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Daily Nashville patriot. (Nashville, Tenn.) 1860-1862, December 15, 1860, Image 3

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Bn" , Floor In bags , in half bags $
Old Hiciory - de " . 4 2S: . " , M . 1
Eag-'.e do " S 60; " 1 W
Mixed Bran, par 1000 ft., 00 dollar.
Cora Meal, per bushel, 1 00.
Delivered lo ail parts of the city. acpt Sl-ly
3 Srpartnreaor I'amrcerliilnt.
Xasavtua CajTTiSooo ?30 A. M., S P. M.
Tassaagaa A iuim-3!"0 f
LocisTtLLa SUaHvnj 2: 1 5 A M-, 2i ' 6 r
" - " riaiiatinExpres- 3tuO P- M.
, Niaanxx Dctc-7t 0 A. M., 6t4 -Edgstuoji
A KxxrcccT 245 f -
.Arrlwal r Faeeenjrer Train.
1 Nasbtujj ft Chati asooo a 1 3 0 P-M., 8A.lt
TxsraBexAAuaaXA IO:"" a. U.
Locsvnxs ft Kiamu-i:00 A. M-, 6:00 P. M.
w Gallatin Expre 9:30 A. al.
Kuinui ft Dbcatt 1 1 1 5 A U., It . & P. M.
Eooarau ft Ksstocxt 1 0:1 6 A. it.
MsDfcai. Stcdkxt Suot bt a. Polickmax
A d.ffiealty occurr.-d night before last, be
tween a camber of Medical Sludents and
several mem'jers of the police force, in wbicli
one of the former received a severe wound
in the abdomen from a pistol shot firvd l-y
one of the latter. We learn that about a
dozen shot a were fired by the pat'u-s, and
that the firing was commenced bj the Flu
dent who waa shot. The matter was np be
fore the Ricorder'a Court yesterday morn
ing, bat the case was postponed until this
Acctdsxt os thk N. & C. R. R. On Wed
nesday night last the passenger train on the
Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad coming
this way was ran into by a gravel train,
which damaged all the cars more or less, and
injuring one of the passengers, a Mr. Lixd-
lxt, of Alabama, so severely that he died
the next morning. The passenger train had
stopped to take on wood near a curve, and
when seen by the engineer of the gravel
train it was too late to prevent the accident.
Mr. Lorn let is said to have been standing
on the platform, or he would probably
have escaped uninjured.
SMr. R. U Sixglkton', proprietor of the
news depot at the Sowanee House, has our
thanks for a neat and convenient little appa
ratus intended to supercede the ordiaaiy
blotting paper. It answers the purp-se ad
mirably, and will be found very oseful by
book-keepers and otbets. Mr.SiXGLET 'N ba?
them fur sale. We are IndeLt d to him al-o
for copies of the Wnverljt Uigaztn. the Nix
yx Pictorial for the Holidays, and the Cia
cinnati Enquirer.
Miss JcsKrmxE Gocqcxhkix, the
yoang lady wh 1 revealed The ILJdt t Hand
here last reason baa b-en astoui-iiing the
British at the Thai re R yl in London. She.
or somebody who wants us to know wb it
the newspaper over there say of b r, send
on a little eight p ge pampbM coutaiuh'g
the -pinion-i of the Daily Lud-ia Pre-s "
That opiuiun seems to be thai Mi-J ksefulnk
plays "Neighbor CnsaiiCeT in The Love
Chose, "Norao in The Irish llehat and -Mia
Oakl'j"in TheJntlota Wife.. u..d.s or ta.
better 1 b in an bo ly else. Tuere I a fl i
Celd in Na-hvill just now for a small tou-h
of that sort of geulu 'though it is doubtful
if even this "y.mng detig'u'' of the L tndoa
ers. or of the London pres. could wiing
fortune out of the Nataille Theatre auiii
the people have more money and less uso lor
The Rituet Gazette This Is the name
of an el-gant weikly pnpr j-i-t tnrn-d at
Ripley, Weft Tennessee, by Mr. J. W.Y- C.vo
L"OD, well known as an editor of ability.
These are not the most favorable time for
embarking in a newspaper euterprise, but w
tnui the people of Lauderdale will sustain
Mr. YorOBL"oD in his, and enable bim to
push it through the daikness ol tbe pre-H-nl
crisis into the sun light of full-blown pros
perity beyond.
Operations of the Uxttkp States Mixt.
Tbe etat men t of the Unit) d Slates Mini,
in Philadelphia, for tbe month of Novemlx r.
shows the total deposits to have been $ 1 -
642 899 67. Gold, $1,623 579 24; silver $19.
320 73; copper Cent received in exchange
for the new issues, $S 305. Tbe gold coin
for tbe month w: double eagle, $1 484 -900;
eagles, $64 930; quarter eagles. $33 -
810 total, $1,580 649. Silver coinage, dul
lars,$14 000; half dollars, $13,500; ball
dimes, $3,2u0 total silver coinage, $33,700.
Copper coinage. $1 1 000. Total number of
pieces coined, 1,599,112. Total value, $1,
Race Between a Train or Cabs axd a
BaIxoox. Mr. Simmons, an aeronaut, who
recently ascended from Baltimore, found tbe
eveaing passenger train of tbe Northern Cen
tral Railroad leaving the city at the same
time; he kept vertically over the train for a
distance of five or six miles; then, on rising
to a greater altitude, he lost sight of it
Landing n ar - Rider's Switch Station," he
had nearly completed the packing of bis bal
loon before the train, which he had outran,
arrived at the same station.
The Cottov Aeistocract of England.
A late n amber of the Liverpool lima de
clares that cotton manufacture is becoming
the greatest power in England perhaps the
world. Tbe men engaged in it are making
fortunes almost by a leap. Ia wealth they
far exceed the old feudal aristocracy, and
every estate now a-days which Suds its way
into tbe market ia snatched np eagerly by
some parvenu cotton spinner, tbe length of
whose parse goes a great way to atone for
the brevity of his pedigree.
Ma. Punch's .New Coxtbibctor. As the
Hero was short of fuel, tbe Duke inquired of
the Prince whether be fboald signal to tbe
Ariadne for anvt -I should adri-e yon not,"
was the priucly reply; for they will never
be such fools as to send coals to Neaca&tle.''
A Pektixext Qcext. The Providence
JiMrmei says if one State may secide, an
other may; and anoih-r and another. Sup
pose they bou!d all scida but Rb de I-land
or Delaware, who will be repout-ill fur tbe
national debtT -
Tbe Moral or Ukbeeixas Tbe man
who takes au umbrella oat with bim. sujs
somebvdy. is a cautious f Hoar, who flu i
all speculation; and is pretty sure to die
rich. The man who is alway leaving bis
umbrella behind him, is usually r-tkb-a-,
thoughtless, always too late for tbe train,
leaves the et'Ct-t door open when he gue
home late at night and is absent to such a
degree at to speak ill of a baby in the pres
enee of its mother. The mm who is alway
losing his umbrella U an unlucky dog. wboar
bills ara always protested, whose boots rplii,
whose gloves crack, whose tottons ara al
ways Coming off, whose change ia sure-to
have some bad money la it. . Tbe man who
la perpetually expressing nervous anxiety
about his umbrella and wondering if it is
afe. Is fall of uneasiness aud low suspicion.
Godkt's Last's Cooc Jouir York & Co.
hava rcIvt4 CWy ' aWy aTuofc lur Janua
ry btaaiifui aci iaurestlax a amber. '1 '
Jttlver News.
. Dec. 13. MayDuk -, Padncah.
D"iC. 14. Gen. Anderson, Paduo
. Dec. 14. Msy Duke, Padncab. ,
Umpire, Beb'sGal Mines.
Tbe river i falling, with 3 feet water on
Harpeth Shuab).
The Gen. Andetron, after an absence of
several months, made her appearance at our
wharf yesterday. Tbe G -n. has b;en suc
cefullf engaged as a packi t in . the Pad-j-c
ih and Ev ausrt!l U. S. Mail line, and ha
been withdrawn from tliat trad.-, in cone
queuce ol the term uuiion of ber mail con
tract. At Clarksville tbe -S jlriiliei" ol
Ida Patkiot. with a number o! bis fri-.-nds,
was glad to m?ct and welcome Ms old friend,
Bkx. F. Eavx, who be found in charge of the
financial department f tbe And. r.-on. Tbe
Gen. is an eb gaut pa-seuger steamer, and we
hope soon to see ber regularly engagi-d in
some of our packet trade. C.ipt T11011F.-OX,
the gentlemua in comautid, U a f-tranger in
our midst, a. id we exiend to him the fiieudly
gteeiiugi of tbe Patriot and its pairous
generally, knowing that lliey will find him
-all rigbu" -The Gin. l.-aves to day at 12
o'clock fur Cairo aud St. Louid. Let Ler
buve a big tiip.
Tuk Right Wom.ix ix tub Right Pick.
A mau ol family, and ralbur tuo foud ol ri
ding with tbe girls, having made an appoint
ineut iu Norib Adams, Mat&., to ride out by
moonlight wiib a lady acquaintance, drove
smartly to tbe meeting place, helped the fair
damel into tbe buggy,- gave her a friendly
hug and kis.. After recovery from tbe em
brace, tbe lady threw off ber bonnet, and tbe
roguish Iucj of his wife conf.oatcd the iu
COUStaut husbaod.
The proprietor of Dr. S. O. Ricbardsoa's Concentra
ted Sherry Wine Bi iters, has long 8in:e rceived the
thanks of thousands cf Invalids who have been bene
fitted by the ue of that valuable and extraordinary
deel dw4w
HO. 36 CZ JAR ST1EET, Kashville.
