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&'& 5 'I .iff
VOL. 1.
NO. 1 3.
'uii.Aii;i.i'im, Jiily I'l.-ins-Jtcv-tntm
('olIeHorsloliH H, Ki'iinoy aiii
i'olinil ilnui in 1 1 Ik rut tin. Dimwit, of
tin- lu'urt v'iih tlic liiiiiii'tliitlc ciuiHC
-' Cincinnati, .Tulv Jd. Tito Morni
tti riiiijliotit Ohio ilitnniKi'il ithjim miii
t'liiiti. Tin' Ni-ronil (..-rnnui lU'ioi'inuil
Cliiucli nf.'ort Wiiyno wiih li'innllnlii'(l
liy llnhtiilnK. 'I'nililH nro toiiiil on
m-vt-mi: nimk ;' "
LdlMHVU.I.K, ! KvT, July Hl.-Tll.) tl-
. . Li'iiry Uiildlug mill Ilnnibnriiii', lUoiini
& Co.V hloro M Jiiirninjr. Tlii'i'i1 mum a
iiuiiiImt of alarms ilnring tln cvciiIiik.
Noniw of llii- tlit Hii'H report oil are out.
The lire Is Imniint? nenr Ilie Loiiisvllli'
i Intel. There were four lliv luM iiljjlit.
w lililn two Iioiiih ami a halt'.
i.,)Tlii! tiixt one win about, litilf niulli
o'clock, In the, luiiiher yiinl of Loiif-A
Urn. J,lttleilamat;e wiih iloni'.
Tlie'HCi'onil van In the t'liinly mnnu
fin'toiy of Conrad Kvlw Miirklt, In
volving It lot otIO,MKi. ' . . j
The third wnf on Third si reot but wuen
itVHli iitmMlvt'iy (im onuiimieii in .r.
(I. Withers fc Co'h tolituro faetory, de
stroyinfi that und (he wlJoiniuK builil
itiK 'of Herbert A Wrlt, a mill funi
1 ishi'is 'Htal)lisbuleat.: Tlio Iohh of
Withern& Cc iMj,ilO(, Insured in tho
'WiWrri and Ocruinn otrlet'M,-lir thin
city, for J-'xKi; The Ions of Herbert &
Wright van ulwuil !r",0!li, ' uxpred for
onc-i'oiirth.:' ' . , - ' r
The fire in Itowhcrfjer & IiIooiu'h
block on Kourtli, bclwecn (ireen and
Wuloiu, desi royed Verdoii'H Kroeery,
Mailame liucldey'H fancy kooiIm und a
.vaciiut house, und. iliuuiinuil I'oVgiiitw'
ivKlnuraiiUnileonlcctioiHsry. . The lo.sw
of the hitler is cslimalcd at .?40,(KN).
The palticulai'H of the other Iohsw are
jiot yet reported.
Ni:v Oiii.ka.ns, July 11. A dispatch
from Jclli'i'soii, Texan, says: A lire
here last nlht iioiiMiiined tlirec brick
buildings fronting .on the levee, ami
.occupied bv Ki'ipcll. Kalncy & 'o., iil
liaui & Chew, and Maxey & Aiken.
The loss Im estimated at SliyMKl; insur-
unw, w,mt.
Hoton,1 July I (I. -Tlio I'ostinaKter
refused to reeojiiil.e ollicinl Ktaniis on
lettern uildrivsed to private individuals
and also fees for registration. The
l'ost master ( feneral decide him wronir.
Viee-l'resldent 'Wilsoii". i partially
paralyzed. His face is disllKured and
his speech somewhat ullcercd.' '
It Im jirobable that Carpenter, elected
lvo trm., will preside nt;t he opening of
I lie Seliiite.
- An Inventory of On kes Ames' prop
erly shows liiin .lo have been worth
Cort Mlil.V, H. (.'.. July If!.--Colonel
Ieiiion, a prominent lawyer, and for
neai lv a quarter of a century solicitor
of tl'ie Midi'.le Circuit, died to-day,
iiK''d r. . , ' i'
Strike of Workmen inBarecIona
V.AYosyti July lil.-The Carlists
claini they have lu.iWtl men under
jirms. . . -
The Sininish Kovernmenl hits or
dered war ves'clH to cruise aJona
he coast of Hisi-ny to prevent the laiul
Snn;car;oeM of anus and military stores
for the Carli.-iU . , ,r .
Senor Aurleh, Minister of Marine,
hnn returned from tiriliii;:cna. W bile
then', he wns fired lit by the iiHinwnt
troops, A portion of the garrison ol
('arllieselm, who icl'usrd to join the re
volt, will rcacli here to-tluy,
TeleKianis from Valencia state that
preeautloiiH have been taken to pre
vent an out break there. The Covernor
reports tliHtrtlie vohmiifis may In- re
lied on to .support tlie authorities. .
Madkii( .tulv lil.-Disputchcs troni
Jkreelinm aimouiiey that .-yesterday all
-the vorkaien In theeotton am) woolen
"factories struck, and the shops were
closed in the vnHt " ""T i
The emplovcs comprising both sexes
wer haiuiipiied by Heverid.HpeHlser ut
the Tlaza, who urKi'd them to emulate
the course of the men of Ab'oy. ovcr
4hiH).w tli municipal government, and
brim the ehurches and public build
iniis. These Htate.ments w-re not re
ceived with favor, the speakers being
histied. Iiefore any serious dislurlmnce
occurred, troops arrived and dispersed
tho asen)'.Iy. . Further Manifestation
by the most violent among the work
, uieiuirewiprcliemled, und pa'cuutions
have been taken to ileal with them
liromptly. .
