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,, mm.TTilV
lllf . KrirUliUOAH
- j, --r -
K. TVCKKU, -Editor, j
: .
fllappille,' JllllC; 18C8 i
m-'i-srrr- "T"" v . .v,...
'Ml Communications- intend, d f..r
tHihlicot'ora must he add retted to the j
:J.,htori . - ti r , 1
Ml . Ifttm 'rdatinq to xuUcripiion
t f advertising must Ic addressed to ihe
it.. i 1 n ?,.-! on
UV shall not return rejected Qrt ivies. Ileavy. blows fiyjt iipm ihe devoted
Cormpondents untitle governed fcfi'hcadaof l)einoVray in put ling down j
ij'olloukng rules: . '...' S the Jlebellion will not bo quietly j
the following
Write plain, with yen iitid
7i yet ui'f- : . htk' ..' ''J
OF 180.8 W 110 SifALM'.E
The gloiious old 1th of July' wjU jponeftt of the DomoeraMo party, oud
iisLt in tho canvass of SOS, for tl;e advocates that 'polity '-only, . which
I're fidelity. Tho fight then bogins j can on.fniv a Democratic triumph,
in oirnt-ht, as did the war of tho' I !o- J Ho places before ihe people ihe
I i !!ion ln'-'in on tbo meiBoriabli- 2Jst i claims of I'eiidleton, an out and out
July with the f-amo queMioiiS j Copperhead, and uvh be i is for cou
nt lieiicf:. hut with different wcajionK. j hbtency, and that avuilability may
1 1 1 war a onduetod then on 'the ': tift the devil. Ho will never support
i-Mi t of the ftovornment. wfts for tbo ' for thh presidency a 'renegade Ab-
maintainanoo of Civil ldber'ty,.'aud
for the perjiot nation oftho Ameri
can Prion .ti id Republican I nstit u
'ion. The name is the prog ruin no,
for 18, on thepauoftho i:epubli
an jiarty which ' laainly composed
the army of ftjn. McDowell in the
famous hacleof Jbill run on the 21st
tlay of July ISiil, against which were
.irrayed the grey hosts of Peinoc
iay under the leadership: of that
ii uly orthodox democrat. Joseph E."
Johnsor., who bad for a Grand i Head
',. -entat',' tho great Champion of Jc
niocraey, Jefferson Davis.? i
Tho Union forcon, ai in the days of
yot-o, aro beinp marshalled fr tbo
ombat nr. lor ft ran I j.i.d CVlfax, w bo
.ire noin;u their emr.ltv to
- i:irl i:e n.iiy iin-i if elthe-1. Tbv
rd.ol the lu j'V.I.ii'-, Ir-i hytbc in
cV'ati;:rni- (irwl, vvut ao l will bo
victorious in 18G8, as, they cre'ln
1861-2b4-.r). Tho word defeat does not
appear in his vocabular-, and conne
quently ho docs not understand ' tho
term. And it is difficult to teach him
a principle that does not appear in
his own taqtics. i-'
-lint bowijdocs it stand with the
; hcniy? 'Who will lead them in the
.y-oming conflict? Livlenders (in the
.lanks of Democracy are scarce They
' onco bad a superabundance of great"
JoadersV but where are thev now?
t . '
'Ihe grcAf-T portion '.'of them wero
killed in the late war, by the vcrita'
hie Grant and his army of patriots bo
now beads, and tho remainder ore
so badly cripped as to render them
of little 'uso 'to any party. They are.
rimply Dead Ducks. '
In IMIO, they had John C. BrccK."
I'.nridgc... Bui' where is he Sow? lie
'in in c.mIo, and the Democratic record
, . . . ,. , v 1,1 'UJ
to niado lor . hunse it during tbo in-U
?' I'm niiig ycaris precludes tho possis
: ! i ity id his returning in safety, since
- H Uw iflin forco throughout the eh
J I-.- I'liion, and the Stars arid Stripes
f.ojit triumphantly over evrypart
il't-nvf. They onco could boas a
'"liicotrr, but he fell in thecauseof
h. .., n- y at Tithing Creek. They
I -- Davis (JolYcrpon) it is true,-but'.