THIS establ.shm?nt has newly been opened, and U
fitted up -wita aU the mu-Je' a improvements."
The tables are supplied with ail the luxuries that can
b procured, prepared in the very best style.
The BlU 01 Fare, indeed, Till challenge comparison
with tbal of any buuse in t ia ouuiw.-sl.
The fiaiBt UTm aand Brandies are kept constantly
oa bind. i oners or suppers f oruiahdd in any p-irt ol
the city oa short nuUee. daicll-tt
Property for Sale.
B. H. Short and otners vs. P. Peacher ani others.
BT virtue "t a decree in t'uU cause at its October
term. lSflO, 1 wuj at rVauiicr'e JIiU in M .Dig. til
ery Co., lenn., un tha lS-h day if D -c.-mbor next, s U
to tae bignest bid ler, tae loliuwring proerty: Thn
Heal tstatj wUI b-- divided lulsi saial.cr traclo to t.uit
purchasers, to wit: lb- Ka.io un ulil.-h P. Pt-feber
uuw tires, c.nl lining 666 aces. Ture is va th J
r'arm a gu-ni Tobacco . uiiu -i y, witn d.-st ratj
aorevrs I 111 ats a il th? la g j ri-orinr Mi J, Kuutru
as i'SACHEJCS MILL. This 3I111 hu a a.vu-fail.ii);
wxr uuvrcr. and usuoal-fl n ilie heart ia a Une wheal
g oaring count, y. Ajo, 30a ucr s of land, tiiowo as
la j "J..tm A. iUilut t act," 41 .liceiy nd ralujtbie
VtiihO.i, 40 Hat 4 jiss, 3 M u-ea . n 1 iu, 3 H irsrs,
M uead o C .Uk-, 00 bca ol bheep, 00 uS, 200,000
star a. 3333 r'toar ar e.alagj lot of to. ui Eg im
pim nls, uicuoiig a Heap r nai Thresher, do ar-rux-
sua HtrnebK, lHu:gy and Harness, fl W.ig pua
and Hk-iitfS. 1 i u Bucks uiiih'-i Tuis. and iiousUi-ll
uii tuciun t uioitu e, &ud lliti pnsi-t cop of corn
-ini f bacu.
Tha Real Estite will be sold on a credit of 1. 1, 3 and
t yea. a, bond an I Sjcu.-iiy an 1 li a r- qilred -n luo
oa nil prn-riy, all sums f5 and undarcash; the
baianca m 12 m r lLa, with Into. i-fl from date; b nd
an 1 aecuruy rq lired of ta pu.c:iassr. Prop -riy not
dedvare 1 until me te rns ol li; sale arecomp.ied with.
lha aale wid conciau- from day to day unit! a 1 the
p op-i-y U nl L A fiaj Hiro-nde wi 1 be preiau-ed,
uid evrvbo y Is ioviud to attend and male- the px
party bring iu ruli value. B O. btS E,
devli-iua. Special Cotnin :iciner.
mm MAoiiiiis
1'HE Wheeler ft WiLon Manufacturing Company
liaviug gained Ai L th ir suns at law wuh in
fringing Manufacturers of 3--vm Machines, propose
that iho puiilic ill b: b -n.Qlljd tuareby.ani have
accordingly reduced th price of tht-ir Sewing Ma
chines, alter this dite they will be sold at rales that
will pay a fair profit on the cost of m in ifacture, capi
tal invested, and expense of making sales, such prices
as wid enable th-'m to mike first cuss Uahinjs, and,
as heretoforo, guarantee them in every particular.
C. It. PAltsOAS, Agent,
Oflce over John York k Co.'s Book Store,
WUlimantic Linen Company's
Spool Thrpad.
THIS Thread is mad expressly for Sewing Machines
and is pronounced by competent judges to be the
bestturead in tbe market for Machine or hand sewing
For sale b the case or dozen at factory pr c-s at the
office ol Wheeler & Wilson. C. K PAiCaUXS.
Chancery Sales.
Dacil Ji. Alien' t House and Lot.
PURSUANT to a decree of the Chancery Court at
Nashville in the case of R. W. Shaffer VS. Ifctvid
ii. Allen and others, I will offer at public sale, at my
office, in the Court House, on Saturday, the 15. h day
of December, ls60, the House and Lot of liavid M.
Allen, on the western side of Vine street, - outh ol
B.-oad street. Lot 46 feet by 165, and being the same
bought of Henry hlood.
Tkkxs. 1, 2 and 3 years' credit from day of sile
witn interest, and sale witnout redemption. Security
required and hen retained. - J. t o LEAVES,
nov20-td C. t II.
IXc Shuts at Chancers Sale.
PURSUANT to a decree of the Chancery Court at
Nashville, in the case of elixG tlcKay vs. Lewis
Y. Crig an-l others, I will sell to the bighebt bidder at
the Cnort House, in Nashville on Monday, loth Decem
ber, 1360, five Maves, tliza, Alice, Mai tin, Betty Ann;
and lutaut c lid of Eliza, its name not kuuwn.
Tsaa Six munttucreuit, puichaseis to give notes
witn two approved securities, such of the children
as are under ten years of age will be sold with tbeir
tnolher, tie woman f.iza J. E. Ol.KAVES, C. & il.
Clerk and Master's. Sale.
Wm. A Campbell, AJm'r. va John "P. WUea n others.
BY virtus 01 a decree of Hon. Circuit Couit at Nash
TiUa, X enn. , pronounced in Ui atiove caLSa at na
May tarni, labO, 1 will exposa to pub.lc sale, to U.S
tiigaest biuuer, at lue coai 1 house door in NaauvUie,
cu mturday, U10 15m day of December, leSO, a Nru
Woman, numad Jua. ail negro tasolaior uivisioa
among uij aji.s ol Wiinam ainpbcU, u. ceased.
i'xaasT-aid aegro auinan wi.i be sold upon a credit
of li miulhs. Nula w,u apj.oqd scatiiy w'd be
rsq .lieu. UaVUl C LUVt U 4L
Chancery Sale.
A.P. Crtcst-aJ, Aau'r. u vs. Xaucy ChadwslI, and
IJCRSUaXT to a ati ee of ihe Ch.mcry Court at
Aaauviue,at November Term, lo6, iu iheab..v
tamed vuiso. I wi.l sad to the uu.hmi biJd:i a era Ike
premises, on I krMij, the 27Lk December, lsGo, iua
"mi w wuicu ta wi bouige Ui ida au uicu a tz.-d
n t p s aja tug aa lying on a it creeac, Uvid
roti co i..iy anu lha tuiHiwuig staves, to wit: H-b ard,
mi 66 yeis; C isa (ju, ,,len (oO;, Henry (30;,
tauauui (27., JU.y (24j, (A), -uay (lS,aa.
Mua (l.'),HM1iji (11;, J iua (6, ai.da (4;.
t'ie uutX will oe r.ol l ou 1 uj 2 ye, a
credit, wilUUi interval, g xl pj. snoi aecuitiy rv
4 lired aud lien iu be 1 elalued. llu rlaVeS on li
uioctus credit, wttiiout iu Ureal, and l"f lbs.-, Uuljn
ot parcu-iSj.s. w.tu two good s.-um itK-s, wu. bj rs
q lired at cose of sale. J . t. GLiAVE , 1; a: U.
Ueca ws
Chancery Sate
Of Valuable Farxnin Land3.
IH pursuranca ot a ducree of the - -nrgry Court at
Cliarlulle, renieieo nA Uie SeptcUiber lo. in. I860,
La tn caaj ot John &. An leraon, lor vsa of lrby iior
gan a Co., against J. W. and il. It. abeitun, I will on
Saturday, too 22 1 of 1M eiuUer next, p oceed lo Suit
Iu the aajheat bidder, at the Court House door in
Charlotte, a valuable arm lying oa Yellow Ci-eek in
UickauauOunty,cot.ttuiUigaOout 400 acres, about luo
acres of whicn is ciearea, an I under a good ataw of
cultivation. The above described tract ol Land has
upon It a coral 01 table Lrweiiiug House, with ait rtcua
aary oat houses. A plat of iu bov described 1 j"-f
wlii b SMvawtlM day of sal. Terms sash.
SATld-fca IL C CULLli H, C Ic X
special potifCi5
Royal Havana Lottery.
Thsfo k-wlug nwubers drew the priovipei orisas In
the drawing of .November 27, 1300.
No. PrtJ". Priis. IXos. Prix if.
16.996 $100,000 I 25 173 $30,000 f 22 SU $10,000
14,133 SO OoO 1 8,4o6 M 000
Kumbars 817, S84, 2817, , SG41, 3122, 4228,
6544,6952, 6281, -Sl.87ST, 8837, 11878, 13012 13704,
l430e, 14694 1 937, 17163, 17643, 17769, 17767, 18022,
lsl71, 1827a, 19870,20606.20612. 206i3, 20868, S1024,
21222, 2iM5, 22600, 3-61. 242-8. 24824, 26164,26624,
25391, 26.62, 264 ;3, 6747, 26363, 27232, 27869, 28143,
28963, 299 Jl $1Oi0 ach.
The n xt drawing of this celebrated LotUry will tilca
place on the 16th of Ifeceznber. For particalara sea
adva tisment In aaoth.r Column. - r
djclS-Jat-ialt DON R0DIGCEZ.
IIo:lonaya fili-u-a a sura remedy for
all seZiial complaints, and may be taken by females of
all ajea, who are saOaring from a disorganized system,
or thusa distressing d-Seases in particular which fre
quently occur 1 from inattention) at the turn of life.
Tney are so mild that the must delicate female may
take them with perfget sal'ety. . deell-lw
from the Horns Journal, Kew-Yo k, August 27, 1869.