, Two tliousnnd Car'.ists have entered
the Trovjuee of Valencia- l'lesident
Moiyake refused to negotiate with the
Carlistrt for an ex i Jinnee of prisoner,
hut mrfhorizeit the Ucpublicaii com
innnders to eoinu to some understand-
' hifc.'unonielally, witli the Carlists to
secure the proper treatnu ntof panlsli
troojis fnll.ij'S ula tJ"' bunds of the m
tir!ieiits.v '
Hittvix; JulvMif. TliO fdiooncr
.Qeeau Ilelle, engaged in saving the
cargo of the wrecked xliip Minerva, at
Ht. PaulV, was herself totally wrecked.
TWTni.iitn has arrived from AN est
Tndle "5lx(li1itliH ftOhi yellow fever
occurred iliu in her pnixiiire.
clilIKE lmm ASOMi HIE fllFHS OF Pt.Wt
Bffisina 4 . JuJgf WalrWord.il Jbf lln ff
X i:aT "VnK, July W. - Ii.v7.nj, ;V
rilieli; nejihew of . Charlotte W ll ett,
whoso hnir-i'rtten IhmIv was found in a
a.Jiouk oil jiighty-fcovcntli. utreeti S1111-
duy nTglif, iinide application yesterua,
b-lntlie Hiirropile ,1 VHirt, for letters of
administration upon her estate. He
nllegin flip ilcccased. left 110 will, and
Ihut iM pertonnl utatdoesliotrKi eed
,, am; She was never inarriod, and her
Mole surviving heirmre Kliza llnvwood,
1 I ol (itiMif fja.,ianil du('b'.' t
Weather slightly cooler.
: 1 A diHpttteh from Wilkesbarre reports
nmirpheiisloiiH of i Pencml moveineiit
among the miners, lor the lncn'nse of
' .wagcH, which led to the long ctrike
two year ngo.
The triolein of tlie rertbily F.ducn
tloinil Fund inet In-iUy. Tlie Piesr
tCdfm3itli(ltliittrtiiaii.iirt!iia, in
vluillutir Governor Alkcn, of foutU fr-
'olhift, linrt Dr. 'Urti. - '
Mv'l'be tfWinlv Witt m Wff Wtww
M'ilM''W''i Milrty-slx wiituper
pound, 1'heeotton wus (jiowii InCaiu
erou ciiinty, Texas.
Tim iiall'veH of Alsace und Lorraine
resident here, relcbraied yesterday by
a i and fcHiival, the aniilversiiiy of
tlieir preferciiiT for I'lem h nalioii
Hilly. ,
The ease of A. II. siiejibeid and
Henry 1). (.'lark aunlii-l Clmiics A.
lialiii, eame up' before I'nlieil HlatcN
District .Tu'ile l.lalcliford to-day.
JihIkc Klsher, and )ltrlet Altoruey
llaii'luiiton, of Wii'liliiKtoii, argued for
u rcmovid to tWiishiin;ion, and Cuiteil
fclalcrt Dlsirlct Attorney llliss mo cd a
formal motion to t lint ellect. l'',-.)udgu
Khipmau, on belialf of Ml, liana, op
posed the motion. The nriuuicut is
still irohitf on. The court room is
densely crowded.
I.A'lklt. JihIro lllatchl'oi'd deulml Hie
appllcallon for the removal of Hie
Dana ease to Washington, and held
that It would lit unconstitutional to
ttefid him for trial to u court where
there Is no trial by Jury, as in a police
eourt. The decision was cheered by
the crowd In court.
Ixj.vdon, July 10. -Consols, CJJ
' i''it:'.'
'.KV01!Y7 jlll.V l1f:- -,Wom.l'.Wi,1fi'
.. J'aiuh, Julv y.r- Heated OHf and 7'n'.
i lavKiii'ooi'., July Kt'ottoii uii
elianged. Upliuulu, 8:d; Orleans, Ud ;
Hales 1,M)0 bales Hpecial extra:
hali-H Orleans, not below goorl oruiiiarv,
July and August delivery, Mi-tod;
Savannah and Charleston, July ship
ment, new iron, not below middling
uplands, H ii-llid; Julv mid August de
livery, not below middlings, H li-IUd ;
August and September delivery Hid.
Xkw Oim.kans, July Hi.- Flour dull ,
XXX, $ (H)f (1 00; family, s ( " -
Corn in good demand; mixed, o7( "Se;
white, "He. Oats linn at .Vte. Hran
dull at "He. J lay firmer; prime, fiV
choice scarce, at W7. Pork dull and
lower at 17 ir. Pry salt meats scarce;
shoulders, Sic; bacon quiet at ij(. lujc;
liams, 1 .").Un itUo. l-ard--ISefinedscaree;
tierce, K:e; keg, M(- K-je. Sugar dull:
inferior toeoniuion, 7("7jc; fair to tully
fair, H;r:di !le. Molascs No movement.
Whisliv in good deinnnil: lmlsville,
IWc; Cincinnati, !i7e. roll'ee qiiict at
IKdijic; sterling '-tie; sight -Je premluin.
(Jold, til l")j. Cotton dull. Sides:
4,IHH) bales good ordinary, ll ,e; 15 bales
low-middlings, U'lef" l; mlddlingn,
middling Orleans, ISje; reecipls,
Iialcs; exports: lireal llrilain,
4,(W(I bales; continent, 1,-IU; slock,
:U,!lLH bales.
