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y ., , .,i - - -rfy7'7vr?tt
1 . 1
Affoiils lor the republican
'J-'O.'Jilaitnson; 'Blount County,
i'. H. Powell, Anderson county.
W. II. Jenkins, Gamble's Store.
A. M.Gamble,.' . y,
F.I). Fitlktrron -Morgnhton.
Z. T. Tnllock, Jnnefiboto. ;'
. Xo edUorifil notice yiil be made here
,. after, except upon first insertion, of ad
vertisers unless ordered, and then at
, the usual rate oAb 'ets, per line.
. Head tho new raten of tho Jltpub
t lican. Only 75 cents for 5 months.
Tho Maila from Kfooxville arrive
i v-tryotner day. Alter mo zznu
of next month a daily mail will bo
i ..... J ..111
run, bo they nay.y .Ji.3 L IM
I A, 1 .1 . 1
Wo refer our citizens to tho. cdi
date for Cungcrss. Owing to a press
of business wo have not give the
.subject duo justice. But will! refer
to if amun.
Wo have been unavoidably do-"
layed in issuing, this week, in order
to giyc oqr readers the niauy. local
The attention of those desiring
.Hardware, is directed to the firm
of W. W. Woodruff & Co , Knox
vilLe, as tho cheapest and largest
Hardware Ilbuecin East Tennessee.
Our Farmers who need implc
tncivts,' will find it ,io their advan
tago to call on this firm when they
visit Kuoxvillc. Soe their new
In view of tho Presidential Cam
jmitfriVwc desire to secure S00 addi
tional subscribers by the 10th oi
next month, composed of voters of
; Loyal old Blount. : ' ',
, " ' Our price is now within the reach
of all. ,
During this week wo have receive
r Sixty! :
Let our Agents bestir themselves,
and sen i in their Clubs by the 10th.
An extra copy will bo given to
tho getter up of a clut of ten.
Messrs McConiiell and Davis re
turned fi'om Kansas i On last..! Satur
day, well pleased with tho country.
Miss Strang's School closed on
Thursday. An examination of the
classes was held in the morning at
; j 'j' fresl.ytijij Chur:i.;J TJie ex
ercises were highly commendable,
to teacher and pupils. Miss Strang. s
labor here has now ended. 'he
leaves for Ohio to day. It is hoped
that tho people, in whose bchulfshe,
hasn faithfully JaJjpred, will fully
I&ppjixiate afciipil iflto pntctcc her
wise teachings. S'he leaves a host
of friends) who will always lemember
her with kindness. ; , ." ,
i 7 'A v Mi nim ;
The School at Louisville, conduct
ed by Miss Mattie McKelrey closod
on Wednesday last. j
' " ' j h-.U.t
Tho attention. of our exchanges,
, jeadersA1 citizens, Irtendsj and (the
., lusincsu public, gencrallyjis directed
1o the ndvertiaement'of Geo. P.
?l lC..ft8 the' most reliable
U9AAiteTtiBing 'Agoney .'now la exist
ence. u 1 ;'s
Wo acknowledge tho receipt of
$2 from F. Lamar, Weston, MisoijrJ.",
f iAK ncetig o'tlojBoard of VaI
'HeVniftr for the Corporation ol Mary
ville, tho following proceedings were
had, viz: Resolved, that our ' BiisU
ness men be earnestly and respects
lnlly requested to close their busi
ness houses from 10J o'clock A. M.
to 2 o'clock P.M." on the 4 th of
uiyBy' order of 1 rh Board.
' ThoP.Lillard,' ' W.T4Prham,
JJusincss, houses , aro, recuestea
: to close on tho Fourth of Julrj ' A 1
. . i ! -'!'
Tho track of tho Railroad, it laid
within n few yards ol Little River.
aiauvvjlle college.)
