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The Texas Republican. [volume] (Marshall, Tex.) 1849-1869, May 28, 1869, Image 2

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Mall ArrugtMrtf.
IniTCl Mi HfwtOT of tk* Kate.
■"kuTMirt, a»d all fiMM Kaat, da J
parti daily, (iiifayi uwptail,) «H «.
■ ; arrivaa on the mm day* t>l i\ M.
Wwtwi by mi of lUnderaoa Mid {
Crock#*, daparfc Mowkji, Wvdaradaya,
uJ Friday* alA a. arrtnm Tuoadaya, <
Tbarsdaya, Mid Haturdava at I p. m.
Northern, by way of/effipraoa, Clark a) j
captad,) a^&T!r7^nw*^iSui»*7kp il j
• r a.
Tylar, m Vay «f HW*iii«r, depart* j
tloii'l*}* Wadnc'adaya. and Friday* at:
%ii ■! MiT iffi {
Saturday* al 6 r * I
IWlaa. bf Wty «T HHiii,Quitman, |
<kc, diptrti Monday* and Friday* atj
ft A. K } WvIvm W*h**daT« rad .^atar
dayaatft r. a.
,4aa AifHir, by anj *f Uraad (
Hla£ (mm#*, At.. Uptru Sunday#
aaj fliiMwi at f> a. *, arrive* Hatar
day* and Wednwdaj* at ft r. v
rorrOrrmt fcw;n.AT»pv«.—Th* Of
fltt will ba4^en«d r.nd »rf«aad a* foUowa •
OmmI at il n'dloak, a. doaad at
Itt aalosk, jl « ; niyiiKd tt 1 o'dloek,
r, m. , cbaad at ft o'tfitM-k. p. m.
Omm4 oa Haaiayt al H o clock a. h ,
fat om kotir.
Aupa^oaa will be fhlthftilly aerrcd
<fc*4n& owvt bdora. and n*a« wtid apply
aVaih^r HuHi for tbay will ba r«!Wd
9Ju imf ifyvtlinm
£®X»I Milwt.
, " " Vi: k m
»«. SuaJcnLrTtnM-(/#i Sftt-ir )
Sot Y«nr, invariably in ad
»»#*«%, $3 w
ffti Monti*#. 1 75
Tc Ckibt of Ten or mow, nor an
na*, efceh, 2 50
'Apnutr «mo—< (\trr<*<y.)—For one
eqaare, oicktlt liaee, 91 (JO. Any num
ber of Hbmini ffaan eigbt, charged as
•«s-- Obituary Notice*, call*
on <aa*idi*ee, their repliee, and their
cite alar*, and all notice* of • perwma)
character, (if admieeible.) will he
ofiargftd m advertlfcwente
Kjf.torfal mrttoee, of a purely baeines«
elwUelWr. inch u nailing attention to
otMh fMfahe* in Ike papsr, remarks
■M beelneee koesee, ami the reception
of gaude. will be ehar|ted at fifty cents
a line- >e inch editorial notice :n»ert
mi 'i>r !«• than two dollar*.
H?«xoi»a AsrroumqpT*—frtHxrr
» BMliu, 6 nuMM, 1 ;ui.
1 «tjU4f»,..,.» 8 Ml * 14 00| 20 wu
14 UU 22 flu M l*j
i. " .... anoo won .wco
4 " a oo u oo win
Rill fthuu,. Moo ioo on 200 oo
<tbt CMraa, 100 00 17.1 <X) 3«0 00
flftr fU eenl ,* Hi afcote added for
(HaMt foteaa ■,Jiin'«iinri»
'AftaMliw* lartwadin* ^rtwcwnu
»ma daaMaf to do aa Htin aj
■Ale* bMlMM; Uwl u to chance
IMn «d«MtiwMnu iro^naotlj, will lie
«kH)|ci< tlv patm] rat* or One Dollar
pMaqoar. trtlh It MurtUn of flf*y
pmrft, or mt Mff lit «WM |iW«.
Tfc« ibo* Ima k>h t*M« amed
•pa, and will In etrktto adtwrad u>
Pnfr;«k>r ot UwiW Klaf.
, U. wl^lGUKRY.
I'm ol Tela* )i. pi!bllean ud Timei
September 19, IM7.
«tMft whaf* *> a a-1
idjrQIa" *
tirtk, thai i
Hmm. Jmm, Mm*, * Wlata. h.» I
1» nBtnf lk» noM iwaylata ia thir
—ikmot ika Smm. Wtdo vwk in
»OjiU notiWaaioa l» th» kaat painting
ia Mow- MtImm, urf at ^>ric«a u nit
«« WW fcr m»r
^S(BT|S3WRpn^inM tn Cftfefmia
i&kwylh npM<M In <l(tiiic up an h
tWch A »hoitt5j 1)0 their
pfMt tojit*t»i(L
W»m utborixW to kbhimi I)a.
Hlll'l.U* UAKEI1, of OaJvaaUtn. u ft
nftnJMMa lor tA li-mrtmt km Un lickK
With A. I llAUIl.TOff, In th« «W
!*a ta tw fcaM aa th* Mb of July nam.
Wa art acitortM to immiJ W.
KiPB, Im. m k iiIMmi Air PIS
WW ATTOHIO?*, at tha mala*
*• in MitbarlMt to aaaoaaca the
■uaa of Sua. MKb' AKMSTRnNQ,
of Maw aamtr, aa • raliJWata for
CWpni. ia thia, Hm> Kin. Mart* of
A DirioiAiii
Sjtirda; nigkt list, lb* Marshall
ciijr polie« attempted t*^ba^»Jok*
A■gtll, a yonng nun A Ml beeJ
formerly one of the poliifodjp hi Jl
■elf Angoll, who ww tjpnkftg a J
bcintcrous, rcMxidC wkiMf twr
noise, Micajah J. Harris, a son of j
Dr. T. A. Harris, ran up, just iu|
RlfiH f»Ft» ft ptfTCt, illlHi <ltBI I
intcntic.nally or neeidefttally'wcnt off, |
and shot young Harris through the
neck, ioflit.'icj a fata! wound. He
--»£ -* .. *> . -•u.,.-jj*niaj
was taken iiunvfdistely to the office
of |»r. .Johnson Si Son, whefe he
lingered until Tuesday night,, about
half paet 12 o'clock, whan ha expired.
Hit afflicted parents came frt.m bone,
stal-i with him till he diet!, and did
everything in their power to saT*
him, bat ia *am. Wa deeply syni*
pathize with then in thair affliction.
The deoensed was a wsrnt hearted
young man. Atigpll immediate!/
give hinvclf up On Monday there
was a preliminary examination of Umt
case, before Major Ileiss the tnHlttf*
Mayor Wo did rtot attend It, and
do not know the result. We 4a
not know whether Angel I intended
to shoot nny ©no, and feel satisfied
he did not intend to hurt llie «l*e«u*
cd, to whom be was very touch at*
■ rached. WTmt a warning tbi* case
j present* tn young men against the
evil?? of JiiU'ipatlon. and the pra^etf
' of tarrying deadly weapons.
