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MM m Jill i i OIL.
II mm
VOL 1 NO 28.
Published every Saturday at Mary
ville, by
XV. D. Scott Sr.
Ternii of Subscription.
One Copy one year ....... 2 00
One Copy six month 1 00
Single Copies .. I . .. .... .. 10
Payable in Advance. 1
Of Illinois
Or Indianna
Second Congressional District-
II. n L. 1' HOUR,
No man who habitually uses the
gift of speech to dishonor the name
of Him who bestowed :tcan right
full claim from ci ty the respect
and (OiiMderation due to a Christian
gentleman. Hie vice of swearing is-.
however so common, that were in
men who indulge in it shunned and
denounced by all who abstain from
it, there would unquestionably, be a
very large majority of the pro
scribed black sheep over the Be
cr '!" !.!te orr" " THs
I ru'V in cines itj
hJ, smm-J this In oi ,f th oxei.';a'M. ;
..u do :? tsi- t.;. urvuiUitames
not t" i a-cu: e t!; 'ir ot'crding bret'n
i en. to .Midiu vof t, rcfani tVem.
Few v S ir fc i' t.f. .'ty f f blasphemy
ore hardly enough to defend it J he
vil of the habit is confessed by
thousands who are addicted to it,
and they endeavor to excuse a prac
tice which the do not attempt to
justify, by saying that it is involun
tarythat they would bo glad to
abandon it, but cannot This is u
mistake. Any badhabit may be
overcome ty persistent watchfulness
and a resolute will.
Profane swearing is a vice as an
cient as it is odious It was proba
bly us great a nuisance in Jerusalem
two thousand years ago as it is in
New York to day. In the Mostiie
ritual judicial oaths-were proscribed
and heavy penalties attached to per
jrr . . But in process ot time the so
lernmtyof an oath was disregarded
and "the chosen, peoplo" began to
swear, conveisationally, . by the
earth, the hcavene, the stars, their
heads, and even by their eyes nn
limb, as vulgar, ruffians do now. In
vain the priesthood fern u:'ed them.
They went on from bad to worse
until the practice became so gen
eral that the Founder of Christianity
found it necessary to admonish his
disciples on the subject, and to re
strict them in their colloquial asser
tions and disclaimers to "yea" and
'tl f We have not seen; anything more
beautiful than the following from the
pen of George D. Prentice:
"Thero is but a breath of air and a
betof the heart betwixt this world
and the next. And in the brief in-.
f terval of painful and awul suspense,
while we feel that drath is present
'with us, that we are powerless, and
he till powerful, and the faint pulsa
tion here is but. the prelude of end-
less life hereafter, we feel in the
midst of the stunning calamity about
-to befall us, the earth has no com
pensating good to mitigate the se
verity of our loss. But there is no
grief withoot some beneficent pro
vision to soften its intensencss.
When the good and lovely die the
memory of their fcood deeds, like
' the moonbeam on the etoimy sea,
lights up our darkened hearts, and
lends to the surrounding gloom a
beauty ho sad, so sweet, that he
would not, if he could, dispel tho
darknet.8 that environs it "
Faith is exceedingly oharita
Me. and believing no ill of-od.
Callieott, Collector of Internal
Revenue fur the Brooklyn District,
N y.t and his Deputy, Allen, con
victed of complicity in the whisky
frauds upon the revenue, were sen
lenced last t nday, and on J uesuay ,
together all Col hn right, a trim
it ml of the same clai8, commuted
to the State Prison . at Albany
These men held respective posi
tions in society, and their sentence
writ a terrible stroke to them and
their friends. Rut their conviction
and committal is . a vindication of
the lawns' vindication' touch
needed, for it bad come to be be
lieved that the national govern
men l might bo defrauded of millions
with immunity. The money of the
whisky ring had apparently become
omnipotent enough to defeat all the
ends of justice
These convictions and sentences
may have a healthy effect in 1 deter
ring ; other swindlers; since the
may eathcr from it that it is just as
criminal to defraud the government
as it is to rob a dank or burn a
church. If President Johnson does
not interfere with his pardoning
power, the government may 8ive
hundreds ;f thousands of dollars by
the action ol the United States Cir
cuit Court of Brooklyn. Press and
The Government of the United
Mates owed, on the 1st inst., over
Twenty-MX Hundred and roi ty three
Millions of Dollars, less One Hundred
and llurty three Millions in its
Treasury, leaving its net -indebtedness
Two Thousand Five Hundred
, nd Ten Millions of Dollars. The in
lire ion this Deot is very nearly
U,e Hundred and Fifty "illions per
an. u n, or fully Twelve Millions per
month. Our Pension li.-t culls for
over Thirty Millions per annum, or
nearly Three Millions per mouth
i : i i, ;;rt t:vm the Cut r 1 1 expense
A :UT) i.g on I h tJoverri'uetit, and
w::.ijiiit.;ititfa-j ig tu pay off the
it, wts tiiu-.t jiay One Hundred ana
l"i ,Lt y i.ii!li'us por annum, or full
t: it i Mill: -in of Dollars per momh,
i ' " irn;i s;' M;t of putting down
the Slave-holders, Rebellion and
preserving our National integrity.