Amng tbe many apparent trill ji continually being
brought to the surface from tbe ideal under world of
the unknown, there are occasionally simple articles
costing but little In detail, but whose combined bene
fits, usefulness and economy of time and money, ag
gregate 00 the basis of millions Such an article is
Spalding's Prepared Glue. Its uses are innumerable,
and as its cost is next to nothing, the demand for it is
universal. It is prepared with chemicals, and used
cold requiring but Utile skill or time for its applica
tion, d eel 1-2 w
Coxpiai.vixa. We have heard repeatedly during the
last few days, persons compUung of weakness and de
bility. We would say to all such, got some of Median's
Mreugtheniog Cordid and Blood Purifier. It Is beyond
all doubt tbo only remedy that will renovate and
strengthen the system. The Immense demand for it
from all paras of the United States is ppoof enough of
its beneficial efljcss. We know by experience that it
ia dolicious remedy to tako. Ca 1 and try it. See
the advertisement ia another column.
deel dwlw v
Wasted. A situation in a grocerj 6tore,
or commission bouse, where I can be actively
employed. I have Etudied Book Keeping,
and think, with some experience could take
charge of tbe books, of a concern; salary no
obj'-ct, ref-rence given if required as to
character, &.c. Apply at Beddick's Boarding
House, Cherry St., if I should be absent leava
a note stating where I shall call.
Late of Amhtrst connty, Virginia.
Perry Davis Pain Killer, the old and well known
remedy, which has acquired a world wide renown for
4be care of sudden colds, coughs, etc., weak 6tomacb,
general debility , narsing sore mouth, cancered mouth
or throat, liver complaint, dyspepsia or indigestion,
cramp and pain in tha stomach, bowel complaint,
painters' colic, Asiatic ch dera, diarross and dysentery
has lost none of its good name by repeated trials ; but
continues to occupy a prominent position in every
family medicine chest Lebanon Star, Dec. 12th, 1650
duel dw4vr
j?3rIn c inacqneiice of some very wild
footing reci-ntly done in our ci'y. Its Bow
Kita lias opened a Pistol Ga lery on in- cor
ner of Cedar and Cherry streets. 31 flow,
wb-re tho-tetvho anticipate liitle amisementB
f that kind can bare an opportuuiiy of
I. aruiug the beaut ftl art , and bf gduran
tee tliat after a voiylilil j pr.tcticu you can
aiug" your mau evry lime. Open ibis
evening. Nov 10-11.
3r Tbo Lidie have reslved to vote on
1 he S-wing Machine qnvlion. They have
J declared f r-fr. edutn from leather puds it-
inimKive shuttles, and wiuding bobbins and
are deteruiiued to have S-aiug Machine Work
abieli survive the wash-tub. In hort.
tbey are goiu ":o a mm" for a new admin-i-tiatiou
uu ler The G rover & Baker,
da tf
pgr V- ure y,lad to -ee that we have tbe
rare oporinnity niu, to sell rr txchingr
our secondhand clolh.s for the b antitul
-ti ck of China, G-hhs Ware, Fancy C -iua
I Tovs and JcWi by, which has bet n opem d hv
les-rs. Oppecheiiner & Wi rllnimcr, suc
cessors to Mr. Bartcbie. ovir the Store at
Hardy & Br.. l;n.
Dr. Weaver's Canker and Salt Eh cum. Syrup and
Cerate fvr'curinj hunwrt by purifying the blood.
KC VI) l lll-. HOW IT ACf.s
When disease has been long in the system, the first
fl ittering symotoms after taking the Syrup is that the
humor increases on the skin This should not alarm
you, it only shows that the diseases is working out
Just the result we want to see ; apply the Orate, and
the humor will heal, and the diseusa soon disappear,
deel dw4w
I HATE Twenty-Gve Thousand dollars worth of Sta
ple and Fancy Dry Goods which I will sell at cost
lo' Cash, as I am determined to adopt an exclusive
cashbu-iness. I invite all those desirous of purchas
ing Goods to call and see for themselves a- No. 22
South Side the Square. DAVID HUMPHREY.
AU those indebted to I. C. Nicholson ft Co., or Nich
olo ft Humphrey, will please come forward and set
tle their accounts, aa we are in need of the money.
Intending to reduce what is certainly the largest
I will sell from this time without regard to PreJUs.
docs-tf 44 Union Street.
To Consumptives.
The Advertiser, having been restored to health in a
few weeks by a very simple remedy, after having suf
fered several years with a severe lung affection, and
that dread disease, Consumption is anxious to make
known to his fellow-suQerers the means of core.
To all who desire it, he will send a copy of the pre
scription used (free of charge), with the directions for
preparing and nsing the same, which they will And a
Clims, tc. The only object of the advertiser in-
sending the Prescription Is to benefit the afflicted, and
spread iuformation which he conceives to be n valu
able, and he hopes every sufferer will try is remedy,
as it will cost them nothing, and may pro blessing
Parties wishing the prescription will p address
oct4-ly Kings County, New York.
We have a large stock of Winter Clo
thixo lor Men aad Boys wear, which we are
selling at prices to suit tbe times.
Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia. North
Carolina and Virxinia Money tak-n at par.
ward, Birmingham & co.
nov24-lin No. 2 J Public Square.
Fall and i later boea.
Farrar. Dixmukrs & Co., No. 45, College
street, have received their Fall and Wiuter
stock of Bonis, Shoes and Gaiters of every
variety. Call an t see them they are selling
them luw. Tneir rtck of Nkouo Brooans
is very large and sup-rior. " 'Noi8-Iui
St. Louis. Mo., 25, 1860.
At the Xdtiouul Fa.r this day. the first
nul liighc-t i Ti'iniuin was award. -d .to
tie GroVi-r , B ;kor Sewing Machiue, over
tbe Singer, Wlie. ler & Wilson, aud eight
others in competition, if -
THE only permanently organized band in
THE CITY, will attend to all caila tor music both at
boms aad abroad, giving aniira saliafactwn or so
barge. The Eand Is composed of
Fifteeu Performer",
with a complete set of acw silver Instruments -
All calls for music, for funerals, pic-nica, serenades
and jubilee will be attended tq.promplly. -
' : l , , W. L. HORy,
Atanager and Condnctor,.
apr2T51y " " 15 South College st
City Uiuk INotea
Taken at p.r. by Mr is Ucst & Co.. la
settlemautof acouaU, or for Buggies, Car-
- -
ij. ?
S ETiriEl R S!
The savaa Tears of onrlvallad sacceas attending tht
'Cosaup-jl taii'lrt lodatl9iit"
have made It u household word throughout every quar
ter of tbe f entry.
Lo i-r the auspices or this popular institution, over
three hundred thousand homes have learned to apjirs
elate by baautii'ul works of art oa their walls, and
choice literature on their tables, tbe great bent&is de
rived from Otcoming a subscriber; ---.
Subscriptions are now bamg reoeived la a ratio on-
paralied wilt) that of any previous yaar..-
Terma of u iscriprion.
Any person caa become a member by subscribing
three dollars, for which sum they will receive
1st -The large and supaD steal engraving, sozss
inches, entitled, ---- '
21. "ne copy, one year, of that elegantly illustrated
Sd. four admissions, during the season , to the
'Gall ry or P.inliigs 513 2r a. way, JI. L"
' In addition to the above ben fits, there will bt given
to subscribers, as gratuitous premiums, over
Five il judred Beautiful Works of
:.- r Art..; . f f: ) .
compriamg valuable paintings, marbles, parians, out
lines, c, lorminga truly national benefit. ;
. laascrKSS bSOiuviMO, wnica jvery auoscrioor wui
receive, entitled, "FaLsrasv Mtumuuse m 4 Kkckdits,"
is one of the m t beautitul and popular engravings
ver issued in this country. - It is dune on steel, iaine
line and tuple, and is printed on heavy plate paper,
SO by ii inches miking a most choice ornament, suit
able bar the wlis of either the library, parlor or office.
Its subjdet is tbe celebrated scene of Sir John Falstaff
receiviug, in Justice suallow's omce, tne recruits
which have baen gathered for the "ragged regiment."
It could not be furnished by the trade for less than
five dollars.
The Art Journal is too well known to the whole
country to need commendation. It is a majrnificently
Illustrated masazine of Art .containing Essnys, Morles,
Poems. Gossip, Ac, by the very best writers in
Amu lea.
Tbe Engraving is sent to any part of the country
by mail, with safety, being packed in a cylinder, post
age prepaid.
aubsciptions win De received until too evening 01
too stst or January, isbi, at wnicn time me books
wil' closa and the prtmiums be given to subscribers.
No person is restricted to a single aubscriptlon.
Those remitting $16, are entitled to live membership,
and to ore extra Engraving for their trouble.
f-ubscriptions from Calilornia, the Canadas, and all
Foreign Countries, must be S3 60 Instead of 3. 1 or
der to defray extra postage, etc.
For further particulars send for a copy of-the ele
gantly illustrated Art Journal, pronounced the hand
somest magazine in America. It contains a Catalogue
of Premiums, and numerous superb engravings. Reg
ular price, 6 i cents per number. Specimen copies,
however. wiU be sent to those wishing to subscribe, on
receipt of IS cents, in stamps or coin. Address ,
C. L. DKRBY, Actuary C. A. A..
novl7-tf S48 Broadway, New-York.
U. IV. .
Radway's Regulating- Pills. ,
The Triumph of Vegetable Medednes over , Calomel,
Vumubt, ana umriajiarea stmertu rouom.