HVX9Ar < Kt.EfiJ? \TTP* — ,1 liP
1 Uapthrt flondav School Celebration, in
Marshnll, on tl e 23rd, in described by
thoee who wer .• preecnt, as u scene of
unusual i titer*«I. l"navoidable circuit;
stances prov inted its from utm&Jinu,
which, to us, wn* a source of rogrti
The nril agreeable f.«:tur* of the celo
bration won, that most ofr*e r. 'Jreeeee
were delircrod by the scholar*. Mini
Fannie Young's address on ''The Bible,"
we have hoard very highly ox tolled a* a
composition, and for the admirable man
i nor in which it was delivered The
pleasing entertainment closed with an
1 address front Klder Met loud, of JefTer
| son.
| K&. Hill A Wilcox urn not to be out
done in the beef business. The fine,
• cle#ant, corn fed be of they are retailing
at thuir stall, So. 10, in the market, i»
attractive enough to delight Uie eye of
| the finest cpicur* If you want a fine
i roast, or a eupcrb steuk, you are sure of
: always gotting it
i Soua Watkh.-Lauca»ter it (Jar
■ ntt have their soda fount in fall
i operation.
BQK.- The telegrams to tlio South*
Wetter n, dated the 2 !th, state that
the great Commercial convoution
vii in eeeaion in New Orleans;
about 400 deiegatee in attoo4nw*,
Texas represented by Col. & H,"
Kpperaon. The prominent feature*
in tlit MftVMtioii, *• * strong effort
in contemplation to aaeura Umkvm»>
ional aH to a Southern KseiHe Rail
road, and improvement of river tia?«
•V'fhe Southern Pacific
Company lias received Ua first Tot of?
iron ftr the extension or the road 'be.
vui>) ibU blftc'. il.» Uk» ltk» h'«l
MfThi ptiuM <>f lee in the adve*
tiaanenton next p«ae. were ineeereetip
given See it lee to boing sold verf
Rao liivnii.—W« learn from the
Southwestern &at the riter at Shlew
port hue fnlieu live feet, during the past
week, leaving it thirty j>ne feel above
the lowest water mark.
*§u. Mr. T. Htroud, of the firm ol^
Bt*oud & Co* will accept our thanke (at
a large bundle of A lubaasa, Ceorgia,
Nliaeiseippi, Philadelphia, New Vopfc,.
New Urieona, Vickeba**. and Mielt*
moad paper*
tfST The Jefferson Time* stales that
the email pox is prevailing in the nolgl}^
borhood of Duingertichl.
MP" Attention in directed to the law
card of J. Kilpatrick, Rihi, Attorney at
law, Hhreveport, f a. It Mliould have
a^fieafU a month ago, but the leUfg
I containing it, wn» mislaid. Mr. KHpq>
r.^k ia well known a* thorough master
of hia profession.
BUT The addreee 'of the Military
Mayor of Mamhall. pahliehed ia oar
Uw>« of Ilia JIM, mawai^i Iteeir to ap
frml. !i eshiMtogwd fceHng, i» brief
awl to tba point We Intel be wilt re
celva the cordial "mpaiattaa nad
eupport of Rood cttfaoM, whioh bo in
l»a«Tii or ax Oin Cirrta*.—F. W.
Ilrewar. and old and riepiftted olttsaa,
after a loan and palatal iilaaaa, diad on
tiatnrday lent, end waa hinted on Mon
day eraninc. A larye eoeeanraa, oa
braaia( nearly tba aattn ^afakUaa,
■Headed kia Itinera! He waa t kind
neighbor, a genial and deroM friend,
and a* ahetlwate hnabaad and Mkdj."
Tba nonunanitv deeply ryiapalfcbe wftb
hie aSiatad tally, la their aad bnreaee
ami. May the " olodi uf the valley "■
lie aeftlf n|ion Ilia grave.
M^Oa the matt of tne IMi, «M
eity of Jefereoa, adjoining Vew f>t
leana, waa the loeoc of JiiUirbanee
Though ibclaiWJ in Urn "ttnypv^im
poUen diettut, J.ifem^o muntei ia 4b
oaf* tba paliae lone Mat lb—, lfc»la|
armed reatatano A aunll MMte eM
ed, la wbWi twelve or tba Mae a MNna
I**Wan ware *oaad«d •«•». 1 WW
m-jlb, whk the aM of I' K. tmlW; '«b
needed In hrtallitig the polite foreL
•ka, in reteaije, jnaltrasM afiJtiHl
eevetU -taict eiuieoa uaJ taPffl^
other Mtracaa.
OS. Mr. U. t, Maniui*,
of Tfkt Tate, whs'm tllilj
<kana* wkalaaala fharf la-Ma eallM
' | iTila A .
Otfbttar/ab Autouk *»
aSaafa of Ifca t R. IMM I^ «
«aaiia«aid Ufun th< law Until Jaiy
•I Tikii u4 as Mifaliriii hAhUmc
!•<■#, *» an l»(ww« wm Mi
■MM la >ft «tt*a Mt«a>4
*• Gaaai, * MkWiH *«•
, M-irT^.tPpTtt, mH
«m. V. f Ina 4m
baaaa ta 'fcM%) M aMt»'ta|
lamil» 4Mb Mint flrml
5» ••««"•»»«
nyiami«»ltaMwMl Ik*
en an illntd, for lb* list tiaM, a*
aisortwtlT to eoafer oral) witk
tcjKw5«M. ..VI., »y
plication Had and llMtiC
gruoiotu privilege of one </«jr ia gnit
niiit«i> n mk—
■IMtfcfe, JU 1
tlie jri»on«n» are to b« eMhMM
togather. Tht. itrjailiee «r tbU il
apparent Tk«n Mwj r«u«« to
belnr*, tk1m*i eUtm* sow
iter arnM, «« piMfel ia tkat f*a<
t(«a for tio Mfcer futffe? tha*t»«*t
off (Wr' te«tj«#aj. And thee, the
" loJu^aaf d* capabatM
eaaia ke tiMlgol (Mil attmatl
bjr tk» OoMml
Tht firrjwln™ eotnge Ita own
wjin^t. Xi cifcJVtU wiNMrTji "J
uau*»UMj tWiMMraw, iv«
tiaa, aarfafMaaj aad aaali(aritT tkat
nark* all rfaeti tria)« W« nhoahl
hare to f»»p-' nTI pur earjj edaoal'wo
and tr»uii«t.1«<» patriotie ptide aad
afeettbk with lekiek, aa aa Amriaaa
cititen.-welMirs heoti taught to ragard
the civil Tna<itvtipo#> of our euuntr j',
aud i«a«ut»t >o Mr Jutjr aa a aaa
•ad a jour ■•hat, il' wo did not prataat
•ftalnrt thf* unwarranted attack apotl
puMio liberty which, it aeeniH to u«,
all j»»t uiaa uiut dcplure, aad con
template aa a redaction upon the
ciriKiatioa «f the aye, and a laating
diagraee to thnpo who authorised and
suaUinod it.
