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The Dallas daily herald. [volume] (Dallas, Tex.) 1873-1887, October 01, 1873, Image 4

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1, 'ft. It.lllTIUH.OW, . 1 ,,"or
WBiwii.n.rii-"" ,,m;,,;,!'1:
low rat.tt.HH pi.ii '
Z w "
H..C J..W W..rKI'It. MAII.1 1 "
ALU Olt'iCi:, Innuir ""
Imi Nli-erU.
Town ''
Tw.'lvo loU (out. hlorU), on 1li irliuliit
IiiihI iti'ttt 8lrr.it of ll.t.l.tw.. ..r Il..t. l.l..H...
Cm tViiIralIUIlioa;,ln;imllim eunuly, Mr
wilo nt U.w prices, Apply I"
jy!5l.r 0IIC"'
mmt n.
Itlr. W. HTNimrkp,
Of Mliruvi'port., l onriiullHiilZ"'! will for
tlmt clly, to ivliom purlin. .IcslrliiK t' "'Ivrt-
Mm In orsiihwrlho for Tiik IIkuami m'-"''
upoi'tfully ri'ft'rrt il.
DiiUAiiY nkitH.
A I'llW-KATK llt'l -ori-llel.
Wind Mill' from llio north.
"Ui I'lMiinir' Tlio-'u win. iiinlii' II.
Ixiiv nut for Frost. JiH-Ii his Hint
Wiikhh to lonrn lmw to hlow (io to
Tun only innn (hut In "liooUni" ns
liuving hwii liolli'il nH ovi"' .loli.
Tuw (JrumJ Hu'lol' ihoFielil K'oih-i-ro
In ready for Month or Ni'"son.
Tin: footing of t'n new ii0ii:;i r
ilcpot of tli l'ai'illd road i iii,i.oueh
ing its lustHlii iHk'.
I.N tliiieoiiiniiinirnllons'iiti'ieil "Da!
Inn" l'i yestenlay'H ll''r, t lit; lltrnrw.
t',y,()U(i" nIiouM mill tMiyiim.
Tit:: (uMo oil" o -.iTii'.'nt on 1 1 10
Iron kIIIs timl minimis of Suiiitrr's
Main Klnvt. f"ont is M";.? (jHdod.
'J'iik 'IVxus CVntral road wi'l Is-.nc
ruuiul-trln tlekeU to'jmrilw M'lslil.i;,' to
ntli'inl llio St. l-oiiis Fair, t S'M "',
which will li A until loo :!illi In-a.
Maxaciuh l!iii:ii.v of I'm VuipIo
vlllo combination, has riiliice;l tln
m"tlu of jult't'S of mlniinHloii 10 11 Vy
cunts for blnnlu lii'Uuts, mill seventy
II vo cents for rcsoi ml Kent". .
liKT I'm street gni'.i"s turn tV-ir
ntti'nt.oii to the corner of Main niul
Jcllii'soii stitrts, noiith side, mul their
rye will catch sljjlit. of severnl ei'iint'i
ynriln of thctwoHtrccts that need li'vl
lug up.
A srnANOKit at o.ni of our hotels cut
his faco in ft rather Mlntfti'nr niaiinc ',
ycstortlay, lit, dinner, while c.i-'v!i"5 n
ilee-J of stcaU. 'l'nc poi'ii, of ,.iu I ..' u (
Hllppiul uu.l ll;-'lng unwauU sliuck li'-u
just below the eye. the e'l'; i Jt'. ti of
Ihc Hliuiicned eii ;o ponel-iitl.rjlo ihe
uVpih of an el-jlilli of an inch.
In our repoit yehlerici,', o' the iin
fiirtunato ililllciilty that owii.'cd the
day before, between two on oeiitevs
vettlillngln tills city, the se ise of ihe
article, wiittilino.-t ilesi ttyed by tyoo
Kraphleal bhiixleis, which we.e as ciu
barnuwln lis they weic ritiiculoiisiy
The Vity ll niK.
A clreuhir will be lusued this ninrn-
lug by the (.Mlyliauk of la Iiih. U'l
iiounciug that in eoiiiteiiiience of the
innb'Kty of the Imnk to conirol It.s
funds, both ul home and abroad, tlic
tleinandHof dtpositoi'H will be met only
by a certification of cheeks, a. id niso
giving uconclso Btateiucnt of the assets
and linb'lities of the bank. This
course, on the pn.i of tills old and )ot
ular institution, is caused by n combi
nation of ciieiunsiiniees wholly un
lookt'tl for by even the ollleers of the
bank iUelf up to Thursday n-ornin;;,
untl an we have stated, H but tem
porary. The bank bus made no
louses; on the contrary, has home nsse, t
already overdue, wcured by gootl ami
abuiiilant coilatciais, Car in excess of its
liabilities, besides otheis faJJIng due
within thirty days. To force payment
on tho assets, over-due. at tnis time,
would result in grout damage to the
. business Interests of tho city. It is
confidently believed that the bank wi'l
l'csumo payment in currency in ten
toys at 'urtliesL
Wo have been intimate with the
President of this ba'ik for the past
seven or eight years, nod feel no hesi
tation In indorsing bis nsscilo 1 of the
. perfect security ()f tho iusti.ution, nod
heliovo that tho course, now puut.icil
was a wise precaution to secure the de
positors, and to the very best interest
of the buHi'ieas community of our city,
and that It will result in uhimntc
The bank will resume e;jjla busi
ness this inon'ing, and ce.iiUc a"
checks jl'-awn by deposiio'-s, which
ehecks will pass among our nierehams
as freely as mo iey.
