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vy?Bi:TOmyi WEEKLY- i
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Amt s
BV. S.CA5IP & : ,
W. BY. SMiTH, ESS,?.
JoHN fc. CATCHER, -is f"-,
DeadericU Sret. 1
For President,
13 ltTjII "TO" ' R TT!T T .
J Oii - 13 - CjJ -
For Vlee-Preident,
UA1I.1E I EY'IO., ol MiBaner,
.-X. li. TAVLOR, of Carter.
i j W. DFADF.RICK. of Washington.
l O. ' P. TEMPLE.-ot Kijox.
tr 3, ALFRED CALOWELL. of McMinn.
l.'fl.S. STANTON, or SmitD.
6 E. I. GOLLADA Y. of ilpon.
fi WM F. KERCH EVAL. of Lincoln.
7. JOHN C. BROWN, of Giles.
8. JOHN F. H 'USE, of Montgomery.
9. ALVIN HAWKINS, of Curroll.
10. D.U- NALOR6, I Shelby.
Central Executive Committee.
Edwin II. Ewixg. Neill S. Bkowx, Aiaex
A. Hall. P. W. Maxet, John Lellyett,
John- 11. Callende r. Horace H. IIabuihox
A Inlted Sou in.
What does thi-s mean in the mouths of our
. Yancey-Breckinridge opponents? It meacs a
uuion cl the South upon the disunion ticket.
;' The thin covering they have heretofore kept
upon their dcHgnB ia now thrown off. They
have with otie accord since the late Northern
eUction?, sounded the tocsin of alarm
i Their drums are beating snd their trumpet
clunsiaz. The hidden fires are now thrown
open to the winds, and the Soathtrn heart
is to be put into a blaze. The lines are to
be drawn, the hostile stctious are to be put
in haul-; array, and the war-cry is to be vic
tory or death.
- Iun of T'.nncssee! men of the land of
Jackson are you prepared for thii? Thought
ful meal Limatf s men! christian men! Bell
men! Douglas men! conservative men of
- every party, are yoi rtady, are yon willing
to ste yonr great acd glorious country torn
into di.hr-ored fragment-?' Shall that
which is now the glory and the admiration
of the world, Lt-ccnie a hkslng and a by
word to the nation? Shall you live to look
upon -States dievrrid. discordaut, bellig
'erenf; on a land rnt with civil feuds.tr
drenched with fraternal blood? And for
. what? for fancied, or at 1-ast, for partial, dis
tant and contingent wrongs
A united South! Yes, by all means a unit-
, td, but not a dtfiant Scu:b. nor on-?
which cuts eff all hope of union with the
North, noroauhich breathes out war and
threatening, and scouts the very idea cf
conciliation and compromise.
Unite forootb upon Breckinridge, the
representative cf all tbut is ag?re-sive. of all
that i d -fi nt, f all that i uncompromising
of all that i extreme and tff-nive to our
Northern bretbr. n. Tell them in advance,
that majvitie-s sftajl not avail them, that the
Constitution followed in all its forms is but
waste paper, that the only price of peace is
that the v&nq-iirhed shall be proclaim! d vic
tors. And what is to be th result. Oh !
you cry, their coward epiiits will fail them:
their pale Hjnadrons will be di.-solved like the
hosts of SennacLcib; their dastard knees
will knock against each other aiid their cra
ven hearts will brin? them to submission.
" Believe you so men of the South, then ex
alt yonr h rn and raise high your shouts of
challenge and of expected victory.
But you forget that these men of the North
are your brothers in Mood. That they are
the sons of the men who fleiie'l the the cannon
of Britain behind the Hay embankm nts at
Bunk- r's 11:11, and laid down their lives up
on the bloi dy field-of Monmouth and Bran
dywine. That thy are men of stubborn
wilis and dog-d spirit, that they think they
know their rights and dare maintain them.
Away then with these pcurile threats this
idle gasconade. We are dealing with men,
and with beard-d men, and with thoughtful
men. who however wronc-hcadtd and fanati
cal many of them may be, are neither to be
a:old-d into good behavior nor scared outcf
their propriety.
Th y may be told that uron the election
nf Lincoln there is danger of disruption of
the Union, and they will be told the truth.
But this should le held out as a fact, and cot
as a menace. Our orators who have gone
North should appeal to the scne of right, to
the forbearance, to the interests political, so
cial and material of the nou-f-laveholding
States, at the same time asserting what
they believe to be the rights of slaveholdiog
States, and asking for them respectful con
sideration. They may tell their Northern
brethren of the wrongs we have Buffered un
der the Fugitive slave law. of the irritating
and insulting conduct of mobs and public
meetings in the North of the passage if
unconstitutional laws and attempts to en
force them of emissaries in the South,
preaching sedition and inciting to rebellion,
and ask them are these trie acts of brethren
and countrymen, bo may we taik anu ap
peal to the thoughtful, the conservative, the
law-abiding and law-loving portion of the
people of the Northern States.
But while this is done there, what shall we
do ia the South ! Shall we appeal to them
there to forbear, while here we are blowing
op the Ore j of civil war? Shall we among
ourselves, be displaying our wounds and
opening our sores aud lashing ourselves into
uncompromising fury and madness ? With
what hope, with what expectation, with what
design is all this doue ? Is it done to drive
our people into an expression f this temper
by , the election of Breckinridge, who is its
representative, and thus cut off all hope of
concillatiou ? Is it not in many instances,
from the lower and meaner motive of keep
ing temporary local power in the several
States : for keepiug party and party men in
power I
Yule for Breckinridge say you in Tennes
see, and thus keep a united South ! Why do
yiMl .not speak out plainly and say, keep
Messrs. Johnson and Nicholson in the Senate
and the subordinate offices under our party
control. And is not this monstrous and al
most pant belief that, while our country is
hanging .on the edge of a precipice, while
civil war is erecting its hideous front, when
we are almost at the Beginning of the Eud
men should be found who can be engaged in
this miserable scramble for offices, the very
foundations of which are just ready to be
swept away. The madness of the people of
Jerusalem when the city was beseiged by
Tjtu9 the madoess of the crews of sinking
shipswboqaarrel over the spirit casks before
they we engulpbed, is Mom compared to
this. -
THow then should the South be united t
should be united in a spirit of conciliation
toward' the North: it should be united io
ii,;nViiit the OliveBrancb of peace. Gen-
llenessaud kindness should be united with
firniuea,: We should unite upon some man
who is a true son of the Union ; fome man
who, while be has maintained all or our
miMmm- wwuct, conveuien to ous.
, H..MI.H U1.M1 uirrnrabie neuhborhouds
J. Ber IU one of the UkjbI agreeable neiglibiirhiNJUS f 1
a the city, iiooeraiu rent, mjssi.-ssimi ri
narrowed his tnird to the idea of a Southern
Confederacy ; acme man who, like Washing-, J
Ion andwackaon, has regarded the onion of
these States as embracing ihelr liberty r tbe;
glory, their peace, and their happiness. And
each a man is John BelL Unite npen him.
and you may have a united South, a united
North, a uaitcd East, a united Wett and
these may be all united.
Bell men oi Tennessee, stand by your col-
ots your cause is the eause of your whole
country. Listen not to the siren song of the
1 "arTow-Beart:l men
LrnUoiOB. Know n
who tell you of a South-
no country but your own
that mighty country to which belongs the
glories of our Revolution and our past histo
ry; to which belongs the names of Washington
and Adms, of Jefferson and Jackson, of
Weteter and of Clay.
Union State Central Ex.Com. of Tenn.
Hare we m Disunlontat among us?
The sectional agitation of the men who now
have Breckinridge for their candidate, has
at leugtb brought the Union to the brink of
dissolution. Judas Iscariot, after be had be
trayed his Lord, when be saw that he was
condemned to be crucified, h&d the conscience
to go and hang himself. But Judas was a
conscientious man compared with unscrupu
lous political tricksters, corrupted by long
service of an unprincipled political organiza
tion which lives literally upon public plun
der. The late elections in Pennsylvania,
Ohio and Indiana clearly indicate thit a cri
sis in the history of our republic is immi
nent that this wicked sectional war has gone
almost to that point where men throw aside
the argument and grasp the sword. And
now the agitators who have led us to the
verge of ruin, cap the climax of their audaci
tv of iniauitr bv raising their voices to a
louder strain, calling the people of the South
to rush right into revolution by supporting
the candidates of the disunicnista. An at
tempt is made to rally the South to the sham
of protection, which their most distinguished
leader in Tennessee pronounces a mere ab
straction. "The Union, the Constitution,
and the Enforcement of the Laws" falls short
of giving them satisfaction. But they are
pleased with the jingling sound of The
Constitution and the Equality of the States.