We into,. io time remark* no
rwAeetioa upoa the arilitary commu
nion or air member of it. Krery
one who haa vittted Jefferaon, that
| we uave imi, Ua* loaii favorably
1 ituf-reeMd with their pireoaal Appear
; anoc and bemrinpr We f»n only
exprcM the hope, that thoy will 10
conduct their deliberation* as to
leave an hoaarable rwrard ia history;
the more to be adairtd and
[ mended, at it will have been the flnrt
comn^MU n that ever left such a |
; record.
Qif|f. Lee'h Vwirt to Prmipiht !
Ilun—u«s. to lien.
Unatva* » ■!— ig> tiaii mxl re
mmim u jl»*IM»J>la««ed. All liiat
kaow till n^tvl mtrttoty and liapre
totdlaf character of 0«*. !<♦», feel
pttfeetiy aiun4 that be woald not
ba« ReM la W«»Wngto« ualee* ke
Mini hn Krilkr, Th« An
queitioa •*{*&, *hj »u bU praaance
raquired. ftaJ it jwfrrenoe to ro
onMrecltoa, to ike mwl of •
Imi^n w*r, •( to wlial eL»a ? Tin
X«r VcA HmM ibm deutU >11
; that 1« ksofl.
tiannpl JlpMrt E. L«e, I«a com
maqO»t,#|^Wi CgaMante »ty,ar
*i jL&V lM»
nWle Mn. n«*®«rt, *14
fleBflF of
^htf yogpffi at omV .ou. ml.
-<£•''noU!* *ta, yu to
tin J'raauWni njlkcot 4<ltf; W>»
m pMMAt to a* t#« I fw
ident, among tham wrtral Mllin
of Oommm. If fM WpInlTiy
atyM or th*n Mii % «n»rifWi ran
nroand lha room, "Tfceta'a Gener
al t«—V«M«rwfW', '>• •»■•»
ham T" He f nil J>«*i M> aaaMnnoa
in hu «uaui«n an<l W no lima In
iratlisg Ln#'» <> >td Wfbio (ha Pf*al
daak T^*nL.«*n aoi ,t JWf J6«»t
Mraou, aca(lT Ca«iwiwii, in (ho
!>M«l4M»t'|l„T9«i *t Aa Itjaa, on
+immlrn «W*w vwi**, iw
• tW LaaMlh CMriMshpi
IMiai to lk« trwl M »*»
to* a*M» mUMM Wtu*
afar^pi fit aira, tkaa **•
•ob a]
Ww tk*
lip tlin AhM
I. Mnt" 'k«J ar* of Nt
liberty, MM ia aiUafana tWr
daaaalll clralaa. rala*d ia tkair bw
'tfBSSjTBfollliji h!j MiMfct pet
groat writ of fraadoa aad til otk*r
•Mttagat ... to Wh| to
Aaarioaa u.uaaaa, aad ioiIh at
tanHMt) MmHiii tkal Ik;
an to ka fwnri wltk aaralaatiaa
awljgaty |»jr ftaadaUail j. mtoiM
•ad nbonwd IhHwdj wbauam It
•k*ll a nit tkair frwiiton to kara
tkaaa Woagkt la trial. Tiajr in iH
yaraiilted to d*abt tkal Ikay «UI b*
oaariftod, «mI tkal AarfU ^•aaltiM
will W MM >fM tkaaa, for tkaj
wdB km tk tl Ik* qaaatioa of gaiit
otlannaw will km aotkiag to h
wlu of *«*ri*<loa aad
"So am* »nb*rdioala allitort
ufatr, kavivif (ailtr wllVia kb
o»a apkara, akoald ba' bald af
claaipa>jr ot ***a rkiaflj raapoaaiWs
far Ma anat aataafla oa lHa daaiaat
rlgfcw of Ascriou) aa. Tka
facta af Ik* aaaa-ar* and hara kara
fro« Ik* Iral waU-kaowo to tk« kigkv
aa! aiUlwj and air il fkoetioaariaa of
tlw United 8Ut*a, known to tha
Pra*iiaal, kaowa to tha S*otaUrj of
War, kaawa to Ik* okola Oabiaat,
kaowa to Ika Llaataaaal U*a*rmt of
tka arair, tad tolaratad aad ofaowaa
lapnraO by Ikaai all. Tka wktl*
tkiag la a aoaadal apoa tka Aawri
caa aaaM. It akova thai tkar* la aa.
law ia oar laad aioapt what <ba Got
arnaiaot ololala chooa* ahall b* law.
Tka rlgkta of tka people, ualaaa ia
acaordaac* with the will of tka
ralara, ia ao more rtgardad tkaa tka
right* of ' rata cattle. Oar Grrara
■eat b~<aga akaaaa apoa itaalf aad
ahaaia apon rapablicaa iaalitatioa*.
Th* wary nana of rapablia ia ilalaad
aad dalfad by Ikia coaatry'a waariag
MT Morgan JUailton'i ediet fur
holding » radioal Huu> Uaieation M
\lal»..fc.i. on the j 1th, ■««»■ to km
wet with hut Hot* faror The " trool;
loll," looking perhape U the -ipenee,
couM'nl It A few amlawage, o*r
pet-bafgen, mhI Begroae wen In attend
ance. lint if their pneenee nanMrl
oallj, not felt, eeen, of hear), than
<u one of the eenaae to whieh the;
Iiuulu * ICHMl AMI pffMOngeu tppiw •, Hi«
oMnetoriea. They wn mmIi. The
local editor of the (imiteetoa N»i» «m
there, who thna d«*aribea±i» »ti<rent
In front of the theatre, on Poetoftee
ni reel we ftmcd a UMbir of dnju, ud
MMMlhiaft )*M tiMM I duMtt wood M«
yarn, eaoh on* of whom wu araed with
3i>w and ItacV m if a general deoapita
on wu to Uke plaee, and they had
been selected a* the executioner*
On atea^ng to antar the inside door
wo were brought to a halt by an ojtaeed
inaly venerable looking oolored indirld
unl, and totd that anl«t«a wa could pro
duaaour Qradantiada a» • deiagnta wa
would Hi no wiaa b* permitted lv eatar.
Inasmuch, m wa wara not provided
with a document to that efeeti nothing
remained but a change of baao.