The serious injuries en. a lied upon the sick, afflicted
with Chills and Fever, or Ague and t ever, Typhoid
Fever, ijcarlet and other fevers, in the Administration
of Quinine, Calomel, Arsenicf Blue tttl, Ac , in whole
sale doses, are daiiy seen in the saffron colored, and
yelkw-6kinned cripple as he totters through oar
streets, vainly crvine out for health health t health I
Vet physicians and others bear in mind, that in all
cases either of fevers or other disease, where custom
has sanctkiued the prescription of Quinine, Calomel,
will secure to the patient all the benefits, In a much
less time than these poisons are expected to achieve,
without entailing such terrible attacks of the liver,
heart, and general system. Nine-tenths of the dis
eases hat afflict us, are caused by over-dosing with
Quinine. Arsenic, Calomel, Ac., -
Ranwav's RscrLAHxo Pus operate in from three to
six hours do not strain the system do not weaken it
do not irritate tbe bowel are eo. ted witn gum, ana
th Tel ore pleasant to take positively cares constipa
tion, liver complaint, indigestion, diarrhoea, mercurial
diseases, sc., wuen nothing else wm toucn tne com'
plaints. From 1 lo S pills will produce a healthy dis
chtrge. Guaranteed 10 be free from mercury, quinine,
Iodine, antimony, and every dravtic and dangerous
Or g. 1 ne satast appartent in tne worm iot laaiea ana
Its d it ay's RcnorarfngResoIrent
For nl erous, eruptive diseases, RaSWaY's Rssova-
Tito kssoltsxt, u lue one tiling neediui. it revoiu
litSLXAthe couditi of the blood, expelliur every
eliui. nt that tends to decomposition and putridity,
and equalizes the cir ulatiou. Il restores tne impaired
Consiiluilon. It radical y cures sore ey-a, and an eat
uu t-isases of Uu face or person. It makes tha acrot
uioos s unl, and removes every syphilitic taint trom
lac disased aysiejn. :
The Mi nut a Medicine.
Tnstantaueous ease is given by Ka war's Rsanv Rs
UET in all cas a of acuta paui, intjrualor exte. n 4. Il
stous i.i a moment tha uiadueainu agony of Rueuma
tiam, neuralgia, toolhacha, bur S, scalds, cuts nd
bruisoa. when applied outwardly. Torture, that il
con Una i would ciuse death is am st id by a aingie
cos 01 it, in five minutes. - It suspends disease, givmg
time for the action 01 the other remedies. Ail cum
piainti caused by unhaaltby air, are prevented by its
occasional use. When th neruous system is psraiys jd
or convaised, it produces rapid reaction, immaulate-
ly relieving Spasms, c -nvuls.oi'S. hysterics, c. ler
the debidtat n it is the best possible stomachic, ia
finitely belter than alcbohol in any lrm. Have it on
hm 1 aiways, for il may be required at any momeut,
and no druK will supply its p:aoe.
Radwa) 's Remedies are Soid by Druggists every
LWK, PENDLErON tt CO., Azents for Nashville
23 John Street, N. Y.
To the Editors of thk Patriot: D em
ing it my duty to thoe .3ictfd, and to the
one who fund me ot two malignant Fever
Sores upon my legs, which made my lue bur
deusoine for five J ears, having applied to
several physicians who could give uie no re'
lief, nnd trying nil kind.s of medicine I could
t. which was lecominended fur old sores.
All mmed (o fail. 1 gate up ever being
cured, and wiihsd for death to relieve me of
my miery. tor many months my limbs
pained me to that extent I could get no
sleep, anttl my father, who. being cured of a
severe Rheumatism by tbe Indian Doctor,
at No. 101), Uigb street, purchased tor me a
bottle of his Blood Furifi r and a box of his
All Healing Oiottneut, which relieved me
immediately. My legs .are now sound and
well. My general health and strength is
better than it ever waa io-my life. And it I
owe any man on earth a debt ol gratitude.
that mau is Doctor Anderson. 1 wib every
man. woman and child in the world, who are
afflicted as I have been afflicted, who have
suffered as have suffered, may real this
letter and thus find where they can be cured.
I am of the opinion bis remedies will cure
any sore in existence, and I would recom
mend all thus iimicted to apply to tbe Indian
Doctor, No. 100 High ajtreet. where they can
be relieved ol misery, and also be permanent
Resides a tSandersville, Davidson connty,
Nashville, June 14th, 1860.
To thk Editors of thk Patriot:
I wish to make a statement through yonr
columns of what the Indian Doctor's Pills
and Blood Purifier have done lor me. I have
taken about a quart of blue mass aitd all oth
er medicines I could get bold of; none seemed
to give me relief. I was troubled with Dys
pepsia until I applied to tbe Indian Doctor,
who gave me bis Pills and Blood Purifier
which relieved me immediately. I am now
in better health than I have been lor many
years, and I can recommend tbe Indian Doc
tor's remedies to be all he represents them to
be. and should advise all afflicted to try his
medicine. Capt. David HcQHSg.
Cone ent rated Lve.
SO A I M A kE.tt."
AN indespensible article! very family, wherebj
with tteir ordiuary kit e ben grease, combined
with the saponifler, tbey can make all tne Soap thev
use hard , sou or fancy. It will make hard watei
soft, aod will ciean ty i e to perfection nothing equali
it for Cleaning and scouring.
Fat up in air-tight iron boxes of on lb.' each
! 1 will nuki. wita 4 ti 6 lbs. common
eass, tram 15 t J 25 gallons elegant soft
soap, or 8 to 10 lis. hard. ..
. It has now been several yeaisslncethtslavnlnabk
article aa. flniti ormtiMTMil tn tha n,.Li,. n .. j . i
bmation in which it is beld wberever'known anc
w-ifHi, ai a we immense uemanu r it Irem all quar
tsrs.ara conclmivs proofs of iu real merits and vai.
naaan fimilr artirle j
BtWAHE Ot HinAUjXS .r success of ooi
art uie, iik hai u ail discovert a of true merit and
value, iudm-ed uniniucipi I parties to im tale it
WtliervfTe Camos T rnsuc agiiuat wortuleat
otJvrr.KFUT' sod to kike none but ti e genuine.
oHf iuai an l pt.'n rd aiti -Is, Uanutactnred 01 ly b
PAXV.of Hut Trmtam, Allegneny co , Pa. OiPcc
lid iot. No: 896 Pe id rt , alx.ve the Canal Bridge
Pittsbargb, P. on., who also maiiUiactureot Standard
quautt , C.ustic .-'la r. r txwp M isers, Mods ah, ne
tinea loda Asb.al S.h1s, Cul'irVe i.f C Icium.Cop
per.is,kt4ngaueae, x'itrfc Ai idodaSalar. tos. uleactt
ing rNiwilnr. M lnatic Aaid, :aipuuric AUd.SQaa
Extra Ktf H ie i now-White Tabie. Dairy and Pack
iag Salt, w .r. anted entirely Por sad Irv, put op it
various packages and styles.- Tha only Purs gait is
ISo country.
Store Keepers: in - the LuitedciSlates
1900 Cases SapoMfirr.getiutrs.for sal at
aouirsrs 1 rices in lou to u!t purcbaseis. by
... Plvl ti KKLLCiua.
i ar19-wly - . - at. Loan, Mo
For December.
- j H.irpe s Magazine for December.
. TI . ...1. kl . r .
m MAKaaiue wr iecemoer. -
i Les.ie's Magasiue tor DecMnber., . ;.- . ..
. J O dey U Lady's Book lor IMaember. --
PatersoB s Uagati&s lor Dsoemb r. i- t i
For aa eby : r v JOHN TORK h CO.
S jbaerlutiOna alaa MMlnJ tii..
VaUcal . ooka tor sal by TORaf CO.'
XsabTille, December 1Mb, IS . J
Wt have nothing new In moi.eiaiy aflai to aota
to day. . Tha moo- y market continues sti 1 g t.
Exchange scarce and in demand .Very little Is to
be hid. Regular bankers ra'es I par cent, prsaiium ;
brok s4 toftper c;ot premium. . - -
The I ouiaville Journal of yesterd y says . -
T e is r ih r mo e sasand for Eist -rn Ezchsngs,
and the ra es est:idai fjr X. Yo k sight ad vanaed
X.'d)iJr ca. t. premiun, ana me price w.ta tne Bro
kers to-, ay will be li ce .1.. while the bank ra'a
e ait nuts at 1 ft e nl. T re ia aa change ia the
rates of bis. oout for c irrency. .
Iu the Kew York Stk SAchangeoa tha lSlh Ten
nessee Bonds sold at 71Xc- ."
CoTTUV So s ilea yost-rday. . -TOJACCO
Louse leaf S(31e ft lags li8c
tft. ";; .;
CHEE3F Western Reserve llfSHKo per pound.
- FLOCR We quota .-; . i . - i . -
' Sup -i flue, in barre s... ........... ..$5 CKX3
Extra, . ...... .......... 6 o,S 60
taaacks : S 00(3)3 S3
WHEAT This a.ticlo is scarce, and will Sell readily
at $1 2531 35p.-r busbeL
BAC Shouidera c; clear sides. 12c; bams
12c per ; " '
COKK White 75c per bushel; mixed 70c. - i
OAT3 650c per bushel. - ' : "
LARD Sapply limited. Sales at 1212Xc per lb
for tiew. .- - . . .... .... ... -
MEAL Usel lng at 76c V bushel.
'-. FKATHEtti We qa e at 37(S)38c ft Jfe. ;r
GISSE.Q S5c i. i - -
GKOCEKIES We quote: Fair sugar 7a 1 lb-; prime
to choice 7X(84c., in barrels J4lc advanoeon
these fiui-es. .
