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The Dallas daily herald. (Dallas, Tex.) 1873-1887, December 27, 1873, Image 4

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.., I).;.. m;HAW: SATURDAY MORNING IvFJKMHKit i,', U7.
J, X. BAIlllI OW, I.immI Islliur.
The Olllflttl YWt of Hio rllj
jl Wllllli.
,imIIii .mlllll""'"' !' ''
m, to do M "'' "
low mIm.m n "'"
hh4 w ' ,Mn UI"
n.. Job HIK ,,,:M'
At n iirrii'iii I'urm-r f "'
..mar tli'MU.
Tb wall known pnirljr known nt l"
OriilliHll J Ioii-hnm
lu Hi elly f I'mIIiw, l "I I'I-IvhIi-
nit, Fur term, Iiki"1'0
UKI. W. IIAYU)lt,or
Intllst, Niv.'4, IhU, IWl'Hf
Town l.oU lor Mnlx.
Twl l.iU(mii lilni'ltl. on llm pNiieipnl
binducu trn or llmliiwn ilf lllltC'll!l,OII
,1m Control llsllnmd.lii ,Dull oomily, foi
sals l low joiccs. Apply to
frlMif llnriilil Ofllcu.
Mr. W. UTNliui'li.
Of Mhrsvenoi't, It oiirinilhuilKi'd mmnt mr
lost ully, lo whom purlieu ilcsliinK lo ndvet.
lis. In ormiWrll.i) ful TMK IJk.ai.K mil re
spsetfully nfuriftl.
mr. . w. iit:nii.rr
It our sullioiixeil ngi'iil for thl elly, Willi
lowr tniiiakoiH'lliM'tliiiiniiMil mlldl mlvm'
tlfumuU mid utiliMfi-lpl liiiiH for till paper.
All (wuUanls Hindu by lilm will h reeon
nlsml hy thin oftles.
Piupiiotort llnrnlil.
No accounts against cm"
ployos in tlio Herald office
will be allowed in Bottle
monta with the office unless
an order from tho proprio
tore is given.
Ojiiuktmas day wiih an clear ns n
Am. Ilio rcMtuurutil windows mo In
holiday attire.
'On, my In ml I" wiikii very common
remark 011 l'Vldny morning.
Tin-: iiuIijiiUoiih inillliiry gi'iilkiiuui
on Tliiii'Hiluy Ciuiu'i'iil Jol Illy.
Tim niuzc'H of tin- iltineo uud the
nuv.i'H of 'tho drunk are In order.
It In a question which made most
nolso Christ mas day Hi e crarkera or
Clminjmgiie corks.
TJiEyoiuiB trumpeters mid drummer
hoys arc not countable. In huioU'im or
ac-couutublu for their noise.
Don rorijcl lo cm 1 1 i.n A. M. KlllBNU A I'll,
for your I.luuora ami Cigars for the liohluvs.
' ttViWd
Tun hjotimI nt lVIoud on CliWHtrmni
day nnd the lioKpilullly of (lie senior of
tho house, assisted hyUiogi'hliil White,
who dubbed with a thousand -coinpJi-ruenls.
Tiiofiij courteous ud tliougblful ttcn
tiemonMessre.' A. M. Friend A Co.,
havo our kiudost thanks for a highly
apprecintcd compliment apposite to the
holidays. . i t t t u
Isn't fifteen .milfts mi hour a little
beyond the regulation upecd for the
running of tho trujus of tho Pacific
road throdgh the city.' Will tlic l'acitlc
engineers answer?
Tlio bort brnndu of Whisky, Wlno Hiul
Clguraciui beloidnt A. M. riUKNP CO.'rt
for the liultdayn, t . , ZWd
Tjiat small boy, who bought a paper
of torpedctes and a paper of gumdrops
on Christmas, and started to eat the
first for the last, complains, this morn
ing, of the toothache and neuralgia.
Dale, of the Waxabachie Democrat,
left his Christmas stocking in the hands
of his compositors nnd drops over
neighborly, to see what we have got
in ours. ' '
The bright and spring-like loveliness
of the Weather ou Thursday, was suc
ceeded, j-estorday, by an ley norther.
Hot stoves, blazing fire-places aud
caloric whiskey were mostly "called
for." -
The members of our City Council, 1t
Is said, coiuluctod . themselves , with
their constitutional solirlety and chris
tianly deportment during Christmas.