We ware abont to bant n precipitate
retreat whan the ease aaiiil darkey
told na. thai aa a epeeial murk of Ihvor
wa •nnkloeeayv a banah in the cattery,
wttfh wa proceeded to do until w
powered by the odor of patHtffcai from
OskfM, w» Mtklac vMi nMl
toJtMlmataf * *• fuW«(im»
' i—w ty *.u»T ar in •aiw>
mmjtmmHry n* lniainN
Tk» Uufnlin lull; I*
nM •» HhMm <m tk« liw Moada; la
IUik «» m Dak Nw-Tkit)
paraoaa ban Hr«W In thla oily
on »v Wl> of Htolidif ftir Ik* Imlu
of sight huiylrad Ihoaaaad Jollan
worth of fo«s«l llnlk* bank ao»aa
.-i|* hundrad tnoiiMnl Julian' worth la
Hit hundrad — , —
mM la ham h»«n printed haia awl hi
in eitnlMkm In lUj* Thla la hj w
ami m Mi an ooantiM aa It inai
hi Aaialrml Ifgf and from Camaadar
Abbot, oomauadtag tba Yaatia, at
Pl»r4 au 1'itata, baa dapraelalad until
iw thaaa kaiM (aardaa an dwaad
■d fir m iBariau dullar. That a
mad BlOloaaf folfad Italian aotaa
could raeraaaat altar all, but a wry
Irttia* MM It VMM b* M eOHMIt
Tka radkaal CnmiIh, aafe* tj
tba aditan of Um 8m AlUlMtl
Km >■< tbt Hoaatoa to
nihh il Ilowtra oa HmA;
Tm Kumu.-Wi in lafmaad
bj W. Rift* til.O(Mi4 IUy
aaida Matad to bia a* flatatdatr, ba
IWa~b* Ml Aartia, tba* tba rafutran
for all Um aeaaUaa ia Ik* Hlat* had
b**a illaiad, awl tbai aU Ik*. ap
poiata*aia raU bo wo< ia i««
«)■ aftar tk* WMptloa of aa order
(Van Ik* Pr*aM*at far aa alaetioa,
tk* ralj Ma; b*Uf lb ttaa racer
mrj I* praraat Ik* urt.-flox/i*
l7»io* if Ott 1M.
Tk* mm* paf*f aaja:
Got. HwIUm ap*b* aa
at ha Aalaaia, aa Maaday at Ha
gaia, aad «U| prakakly ba at thla
C- tn *a Mn4a« ank. tnm kwa
«ilt pre mi It aaataaa Kaat
aad Heatb Tana, *f «bl*b a Hat ef
aMaialaaoata «B ka aad* vbea tka
(i*»e*aot riaitu iMa atejr *«■, A*.
What a Tax a* Votti ia
Doiau—Mia. *«h LaaaaaMr, *f
Naaaaal*, kaaaa • Mod H*M, a
lana MIIHaan ■ea»Ml*ha*etl aad
adtta witb yliHaaa, Ik* Weakly
Raagar. ■<M*allT ak* k*a bar
kaada fall, kal Ik* varied datiaa of
bar poeittaa an di**b*ff*d wltk
cb**rMaeee aad IdaMly. 8k* d*
aarraa eaeieei aad hat ladaatry
mifki ba laMatad wllk edvaatage \j
anj af bar owa aad tba alaratr
aai.—Rmk Otman.
Ftwa lb* aaaw papar: .
Cmtui Uaiuwab.—Traiaa Jm
raa te Ilaara'a SlaHaa, 90 ailae M
joad Brjaa. Tb* road will b* la
Ubad lo Calfart tba pnml eaamer.
Tba Oalraataa Naw< rapraaaata
lb* eiopa ia Weatera Tasaa aa proa
iatag a good jiald.
Mr. But Joooioga roUroo, io •
Root aid ipfnpltli Ttliilif).
ftMlkXl Filial' "TonoPrm."
Mi; kia lot, vknmr W gooc, bo
iiit io plmil ploooo. Mr. 8 P.
AdMi boa tba aolo Mitral of tk«
pipir. Wotoodor biB.iidbb iotor
mill oboot, oar boot wiakoo.
Tbo oditon of tko dHlloa HortM
b>T0 bora tbo rooiploota of qalta o
ooabor of boiotifal booqooli, Iron
tko ltdioo io o*4 around Dallaa,
wktok I boy bato aokoovlodgod op
propriotoly aod ptooMlji. Tboy
aaj "If Uwirla ai)tblof of *hi«h
wo aa oditon naj-bf Uatl; proud, it
la tko oattaotio* !■«*;, Vlbo Harold
ia kold by tko lanl tolootod and ac
ooapUobod ladioo of tbo 8t*U."
Tko tlorold aod its oditon, wo fcol
aaanred, «rt worthy of Ikm eoapli
■eata. TIm Waco Regular, ptr con
fni rewarka :
" Wo kao* tkat we in ■ better
ieokiug nan tktn altker of tin oditon
of tha Herald, tad no toaqeet baa
baa* laid oa oar ublo. Heir ia tbla
to ba aeooaated for T"
I'ethape oar aalaaaiad cotempon
riaa lady fkieada bare aa lower gar.
daaa? Or it ■*} bo that the Waaa
editore (kit to tWI the Udiaa T It ia
laaiealj peaelbla that tha ladlaa gaa
aralljr ara oblirieaa of thair " good
that H*a eae !* eifaalaUeg a report
la tha aaaatry that tha Tolagraph
«aa paid MOM, " to go orar to tha
Thia eaght ta ha a waralag to oar
eoteatporaiy ta laaap hia Daaaarmtio
raaard ao bright that atMh ra porta
trill not batr etrotlatioa.
8iu«Nurim.-Kaar|r arary
eroaiag hi tha peat Ha uji wa
notice carriage aid baggjr loada of
ladlaa aid geetlaaija aeaalag ia fro*
Aft. a llL. _».T_ _V
1 Uua Wf.«
ha ha) fc» the troabie of pioklag,
aa Ibiaaaaii of eeraa ia ear Tesaa
abeaad with the delMoaa
praitiae a
Tha aatft faSPNMVKe fel
Hit Doa.—A
•Om if VM MUM kf <h* mkM
w, im ih ninamn it fk«* •
of mtaraiaMUa b Mh wagri
M Ik* euiM iwli OUm.
Ow UmmM «Wm »Wi
■tawt tMMlhr—tnlj
It b «te*MI &•« Mt few
* * * * *" 6hMA mUJ
W www VwWV VMI wwfw
W* tain tiM tw» im, Vj Um
mrfflMnitanmlb hiwh
t fcm ft mm to &k
mU Am Ii C*l. Harm, wi m
warty, m4 fc«»f mUHIm* mm
M Thj vm ikunl W» At
•m »W> kit, Uwa. «U Mate
•Init •■tin lMtf -4bnM» CbSm
U«i*f ■jyim mUu m hmS
i> ---■- SZ2 3CL. wTSi
m Mil CM, # CmtUr ••?
uililCdM. Amm
■T7^f5j r „.yLT
n l|iii|inii',M w 2*
IMMI INI ttl )M Wif tl MiU Mtfll 0mU
iWmkat i*m%Mi JtoMwi
AM an ! «Mi mmm *M HI
pfVfttffcMjtfn#* «Wr*i
■Ml ^ ^lAMlk. Ml MhAa te M»'
W1 H «kk mini, Mtlhmp, u4
Proceed i ng*
or THI
IftjLITJMlY 0>Ulfl\|
Trfttf *f 01. Mmm friMMil*
By Ike Bpeatal ICaaarter of lh<
rtnt Day'a PrMMdiali. i
Jimwii, '#»**», May i», '«!>•
Tka Mliai c*Mia«b^ »fPoi«t
dmtMtrtefofparties inj|Jieat«Kl
i( the «ar4er of Milk, »a J otb«r«,
at tfcli aMto aa Aa 4th n*t lift, 1
aeeeaaMeiat 10 tkb ■oreie*. Mu.