! close op tiil summkii ses.
xamfhitiJn Yfhe
An examfhtt6n If the Classes
yoninic neyd fi . Tj-jeydayv morning
beginrng hi' 6 o'clck'aiia continu
ing till noon, and ending on Thurs
day. Tho progress and improve
ment of tho Students during the
session wan clearly apparent
The BlKJtorictl, exercises canio olf
on Monday, Tuesday, Wcdne.sla),
and Thursday evt'iifnft Vegining'
t 8 o'clock. j
Onler of exercises on Monday night:
Awarding Committoc, T
C. T. Cates, Esq. Dr. T. T. Carson.
- Sa ml.; Cowan.
'i. .,jr SI'KAKEKjv ( i.I 1 :
F.M.Allen, "Controvery between
the North and South."'
iJ. S.; Bell, "Political tfohserratism."
A. ;K. Carson, "Apgels 0 Buqn,a Vis
tA " ;
C. A. Duncan, 'The Indian Chief to
tho white Man." : 1 A I
J. M. Goddard, "Birth Day of
Washington." '
R. W. Goddard, "Eulogy of Lafay.
J. Inman, '"Pleasures of acquiring
J. A. McCampbell, "Tho Murder
er's Secret."
E. A. Elmore, "Intemperance."
W. F. Kogcrs, "Duty of American
A. S. Sliedd:in, "Laying the Corner.
Stone of Buukcr Jlill Monument"
The first Prize was awarded to C.
A. Duncan; the 6ocond to J. S. Bell.
On Tuesday evening the Athenian
Society celebrated their first anni
versary, "v r in '-v.
Declamation: J. E. Alexander,
"Bunker Hill Monument."
Oration: A. S. Sheddan, "TM
Debate: "Is war justifiable?"
F. M. Allen, G. E. BioknelL
, , . Negative. , .
4 j! A. ' Goddard, Hi WJ Sawyer. r
On Wednesday evening the Animi
Cultis Literary Debating Society
celebrated their $0Jufid annual ani-r)
versary. ! !
Declamations' , j
M. E. Tipton, "Sootland." .. !
V. F. Rogers, "Duty of American
Citizens."' ' " ' : " ': :i
Orations. ' ' ,
J. Inman, "Tho .Present Ago ",
J. P. Tcrffoi-d,' "lavages of Time."
' Debate.
ucstio "Do theyr AVoifks of Nu-
uro atiord a t;trongcrfrdotot Deity
than the Bible?"
Tedfurd.' Negative; B. If.' Lea, A.
N. Carson.
On Thursday evening Iho exer
cises were as foliows:" '"'
' '. , . . OllATIONS,;;:''
,G. E. Bicktioll, . Fiogresa.' of llu
mini Liberty." G. S. W. Crawfonl,
Foii'tical 1 'Conservatism:'" ' J. S.
Bell, pecUmation-j;"Die4 Jrae."
o.ll. Lea, "Intemperance " C- E
Tedford , 'LcVtibhV W rfeo rast'"1! lto Jc Pa!f fof " oam
I During tho ,eDtrfnf equipments
music, was discoursed by tho Mary
villo' String Band, composed of
Jllessra Alexander, Guerra,nd Boyd.
, - :; ( .-1 v '.I ; .),! I I ' 1.
Taking' in 'consideration tho
difficulties which, 'j many of
the Students labored undermost of
iU. i.t.w. I.. .1. ...i'.i Vt
tuvm uuin ui-uivib, tiiu wuuio ai
fair was creditable, interesting, and
elevating. Much could be said con
cerning this Institution, but words
ire inadequate to express tho great
importance of appreciating it us
thejohly avenue to sucess; and ncitlj
cr nave wo me tiruo or spac 4to
frirra lhn anldot liili'nn
,, ... . J .' . , .
' kjuo oi me most prominent lea-.J
turen, that is1 highly Oommcndabloi
waj. Iht" 'f po'ntjjneouVQut.burat 'of pa
...., a. , ; I., ,'4 j r
triotism, and the veneration shown
for the prinplc? of Kepublicnniim.
k Siiccemor to Tkmi'Li: & Asdbewi.
i(ii tii:- i Mil .