These are the symbols of everlasting Union.'"
As though the constitution did not itself
guarantee the equality of the States. "The
constitution is "a vile phrase," in their es
timation, but "the constitution and the equal
itv of the Statea" -is good." This clap trap
reflection on the constitution of our country
will answer their purpose in firing the Southern
heart, and preventing a cordial union upon
those noble candidates who represent "the
constitution, the Union, and the enforcement
of the laws." Thus, by forcing to its dire re
sult the sectional issue, they may precipitate
the election of LixCuln, and precipitate the
South into a revolution. What ether object
can Breckinridge papers have in Btill forcin
the sectional i.-ue, or attempting to force it,
upon the South? People of the South! the
i?ue ia onion or disunion. It is time to take
sides. If you ara for disunion, vote tor
Bkecxiridge and Lake. But if you are for
peace and ucion, vote for Bell and Everett,
the representatives of the onion sentiment
Elections In Sp aid Ins County, Geor
gia, and Baltimore, M arj land,
The Union and American made haste some
few davs airo. to publish what was termed a
Democratic victory ia the old Whig county
of Richmond. Ga. The candidates elected
were Douglas men, but oar contemporary
did uot deem it worth while to state the fact.
There has since been an election for State
Senator in the Democratic county of Spald
ing. The contest was betwen a Breckin- !
uiDGS man ana a cell mau, tue jjolulah
meu having made no nomination. Last year
the Democratic candidate for Governor car
ried the county by a maji-rity of ttvtnty, and
this year the Breckinridge-Yanceyites have
been boasting ol the defection from Bell in
the countv. Nevertheless, the election on
the 10th resulted, in the choice of the Consti
onal Union candidate. The folio wiug is the
B. W. Ferrill (Bell) - - 450
B. Roberta (Greek.) - - 432
Ferrill's majority, - - 18
We expected to see this election mentioned
in the Union and American yesterday, but not
a word was said of it! But our contempo
rary lound it perfectly convenient to repub
lish from the Louisville Courier, the following
remarks touching the recent municipal elec
tion in Baltimore
When the telegraph brought us the news
of the defeat of the K. N. candidate for May
or at the municipal election on Wednesday
last, we could scarcely credit it. It seemed
too good to be true, when it was confirmed,
we still thought there was some mistake
about it. But there is no longer room for
doubt. Know-Nothingism has been beaten
down in lis sirougnoia. iue ineuus oi
B eckiuridge and Lane have triumphed
where thej least noped tor success, uaiti
more is redeemed. And the change in Balti
more insures us Maryland.
This is, indeed, good news glorious newel
The friends of Breckinridge and Lane
have triumphed where they least hoped for
"B W
success. Baltimore is reaeemea.- in a con
nection with the press of more than twenty
years, we do not remember to have seen a
more unprincipled claim than this, by the
Couritr, of a Breckinridge triumph In Balti
more. There Is not the least foundation for
it. The gentleman who has been elected
Major of Baltimore Is a supporter of Bell
and Eykrktt. He was run, however, not as
a party candidate, but by friends of Doug
las, Bell and Beecxixridqe. The Consti
tutional Union party made no nomination,
and we have the authority of the Baltimore
Sun (democrat) for saying there was not a
single democratic nomination . lor the city
councils. The Sua also said
All partisan distinction is merged in one
common effort for the good of the city, in
the election of the reform candidates for the
So? oral ty and City Councils. It cannot,
therefore, be claimed aa a triumph, or as any
indication whatsoever of public sentiment
on the Presidential question. In abort, it is
entirely free from party.
The Mayor elect, Mr. Brows, made a speech
the night of the election, after it was ascer
tained that he was successful, in which he
congratulated his friends on the result, and
amongst other considerations gave the follow
The second consideration was the fact that
the election decisively asserted the indepen
deoce of political influence in municipal af-
lairs, a pnucipie in itself scarcely less im
portant than the rights of the ballot-box,
-1- L : . ' : i y - ... .
i ui pi lucipic of municipal tnoeperuunet cf na
tional politic gives assurance to the comma
nity that municipal legislation would have
exclusive regard lor the true interests of the
city. DougLiM mn, Breckmridgt men. and Bell
and Everett men had met tcnttlur harmoniouslw.
aud it seemed so much the better for the com
And yet, in the face of these facts the elec
tion is claimed as a Breckinridge-Yancey tri
umph. Bad, indeed, must be the cause
which requires such a perversion of the truth,
such an unprincipled attempt to deceive the
people, to sustain it. But it should not sur
prise any one. It is of a piece with the mis
I -4 T ..- J . 1. - . t
J representations oi uaa " .
f . . . n ...i.- r-v. real. go-- tLi
t 'Mge LI--lJlocra4.y. icu"S
" bitan .v.l
" . Coins North.
-Our gossippiog neighbors cf the Gazette
and Democrat are in error, in staling that
Hon. A. O. P. Nichols ox has "gone North to
enter into the canvass directly against Lin
coln. Mr. Nicholson doubtless regards the
prospect of his losing his sea a3 Senator
from Tennessee, a few yeara heuce, aa a mat
ter of more absorbing interest to bim than
the election of Abraham Li.vcoln. Ex-Got.
Brown and Hon. Andrew Ewcco have indeed
gone North; and if the Beeckixridok party
in this State are willing to detail other cham
pions fiom the work ot petty spoils-hunting
here, and send them North to assist in ("gat
ing the battle of the Union there, we have no
doubt the Union party will send champion
for champion. But our warriors cannot leave
our own Statu defenceless against the on
slaught of Southern sectionalism, and take
the whole weight of rendering Southern as
sistance to our frienJ in the North upon
their hands.
The Union party of Tennessee- have had a
number of able speakers North for weeks.
Maj. Hexrt made a brilliant canvass through
out that section early in the campaign. Ho
is there now, and has been for weeks, togeth
er with Col. Martin, of Memphis both do
ing effective service against Lincolk. Gen.
Barrow has just returned from a tour in
New York, after having made there more
than twenty speeches, which will tell in No
vember. In view of these facts, the voice of
public opinion here called loudly upon the
leaders of the Bkeckinridge party to send
North, man for man with the Union party.
But the leaders talked about it, and consid
ered it, and talked about it; and the people
said Mr. Nicholson ought to go, and must
go, and doubtless would go. Aud so Iuj did
go not North, but to Memphis; and we have
no idea that he has auy notion of going
Hon. Andrew Ewino, whose heart is still
in the right place, did go, and the thanks of
a patriotic people go with him. but no other
distinguished Breckinridge leader of this
State has gone or is likely to go. They care
less to beat Lincoln for the Presidency than
to save Tenuessee for their own purposes.
Gen. Zollicoffer has also gone North with
Gov. Brown and Mr. Ewino. So it seems we
are sending two to their one even now.
The Philadelphia Evening Journal, a
Bell and Everett paper, iuviles the attention
of Southern readers to the fact that the po
litical -entimeat which has just predominat
ed in Pennsylvania is not the "Republican
ism"' which prevails in New England and in
the Northwest. Economical questions grow
ing out ef the "larifl" rather than the -la-
Tery" question controlled the result. The
same paper expresses the opinion that Mr.
Bell, from his known views upon the former
of these questions, could carry the bfate
against Mr. Lincoln if the friends of both
Mr. Breckiandge and Mr. Douglas would
withdraw their electoral tickets.
The Union and American of yesterday
tells us that it canuot unite with us in the
support "of those who are pledged to sustain
the Union and the Constitution upon which
it is founded, and the enforcement of the laws
under which it is governed." It insists upon
Breckinridge or nobody for the South and
Southern rights. We regret it. One appeal
less to the people. Will the Union cvJ Amer
ican enable us in getting the matter properly
before them, by republishing the extracts
which we make in our columns this morning
from a leading Breckinridge organ in Ala
bama, the Montgomery JfuU? And if it will
not republish them, will it read them and tell
us and the rest of its readers how far it in
dorses them, and precisely in what respect it
disagrees with them, if at all?
A Prettt Experiment. Professor Rogers
has solved the problem of seeing through a
mill stoue. In a paper read before the Sci
entific Association at Newport, he says :
"Take a sheet of foolscap paper; roll it op
so that the opening at one end 6ball be large
enough to take in the full size of the eye, and
at the other end let tne opening ne nut nan
so large. Take it in the right baud, holding
it between the thumb and the forefinger;
place the large end to the right eye and look
through it wiih both eyes, open to the light.