i.i- trial :'or Treason will not; come
. oi r.m tor the campaign. -But
;,. ' i :i i i bearing tho name of Dei
i. ran an cruumand the full Dwn
" 1 i' i'--voir ; but this is not cnougbi
-trh-fly i:uty vote will not(tdoc
u ;m,v h Cahdidate that con cu'r-
1 j-'J'i 'ir,d (1'dr Ropub-'
" fut- oi ensure a J'omac ratjc
i"q h, -ntid whom can they get
i-.i ii , d.j this? Pondfeton? Xo:
. ticiUt: a too strong Copperhead
."' Muring the war. lid-would
4 ; -"y carry tno.war jucmo"
'tiny could run Andrew the
liffereot positions .when
,yid beforo tho people
:! n i a z igzag , appears
' oie ,,tho reconciliation
tlitB in his political
patter of injjiossib.ilit-.
: to liin bnviiq; been , on
iof.ctfqi.klon, b Scon-,' Union," r.pon the people, and will bo j THE -J.WATa A1)YMTISUG.v jft 1 Q JV, flH WV U
pefpccj-rAl to hi password: Wei J. ) ;, L.V V ,; , Lj .f p.! Ulim J if
VfonlW - t PetUnitic-poisjww.lhope he may bo nominated. J Wo bo., t jtiSme ihe rfwfy0y the editor 'or
His sorvWi in the Moses business hvo be will be. ; -.publisher to file in the 'clerk's office, his
iw4 Itub j'n ii n ui ii i,'i t. V
ppeccii tioes not favlnatc his policy I
tttftfrfrarimfniMr:ttion of the; exeou
' lU b braneh 'of the 'government .In
n il l in v- 'rnnniii.iiv tin'-
past voar".f his reign tUns j
ihmcnd biia to fho favorable;
nt. vnm. ...11(n
consdev-ilion of tho people.
WW then? . Hancock? No:
ovi-riooki-1 I , tli.il ;..utv. The fact I
i of hw bavin? lain su ina.!y"ortbodox
ootat-i a tia r aiti.i noia -
. nil i . .
r.'.t con. in r- . 1 h'.i' ! (ho Tiier". 'f
i -. v. ! . V.j ; i . rut iy ;ifO"lT ',.
toin of Abohtionim t eom .nn 1
tbebaily support of, thO.'idtra 0
pcrbead wing of the Pcmoviatic
party,' without wbUh .Democraoy
not u (vrpornlii iianl.
llriok lYnnoroy is a oti
:wv is a -otiiistc-iit cx-
olitioinst. .'lie has no i'ontidenee in
thohouesty (fan aportiato. i I o wants
the pure thing or none, and will ttop
on-no halfway ground and Uriek in
right.' Tho llopublican.s have Hiad a
Kud, Experience in a renegade Demo
crat. .Tbo. dog - will return to hi
Vomit, and tho bog to tho wallow.
: In presenting tho claim's of Judge
Ilouk for the nomination for congress
on . tho Jtepublican Ticket, wo are
acUatcd by motives of Justice, and
propriety. " Jle deserves all ho asks.
As early as December 1863, ho open
ed the contest for Liberty, and
equality, ,by making tho lirst Eincu
tipatiorj sneech made jr. Kat Ten.