Add the uecei-sarv cost of cnri'vimr
on ttie tjovernment, and our Feder
al taxes can hardly be reduce J Le ow
Three lluinlred Aldiions per annum.
Tho cry tor a reduction of taxes is
very general and eager, arid Con
gress defers to it with ulaciity. The
Cotton ttx has ben repealed, blot
ting out Twenty Millions of income.
The tax on Manufactures followed,
wiping out Sixty, Millions. Further
reduction? at' uholitioiis of imposts
end excise u,ro agitated and strongly
supported. Whither do wo tend?
,'lho reduction of our Debt has
ceased. The last report adds Ten
Millions to its total; and while thi
is probably factitious, it is clear that
there has been no diminution since
the 1st of January
'J ho reserve oi coin in the Treas
ury has already begun to decline
It has exceeded Uiw Hundred Mil
lions net; it is now but Seventy Mil
lions in excess of the outstanding
Gold Certificates. This is to be
drawn down dimctly by the pay
ment cf Eight Millions of Mexican
War Debt, Thirty Millions of Inter
est, and (probably) Seven Millions
of purchase money tor Aliaska. It
is not probable that there will be
Fifty Millions of coin in the Treas
ury on the 4th of July next above
the amount deposited there by pri
vato owners and balanced iy Gold
Certificates of ' Deposit "And it is
morully certain that the Debt will
be heavier four months hence than it
is today.
How is it, then, that Members of
Ct ngress can be found to vote twenty
per cent, extra as "as additional com
j eiisation" or bounty to all the civil
employes of the Government nsiding
or working in Washington City;
That is to say: every clerk or other
person whose regular pay is $2,000
per annum is to receive, lor the year
ending with this month, 82,400; and
so of all who receive less than 00i,
or more, if the regular pay does not
exceed 2.600 How can trustees ot
this heavily taxed and deeply em
barrassed pooplo vote to squander
their money this recklessly?
We will take our own trade as an
il nitration: The printerswhether
compositors or pressmen employed
in the Government printing office,
are paid 124 per week, where they
were paid 112 por week in the old,
hard-money limes. They are paid
as much an any other printers and
they work no harder than others.
. .1 .
Why, then, should outer primers oe
taxed to pay this favored few 14,60
per week ex:ra? Jl eeins to us gross
part altty and wrong.
Representatives of t'te people! we
WHin vou that your votes for or
against this meacure will be t-cruti-
mred when you come netore me peo
ple for reoluction. They who live by
hard .work, ai.d gej ny twenty wr
cent, extra, will asK wny .mey
should be taxed to pay twenty , per
cent, extra for tfcia year's seiVV Jo
those Vrhouturve Iwu'tno-txt- imV.;
lor employer. We charge -you to
look well to your answer! Af. Y.