Xi:v VoitK, July hi. Cotton -Receipts
07(1 bales; net 217 bales; sales of
futures 10,80(1 bales, wiih July at -'ij(."
i;(i:i-:We, August t 1-KiOi ISjc, Scplem
bcr l.Mjf.i INJe, October is 1-,'ii- ami No
vein her 17 1-1U. Cotton iiTegular, with
ineren-ed transacl loan; sale wef.e 2, 110
bales middling al 'i,c. I'Tour un
cliaiiged.' Whiskey lower, li'l.le. V. heat
fairlv active, but generally lywhaiiycd.
Corii heavv and lower; yellow West
ern i:ic". lllce steady. I'm 1; active
and lower; new 17 So. I.rd weak;
Westent slcani SiC. Turpentine steaih .
Itosin active. I'r.eights lirmer; coitoii
Jiy steam- Jc Money easy al 4. Ster
ling nominal; business on Hie streets
at ,(("!'. Cold steady. ( iovern ments
very quiet and steady. St:l!cs dull and
11 nil.
Kuiiwni, ily Me Modi Mm-lu'l.
' JiANSAS ClTV, Jtll.V I I.
CaUle Jleiptsll lii; sliip)ients'it!l.
The market, to-day ruled linn until to
ward evening when ft ibiline was
urged, owintto unsatisfactory advice.
fromtheKast. Hides to-ilay: aisniooth,
fat 'lterokee steers, uv 0-10 al '"'I
lUKe.i-feilTexnus, yv Pl'l lbs, :i(. ft
;i7'hw diuin Texan steer:', av tU ths, at
jy :;"; l good native steers, JSil J'.s, al
J4'(iJJ; Bri fair wintered Texan si eers, av
10fl4T1,s, at S3 ir; '.'0 m ilium wintered
Texan sleeis, av m ll.s, at ?2 'S; 17 fair
eoin-i'ed Texan xlow, av l07(i lbs, at
$.'! 3; 17 extra eonH'ud Tex:in cows, av.
K7.1 !t,s lit ?i K": 17 fair eorti-fed Texan
steels, nv IMlf" lbs,
A V. Hw.
C'luilce imllv
(liH'd , .
I'M' 100
. 4 ry),.vl 7.,
. 4 llr,kl 111
; a rMs..t .m
, :J iKifi.'!
i m
: ii iv. 1 25
,. :iihm,i:ii
,. V 'iVa'J .'
.' M u'.l T.'i
,. l..tI.t.l2-
.. i liii(7 'J
, Ktl'l'l' 1 l(l(.i. l.-VMI...
.. 1-jMi im..
.1 .. H O' llU-HI...
in) I n my
(liioil iiiitivimm-K
liiiiiiai'ii "
Cnrn-IVil T.-xiin klfein.
Wlnti-rcil "
Oi-illnary' " .
( iini-lc'l TVxiin rw..
JlKllnm . r "
li..n ' ' ' ..
..llOllM i-lfll...
., Xitft !)...
... lounr'n.:.
.. K'Kl.itiOOO...
... TVi'Vi !lil...
.. "(KM it!...
... 7lKi:.l Ml...
1V-XIIU -utllll, pt'rurwi
Vrul ralvii", jwr livii'U- "--;-
' ii.ruoioinal at .'1 'Uf'
: (m
.MlTrilK.M'.ll, OliKK.VH A 'o.
' 'snnpolllMi llolrl.
11 H Miinv l'liunii Jl .Mrl.iilho.il Kt Wi'i lli;
K l. An.lii 'Vs :; il V l'i. t-..e 'n i ium 11
i sii.iioliT I': A ( 'oloi; W in .loins: 111
i'l.Wl r ml la. v: J i lionl T I': .lassmlili;
7ms Jv"' All AUIfin; V C H.oiis moil.
l.1: .1 1. L, ...ulv II I' Iliilramli' "x:
inn; n " ' '-'"i" .'... , i i i;,i.,.
iTsmv "wi.mivu: .liM.ii:,.l.'i.i
li,i-l!: W lH'wiMHil 'I W. IK'W. ii,
I ins
KmiiirJAr: a imi;
A J. Nrwliiuy Al-
,k"' . l'rnlrhMlil Houm).
W I, Ionium I IT H'li-A ''"'"bdir
.. . Mi M. !).! J llnoki-rl
a ,r
jin.wi. !.' ;':., ... r.. , 1 iit.. iiv
A III. . .
. ' ' Tominrreliil llolrl.
1 'j J l'iinmla Kunfiunn: W:huUiv.iT.'X.W
ii Miin W H.mirHt l.oui;J 1' i jillplnm
V.v It IohVuv A 1' K 0rUnrr V ?lal''l
I linr.in. r T.-mi: W "l"; ; X1 ''.
i-lo ill ' I HttV'nrW II Oiisi.m .1 Hill. W li
' m en II W "t Ii iT i" ' i Jin V. K 'ov.-lt " -v;i;
! ll.iriirll W Al Jliirn.-tt Kaiiiiiuoi: J I'.Mr
rc'rii'i 11 ii'i'iiooi; "' T t;iii-riat;.i..rsAr.