iiO'jHt o sinco tin "ij.'tj s o':itio c T I Anti
Slavery Society. n le'Ji, ho was
district elect o'r for tho 2d congress
ional district,., add thoroughly can
vaesod cvffr'. county in tbo district, at
thoriek' of ooing murdered half the
the time'.' His" VneecheB in that can
vassj n behalf of, Lincoln, were
highly commended . by thoee well
qualified to judge; and ho was then
regarded., and go, pronounced, as ono
oftl0 beet stump orators in tho coun
try. In 1865, he wa8 a candidate for
congress with the almost ,cei tainty of
election, until Maynard becomo a
.candidate;,1 y , which circunuttauccB,
well understood by thopoople, Ilouk
was' defeated. ' Although defeated,
the speeches he' delivered through
the 'district, wero the seed sown from
which tho principles of the Radical
Party. were more easily engrafted on
the minds of the people. In 1866,
be wag 'induced to run or tboJudg-
ship 'of J tho 17th Judicial' Cifcuit,
' ! rlil'f-1l' ho 't!it .Mlift ii-ia fllnf.tucl t.T- n
1 r i' i . T, . . ' ,
(fabulous maiontT. It has ben, and
. ' , 'i " . ,,
s, 'universally conceded by all par
ties, that' he is a good Judge. His
ability ,ij tho subject of remark by
enemies as well as friends. He is
personally popular with tho people
and especially with his imracdiato ac
qnaintancc8'.', Those who know him
best admird ' hlm mo6t. In . 1866,
ooi after going pn tlio Bench, he
mado a can vafcs of all East Tennessee,
arousing tho Union men to abandon
Johnson)! His services in. this be
half arc lasting monuments to his
patriotic "horoism. Jlis speech -at
'NasbVM tho 4flofjuIy "1866, in
wliichi ho 'arraigned Johnson for his
treachery, was one of tho first,as well
as bestj j?pccocs, mado against tho
accursed w Ibeory known as "My
policy .Vn In the canvass last year ho
ws; ;Ju6y, ''jn dealing blows to the
Ethridgo wing of consorvatism. He
has taken pari in all the movements
Of the friends of tbo Government in
tho organization of tho r machinery
of , tatov; Ho was recently a dele
ga.te to Chicago, and is now ready to
cater upon' the canvass i n advocaoy
Of Gradl an'4Co!f;' Whether , nomN
natcd or not, ho is prbparod to preBrf'n'i&iillo Tenn. Juno 'fd 1863.
the"B-nncr of Freedom and tho
( ' I ' II I 1 i I I' '
..The convention to tidra'inate tan
- Tdidntou for eosgrcss," fbr't!ie'Slato'"at
.1 largearid for'thV lid Congressional
J fV I .- p - -
l'ifirkt, will moot in Knoxvillo on
tho n Monday in August:- Wcsugs
geit tbo propriety of calling a conn,
ty convention on tbo 25th prox., to
appoint delegates tysaid convention.
or the UarjTille Rfpublican.
Mr. Editor: Knowing ti
r. I nn itit. rPKt In llio kf fairs of our
p' p.. ; ,. ., ' I slml!
endiiivor '.o ivc you u hkul h n a
Matfb (iaiiK, betwec oJ: Ciub,
it .. i,:,n. M& iyy
l.nivernty Club rf Knoxvji.e. "JX
Club i halls.-ngi.-d the Univ iv ty Club
u play a (imuc &u oir giuauu, winch
was accepted; and tho ' timo fixed
for Saturday 18th i'hst.'.''
About V 'o'clock A. M,, tho U.
Boys' began to come, in, and by noon
all had arrived, and , were escorted,
by tho II on kiet,- to Mr Faulkner's
dwelling-house where dinner was
waiting. After dinner, tho Hunkies
began to smell a "mice," rumors were
afloat, and duly credited by 6omo of
the IIun.kicP to tho efl'ect that the
University Club meant to pluytpme
members of other. 'Clubs against
them. .Notwithstanding these re
ports our Boys determined to come
to time, being assured by tie acting
Umpire, (who was a memlcr of tho
llolston Club,) and others of their
Club, that-the suspicious parties
were legal members of the U Club.