We clip thu following f om (he Kan
sasC'tyand Sut-iiunab. papers, shoe
ing thcactioii of the leai'Mi'i ba-iss ami
bankers In these ciilus. n.'d it is o ilv
to bo regretted that our banks l ad not
pursued the samo course .
At a meeting of thu bit ikeis of Ka.i-
us City, J.elu et.neitilay. evvnupr
eptemuer i:4in. isiit, ni.. j. v. win-
klni wvh cluutoil inesitleiit, and Mr. J
I), lianciolt secriary. Tlu folio .ig
Tt'wnuiions were u.iHiniuonsjy adopt
Whkukas. Thnt during the prew-nt
nmijtnlnl tltHtntlMinccM, wt deem it tic
Hlmljl or thu Iirivurvntl...! .. .1
t"tt nl vnrt., tt,torU.l that n
1'niUU UV ItrvYMi i1 rr.. l. .. .
,t "i.t -eH
until ii . V ,TC,YU U'luniml.eil
iw f lw.. n ,,,d "'"'.iW.ig of
V.tit ti't . " "wiiveti,
Checks r d;rtnvfrUrttl,nymvnt nf
XL"' .M'"! 1 l";iKh.mm balance.
MKiie.l by Clieh haul;, by pliii'l In d
In 'he morning mid evening i ft ; n '.
': i-t iS'a'ionnl li.iiili, D. ), .-'nini'l k
I 'i U' n. i. tu f '!! X mi !,)1j:I !'..! II.;. ( m,
iiii'i'vln' Nnti.i.in! li.u I;, UaMv.rt Cny'l'i
Htivii'M Atseeimlttit, .1. U V.'at'-.lns !
Co.. l'li.iii.'is' mid I'lu-.t'iv' r.ivi. i.'
Jii.'ik, ilio .'dm.ibi Han';, Ml.-i.iil Vni-'
Icy ll.'ll.k, J it hi;.:, (Jiiiiit. t'o., iiinl ;
K'iiphis Sliifk Viii'tl l.ank.
The nift'lii;,' nljnui';icil hiibj'ct loll.e
i-.tll id' Its rrcsidciil.
.1. 1). Ham'KMT, ..'creiary.
ciiA.MiiKU tit' ro.MMi:i'( i. .'.ii-:i:t.:.i.'.
si A 'A .'AII, .s'l'plt'lillic,' i:'i.--Tlii'
clinnibi rof roninii'ivi' hi hi no mljoui li
ed nuTii i.'! at a laic hour Inst ni);lil
to receive the I'ollotving ivpoi l of the
coinn.lltei', widen war, adoplrd:
ItesolVi'd, Thai tin' bnlil.s n"d lull-H-lug
houses of Snviiiinnll be I'fenin
ine.lilt'tl to lii.'i t. the iloiunlnlii of tit
posuors by ccllllicntioiiH, to lie iH'i'd as
the irec.'i.ii'M nl holdeis nui.v i,t"ul"i',
Hold tin) It'iiiji'irnry ili!1li'llliies .ie re
moved, it. id till "Xi'luinj'.o can be t -Inicd
end c.i reney ln rceeivnl to
move tnc crops.
The c'liiiinilii'e nlso reported that
Hit lied wnllcd on the bunks and
i)P n.ers and hud milnniilod (he rem. hi
Hon to them, and that ii met with
their a'.!ijuleveeili'e; all I !he.i le.l'l Ihe
..1i .v-.iiii- iii-eitmi.lt' a id .'I'.-i-illlllull
a-io.i ra by il'c l:i" i--.!' and b inl e--s:
III view of ihe ll ipl'eei del'.cd 1 anle
pu-v; din.", in New Vork n ol iiI'' c. I'lj:
nil p'l Is ol' the eoli'it'T, p:il,!'.l.v.''ig
). ,'li nnte IiiihI'i.w, aittl fur ihe p '
pose of pl'n.t'i-ilil'i Ihe co'iiniefflal
ioiel'C;.tH of oil-' e.iiuliiliuily aini
, til !; ti." b:"ll:'"K 1-1 v iHU ;i"is of
',,. cy to f-.iro'sh lii'-i'i.ii-s cK't-ntlal
to foi-.vni'ilii',',' . ' crops of the oi'ii.f.v
wliii sa'eiy to. -ill piiii:-,
J eso'ved. Thai the bunk. t ni'd haul
in;;ho,isi-o of Suvii.i nth w-lt n.i'.v m' oi
'. lleiUl'itds of dt-'ios' o s by ce t
i.tiii of checks, io be used as I'.e iicits
.i.'cs of lioldeM may ii'ipii-e ual'i t.ie
lei-.i tornry dilile.i'.lcs i.'e cinovt-d a id
inii i eAc''inngi- can be negotiated or
i. c icy be l-cciV'.'d io niove the Cup".
V ie 'ianlis ii)-(rv )' e iii'iing nco d
io ibis rcsoUl.in l.
Kansas Vlj and Ibc -I'-.v-
T'.v; IJiiys ! the Tjrc of I3i
Waiving ( hicu.',i', no city mi 1 i;
Aliicpciili eoiitilielit bus ndviinct d
wl:h such bri'limit. rapidity to colu
mn i-inl great i:i-K, or tlevelopctl Into
the inoii-'ivhial propo; lions of an i:n-
ine-ci'v. kh'.'.lv wills Hie creaiioiis
of mvhi' i-l.' al genius ami beaini.ig
mul lii'c-t Ice rll'ying wi;h the wref.y
ot'ii I'tlliin; eallti".', nrl U'IIlsi ' ' V.