Tribune. 1 J
If there is any one thingln ordi
nary business life which has been
more satisfictori'y deinonsrtated
than any other i nc. it is that judi
cious adveitising will pay, and f yet,
there is no point upon which the
majority of our busim f-s men are so
skeptical. Mo-to t hose wlio adver
tise, if they fail have immediate ro
spouses, becomo disconten'ed.j and
consider it is a mere throwing aw.ty
of money.' If every eiictotijer who is
influenced by advettiHcniejii?, were
to announce the fact,' at'tho tithe
purchases1 are made, these ' skepli
cal'onos would have their1 doubts removed,-
A gentleman , connected
wyhafirm in this city, Informed us
atlay or two since, that some ydars
ago, buying a largo supply' of a par
titular article tti seil, the 'firm, with
which ho was connected "riesolved to
spend a thonsn d dollar ,in adverti
sing it In the short'upacis of" two
months, the whole of fte stock', for
which they Bought purchases,' and
whcn amounted' in the aggffgato to
seventy thousand dollars, was dis
posed of"" The remarkWe filtof the
case was that although he sales
were made mainly under tie super
vision of our informant, hedos not
remember that in a singhMWiee
the pnreli'ioers nlinfted to tie adter
tihoments, th i;g!i doubllest the r-
jority were ii.lluen ed by them
t.iirrl.t moniktii i ll i'f InP UM't1 ( a
f! tViP HtllT'
Kiuittitr itnirector,
ere it 'hecearv
Th following txtrtcti fh)tiia fantern
papar, portr ying pen and ink ' AeUhes of
memben ot the Massachu.cUii tcgiil.iturf,
should b read with interest fcj tht color
ed men of Tennessee: i I
John J1 Smith1. ' '
Is the only colored member, of (he
present Legislature, and is tin col
league of Speaker Jewell from Ward
6, Tiostoni Mr. Smith was born in
Kichmond. Va., Nov. 2nd, 182. arid
came to Boston in 1841, tin A-hich
latter city he hr.s nearly ever1 siiice
made his home.-' Ho posessess i.i a
large degiee the confidence f his
fellow citizt nt in .the ,Ward tere
ho is best k town, not only ariong
those of his own (party but, with
those also whoaro politically jppos
ed to him.' In the l.egihlatuio his
intelligence and, honesty of pirpose
have gained him many, friends who
will never fo "get him. It is tot of
ten that ho addresses the llouc,
but when' he does 'so his uiussui,.- j
ing manner, his force of reusoniig
and w'ithal his earnest eloquence,
never lail to carry conviction toljie
minds of his hearers. In the' re
cent debate upon resolutions Rela
tive to the impeachment of tho Pres
ident, Mr. Smith made one of tie
most forcible speeches delivered da
ring the present session, and carried
the House with him as if by storm.
On the question of the repeal of ccr
tain portions of the statutes in: n
gard tri (he naturalization laws, his
reply to lemaiks concerning his
own raeo will not hoi-ii be torgot
ten by those who were o fortunate
as to hear his b-ir ing oral. ry. rep
resenting in his own person thit
people whom many. year ot oppre
sion had bowed dwu in" crvuude,
the most, abject and spirit crushing,
he appeared lor the moment to riM
above bis peers, and through Hie
justice of his cause seemed lifted up
and dorificd.
VST ilr Colfax, on one occasion,
gave the Indiana Sanitary Commie
hioii SluO; at another time sent the
same sum. and once on the adjourn
ment of Congress during the . war,
gave the ' milctge, t69, for the re
lief of the sick and woi.fcdcd soldiers.
When the SolJieVit Home Associa
tion was needing contributions for
the support of the hospital, be lec
tured all over tho country for its
benefit. , . ,
Ifejr- We were truly glad to shako
the liring hand of that sterling man
aad patriot, b'ev. Win, Miib.ur,, on
Mondiy lat, and know that the re
port that lie hud been muruVivd wim
Ue Greenville Era.
V;. .
; J The Njitioi'ial Temperance Ad-rK-ate
sirong'y favors Gen Grant
hr President, avowing its belief in
the rectitude of bis habits, .fter
esref'ul investigation.
'.,f, j 2' t
.POP The potency of' thirty pieces
of 'silver wus sufficient to buy u be
trayal of Christ b'ecent develop
ments indicate that men in our time
can be bought with .the sumo com
modity. liuiical.
"taT Since ihe law took effect re
quiring four dollars lor a marriage
Iu-i iim-, there has been a filling oil in
the matrimonial biisincr-s in o im
parls of TennesHco
OsB" Why Uarhrytalis like a lout
oi' bread? Because it is the grub that
makes the butter fly.
S&" Fads acceptable to the people
(SrSptakcr Colfax's father was
one of the heroes of the revoluikfj.
He wm the conunaudihg otlieer of
Gen. Washington's hie guards
through the war.
igrAutonio Jenisurri, Minister
Plenipotentiary ot Gautomalo and
Sun Salvador, died at his residence, in
Brooklyn, on Wednesday.
Are you not alarmed at the ap
proach of the King of Terrors.1" buid
h minister to a sick man. 'Oh, no 1
have been living six-ami thirty years
with the queen of terrors; the kiii
Cannot be much worse.'
fie w ho loves little, prays lit
tie; ho w ho luves much, praya mueli.
assembly of the Male of Ten
nessee, at its recent ses-iou,
enacted the following law, lo wit:
'h' ' CHAP1EU Liil.
AN ACT to change and Fix the
Time ot Electing representatives lo
the Congress ot the United Slates
from the Stale of Tennessee.