New York Coffee Sugars lOXffill&s 9 ft-, crushed
and powdered ll18c; Loaf ll12c lb.
MOLASSES AND SYUP Mol sses in barrels 35c
9 gal ; half barrels 40c; Sugar House 43,'S45c; Golden
Syrup in barrels 75c; half barrels 80c; aad kegs (tea
gallons) 86c. .
' COFFEE Rio lK15c; Laguyra 1718c; Java 18
COctb. Stock light. . :
TEA Impei ial S0cS I ; Gunpowder 5Q75c; Young
Hi son 4060c; Black 60cil 50. '
' RAi.T We quote Coarea Sack at fl 25; and Fins at
$1 60; and Barrel at 40c ft busheL
COTTON YARN'S The following are the Agents'
quotations for Cotton Yarns: 700 aad 8C0 9c ft doc;
600 10o.; SCO lie, and 400 12c.
. WHISKY Rectified is held at 202)23c ft gallon , and
country at 6075c ft gallon, according to quality.
CANDLES Siar 18c fi ft for light weight; 20c for
full weight. Tallow, summer pressed, 12c; Sperm 45
50 ft ft.
. RAISINS layer $3)3 25 ft box; W. R. $2 502 76
SOAP Turpentine S3 252 76 ft box.
bran io ft cwt . . . . ; ::; :
. HAY $24328 ft ton. , . ' -
. RYE 85cS$l 00 ft bashfit. "i'v - -
. BARLEY $1 25 ft.bosheL '. . ,'.
DRIED FRUIT Apples,peelsd,'4D46c; Peach ei,
unpeelsd, $1 151 25; peeled do $2(32 25. '
TEA XTIB Demand good at 66T5c ft busheL
Clnelunatt money iriatrket.
3 . CtscnrsAil, Dec- 12 P. M.
It was expected that xew York axchanee weald
have go up to-day to 2 prem., and that figure was
atked by some of tbe dealers, early ia tbe in train,
but it would not work, and tne ura mg rate remained
at IX prem. In some cases bankers paid 1 x, bat 1
was the prevail! is buying i.gurs. It" tne deau lock in
tue produce trade shall be removed, low figures muet
soon be re-establis ed. Philadelphia was s mewhat
better; but ntes weae unsettled. Ihe bujing Bg res
were HX n" eellint par to prem. It was
difficult to uo anything with ba timore at 23 dis.,
uying, ai. d 1 to 2 dis sell in sr. Battimo e merciiants,
here, make their dra ts payable m ew Kork exchai.g
in prelerencn io submitting to ibe discou t at Ma end
Ch cs of this kind sold to day at 1 prem.,'. Gold firm
attxtS prem. ne quote:
Baying. Selling.
New York Sight 1 prem. . IX prem.
B e: on M ' - - IX "
fhlladephia tight K3V dla par(9X prem
BaH.rn .re 24(S3 " . 1&2 dis j
New Oi leans... ....... par X prem
American Gold.... .... 1 prem . lCatf prein.
Ihe Valley B ink rate for New York eachange re-
mams at a p. em. - -
Review of t! o rinclanatl Tlmrket.
... VibttjtSaOAt Evasuio. Dec. 1 '.
FI.OUR The market ia unaa need and .ull, though
h ra as rath r mom oo. 11 u-n at toe rloa . ihe
aale- were, 19 bb s ted w ieut at $140; lCOdoexva,
t arr ve, at 4 8 ; 600 ao saperflue, delivered, at $4,
and its do k. w. ai H 16.
WHI.-KY o . h nge; sil sof 900 bbls at 19X
ldc, la la l r rate lur w .gon.
HOG- lb fee lag wasd c dedly bi Iter to-ay, and
pi ic a a vancea z c r cental, ins as es we. :
170 h -ad, averag n 220 fts, at 5 00
0 " " to ft-i, t 6 -.6
lOi " . 2.0 ft, at 6 00
0 f- : i- 60 fts, at..., 6 16
0 " , . 13 ft, t..... 4 76
.tO " " 0. tfea, at 6 tO
10" " . 160 fta, at ft :0
6-0 " " . . SlOft-, at....... tli
PKOVISIO' S A f- tr d. ma-id f.r Mess Pork at $14,
withe ties r3i0 bbls.- Ihe b ftbr.nds re held ra
t er idgher.' Ian dis da 1 at 8j(c. Green tfsa'S in
better uemaud, w th sales t a&ud pieces, at 4Xc for
Suoul er ,aud 6X3 X" for Liams.
GRO EKIE-" A f ir demand forSusar, with sales
f e0 hhd-1 1 S&TXc. Moiaes in fair demand; sa'es
oil 0 b. Is at (a)rfc. Coffee uisetiled, and prices
..ouil aiat iSXiaWX'-
HEA Prices remain nominal. . There was a
better le ling iu them.rket a der the favorable sl
ices nom .Nvw York, but t en is still a diffcren.-
b twt-eu buyers a d s Hers. The asking rales are 90c
(a$l for p ime red and while. -- -
CORN' The dem md Is fair, n1 the market steady
at il : at the lower depais. Sal.s 1000 bosh ax the
lower depots at 32a. ...
OAT3 The market Is doll, and prices declined 10c
pi r b .sh, closing at 27c in bulk.
RYE Th - d, mand is limited, aad the market dull
a. 5 1S660 for piime. . ; . -; -i -
! BARLEY The market continues dall, and the de
mand qu.te limited. We quota p. ime tall at ?6c; 400
bush g'od spriug sold at 60c.
HAY The supply cot tlnurs in excess or the de
man t, and tbe maiket is dull ani beivy, though pri
ces are not q notably lower. Prime T.niothy is selling
at $14 60 15 per ton, la bales, on arrival. .
CHEESE The mirket is unchanged and dull. We
quote W. R...t 9c, Hamburg at xc, and E. D. at 10X-
BUTTER Prime roil continues in good demand,
with a light i-upp y. We q ioe it at 14315c; common
ri mains dull aud heavy at 9llc.
APl'LES The market is unchanged. There is a
moderate demand from the loc il trade at $11 f 0 par
bblfir fur top ime Western, and tl per bbl for
prime New York.
POTATOES Tbe demand conticaes limited, and tha
market dull at 30)85c per bush for prime eshau
nocks, on arrival, and $1 85 I 40 per bbl vf 2 V bosh,
from store. . - , i
Aneaata market.
' Augusta, Dec. 12 P M.
COTTON There has been considerable animation in
thecottcn market to-d .y, and full prices were real
ised. The Bales foot up l'SSl b iles, as follows: 1 at 8,
7at8X; at 8X, 20 at 9. 61 at 9X,70at 9,lat
9X. 3o8 at 10, 71 at 10X. 736 at 10J, 857 at 10 5 18, 96
t 1"X, at 10X, ai at 10X, and 43 bales at MX
Receipts for two days 1,374 bales.
We quote Middlin H10; Strict Middling 10X
10X; Wood Middling 10X cema. - - "
Charleston market.
CaaaxiSTOa, Dec. 12.
Sales of cotton to-dgy 100 bales, at prices ranging
from 6, to llXc. The market is unchanged. -
Mobile. Market.
Moans, Dec. 13.
Sales of Cotton to-day 4,000 bales. Middhngs 9X
9X cents. The demand is good, and the market arm.
Bank Note and Exeha ' g List.
All Tenn. B'k Notes,
Bank of America. .. ,
Southern Bank....,
Commercial Bank.. ,
Datdrtdge Bank.. . ,
Buck's Bank
(Louisiana Banks.... . ldis
Mobile 1 dis
Missouri ..10 dis
6 dis
2 dig
State Bank Ala 6 dis
CentraL 6 dis
Commercial B'k..... 5 dis
6 dis
6 dis
All good east'n B'k. .10 dis
Virginia aVSlO dis
-i. Carolina A Geo.. 35 dis
V. West'a B'k Ga. . . .10 dis
North Carolina 10 dis
Vew Orleans 1 pre
New York selling.... 6 pre
Philadelphia Xpre
Ocoee Bank 10 dis
Lawrenceb'g Bank. .no sale
Bank of Tazewell 6 lis
" CIaiborn....6dis
011x608 B'k,Mem..nosale
Bank of Jefferson... .90 dis
Exchange Bank ...... 90 dis
Kentucky Banks..... ldis
Ohio Banks 8 dis
Indiana Stale Bank. 3 6ds
IUinout ...lOdisi
. 2 pre
2 pre
Agricult'l B'k Browns
ville. ,.
Central Bank.
Mechanics' B'k, Memphis.
Memphis Saving Inst.
ilin. a ManaC Bank,
Bank of Trenton. broke
Farm's & Merch'ts Bonk,
jaempnia. - ...
. 1 .-. . . i i
Gold, American
36pra I H liver.. ...
Land Warrants.'
40 acres, per acra..LO sale 1 120's..... ...... ..no sale
80 'a. .....no sals ISO.............. no sals
dents' Elegant Winter Shoes
- "AT - -v V
GENTS' fins all Calf Pump Sola Gaiters; -"
" . " Stitched "
i ' ",'. " " SquareEdga ,'.
-n - m it DoubleSole .x
Sigh Cut Lace EaameUed Boou, (heavy solas.) , :
. . - Calf ,v h , , f,,..
- " r . Patent Lsatber "-' .- i
:. Scotch Bottom Congress Gaiters.
. " ..." Lace Boots. ... . .
The above ara very Sstxa and will ba sold cheap. .
ocl28-if , . .. . ,.