They declined sky . rockets and . re
mained dry." , t . . - t ..
Officer MeBrido's raoe on Thurs
day, after a mounted peace-breaker,
was a good piece of horsemanship, but
MeBrido's horse's speed was not equal
to MoBrlde,'s skill, so the "enemy" es
caped. !' f, ' . ' t ;; ;i.
0'B of the Christmas. . celebratars
"took his" out In firina otf an anvlljiu
front of the Cosraepolitan, and If the
amount of celebration was to be meas
ured by the : amount of noise, that
tnvllecr filled his own bill.
It ro want Mat flat Whiskey Wine,
Srndle or Clgn for Chrlntmu Or Now
Year's, call oa A. . KRIEND CO.
Thebr Is- a man lying 111 at Au
ger's Foundry, who, from soma defect
In the ordinance rcspcctlug the aumls
lon of sick paupers to our city hospital,
is unprovided with proper coin fort and
medical attendance.
Officer Sullivan arrested a riot
ous negro tn Thursday, who, in
addition to forging too much vocal
thunder, lutiraated that it Would afford
liim delicious pleasure to slice up Bui
livan Ut lea-wikes. : , ; , ,
The Senior proprietor of Thk IIeb
AU acknowledge the receipt of ah ex-
lulslter barbecued and . beautifully
dressed pig from the highly populai
Ulla of Meaaj WlUdtTQOtai, which
nil i 'in i
ui'i day,
'I ik li.hiis of ilie m N. ril ii 't'
our cii.v, .ii i . d w ii I f..i.l iI.Iji "i
I 'llll illllll '. 'I I." ic l' I 'r IH-'I
of thciii lill Ihcy.. hi i-. ii" .Kli I i''!.
l.VUHv: ami Kcnilrmcii . i I -
l,,l'U li'l' Hi" H'l'i"i" I'ii'C in '-'-'' 1
hall, inn r.TciTi'il l i llm inIv.-M. ' -ii :
of II, J). llmiiicH ', hi l-'t:'' !
piiper. Tln',V IiiiVii a lai' to v;,iii IV ir.'i j
purlins would d-i well lo rail r;i''l,,
lllllliii rtcli-ct IulM
A, ,M, h'lllllMi.V ('. lm .- a 1 1 -i Vl'l'lc
IViikIi, IIU'I I'lVlii li lli.ihili' ", Ii !' ' Ii"'"
mill iiilv K' uli'i'l.y Ih-O'l N ' 11 1 " ""'
I -. . I
.liill.N II, I'.IMMI.VI, Ii i , ivhl r ;
llll' Mi'KllllH'.V : 1 1 1 1 1 i .I.'l.l'l ' :r j
iplli'i' It we aero in. I 1 ' "'' j
illld I ell hit iur.1. Vi'r ; Suiild I-'." I
In I'll ll":ll li.i''.V I" I' iv" o ;! I ' j
lllCillll olll" I'i't. I'lla ' "l'l"' ' ' '
1'liul i:-;iil rii;ini .i.'-' I'l l"'- l-'r ;
llm ni.is'pli'W.I" hall h ive an !v I, an I
nil who ili'ilro (lil'Ui ''i'i "!,l 1 I" 'j
saiiio by aii!;,'ln;i I" !!" Vi il'. .r l':i !
(Ills I'lilllirrlliill, H' will '.i.i, Hi:i' N" !
I'l'iifi-M-or lm i i'.-ii' d.l'l 1 1 1 v 1 1 .' i , 1 " 1 1" j
Ilio Iridic only. I
In iIii'cciiMu of ill" dluinjt a ,t ' i l nf
the senior IVopi'lcl'i,' of I llll. p'lj.ci', -hi
('Ijl l.tlmas day, W.isii li i:t r " f i i t 1 1 ,. in '
rlll.c, lliull' of llm i"i,. rainy 1. ..
oiiiifpcll'iiii'i'y u 1 1 1 1 b.ilu'iy of .'I ! '
ISohny A I.niil'nt. 'Joi' il 'O y '' j
iirptolir lieitrlie.'il lliniili". i J
Tim MiU.'iii riiili' Cliili No. I .k.hIi
llm slivel on CJu Uli.ias imd yeMcn!,!,v,
aud llielr ;i'oli"iii,. ru ,iun" c:.r.!c.