1 .hi 'in
OmcK on Cny St., Iclow Main
n Tin WET. TV
Y AttOrnSV -'At LW,
Office Up-iUir in tl;e Court IIoum-, '
Will practice in Anderson and ndjoiniu
Cguntie. . ). ,; , . ...
0 Gov. WGi'BrdWnlow, Hon L. C
Ilouk; and Hon. - Dan. C. Trewhitl.
Attorney Law,
V (l Y Vf fj (j 8, , rfi V .V h'S.i f F..
Will practice in the" Circuit and Chancery'
Court' of1 Blount, r Sevier and adjoining
counties. ..
Speiial attention given to the collection
of Claimi. , Oct2C ly. '
Attorney at Lav,
Will practic e in all the Courts of Blount
and adjoining Counties, nnd at the Su
preme Court at Knoxville, Tennessee.
Oct2 ly.
ional services to the citizens of
Maryvillo and vicinity.
B'orA ua rr anted. 7 EJ1MS CA SU
Ofiice at the residence of Dr J.
W. Cates.
pril ll-12m. .
Dr. Jno. Blankinship
;1Tbuij refpectftilly nnniunce i to the
H citizens ' of " Blount and adjoining
counties, that he is permanently located at
Mary villu, w here he may lie found at all
tmea, when not professionally nbsent. '
I'.T Would, solicit the patronage ol ail "
BET )Vdl 'jiSe spjctil attention '
Chronic Diseases.
. f MLate Asst. Surgcod,.'ClS. A.
Oct2C-ly. " , ,
KiRiion ih:h;ii
ol 7?P7iW7 lifDi I CAB WET
ironKJiAX, '
J)KGS leave to 'nfonn the public that
) he will carry on the above business n nil
its various branches, ot his oldctund, Cdlcge
street, East Mary ville .
Every kind of work made, known tc the
business, at cheap cash prices. Carjentc
work on houses, in building or remod.'lhng
done on short notice, and warranted tobtand
afuirteM. . . ( ,,.;. ,,. .J 1
J;Vi! iliiU ;l
Proposaliwii''.ieceived at the
q,ffice of tho Knoxville & hnrles.
Hon Baif' lvoad. company, it Knox
ville, Tenn.,nntil the 10th, day of
July, lbbs, lor the buildmjof tho
Rail Boad Depot(FraincdVt hlarv
Clark oC the County Court at
villo; :Tc3fi.;Cafter July ith, 1868
The Company reserves tlo right to
reject all bids. R. C i orris,
J'ljno. 17th, JSCS ' ' ' ".; 'Engineer.
Adv.tlf mcnti forwarded to all Newsj.apsra.
No advunca charged oo Publideri' prices
i leading Newapupara kapt ot fil.
Information a to ct of Adnrtlilng furalahed.
f ill t)rdor"rc.T cartfuU atuutluo.
inquiries by Mall aotwarad pwmptly.
Camplott Priotod Uata of Ntwip.ipors for sale.
special iuu prtfpawi for coom!rs.
t d.r,,if f ?rt'VVrl,n- au "-cured.
-viri ajon
i buiiiii'ai Men ipeelully aollcltrd.
Dry Goods' arid
if 1 n
t 1 1
Main Street, e.xt door to Tost Oflice,
1 ':,., v ii " "
llnr jTille Xcuiic ce.
A wed 9'c4 Jjk. ol
-IWH -. w w
. 1., 1 1 . i4 1.111)..
G LO VES,, ' F;;fG ES, . &c. p.
' And Cooda guurully fur LiiUcs w ear.
. . CA&til I! t 'P A TS , B'QOTS,
GLOVJ3S, ic.,lc.,
For Gentlemen.
Also Dtalcr in
t " 1 i
; . . , l
ovlG-ly,apr23 . ,
.-.;.j4 .