BILLS oa ths Banks of Tirglnia, Kentueky, North
aad Mouth Carolina, Geargia and Alabama wul ba
taken by us aa aaaaL - - TRASUE a LUCAS,
aovli-tf- -
. LKfcl.Ifc.'3 ILLUSTRATED PAFER, Weekly. :
! THE WAv-EKl.YMAJA7.INE, Weekly. .....
i THE LONDON PUNCH, Weekly, ; - - - '
or im o , fc ... -JOfCfYORKaCO.
SSB0 Braaass. DouUe and Sisals PoU, Klsand
Grata Laathar Boots. Afresh auoolv chaan ta
e-ahby JOHN&AMAGE, "
r&-t a QoUefa strest.
ri:rr, : miscellaneous.
Tbs iniTfliiiino.t oi Lajracaoa. Tnere is a grow
lag temdaacy In this age to apprurriat the most ex
pressive wards of otuar Unguagas, an 1 after a whil
to inaorporate tbeoa into our own ; thus tha word Ce
phalis, which ts from the Great, signliying "fur the
head," li d jv bacoimng papularisad in coonociioa
wita nr. apuaing s great i uouo remiy, out it
will aooa be osa-l ia a mors general way, aal tue word
Cephalic will becotas aa ooiam ja aa Uectrotype and
many otners wooae distincuun as roreijra w rds nas
been worn away by wn in uaaga until they saena
fnatlve and to tha manor barn."
j a ...
- '.
'ardly Bealized.
HI 'ad 'a 'orribls 'eadache this hafternoon, hand!
stepped into the hapothecaries hand says hi to the man
"can you neasa me or an 'eadacoer" uoes it nacne
'ard," says 'a. Hexceedlogly," says hi, hand upon
that 'e cave me a Cephalic Pill, hand 'poo me 'onor it
cured me sa quiek that 1 'ardly realised I 'ad an 'aad-
Haaaacaa is the favorite alga by which nature
makes known any deviation whatever from the natu
ral stats of the brain, and viewed la this light it may
be looked on as a safeguard intended to give notice of
disease which might otherwise escape attention, till
too late to be remedied ; and its indications should
never be neglected. Headaches may be classified un
der two names, viz : Symtomatio and Idiopathic.
Symptomatic Headache is exceedingly common and is
the precursor of a great varisty of diseases, among
which are Apoplexy, Gout, Rheumatism and all febrile
diseases. In its nervous form it is sympathetic of dis
ease of the stomach, constituting sick headache, of
hepatic diaease constituting oilioui headache, of worms,
c nstipation and other disorders of the bowels, as
well as renal and ntarine affections. Diseases of the
heart are very frequently attended with Headaches :
Anemia and plethora are also affections which fre
quently occasion headache. Idiopathic Headache is
also very common, being usually distinguished by the
name of nervous heanache, sometimes coming on sud
denly In a l Late of apparently sound health, and pros
trating at once the mental and physical energies, and
In other instances it comes on slowly, heralded by de
pression of spirits or acerbity of temper. In most in
stances the pain is in the front of the head, over one
or both eyes, and aometiines provoking vomiting ;
under this class may also be named Neuralgia.
For tha traatmDDt of either class ot Headacho the
Ophalic Pills have been found a sure and safe remedy,
relieving the most acute pains in a few minutes, and
by its subtla power eradicating lbs diseases of which
Headache is the sneering Index.
Bridget. Missus wants you to send her a box of
Cephalic Glue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pills, but I'm
thinking that's not Just it naither ; but perhaps ye'il
be afther knowing what it is. Ye see she's nigh dead
and gone with the Sick Headache, and wants seme
more of that same as relaived her before.
Druggist. You must meaa Spalding's Cephalic Pills.
Bridget. aOch I sure now and you've sed it here's
the quarlber and giv me ths Pills and don't bs all day
about it aither. -
Constipation or Costiveness.
No one of the "many ills flesh is heir to" is so pre
valent, so little understood, and so much neglected as
Costiveness Often originating in carelessness, or
sedentary habits ; it is regarded as a slight disorder
of too little consequence to excite anxiety, while in re
ality it is the precursor and companion of many of the
most fatal and dangerous diseases, and unless early
eradicated it will bring the sufferer to an untimely
grave. Among the lighter evils of which costiveness
is the usual attendant, are Headache, Colic, Rheuma
tism, Foul Breath, Piles and others ot like nature,
while a long train of frightful diseases such as Malic
nant Fevers, Abceeas, Dysentary, liiarrhcei. Dyspep
sia, Apoplexy, Epilepsy, Paralysis, Hysteria, Hypo
chondrasis, Melancholy and Insanity, first indicate
their presence in the system by this alarming symp
tom. Not unfrequentiy the diseases named originate
in Constipation, but take on an independent existence
unless the cause is eradicated in an early stage. From
all these considerations it follows that tbe disorder
should riceive immediate attention whenever it oc
curs, and no person should neglect to get a box of Ce
phalic Pills on the first appearance of tbe complaint, as
their timely use will expel the Insiduous approaches of
aisease and destroy this dangerous foe to human life.
A Beal Blessing.
Phgtician. Well, Mrs. Jones, how is that headache?
Mrs. Juna.Goaa I Doctor, all gone 1 the pld you
sent c red me -n Ja-t twenty minutes, aid I wish you
would send me more, ao that I can nave them bandy.
Phyticsan.'Yoa can get them at any Druggists.
Call lor Ophalic Pills, I nnd they never lail, and I re
commend mem in an cases ot uoaaacne.
Mrs. Janes. I shall send fir a box directly, and
shall tell all my k tutoring friends, tor they are s real
bussing. ...
' Twain Miuhmis or Dollars Savm. Mr. Spalding
has sold two millions of bottles of his celebrated Pre
pared Glue, and It ia estimated that each bottle saves
at least ten dollars worth ttt broken furnitare, thus
making an aggregate of twenty millions of dollars re
claimed from total loss by this valuable invention.
Having made his glue a household word, he now pro
poses to do tne world still greater service ny curing au
ihe aching heads with bis Cephalic Pills, and if they
are as good as i is Glue, Headaches will soon vanish
away lues snow ia July.
Over Excitement, and the mental care and anx
iety incident to close attention to business or study,
are among the numerous causes of Nervous Haadache.
The disordered state of mud and body incident to this
distressing complaint la a fatal blow to all energy and
ambition. Sufferers by this disorder can always ob
tain speedy relief from these distressing attacks by
using one of the Cephalic Pills whenever the symp
toms appear. It quiets the overtasked brain, and
soothes the strained and jarring nerves, and relaxes
the tension of the stomach which always accompanies
and aggravates tne disordered condition of ths brain.
Fact worth KHOwnra. Spalding's Cephalic Pills are
a certain cure for Sick Headache, Bilious Headache,
Nervous Headache, Costiveness aad General Debility.
Gkkat DraooYraT. Among the most important of
ail tne great medical discoveries ot una age may on
considered the system of vaccination for protection
lrom small Pox, the cephalic mi ror rener or ti-aa
ache, and the use of Quinine for the prevention f Fe
vers, either of which is a sure specific, whose ben'-flts
will be experienced by suffering humanity king after
tneir discoverers are forgotten.
4"Di you ever have ths Sick Headache f Do yon
remember the throbbing temples, the fevered brow,
the loathing and disgust at the sight of food. How
totally unfit you were for pleasure, conversation or
study. One of the Cephalic Pills would have delivered
yon from all the suffering which you then experienced.
For this and other purposes you should always have a
box of them on hand to use as occasion requires.
By tha us of these Pills tha periodic attacks t
Nervous or Sick Headache may bs prevented ; and it
... t nf .a attack fm mad lata
lunuun Biraa' ".r7 J :
relief from pain aal sickness will be obtained
. ...- mh. r.u ia nmoc infl- the Aausea and Head
ache to which females are so subject.
Tnsy act gentry mri..'", w
Tor Literary Men, Students, PellcaU Females, aod
all persons of sedentary habits, they am valuable as a
Laxative, Imp-ovuig the appetite, giving tone and vigor
ta the digestive organs, and restoring tha natural
elasticity and strength of the whole system.
The CEPHALI - PILLS are the result of long hjvev
tizatim aod carefully conducted experiments, having
been in use w-any years, daring which time thry have
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and
s Soring from Hsadacbe, whether originating ia the
nervous system or from a deranged state of ths stomach.
Thev ara entirely vegetable in thir comp sitkm,
aod may be taken at ail times with perfect safety with-
out matting any caanct or met, ana uu aosene or any
dinaoreeabU taste renders it easy to administer tkam to
eJuldrm. ' -'
The genuine have five signatures of Henry C Spald
ing on eaca hox. ' - 1
Sold by Drugrista aad another Dealers ia Medicines.
A Box will be seat by mail prepaid an receipt of the
! -
Anardartahaaldbaaddrsaasdts :
An aperient aad stomachic nraratioa of
TR0JJ purified of Oxygen and Carbon bj com
bustion in Hydrogen, of Mgrl medical anchor
ity and extraordinary efficacy in, each of the
fallowing complain is viz. : '
ciati0s, dyspepsia, diaekhea, const!
potion. .tcbofula, salt ehjjum, scurvy,
jaundice, liver complaints &hetjma
tts3i. meetcueial consequekces, uttes
mtttekt fevers, netjbalgia. cheo.wic
The IK0X being absorbed by the blood, ard
thus circulating through the whols system, no
part of the body can escape their truly wonder
ful influence. -
Ths experience of thousands daily rroves that
no preparation of Iron can for a moment b;
comparer! wita u. impurities oi ue Diooa, ae
pression of vifcJ energy, pale and otherwise
sickly complexions indicats its necessity in al
most every conceivable case. In aU cases of
female debility (auor albus, chlorous, etc.), it
effects ara deligbtfu?ly renovating. Ks remedy
has ever been discoved, in the whole history
3l modicine, whaoa exerts vucb prompt, nappy,
md TullY restorative effects. Good appetite, com-
nlete digestion, rapid acquisition of strength,
vit an unusual disposition lor active anc
?aeerful exercise, immediately follow its use.