II nankin; II .s. I.els.n St 1mls; KJeivry;
W i' llulliiooi; W It ll.im.oi; Jii. H-iiiIiik;
t.,mnn; KTTonillnwm LuiirvIihv; It Man-U-
l WoihIs; .1 W K 'li-li'y Lmisvirw;
V.lnnisi I. H lill-
Ilnllan Hold, i-.:
N A I hrlnlliT, V I'linmllcr, W H W'Hllnre, J
r)rians.Tiiiiis-Allnnlii-l'li-.'Us; I" Wliitiilier;
1 I. ip.rrln AM-'iia; J Itiijli; A lioiiii.-lly IV:
. u 1 L...lo.tii. I ' I fiui.nl.iftn ll..ltmill!
11 r Owns I.iivh; Vl J lslliii Jim Mrl'iir-1
linT.-x;W' Wlll.iriiy m rj .liio ll-uiy Ky:
VI- Ilrtllimnnii , u ..... ihhh- - i-n,
iiiov.-; .1 W llrowiiu-r; Jim Klrkmnn l'.-n-lun.
An honest hearted and sincere man
i workman in Kmrlaiul, seeing n
heavy chain lying ucrof Hie truck as
1111 express train ennio iihwg", riwhed
forward, and threw it out of tlie way,
lust In tinio to unvii the train fVoiu
i Isjing burled down an abunkment.
Uit whs instantly killed, nsho eneeted
to He-. He saved a train with score i 01
precious llviw. I'raise is puitry, and
eutosj-lintx ttinent tn'rclattug Mich
fuet. And yet this man will be
unknown to fame, and even ly the
people for whom h dlcil will proi'ttbly
remain unwept, nnlionored (intllun
yiintr, . '
A lllSI OMUMi .11 III.) 1. 1. lilt.
Iln ii Nliri'ixl I'liklimiklir mill n
I li I leil Malm Uitrxliul I iilurri Willi.
Several w eeks iigoli elcrli nallled I.
1). ( Hllcsple, employed In (he 1'iislutllee
at J''ariniligloii, .Mluini-ola.ill'.iipj'raiviJ
suddenly, no one knowing vlili'nr he
had gone. The post master at (he iline,
Mr. L P. l'luke, hud been an intimate
friend of the younj; man since they
llisi met, in the year Hii.:, at J. ir. ri on
llaiiacks, and both he and hi wile
alwavH liealed him like a son. Hut
lor some lime, 1 1 if vigilant postuui-ier
suspeeli'd llnil. Hie fellow was not nU
ln;r the part of an honest man low ard'
him, 'and Hie diMippeaiancc of inoiiev
order blanks from the regular book
only served to convince hliu more
slrongly thai (Hllcsple was Hot honest.
The latter, learinu nun mw peeiinmous
were known, ah.eoiiilcil, Mr. l'luke.
grieved uiid indi.jlianl, ilelei'ioined
Hint he would brlim li e "(irndi r
to Justice, lunl hod live lioy.ou
of his . phot'igraphs , taken . and
distributed tliroii'iiioiil Hie eolniliy,
Pour or live hundred piiuled di scrip
Hons were also scalteii d in vai'inusJl
reetions, A conference was bad with
(he I'lilted Stales Mai..lial, and the
special mail agents, and Mr. l'luke
came to St. l,ouison the -"Mil ultimo,
remaining for a week at the house of
ii vo.4iiiir. niv in w null I l e nie was
ungager, ami who resided about tweiVi V
miles in Hie country. The assistance 1
of a Deputy l uiteil Siales Marslial was
procured here, and the parlies pio
ceededed to Poplar Itluti; ill thiM Stale,
Postmaster l''luke disguised in a pair of
common overalls, ami an old linen
coat, Tliev had li"t been more than
tell minutes In town before the ungrate
ful (iillcspic was discovered. He was
placed under arrest, a passim; train
signalled, ami Mr. (iillcspic brought
into St. liouis the next day. Here lie
was turned over to the proper muiiori
ties, and subsequently tillleil to the
scene of ids rascally exploits, where I hi;
full' extent of Hie law's punishment
will probably be dealt, out lo him. 'V.
ICnmorril .'HiiiIiich or liiilM-r Willlnui.
Troiii London, where, by the why;'
they appear to be making up new-sin
large and small parcels tor Hie sensa
tion market, come hither alarming re
ports concerning Hie health of Imm ly
and niliul of tliree very great people,
Tbeatory there Is, thai llio Kmperor of
Germany' mind is iilli'i'ted; Hmtj not
to put tiio tine a point upon ifi, Uo
mad al times, quite mad; that the jour
ney lost. Polcrsliuig developed w her-;
cslilarv, or at least, a family, tciulency
(o meiilal disease,. of which i-igns had
been previously observed in ids Maj
.cstv to such a degree Hint It was with
ililiieuliv in; could be worktil liiroiigll
the Shah's visit, for Hie tlrsi few day
of Ids arrival, and at lis close il was
publicly aiinoitueed Hlal the Kmpeior
was i'lidi-posed, and needed rest.
