to be opened
at 9 A M and closed at 4 P M.
The voters who are in favor of the election of said tif
flcers for a term of two years, shall Mil the words,
"Term of officers for two years," on their tickets, and a"
majority of all th? votes polled shall be in favor of tho
election of Paid olficers for a term of two years, then
and thereafter, the charter of the city of Nashville
sliaU te so amended, and said election shall be held
accordingly ; and, thereafter, the qualification for
Mayor. AlUe.-men add Councilmen. shall be citizenship
and residence within the city of Nashville for two
whole years next preceding the elect ion, and no other."
Sn titms 5, 6, of General Asu-mUif. y"sfet Mnrch23,
lSdO. - '
- ' K1K-T .WARD. -Election
to be held at Morris k Slraltoo's.'
JuUgcs S Klrkpatrhk, Wtu Pliillipc, Jbo Britats-K.-c'iver
of Votes V A Moes Clerks C' W l'eilen.
Jus (.eim. tt. M.i?istrate to attend e! LOillespie. Esq.
Electiou to lie held at Myers & Hunt's.
Judges C F Berry, M'ios Wright, Jno Kinney.
It.-ceiver of Votes l!eo W Coleman. Clerks Win
MeFcrran, Clias Sloan. Magistrate Isham Dyer, Fsi.
Flection to be IteUl at W L Boyd's Ollice.
.Iad'js Andrew Anderson. Jno K Hume, B S Wel
ler. Receiver of Votes Jno Rcddick. Clerks II F
Brown. Ed Hicks. Magistrate J X Alexander, En,.
Election to be held at Theatre.
Judges J L Ryan, J W.Martin, A C Beei-b. Re
ceiver or votes Kobt Biirr. Clerks W T Hughes,
Van Holniiin. Magistrate W D Robertson, Esq.
Election to be held at Latimer S: Stanley's.
Judges Win Loft in, A B Shankland. John Morrow.
Receiver or votes E R Glascock. Clerks Jno II Cur
ry, J W Coleman. Magistrate Josiah -Ferriss, Esi.
Election Ui be held at Tarply i Pyle's.
judges W W Pettifor, Van Bangh. Richard McCann.
Receiver of votes AW Pyle. Clerks M O Brooks,
Titos H Glenn. , Magistrate W F Meachem, E1-
Electiou to be held at Temperance Ha'l.
Judges W S Crosthwait, Jos Steele, Hensley Cor
bett. Receiver of. votes X P Corbett. Clerks
Geo S. Miller, Jaa Meadows. Magistrate John Corbett,
Judges t has R Green. Jno X Hobbs, MC Cotton.
Reoeiveir of votes Wm Satlin. Clerks Jno Sutter
nc Id, Hugh Carroll. Magistrate R G Rives.
Corporation Laws.
To I'rerent the Maying if Avxlhtn kits along Out
Sue. 1. AVhereas, the practice of advertising am lien
sales by the ringing ol" a bell in the hands ot' ktsoiis
passiug along the streets and thorough tares of the city
lor that purpose, is a great annoyance to the citizens,
without any corre.sioiidu)g beuclit to any one, there
fore. Be it resolnzl by the City (buncil of Xahrille, That
from ami after the pupsago of this act, it shall not be
lawful fur any jiersou or persons to ring, or cause to
be rung, a licU or bells, along the sidewalks, streets er
thoroughfares of tiic city, lor the purpose 01" advertis
ing or drawing attention to any sale, or other busi
ness. 1'roridat, That nuthuig herein routaiued shall
prohibit any person or pcrsond from riugiug statkmaiy
belLs at their places of business.
Sec. 2. Be it furtliar enacted, That any erson guilty
of violating the provisions of this act, shall be titled
not less titan three nor more tlian ten dollars for each
and every oil", nee. R. B. CHEATHAM,
Prcs't Bitard of Aldermen.
B. S. K1IKA,
l'rco't pru U-m. Board ot Council.
S. N. HoujNUbWoUTH, Mayor,
Attest: W. A. Recorder.
Approed Juli 12, 1860. sepl2t
To amend an act entitled "-! Act to HeyulaU the
Streets, I'avemenU and Sidewalks in Ike Vity of Aatk
ville, i'assed May 4, 1651."
Si.c. I. Beit enacted by the City Council of XaskeiXle,
That sections 3 and 4 ot the above recited act, be auU
the same are hereby repealed.