Ylu trill tee a hole through your hand.
"If you take it in your lefi hand, and hold
it to your left eye, it will be the same. You
will in both cases be astonished to see that
you have a hole in your baud. The illusion
is most complete.
From this and other experiments, he con
cludes that an impression made o;i the retina
of either eye canuot of itnolf enable us to de
termine on which retina it is received, and
that the visual perception belongs to the
part of the optical apparatus near or within
the brain which belong in common to both
-The Frankfort Yeoman, a Breckinridge
organ, says "Breckinridge has the drop game
nu his antagonists, and men of sense kuow it."
Well, it is tunny to hear the organ boasting
that its master is practicing the low, swind
ling device, for which bo many vulgar mis
creants aud loafers are arraigned continually
before the police courts of New York and
sent to Sing-Sing and Blackwell's Island.
Ltu. Jour.
TbeTociin of Itevolntlon.
The following articles and paragraphs are
taken from the Montgomery (Ala.) JIail of
the 11th inst ; and constitute the greater
portion of the editorial matter contained in
that impression of the paper. We give them
in the order in which they appear in the
Mail, and for the purpose of showing the
Union-loving people of Tennessee, the means
that are 'being use "to fire the Southern
heart" preparatory to precipitating the
South into revolution at the proper moment.
The traitorous MaU had the effrontery to de
ny, a few weeks ago, that it was in favor of
disunion, and this is the way it proves the
truth of the assertion, and its devotion to the
The Election News. We publish to-day
telegraphic brevities of the elections ot the
9th inst. in Pennsylvania. Ohio, and Indiana,
from which it is seen that Black Republican
ism is abroad in the land, with an utterly
bliud disregard of consequences. Nothing
for the Constitution was expected from Ohio
or Indiann, nor indeed from any free Stale
except Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey,
California and Oregon. It was from these
alone, of the North, that the South looked for
justice. If these fail ns, the South must first
rely upon herself and the justice of her cause,
and then look to the interested Powers of the
Civilized World for countenance and support.
And then, to doubt that our deliverance from
oppression is at hand, will be to doubt onr
courage to demand it to doubt that South
ern soil will produce tobacco, rice, sugar and
cotton !
The DeatU Knell Dongta fought Fu
sion In Pennsylvania.
The result of the election, Tuesday, in Penn
sylvania was the Death Knell of the South
oroi the Union it is hard to determine
which. If the South submit, she must calcu
late on ceaseless servile troubles, eternal
Northern interference, laws aimed at her in
stitutions by the Federal Government, and the
gradual extinction ot tne supremacy or me
vhiU race. II the South submit, two years
will not pass perhaps not one when the
difficulty ot holding and managing negroes
will be so greai, that owners will sell at any
Lrice to be rid ot them. The whole force of
incoln's free negro government will be di
rected to bring tbe white man of the South
down to the levtl cf the negra. Its ultimate pur
pose ia tbe amalgamation of the two races
Hamlin, the future Vice President, is bimielf
partly of negro blood. It A tbe South choose!
But if tbe South resist what then? The
result ia obvious.
. Tbe world, the civilized world, cannot ex
ist a day without cotton. The governments
of England and France cannot exist without
a supply of cottou for their millions of whits
slaves. If, then, tbe people of the South are
not utterly enervated, debased, and ready tcr
open jor examination, irom tms aatelrom
r.v:l--i i-R.
The world is at their feet for their cotton; the FjubbCcts axd Wocsof.Th.saw-e accidents whic
pecie of the civilized world will come to buy alt re subject lo. more particularly the mechanics aud
if; the navies of the world will cluster round, operators in factories. . . Tkiaclass should never be
our shores-ta prevent iatwf-.-reace with- its-pntacut rr:-?.-A. Weaver's- Cferate." It vm relieve
production; the products of the world (iu- oncr ami heal !1 such Jnjurles quicker than tar sr
cludine "Corn and bacon" will be offered in tcever made. By having It bv them for immediate
exchange for it. " . .
Will Move AwatI Hundreds of our best
planters will remove, if Alabtm determines
to submit. . They will sell out at wuai iney
can get, rather than hold negro property
sal ject to the control of abolitionists. The
land will be made desolate by submission.
But will tin tcome.i of the South submit
Will tbey Bot shame any husbands or sons or
brothers, who wish to submit to free neijro
rule, ia the person of Lincoln and Hamlin,
(the latter a part negro!) j
Let the South Arm! If the slave States
intend to protect their rights of property in
slaves if their citizens intend to resist every
form of insurrection and incendiarism which
Northern hatred can inflict let them pro
ceed at once to arm. There is no time for
delay! -Everj breeze that blows from tbe
North, brings to our ears," intelligence of
the onward march of Wide-Awakeism and
free negroism! , ,.
The . South must move! Submission is
death; aad none know it better than those
who counsel it! ,
"Strike! for tout altars acd tout Ores!
Strike', for the green graves of tout re:
CM and j our native land:"
Let the boys arm. Every one that can
noint a 6hol-gun or revolver should have
one. Let every community supply itself
with munitions and store them safely. Abo
litionism is at your doors, with torch and
knife in hand'. -
An Invitation to "Lincoln!
A friend, who like ourself, reads the Con
federation only by accident, directs onr at
tention to theftUowin, in its issue yester
day. If it means anything, it means, "Come
on. Mr. Lincoln! come on with yctir half mil
lion of Wide Awakes, and you caa free the
slaves of the South, w'unont a struggle!
Our DeoDle arc poor without b'icon or bre-id
tocr banks won't relieve us! Come on;
we are ready lo submit to abolition to amal
gamation to all the most dire and the low
est degradation! We are coward aad pau
pert and our wives and children ore defence
less!" If that is not the meauiug cf the fol
lowing article, we do not understand it: -Communicated.
Ei faila, Ala , Oct. 8, I860.
1st. The vroi-vect of U has now reduced the
nrice of cotton $10 per bale below its value,
and as over 00.003 bales will be sold before
the 6ih of November, the loss will be S5.000.0UO
to th South from this cause alone. This is
below the fiirure : every cotton buyer knoirs it.
2d. All the Southern Bauht have closed down,
shut up shop, and now refuse to put out thi-ir
bills iopay for cotton on bills of Exchange,
navab'e at the North after the 6lh of November,
because no Nortliem Bank will take Southern
Bank drafts or bills payable after tltat date, lor
tbe reason that disunion and war would caDcel
aud annul the debts of belligerents. Hence
a money crisis is on us. Ootton is going
down here, whilst it is rising in iuroj.e, aad
ruin. ruin, ruin is ahead ! Reason why ? The
Presidential election comes off the Olh of
Novemlier. aud disunion is threatened.
3d. If disunion stould come, bacon, now 16
cents, would theu be 50 lo 75 cents per pound;
corn theu $3 to 55 per bushel, and no money
to nav for it. There is not bacou and corn
enough in tbe Gulf States to feed our people
until the 1st of March. We have to buy lrom
Illinois, Ohio aud ludiaua, and other North
ern Slates, or starve.
4lh. Disunion is civil war. We are splendidly
prepared tor it animis opibvsque parali. Let
us see. We have no uiu.-kets, no rilles, no
cannon, no wheel-carriages for caunon, no
powder, no balls, no bacon and flour to feed
an army. No implements or munitions of tear!
Is not THI3 ti:ce? Let every honest mau an
swer the question.
5th. When disunion awl civil war cjtnrs, what
will the thousands do who have no bacon, no
corn, and no money to buy them with? Wilt
tbey starve, or lorm brigand clubs and rob,
steal and murder, before starving? Who
could blame tht-m. Would the Norlhicei send
us bacou aud corn to stop starvation here,
whilst at irar wiih ? No. The ide is ab
Ctb. All who are iu favor of civil war,
starvation, ruin, desolation, robbery, arson,
irurder, and the otter destruction of the
South, should go for DISUNION if Liucolu
is elected. TRUTH.
History shows us that citadels and forfe?
amply able to support and maintain them
selves, have yielded to an enemy without
firing a jrun!" The writer of the article in
the Confederation virtually recommends that
policy to the South to surrender, without
tiring a gun. to the legions of white and black
Wide-A wakes who compose the army ot Lin
coln! Shall we surrender without even ask
ing terms? Shall we be taken, as the British
took Walker, aud be turned over to destruc
tion by abolition white and black emissaries,
as Walker was turned over to death by the
copper-colored Iloudureaus?