Kins is, one would think, Hie worst
place in (lie world 1'i.r an old man l
resort to in the dog days ; it Is a shade
less, stilling valley, hot, as Oehcnnr..
tt is 11 place which must be crowded
ami haunted Willi memories of IH7i
noil nil lliat occurred In t. m; the war,
enough to disturb a sick brain. Then, :
after Kins, Hie F.inporoi- w ill repair I
(.'-.isteiif, where the :Tir is iu igoraiiuf. !
and the waters are exciting, which j
seems alsoof doubtful propriety - if lb"
story be true. "There in tlie mb." If
the story be true? H is aniuuniccd so
posiiivc'iv in a letter to me that l men-1
Hon il with w hat are ealk'd al! nc di'ui ,
reserves. Put it is not probable. I Sis,
not likely Hie Kmpress Augusta would I
come here, even at her iniiieri.il lol'd.l.
and master u bidding, if be were, as be
is reiorled from London by every well
informed 1 orrespondent, to be. . II is
tlie cmight-up echo of Hie old limit cir
eulaled in France when the old soldier
klm;' was thundering nwny at the walls
of Paris. i
He may not have a very id rung hc;ti,-
as it is called, though be Inus enormous f
tenacity of purpose, and sell'-w ilK'.bie-
in doing what Uc conceives lo lie right. ;
In that he in every Inch kinr, and";
not in tlie luast degree iailrin in minil.'j
Prince Ijisinarek could never have
played liix desperate games wiHi'for'unc
if iiio iving's resolute hand had not
'prepared li i tit with Hie means. Il was, j
and perhaps is, the habit of the great !
Chancellor to spi ak ol Ins master in
terms of Honielhing like contempt
when lie alludes to the events from
I set to 1S7U, which have placed him on
Mtcli n pinnacle of glory ; ,i 11 fact, bis
comparisons arc of a nm-'l homely
ch! racier, in nccot'iianee won i.ie
brutal fnuichise wbtcli the Minisier
indulges in on occasions in which he
is carried away by "talk." for which
lie bus a. passion. . He compares Hie
reluctance with which the king en
tered 011 the dangerous ground
(over which Providi-imc guided
him in lstll and mm to tliat
which is felt by the inferior equine an
imals to the saltatory process which is
needed to cross a Wall " I'hrlce bad I
to bring up the old gnison to Hie feuee
before I eoubl get bim to take the
jumii." J't fond, perhaps ho has a full
sonxe of tin' simple dignity ami digni
fied simplicity of tlie nioiiarcli'n ehar
iicler, but courtiers shudder as they re
call the phrases used by the Piincu,
w ho may well lie irritated soinetimi-i
at linding that lie is regarded by his
I noisier very much as Cavour was liy
I Victor iMUimilinelli fussy, re.stlessan.l
I meddling follow, who had great ability;
but -'could never liavo Kent; anyunng
only for tlm nid oft.be royal attributes.
Let us sot down the report as quite fal
lacious for the present. Correspon
dence !X, Y. Times.. ,
Tin: I'ort Smith llcrald lias the fol
loMiiii I'ditorial uiion the railroad
niwlinx that took jilife tit l-'ort , Smith
on llio 4tli of July, and to whieli n did- j
...riilwill from III 14 I'itV Will IllUlOIUtl'll,
tut whri-hwiiji not prt-wiit; , i .
Tho railroad convi'iitI..n on tin' itn
of July was, an was antieiimti'd, a coin-
nlcto sui'eci!, tiiottun 11 wan inn ir
lai'L'c ni could havi' liei'ii wi.-diod; yet
all ii)ii'ari'il fully alive to tin? import
iiiep of tlll'olijeet f ir whielt they had i
iwsi-niMed, i!Ui"l inaiiilV-itud nil eai iu-'t- i
licis whieli usually iii'i'e.le nucciw.
When.' ho many i-ontlii-Unx litttn.-xtn ;
vi-fi- i;(-si'Ut, it m ih reasoiialilo lo look j
for inueli di.ieu.-sion, and on mhiiic ,
ii!i"-tions that wrri? irfen!."l, nnn h i
and warm,tliouili eourtumw dlsi-iiNNioii i
....... ' " i
tiTIie fontendln i li'iiif in- r--'itlnu
tlii'm.si'lvi-s cainu from the U I!. .k ('.
r. itoad from the .I'l lnitdiM inti-ri-'l
In thr.St. l.oulsA, (Iiilf II .ad, and from j
the 'o-hn and Jtl'r.-ii' !ity deleira- i
tion, each dcnlriiifi to wt'iln! u I'onnio
tlon in tholr diveutioii. 1
The convention hy It- artlon did nut
plediro. itself to' uny Juirtleular route,
thmijrh It fuvorerl the jiroponltliiu of
('oliiiiel H, Yuuuif, n will In1 m en
In the proeecillnn' publMinl by us In. I
day, and I be w bob' enn wnilon, cuk il
a lew Iniei'esied ones, amieaied lo lie i
eo.lll'olled by Hie pel Idea of Colonel I
KKIiback, to saw Hielriiid mil 11 snli
lied of ioW jini iii I'm' h.
Afii'l' bo diiyi eal'lifl. Work , and !
touch liklK. 'UI tJieeveillli of thy . Mil..
tho convention li'ljnuilied.. ' , ,
It now remains lor Hie several coin
inillees appointed, and for I be people
IhcV renresenl, to go lowork In good
eann-il, and hcciiie Hie dcMtcd iufor i
lit, o Ion and Hi" desired end, i
Tliijii: I-1 a took imIImI a "A hllndred
' W'avs nf ('noUbi) K,n:ii,",'aiid u very
clever mm or woioaii conl,, In' or she
I imil. be, wlni could Had out such a
j variety, Now lliereaie many hundred
j of w ays of il'ilmi ((null, and if you can
I liol it ml I Ill-Ill out, I could give von a
i receipt or twij, !i youhiie money,
li ed Hu poor alid i" an id. Il von iinc
I I'.one, feed HiohToy I i (be . wlliler,
und (ll'lv Is hOiUelllllw done. ' ll'yoil
I pi e tell, I' 'lilig"id in yont tuinl -i i.v ;
' lull llu'j who le.nh babes do as you,
There is a sued smell in Utile violds,
und I have heard choice m.iij.'s from
birds 1 coiilii not see. If you cannot
place n fountain by Hie roadside, you
may be able to IlieiuJ Hit; leaky cup
onl'iif which Hie traveler drinks. Ii
need nut lie a great thing; be who
tji es a imp of cold Wider lo a diti lple
In)'' a li'iiiiiho.of rew ard as surely as if
he had prepared a great leasi. -.mi-.