.( :?SHEET , i IRON
Tho subscriber would most respect
fully inform tho citizens of
Maryville jnil, the furrundinK country tlmt
bJ hak perkiariltntly eablfe-beil liiinxclf in
tlas place, whore ho may be found nt nil
times, lie will attend to IiOOFlXG nnd
GUTTERING, nnd will keep constantly on
..nd a good uisortuient of
Which will he gold as low as the same
nrtit'.e ennbe bought else where.
repairing of all kinds done nt tic short
est notice, and on tho mot t UKASOXAliLE
His shop will I lie fouud West of the Court
House, Call nnd examine his work, aud
hear his prices it will cost nothing.
Nov2-12m. C1IAS. RAFTER
Agent for Hie
Cal! and examine sample tic my ofHei.'
(T. O. building:.) OctfS-tim
Tn f twi a, f .rt rut I n I .lin Ta vnc
lor JSiount t ountv (iieetin
r iiiount t ounty iiicet
TV 'IE BEAK ,f. C: Ecfm
motison, Col
lector of I'ublic Taxes fir the county
of lil'iunt, hi:i reported to the Cir
cuit Court at its May Term. 1:GH, the fn' row
ing Tracts, ofhind mid Town Lots ,i liu
ing bi-c1!) nssesed lor Taxes lor the year 9 Sc!7,
that the Tax. ure due theron and remain
unpaid, and tHat' the respective idwin-rf of
the same have no coods i.nd ehatteU titl.iti
this County what lu. vfl (dcfrail. ' for
.... t i r. ''
Oao trnx't of land-nsst-si I in the fift'nie
ofWiliis Clift, lying in the 1 7th
inei 01 iwount ti'univ, containing five:. '. , u .1
Tli.maun.lni.rot. (lriirii..,lv rr:.nt,,l U-tl... "lni11 -" "' " ""'
Mate of TrnneHMm to ChiifU-i W. l5ark
nndi'd as fuJU'Ws :
, .
1 Beii
ginning on a loiilar ana
Black (itini on tho bank d" Ketes
branch, the waters of Tennessee I'iv
er, and running North 70; "' West,
Twelve hundred and Eighty poles
to a White Oak; North Twenty
East, Six hundred and forty pules to':
Uickorv; South, Seventy 'East!
Twelve hundred and Eighty poles!
to a Bed Oak niMrked "1';'' TJico i
South twenty V(t (Su ij.u (itiw-J ami
forty to the begining, adjuining the. '
lauds ot tho lu'irsvit J) . I utite,
and the heirs ol Hiram Sellers v.'iK
tied lor lMiT at P.W; Tax, Xll,
Clerks fee ?1..'.H, Collector's fee $1.M
Printers lee SI,."iU. Total, SI2,ajJ.
; 'One tract (f land hs.'etl in the
name of Willis Clili' containing five
Thousand acres, lying in the" 17th
District of Blount County, original
ly granted bv the State 'of Tennes
w;:tff OWrlo..W;. Parks on the
21th day of .SVpt ember. IM'i. atid
bounded -as follow s, to wit.' , ' . . '
Beginingpn a pujilar and bjuck Ctntn
on the north bank of lu ll s bn-tich,
the waters of Thim'ssoc ! Ii; vr,, and
rujining North 70,. Wcj-t. twelve
hiiuo'red and F.ighty poles to : white
Oak; then .Sviith, 20. W.si, six
hundred and forty j.nltw; tlwii South
'20. Fast, twelve hundred and
Eighty poles to a blade Oak; thence
to a direct line to the beginning, id
joining the first described tract.. VaU'
tied, lor Tttxcn fr ts7, ,vt ' 8(o.
Taxes, $S,:j2i, Clerks fee fl.. . Col
lectors fee ?1,00, Printers fee !?l,f)0.
Total u-::.vi.
J. C1 EdinoniUoii
Rev. Col. B. C.'