No 6trucrgle for Stale sovereignty! No
contest for the rights of the States? Not an
arm raised to protect hundretN of millious ot
slave property. JNo; no: on.r "com at $
per bushel, aud bacon at 75 cents!'" only
these "and nothing more!'' are the cou
Theu let us adopt the logic of this writer.
To defend slavery requires that we should go
through au ordeal in which we shall have to
pay '"75 cenU for bacon aud $5 for corn'
slavery ia uot worth such sacrifices the
rights of the South are not worth such sacri
fices it is not worth such sacrifices to pre
vent each community iu the South irom be
ing an Obeilin, with a ' big nigger"' at its
head. Auy thing desolation the extinc
tion of the while race the predouiinace of
the black! hell itself anything; but high corn
and expensive bacon.
The patriotism of the writers of the Con
federation is lofty and smacks of tde "blood
of the Revolution !" Did not Patrick Hen
ry say something of a certain tory, in whose
ears rang the cry of "Beef! beel! beef!"
This Confederation patriot is better by a
whole syllable his cry is 'Bacon ! bacou I
bacon I bacon and submission "
It is trui that there is a hard money pres
sure upon the people 1 It is true that the
political uncertainties do affect discounts and
to some extent tbe price ot cotton; but it is
not true that Northern banks refuse to dis
count cotton bills. The Northern banks nev
er did that business. Tbey would be glad to
do it, to-day.
Gentle reader, fear not your bacon! The
South baa nearly four millions of Utfes ot
that which, ia the money market, is. Better
than even 'corn' or ' b icon." Slc4 off the
Northwestern corn or bacou and the same
process shut off from them (or their custo
mers,) our cotton; and the money will come
aye, the "cora"" and 'bacon," too for
our cotton, and the purch;iers be glad to
get it on any terms. If the price of. the Eta
pie is depressed now, it is t-imply. becajsc
tbe bank have managed to get control of
the crop; ir the banks are shocked or over
whelmed by political f.-ars, let them with
draw entirely and let tbe British aud French
come ia with their gold and silver as they do
i a Texas and bay our cotton.
'Corn! Bacon!"' From how deep down
in that patriot's person, proceeds tbejubiitne
cry of -Corn bacon!'
Bat. says this writer, in case or war, "we
have no musket, no rifies, no canaaa !'' We
thought this howl would come, when w
heard of the Joe-Taylor denunciation ot the
last Legislature, for appropriating a few
thousands to iha purchase of arms.
We expected, even then, that the advocates
of submission to Lincoln would turn around
aud laugh at the feebleness of our military
means! Surrender! screams the patriot of
the Confederation. Surrender! No arms!
no monitions! corn at $5 and bacon at 75
cents! ... . .
In God's name, where are the brave wo
men of this fair land, who first defied tbe
power of the British Lion! Let them come
tortb and take the places of recreant and de
graded minhood of the land! Will they
whine about 'corn and bacon,' when North
ern indolence is sending its mulatto hordes
to fire our dwelling aud desolate the land!
Forbid it, Heaven ! Our women are true
they will not counsel this base, cowardly,
perfidious, self-annihilating submission to Liu
coln and the Wide Awakes! - -
"Bacon I Bacon I Bacon I" The South is
told to submit to tbe leprous rule of aboli
tion, because, otherwise, bacon will be high!
Geu. Marion lived in swamps and led on po
tatoes, for months, during the revolution.
We require pleuty of bacon at low figures!
IIow are long collards ia the market I
COMMITTED to th County Jail of Humphreys
Coanty, on the 88th day of September, ISO), as a
runaway, a NEGRO MAN, of dark copper color, about
84 years of age, Are feet five and a hrh inches nigh,
weighs about one hundred and forty pounds, who says
bis name Is W LTON, and that be belongs to Hlbanaa
Kins, of Henderson county. Tenn The own- r ia here
by jiotifled to come forward, prove ownership and take
well as many others not mentioned in the above list,
aU.iil-.y rui'-U wv' " wii -rivirj.,V'1v Mf-'SdW
j uiutjis pretamia - was - awajuea to tr" - r
.-.t rover A llaker 8ewinr Saebine, over j - f - Z
o, rauca lime ana suiisraig may oe aveu. . .
It is soH! by m-idiciae d-alers generally.
i U ,
PeiwIT Davis' Pats Killer U one of thg thousand
and one medical preparations put out on sale which
has a rare degrei of merit. Consequently, vrhile
Biany other medicines Eoen sink into' their primitive
ic-signiQeance, and are forgotten, the Pain Killer is
persistently and successfully eotsbli&liicg its owa l5t-
jf reputation jiuhatek Ve.Uey Itegiittr.
(From the Dover, JN H. Gazette.)
r&. Eichkisox' Bnrots in our columns niiiy be
found n advertisement ef Sherry WSno Bitters, pre
pared by Pr S O Richardson, of -outh Heading, Mass.
They are, as said to be, undoubtedly composed ef a va
riety of valuable and purely vegetable matter, and
from onr own experience, a well as others, we can
speak highly of their renovating and invigorating ef
fects upon the sy3teai. tTo have a good opinion of the
Bitters, as tbey are not a quack nostrum, but discover
ed, prepared, and vended by a regular physician, a
graduate of the college of our own -tatc, and who has
said but tittle in the way of puffing them himself, but
leave it to those who try them to judge themselves.
For the diseases that many are liable to in the Spring
and Summer, such as Debility, Dyspepsia, Billious and
Nervous complaints, we do not hesitate to say tliat
these Bitters will be found a safe, agreeable end ctfectu
al restorative. A3 good lialth is one of the groati-et of
earthly blessings, we would carry advise those labor
ing under such disease, to make a trial of Dr Richard-
eon's Bitters; they can do no harm, and may do much
good, aowc arc confident in many cases they have.
Vegetables and vegetable medicines are iinu.aost.ona
bly the most congenial to the human system.
WednesiJar Eve's, Oct. 17, 18 GO,
Second night of
To conclude with the Farce of
None. On and after Monday, Oet.l, the Curtain
will rise at 1 o'clock.
Opened at
OCR Fur Department is now opened for the inspec
tion of the ladies, where may be found the largest
aud best selected stock of ladies Furs ever brought to
this city. A J FRAXCI CO.
oetll Hatter and Furrier, 23 1'ublic Square.
T t-- ""t -?
Moles-niii Hat.
HIS beautiful stylo of Hat which we are getting
up for the Fall aud Winter wear is far superior to
any yet offered. A. J. FRANCISCO,
octlT o. S3 ruDiic square.
Fall and Winter Styles of Soft
W'E would call esfiecial attention to our large im
portation of French Black ami Brown and Napt
inter Hals, so popular ill the South for Fall and Winter
wear. A J FRANCIS O,
o-tl7 Hatter and Furrier, No 23 Public Squ;ire.
CIildren"'s Fancy .Hats and
' Caps.
OOJ1E New and Beautiful styles, which we are nw
kjolI-riiiK tall Parisian design), to which wo invite
the attention of jwreuU. A J FRANCISCO,
octli ' No 23 Public Square.
-. . AO. 49 n'ALyiT STKMT,
'Cincinnati, Oliio.
OFFER for salo in lots: .
1000 Barrels Flour, superfine to extra fimi'y ;
700 Bushels Oovor Seed;
600 " Timothy "
MO " Herds Grass;
600 " Stripped aud Clean Phie GrsM Seed;
1000 boxes Western Reserve, English Dairy and
Nutmeg Cheese;
Lard and Linseed Oils, Baeon, Grain, Candles, Soap,
Cordage, Brooms, Buckets, Tu!, &c.
We have umple facilities and give prompt attention
to the purchase of Merchandise required by the South
ern trade, and to the sale of Cotton, Pig and Blooui
Iron, Dried Fruit, and Produce generally.
I An BARRELS Fine Salt iu.-t received and tor
lOt under I
the market by BVSJ F S1I1ELDS &CO.
Fresh Hommony
A SUPERIOR article just received" per Railroad and
tor sale by the barrel only bv
octl7 BEXJ. F. SHIELI "5 & CO.
Medal ! Medals !! Medals!!!
N & CO
So. 6 Union Street,
HAVE just received a beautiful assortment of
Melainotype Likenesses of the Candidates for Pre
sident and Vice President. Call and get one of those
beauiiiul "Charms'1 or "Medals" representing your
favorite candidate. For sale by GREEN &Cu.,
No. 6 Union Street.