On lUwald H<n>, President; Msj
or tleary (loodfellow. Judge Adao
nk^Mhtn of OmiHoii, Bml.
CI. W. R. HtuAec. Brevet Ool H.
H. Starr, Hilar Lyaea lllaaall,
Biavet Col. it. A. M. Oadlay, Brvvet
U Cat. Geaoffa A. iMm, Bn«l
U Col Raaael K. 8ehwe*k.
Tka aeadeaiy baiidiag iparopria
lad, ktj fkraerly been a**d aa a
eekeolkeaee , I Wan was a cavalry
gaatd at akaiat fatty; aavMan ad
■M. At 10 e'etaek A. M , Ik*
priaenera vara broagkt iete atari ky
Uta rarmiry guard. Their aaaee ata
aa follova : Ladwig P. AllWd, W».
H. Magill. Mark H. Jopliia. Hilae II.
Naaee, Ckariee L. nleher, J ska
Bieherdsoa, Malkaar l>. Taylor,
Jaka C. Murphy, Jr., lltary A.
Btaaly, W. L. Merakali, Joha M
Viaaa, W«, A. Hiahtoarar, DnM K
ferpeater, W. D. Heaagan, tlaorge
Gray, Uaar Uray. Hoary M. Wcw
•■all, II. N. Uaar; Nathaniel MoC'oy,
(freuilmsn,) Hichard Davis, (freed
The prteoncra were each In tara
aakad, if they had any objecHon to
Map triad ay any aoatber ot tka
Commission, to which thay each re
pllad negatively.
Tha Coart and lteporter were then
•worn. Connect for prisoners wore
iavited iaaida ■ha bar. The follow
iag gentleaea ware oottoaal for the
prisoners : B. W. Gray, D. B Cul.
hereon, W. E I'enn, John F. Burke,
T. J. Caapbell, Sam'l P. Maaaly,
W. H. Maaon, II. A. Reeves, K K
Hayaaa, Geo. C. Todd, John (.'lark.
The prieaaera eeoh ia tarn plead
aal gulttjr to all the charges aad
B. W. Gray. Ksq, rouaael for da
faaaa, tkaa aakad to Ola the folio* ■
iag apaaial plea:
la tkla Plate tha aaid frump, AN
ford at al., lay and avar that tha
aaM Military Coaaiaeloa now e»
•anad have no iariedictioa to kaar
aad deteraine tka ehargee preferred
agaiaal eahl Craap, te „ beeauae
tkay aay tkay are, all and eaeh of
theia ettieeia of the United Mtataa
aad of tha State of Teiaa, and in no
aaaaaar connected with the land or
naval forces of the United Htatee,
nor irith tka militia of tka State of
Tena ; tkat being aaeli eitiaens, tkay
aagkl not to be deprived of tha
eeaeMMfoaal right to a apeady aad
impartial trial by an impartial jary
of the Stale and District wherein
I ike oriaae ia alleged to have baaa
eeaaltled; that thay ait'gkt aot to
be held to answer the eliargaa pre
ferred againat theai, unlaee oa a
preacntaaent or iadMatuet of a
Grand Jary ; that tka DMfiet Court
of Ike Mtate of Tazaa, ia aad for tka
8th Jadielal Wetrlet, over which lha
I Hon. Wiaatoa Baaka preaidee, aad
] who la aa appointee of the C»a
' (sander of the Mh Pietrlet afbrt
1 aaid, ia now open, aad lla process
! uavbetracted, aad that aaid Banka ia
j ia the regular diaohargo of kia
! oflleial dutiea; that the aouaty ol
iejwily orptaalaad, and ia a
I that la about tara vaaia iVom thie day
i the Dlatriot Court of Marion county
I will he apeaed ; that there ?ro han
| dreda of pereona legally nualiied to
, aerve aa Grand and I*etit Junta,
; reaiilaat" aad ei.' jaaa of Marian
eaaaty afrraaaid; that the charge of
reahtttf, oppoalng, aad praveating,
IkrclMy, a paMM Mr of flaa United
Htetee Aob Wag etecated, can oaly
he Wd befcre Mm Mrtrtot Coart
of tka (Jailed Statoa for tka Weaten
Dlatract of tke Mate of Tana, wkM
ia la Ike regalar aad naobetrueted
dbekarga of Ita oflcial datlea.
Wkarafara U*y aay tha* rroaeeu
tioa before tkia trikaaal ia witkoat
legal or eoaatltatloaal warrant or
aafhority aad oagkt to abate; and if
*kera are ekargee againat Ike partfea
aeaaaed they aagkl to be heard be
fere a tribaaal ordaiaed by thi Oon»
etltadea ef Ike Uaited statee, aad
reeagaiaed aad eatabHahad b: 'ha
Ci^iOatlaa aad Lawa' of tke Stale
It pnoeatiat Iklo doeaatal Mr.
On] Mid :
I >B aot oeqaalaUd with tk* mitt
of IkU eoort, tod »; ooonoioatllf
ktoilrf ordof, kat I «IU otidoaror
la b< iMpMtftl *1 *11 tifliM to tkb
a*d mry #tko» eoort.
Tkb I* o plo* t* tk* jartodiolioa of
tkla o**H. I «DI prodaM Iko kick
Ml jaJUal Mtkortlj U tko load,
Ibl a pin t^tfc* jarlodkoUoa ■•rot
MMMlwhM. I «*ald oak Uut tko
mrt toko It lata eoaoUUntioa —
■fM tko lid tiki it I* sol too lot*
10 MMt tk*» >k.
Tko Pi nUtot Hotod tkot tko ooart
oomld ooi dooldo tkot uuotioi—kat
Ikopiooootid ko aland oa lio.
A* Jodn Amorio r*qaoot*d
wml tv Mk so* to otto aatkorilioo
mi A* paiat, to wklok ooaaool ropliod
Ikrt al Ik* awl aoollai ho weald
(lllm dooioioao of tko Soproao
Mart *r tk* tJaited Rut**.
RTk* Jadgo Adrgoato aovad Ikat
Ik* alaako aol coaoldowdotpwM
kal a* ottuk*d I* Um t***rd i
o*aaldoi*d «k*a Ik* *o*a*od »
apaa laal IriaU.
Tk* raaaool Ikr dofcaae atrtod tko;
kad a* -M*oti**o I* lk*l«oatoo, ood
Ik* BOtiwi in* lailalaod.
tk* PiaaidH nM tkot *k>M
H—».<* tko aaMliiai o»U*d of ait
mMmI faaad* ia«*M*a.«hk
Ho. Booon, ooaonl tm tk* d*.