The liuukies had cnleuiated on a
fair and honorable defeat, tut not by
foul ploy. Tbo Game opened with
spirit, but it soon became evident
that tho University Club, with tho
aid of choice players' from other
Clubs) were too much for tho Hunk"
ics. Their superior drill, taken in
connection with a thorough acquaiit-
anco with the "Eu'.cs ar.d Rgi;'.tytis
gave them decided .dv;:ntap: ver
a fair G a no Hi . t Ivn own 'mt -.w
hers tho "ie'ery would jot lave been
so great. Ti Ji unties kntw ucth
. "
wig cjbu uui iu .ia us teiiu iiou
briib'lo Game, ' but 'thoi Pitcher (a
member oflbeHolstonCldbofKnox-'
ville,) being experienced in U.e Bus
incss, pitched ,a ewift irregulaj, and
uncertain Ball, which to our Bovs
came very awkwardly, they. not be
ing accustomod to that style , of
pitching. It1 is generally known
that ' ho (U. Pitc ior), is a good
Pitcher, usually, but yet ho pitched
for thoHunkioB miserably. This can,
only be accounted for in ono of two
wuys; he cither diJ' not try,'' or cUe
he1 must have been Spiritually ihflt
enced. Two others of jtheir Playeis
wero members of Tho Holston an
City Clubs of Knoxvillo, ono each
and they are considered among the
best players in -'East Tenn. Their
Umpire was either) very partial, or
else ho was blind 'to the errors of the
University Boys, Ho'Baw the mote
in UiOiHuDkies ye clearly. In ono
instance, (and there wCre otlers
equally unjust,) ono if tho U's tipped
tbo Ball and it v as caught by our
catcher; Mr. Umpiro called foul, but
when his attention was .called to it
j ho said, "ass the Ball." lie couldn't
see it because he wouldn't.
This 8 of their best players were
members of other Clubs, and chbico
, The llunkice ask for no inoro than
justice, this much they demand. Mr
Hun ki-do-ri has loamed a useful les
son from this Gamo ittd ho doubt ho
will try them again at somo fuLuro
day, if they will givohira afair
showing.' One of tho Professors from
tho University who scored for' the
U's was hoard to t-cmark "It is ro
diculous to Jet fLowcry' play in this
Game.'' 1 just wish to sot tho public"!
mind right about 'this matter in bes
half of tho Hun-kido' ri Club. , Our
Club is doing well,' .' and is rapidly
progressing iu thp,Soicnco of Base-
Ball, and will no doubt, yet maVo
hor mark. . ;- nn,: 'i .. " , ', 1
Yours Most Kcspcctfully. r.f .)
' ; ' il Vin Tnatiitr fiiirft f'nphtvi) ' !
"Knoavillo Pffss and,, .Ve.wnger"
will plcflne copy,
affidavit, proving the jmflieqtim tf.
w?f thtpwJrntJfnJ
printer's fee by the patty at whose in
stanee or for whose benefit the publiea
tion is'hiadCf ond no action can be le
gally taken in a suit until such proof
is filed.' .;
Officers ordering the publication of
suzh advertisements must collect and
forward the fees, so as t) comply with
the law, otherwise the publication 13
Prices for Leul Ailvt'rtise
men! s-
,,8S.AS8ouAuc.oleld.ip divine
oi, April 1st, 18G8, tho following
'tte for Legal -Advertising wero
At a meeting gf the EepuHican
. h.vU-d;
rrintcrs' measure Seventy words
cr figures,' or fraction .thereof con
etiluto ono square. . i
Ilites For advertising Chancery
and Sheriff's sale, .SO. cents per
squaro for firot insertion, und 40
cents for each subsequent insertion.
For advertising non-resident noti
ces, $3 for first 100, words; over
100 and under 200 words, $4 50
over 200 and under 300 words, 87 50
over 300 aud under .00 words?, 10
Ii.solvcnt notices.-,,. $4 00
Stray notices (each animal) -.100
Petition to sell land and other le.
gal. notices not fixed by law 81 per
square (70 words) for the first inser
tion and 50 cents per .square for
each 6ubsoquent insertion. ,
., For filing each proof of publica
tion ......50.
Tho law requires tho printers fee
to bo paid in all cases before ' proof
of publication is filed. Aiid no ad
vertisement is legally mado unless
such proof is filed by tho : printer
Hence all advertisements except tax,
sheriffs and clerk's sales must bo
piid in advance or before tho proof
16 filed. . ,,. . .
" xew" adTeiitise.nts. "
i .-. NOTICE!
03 the 25th diy of July next, at the Court
fiouse 'ici r ):i Mnrvviilo, t on o'cla' k,
111 "t'i' nV ; e 'n,"V .'
T ..It iL . v i ..t I
i ''," "A';'r- nui:c.-.:ir j. - itrr
il,.. inici- unil l.ilj. npr tni tiic nrin.'.
in vm, Rhi-a row lives ml the fmckr-
i100 &c- "e !" fr""t ,uf V!f
lVt-siU-n;"' C i-.-h, where tho U 'nkMita
bhop uped to stand. 1 will tell lor cash in
hand, and Buch title at I hare as trustee
r Li.t :. :.i . ...... ...... : ir :n
make to the imrihaser. Come on gentle
men here U a chance to get a go:x title to
towu property.'