G, Union
N. Y.
Rogton Pilot;
Flag of our Union;
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Home Journal.
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Literary Companion:
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" Times;
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"" Weekly;
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Philadelphia fcven'g News;
Leslie's Illustrated News; Vanity Fair;
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N. Y. Clipper; Weekly Day-Book;
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Police Gazette; Hell's Lifo in London;
Family Journal; - . LouuvUl Journal, Ac.
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The following Magazines are received Mouth'y :
Harper's Monthly; Leslie's Magazine; ' ":
Peterson's Magazine; Godey's;
' Eclectic; Irving, and the Knickerbocker.
PICTURES Colored and Un
colored. A Large and splnd id assortment.
THEATRICAL PLAYS. A large assortment.
For sale by GREEN k CO.
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.. The Kanaaroo Hunters, hy Capt. Reid; ' ; . ' ;
Life of Kit Carson, by Charles Burde't;
The Wood Rangers, by Capt, Reid;
The Sand Hills of Scotland, by H C Anderson;
Abbott's Aboriginal aud Discovery of America;
Everett's Lifo -of .Washington, complete in one vol.
price $1 25. . . '
The Household of Boovarie, a Romance of Southern
; . Life. .
Cottage on the Alps, Author of Life and Hauliers in
Switzerland. For sale by
octl6 , JOHN YORK CO.
Slier illV Sale..
virtus of a Fi. Fa. lo me directed from th4 Hon
orable Circuit Court ot Davidson County. Tenme-
see, at its July Term, I860, 1 will expose lo public sale,
to iuu uigiiesk uiuuer, ior casa, at laa court boue
: Yard, in the City of Nashville, on Monday, the 12th.
day of November, 1960, all the right, title and inter
est which Jos. W. Dabbs has to a tract or parcel of
-LAND lying in th Oth civil District of Davidson coun
ty, situated on the waters of Mill Creek, including tho
Glen- Ciitf Depot, an the Nashville and Chattanooga.
Railroad, and adjoining tho lands of T. B. Johnson,
containing about 334 Acres, registered in tho Regis
ter s ollice of Davidson ooonty, book No. 26, page Sa5r
levied upon as the property of J. W. Dabbs, to satisfy
-a judgment rendered in favor of J. Gleaves, C & M. ,
against K. S. Hawkins, et. al. - i
i i . i J. K. EDMONSON. Sheriff,
', oct!5 By E. I). WH1TWORTH, D. S.
i " .".Vv Sheriir Sale
I i Y Tirtue of an alias fl fa ts me directed from tbe
JD Honorable Supreme Court- of Davidson county,
Tennessee,, at' its June Tern,' I860, 1 will expose to
public sale, to the highest bidder, for rash, at the
Ceort House- Yard, in tho City of Nashville, ou Moa--lav,
the lift day of November, 1S60, all tho right,,
titli, claim, . interest and estate, which T.G.. James
then had, or may have since acquired in and to the
follnwing described negro man named Hartwell, aged
about 35 yearsand complexion black, being levied on
(Chancer- Jta. !
LaM mSoUnsviOe. cn lMiilCrtek Valley TumpOe,
-rw riri -r . ,wn rendered by the Chancery
lecree rendered ov tue .naucer
llie, ia the cus of iUry E Uoodwiaj
others, I wiU positively sell at the j
niscitv.at 12 o'clock precisely, on .
D Court at XasUvilie,
rs Kr Corbitt oni others
SATURDAY, 3d dar oT NoVtiibEK. 160, the tract of
.1 Acres aud l'Jv po.es ol uma. uesci iucu iu .
mg3 as heretofore sold to the deiendant P Corbitt.
TEHd: 6 aud 12 months credit without interest and
sale without redemption.
N'ors Th sate is to pay the decree in favor of com
plainant for about $3,-00, and besides this claim there
is also a further lieu on said Tract of Land lr about
$1600, to which the said Lund wi I be subject.
No bid received at this sale unless part' prepared
to at once comply with terms of alo by esecutirg
notes with two approved sureties.
octlO tds J K G LEAVES, C i il.
Hajor Works' Tiirm for sale.
PCKSUAXT to ft decree of the Chancery Court, at
Nashville, in thecse of Sarah Ij. Work rf. Win.
Pybus and others. I will proceed to sell on the fwemises,
oil Tueadav. Oth Oct-jlrtr. IStiO. the Farm of IbO acres.
lying on the northern bank of the river (Cumberland. )
3 milos Irom tne city, ana Knov-n as tae u-jme-pia-.e ot
ALtior Work aad bouVtit bv him of Win. Pybus.
Terxs. exile fre lrom rcdeinjUoa, and on credit cf
6, 12, 18 and 2-1 month.1!, without mtureot pnrcuascr
to give notcj with approved sccuritv and lien to be re
tained. J. E. GLKAYBS, C. M.
AFTER haviug sold 30 acres of above Tract of Land,
at a sale male on the premises on this 9th Octo
ber, the sale of the residue ( 150 acresl was iHwlpoued,
by consent of all parties, to Saturday. Oct 2i , ltJ, at
which time a sale of it will positively take place tthk
Chasckky Colkt Room, iu ttio Court House; to com
mence at 10 o'clock. J- E. CLEAVED, C, & M.
to a decree of tho Chaucerv Court at
S'ashviUe. in the cae of Joiin Mallory w. Josudi
Jlaiiorv and others, I will sell, en Si'.urdnv, iJil'ixr 27
lidO, at the Court House m Nashville, the lullowing
valuable properly, to wit: The Mallury residence on
.Sjh(A Cherry street, vrith 105 feet if tjruund. (next to
Mallory street) atiach&L Itio remainder ot this piece
of property. 17 leet, divided into lots. One lot ol 106
feet front on inuth College street.
Terms 1. 2 and 3 yours credit, with interest, (c-
eejl as to cash to pay costs and experts, which will be
CutlerM'l on House M.) rureuascis io (live notes wiui
Ealisiactory security, and hen to be retained.
Beplo-tus J. t ULUlAI J. yi.
PURSUANT to a decree of th? Chancery Court at
Nashville in the case of Win. A. Whiuett, Executor ic,
of tar raj- vs. wash. K. Lucas ana olueis, 1 will sell al
the Court House iu Na.-t)Vi.ie, on HaturOai OciUr
1660. a trad of 10 acres and 60 poles of land, iiart oi
the Lucas Farm, and being ibe same bought by him of
iKims. 6, 13 and is mo-.itus creuit Willi interest,
and sale free lrom redemption, uoles to Lave personal
security, and to be payable iu ilia li.au;, ami lieu to be
Scpt.5-tds J. E. ULEA LS U 4; M
PURSUANT to a decree of the Chancery Court at
Nashville, in the case of Uo. D. llarnit-tt vs. Wash R.
Lucas aud others. I will seil, at public sale at the liiiurt
House in Nashville, on Saturday UcuAter tne zitn imhj,
the unsold jnrtwn of Wash li. Liu ax' trait of lan t,
which is known as the Crutcher part olms whole traet.
The same consisting of about 2tf acres and lying m
lVunt of the Miuisiun House.
Ikrms. 1 and 2 years credit, w ith -interest and Falc
free from redemtiou, purchaser lo txeuto galistactory
notes and lieu to be retained.
Sept.5-tdS J. E. CLEAVES, C. & M.
Tlu-se sales contiuued over to SATURDAY, OCTOBER
27, lStK), wht-a the same will take place at the Chaiicoi y
tiurt Room in Court House.
29 Xnjroes of the Dr. Sluiiby Estate.
11URSUANT to a decree of the Chancery Court at
1 Nx-.hviiie, iu tbe case of barrow and Liuusley,
Admr's.. of the late Dr. John Shelby, dee d., vs. Mai ia
G. Shelby aud oliiers, 1 wul sell at public sak-at tue
Court-house, in XosLvihe, on Saturday, (.tcttJxr 2Qih,
lstio, 2a SUves belocga.g ui tho estate oi Dr. .Mieiby.
Tutus. 6 and 12 months' credit, with mteri-t,
purchasers to Kiye tu.-ir notes with two approved secu
rilies aud nay able in Bank. Sale absolute aud without
At the family residence, in Edgefield, on Friday, the
19tk October, looO, 1 wul sell ali tue i uruitureand other
unsold personal properly, oi evoiy description, lo tho
highest bidders, frix mouths' credit with interest,
notes to be jKiyuble in Bank and to bo Weil secured ex
cept when tuu purchaser amounts to less llian $luo, u-
wnich case the tasil will be requiruc.