Sec. 2. lie it enacted, That it shall bo the duty of
every owner of a lot, or part of a lot, lying aud being
in the corporate limits 01 the city of Nashville, along
or iu front of which lot there is now constructed no
sidewalk or pavement, to cause to be constructed and
kept in repair, a good and substantial sidewalk or
pavement uluug the whole front of his, her or their
let or lots, in accordance with the provisions of the
above mentioned act ; and il" any such owner or own
ers shall tail so to construct, or cause to be construct
ed, such pavement or sidewalk before the first day of
October, A. D. laoO, it shall be the duty of the Mayor
ot the city of Nashville, to cause the same to be done,
to pay for the sami: out of the city treasury, and insti
tute sun against the owner or ow uers oi said lots for
the cost ol the same.
Sec. 3. Be it enacted, That it shall be the duty ol'
every owner of a lot or lots in the city of Nashville,
along or in front of which a sidewalk or pavement has
heretofore been constructed, but is now out of repair,
cither in the bed of said pavement or sidewalk or the.
curbing of the same, or which paveme'nt does not con
form to the provisions of the act aforesaid, to cause
said pavement or sidewalk to be put in goou and per
fect repair, and made to conform to said provisions of
said act, by or betore the first day of October, 1860,
and if any owner or owners of said lot or kits shall
fail or reluse so to repair and reform said sidewalks or
pavements by or before said time, it shall be the duty
of the Mayor to cause said pavements to be repaired or
conformed to said pi-ovisious, to pay for the same out
of the city treasury, and to institute suit against the
owner or owners of said lot or lots for the cost of the
Sec. 4. Be it enacted, That all laws or parts of laws
in conUict with the provisions of this act be and the
same are herebv repealed.
W. H. HORN',
Fres't pro tern Board of Aldermen,
' : ira p. Jones,
i'res't Board of Councilinen.
S. N". HoixevufewoKTH, Mavor.
Attest W. A. GLENN, Recorder.
Approved June 15, 1SC0. scpt20-lw ..
Gentlemen's Clothing:
Having arrived home from the East. I
leg leave to inform my customers and
fp the public generally, that I have received rPl
It" and am receiving a large and handsouiex.
as-N liiient of
Which I am repared to make up in the most fashion
able ttyle. and at the shortest notice. .-.-...
Gents' Furnishing Goods of all kinds kept constant
ly on hand. wpl20-lm
For October.
Peterson's Ladies' National Magazine;
Arthur's Home Magazine;.-'. ; j-: ;
Jiist received by F. 1TAGAX k CO.,
;feptl4 ; College street.
Harper's New Monthly Magazine;
Godey's Lady's Book ; ' ; ' - -
Peterson's Lady's National Maga.rinc ; . '
1 Arthur's Home Magazine ;
Yliolesale & Iietail ' Druggist ,
Corner Ilroad mud Cherry &ti et,
WILL keep always on hand a larg and complete
assortment of everything kept ia the Irug tine,
which we will sell as cheap as the chenpest, and as
good as the best, which we are ready to prove alt the
time and at any time, day or night, to the satisfaction
of all good cilizcus who wiil favor us with a rail and
patronage. - . , - JOUX J. BEECH. .
. sept lS-tf ' '
Attention Sell Grays.
A Parade on Thursday evenuuj at 3 o'clock.. Full
By order of tho
'.t-l: I U-Jt R. g-rattcMt,0..
liASl !irall UfttVHPll.
I - w w .
rl Xashviiie, or on the Fair Grounds, Porituoiuiie
containing some four or five hundred dollars in
money, aud some note I don't know harw man v.
The ander will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at
the Patriot office.
sentl8-2t J. A. PAYNE.
-- m rates Ibr currency r ire report ao cbange ia th
y Pianos, Music.
now receiving my Fall Su-ck of rianofo.-tes from
the following Factories, which will be the largest
ever ottered in the city: Stein way & Sons, A. H Gale &
Co., Haynes Brothers; Hazleton Brothers, Wm. Kaable
Co I'eters and Webb, Light k Bradburry and Soel
beUer & Schmidt, all ot which m ill be sold at a small
advance on cost for cash or negotiable paper. All th
new and popular Music just received, together with
Accordeons, Violins, Flutes, Drums, Brass Instruments,
kc. For bargains "come to me," at number 33.
srptl-tr BAU JA3. A. McCXURE.
f -
laftst ov Hioleu.
ri'HE fo!lowin XuW and Due Bills". One note on
I Louis Lyws. endorsed by X. li. Morton, Benj. Ly
ou., for two hundred dollars drawn on the first day of
Jan., lS80,and due Nine months from date, tiua note
on Mrs. Mary Doyle, for two hundred doliars drawn on
the 1st day of January, 1S60. and due nine months from
date; Also, one due bill on McKenzie ft Ji inch in for Two
Hundred Dollars, dated about the 1st Sept. uist. Also
one due bill on Geo. M. Huddicston for Thirty Dollars
borrowed money. '
Gentlemen are forwarnt'd from trading for any of the
above claims. J. W. HUDDLtsTON.
septl8 3t
Ji Wanted.