Ovr.ltall life broods poc-y, like the
culm, blue sky, with lis motherly n
linking face. She isthe (treat reformer j
and w here the love
und .heultliy, Wicke
can not long prevail.
of her is
hies and
-I Lowell.
An exchange remarks that il is one
of Hie peculiarities of the boy Hint lie
Ilil'U liiinself unable- lo bathe, except,
sotoi-peak, at llie'top of bis lungs.
Thu bulbing boy's paradisaic uneon
seioustiess of nuillly is also a 'curious
matter of remark.
Tlie Spanlsli. covormncut has pro
mulgated - the I'.eevec anntilling all
edicts., of,,;e.pii! ml ions, .pliieoil upon
till' liiolier ol reo. i
trt';upailiiera in I 'uba.
' r s if '
? ..t.uii'O jhii ia.i:lo.
0, II, HI il-O I I.KII'H.
&. il-SJHOEUlOrF-COo.
liKM.ntS IN
Hides," lthsp;":. and Fife. !..
1liKh.t!iri:o!M fi-l"-" t'liiA fiil lli'li,-VW(K,l
i.-.'e.lun.', Kuril, IIim 'w u, . In.
Im-mh . . , .: ..... ,
K. J). Z'ACHRY, j
.. ;., ,MASI.-''.VYl'l(K:i "s I
!' ALU. tilMM.
Nii.'i-liil iitt--iitlim jtlv.-ii t nil ei-.l-ri ill
tniwt.'il ti lily imiv. 1
llitt-1114'in lll ili-llv.ir nil city "i.I.'-.m, ini'l
inlni-lrnrii Uii'.-oioiliy rc.i'.-1-U'iilly m.Ucltcil. v.
i.ini uit-ct-1. niiihiH. r.-M..
'i'olic.v JIoMcrs
ui. 1 in-:
Life Association
IV ll
-r't..f !
Coiiimcichil VUib Hooin
( 'tll'IMT Hi AllHlill illl'l Mllill SllV'.'K, KM
mm lililn Mil,
AT ( rCU i J-JiL,v,
-or tit.- ii 1 1 i.io ui' iir-'iilinu Ui'
Dal 1 :i
1 )
i s t
V 'J'lIK
And to 1-le. t nUl'tc-rs tor illU oa-.iiliiKy.ar.
All Who llolil J?elW lois
.rof"jttil. .1 t;i, 'it,-;,
Ii:iii-I nmptiy. '
ioi. I -n il! pl n '.if oil.
;'. W.vlliii llavloi-
AiiikiUitinf Ulnnmcnr far Trvu.
r- - ,..y.f r. . . :-. , -
OrriCB I IKE mmm OF .MCA ''lLadica'ana Gthms Goods
fflar S.Vtith Hb&5'.c7;3Ai & CO,
DAIJ.AS I tT ri ttii :v.
in ( .' r Tl , I I
I I ,wtf i. . n,ini' .' l'iii-fillllnill
Kvuivvumm ) iv liu.MciiiuiiM
i ... ... . i
At ih.'if (llil iilLil IU tl-vitt Jl ,!,
I lave. la niiHc A t.ov.i.SiiJ'i'l1 '.
'o:if-HSt!iirri' ol' '.ill UluiN
faftiirii ;oil, Oyilerj. Hnrtilnrs,
j XJl"'lo
X-riAifs, 33tcit
Tli.-y will iilo l.iit.'
Fresh Bread, Rolls, Cakes'
r i c, y . ' "-c A,? T ?T
Elp., Iri rvory VHil'ty. l'liiiiikfiil for tlw
But lUn'rnl imlton ik('i liit.iwrl on tli.ini,
1BV llk HfOlltilltlHIlnTlf ihr-nni.
toir iviihn v i.urroT,
; w a it I).
man ji nt ii'i:m:i a
K 15 1 HdT H T C H
... . , m.
iii;iiinvrvL wi.es . mwm.
Patont ModlcVnosy Perfumery,
k. w, nor.
. - Wliolrimlft ntttl 11hM
Uei Hi.' ('niU'liii.-lil ll.iuxi',
1 1 II N .
rr v a h ,
(.'(IlllUU'lt 'illK(M'
V!iult'nl uinl ll.'l.iil
M A 'WCi F A C T tT U TJ H ' A G l' U T 3,
stroot, 33 alias, Tvxi
: riiulll
,1.111 N II. HHY.VW,
V. h.kl-kl-110. 1 Ucliill It.-iili'i-N In
i.irv. i js
! Stoves ' 3 s d Farmir.2 I".icr.i:?.ts '
A I:
il.. a ft-'ii'-ri.l ItiiaUIn- uml
i i'M-!minf'
llllHl llfW.