Iho llvnlii'Sl iiiri'.'iiiii nl, 'I'lic iiirii.Iici'-'
h1iI Is eolillneil to b.iyl u imn,' a .n.s
laiiH" from leu l,i iH'icii. :
Mil. J1'. M. IHiril')i.".V, wl. i w J
our sun. iiinn wild iiil'iiiiidliii; I'.iiii'.in;' j
ily, mi'l wil l, if our m.-m.-ry -cm i n- ,
and wi' llilnl; "sin- d ," N a clnp vc j
have heard of lieforc, Is in Hi" ci! , . 1
Illld, if licisli'l an blliiliil.;lv ii.tild, i iu:
us wn ill'", lie !! Vcl I 1 1 : l ... 1 1 I,.)!. I
in to lielmijf to on" of (lm ;'i,.iiili" j
II nl' Ml. I.,,in.j. tli.lt nf li. T. I'mI- :
llligsley & Co.
lli'llll'llllur A. M. l''UIi:S'l) A' I'll. In,' 11,1
llui'i'l 1,1'iuois ami Clt'.iini, In III,' i-ll.v, i'i'i the
hnllilii.vK. ':;,ns,i
MCIK ho Sjilrllilidly 10 I'll'.".!
nii IJH, IMIl VUM JM'MllllM'MV l.iiuil,-
lialcrnrei'.v nmi'cliaiil.'i .t.-lmnv.i'd ';'-, '
pliiurllls on TIlUlM 1 1.'.', l:il,'illi!i:i,',' cud' t
lll'lil l.i'llie wine li-,;ii I tin)!! i' )'...;
respective Iioiimi m, wiili u. Ciii" !.' .:, I "
to discU"S tile il.ill'civnl,,lf',iinl;i 4 rju-'!-. j -lim.
NVe have mil heai' I .v hci'f i',!V..' i " '
of them went mil of Hie vay"i, ;
hoiini! . r.T l.'f '. t ")C
I I ,
Tiiihh ultra liU'rt,l. f'zbli('?7i' .i. ' ,.
1 "'iT1''
mo won Illy cyu of our eili... n'' nil
Chris! mils day, by Iho i luira.;:: !.: n
nnd iu.Mirianl lu iuily with wii'cli li cy
were ileeO'.'alcil, have "mil' w.'n''.i..M
thanks for a r.uperh wilil itonsc n ph n
til'ul supply of bear nn al anil m ; r.M'
choice steaks, till dressed wilhVj,1w:iS'
preltinirs'. ;
l.lKl'TKNAN'i' Stahi:, who was en
gaged ii few wcuUs nyo jn tlii.'i eiiy, in
piircliasini,' sliieli for (luveiiinienl u.-r,
knocked u iniiii down in a Milnoii;hi
McKiniicy, ij JVw days afiu, for iiu.iill- j
illg hill). Ill the melee tlie IJeiiteliaiil
received several ugly won ml-- froiu u
knife in the hand , of aJViepd of. (lie
man he floored. 'i'lie' Iiieilleiiawl'.s or
derly name in for a few gashe.-l, lilmi, o
tho cutlery.
Rhkumatiism'Is no dimht 'caiised' by
distiyAed 'particles in (lie blood. Tlio
poison is decidedly acid. The aerta!"
of iiitasni eonlaliied In l'lu kcr's Com
pminii Fluid ivxlraet Uilcliu nciili'..Li..es
this acid, mid thus it is that m mr.ny
eases of. Ibis malady are 'relieved mul
cured by using llii.i remedy. A.e yiai
siilFuj iiig from this- teiM-IM disisti?
Then get ll boilli) of Piii'keM'cmjlfiJind
Fluid Kxlract ISuchu a:id you'iii.'iy rely
upon rc'ceiviug'ImiiH.'diale :reliei.
pale ly all druggists, everywhere.
We learn 'that a'gciille' Klftfoplau of
tender , yens,: a. servant, of jii widow
lady of this city, was elevated sky
ward with tlic"inob ewpiisito." UhecU
11CS8011 Christmas day, by the explo
sion of a kerosene can In which was a
pound of powder, and iu which ho was
trying to niix a lighted jHhiioting
cracker. He succeeded in liy.ing it.