A PARTNER in a lucrative business. Any young
man with a few hundred dollars caai find a part
ner, bv addressing BUSINESS at the P. O. Xashviiie.
septlS-tT -
Harper'i Magazine for October,
Just received by JOHN YORK k CO.
The Woman in White.
Casar Birotteau Sketches of Parasiun lue by Balzac.
Adventures of Adam's Mountaineer and Grizzly '
Bear Hunt of California, illustrated.
for sale by " JOHN YORK & CO-,
eebtlS-tf 30 Uuioa atrcct.
Corn, Plorir, &c.
Qnn BAGS prime Corn;
O UU 350 bags Flour;
450 barrels Flour, (vartuus brands,)
Iu store and for sale very low by
septlT HUGH McCREA & CO.
Grass Seeds.
(IA BARRELS Timothy Seed;
JU 20 " Blue Grrss do;
20 " Orchard Gra&s do;
20 " Herds Grass do;
Iu store and for saie low by
Produce Wanted.
WE will iay the highest market price for Feathers,
Beeswax, Gensang, Dried Fruit, Lard, etc., iu
either Cash or Groceries.
sepl7 t;e- HUGH McCREA k Co.
Desirable Ik us f hold and Kilclieu Fnrnit c
OX Thursday Morning, September the 20th, at 10
o'clock, Benj. K. Shields & Co., will sell at the res
idence of Mess Toupet, No. 23 North Vino street, near
the State Capitol, the entire contents of Parlors, Cham
bers, Halls, Dining Room and Kitchen, consisting in
part of rich TapwKlry, Carpetings, 3 ply Ingrain ditto,
Hall and Stair ditto, Rugs and Durggets,Lac and Mus
lin Curtains, Oil Cloths, Brocatile Satin covered and
Hair seat Chairs, Mirrors, Rich Silver Plated Ware;
Table, China, Glass aud Cutlery; Feather Beds.Jl'illows,
Moss and other Mutlrasses, Cooking Stoves, etc.
Terms, cash on delivery.
sei.tla-td Auctioneers.
TXAV1NG been apixiiuted and qualified as Admiuis
A X trator of the estate of David Smiley, sr., dee'd.,
all persons having claims against said estate are noti-
tied to hie them with me within the tune required In
law or they will be forever barred ; and all persons in
debted to the same are hereby required to cumo lor
ward and make payment.
pepl4-lm Adni'r of Duvid Smiley, sr.
So, 75 North iMarket treett
OllKsite Myers, Hunt & Co.'s Carriage Shop.
4 AH orders from the city or country attended to
with promptness and despatch. septll-tf
Fruit Jars.
JUlT received aud for sale at lowest prices, an addi
tional supply of Fruit Jars and Cans, say
225 doz. Wll lough by Glass Jars 1 quart;
170 " " " ' 2 quares
. 48 ' Glass Jars, with corks for sealing.
JVlso, on hand 200 doz. Tin Fruit Cans, one and two
quarts, for seating up, all warranted. -
Also, 12 bids, best Clear Coal Oil, at lowest price by
barrel. J. W. WILSON",
3cpt4-tr - 17 College st.
Furnishing and Fancy Goods
E are dailv receiving additions to our already full
have all the latest styles of Shirts and Collars, Stocks,
Cravats and Ties. We have any quantity of Gloves,
Gauntlets, Robes, Suspenders and all qualities of Hos
iery lor both Ladies aud Gentlemen. Our stock of Un
derwear is complete, embracing all tho heavier fabrics
of Silk and Woolen, suitable to the approaching season.
These goods will be sold at correspondingly low rates
with the shot t croj. J. H. McGILL,
sep3-lf Cherry St., one door from Union.
- ae-vjeiei Sept. IGtli,
THE Tennessee Coffee and Dining Hall. All the go.d
things of tbe season wili be kept constantly on
hand. J. T. BIGGS,
Die kin's iew JLSook,'
SHORT STOUIES, just received and for sa'e by
A New Novel, by Marion Harland, author of Alone,
Hidden Path and Moss Side, for sale in Xashviiie by
aug29-tf , No. S8 Union street.