StxiioN 1. Be it enacted by the
General Assembly of the State of Ten"
nessee,' That the next election of
Representatives to the Congress ol
the. United Stales from the State ot
TemioMsee, shall be on the Tuesday
next alter the first Monday in Jso
vembcr lSb'8, and on the first Tues
day alter the first Monday in .No
win 6er, every becond year thereat'
ter. ' " " '
Sta 2. ' Be it further enacted, That
said .election shall he held at the
different places in the cities and
counties, hs now provided by law, in
this ' State, und according to the
Constitution and existing laws gov
erning elections in this Mate, so
far as applicable; and ihe lelurning
officers shall make their returns in
tho manner, and to ihe persons, as
now" provided by law.
Speaker of the House of lteprescn
D iVV.'u. SENTEIt,
i 'absed February i8, 1808.
( ' : , speaker of the Senate.
In pursuance of this Act, -I,
W. G HoWM.ow, Governor of Teri
nessee, order the 'election of eight
Representatives to the Forty first
Congress of the' United States, lor
the eight Districts as at present ar
ranged, and also one for the State al
large ' ' The Commissioners of Kegb
l ration will see that elections , are
held in evtry county in the State,
und that qualified Judges and Clerks
are duty appointed. And I here
with direct that publication of this
Pioclamation be made three times in
each ol the newspapers entitled to
the legal advertising of the State.
, In testimony whereof, 1 have
L. S hereunto subscribed my name,
and caused the Great Seal of
the State to be affixed, at Nashville,
on the 8d day of June, 1868. :
By. the Governor:
A. J. FuTCUth, , Secretary of
State. . june 13 St.
Tax Sulci
To the collector ot Public Taxes
for Blount County Greeting:
WIIKHEAS J. O. Edmonson. Col
k' r pu Vile T e,,9 h nwfty
of lilount, li reported to tht Cir
cuit Court t iu May Term, 1C8, the fo'low
IngTricn of land and Tow r Lots at h
ing lf i n AKeted for Tnxei tor the year 1867,
that the Taxwi are due thcron and remain
unpaid, and that the r'lpectire owners of
the mine liave no good and eluttteli witl.ia
thit County on what bt can deitraia for
Taxes, to wit :
One tra'-t of land assessd ia the aama
of Willis Clitt. lying in tlx 17th Dis
trict of lilount county, lontrhiing Fire
Triors nd acres. Origin ly gruuted i y the
Mate uf Tennessee to Churlcs W. Parks,
Sept., 21th IM0 ; and bonnded ss follows :
beginning on a Poplar and
lilack (ium on the bank of Ketes
branch, the waters of Tennessee Biv
er, and running North 70; West,
Twelve hundred and Eighty poles
to a White Oak; North Twenty
East, fcix hundred and forty poles to
Hickory; South, . Seventy East
Twelve hundred and Eighty poles
to a Bed Oak msrked !;'' Then
South twenty West Six hundred and
forty to the begining, adjoining the
lands of the hers of D D. Foute,
and tho heirs of Hiram Sellers; val
ued for 1807 at 891)0; Tax. 58,32,
Clerks fee S1.50, Collector's fc $1,00.
Printers fee 51,50. Total, $12,321.
t . -
One tract cf land asaesscd in the
name of Willis Clift' containing five
Thousand acres, lying in the 17th
l)icfl'Wt f P LUIklltiw jTittavil ft ahimiimiI
ly granted by the State of Tennes
see, to Charles ,W. Parks on the
24th day of .SVptember. 1840, and
bounded as follows, to wit:
Beginingon a poplar and black Gum
on the north bai;k of Ketes branch,
t.h. waters of.T.Mincsse tiivert and
h.initNDrth 70. West, twelve
humlrt d and Eighty poles to a white
Oak; then iS'outh, 20. West, six
hundred and forty poles; then South
20. Eact, twelve hundred and
Eighty poles to a black Oak; thence
ton direct line to the beginning, ad
joining the first described trr-ct Val
ued, lor Taxes for 1807, at 5900.
Taxes. 58.32J. Clerks fee 51.&0, Col
lectors fee 51,00, Printors fee 51,50.
Total.. I.ri2,32J.
J. C' Edmondson
itev. Col. D. C.
It is therefore considered hj the court
thai Judgment he and is hereby entered
niinxt the aforesaid Facts of land ia the
name of the State for the sums anrexed to
ehch, hcingthe amount by Taxes cost, and
charges and the cost of this proceeding due
severally thereon for the year 1857. And it
is ordered ly the court that the raid several
Tracts of hind or so much thereof as chall
be sufficient of each of them to satisfy the
Taxes, least and charges annexd to neb of
them sevcnlly be sold as the law directs.
You are herebr commanded to oxpose to
sale as the law directs so much of tho aaid
several described tracts of hind so reported
and condemned as aforesaid as will be of
value sufficient to pay and satisfy the Taxes,
cost nnd charges, tegether with the cost of
this motion due severally thereon, and make
due returns thereof agreeable to law before
the Judge of the Circuit Court for
Blount County. Witness, Will. A.