V' a grand stomachic and general restorative
t hai no superior and no substitute.
Pnt np In neat flat metal boxes contInt't
"if "I Hi. price 50 cents per tin t six twa-e-50
1 4ne uoicn boxes. OO. For li bj-
t5m?rtrlt frenermllv. Will be sent free to
any address on receipt of Ibe price. AU let
tera, orders, etc-, should, be addressed t
B. B. LOCKE &CO.i'.
General Agents.
Is a. fuc-slmlle of ths
Strengtneniog Cordial
Blood Parifier!
The Greatest Remedy in the World, and the
most delicious and delightful Cor
dial ever taken.
It is strictly a sci
entific and Vege
table Compound,
procured bv the
distillation of Roots,
Un.Ko and Rorl'
Yellow liocic, Blood
Hoot, tSlacK Koiil,
Sarsaparilla, Wild
Cherry Baric aod
Dandelion enters in
to its composition.
The entire active
remedial principle
of each ingredient
Is thoroughly ex
tracted by my new
meiuou ui uisuiiiug, S&Ji
mars talons..-, ions. eslnlrutiLg After takiui
spirit, and the most Infalhbl remedy for renovating
the diseastnl system, and restoring tlir sick. suQanu,
and debilitated Invalid to Health aud StreDth.
l cL can's Sti-fng llteni ?
Liver roinplaliit, Ujapepala Jaun
. dice.
Chronic or Nervous Debinty, liiscases of the Kidncyr
and all diseases arising from a disordered l.ivor o
Stomach, Dyspepsia, rloai tbui ti , Inward Tiles, Aci .lit;
or sickness of the Moinouu, Kulinuss of tilood to tlx
Head, 1'ull fain or Swuumiug iu the Ueml, I'alpiutioi
of theHoart, Kuluiussor Weight in the MiHiiach, .m
. . . iiiiMiiii.iuv a . if 1 1 . . .
LructalHius, Looting or RtiUocaimg teeling when 1 Hi)
down, lirynes or Vcilownis ol the .-kin and byes.
Night Sweats, Inward Fevers, I'am iu the i-ru.ill ol thi
Back, Chest or M.lc, gu.ldcu Bush ol Heal, lK--ePSKH
of spirits, Frightful Dreams, Languor, lteSKnileDcy,o
any Nervous Disease, Sores or Biotchesun the skin, and
Fever and Agne or Chills and Fever.)
Orer a Aliltimi of Untile
Have been sold during the last six months, and in n
instance has il failed in giviug entire satislacliun. Wli
then, will suffer from Weakness or lability when ifc
Lean's Strengthening Cordial will cure youf
No language can convey an adequate idea of the im
mediate and almost miraculous change produced b
taking this Cordial in the diseased, debilitated aui
shattered nervous system, whether broken down b
excess, weak by nature, or im;iiri.d by sickoess Ui
relaxed and unstrung organization is restored lo iu
prestine health and vigor.
or others conscious of inability, from whatever can??
will and McLean's strengthening Cordial a thorougl
regenerator of the system, and all who may have in
lured themselves by improper indulgence, will aud ill
the Cordial a certain and speedy remedy
IHeLean's Mrenstbenltisr Cordial
Is a sovereign and speedy cure for
Incipient Couiamption, White,
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, Incontinence ol
Urine or Involuntary Discharge thereof. Falling of the
Womb, Giddiness, Fainting and all Diseases incident to
Theie Is no mistake About It.
Sutler no longer. Take it according to directions. It
will stimulate, strengthen and invigorate you and cause
the bloom of health to mount your cheek again. Every
bottle is warranted to give satisfaction.
If your children are sickly, puny or afflicted, Mc
Lean's Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust.
Delay not a moment, try it and you will be convinced.
It la Delicious to Take.
CATJTIOX. Beware of Druggists or Dealers who may
try to palm upon you some Bitter, or tarsapariiia
trash, which they can buy cheap, by saying it is just
as good. A void such men. Ask lor McLean s.-trenglb-ening
Cordial, and take nothing else. It is the oniy
remedy that will purify tbe Blood thoroughly, and at
the same time strengthen the system.
Due tabieSioonful taken every morning fasting, Is a
certain previ-uuve ior moiera, cnuis and Fever, Yel
low Fewr, or any prevalent disease. It is put np in
large bullies.
l'i ice oniy $1 per bottle, or 6 bottles for $5
Sole Proprietor of this Cordial. Also, McLcau's V
conic Oil Liniment.
ITincipa Depot oa the corner of Third and Pine sta ,
at. Louis, mo.
Sold by W. W. BERRY & DEMOYHXE, Nashville,
ana au respectaoie uruggisis eery wnere
ah A. Jten em W sT $Tm
s r : v
t Cj rnnTjnTvTV i
-U'JiHja'i6iiI CP
Save ihe Pieces!
At accidents ted happen, even in weU reguXaUAfami
het, it is very desirable to have some cheap and con v
nieat way for repairing Furniture, Toys, Crockery, Ac
meets a! such emergencies, and no household can af
ford to be without it. It is always ready and up to the
sticking point. There at no longer a necessity for
limping chairs, splintered veneers, headless dolls and
broken cradles. It is just the article for cone-shell and
other ornamental work, so popular with ladies of re
Dement and taste. . .
This admirable preparation Is used cold, being chem
ically held in solution, and possessing all the valuable
qualities of the best cabinet-maker 'a lae. It may be
used in the place of ordinary mucilage, being easily
more adhesive.
K. B. A Brush accompanies each bottle, rrice, Si
cents. .
Wholesale Depot, No. a Cedar street, New York.
Address, HEJKY C. Sf AIM NG ft '."O.,
; .... . , Box, No. 8,600, New York .
Pot ap for Dealers nt Cus a contamiog Four, Eight,
and Twolve I)nss a beautiful Lithographic fchew
Card accompanying each package.
0 A smgie bottle of al AUHNG'S PREPARE1'
GLUE will save ton times its cost annually to every
Sold by all promln?nt Stationers, Druggists, Hard
ware and Furniture Dealers, tinicers and Faucy stores
Country merchants glnnittl- make a note of s-l'Al.
JI.NOS PREPARKD ULUE, when makuig up their list
jt will stand any climate. janlO-ly
aoaasz xooaa. .
jtmaxw ssot.
U0BCRT 5I00RE & 10..
; ... NO. 40 WALNUT STREET, -
, v Ciuciuaati, Oiiio.:
OFFER for sale to tou: "
1000 Barrels Flour, superfine to extra family ; 'T
700 Bushels Clover tsed; - - - -
'600 " - Timothy "
SOO ' - " ?' Herds ijrase; "
600 . " Stripped and Clean Blue Grass seed: -'
1000 boxes WaUMB Reserve, Loglish Dairy aad
Kotmeg Cheese; "'"
Lard and t inseed Oils, Bacon, Grain, Candle., Soap,
Oordaf, Bro ima, BockeU, Tubs, to. - - - - . -
Wehavs ampto lacUitws and give prompt atUrottoa
to tha purchase of Merchandise required by the South
ern trade, end to tbe sale of Cotton. Pig aad Bloom
Ira, Prtoa STBit, aad Produce gensrsilr.
IT a
P A i N K I Li Ii E Q Z .
WE ask the attention of ths trade aad tha paths ta
this ku.g ami uttrivallKd - ' - .- -
Far the cure tf CUds, Qms, Weak Stomach em
Su.nuu.h, butict CumpuasU, CUic, Ltarrha. (Inlaw.
evc,c . i .. .. ; .- - ..
' And for Fever and Ague.
. Thara is n..u.luir better. It has beau favorably know
for muxeiu an twsoitjr years to bs tha . , . J
tor ths many diseases incident to ths human family -
, Jucrziallf and Externally
it works equally sure. ' "
bx stnmirar ol these facts caa be produced
th. lu kMd.wius Idixr received wstoncilei from SLovf
A. W. Curtis: ' - -
Koa eo, MiLCoaa Co., Mich., July 8,1SS
Messrs. J. N. luaan, A to.,
Oenilemen 'ihe conUdtBce I have m Perry Dava
Pam Kuiet aa a n.tueu fur Colds Coughs, Burma fvai&
ana Biieum- tini, tur the cure of whaii 1 have am rues
luiiy usco it, ucces bw to cheeriuuy recomBeml mm
virtues to oUicIS. -
A lew djuuUis ago I had recourse to it to dastroya
felon ; aluotih 1 tiad never beard of its being used tor
that purpo&e Out Lavnag suBerrd intensely trom a tor
bwi one, anu having no other remedy at band, I applied
the lain Killer lreeiy lor about hlleen mmut at eva
nuig, kdu repealed tue application veiy brietofAte next
ntoitiing which entirely atstroyed tho Icmmi , and Jb
creaseu my cuaiidouce in the utuity ot the rcsoad
Vouis truly, A. W. tLKTIS,
- Miiiibtt-r of the Wesleyan Methodist Charaa.
has been tested in every variety ol climata . and by
almost every nation known to Americana. It ia tha
constant companion and inestimable friend ol tha sua
sionaiy and traveller, on sea and land, and no caa
should travel on our LAfcLES oa KlTEKd WITHUUT IT
Be sure y ou all tor aud get the genuine Pain S.ilier.
as many worthless noetruais are attempted to bo sola
on the great rcpulutiou ot this valuable medicine.