H ff BBLS. Xorthern Potatoes, Just received and
sepll-2w No. 49 south Ceilcge st.
1 Oflfi LBS- Prime Ohio Butter, lust received, in
XO J J small packages, and for sale oy
No. 49 south College street.
No. 69 market Str
IVa&liville, Tennessee.
WE have now on hand a fall and complete as
....inuni f MACHINES. IMPLEMENTS, kc.
which we oner at the very lowest prices:
areolar Saw Hills, double and tingle ;
Hale'a Cider Mill and Corn Sheller;
Sinclair's Straw Cutters;
Wheat Drills;
Miller's Steel Plows;!
Field Boilers, &e
; Corner of Collezeand CUurcli st.,
.Wholesale Grocers and ComiuissioD
Fine Brandies, Wines, Cigars, Tobaeeo,&c
04 ai-tf
Come at Last.
lVo. 14 Marltet Street,
Has Just received
50 bale Hay;
50 bales Fodder;
200 bags Oats;
oOO bags Bran;
sepUO-tf 100 bag Meal.
Chancery. Sales for Saturday,
j October 6th, I860.
Sale to take piace in the Chancery Court Boom, at Court
he use, in the order if the advertisements betow, and to
04 eommenced at 10 o'eiocfc precisely.
- t ; l.
PI TtSUAXT to a decree of the Chancery Court at
, XashvUle, in tho case of Young k Carson vs. B.
lvut ior, I will sell at tho Court-house hi XashvUle, on
Salt vday, October 6th, I860; a certitlcate for 100 share
tocfc, Issued by the Hopkins, Mastodon Coal Iron
Mini Dg and Manufactujing Company. The said shares
boia e 100 each, and the certitlcate Xo. 61.
. T n.ura.-h. ' J. E. GLEAVES.C. ft M.
" e4il&-tds
. . "
' t IL
-t-vt -Bsi'lvT trt .Wr.- of tlte Cltuxcry Court at
J i Nashville, in the cau ol Barrow and Lindidey,
U,. rJf th- Kl.r-lhv r. J. B. SHOWd. BUd rflr, I
will sell at the Court house. In Nashville, on Saturday T
ttuift a Mm Woodland street, ta t.U.i
tteld , 60 by 170 each, and known as Nos. , 97 and ttt,
on ue plan. . .
i. s T i and 24 nMmths' credit, with inter
. a. ra uU mui without redvtaptioa. Notes
villi apimved security required and I -n tvImio .
jrti-tds - J GLEAi Es, C k M.
; S ......... ,
PURSUANT t a decree of th Chaticery Court at
Nashville, is toe case of Irby Morgan, Admin is
traior, c, of Miles W. Atkitson ta. heirs and credi
m ,J ALkimmn. I will s U at tbe Court House ia
. Xaahvilltf, SatmreUtf, Jcuber , 1S60. the Atirueo
house and lot on Woodland street, ia Edgeueld Lot 72
br 144.
Teiuis 4, 13, and 13 months credit, with interest.
' Security required and lion retained.
sepiA-toa - J, . GLEJLTXS, CsK.
PURSUAXT to a decree of the Chiinoery Court at .
Nashville, is tho- case of Charles H. Lesueur is.
lavid B. Hieks-and otfaers. I will sell. n Saturday. Oc
tober 6, 1860, at the Court House in XashvUle, the UicLs
house ana ux an n aoauina strea, in Eugen.-ld. The lot
has a front of 151 feet, and runs back 170 feet to an
alley, and is made up of lots Nos. 12, 13 and 14, in the
plan of division. The improvements are new and of
good style.
Terms , 12, 18 aud 24 mouths credit, with Interest,
and sale without redemption. The purchaser to give
good personal security, and a Uen to be retained.
sepio-ias J. E. G LEAVES. C. & M.
PURSUAXT to a decree tt tLe Ctutm-erv Court at
Nashville, in the case of Wm." G. SwiitJcll r Su
san Milter, I will sell, at tbe Court House in Nashville,
on Saturday, Octobrr 6, 1S0, Ufa iUl of. Wtdland
street, in taiegneia, at vy Hi itt each, ani being lots
Xo. 5 and 13, in McRoberu and ilcKee plan t'See bii!v
21. page 38.)
TKRJts $500 cash on each lot, and for the residue of
the purchase money a credit of 6. 12 aud IS months,
without interest. -s?ecurity required and hen retained
ept5-tds J. E. G LEAVES, CtM.
- ' 6. .