6epl4-tds J. E. CLEAVES, C. k JL
2 Xeyroes of the Mark I'vany estate for tale.
PURSUANT to a decree of the Chaucery Court ut
Nashville, in the case of James II. and Jacob Young,
Admr's of Mark Young, dec-'d.. rs. Elizabeth Young and
others, I willseii at the Courl-boupe, iu Nashville, cm
Satardav. October 2J!h, lbOO, tho following siaves to-
wit: Susan, Faunv and toward.
Tkkjis. 6 mouths' credit without interest, note pay
able in Bank, and with good personal security required
seail-t as j. r. ti.e-ii v. t.
Lol! Vine SJrccll
rXDET. order of this Court I proiHe t" sol! tho
Evaus' lot west side ol Vine otre.et, and bet'veen.
CUUi ch and eroad streets Front 45 feet, dentil IGI.'j
feet , and with a wide ulley on oue side and another :u.
the rear.
I am also authorii-j-1 to sell tho Whit taker Lot. ad
joining same.
the two lots united toeincr make vu teel iiout. ana
in this caie would tiavu an alley all a.oun-1.
2a.Ti: is no oilier such piece of uropcityiifcrcdfor tale.
t.-i ttiu Clt'l!
Private b:d3 will bo received at my o.'fiee, and tho
property exifsed to public salo al the court house in
this citv on Saturday. Oct. 2.th. lb&O.
Sale at 11 o clock precisely. J. E. CLEAVES, C.&M.
Oct S , td.
Valuable "Lot on Vine Street,
.Near tlte Capitol.
TY virtue of a decree of the Chanrery Court at
JlJ Nashville. I will oiler ut public sale on the premi
ses, ou Saturd;iv,et. 27lh, 1SB0, that large lol on west
side of Vine street, near the Capitol, known as Lh -
Shields property Fronts more than 2.0 leet, but may
be divided to suit purchasers.
This is good property, and well worth the attention
of both tiiosu who want bu Iding lots tor their own uso
and those who want to invi-si lor prout.
Terms announced al salo. Sale lo commence at-12
o'clock. fOct.5, Ids J. E. Cl.i-.AVLS, C.&M.
rrr:- : . '. - j an-; S t.1
t AM now riwivaic mv Fall St-ck of Pianofortes from
X the following Faoiork, winch will be the largest
ever oflered in ihocily : Meinivay & hons, A. 11 Gale i
Co.. Havnes Uiotlnis: Hazii tou Uroltiers. Win. Kauble
& Co.. 1'eleis uutl '.V'ubb, Lielit k iii adbui ry and Sovb-
beller & fjchinidt, aii of wuicii will be sold at a suiall
auvauce on cost lor can or uegoiiauie pajw-r. ah iu
new and popular Muisic just received, together W ith
Accordeoiui, Violins, Flutes, Drums, Bras luirumenis,
ice. or barirams "come lo me," at numoer M.
Septl5-lt' B4U JAS. A. MdCLURE.
Seed Wheat. Seed Wheat.
1 1 1 1 B-"3 Mediterranean boat, selwted exprvss-
X KJ J ly lor the market
Just received aud tor salu
M. A l'ARRlcll.
Sieves! S.uu't!: lovfs!!:
T HAVE in store aud now receiving the best selected
X a.s-ai imtut of "OOKI-G and HEATING a.'1'uVES
FC'liNACti-, GRATES, .sc., ever ollered iu this mar
ket, and wul seii as low mi arlieles oi the same Kind
can be butujbt ui Louisville or Cincinnati: say in part
4 sizes fluted Cummou stoves for Coal;
4 do straight, do do
3 do large Globe Coal Stove;
3 do Upcn FnuiKliu coal srlovcs;
2 do do ao Woixl do
$ do - Monkey Coal Stoves;
6 do dated ijox Moves for Wood;
7 aud lo Plated Wood Moves;
2 sizjs Kansas Parlor Moves tor Wood;
s do Challenge Heaters for Coal;
2 do large extra c hurch - toves;
4 do Phu;Uix CualStove;
'i do Irouing and Wash-house Stoves;
Common Jainb and Mantle GraU-s;
Marbleized Iron Manti-s and Grales, complete;
Wrought aud Cast iron Cooking Moves for Wood
and Coal, ot b.-t make. J. W. WIL&ON,
Oct 13 - ' 17, Coliegebt.
ni'SSIA IRON Stove Pipe;
J.V Comuitvu tio do
Odd Uakots lor Cratrp;
Odd Fenders lor Grates; frc, Itc. ;
Moves put up iu nnv part of the city.
"VNE Thousand pounds Poixsh on hand, and for sale
KJby RAlMs, MittlrtN CU.
SELL TUESDAY EVENING. Oct. 16, 1&60, Fresh.
Fashionable and Seasonable Staph? and Fancy lry
Goods, slices, Boots, Clothing, Variety Goods, Aw. , Ax
Teh Mi All sums over tii, CO da k tune. -octid
JOHN YORK k OX, have on band all the Text
Books of the oil and New School?,
S. W. XORGA5. ..
. . . . W. B. WALLA CT.
31 Oil G A N & WALL ACE ,
Would respectfully cail attention to their Falland Win-
ter stock ot "
RnnTf?. SHOES. &C
For ladies, genUemen, tni.ses acd boys, i ' .
Wo would aiso call attention io our incov.
Plantation fihoes, which we are offering at low prk-es. :
Our assortment of Iruuks, Values aud Carpel Rags
is complete.
JSa" Call and Examine onr Ftork. -
oeil8-lra MORGAN k. WALLACE. t .
Benj. F. Shields & I'e.'s Auction:
fT'UESDAY. X-t. 16.h. Morning and Evening
X Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry and Rich Plated War.-
ocUo-U - - . ' . ' -
WEDNESDAY, Oct. X7lh. JIorBBig and eveair.
Watdies. DKtmonds, Jewelry and l'Jch Plated.
Ware. - " ' ; i - oeito-i
HURSDAY, Oct 18th. 1-lk-a sate of Rich
J. Merinos and Rich Dreas Gxjds generaiiy.
. octl-St t .. i ' . : t I V
ITllUOAY Mornipg, Oct. 19th, fVasonahlo llcvdy
: m-uieOloih in j; House clut dig business. ' v v
' oetlS-tt '
O AIL RUAY; Morning Oct. 20th Kcw and grtond:;
AllSAles for cash and wittM.ui reserve. .. .
. - - . --bENJ FSHH-Xtfc"4Ca, "
octlO-St No 27 Central ttoiea, Coik-ge street.
Tlte Oreatness ami Decline
From the French of Uonore de Balzac.
rranIatel by
In one Elegant Volume, 12irro, Cloth.
RrD & CaRLETox have got out tbe first of their ae
ries of the novels of Honors pi Balzac translated by
Meers. O. W. Wight and F. B. Goopbich, both gentle
men favorably known iu connection w ith original and
translated works The present is entitled "Tbe Great
ness and Decline of C-sar Birrotteau," and the transla
tors introduce it w ilh the following Preface : " That
the Novels of Uonore de Balzac," says the London
Critic, are immeasurably the greatest works of tho
kind that France indeed, we would add, anv other
country has ever seen, does not admit of the slight
est dispute. That they go deeper into the human
heart, represent more truly the human passions, and
reflect with greater accuracy the phases of human life,
than any other novelist has ever been able to do, is
admitted by all who know anything about the matter.
Some may object that there arc features in his compo
sitions which render them undesirable subjects of
study to the young and pure. To this we reply that
we are not of that opinion. SuUac touches rice but to
scourge her ; he drags her forth into the light of day,
sets her up in the pillery, and calls her by the right
name. We believe that fco far from having a demoral
izing effect, the careful and thoughtful perusal of Bal-
sac's writings can have o other result than to increase
the !rvc of virtue and the dread of vice"
W.T. li t. It It Y
Nashville, October 11, 'GO.
& CO.,
"Nashville Blood Ilorse"
ri'HE FALL MEETING, over the Central Course, at
A Nauviile. will commence on MuNUaY, OCTO
IjER lolh, 1S50, and continuo six days.
FIR.ST DAY MONDAY, October lath. Goodwnci
Stake lor ail agjs, heals two miles; subset ljuion,
$M lorteit. Tue Association lo add. t-'JO, it the race is
run: three or mure to nil tne slake.
fain: Day. toodfol Make, No. 1. for two xear
olds, mile out; $lO0 subfccriplau. $Uo forfeit; live or
more to hit the slake: in Association to uud 5100, u
the race is run.