0-Luection8 accompanying each bottle.
fcoid by dealers every where. ' -
Price cts., itO els. and f 1 per bottle.
J K HABRKaliL, 1.
Proprietors for the Western and Southern Statea
, - . CinciaaaU, Obn.
Sold by W W Berry & Demoville aad Urn, Pendlctea
A Co, Nashville, Tenn; S Mannedid A Co, Memphis,
lenn; J Wright & Co, Scovil A Mead, New Orleans
toward niluer, Louisville, Ky; John D Park, LmcA
nati,uhio. octo-dawly
$txxv Mint Ifittetsj,
Tbe Ctlctiutcd Kew Ecgland Itrntif
Jaundice, Fever and Ague, -General DebOity, etmd d
Diseases arizingfrum a Disordered ST nrft,
JUver or Bowels. . - , - -
rpHEY are are used and recommended by loading"
X Physicians of tne country, and all who use thesa
pronounce them invaluable.
Dr James L Leeprre writes from Navarre, Stark CO,
Ohio, - The bitteis are highly praised by those saner
uig trom luiligestiou, Oysuepsia and hver nompiaiM.
t a Davis, Postmaster ai Williamsport, lHiki,aayst
' They give great salislaction. 1 use them myaett,
uavuig taken cold, become prusti aie and lost my appe
mo, it relieved me, and 1 can recouinv. Dd it with
,jreal assurance of its merits."
Dr. Wm. M. Kej r,ot Kogersville,Ind,, writes na that
they are l lie most valuable medicine ottered. Ha has
rccomiuendeu tuem with great success, and with theca
uiaUe several cui es of palpitation of the heart and geav
jral debility. - "
ihoinas &uuiford, Esq., Blountsville, Henry oo.,lnd.i
wriu-s us a long letter under date of May 4, 1800. Ho
was much reuucoa, having been aluicted tor threw
years with great uervuus debility, palpitation ol tha
aeai t oi Uie most severe and prostrating character,
-alter usi. g a tuw buttles, 1 was compiei-dy restored,
uid am uow iu lobusl Health. " , ''
ocoi ga to . Hi.iuuuai says ba was afflicted with ttne
uatisui ior twcuiy eas, In all its various (bruas.atid
u. lue uate ot his teller he had been two yeaia weU9
.ue toiioia eUoctiug a cure,: when several physictans
ttuuiduiji Uiiu oouiu do him i.e good.. He says, - iar
uduaiaii.- iu, uuiM.-prui, liver complaint, kidxiey an so
-ion, or lUopsy , it is a specttic cci tain remedy.'
J. W. tidl.1 writes Irotu Lelpliois Aden CO. 'otuu, (a
xX.iiou wucre lever aud ague prevail, that he in net
ii-e. iui.y reconiiuuiids iua.ui ot deciued merit to all
uijsol tever aua ague and general debility,
i . K. oaUclitus, M. li,, wi iUa from Van Wert, Uhio,
I uiust lespecuuuy lecotiuuend the tburry Wme Bu
.ejs to Uio uuiice oi all uispuiHa: petsona, aad to at
'uu require a eliinu.aimg mouicine. , ,
Tliey are sold by Ueuiclne dealers generally.
t l iks Iu Ck, poi bottle. '
j. N, iLai.KLS A CO., Cincinnati IXin,
'roprletors for uie solUioiU and WeSltttD fctateaA
wlimaudress ah orders ,
For sale wholesale aud retail by W W. Berry It Dc
uovuio ; twin, l enuietuti a. i mmi itains m BrowCf -olivine,
iciui. ; s, Aiiinsiield A Co., Mempbta, Teuu. .
i. w.igi 4: to., aua Muvil A Means, New Ur leans; Jt '
Pa. a, Cuicuaati, OUHij Luwaod Wilder, Louisville,
v)'. ocifi-daw-ly .
Lie Pills aad PiioBjix Bitters.
I HESE Medicines have now been before tha publis k
1 lo.- a period ot HiiKiY YEARS, and during
ual time have maintauied a high character In almost
veiy paiioi Uie oiobe, lur Uieir extraordinary and
uiuieukite power ot restoring perlect health to per
oua auilji iug under nearly every kind of disease la j
a uich Uie iiuiuau frame is liable. .
. lue touxwiiig are among the distressing variety of
auiuau uiseaaoi Ul which the . . : A -
eseiable L.ile Medicines
jse known lo be infallible: . - -
DiS.'KrclA, by Uioreughly cleaslng the first aod
soouuu stouiacua, aud creating a how ot pure, healthy
oilo, instead ot tiie stale and acrid kind ; PLATtf-
UlLSCii Loss of Arrarm:, HsairniCKS, Hjunauis,''
uauiss, lll-'l'emper, Anxiety, Langour and Meuuu ,
cuviy, wnicn are Uie general symloms of Dyspepsia, ',
wui van itii, as a natural consequence of Its cure.
C JaTIVjtJtASS, by cleaning the. whole length of
liis intestines miui a solvent process, and wilhoat
violence ; ail violent purges leave the bowels costiva
wituiu two days. .
. Fe.YBS ot oil kinds, by restoring tha blood t a
regular cu wiatiou, turough tbe process of respiralloa
ui such cases, and the thorough solution of alt ialesU-
nai obstruction in others.
't he tale Medicines have been known ts care BHTXT
MAIl' hi peruuuieut.y in three weeks, and GOUT ia -au
mat nine, by removing local iatLunaUoa trout tbe f
muscles aDd ligatueuis of Uie joints. ...
DKuPSLLS of ail kuids.by treeing and strength- ,
emug uie aauueys and bladder; they operate most de
uguuully ou those important oi gans, and henca have
ever been round a certain remedy for tha worst' cases
Aiao W0oJCS,hy dislodging from the toraingsof
the boweis uie auiny mailer to which thesa creatures
by the penuct pariiy whicn these Lue Medicines have
to the blood, and all tha humors.
iCOfLbuTIu ERUPTIONS and Bad Complexions
by tueir aiteiaiave eUoct upou the fluids that feed th
sain, and the tuordid stale of which occasions all
eruptive complauits, sallow, cloudy, and other tils'
agreeablo complexioiiS. 1 '
iiie use ot Uieee pills for a very short time will of
I'ect an entire cure ol SALT ItHEXI M, and a striking
unpprovemect in the clearness ol the skin. C0H
IttcN C0-DS and Or LUE A ZA ul always s
cureu. by oi:o dose, or two ui tue wurst,
PLLKS. The original proprietor of these Medicines
was cuieu ol piles oi 36 years standing by the oaa ot
the Lile Medicines alone .
PJSYEUAUD AGUE. For this scourge ef the
Wcowru counu , thvae atcuiciites will be found a safe, -speedy
aud certain remedy. Uther medicines leave
uie system subject to a return ot the disease a cure
by uieee Medicuies is pen niauent Try Una, be satde.
Had and be cured. ' .
PjcX ia. ctual ucbLiuy, Loss ut Appetite, and
diseases ot Females the Medicines have been nil!
witu the most bvueticuU results in cases of this de
scription : King's Evil and iicrolula, in its worat
tortus, yields to tne mud, yet powerful action of these ...
rewartuble Medicines. Night t weals, Nervous DebiUV-
ty, Nervous compuunts ol ail kinds, Palpitation of the . ,
tioart, Painters' cone are speedily cured. : - s U
hLhrLCU .IAL D &EASE3. Persona whose ooa- .
siiiutioud nave oevouie uupaued by the injudicioae .
use ot Mdrcury , will Hud uieee Medicates a perteat ;
cure, as they never tail to eradicate from tbs trmv "
all ttla eltrt'.Linl Urtriilirv. tnltnitMlv amttr ttun Ih. V
must powerlul preparations et tiarsapanlla. -.
- Broad way, New Yerfc.
Julyls-uawly .-;
KLP, lor tue cure of Caaker, aalt Bhetun. irr-
sipelas, iecroiulous Diseases, Cutaneous Eruptions, rare ) g
yes, aud every kind oi Diaease arising irofa aa iaa a
pure suite ot tue Blood. THE MUof EJFECTIV i
it is the Prescription ot an Educated Physician, aad .
all who are aihictcd a-ilh any ot the above named das- .
dascs, abouui taw it without delay. It will drive the -uiacaaes
iroui the sysuon, anu when once out ce the ) t
Saiu, a few appucatauis ol uR, M Ea VEK'a cEKATJt, ae . ;J
Ol . iiuV l , aud you have a permanent care. ' its
The LEKAit has proved itscu to be the best Oiat
mcut ever uiveiiljd, aud whure ouce used, it has never - y
ooeu kuowu lo lail oi tiLx.tiug a poimanenl curs ef Old
ior, I ciior au.i.KiU4;wo.iF , auui Head, Chilblains sad -
or Lim, ii.otu.cii or Puupics on the Face. And for
jOKc irt LE AND SO. k tl'ti, the Cerate is tne only
Uitug required to cure. It suouiu be kept In the hconft '
ut vey lainiiy. . n
Pried ot cyi up $1. Cerate of 25 cents .r boUia. Di-,. -.s.
reciiuiis accuuipuny trach bulla-, tioid by most Mej- :i
.'111. i 1 .. .-u I V li L.t. h. t I A.u.aim - . a
k ur th j Westvrn anu swutnern slaue ; Ciminnul, O ,
. To wliuui uruuia ior Ike above Modicui be a4-,-dress.'d,"
. i' . ' i
auia Wholesale and Retail by W. W. Buriy A Desae
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dtaeaSxSof the Hip and frptne, kidneys and Bladder, T
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remedies enable tbe most dsbilitatd w ecjoy as gresl
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any period oj thew lives. fcvj-l.

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