"fjURSUANI to a decree of the Chancery Court at
1 Nashville, in the case of G. S. Shuinan e. John
y. Flyiin, I wiilsj I, at the Crirt House in Xashviiie,
on Saturday, October 6, 1SG0, a ntgrv u.wan named
Patsey, and also the unexpired lease of the house and
lot, mentioned in the pleadings. This is understood to
be a tease of the house and lot at the intersection of
the Gallatin and the Whites' Creek Turnpikes, in Edge
field, which is to expire on the 1st January, 1S6J.
Terms of this sale cash.
septo-tds J. E. G LEA YES, CiM.
PURSUANT to a decree of the Chancery Court at
XashvUle, in the case of C. W. Nance aud J. H.
McDonald ta. W. H. Crosthwait, Lwill sell, at the Court
House in Nashville, en Saturday, October 6. 1660, a lot
on the iturfreesboro Turnpike, known as Xo. 5, in Ir
win s plan, trontti teet wme, rear oz, sides W3 ana
Texms 6, 12 and IS months, without interest. Se
curity required and lien retained, and saie free from
septo-tds J. i GLEA LS, C M.
PURSUANT to a decree of the Chancery Court at
Xashviiie, in the c&se of Eli L. Woods vs. John
Longhurst, I will scU, at the Court House in Nashville.
on Saturday, October 6, 1860, lot 2s'o. 17, in the plan of
nooas aaaition.
Tekxs 6 mouths cred.t, without kitcrest. Security
reqired and lien retained.
6ept4-tds J. E. CLEAVES, C. M.
PURSUAXT to a decree of the Chancery Court at
Xashviiie, iu the case of Andrew Johnston vs. Da
vid M. Allen, and in accordance with an agreement
entered into by the iarties interested. I wiU sell, at
the Court House in Xashviiie, on Saturday, October 0,
I860, David M. Allen's simp on Market street, south of
Broad ; lot 20 feet by 114. This property can be bought
for less than the cost of the house. Sale absolute, and
a credit of 7, 12, IS aud 24 months, with interest, aud
free from redemption Security required, aud hen re
earned. Septo-tds J. F- (.LEAVES, C. k M.
PURSUANT to a ttecree of the Chancery Court at
Nashville, in the case of Hiram Vaughn, Adminis
trator of M. McXally, deceased, r. heirs and creditors
of said H. McNaily, I will sell, at the Court House in
Nashville, on SUurday, Octitier 6, 1860, the house and
hit of the McXally estate, on Cherry street, south of
Broad, which was assigned to the widow as her dower,
this beinJf a sale f lAe projterty, tutiject to Mrs. McXal
ly's life rujht in same.
Tkrms 6 and 12 months cr.ilit, with interest; pur
chaser to give note with satisfactory security, aud li.-n
to be retained.
septo-tds J. E. CLEAVES. C. k M.
PURSUANT to a decree of the Chancery Court at
Nashville, iu the ca.se of John Mallory rf. Josih
Mallory and others, I will s-ll, on Saturday, OcUber 6,"
1800, at the Court House in Nashville, the following
valuable property, to wit: Tlie Mallory residence on
South Cherry street, with 105 feet of ground (next to
Mallory street) attached. The remainder of this piece
of property, 179 feet, divid-d into lots. One lot of 105
feet front on South CoUege street.
Tkkms 1,2 and 3 years credit, with interest, (ex
cept as to ca.h to pay costs and ertirmes, u-huh u-il! be
Collected on house tot.) Purchasers to give notes -villi
satisfactory security, anil lien to be retained.
septo-tds " J. E. GI.EAVES, C. k M.
PURSUANT to a decree of the Chancery Court at
Xashviiie, in the case of Wm. Fox and wifets.
Frank and Riley Row ton, I willsell,at the Court House
in Xashviiie, on Saturday, October 6. I860, a haute and
lot on Lebanon Turnj'ike, in South Xashviiie. Lot lias
a front of 40 feet.
Tkkus 1 and 2 years credit. Xotes to bear interest,
and to be iayablj in Bank. Security required and
lien retained.
septo-tds J. E. GI.EAVES, C. k M
PURSUANT to a decree of the Cliancery Court at
Xashviiie, in the case of Samuel Gay lord, executor
of John I). Gaylord, deceased, vs. Helen M. Gay lord, I
will sell, at the Court House in Nashville, on Saturday,
October 6, 1860, two lots on College street. exU-uded each
60 feet front, and known as loU No. 29 and 30, J. W.
CamplH'U's plan.