Mm*, toyuood wkoltor tk* r*U rf
pilbii(<ilHlki pwwwllia I*
■aoaow rttlka tk*y 'uo *» an
Ml laadf fc» Mai, would ka ddkorod
1*1 alaa, wk*»k*r iklo ooart tooU
aoaaaod a* ia wit of h«*m law,
■ft ^
aaoa, *r)*ial Mai, ud U tk* W*»
daiHoa of tooHaioy.
»k« JadgO i^TOM^ otoMd J.
tkaaart *f *• Doted State*.
A* J*d«a Adrmti tko* road
Ik* lallawln plaa, oakaiMad ky
•d MMt, tad an* tko
J Ikaraadoaok of ika* ko
i t« HH» awl kov* IttaoM
* Nm okotaa aad opwil**.
Mknad tgimt to, ** tk*
' wtaalriadobmUk* a*'
be ilh«< *■*■! to
famil * eoa'ictiaa axalait thajMU
Um wheee ni«M i> deelrad. no)
lUrfw reejaatlWIy aak tor >W
Mmk triala, thatthe; a« ^
4m beaadt of their eridea«i If
'Ife Jafe "t«.U rwgM «*
the rah af tha atatete of T me WW
•■ iaaantioa oa Um general crimi
nal prm4«nlawgw^to tie joiadar
Won that • hwimi er>«ld nut be
«Lmtfitleil aaa right—a< provided by
llit T««>« atatute It vti aot per !
ceivad, however, that that rule bad,
•ay amfleatloi to a WTtlUry Conn,1
iu objeri Uikg to stub!: nrh f»4«
fendaata u k«l beam entitled to
teatify for other* , bat the ladlaga
of thia Military Ooaiailaaioa caaaot
Im diralged, aatil tba ptaeacdiaga
aad ladiage ata announced, by
orier of tba Ueaeral Coauaaadiag.
To wait, tbaa, aftor tba trial of eats
caaa, parhaaa a aaath er »oia, aatil
tatioa bad been tabaa npan the pro
eeediaga ia that aaaa, woald la reive
mat delay aad iaeoaveaieaea to tha
Oowtaaiaat; aad a aMIl farther pro
loagad roalaataaat of tba trtaanon,
while, ia .any eaaa, thaaa Irat triad
ooald darira bat iaooeaiderahie tad
vaatage flma aaah a coaraa. Tha
Jadge Advoeate will aiabe ao objeo
tioa to tha esaaiaatioa, for tha de
feat*, efaajr priaoaara whoaa evi
deaee ia waalad ia behalf of tha
otheu, and vho are aatMad that
they c;n teetify withoat danger of
committing Ihemeelvee
The Coaoael for 4*faaea atatad
that apon tha oaaaaaaioa of the
Jadge Advoeate ia regard to tha
taetiaoay of the eo-ddhadaate, they
woald aot arge their applicaUoa for
a aeveraace.
A kiaabar of the t'emmiaaioa ob
Jeetail to tha plea beiag withdraws
npori the eoaditioa af the priaoaara
being admitted aa witaeaaaa
Tha OaqH waa thareapon cleared
for deliberation, aad after delibera
tion, the Ooaaaiaaioa daeided to
orerrale tha applieatioa for a aarar
The CoBaiaMM farther r«M
that the priaoaora, while oa trial
•ball not M adailtad la teetify ia
behalf of each other.
Couaeal for Mm thaa preaeaU
ed tha folloeriag appliratiaa :
" I* tka Baiter eif ehargac prefer -
rad agaiaat B. P. Orqap, L. P. Al
: ford, Magill, at al, Iba aogiaad by
| ooanael wonld reepoetftally atala that
■ thajr hare aot had an opportunity of
eoaaultiag fully a* to tha dafaaoa
tlioy daiire to preaant, that 0*1/ oaa
lima, and that for a abort tlaa, hara
the* ba«a pcnnltled lo fVadr eoaaall
with counsel In juatice, and to the
end that they may bare a fWir tad
fall Invcetigatioa, lhay aak that tha
trial be postponed nattl Wednesday
tliAT, (Tu.iaotm, aafl othara,
Attornaya for tha aectoed "
The appliaatioa for a coatinaanca
«w granted.
The Court tbea ieetraeted tha
Judge Advocate to raqaaat tha Poet
nitmmader to ofar lha prieonera
erary facility comptlible wiif. their
aafa keeplag for oonanitatioa with
their couoael.
Tha Comniaaioa than edjnurned
until Wedneaday, lha 'Jfith, al 10
o'clock, A. M.
Not«.—Tkaaa re porta •III be pub*
liahad Am* day to day, la fell, aa
lhay traaapire For aela at tha
Tiaa# aad Hofhkaaa oSaaa. Par
•oat SMiriag Ilea Can order thete.
They will be too volaainooafor pub
I lioatipa in tha paper.
j _ 1
—It ID • aolad If*, aid Of that
• ill Jlaad Ml pruallnrat {■ Ik* kia»
tor j of thaaa <Til tian, that wkar
rwor a radical ItfiaUWra kaa hold
1 awajr. grmu eomrptloa tad kribarjr
haa pramiiad. la lha Baolh it kaa
b««n uadiagaiaad >ad akaaalaaa. la
tha North llttla lau w. Im ia tha
gMat Bum of Now York whan tha
d«ao#ratlcu4 nfAN> partiaa ara
am awaly UUani thaa la aajr
othar, lha i kit tali kan Ml kaailatad
to daplata tha Iraaaarj, aad taaagaga
ia apaaM jaka, thai prflaid la pay
knadaootaly. Tha Now Yoik Bar
aid, ipaatttf kf lha kta aaaaioa of
lia Lagialattra at Allgff, aajrt:
" It it tM» that aarraptioa lav
iahad aad hald ita kaad ktfh am
at dUcmiaa um tkia paial. Ia tha
BaaaU aapuMly Mia iald that tertale
raaakliaaaa wata afaalr ia tha an
hat, aad that wiaa lahhylati awH ta
tHair priaa I* a aill um tha Tata
of thtaa aaa."
Tkora-wao probably *l so pra
»ioa« aaarioa n *«S imi ».
tiou <niw aid omt at
p«M i bit tko* tkora worn mm;
>U ^gaiHo Ukmb a itako—
tko iiIMi vkiok MM tkroaak
Utanhaatly «tih tkafe m»mM»
lln Mlb ui Wfaltiiag ofnerla; Mm
■imM> (#j nilrowU vkiok, *1
tkoagk dafaatM by TOftM or ratoaa,
had, of coaiaa, 40 ooao down haaJ
mmIj: tko KuIm lav, with tho
mIIIIom lavalrod la Uo laaom) tko
Gaa bill, itroaoaalj vorkW aa it waa,
bil aat will At oaalpaMat itrautk
of glgaatlo auaopollaa at oaarj ftw
—ma all thaao mmaai M tha
rkaan Ik at rami t tko MUo, aiaitd
la a (ood of imaptlia vkiok algta
wall kara oronaa all tka pakHa t(t
Albaaj aariag tka hiiabtin aoaaioa.