It i therel'iire tonidireil ly the eourt
that Judj;inent. be nnd i t lii'ichv i ntered
najlist die Rtufusaid Tucts .f I.ind ;-i tin
nam's oftlieStato lr tliu sums annexed to
eac h. Iicini? the amount hv Tavi s c.i I. mnl
elmrpes nnd the cost of this jin.eet dl-!? dne
fevcrally thereon lor the year KSo.. , Ana it
i ordered by tlieourl th:i tliew.M m vera!
Tni( t. of land or so. UiUeu, t'litreof 11 ihft
be suflii ient of each dl them (i sating ,-tbe
jnxes, least nnn energy nnnexii tDfvic.'h ol
them sever-illy be 8old ns the law tlirt ij "
You are hereby romnianded to orti to
sale as the law directs so much of the aid
w-Teral dcsvphi'dlmcts ,o(and so ri p'Ttcd
ami t (indemned n aforesaid ns wi.'l v ot
value MifHcient to pay nnd satisly tho;'f Jxes.
eo.Nt and charge.", tcgether with tliej rtst of
this motion due pevernllv thereon, and uinliq
in. ti .iiu - 1 1 ... i
t he J tidge , of, (the Circuit, ou i f ' for
BI ou ij t Con n t y. , Vi 1 1 ww, i i I ' ' ' A .
MoTe'er, Clerk otfiaid Court at ofiieq
in IMaryville ther-l'tli jMondaf ot .May,'
In obedianco to the above. 3' will
sell to to tho highest bidder, at thf
Coiirt Houho door IMaryille. .
Monday the .'3rd dav of An-iist,
lMi, thuabve described landa.
J. O. Edmonson.
ri . -11 O ' W
4BIartin' hlft.hfsL'H Crfer"' ' (
informs the public tlmt he wi.1 curd
. - .WOOL
The incoming' season st' lD ecQtt.M ila
nnd 15 rents per pound, riMd? ' :
For the convenifnet of parries a'rth. : uwer
end of lllount, a Wngon --will call m'Fj.i'j
M-.N s, in .Maiville, t'verjr Bnttirtlii X'wn;
or if neighbors join to send a load' to the
Machine, the driver will he bearded Vee of
(. i lt
Iter Corn, Wheat and Haeoti
delivered at tho iMachinc; will be
takeniin payment, at market rates.
itdrlhms: Payment on' delivery. -a j
npniiH-orn . 1 '
-H.'.Cl '
Uocknrd Cotton mii?,
1 1
i 'It'M woll'kHKnVtvIA- a "trrioilf num
ber of the citizens of Rloiiiitl.'oiint v
tfcat the tondersJgtied fi f ilu'ring o
past year, k-11 goods to a jrr. :it
many er.')(ns on n d.iv 1 i i n .
who have piolonged lhn...j 1.- ilaf
into a lew inontliti, aii l kvih i 1 .
making good progress i.w;!v!' ).!
longing tlifm into a 1 '. H-Mr
Ho as it i- iinposhiLU li-r i!.cm 1..
61) joodn pn titnv, at a,!ry llam as
theyiro now prt.piiiig u
they have come to tli;- k ct fu-ii m
that it is best" for - bo!: t'-' '"'i;' 1
and Heik-r. to njitl an. 1 ! v ir. a.i .
JiiWc 1 tic ivlon; concluded t 'dj a
j stlic'l
' n . -.
V down bu.-inv- ir ill
u. iii-c.-y it m 1 i'.im i'i at an. 1
L. bul ,,. a hl)(.t , !:J,
tirt ih-v w,:; add to t:.- r...i!..i .
( Tl)t' nc f Iv wr '! f i
! .a 'j
Xi '' '
1 hIlti ,nvrv umi.J:iv it U
i , ";.' , J ., Ll" . 1 '
.Nor , 1? I ih- m n: I" y.-i wi'ii'- i.
reive'! i?.v -thcii 'ino'th-i . or prodiin .
and that w - .vill' sell goods toy at
leasiv 1") p'r --t'iit iss iiLiin if vc
were to sell mt any linn u nai'' r.