Tkkms 1 and 2 years credit, with interest. Notes,
with good security, rcpiircd, and livii rctaiu.rd.
seplS-tds J. E. GIJCAVES, C. & M.
PURSUANT to a decree of the Cliancery Court at
l Nashville, in the case of !. Tonu s, Jr., rs. H- nri
etta C. Tomes and others, I will sell, at the Court House
in XashvUle, on Saturday, October 6, 1S60, tots Xo. 130
ana I'Ji in ine sowing Aaa awn.
Tkkms 6, 12, 18 and 24 mouths credit, without in
terest, and free from redemption. Notes, with secu
rity, payable in Bank, required of the purchaser, and
lieu to lie retained.
septo-tds J. E. GI-EAVES, C. & M.
"PURSUANT to a decree of the Chancery Court at
JL Nashville, m the case of W. B. Bavless and H. A.
GlKives ta. John DeCamp, I will sell, at tlie Court House
in .Nasnvme, on Saturday, VcUMjer a, I860, ritw lots on
Eveiag Avenue, in tZioinq's Addition, each 32 by 130
feet, and known as lots 152 and l."3 iu the plan.
Tkiuo o, 12 and is months credit, with in t rest.
ana witnout reacmption. ccuTity required , and lieu
septo-tds J. E. CLEAVES. C. k M.
PURSUAXT to a decree of the Cliancery Court at
Nashville, in tbe case of P. W. Maxey Co., and
others, creditors of Stewart k Owen ta. Stewart &
Owen, I will sell at the Court House in Nashville, on
Saturday, October 6, 1800, Lot No. 2a, in plan ot Hay-
Factory property, (Lot 43 by 150 feet) and being the
same Lot heretofore sold to Stewart & Owen by A. L.
Demoss, Esq.
liaufs 6, 111 and is monuis, witn interest ana witn
out redemption. Security required and lien retained.
J. t- GLfcA Li, C. M.
PURSUAXT to a decree of the Chancery Court at
N-iihvillc, in the case of Joshua D. Spain, ct. Philip
Melvin, 1 wiU sell at the Court House in XasbviUe, on
Saturday, October 6, 1860. the property of the defend
ant, Melvin, situated at the corner of Broad and Mc
Nairy streets, West NashvUle, Lot 50 feet by 175.
Terms sale tree lrom redemption, and purchase
mooev to be due in two equal payments, and on 1st
April 1861, and 1st April 1S62, with interest. Security
required ana lien retained.
j. t ti.iits, e. s ii.
PURSUANT to a decree of the Chancery Court at
Nashville, iu the case of Wm. Jordan, ta. Ehud Gower
and others, I will seU to the highest bidder at the
Court House in XashvUle, on Saturday, October 6, 1860,
the tract of land belonging to Ehud Gower, lying in
Davidson County and containing 318 acres more or less.
Terms SoOO cash, and residue to be due on the 1st
September 1862, without interest. A bid of $3500 for
the whole has been made' Dy in, u. G. Hampton, ana
the property will be started at his bid. Xote with
good security required of the purchaser and lien to
be retained. J. E. GW-At LS, c. si.
PURSUANT to a d-cree of the Chancery Court at
Xashviiie in the case of Wm. Mauldin, Guardian, Kc,
rs James M. Snoed and others, I will sell at the Cotirt
1 louse in XashvUle, on Saturday, October 6th, 1860, a
Trad of 30 Acres of iana, some b miles lrom mis
City, iu Civil District No. 8.
Terms: 6, 12, 18 and 24 montus wiutoui interest.
The biddinas to commence at $40 per acre. Good securi
ty required and lien retained. $100 required in cash.
j. t- e.ea- t, e x si.
PURSUANT to a decree of the Chancery Court at
XashvUle. in the case of Geo. D.Hamlett vs. Lewis Jones
and others, I will sell, at tha Court-House in XashvUle,
on Saturday October , 1860, the tract of land in Spring-
I'lace, known as the Tavern bland, nougnt Dy Lewis
Jones of James T . Gleaves, and containing 6 acres and
50 poles.
Tkrms. , 12 and 18 ruonttis ,witn interest, ana saie
free from redemption. Security required and lieu re
Sept. 6-tds J- E. CLEAVES, C. k M.
PURSUAXT to a decree of the Cliancery Court at
Nashville, in the case of Wm. Ii. Walton vs. John Quin
and others. I wiil sell, at the Court House in Nashville,
on Saturday the 6th of October I860, a certian tract of
8 acres of land, lying ou tne west siae ot tne liritt
Church Turnpike, 2 miles from the city.