Less tlit.it a decade ago a slender piilse
could have obtained a waii'anly deed
lor the siiiiky pa"iialiiei)t of houses
which b.ii-e'y ald'-icled the eye of a
Mia -Mi'. i liver pilot who, under piolci,
rec.iiu'.e.l t.iein with a steam tw-i,
and never '''tiii her uu.b' agin tin
shore" wiihoul a liery exploshm of bil
I. .ale closUr. Nobody Went to
Kansas V - ' luen. we may assume, un-h-;.h
Ms ho-ie took his I II In bis teeth
niul ui.i niv.iy with him hi tliatdliet
tioli, or soiiie livnle.'li .-lajipho. seeking
iilimiilii.y ''iii.il the col.siiiiii.rr llanie
ol'lu'i hive !i audit I he.-e Ilea veii-kissing
hills I. Dili wwsfi height she in'ghi,
li.'.o he; i-iioid-iir.iudiilled piol.ilypc.
Ilnil her IiCitic anil thm e who lil ea'J
ic 'iionie'' seemed but woi id-.i.eui ipg
liinoiis or each a Jini.is with Hie
hand of the un'.ver-e au'ii.ist him.
hit now liehold! Magician nature,
W.'llll t ei.til llireilil. lenils li'oni mis
.. ll J of once si-ein'-ir u.u' ici til
ing b-ils. a niiglily ehy, and places lur
upon a sent of iimm-li .s beauty a id
iiiIiii iug stu ogih, and to-day Kansas
Citv is tiio ahur of tl'u'.t jnipin :w I j;ii-
plo. ' om whoso in u must Jlow the w.-i
lers ofn mole l'"plenilclit f lllire, for ,i
territory whose magnitieeuce of extent
and fertile y has no livnl on the globe.
The three elements that have com
bined to make Kansas t'iiy a eoui.ol-
ing Iviule center, is li;st; her gee;-; nph
lual position, second, the cnlci nisc of
her c'ti.-.ens, and third, tiie vitalizing
intclli ;cnce and seer-like pi'escie.ice o!
her press. The result of this uhiinvi
rate, in hai'inoiiious action, Is show i in
icr splendid palaces of ti-'id' eoaing
millions of dollars, her princely homes
reeled and beaut illcd at an expense
of additional millions, and a'l the gen
erous, cos; ly and elabiraie appliances
that go to foi ol one of tho lii -t cities
of the mil ion.
Kvery department of enterprise hii-t
itn ftllct. rcprescitatiou here. Its
marts are laden with products of every
countiy in thu wot-ld, its system of
transportation Is the most sc.irehlng
and direct, und Is olllci'ictl by the best
brain and experience in tho count.-y
(witness the signal administrative
ability of such railroad managers as
Major Helming, general stipcrintcnd-
nt of that splendidly constructed road
passing through a country of enchant
ing ptistial loveliness, the Missouri
liivei, Fort Scoit and (udf, and Colonel
Howell, general supei inteiiileiit of that
gi'imd and th-iiglufiil route to the
Kock lnounl.iliir, tho Ka- sas l'ueiiic,
boih of these gentlemen wearing
names that benra picst'ge of ho ior..
bb- olllcial eliaiaetei- all over the west),
mid by u w.se and clear-eyed shrew d-
lie she has (;pi)ed thu very heart of
the t.M.le of Texas, and by the sine
finished tact and libeiality Hint she
has -shown in other directions, a. id
which shehas t"i.:sfer.cd to this chan
nel she alniotit, nay, now hohh,
tin) iiaile cf this Suite iignhist all coin-
petition, a trai'e which will eveiiMnlly
lloitl her t.eiiHiuy whh twenty mil
lions of dollars arniialiy.
To-morrow we shall speak of anoth
er Wolk of her triumphant energies
tiie tiaa. Kxposiliun.
Tho fair will he formiilly onencil to
day, tlm thro.iteiil'ig weather of yester
day cUc-ctilully ileterring our citizens
and visitors from uUeiidiiiK unjl but few
entries were ninile. It every cll,ui)
of Dallas bo 011 liana to-duy.
C. It. nonncliRinp, on Main stres-t, opixmito
llio fonniliy, Isnlili gem-rol nierclniiHio,
Keep llie umt iHinuy Krucerlu. Try thi-m
I'or Bali.
Two good rmUleucc lu Uil elty. Immc
unit pouvMion given,
WMlt 8TE'3Al.t.t,U
ill-. li.O.I.I'h 'i iittl.'til! V.MI.'
Thi.-t i-tinii'iy rave their llii.t )ef
I'liiall' c ol 1U (,u v.'i" l;',-el,;a 'rl.i'-lil
, la - v,..,bl .' ill "I l-l'.'l-io
a ci iw hull-1'.