I am trustee forTooJ't Creditors, and the
ritfht of redemption u waived.
. W. D. McGhinloy,
j27.4. ' ; ' ' '". Truscee &c. '
' NOTICE! ,,
BY virtue of Decree rendered at JUuc'
4terin 1868 of the Chancery Court for
Blount county, . I will fccl! to the highest
bidder at the Court House, c'oor in Mary
villc. on Monday the 3rd d.y of August, 1803,
the tract of land situated in the 8th civil
Dint ,' Blount county, and known as the old
MoGlnly Farm, containing about 238 acres,
adjoining the land of John.N.' McGhinly
and others. Said lund have been valued at
1300, and must brinir said sum on the day of
sale; said sale will he made on a credit of
12 and 24 months, except 6 percent to lie
paid in hand on the day of sa'c. Said wtle
will be made in bar of the equity of redemp
ticn, tho purchaser giving bend and goad e
curity, and a loin retained on the , hinds . for
the payment of the purceasc money, this 20th
of June, 1808. ! :-i
4t. ' E. Goddard, C.i M.'
Wholesale betail dealers in
Hardware, Saddlery,
1BON, .STEEL,. NAILS, Ac, . k.,
bi t- I.-..
: i 't
' t 1
Ml '
i-.if '
,..-. II
1 t
I " r I
f:ij T VO
jv v x hum)
Groat Republican Tarty oi the
United States!
'The Switzerland of America.
.The home of the brave andfre e.
The Massachusetts of the South.
I '-: M
" :' 1 FOR 1868.0. I ., .
Nor is thevtime to subscribe.
Official ormin for Blount Go.
The Patriot's newspaper.
The Fanners, newspaper.
The Mechanic's newspaper,
Jhe 'People's newspaper.
The Republican will be an
unwavering, and zealous advo
cate of tlnv principles ol Free
dom, as bequeathed by our
forefather and made doubly
dear by the ; s acrifice of blood
and treasure expended in the
fuprcosicn of the
ni . n
- ' " ' reUlxonV """
)v n:ouo h uequal rights
to all loyal "mcn.M
Itrdiic tion.
In order to place the
in the hands of every loyal voter,
the following wJU be the rates for
theCatnpairin(until Nov. 30):
j . Clubs of 5l' accompanied by
I '- tho CAstr, $3,75.; CInbs of 10
' : ' accompanied by tho Cash,
' 57,00.
c Advertisers arc refered
the following
Rates of Advertising
(10 lines constitute : 1 Squaro.)
Ono Squaro 1 insertion . i . . ,
Each additional insertion .'
Ono Squaro' ono month
i '''. ', ' two months . . .
' " three months . .
One-fourth column ono year
Ono half 1 " ; ' "
One , " ., ' ' '
$ 1 00
: 2 '50
'4 00
5 00
20 00
40 00
75' 00
Professional Cards, of six , lines, ono
year (one party,) ...... 6 00
The'cxccs8 of six lines 50 cents per
' i! ,. ' i 'i ' ; i
lino. , .
Proffe'sHional Cards , (two , or more
parties) 800
Announcing Candidates for County
Offiee'rs'V'r.'Vcabb) V:".''.".-, . " 3 00
'lunicipaY Officers
Editorial notices 15 cents per lino. i
A -fraction of a squaro charged as a
whole square. i ; " '''
Advertisements ' for:"-less than . three
... if.. i i i h t -1 . i .' i. .i :
months must be paid iadoancc.t : .. ,.
'' I"" ReasonhMd deductions mado
from bur. published 'rates lo! adver-
ifktieciii frpm .a distancq. ; , ,,.:'"
Address"W. B. SCOTT Sr.,
AVo tbe standard lareof the
bow rcgni'ra
.unyvamaUY, 27th sos.