Thankfull f.r .'a-t lavui'-i and a-.':
for a continuance ol tlm -ainef w.-
rctuain Yours Truly,
J M (,KKl:!i A 'o
"rnavO tf
the public r;i:.i:iA t.i.v
The CM)EtpioNFD takks tim.s mi . n
od of infoniilnp the citizcni of I'll. in:: . n I
adjoining couiuiei th it. jie i eulai uie.' K.
t un.; LiK-inlsi, i.t his old Ian. I. two mil,
Eastof M.iryviliu, where he crri in ..
able to supjily thejuuple with the be t ; n l
most complete STOCK l I.llAl li
Klt ever ottered at any Tannery n
Blount county. Having secure d
wrviccs ot tlie best Nort'iei n wm i,
man that could lie proem ed. he ti. i
ters jiimself th;;l he can gi r i f i : - -hatiufii:;lion
to all. H; al-. v -
to keeV Piticii to suit the TlMs.v
and will Ko Hi have a - .1 in t it i 1.
ol Kir, C.;,k and (.Joat .-Kins , t',
finest quality, (suitable for ( i , i o
and Ladies fine wear, lie
kec) on hand at sall times,
assortnient of Sadui.kn. whir
determined to k-II at-verv
prices before the war. lh.di
Bacon, Wheat, or Horses ain
I 1 : II.
V :ilcf..
will be taken in exchange foij.-my d
the above arlieles. lie alo
ebesnut-oalc ' bark, to b 1 deSh ( v. -
this iSpriug nnd Summer;. cc'l ami
gcj, n .cpr tract, lie. e.peiu t" :i-
dopt the Pay l)ow. .sxetuj u!. !i
will enable him to sell' 'niiAcf u i !:
hc could possibly do uivl.V tin- old
credit system; and will treau all a
like. Ho will tan, for :til,-. !n pre
fer it, on the old rule, one lrilt l"i
tanning. So come on wnli
Hides and ret vorir 7,e;i!ln r.
i mi
j apWU-fun. .'v'W'-W. I.'w. i
f ,
,, ,
a J I : i-
-li.-.V ..: 1 .
. , i I k. " i ' :
. ,- . '., i ; i , .' i..
..' l-'ibia.JWTIOK.
in .','! .!(' ' i.
d' i 'at.-i
! I 1
THF KiioxvillcS: l'!,.;!.-
lllVll 1'0 IvJ UU I V l. iT iwr v.e
say fr'oiti" one Iiiiii'ln V! m i
hundred ":uul ont t!.i.'i-nni
dollar of Bknint. counrv JimnlV
J issued to said Ooiujai)
la. '
St l I N
r . l
i:''1i:i.Sf oil . i
r Jj 1 , . ,,,,
u'l. h 1"
i siboar of -liie na.l .-. '
'2 ro )(
IT ; i 'li
, . C. W.JOM'N
l ''! .'' I ri y " .. .....
. i resiuoni, i, t t . i,
i. .IX .o'1 I ' V-
1 j ;.' I t. I p
:'. i'J 'lJftl -
7" ;l V.l ' -
iii;tti:k . than
i .'. -k
indeslrnclible Golden FrnN
- U'i?
I'-' i. I. ,r,it
. I (.' k;
, ! t r . j, ... ' f .. r , .. ..
AliL recommended hj r.;inlktrs, Wvrr.
reachol-a, Merchants, and nil wholmve' trii-1
tuem, as the Lest l'eo manutiittiired.
They arc non-eorisive, nnl miimif.i- tur
Cifulh the -grentcu care, r ,1 in iii-m
nipi-c durable than ar' c "T I H-i.i c On-
i fr f'.l'nt IKIkt-tltil 1!
lor ,.
1nlsvr.osgoiJt ' ' d,j.
u" Ordors cohtair ' 'J ,r
the snm
; j ipnt nt tur risk. - u " '-get totr.v then
M-'MXbns.k Co .
IiOuiaiii", h
OO w 0
o o

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