! Mill III. low lllnl (i'0';;c ii.Pl'.e s ill
! th"ir in-,:iM i'cc.-il -1 - i . les, v.i le lib .
luu iy p i ,". c, !',.i,-!..,v ii i ( ili! 'Ih'ck
,lne t 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 "' till' I itill-i loio nut' cnll
tiiiuoiiH i-lniin i.f appl.-iu-e. Kpin:;.u
iiimI ,'.;,'i I; il.il lln ii-el.;; ilaiici1 i-pl -n-
lidly, v hi, i- l! i I'i ,'ina ii. ilia liu)i-f-Miiinlii'ii-H'l'
N'ii'Iimi was Hie fiiiiiili-sl
of biiilesiiiivi. 'Ihe 'Inl.e'' ol the
ivt-iili!! (lens Ini; out, of ciiiuvc, I tu i
low'n Old I'.laek Joe W.l'i theXoliuVe
ilriil of IliH'hm and Ml mi" Hihi
I'oi'in.a piTl'.n'iiiaiii-e of the most ex-i-ltiiirniid
iislool-lilu;.; chui'iieler, and
n lent Hull p!:ei iheiil ilU'ollg the
,'iii-i.-iiiosI ill tl.'.livi lii the fin. iify.
iiuiel not for'i-i, to my Ihnl lliecoiule
Vocalinllis of Miss Hullll'.il'lll were
pleiising mid i he u --."l her voice
To-nlghl, Wi' expect I o nee their hall
nViPi liilcil.
I', II. TI- it ti.-i.ii tu , mi .Mu In Mr. el, i i i is 1 1
I In- l'.iii:,i!iy, Imi u lui : lu.li f l I n.nl
III !..,- IlittK'...!.- Iioulls, wllli-ll hi Is HiisllIU "III
vi-rvlow. J !:. 1 1 r
('. II. 11. Min i, in. ip. ,,i Mu l.i i ln-.'l, oppiwlli
lln I'liiiii.lr.v, It.'i I'oiisimiily i. n I'lHi'l livili
wl.lle i-iii iiiin-iil iin-1 n lull fii'idy of his nii
. , ! j r .M.iiielalii Vail, y J-'l.in i. 'ley ll.
Co t Mlo;;. tU A' Co, 'm (!'
hi ' J ,';, haiti tMl 'i'svMo
in itw r.'iiu-.'ii lis ocomHiC.v
iiu'l.jlltiii'iii; tbv S-ti!'ti-
l!i?i, f.5i)o!if4, KJ:ili)ii'i'', cnji'Ii
vry sr.:! ,'Kwtu;ir', tiiisilow
MiiH. ;-. i'( ) !. iiimI ill! hiittl'i
urti-IOtlciSiKM. V.i.IE 11!J!T. s(',-
!.ti5f.H',H, ami lutein-i vrA-
It'l;', ilAivlnwly
I'hlllp Werliin, whuli nl" mul ct 1 1 I-t.!-ir
III l'luans mul iir'.iiiH, oilii'i' niul snlt-s
mollis Num. Sl-!m Il.uuiiiHi stri'. I, N'-w t'l'-li-ans.
i.iin!lli.-s lii-Mi'l-, pili-rs Imvi-r mul
li i-iiis ia"i'-f.iv"i'ii,'i'- i .in m '.' nay i-sliil.llsh-nn-nl
Si.iiili. I.mI',.1- c.ilis fiiliv nll.l lli'n-Mtali'iiu-i.l'.
Miiiitm s..il mi pny.ii- !.ot i.l'
.IL' "I ii ml :.a pel' in hi Mi ll t i-i I. -i i 1 1. I'hlllp
Wl-I'l. Ill's III th-.T.Iih-s! imwl.! Iinil-u, mi.; uImi
tlic lai'i s I'litii.i inn! "il;. n lion In N. v
Oil. all--, (nii'-l'i-n l'i lill!li;.'ll ri 'i rln 1 1
iiiti-lcuf nil khiiiH. SS-. iiil h.r i-iii-.-llKi ii 1 1' I
t.rnis. LMUtf
I'j-t-.U'j ,..tr:l OU
Ah.-oltil.-ly s.ili-. I'.-rlii-lly .iih.rh :w. Al
ways niili'H iii. Illiia.inaiii. ( :Hii-r s:i ,i-i 1. -r
Iukms, PiliiiS hi ri i ; L. in 1 wlllinul 'l.ili". I
nl' i-.ii'.;ilu: m III kill!, lire. Miilil.fnelilt.!
.xpii.sily l- lul-i' He' il.u c ill Mihiiili- iia-l
i1,iii;i liiiis i.l l.i. lis si, I. ly il!iili-l- i vi-r.v pus I-lili-OM
mul im i, riVi-i hiii iiliiK iiiilills iin-
pllivril hV Us I'lillliHUitl ll" ill IIVI'I' .ll'I'.i'llll
Millii-p-i '.-I'lSnltiMiM linvi liis-ii sol.! mul in.
iiivldoiil, ilin-i liy or nil:ii'i-ily, has iv.'i- n.-i-m-i-.il
1'itiiii I in ri 1 1 1 1 , Im In;: ,:- :t!Mliti; It.
'I'lu- iin .iiur.f yen 1 1 l,i--;tu iin- ii in i iii;ii ri, v,
r,'.-i;!iui!, 1 1 1 i.i i I In- U i- "I i-lii'si iiimI l.i:i':i'i-
llli I nl I'i ill I In- I. .ill. .1 Ml Mies, Imi i -nil ill".
Til iii .iiraii.v i-"iii-iiiiu-s aim ill,- i-i,.iiii.is-slniii-rs
iliiuii'U.oiii ilii'-'iiiiliy i . r, 'in i iii-iiit
till- A ill-Ill IIN llli- III" I s.kiri-lllllil win r -1 1111111
iiii-ii.'ii-ii. Hi-nil I'liri-li-i-nliii-.
l'or Mil.- nl I, -lull liy the li-ielc la-in-rally,
unit nl wlioli'Kiih 1-y i In propi-ii-hii's,
I'll AS. I'ltA'tT .v I 'I
lil'Jilit H dnt 1US Klillon Hlivi-t, Ni-W Viirli.