McTeer. Clerk of said Court at office
in Mary ville the, 4th Monday of May,
, . .Will. A. McTccr,
In obediancn to the above, I will
sell to to the highest bidder, a-t the
Court Houso door In Maryville, on
Monday the 3rd day of August,
ih i i!trj I mi in I lands.
J. C. Edmonson,
V Kev. Col. B. C.
4 ... . . a'
Makmn's Mill, Nail's Creek.
Infsrms the public that he will card
The interning season at 10 cents, plain
and 15 cents per pound, mixed.
For the convenience of parties at the lower
end of Blount, a Wagon will call at En
NUN's, in Muryville, every Saturday noonj
or if neighbors join to send a load to the
Machine, the driver will be bearded free of
tr Corn, Wheat und Bacon
delivered at the Machine, will be
taken in payment, ut market rates
l&T Terms: Payment on delivery.
cui(ii; op
It is well knownby a g-nwl num
ber of the citizens ol iilom.t t'onty
that the und rsigned did during the
past year, sell goo is a great
many persors on a A-'W day lime,
who have piolongod those t;w day
inv) a few Month, and seen: lo bo
makfig good progre 'owatd Tw
longit tbem into a few year..
fciti3 jmpossibk- ti.r ihei lit
JJ iroo.v . - -h-rt ngfs
as they are now propowiiiglna. il
they have come l 1 1 oip !tt-'p-,
that it is best foe i. 1
and seller, to 11
have therefVi . .i . .1
strictly pay ! 1 1 -
inure. If tl:
will bo but '.
then thev v.
the account
and every I-
to run So
derstand t
Store, is the
ceived for t!
and that we
lea 10 per
wre to sell
Thankfull f. . ,
for a continue,
remain Yours Tr i
may 9 tf
TO THE PUIii.lt .r..;-.u.,! :.
The CNr.E -.sio.Nn- .
od of informing the citizen 1 ! '
adjoiaing counties th'it hr i -
tanning business, at his ol-t-! ' ' i :
Eastof Maryville, where lie e.v- u
ablo to supply the people wt.i thi-uot -ti-i
most conipletb CsiOt u CK t i
ER ever oflereu at any i'i .er, in
Blount county. Having m ured the
services of the best Nortnern work
man that could he procured, he flat
ters himself tint he can give entire
satisfaction to all. He also expects
to keep Picks . to suit the Tim: a;
and will soon have a splendid stock
ot Kip, Cai.f and (IWr skins of the .
ttacatftitmlttrtmnTjSr"'! mi lvCen
and Ladies fine wi r. He will iHo
keep on hand at all t un s, n good
assortment of S wbic!: i !-
determined to M il at v,-:- i . '.
prices before the var. '.:.-', i'
Bacon, Whe.i'. or H n v
will be taken :r. f'-r- ..'
the tbove ur i- m ; ifi
to contract f..i i t ,t . , . :
chesntit-o.'ik biik. ui t .-. i.-i
this sS'prini; and slunittir; tall and
get a contract. He ixpecti to :i
dopt the Pat 1ow ytem' whiwh
will enable him to sell Cr!:rra than
he could possibly do under the old
eredit system; and will treat all a
like. He will tan. for all who pra
ter it, on the old rule, one hnlf for
tanning. So como or. with your
Hides and get your Leatlvr.
apri!4 6m. Vf. W. Lawrknck..
THF. Knoxvillsj & Charleston
Lfuilroutl Co.ti,'Hiiy ulVrr tur sile,
-sv trom one htnijivil to one
hundred atui wentv thousand
dollar of IJIounf eountv Bonds
issued to s,iid (Jonijtativ. iVi'sons
wishing to puiviiitsc an ot'tlu-.-e
Bond-, ("An do so hy c:ililn;T v:
tne rresils-ur ot tie.
Rnoxvlllc, IViiM's. c.
C w.j
I'rouidPt. K. k
ru,. I
;. k
Indeslncllbte C 1dm ni-
Are recoramemled by B inkers, hJTe
Teachers, Merchants, und till who.
them, as the bent lVn '",nufacttrt,,,,ufi,ciur
They are non-torosive, aaaj-eri U)em'
ed with the greatest care, rjw bf?orlll
more durable than any pea
publ'J:' . . :. . dd est for 7$
bent post-paid to any f &otti
cent per box, containing o ff J
Ordars containing wa' t tolL thm
sams sas ahsi slab Ilia tint . u f
D(li a VUI IO sVW HV 1
M. McALF151 .5f'

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