. wiwi' huh; i.ik tmi: siitJAiti-.,
l.lly DAI.I.Af. IliXA.V
K. Mi'll.lll'NNV, " T,'..l. l!t'Trill.VM.
:' Siii-c.-wiim lo V, T, llat"hliw, ir
- in M in)r.r.MAi.r.
! ! JY i 01S,
Vioo'i's an ) si r )i ;s
?S' O'V 1
I'riinlklln Mrrrl, uaili-r
tlir li'.ilrtitiK ll,nlf,
i; '- Atlv-ntfi fjr lli Hutu of nil jiooiIk m.inii
I'.u'tiii. il hv Ih.i " il. ni-loii Cil.v Mills " iiiiij
Hi.: " Kull'l';:! iiU.'' , . - , .. HI' M-"
H, I.'ik:i,'N.-w UiluiiiiH. J. Monies D.illu-.
S.. LOEB. & CO.
Wluil'-ciik' nml Ketall ) iilenln .
N T A 1
1. r,
1 A ' If A
t T
tr Ml II I. -
1 uoots, 5noos, nais, uaps,
! . )iii
iiiii Stii'd. Dallas Ti'ai.
' i.... i ......
v';,; V . ':?
fCC: uV'.nl
"f -
: In r.-'i-1 r.-.tiOH- rtirl.f U. ''.il iu'l -.iini - !
In.- oar uiwi.li h -r-ire n v i nt Hm-ivIm-p-, m II
t trill h.-10 rnur ru-iM-flf. ' I VtU ;
urn P. liniifi
Ji h-t
tiw-t, l.'-lw." ii luin nn.I t'lni.
IIV'inlw iV-oii lifiiul will 'I.vti .1 :ock
, of Imii'irl''! uml In-tiio-iHc
(iisslicres, Brniili IniH and (online
wlili'h tiii.rV.ftfr to life pulillu it livlli
prl.w. I'lolti purclnwl fnini n will l riil
inn tr nf riMiMi'. . k .d HI (nnrHtiliiHi
Ann, vol.
A. h'OX.t
Coruloana and Dallas
W llelcKllIc mill lt lull Ik lllKIH III
flmliliif, lluuli,' SIiom, htwv, Uli
A N 11 -
Oenoral M arena ndlia
Hl'.'llOM t ( UtklcHIII. Kl 111 At,,
(.I.Oltbi: It. HOLLAND, Jr.,
im.ii.mt in
Dry GoQds
A.l ( MTIII.j,
Dootm, ShooMi cib XZnim
No. M Kim Street, - Dnllns, Trias
All non.lHKiiKl at uiilil prlci-N for iMiriviii'V, '
Grrb o e rs
Commission Merchants,
1 M.l, AH, TUX AS,
V liil.c litis ik-hnIuu ( lliimk oiir
Irl.-u.U I'ue y.ut I'tviii'K, u.l K KK l
l.ill.v .'11 1 1 Itit'lr l.ll.-iilluil lo unr Iiu
hk iikc hloi-k. bii li urt' Jusl r . 1 1
luit Oil'.-. I Ii mii Ibn n-liu l.ul uo.uu
li. loi'rs ol' lln Aorllinti'l Wml. .nr
( Io.nIiIuk illrei't I'rniii Ui-kl Itmi.U lur
-imli on Iho hiol, unit iMnllliiff oiir-.-l
v' ! evi r.r nUtiiiiliiKU Vt' slilpli
1.. . . ....... 1
lnr ",la" l' ' """MHIlo1-,-laiul'irt V'.ln-,riuo.onlaiic,Nirli
uml l.j uuraun laliok- nluiol Ircclii
iikirn.-l IVom Hlorc emiu'ikeH. Wc fVel
4-uiilk.!.'ii In i.nr ahllll y lo oll.'r lo iir
rrli-mlmiiKl la Uie ubli jiem-rKll, our !
iiilMl.'liNC Nlo.-l ni livller ml.K nisd
iiiti'i- lliiil.nnil.v luu lluiirt'H Hum ll.k
i-v.-i li.-ioi-k' iiceu iill.-1-c.l iu llif lulcrl.ir
0l I'.'VIIS.
Ah 11 linHii uml louiiiliiliuii !' mnr
fuiulti(.M. u . Ukiai-.tnll'V A,t I'l't Ikk'llk-K. ID
lio us r.-irc.'iil-l, or niuny r.-lnml.-il
w. Qi.rr.,'.'..,.-v. r.i.a-ijp. pi
Our nuccwwi In h.iluc di'iM'ndii v"-(Ir.-lj
moii t'Miilllnlllk a Hbull.l
irmliiin Aoi'tliPi 11 Twiim, kimI u tjkil.r
ask m lulr unit iiiiixii-iliil ti-liil.nu.l a
i'lui cniuiinrlHOii ol' iiniloi'iii prli-.
li llli IIk.so ol' Hlik-''Mrtf IJnlvrfilon,
uml - OrlniM n lUi In liclil milled,
p. ml w 1 lu-i-rliill.v Mblilc by lli (I.-!.
lon ol llio hi.. ut;.
(.A It 1. 1 Mi I ON, M4HMAI.IN CM.
info 1
w h o . k xhk
llKAI.lill.-l rN HTAM.K A.VU KAN.'V
Grocer los
. ; : A II' I ! . .
t; 1. H A Ml MA IK NTH I IT.
IIIIhH r.iok I'rlrv HjIiI ftr Montr) lroilHre
L , . j j ...