V".lkor'a 'i'oulo Mittorx
Il.-sl luiil.' known lur i-liilK, fevers, i-onsi-pullon
unit liullneM ion. I'm- sale III Dallas
hy .1. ,i. i i:ndi,i:v,
lSallilll Ollli d S.ilooll.
E...,..u a...,....- u-ii-ft 1 u'l.k... r.ifj....
At Ihe early ilawn ol' the tale r.-l. Ilion
il 1)11 IIH oil his ll'.hl ill;; iiitin.'iis t li s. 11 WW'"',
111. mail .VilllllK, was ill lei Ilk' Ileal, ll. I' lie,
enini-lilleil una lee.'nalii. A p.o I ill:' M.-s a
fl)W li-lll-S, mill .lollll hill ll'liell. I .le.illn I lu
ll I nl twelve llliitll il i of Ill" will' lieu' - eiilin
III -iL.li.hH H w He !ia-l i':eeii away. I lie war
clii-ii-il, ir.nl John, will. In-iiois, se iiv. ainl
li-ai-s. ri t u r i ii ,1 Io Lis oiu-e linniiy hiiiii--. "i
that siveel llower, so I n-a ii I 111 1 1 hi l.e.liin:, is
no iiiore, sal; I he, "lint I will si roll I lie walks
win le one - we were so lianoy, lie Uituekril
nl tin iloor, was lirriieil nilo Ihe parlor; n
llni-, heiiltliy, rosy laay inane in-r npieai--
n nee; n siun l slletiee; a haul sei'i-tini, mill she
l.-ll nilo Ins iui.i-, i,.i:i laoy was .loiiirs
Wile. "My ilear .ll'lle, W lull j.inillu eil slleli u
wo in 1,-r I nl eiian,-;e in va.- I il. iiroinmion- s
laullsll l-'elllale lllil.l's," Was Hie. niolle.ll
I'.ii- Sale.
Two one-ralnl li.-.i;'.!' i-.-rl!!liat-', at HV
eaeli; I wo I II) ic-e e,-rli;li-.il-. .-, at iJ.'n eiieh.
Hill- p. Heel.
lli.Miit ftni MINIS .v IlL.Ni'AN.
Thesei'onit sl.uy ol' I'l.i. k .i llrynn'a new
1 ill 1 HI i i li. i-orner .Main ainl Lamar sirred.
Apply lo. (.'lark A liryan, west skle l'lihlU
Snare. lilklll'
Eriok Si-ivo Hour.o iov Kcjit,
llli sii.ne hiaise now neeiipiml liy 111. iiinh i-sl-,iie.l.
Also, tip" (roiil oilh e up slalrs In the
same Imilillux, roniierly o-.-.uil't l-y Kii-UI A
lTWtl' I'H.VTIIint A- MTKI'llV.
(into Idivci pini'-:, 0:1 Mm Mi-c-1, IV, i
I.iio..s T.v tlii-tmx 01 ilocii. ls.i.111'
KUliiivil Mki
A'jeiu y I'm- the sale nl' il. Ill uaswis-l- A I'o.'s
Miliar. I lahh.s laipr.. v, .1 ea-iiiiuis
W. K. iillitlt'i-;, Ain-nl,
iriilim .L-di r.-oii nl,, twoilnors I'.om Main.
ycUow-yorcr I.ntest.
Tlmlil people have, heeii i-oiisiilliim Ihelr
loeLli'K (.'laws hourly for Hie last lew weeks
lum-i' If lliey we;a not turiilni: yellow, hut
slut.' J. 11, Ilrowno A t'o. have opened Uu-lr
lliilor Niore on Ihe ei.'i'lunif lOliiianil .Mavkel
Blreels they li.ivo heen iHinltiin,' thelf line
liiamls of genuine old II0111I1011 mul luipni teil
Kreneli laaliilles, uml have forotiea tin yel
low fever houx. lHVllf
Concroto Kc-of.
The I. est tint tool' iiuiteiial la cxisteiu-.,
pxeept sln-et k-ml niul sixteen pninitl i-opper.
We huvu ennliiieleil r.' till .Messis. II. V. I.ltee'
A Co. fur III ir Inillilini; nf nii.uisi ."li.,iiares,
with M isr.-i, Toiiipkins .V l.illhlhhl for
uhout Up Millie 1111111I1 r 01' S'ii:ues,,uiil al.-o
Willi .Meisiu. A'laius & l-Miianl lor Uieir
hank linii'.liii.'. mul Mill) .Mr, M.l'.ui-l.ui 1
for 11 lm 11 1 10 nipiaieN. This i-ooilnmieim III is
iiseil on nil Ihe lu-vl litHim-r-s hims.-s In Clilea
V, wliviv tin re lire nhnut il.iii'iVitO worth nf
II now on, mul limn- li-ini init on every ilny.
For lir-prinii' i;imlHy w wmihl 1. f.-r to
Messis. U-iiiiiiril llio-., wiiii 111 v hallillliK
in-iiriy nil of the I.iIi-k hall.lluKs on Main
mul Kim streets.
Oilier 11I Lane, My. ri A I'o.'s thoji, eoruei
Austin mul Itovuiveiitii. Dallns. l!i;Mhv
I'. II. liiiiii-'hiiuip. 1111 Main street opposite
tiie foundry, Im luillili is' niul nihi r luiril-
Wiiii', whli-ii lie Is i-losiiiic oul veiy c-lirap.
h.-n:p;ll ros.