SECOND DAY TUE-1'AY, October 16th. B.iford
j tike for three year olds, heats, oue mile; f 00 sub
scription, iaO forleit; As.socialitn to add SJW, if the
race is run; three or more to till the slake.
THIrD PAY WEDNESDAY, October 17ih. .Uso-
ciulion Purie, $00'J; heals, throe miles.
FOURTH DAY THUR-DAY, October lSlb.-Wo.vl-
folk Make, No. 2, lor two year olds, mile out; $iw)
subscription, i-J forfeit; live ur moie to Uil the sUke.
The inner of the Woodfolk Stake No. 1, on Monday,
will uot be eligible to tart in this stake, but no forleit
will be exacted lrom the same.
Samk Dar Association Purse, $400, heats, two
FUTH DAY FR1PAY, October 19th. Harding
Stake lor throe year olds, healri, two miles; t'iUO sub
scription, $M forteit; Association to add SfJUO, if the
race is run; three or more lo nil the stake.
Saiie Dat. Association lur3e, $300, mile heats,
three best in live.
SIXTH DAY SATURDAY. October iMth. Citizen's
Purse, $1,000, four mile heals.
The above Stakes to name and clo; the first day of
August , lSBO.
. ecurity lor forfeit required, dominations to be
made to tne fjecreta. v.
Entrance money, 5 ir cent. . A walk over entitles a
horte to full amount of purse.
W. 1L JOHNSON, Secretary,
tfox No. iSUO.
CBS. W. G. HRDING. Prnidcnt.
Gti-. li. . CHEA1HAM, 1'roprictor.
"' T E have thi day sold our entire interest in the)
y V Rook, btationery and Periodical Uusiness.
No. 6 cnioii street to Mr. John T. ILigan and John D
Y. Green, who will continue the business at the same
place, under the stvle ot Green it Co.
Johnson 4 treanor.
On retiring from the book business, we return our
sincere thanks for the liberal patronage bestowed ujon
us, and take pleasure in recommending our successors
as young men of exjierieuce iu the business, and wor
lliv in every way the coutidence of the people.
Corpoi-iiVluu Laws.
To Lessen tbe Damages lrom Blasting.
fcEC 1. Be it enacted by the Citv Council of XashrHle,
That any person eugageu ill biaaung wuniu tne CorK-
ration lnuits, shall, in audition lo tae usual precau
tious of covering up the bias Is, crying the alarm, sc.,
eiretch cords across every avenue, street, alley or oth
er thoroughlare leading directly to the place of blast
ing, each cord to be iasiened at least lour leet irom tiie
ground, and at a distance oi not loss than sixty yards
irom tuo blasts; sola cord to b stretched and lastened
belore l-e blasts snail le tired, and shall remaiu unlu
tho lust blast is exi.iotlod.
rKC. 2 Anv lh-rson tailing to nse tn? precautions
herein mauo obliifatory. sliall, ou convict hhi ot tbe
same belore the City Recorder, bo tinea not less than
ten nor more lhan lilty dollars for each aud every ol-
feuce. IRA P. JO.sE-S,
Pres't board ot Councilmcn.
K. 13. CUEA1UAM,
Pres't board of AlOurmen.
S. N. IIolun-gswokth, Mayor.
Attest: W. A. GLENN, Recorder.
Approved Sept. 2a, '60. ocllS-lw
Ia Relation to the Public Schools
Sec. 1. Be it enacted by Oie City Council rf Xash
rille, That it shall uot be lawiul lor any parent, guar
dian, or other person having tempo, ary or permanent
chartre or control ol a minor wuo n uot ei.tiiieu oy
law to become a pupil m the Peblic - ciiuuts ol this city
as a oupii ol the same, or to permit such minor to at
tend any of said scuoois as a pupil, and auy person so
otfonuiug shall be lined nut has than ten nur lurre tlian
liilv dohars lor tcu aud every otlence.
tsc. - . Be it further enacted. . hat if any person
hat-in rharzo or o.ilrol of anv Public School or
s, h.o:sif the city, fcluut knowingly and wilfully con
nive at and pcrmu the attendance of any pupil in any
of the Pubno Schools of tuis cily when, said pupil is
col entitled by law lo the beneht ot' said school-, tho
person thus knowingly and wiliully permitting such
nmal to attend, khail be llnad n t less than ten nor
it.... toiiar r..r MMj-h nn J every offence.
ww. it nrird. Thai it shall be toe duty of tbe
SuDer'intendettt ol the Public Sttioois u refwrt lo the
prt.th name of all DersoDS who shall V lo-
i...:. .v.,. nn,rk i.r tiu lirt keclH uf this act, and
I it fchaU be t!e duty of the Recorder io Imiuo a warraul
aSaint such lrsou or persons, acd eul' tne miiij
prccrioea. : . m,-t "jd of Aldermen.
Pres't board of Councilmen.
S.. K.
- Attest: W. A, GLENN, Romrder.
, Approved Sept
12, '. ocil-4W
FouvlccnVU direct.
1-OR a quarter of a century the Instruments manu-
factared at the above etlahlishmnt have ranked
among the first in tho country.- Their durability,
strength, and delicacy of toue and touch are highly ap
rrecuited bv all woo have riven them a thorough triaL
The projirieior, by giving his personal attention to the
manufacture of each instrument, in all its details, is
enabled 14 guarantee superkr excellence and reliability
in every respect. ocis-ain
Don't fail to look to yoar interest by Adver
tising in the
rrwe:TtA aumhftr of which will be Issued on Satur-
JL day, Tie 13th day of October. The Nashville Jt
v.wihvMirni Kaihtiad nases thruurh this pUoe, acd
win amnfea roiuuLeUsl. wlinn a groat portion of
trade of this place will be sure to go to Nashville,
tbe ad vtnt.ires ol the city are placed before the people.
fend ou yr advertiss-uients at once, uu iu-y i"
Ainiear in sXit first number of the imi per. Advertisers
by descent from his deceased broUii-r- Julm Pow e.I,
being lev Kd no as the property of James L Powell,
A Good Investment.
I AM now offering for pale, the place on which 1 re
side, situated au the Gallaus Pike, about two miles
from the city of Nashville, containing 8f acres ol rich
land Jour of which are in a high state ol cultivation as a
vegetable garden, in which there are Asparagus aud
Pie Plant beds, aud quite a number of excellent F.ui
Trees. The improvements consist of a neat frame
dwelling house with kitchen, Etable. crib, cow shed, to
I am determined lo sell and wiU offer this place it
great bargain. For further particulars apply to
eeptll-lm K0 64 College street.
mm machine
The undersisrned having the HOWE SEWING MA
CHINES in use in their families, and having thoroughly
teted them npon erery variety of ork, do net hesi
tate to pronounce them the most simple, Utemosl
easily managed, and, emphatically, the "-V:
c Bra ' or fy.-wmg Machines.
Rev Dr Ford,
W G Hoogh,
H G Scales,
Mrs Jamea Wyatt,
" tHCampbci'.
TM Breanan,
W L B Lawrenc,
Dr G W Ourrey.
Thos I.,
B W JlcKmner,
Mrs E Pluniiner,
JG Moore,
H B Plummei ,
J W Green,
J H Criddle, .
John yuigley.
Mrs. E Randle,
E Smith,
W T Cartwricht.
Geo A Leiper,
a i-einer,
A W South worth.
" SAws.
" ENavagh.
S C Rogers,
A C Beech,
P F Hardcastle,
X Peifler,
A Wheless,
Mrs P J Couch,
" L Newman,
W H Mmchin,
Dr J W Huddleston,
Miss H S Short, Mrs S P Hildreth,
Mrs S E Truitt, E A Richardson,
JI H Crouch, Mrs Mary M Beale,
Joel Anderson, Miss Mary T Craig,
Mrs L Hays.
Clifton Emory, John Miller,
Mrs Tana. Mrs Williams,
Jonathan Corn, T S l"attee,
Jlrs Sims, " Jlrs Gregory,
BB Truman, Guutoril,
Mrs S Kiuneliy, " Travis
Capt O W Davis, Clarks- A W Davis, Fayetteville
U U.,.KIin ' .-.II.. UmJI ......... .1 If
H Herblin
ville. Mrs O Stroud, Morrii
J H Philbrooks. Columbia. E LC Witty,
A P Parri-sb. Cumberland W A Marshall,
iron wort.
Mrs M A RusflcU
Mrs M A Girviu,
Mrs E .'ancey.
Lafayette Smith.