Terms. a moutns credit witnout interest, and free
from redemption. Security required and lien retained.
Sept.d-tds J. f- GLEA S,ltM.
PURSUANT to a decree of tho Chancery Court at
XashviUe, in the case of Hiram J. Wells r. The. Leake
and W. K. Hyde and others 1 will sell, at the Court
House in Nashville on Saturday, Octacar 6, I860, the
two parcels of land, recovered in above suit, by com
plainants lrom tne aetcnaanu, ueave ana iiyue. me
parcel received lrom ix-aKe contains 101 acres,
that from Hyde contains 87 acres, and the same are
to be sold to ay the amounts due to Leake and Hyde.
Terms. Sale free from redemption, and on a credit
of 8 aud twelve months without interest. Good securi
ty required on notes, and a lien retained.
.... c . . .1 I ir,-L-J r A. XT
- S3
PURSUANT to a decree of the Chancery Court at
XashvUle in tbe case of Wm. A. Whitsett, Executor kc.
at Farrar ta. Wash. R. Lucas aud olner, I win sell at
the Court House in Xathville, on Saturday October 6th
1860, a tract of 10 mcrse and 50 petes of land, part of
the Lucas Farm, and being the same bought by Liui of
Tkkms e. Is and is montns cre.ni witn tuterest.
and sale free from redemption, notes to have penuHiai
aecunty, and to be payable in the Bank, and hen to be
Sept.-td3 J. E. GLEA ES I (11.
PURSUANT to a decree of the Chancery Court at
XashvUle, in tbe case ot Geo. 11. 1 lam let t at. Wash K.
lAwa8 and other, 1 will sell, at public sale al the Court
House to Nashville, en Saturday October the Ui 1860,
tho unsold portion cf H ot R. Lucas' tract of land.
which w known as the Crutcntr part ofliia whole tract.
The kuwi cousiatiru; of about 29 acres and lying in
frout of the Mansion House.
- Ti:aa. 1 and S years credit, with interest und tale
free troto redemtion, purcuaser to exeate aatelactory
nates and Ih-n to be relaiuvd.
SepLi-tda : J. E. GLEAVES, C. & t.
' PURSUAXT to a decree of the Chancery Court at
Xashviiie, in tbe caee of A. G. Wilcox and wile ta. John
Cato. I will sell, at the Court House in Nashville,
Saturday, October 6, I860, the truet of land chereon
John Vulo note resides, or enough of aarae, at Iwast. to
pay tho debt due complamanta by the decret. Th
land is known as the McGavock Place lies on WhH'
Creek, five miiea from this city, and there are 1 ,740
acres in the whole (arm.
Ttniwi "Jilff free from redemtion, and purcnase
money to be due in ihre equal instalments, without
intervet, and on 1st January, 1S61; 1st October, 1861,
and lax May, 1862. Purchaser to giv. Ot)U- with ap-
proved aevurity, and ben retained
- K:. Lmuii
jiew Publications.
One elegant volumi, cloth b.-und.
Translated from the French, original exjiressly for tL
editiooby O. W. WitaiT and F. B. Goodrkm (-' pji-fc
Tinto''). : ' " ' ' - .
Has been little known because he has been little Iran.- -lated.
Except by reputation he is almost utterly un
known, in America. "Over the whole catuinect of
Europe, however, (to quote the words of Charus
Dickess in "All the Year Round,") " wherever tuf
literature of France has penetrated, his readers are
numbered by tens of thousands."
" Unquestionably, Balzic ranks as oue of the f a
great geniuses who appear, by ones and twos, in o n
tury after century of authorship, and who leave their
mark inelLceab'y cn the literature of their age."
W. T. BERRY t CO..
sO-tf Public Squar.
W. T. BEIlltY & CO.
Have jitt received XEMESIS; a Novel, bv Marion Har
land, author of "Alone," "Hidden rath" ani "Moss
Side"" a,g21-tt
Engrlish Booits.
THE TEX YEARS' CTjNIXICT; being the rlwvry
the Disruption of the Church of Scotland, by t -ber
Buchanan, D. I. 2 vols. 8 vo lll cil .
Portrai s.
8 vo.,helf coif.
with roiarailsand Memoirs, embracing 8 vets
vo , half Russia.
Best edition of the famous bo.k ot Mnilyn.
TODD'S LIFE OF CRAXMER; 2 vols., Svc.c . 1
PROVERRS OF Ki'ASMUS; two volumes aioue.n.,1
OSBllOKE'S ENCYU-tii-EiHA OF ANTivJelllt:-: I
vols. 4lo, half morocco.