Will be elosi.l, on lu coiint of liulhluys, from
0 o'clock this eveiiliix till Tnttrsiliiy iiiotn-
I11K. ll)!)-12t
JelTcnwii utrcot, Ix'tworil Main nnd F.lm,
IIuv8lwa,v,.n h -iul n wcli n.-tci-Uil nlix-k
01 iinpotuii aim ion, . -.iiu
(nsslmrrci, llroailclollu and lontlngs
whlrli tlicjr om-r lo Hip pnlitlo nt n llvln
prliH., 1,'lnlli imolinvsa from will br out
"ut,,.'?,..?.,0, """H"' A jooU at KUBrsnKiea,
Sr. I.0J!:; MlWMM.
II, V.AI.I.. .1. ... Ili.lM I . I'. IIVV,
iwU I;i'-(v!n ii Day
rV O U2 A- V '
S1A.M 1AM i;l.!:s AMI UMS
Dualors in Fine Cigars
ileniy Hi II, New V'Ml. I'll.Vi I'. W. Ilell, HI,
1,1,111 ; .1 t . M I'. 1 1 "'lill' C. cmii J,.
l...:!li'l',S.I. I .Ullli, Mil,
Dry (Jowls anil Notions
Cornel Mnln mul V, r .liinidi-n iiv.j. Ml. M
IMllhll-ll-ll III lllKI.
W. A . JtT'i: J'. A Mm
cuttox l.h:tub, mwm mi:i;cii.m
a.m irii ii ifJX .t;r.T,
No. IS Koiilli CiiiniiM icliil "I., ST. I.oriN.
l orn, r I'll'lli inn! ln-Ntiiiil hlt'i'i'ls,
Teic.'.-I-Ki'h. r.-illi-Miiil iiM'l Mcimilioiil
i:(l-es In titli. lleiisi-.
J. V. Mai to fc ';:!n. 3 roprletor-s
ST. JAM lis flOTK L";
iVS.'C"J IViOtOi'M,
Si. 1 1 1 1 it i s, M.
l-'l.'i-l ei.e i n iiinii.iUlioliH 111 ev ry IV-
Kpeil i-.l.lll.-il to ;uei
VhliulU'ti Jk. ESS ABU),
I'Vriiiei'ly of ilnliile, Ahihitintt,
Wlvo-s&lo Dealers in
"1? o o z& o oo9
AMI! lilltMT l.i-llli'i'i:iiH t'l''
X. '!i X. Kec.iittl fit i eel,
liclivi'i'ii rinc ii::d Sill ri1, Sl.l.oiilsln
ML iiilMK W.lSiK.i VE'Kl).
CJi'iFO-'TttiS ftND m'MPl
A.M., Mli.
1 HTM I IK B1 '
Carpenters & Builders,
Sisi'ss Fiiliiii mi iaSiy!3t Stori Notice
Mlliri' ,U.'I.Mi;i (ilVI.N' TO .lillil'.IMI
. V 21 1 1 (? U il l'.V W 1" lf
Hli I MB
mm N -V.AIN' bTKKET,
lie will i. Hike I'luitrni-ts for nnv Itlml n-
1 ,11 i ! , i i : U l'lnlis, Hiei'Uii'llllHls mill Lull,
mules liuiili heil Iii parlies wlslilin: Io Imililt
nil, I mul. rlul supi-lk-il when ilesiieil. fihlif
I ; tipint winnun'-i liinlslaps ironi tin eraille
I In ihe lii nve. unit so imm as she ixiios her-
I M,n lo ihe vni ions vlelssliei'.-sol wentii.i-iiiul
' .-ver-i'hanioni: si-.-nes nl I lie s I) 1 1 til loin,..-;, so
! I.in will she He the i-oeinieiit ol lnuu.les or
I i vili.u-lo hei si-x, llnl li'-.v- liiillesarei'M-iNpt
j n-oin some lorm ol jeini'ie i-nnipiioni, i lie
diseases anil syniptoiiisoi's.iiiieoi ' l linse aiti-e-
; Hons niiniieu io, tire us loiiows; i mm
Uracil Slekness, all Ii-remiliirltles, ltysler
Irs. I'allillalioll.SIck lli-llilaelie, DIMicull.v ol
Itieatliiii-i.i-'iuoiiieriiin Sensation, l'loliipsus
Tier inn I lei-raiion, eolil I. ct mul liamis,
l.io'iiiie---' ainl swim 111 in j; of 111 Head, I'aln
11 lua side atul naelt. low Min us ami nieian
clu-ly. Menial .mil Pli-icul ProMiiition,
nkelii Uiess, iii,ii'.-..-IUiii,t oiisiipation, lor
i-iil Liv.-r, anil ail Hull clasi,,!' chronic com
plaints peculiar In the leinale sex. The pe-ciiliai-
mul vuliail'l a i-ovaMiialion known as
1)-.i;:ii;;m!c s
till;-. U,!i IVniule l:illers,
eurcsihe iihiive I'cuinle coiiiiilaliits, mill nil
ol Her 1 11ml ilea that 11 ill let old or youun, 111 nr-
rn-il or sinuie icinaics.