J W Dunn,
Mrs C Knowllon,
Mrs Sliauiels
J Try on.
C LTiaon,
Mrs E Wyatt,
A Stocked,
IMC Dunn,
Jlrs A Gordon
John Davis,
Mrs rl I ia vis,
Theso unrivalled MACHINES r cnM at 11m. Lm
price ot Sou In? turners included. They gather an t
sow on the baud at the same time. Stitch in ords
without fastening, hem, fc-U, bind, kc. Thev sow
every vark-ty ol work, from the LIGHTEST "to the
11KA It T, and are unquestionably the best Machine
iu the market lor faiunv use. A Premium was av.ard
ed to the IluWE MACHINE at the late State Fair
CO. C KKOs., Agents
sept25-tf 63 College stret-t, .Nashville, Tciiu.
I'AIl K I Si Ij Vj it:
WE ask the attention of the trade and the public t'
this long and unrivalled
for the cure of Colds, Cou-jh, Wtak Stomacu ana
General Delnlity, Indigestion, Cramp and Pain in
Stomiach, Bowel Complaint, Colic, I'tarrha-a.. IMrru.
tic, itc.
And for Fever and Ague,
"There is nothing better. It has leeu favorably known
for more than twenty years lo be tbe
for tin? many diseases incident to the huinau lain "
iutt-rually and Lxternalli
it works equally sure.
What stronger prot f of the facts can be pra-lucc )
than the following letter received nHfticCfrdfrom K: :
A. W. Curtis :
Roxso, Maiooms Co., Mich . July 9. ISt
MkssR. J. N. Hakkis Co. ,
Gentlemen: The coutidence I have iu Perry lav
Pain kiher as a remedy for Colds, Coughs, Burns Sjrair
snd Rheumatism, for the cure of which 1 have sikrcKo
lully used it, i'.dueos me to cheerlully roconimeml n
virtues to others.
A tew mouths a;ro I had recourse to it to destroy a
felon ; although 1 had never heard of its being used lot
that purpose . but having suBered intensely Iroin a lor
mer one, and having no other remedy al hand, I aplicl
the Pain Killer freely for about httoen minutes al eve
ning, and reieated the application very briel.'y the next
morning, which entirely destroyed tho ieioii, and in
creased my confidence in tbe utility ol the remedy
i ours truly, A. w. CLKils,
Uiuicicr of the Wesley au Methodist Chore i
has been tested in every variety of chmata and by
almost every nation known to Americans. It is th'j
constant companion aud inestimable friend of tho mis
sionjrv aud traveller, on sea and land, and no one
should travel on our LAKES or RIVERS WITHOUT 11
Be sure you rail for and get the genuine Pain Kihor.
as many worthless nostrums are attempted to Lo scM
on the great reputation ot this valuable modiciue
aHirectious accompanying each botllo.
.Sold by dealers every where.
Priced cts., 50 cts. andfl ier boltie.
Proprietors for the Western and Sou t her u States
Cincinnati, Oti.o.
Sold by W W Berry & Dimoville and Ewiu, Pendleton
Co, Nashville, Teun; 8 Manhodld k Co, Memphis,
Tenn; J Wright k Co, Scovii k Mead, New Orleanrs
Edward Wilder, Louisville, Ky; John D lark , Ciih:;u
natijOhio. - octS-dAwly
nn. s. o. niciiAKDS('s
ltmg Wim ittcr-Os
The Celebrated .cw England KeoiCL'y
Jaundice, Fever and Ague, General Debility, and alt
Diseases arising from a Oisordervd Stomach .
, Liner or Bowels.
rpHEY are are u?ed aud recommended by Icadtmr
L Physicians of the country, aud ail who use Ihuin
pronounce them mvaiuabie.
Dr James L. Leiere writes irom -Navarre, Stark co
Ohio, " Xtie bitters are highly praised by those sutler
nig irom indigestion, uyspepsia and liver complaint.
r. a uavis, ruouuuier at n miamsport, oiifj, says.
They give great satisfaction. 1 use them uiysell.
having taken cold, become prosli ate and kl my ai.H
tite. It relieved me, and I can recouini.ud -1 w.th
great assurance ot lis merits."
Dr. win. it. iverr.ol Kogersviue, lnd.. WTitcs us that
they are the most vaiuab.c medicine ollered. He has
recommended tliein with great succees,and with thetu
made several cures of palpitation of the heart and gen
eral debility.
lhomas sianlord, Lsq., blouutsville, Henry cw , lnd..
writes us a long k-ller under dale of May 4, lstio. fie
was much reduced, Laving been adhcted lor llireo
years wiih great nervous debility, paipitatiou ot the
near t ot tne most severe ana prostrating characicr.
"alter usiug a few bottled, 1 wad couipiei. Jy restored,
and am uow in robust health."
George u. UoUman says bu wasafOicled wiut rneu
mat um for twenty years in all iu various lorins, ai.d
Ulu Uate ot nis letter ue had boen two yeais well ;
the bitters ellectiug a cure, when several physicking
attending him could do him no good, lie says, Kir
rUeannalism, dispt-psia, liver oompiailit, kidney allec
lion, or dropsy, it is a specinc certain remedy.'
J. w . Iluul writes Iroin LK.-li.Uois. Aii.-n co.. onto, (a
section where fever aud ague prevails,; that he must
cheerfully recommends them of decided merit iu all
cases of lever aud ague and general dobuiiy.
D. K. Gallehers, M. D., wriu trom t ;m eri, imw,
I must resuectlully reounuuend the Stvrry Wine li'X-
ters to tne notice ol ail diapepta; persons, ami to ai
who require a stimulating lunutnie. '
They arc sold by Medicine dealers generally
ITicc 75 cts. per botiie.
J. N. ILtiOUS A: CO., Cine innaU Dun,
Proprietors for the southern and Western stales to
w uuui wum mi ui OC1 ..
For sale wholesale and reull by W W Berry k IK
movilie ; twin, Pendleton & Co., and Rains Jt Browc
Naitiville, Ibuu.js. MansCeld k Co., Memphis, Teim
J tigut k Co., and Soov.l k Means, New Orleans; J
p. Par, Cincinnati, OLiic; LC.aod Wilder, Louisvil...
Ky. ocid-lAw-ly
RUP, lor the curu oi Can It or, Salt Kheum, Ery
sipelas, Scrofulous Diseases. Cutaneous Ernptious, iw
eves, and every Sana ot Ansease arbing lrom an im
pure state of the Blood. THE MO--T EIFBTIVK
141JOD PC 11U Ltit O ItlB M tTtfc.IU CKNTl KY.
It ts the Prescription ot an Educaurd Physician, and
all who are atUictcd with any of the above named dis
eases, should use it without delay. It will drive the
diseaaus lrom the system, and when once out on the
skin, a few applications of DR. WEAVER'S CERATE, or
OIa'IKEN X, aud you have a permanent cure.
The CERA1E has proved itself to be the !eet Oint
ment ever invented, and where once used, it has never
been known to tail ot cllccling a permanent rare ol Old
Sores, Tetter and Ringworm, scald Head, Chilblains and
Frost Uiles, barber s iu-n, cnappea or iraccea llanos
or Lii, blotches or Puupies on the Face. And lor
SORE IPPLE? AND SO..E EYES, the Cerate is theenly
thing required to cure. It should be kept in the boo
of every family.
Price of Svrup l. cerate oi 4 cents per ootiie. di
rections accompany each bottle. Sold by most Medi
cine Dealers. " J. N. II KK13 k CO. , Proprietors,
For tbe Western and Southern States; Cincinnati, O..
To whom orders ior the above Medicines may oe ad
dressed. .
Sold Wholesale and Retail by W. W. Berry m urrao-
ville, Ewin, Pendleton & Co., Kains St brown, and all
other lTuggisU of Nashville, Tanu; S. Mansheld k Co.,
Memphis, Tenn; Edward Wilder Co Louisville. Ky ;
J. Wright k Co., New Orleans, La. aug2t-tt ly
j. this uay oissoivea oy iuwuh -
v .i .i,a. h.ri.. .iii,iruB rroin tie etmceru. We
busing wul still be contu.oed at the olJ stand by the
remaining iartnera, NEVINS, Ifi.
!T;.h.:.,li..,,H iirmnl NEV1NS. KEiTH CO
Nashville, Oct. ist.isw. - . - ,
In retiring from the firm of KLrkrntr-k, NVvta fc
Co we return our sincere UuhiVji lor the liberal I
ttaadard woika H.bit and Manners, and wiU J.U

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