If tko lata Mriohlow »a» aat »
bdM oao vatiovaot wkoro to took
for tko roaooa vkj."
«f tfct AUkuwt iUh
*■*> '» ■«" h«4 m I
■wtl wu, far *» Jamba MMi «M
1WM « (Mi mU UMhA
work af i wwfc. Bdat i am[m
j^'We Mm Um following Mtnd
Ibpateh# fWn the Niw Orleaea
KiijuI :
Th ilorjr i> ibeh
Mj exploit No npw»tolin of
In m my other (UntiUKt in
waebiagton credit) Ik* itatoaeat.
and If it hu an; foaailatioa il ii be
tiered to eiiet liwplj In a propvei
Ho* Blade bt Npata to France
Kngland to form aa alliance to racist
the m called •ggreuiope of the
1'uiteil Htataa toward Cuba—a prop
oaitiM thai H III u know a a at to
hare been coarMerea Ir. I.oadon
New Yoss, Mat 1 't—Jaatia
McCarthy, editor of the Laadoa
Star, ao> la this citr, write* a lottar
to Ik Tribune, in *hich be an:
Kaglaad ia j»t now eoarlaeod that
Uraat'i Uororanekt a*eaaa to pat a
piatol U bar head at oece and thaa
iteaaad eettlaaaal of tba Alabaan
elalaa. I aa rata rem laow Kag
Wed too wail to baliare aba la likely
to eater lata aay aegc tialioB* under
•aek cliua—laaiea; bat, with a littla
tine aad ikoagkt, Eagliahata will
begin to aaderelaitd—(rat, what the
Called Htataa really elalaa; aexl,
their jaat groaada for elaiaiag il.
Al praeeal, Ike aoavietioa ia Kaglaad
ie, that Ike lailed Statoe waal Bath
iag bat war with Kaglaad. or Kb*
lawd'a alter haaiHawoa- Thia ia a
atiaaaderalaadlag which ao oaa ean
help raatore eo well aa a Journalist
like yeurnelf.
Washington, May is.—lucent
aaeoanta from Kaglaad hara weighed
baarily apoa tka apirita of Ik* tail -
m of tk« draiaul IhMin "till here
Til* " elalai " wt an by thai Ooeern •
■•nt fbr " apollatloaa" eoamitted
apoa he# clllseaa through Honlan
raid# apoa Cauda, ii a "Roland fur
aa OlWer," iadaad. Mr. itamner u
aaaeh dajaotad. Mia " .rrent apaach "
ia aMrcilaaaly iaadk by iSa Kng
liak papara of all «i»dea of riolitiea.
It aaaaaa to ba aatlled that Mr Mot
1*7 will ba laatraetad to rafraia from
agitatiag " th* daliaat* qaaation," at
laaat for tka praaent.
Diarmaia rati* Adkilal
Horr.—Tka Nary He pertinent to*
day raaoirad » highly iaipoitaat
diepateh frara Adatral If off, dated
Hanaa, Ma; 8, aa followa:
"At I aaa to ba abaant from thia
port for a faw data, to rel'ero the
U ailed Htatea ataamer Marre*an>et,!
at Kay Waal, aad for i cherijp* « f air !
for in ofleora and crew, I alfeli givv j
the department t few itema upon the |
political utataanf affairs. I hara jitut j
received information from Command
er Fillibrown, at Key West, that the
Salvador, the nunposed Cuban priva
teer, whieh we hare been watching 1
for aome time, haa cleared for St.
Thoaaaa, via Naaaan, without arm* or!
r.*«*ti*ne ef war of any description. '
*vtr} thing here ia remarkably quiet. j
The npaniah anthoritea aeem r-onfi
dent of enppreaeing the rebellion
before the expiration of the yoar. j
Thfrrainv seaaaa now ramiwf op pfe
oltidee the poeefbility of any active
operationa, and no newa from the
inferior of the movomente of aither
party will be received at present.
In coaanltatiui with Cubana wh->
were at one time aaigvlne of aueoeim,
the revolution haa not baa j conduct
od in a nianaer to eoiaaida with tkair
Tiaoa. Tkara ia IMa or aa orgaai
•alio* among tkaai. although they
claim that tba eaaaa of thair praaant
iiiactifity |a owiag to tkair being aa
enrtead aad laatrialad ia tka uee of
nraa, paaparaMry flee a cajapaipra at
j lha oloaa of tba rainy aeaaon.
Jft'g'l.VnS.^.ndT.,. their
owa aaparaw for tea and adherent!
Mr. Ilall, oar Ooaaai General, and
tba Coaaatodorc of the Kagliah Heel,
aaaia to tbiak that the inaurreotion ia
baiag craahed, aad tba I in a fa*
weeta It will roaaiat of nothing bat
inagalar baada of oatlawa aeattarod
through tka interior
—Sawatoj Pi«h, aopM tiaa in,
»<lmiiil a coBauaioaliaa u tU
Coanl at Hmaa, iaMmtiag him io
amrtain from oar oomlar agmt* ia
otkar porta of A* M>*4, ud from
•■T 9"«r Iruhrotlkj HlKtl th.
oiaot lUtti ud otroagtb »r th* la.
'•V »«rtjr, ud what an iu
okaaooa of mm. TwUnU; th*
Baotatary roodrod «»hon*oo« du
potaboa ffm Oooial Ploatb, who
oMmH la ilM iamariMo to arriw
a* a aanaat Mhaat* W tha fbroo ta.
dor tka Cabaa toadon. Tba Coanl
Amrf*** imkul ratMiac ia tk*
latoriot, wk. MlMi■ Um wl»l« C«.
, to tw*ntj
MB. Tki* iaihto d»
iHh Mtiag m gnrrillu, m
wmm m <M nphr ibf**. A l*U*f
1mI«w< kj Mm C*a*al fro* taotlxr
Alirloi MtchMl itntM tkat Ik*
irih iMn ftr** of Calya* do*»
a*t *a*aat to tku hirtoi
buM aw. B*f*r4ittf th*** two
MMk, to* OmmI "Tk*
tntk fnWMr IIm Mimi th* In
•iIMm. I « Mt tktok tk« Oalu
unj uaaaat* to t»**tjl»* tooaand
«u, bat it i« Mttolhlj man Ik**
foni—i kurtid " Ii noiWr Mtt
of U* ttirtik, Mr. Hwb, —ft:
" Im nil tkat k* (MtttoiaM,
tk«n la HUOrtn Ma, <hm at
tbttl aa to* l*M «fc* tad n*t
aj»fiMnto vMtfe la*«tr***#a—
na* of 4mm »*f* *a«alj tku
otoan, kat tk«]r *i* *11 tawaM wltk
• klttot k*t* toward Byaia. TU* la
to* mot kaaM •%« af to* Oak**
•aa**. w4 tf to* iaiaia**!* ar* *M*
to kali oat rix awatoahapr.Ma
<1I1W ..y <lt«d tt^U»S* Ami- j
Vfrs. the Hallr KooU, W„krtl
WaafciagtM, tin 21 -w„.