It ill otu-e aiousi s and ln luoralrs the f.
luiil' I'r niie, irl v luir s! reiii.-tli to the weak niul
let lile, huil.li.li;' UJi t.'ie emaciated, itulrtliin
Hit nervous tiiiiiii-ttuur llleaiul huoyaiiry lo
tiie null aun iiM;e.-:. 1. iii'viim pain, n mini
linw Ihe liverainl lio-.vclsaial olln rw iseaiie
ci inii up ami rc.-iloi iny the shattered I'einuh
coii.-liiiilloii. Sold hy iaeielialilsr.ini ilrujj.
jri.-tls c ery wilere. Address
1)11. J. P. HHI'MCOOLK,
rroprlctnr, .Mcniphis, Teiincssei-,
IVoaaiii'ii leilii i! Adviser,
i'lvhu: l'aa-'i s, Syiuji'.onis ami Treatment ol
all oi.lina y iriiruc cotnpiaiuis. . noon
needed li.-all mothers and sickly telllales
Priec ii i'N. Ailni csi, im aliovr. 1-M.l-w-l.il
Wliolesala Grocers,
(OTitiX itnor.s, iikckivixc. fok-
Dalbs st . Jefferson, Texas,
Laraestaiiil EislWarclioiisciaJel'crson
t'onsl niutents of rottoniind c.inntry pro
duce Miiti-lien. rilher fr sale or shipment,
Ai'-iph osii.i lor up .i-i ;hli.
We sell i-olton. iiua's. clc fur our palroiis,
mul leaner areoiuit sale ploiiifil'.y. h Will
lii'-u.e yuur fconeM 01 riiiioii iiiuicr our open
poocy nl tl icasona-ile rale, if desired. In
lacl.il' yoiiwill roiiMiii your ialerem mul
place your jmnie.iy licyoml the uanifei nf
llr', pa irn lUe us.
Audits for I'. Kiitl'.'s poitat'le Sli-ani K11
i; ! . !- iin-1 Saw .-lids. JauiiM Lippcll , Co.'s
t'oiiliie Tin'niii.i Wnl-i V'ii-e. Is.i rSti.iuii.V.
I'o.'s utieeii 01 Hie Souili l o, 11 Mill, Hussy
A l.iM.ui'sl'ollon Hilt, lu'iiiiwacjui-i'tl al Dtui-i;i-i
licul Texas, mal for luu ci-leli.ai.'il istuiii
baker Virion.
l.-udAwiiiu (illAlIAM. TAVLOH A t'O.
liosoiiiioltl Ac Co
8. E. COR. roi'RTii it pim: ST., Ltins.
Clothing ninile to onli.. tillilly
FIVKH th.-iv n ninli. lives there, n wnnmit,
i iiu lint In reason, that Im or nho ivinnol
nili.ilri. mul iiiirccuiii'ueiniliiii famuli' hnui
ty t W Inn njoy nnd (K.lii lo stand mul juji.
iiisin n licnlihy mul l-eautlfnl w01111.11 1 llnl,
pun there lie iM-i-uiy wltlumt I1.11I1I1 T List In
in.-, inoiiviiiiiii ol mckly. puny, millurlnii
females: -
If , you nrpnnnnyeil with hiiv llnnerlnn fe-ninli-
i-oinpuiliii mul ih-sire limn, dale relief,
iirocnri) M on.e imp or two hottli-g of Dr.
uii.iim-Ki.il. i-.u-jiisii r omiilo Hitters, und lie
r.ntoi-isl io lii'ulih. Hula by druwnsta anil
by drugylBta anil
DieriHiauis. Aann
1)K. J. P. tmOMUOOI-E,
Muniphl, Xnueee,
Wommi' Mfiltcal AtMier.only wiiu.
,v""-'""v' UIUWUU
',.': . :r
"J?o DML'Sbin Street
XVe l'l'sj-eet hilly announce to our
Imve i-i-iiioveil to our new utoro on
Main Street, Opposite
We will colillnui to sell p mils at
We iii'oinise oiii numerous frieiiits and customers nf thin city nnd ttiljoin
hi;? ('utilities that we will keep up our Cornier reputation Cor always having the
best selected .stock of
oots, Shoes, to
Our stock of Dry Goods, (lie coming season, will he of the very best us.
fjortnient. Our .stock of Hoots and Shoes will bo belter assorted than ever.
AVe have made arrangements for Custom-made goods in Ladies' and
(Jeiits' fchoe.x, and we shall make it 11 specialty to
Vp mean, by gunraiileeiiif:, that Wo will give n new pair for every pair which
docs not give entire satisfaction.
AVe would say, further, that our resident brother in New York, having
lately ctlccted arrangements whereby the bulk of the stocks to our various
houses along tho railroad is shipped by fust freight lines, nil mil Crom Xew
York, wc will be better enabled to keep our stock replenished. The old adage,
"Time Is money," has always been our guide in conducting business, and we
pride ourselves on some success. 'Whenever we get short of nn article, wo
tup the wires, mid In four days thereitfter, by our new way of transportation,
wo can have it In store, nnd nt less expense limit heretofore by the dangerous
ti'ulf, by which route It generally took
As soon as rrofessor Wise succeeds in his balloon experiment we contem
plate establishing n balloon line of
with the times.
Main Street, between Austin and Lamar.
i-;.. ... i,i t--. -j
X''" rli;iiLrSI Jihia
numerous friciuls anil imtioiiM that we
Field's Opera House.
us three or four weeks to get goods.
our own, and Intend always to keep up
Wi. i
I. ..I. II"
a mi. I
"" t, ,
. CIAy. i .',3.;'V;lvfsn,
As n i .iiuii -,i, I,,,. ,!. -ti.
iii y hi li.u . I--.- i i .,.. ' Ailui.