Whereas J. M. Greer Iiecordr&e.,
(wlhe Town of Mrj rilp filnnnt C'oiihit Tc nii.'i do
lirrc-bjr repou l ilie 'oui f.lmwg Town It.
the n hiiitf tiwn -ivprrM tfdif by the Mir.lml
or TI Collector for:iid To n hvinr he.-n mmorH
tat Itui for tb jmwtMrrliatmcftar i .t and re
mniii UDuaid toil (hat iheowuer of tlie tame l ave do
t,-.. oil ttatiis nithlq Hie l'vfJatiiu llmiti ou
.bno,b diaiin for Tai-, (
One Ixt l.iitvdin Ihtname of Allin (Urner, lit I a R
Lot No. 58 lying in Marrr ville, oc the .S'qrtb aide oa
laJnHlrt,IJoiniu(f iheolU Wsa. Toolalat. ouiain,
ingoaa quarter of an acre more or lr; valued at flKju
T.ieal,ja,ClerUror l.iol'rlntir foe 1,50 Col lecto.
fee. 1,0 O
.if llt; ITot'aV $5,50
$ It is therefora OiiMcttred .by tho
Court that JJudgniJiUif be and is
hereby entered against tho aforesaid
Town Lot, ,in the Name of i he Cor
poration'of Maryvillo Tor tho same
annexed, being tho amount f Taxes,
Cpsts and charges and;itho Cox t of
this proceeding neverally thereon
for the year 1807., And" It is or
dered by the Court; that said Ti
lot, or so much thereof as shall tv
sufficient to satisfy the axes, Costs
and charges annexed to them sever
ally, bo condemned and sold as tho
law directs," and that an order of
sulo issue.
To J.1 M.i Greer,'' '
'"IT." -Ml Bet'order of Maryvilloi
Blou'nt County Tenrt
You xri (therefore hereby Com
manded to Expose to sale as th law
directs, so much' of the said described
Town. lot. po f rpported .and Con
demned ar nibresafd, hV will be of
value sufficient 'to pay and satisfy
the Taxes,-cost and charges aforesaid,
and make due' return thereof ngreea
blo'v to law before thoudge of the
Circuit Ourt for Ihe County of
Blotthi .1 I' 11
' Witness, -Will.' A.McTeer. Clerk
of aid, Court. at Offico at ilnrvviile.
tho 4th Monday of May, 1808.
Will. A.'McTcer, Clerk.
In obediance to tho above, I will
Bell to the highest bidder Within tho
h6s legal hours of sale, for eash in
hand at tho Court House door in
the Town of Marvville. on Monday
the 27 day of July DCS, the above
described lot. '
J. M. Gicer
...... ; Recorder Ac.
We arc mnvj prepared to do, al
kind of work in the above line
short notice. , : -
' j , iBUGGIK'S, ' .; -.
Mado to order.
Also bori
cash rates.
Also horso shoeing "dorto' atlo
i !.. .
. - i -
' Repairino of all kind done pi omr
ly and neatly. . . . '
': ..li'i'i
Country Produce .
Taken in exchange for work. ;
. ' t r . i i t
CANCELErtifc ShldR
nr nTTTTinrti I
', . I : - t 'HI ! ft I .i I. I'i'.i i ' -imf
'' ' ! .'1 ' . i.i (!-
IS 1,1
I - I
Paper .Hanging', Glazing
ft-ld l tra :,M,lti7gC.i (SIC.
A tt hh))' i nf n- - '
4 Msryville i tuid i oiirnnuiding country,
that ho is prepared to executo STENCIL
and ,UnAND1 CUTTING. '.NAthing used
only 'the 'very' bent' of tnntfrtal Indrliblo
Ink, Brushtii, &r, &cl -j .l ,iit
. All work Mill tie , WAIUUNTKI), pro
tidr4j directions. fire, romplied with. My
work can be seen at the 'residence of the
ItevVft. E; Tedffcrd,' Mr. A. K. Tope, J.
D. Well A"0., -J. M. Greer's Chcnp Cor
ner, t;reor, ffyran'f, and at the Pout Ofll-.
icl Jtefcrcncei can! i ciri tl , to the vtrv
b(tof?itlZcn7" ' ''
MATtCH r,i:ERR.,
V. O. Uox 11.
I NovJ-'tf.

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