Ancient l.tnvuns in Africa, AMi tnJ r n
rope : 1 voL , 4to.
TIME; 3 vols. 8 vo.. hall" catf; PortraiL--
Queun of France; 2 vols. .cloth.
MAD. VE STALIS GERMAN" V, 2 vis. in one. S Tv,
half cuir.
BCLW'ER'S NOVEL--, new e. U.o:., cd:t..J by tue ao
thor.SO vols., calf.
W OKK ; 28 vols. , half cair.
SCOTT'S LIFE, by Lochuart; 10 vols., halt call
with Biographkal and Cr.lieal Xotices: 7 voU.
half moroccu.
1 vol., Svo.
IlOSCOEy ITALIAN' NOVELISTS, from tl.e cariieii
period, 4 vols., half ca!f.
RY.Uie articles coutr.lmted by the most eminent
Scholars of the day , coin;.!, lo iu 12 vmis . bv
EN"Cil,3 vols. 12 mo.
OXFORD AMI C.,Mai:lI ;E ESAYS; 8 vt: ,
OXFORD PRIZE IUVS, 5 vots., La.'; ui.irou
OXF0KD TRACT.? FoR THE Tl-MES, 6 v..is call.
8 vo.
STAUNTON 'S CHES PRAXIS, a Suppteuidut to ia
Cbcss Player's hand-book, 1 vol.
tew Edition, with numerous flue Portraits, i. v .,1a
half calf. '
IJFE OF JEAX PAI L RICHTER, together w:U h s
Auio-biography, translated from th.- Wviuut
1 vol
rOETRY OF THE AXTWACOLLV, coiiiaiaing lit
celebrated Politilical aud &lirical Poems, Paro
dies and Jeux D'Esprit of Canning acd others. 1
S0X.;SOF EERAXGER, with a Sketch ol his Lite, 1
tha Arms, Arts and LlteraAurc of Italy f rem 144'
to 1630. I vol., Smo., cairl
Trollope. j vols.
Latimer and Knox; by John Tilloch. !i I
W. T. BEKRV & C O..
Public Sq.iare.
For lleut or L,easc.
IIUVEa good Brick Dwelling, wKh four rooms ,
and twenty acres of excellent laud aud plon
ty of good water. I will rent or lease it rr.n JLiLL
one to five years. Situated on tho NohnsvUle fiin
pike adjoining the corioration line.
Gimx:i?f merrijT
I have this day, associated with mo in the Book
busiuess, MR. J. B. KLTIJtXI aud MR. JNO. FAST
M-X- Nashville, Sopt l.lStW.
V. aW CO.
41 College Street,
Xw-hvUlc, 1.1UI.
Aug. S
Secoud-Iiaud Buroothe.
A GOOD city made Family Biuouctte, but liUle osed
ft sale cheap by
sepi4-ef BEXJ. F. S3UELDS k CO.
WITH , . .
IX their well known Insurance Comiaairf tliat liave
detosited with the Comptroller in Tennessee ik'iid. 4
$60flM, teing Totir times as ranch as all the otW Iu
surance Ollicta in Xashviiie, Xo. 2a College eirecu
. w. a. WAU-Mie.
Latlie&? and Geutlriueu Fine
- Ca iters, Shoes and Boots,.
Tiuuk, Vali ses & Carpet 15ae:,
(At Calhoun's Old Stand ,)
Nashiille TcKnessrc.
" .eptlO-tf . .
A Good luvestiueut.
I AM now offering for sale, tbe place oa whkh I r-
side, Bitnated on theGallatm Pike, about tm- milf
from the citv of Nashville, containing 8? acres uf ru b
land, four of which are In ahiu-h sute of rultivdlK as a
vogeuble pard, ia which there are Aspaiwsu aud
Fit, Plant beds, and quite a number uf exoeUcJit Fruit
Tree. The imirovementA consts. of a net fraiaw
dwelling house with kilcheu. stable, crib, cow hed. Ac
I am determined to seU and wilt tfler this place at a
irreat bargain. Forjurtlietpartkutars apply lo
sept 1 1-1 ra - Xo frt Crilege stwet. -
VUysiflixn ;iu Surseou,
1 Xo. 18 (up stairs) Cedar St. , XV-diville, Teas, -
Oflice hours until 9 A. M-, between 1 aaj 3 P. M. , and
between T and 8 P. M- t-.
References Drs. Herlcg IE Lir-T'-e. Philajetiihta, '
and It. Campari k KothJw, Lvuvuie, Ky.
i ;

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