Asa en mil, Int.- ,.(,, ,, ' lvU
l0 U cleeN-'M oil III-- l-lli l-l I M-.l. ',, "j1' -I.M.
We in,. Hiiiii,.,-!-,,.,! m i,.,...,,.,
lllllllll'l- 'I'l'lllt ll, Uit
,y,:,'.',':::l,,;l'''i',','.'".";,.'li-v,A""".,'.vnl r,:.
lloll oil Ihe I. Ill ii Jrl,',l
in ui,.,i,r.
I iiiinoiinei' mywic iih n i-iiiii,i,"'"
ollieeol l liy A ll,,. i,..v. i, tl ,. '"fllif
hel'l In- "t h i.l in-iolu'r ,,i xl !" In
AT T1VT - -1 '-Will
uuU,M '"''--.i .uu.
All ll I'llllillilille Tin- -.'.-li.,.i, v
.luMl I Iin, I'., ii, Imp,.., .', 'J1," '.'"'''''-I
eiisiiieitelieU.,ii In D'i-mlii ! ,.V) ' ';' 'I'"
w,, ,,,-,, miM
11. E. BUUKS
us n .-ii -! I'll. . I'm- .1 t.si it-,. f ii.
We mu it iii li. li,.,! iin,i
l'' iilel,.,l U ,
Asa eioiilliliili-ioi-'l i, iiMiiri oi . '.
till i.siiliiei.-.-ll.ii, liil'm'X'; ,,'',,ll-f.
VV'a aru iiiilliorl.eil mul r,
As 11 eiui. inline ir Trea.-.io',.r ,.r 1, a
:.,nniy,al llieensun .-l.-ril,,,, 1,!,.,,;
We ai
author!., d mid r,.,,,a .kl)., ,
"-' ' iilldalc for Disirli-I cierl; ,if ii.
'"'"I.V. "I I 'erlio..ll,.,,l!:;i7l'l
nouneu''1' """""'l1"-" "ml '''"inisl.il u,,,.
ns a riiiulliliin. for re-cleeiioi, fr (.. ,
'Ireiisiir. r al Ihe rlecllon In ! inli.-r ii."i
We mu milliorized mul leiiucKtiXurim'.
Ill ill II L-0 mi
We lire iiiilhorl-sed mid i-cuucsuil loan.
US 11 Clllllliilalii lor lllsuiel rieliTuf im
enmity, m the clei Hon in Decciiili. r next.
We mu iiutlu)rlz.cd mul ri-uiu-stcil nu.
AsnoiindldiUc l'ir Slieriti of lJullns rniu;vat j
till elcclion in I'eeemhcr. lanl,Vl'l j
Wi- uru muhorlit'il niul iviiiiihU'iI to na. '
of l.aneaster, iik 11 riindliliitti fin MicrlU u(
Dallas coiinly ut Hie ensiilnij i-lecilau, .
Wo lire uuthoriiseu und uiIkhui1 to an-
of laineaster, ns iicmididali- for District clt-rk
ul Dallas eiiiinty,nt the e'lcclion In IX-ccmbci-11
t announce myself us 11 cinulidiiti fur Dis
trict I'lerk of Dallas county, ill tlw i-iisulng
rlecllon. ''"'"
Vvc uru iuilliori,:cil and -cni'.i-,!'.-l u, an-iiouni-u
As n cmidli'.nle for Slu-rlll' of Didlns oinint)'
lit tliu floe! ion In Deccinlier next, ss-j-nl
Wt! arc iiuthoi'liieit iiui( rciicici (o wi-
lllllllicr '
As n cundlilnte for Shci-llt'of Dallas omnlyut
the eleelion in Deceinhcr. il.Vw
yjixllcifi, Texas,
Kl KH ii HOLIKXBKI'K, Pi-op's. lCAlly
Oa Main street, near Depot
Is now nrii with llni',laiw,iilry riMiiiis;iniil
tlirlnhlu will he niiliiillcil Willi till llio ilrli-t-iiclcs
of the season.
"Temis, $2.50 per Day Currency
Cltv cius pass Ihe house every ten mill"'"
.N.'ll.-l-'irst-rhiss liar iituiclu'il t
liouse. J. 1- i 0""
laii-dtf t'riilirlitcr.
Main Streot, DaUaa, Texas.
Ho has Just tllteil up n l"'i ""'"'"I'.If'
eoiniiirlnl.Ie mul jik-asunt roonis, (iiil i-l'""-illdly
rarllcutm- ntlnitlon piilil to the iici-onioiltt-lion
ol roniiiirrrhil travelers.
neiulouartri-s of Transl'cr Line ut T-.s
i'aclllc liallroiul.
An Omaious Kiito AU)
JOIIXSOXJfc McILilBXXV, Pi-oprlct rs,
I3a.ll.-. Tosns.
AVo (ium-anteo the hest ucconuii.Klritions In
Kortlirrn Trxus. .lii-n
IS, JSI, Sci-Iptiivo C"
Faring tit" Sqiinrel
Elm Street, Dallas, Texas
TKUMS (Transli'iil) $2 mT-
Tahlcsiiinilleil wlili the hist the iimrW "
forilH. ,
.i Von nr.
j.iudtf aacu ii uj- iL--
European Hotel
Fini'MKoMi an! ImrJ bj He P
MEALS It all nouBS.
Comer Market and Crockelt Street
1. HANSON, Vropr.
Jfarkel St., beiw-M-n El. '"'
. -w m. irf,1 ASi
An edt.etl French wk O,
I til Ijours, Iron-, w bet Uw mM" f
t tl
iiueMci io

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