Tin y !(( Hi.' iitl-i.Uuii ol Ui.. pulilla to th.i
folloMlim .-.imiiii-wliiii Mfrllly dini-ti''l to
tli.-in I.v Mi vir... V'-rc-r, Ai!ii" A Urn l in y
ulw.ioiiiiiiiii.'i-llx'li wnry for mfimur .'.!'
elm.liil I'iklUiyu Dllli'ii.
'i'lm tnuli- in Hi" I'liitiil MtiUftof Aiiiprl.-a
Will Jil.'ii. nlKi-ryc tlmt Wlllliiinn llron., f
Ilullm, T.-xim il'nlU-il HlnlfMi. inive U-.MIUI..
ux.-iiln l'r l" mill! ii! our UlN.. W would
sp.-.-i:i)ly ni.-niiuiH'iiil (mrll.-n to purrliimi
ifliiH-tlnini tli.-in, th.'mtiy prevtillug frnud.
IMAwly Ciloiiliil Hiiiiaiw, lionilon.'
Whola! anil Itrtnll '
' ftti Uidn mil (milrj frtJuti ImjVl.
. HUH KKI.MIWI4' lH'll.tJlNIi, ,
'.: .., . ' ' ;
l.lly - PAIXAS. TEXAS..
Ami V.'1k.I.-i.U- ttl Il.-lull U.-iil. T'. in
i OX Gr J. H. .
iitirr rs, . is i ts, f.ip
Ccrirr f i'aaarrM Mi JflTrnk M., .
M Wilir ui M I'W Mini .
' liiiuiirfri and sif 'iii sLiw
I'uoiMirir rU bw" Ml
anil JrHbrMM Mr!,
Diilliu, Tiuhi
Corner Amtn und Blni't.,
Wt invito lli nubile la inrl 1
oar im moi'k 01 ., :,
ITAI'l.l; AX1 'A.'Y
'I Ik li hmt eii iMta r
t.' i :
St. -Xouis
; Family Flour
'.. r .-'
llliv, flailey, (Irlmruirtliiin .Mueoorlnl, Vr
iiiUvlll, ens ' Uliolfc LouMhuiu Miowa nii.l
While Clarlllt'tl Hhioiix j .-nwlH.rtriimJ.mioili-liilfil
mill iKikVdi'i.'il huuiiiT.; tlie i'iirlo.
Luiilnlikiia liolil.'H It) rnii nail .Mulii"'", Uu
shea lltitler, I'l-eioii, IKiiliiiul nu.l K.ii.'Uii
rii.-.l.ti-rriiiM-wij I'ttuiily Unl IiihIJuKim
ami tl.-i-i-.-H; Hie Iwtt linoul el' nimii-.-n.iil
Horns iiiul lln-iiUriet lliwea; h.iHi Umi
m.kUer, uuUinit, biiiulLsli lltuuluiiHI iilial Ja
ii.ktt t.-iiN ; M.'i-iliti 11 mi bim.luii l.uyor ltitlM
bm, I'lliiiiiH, I'ui rniilH, Hiull".! HNtulkh uirt
H.-Mlll' lining. M, l,IIIIOll llll'l Wll.ll.' tlll'l1.
im.l in.. cinio-i-Ki viui.'ty i.i I'lt'Hie 01 iuis
inuiuei. iii4 11 u at itriiiiuii .
loin llm-k uii.l Miuiiklliiki il.McUt..
j. it, w iimiichh.
AI.MIK.il 1UV1S.
Sclmeidcr & Davis
3f "Jt 3 ISJ
MRS 11
mm w n, ami ma mim,
!.-. 11.: i ! ; . '.i.-. i
AI.iAN, TKXAM -.-..lMi
C3r DC!' O O 0 DP, El
' " J '' i 'aY.1 4j hJ ! vr EX XttS Mat
II, H. Nl'IIMItlT.
M ' I - ,. I..- ' ' 1 1 I.
()iHrslle . tin; New Market Heiwe,
202 Unln Street, Dallag,'
r ' llavt (ilM.p.flrifH :
Family Grocery, and Protisios : Houss,
Anil rmpertfullv Inform llinlr fftwud null
llio luililir K.uinriklly, that IUi.y Jilll.dl thf lr
ami Ufllv.'r Uir'm to inircWiiwr fn-" f lirg
In u part uf Hi oily. . '
Pr.Hture ami PrulUi f nil liln.1i iMle a
IHilnUy, and kkciu.iluiit uiplj k(V I
.-. Alio, n Da Ktoclt f Llqiwrn, Tttkntr
Clij.ir, alwiiyson liBU.I. . tMtm
; pjajios und organs: r
ii:ai.krn in
liooks -'iiiul Stationery
. ',. :. . - . ' ('' i
Crockery, Glass and Queossware,
'' HT, l'.UVlr llKI.tV TIlL'ili.rj ' '.
; ' .'-'-.I
"; r x anos,
P K T I U KS a nil PI CT I R .1 fllA M KS
. . . i , . . .
Hat Kiu kS, WlnUaw gtiaitr
and t'Ulin cn, Looking Vlumen,
Krils niiil lleililluK, lV
iltis, I.unilier, mi it MiliiRlen,
HoarN, HliDdx, Sush, Mlottldliifr,
Ulndow foiuice.. Hall Paper
und tTii7l1ilUf frtiit-.ltikt lo thtf V-inluew
f kk-nl voiikiuntiy on Jmud tail nro
- rnR HALF. AT tlf IXW TT.
1'tiy '

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