iufcfBMUm thaa that LlJI:. *!'"<«
«»r i* Aagaat, or at lea.t i
allow tlx Htato to U r.pr,M "
opania* of ^
ho*»«r, dial UmI, tl„. MWUiiitT
r«at qntrtim, will u ,
MM until Bit- Om Virginia A
which o«>r. J.1, ,i. ^ ''"toil
f!«W. Krf >M,
l'mid«nl today on Ilia S(-jh *
a/Uirt 1. Ck II. toll.
ant rtonr [km U»t •« maUfa.ui.Tl
Md la m, tiitptltlm „r Adahi Si
to u.. N.« r"rJ!'|
blf ariaaa ma *• faa< u,„ Jfl
Rfentrl* baa 1mm la tha iat,r*» 1 <|
iataad urftakdu
olMrrtac *« Map of it.
lttai.lt H" tahrand the p_IE
ttal If *. leader* of the Cnbaatnilj
Mr pMMt Man* thay tnM?
If MMMd, aad tliia waa adaiuajtLT
lianalah Mthortttta 11.^,^7^
*r »<• c«h.nt,
opta Ifht, aad ktapinf «h< rwj
amy Inm following then T"
ting diaaatrontlv upon the latter W
hit* dl. on In. march, of which •
public intntion it e*er rna'i<. •hilHi
<1x4. ara M>| cut of by diaetae
Hitolrit infonaod tha I'rMideiii
Spaniab reporta of th. loteee of c v3
in Hi. tariou. engagement. or tkirnj
•i whieh haft taken place ar* |
mire" axaggaralluaa, almoil
troth I'pon beiug ideational u i»t]
protpaot of nltiaaat* taocete in Men.
their tnd*p«ad.n:4, I .a K„ntri« ne£
that dmnd.d ahogather upon a
abllilf «' Hpoia to kop rt-ioforcm,,
Mpannh «»; la Oaba. The ptaj
army ti.trt would ba to redn. ed a (
be ineffective for teen punning I tla
bandt from pla<. to place. '
wort itill tipMUag aid from the I w
Malta, tht lawdtrt of Uit rtTolutioea
garding oar OtnrtMil u > nn i
national allf. la Kitntrlt tan a
I'realdint lltlenad m; atteatmh ■
hit narratlra, ft»|tiently intemia
bin to aak qawlioat
Waabingtoa' May, 21 —C»bit« 41
•ire* th»t in MiMiatippi Mi
T«xm •hall occor •uftctantly atrir «
•flow to prescDi tb%
kel-M *♦ thf» ofrahig of Con^rw* U
I dUionul «ffurt« to M«ar« Mp«r»u r»
| un Virginia eountj onmi>ia»iioni
I Th^ro will b« no addTtionai prockw
I lion
The tegro t'ongiaae wno apfu« •
Wolf for place, is a brother of CLi^t
Douglass now working in 'Joteraaai
printing oflee on a card from thtV*
tarr of the Waakington Trpopn^ia)
Oapt (leo.ge Brown, harm?
<tcliver«4 the Confederate rum Sim
wall to the Japanese, has lrri*«i h»
Ho reports tilt health of Ui« Alan
»<{UA(iron good.
I'renident appointed Adeline l.irnf
•ion p<Atiaietrtee at tfceecrilb. Aq
Fred Ball, UOraMt, (la.
Estimate of fortnooariojc d«bt *w
went show* Jkwmi af 7,000,000, «4
receipts of revenne $18,000,000, ai
cualoias f 15,000.000.
Kx-genasor Jaeae D. Blight i. km
tatted rialnave haa purrhwd *
Federal eteain ran Atlanta
Aim tract of all national beaks *im
rugate reeonroes and Habilitiw H
•>Yo,.503,000, including loans acd Si
counta. $3*29,000,000 specif, ncarlr A
500,000 legal tender notes, capital 'ted
over #420^000.000.
London, May *21.-—Sir Kwi
Head, formerly Governor of Unt
writae to the Time*, arguing ik
claims of Kngland from the CaNi
rebellion agaiaat Stmaer • c!»m
i Mr. Foster, mombtr of 1'arliawn
| and a utruug friend to America, a
I «i«w« of Hunner »« n
treme. England is prepared to p
fof tk* Alabama mistake, bat tm
ceastan a HrMn poiii m
; CUM.
Madrid, May 22.—i?ort«i icsd
for monarchy, aftar loag dtkau. k
21T to 70. To|»ta fator* Moitxi
ii«r, bat u Miniiiar, would »tiii *
actioa or Corlaa, bat cantioacd tk
Carte* to alio* no daring ru wii
tb* knot (bar war* aaabt« to iut
lioadun, May32.—Tiaiei. <i*»
lag Alabama olaiaa, aav EifU
baa equal rnu of eolapfi:nt i|ui
Aaiertoa Gnat Britain muMidi
tamptatioa to raaogalaa tha M
I hart by inflating aaflariag o» ka
owa aanala, diaaElicing aa >11}.
la (bot daalarad ia l»or of lU S«i
aid ii aow auaidaretood •»<•*»
aod of boatility and aollabnaa
Naw York, May 11—Prof*tof
of tha old aad a«w 8ohool IWj»
riaa Aaaaabliaa iadiaaU apcadj "
■*apbb, M»y 38.—At •««*
MMtoi, neelettoei p—ni
Coign** to pat Ultpupk' «•*
control of PoctBMlir 0«ml>
oppotisg brUgH ibtn tlx
of Ik* MinurT 1— Ikalfoaror Oh
I*** tk» tbr** hrinJ f*> f»
•»d Ik* pnM *f M*»phii, «»4 »
joar**4 iiw <H«.
N*» York, M.j 22.-li «
School Atwabl}, motion Mi
ThmIoj for 4i**aa*i*a of n
OratUma* fma tho l'oW»«
Hid Ik*; *or* not j*t r*«Jj '»•*
*M*r Ik* ••bjocl. K*r J«k«"
■pok* in fcTor of Iko
rijidti, m! m«U*r n&rrri te "f
oUI ooamilt** of tkr** ■Into"**
tkrM *M*rf, to b* opololwl bj *
mdwtlof. Otter «*"■
to nnl roatia*.
Irntr, bit »« fclffer; «pU»b
ui IHIwm UU.
Ka. jj4.—420**~ I
Wu«r q«*HtU« »«fcr, b" ^
■.»!■■); aUtttag «•{' ^
nw wwiIh *• I* tfS
lari-tiMM 1M01H «"»k« ^
tauiu ram Otrum »T"J
Ukt «r
i^a L^MMiaSt kflMM^ ^
Um fcraW hw wW. ■—'"j !*
IMKOt MM M ■■>■ T'L,*
wUfMiimlt HI*
*m\ UmM py « g

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