""'''' Pertfonnl.1' '' 1 '' 1 ! '
.AVc had the Ulcasurc on Christmas
day to meijt M'ajor, bnii ifalvri n, w ho,
iakjibwnall over Texas as tlie ''lord
liest man" that ever fiirode the earth.
The Major is ii patron of the pr'c'ssniid
wherever the era It may discover him
We ask them to "deal with hiu'i kindly.''
C'hriKtmnu nt tho oniiii'erl llnlc).
ThH popular house, a house w ii! 'li
has Hut only muito thoi'iaiids of frl:-lnls,
but which is Ruining thorn daily; pive
n dinner on Christmns day which litis
nevar been excelled in tlieStatf. il
was1 a bill of faro fit to "set befoiea
King." A lur'e umuber, of thu friemhj
of the gucsts'of tho" houo nlsd" srit at
too, Tboard, ajid spokq. most flattering
woril-i at tho sumjjtiJousiiew) mid grand
eur of tlie dishes
I r I'tj.'-t iriu i I r. '
ulvcrilile Acaitiiiij.
. Attention-isrtrfedTtVfii? advert!''
ment of .this luisUtutiiJU ,ii,,fo,-.tJatv'.s,
paper. Trof. Martin is already
favorably) riHhwn r. the,, . . a
an emchif4 tooyor. aud has simp a
commendable scat In hu' aCteiiipts to
OBtabli'stja flrst-blU high siooVHliI;
second terms beglns-ou thc5th proximo,
a order to iueet'the''eci:9sittes' .liif'tlie
increase! attendance, Mr. M."hAs'sl-'
cured the services of a competent lady
, . V'i ',-r T 'nir, s :i"
assisuniu- -yvoag.im eoraiaiiy recuw-.
mend tho school to tho patronage of
the public.', . .. , .... .. .... . . . .
ThcColle McriiHS To-iil(lit.
A meeting Uijwhiuli ey'Ty fHii'.en of
Dallas, and we might say every resi
dent of tfid coairty 'U -IntoVwt! In,' wilt
ba:lieia , at , iJt ,t:Wi
This ineetinsj l to -oometf) a-mito oou-
elusion, and if possible perfect a plan
for the ereoUou of a eiillogOhuildlpit 14
this city.'1 The 'Institute is o h of a
grade porropuudiug to that of i first
,;: ... ' i 1 ;l " of H i imiiniry,
L.i .i :..,c ', I, ii ' l- palriil, II Is
I'M' ii- . Il.iil; Mid !t I ' It .'-'I'll llll,'
! I,:,l I: i i.. -I '.!. Tlli'l'cl'.ii',' C'c.y
.: -.1 V. :i i 'Mil a.l .i 'old ;'l
, , .' i ! i: hrlil.;..', a.i I l;lvt' Inn
I I .
Ill -i
1 I " mil"
I . .', ...i l.ei- I -li'l 'I' ''.'
i ii." i I
in , I ! i itil nils I lull
In i, i i. . ,r,,' ,,f il.l-1 iiy
: , t, ,,i :.,' I l i llm Hi i l'i
i .
f.ill.s I',',' mil' c li'Ci I friend '"li'ln'l
.1 i'iii i ', .'lei 'oy, on 'Iii'IIiiiiis uini'ii
in ,, i-'nily I In' " I l'i 'I rliililn ii
i i i i i '
i , ,ii i,
in ' in I ,,
he il" '. in
,.i a. !.i.:
I'I'I l. Ml
.I ti . ,,' all' ,11 III I'r-piilisi'
i' , i I nil III II il:r. . l'l. Hid
,11 I t i,' li . I'llll'll'rll, Willi
iriii I, In I'liir '.ynl'llii'llli'l
. ., llic Cili, id lias n 'i
.il' ii i,;iiii" .i liv I I li'
.1 I . I I
I 'llli I ,,li I.e.' .1 '! la li II H ! Il
: i, .. i Chi li'ii'i. .; l'i'" rnia fur
,.:l 1,'il -. i .ii'll ON-' K'-UlllfS ''I
i, .'. 1 I in I'm i.ni liniilr
i " mi ( :,i,'; ,ini was re
..,w.! .i d l'i '; .i'l l"," Nal M. I'.'irr-'i'il,
,lm . id ii'i'ii t .nl' lii.Miin:; pl'f-
VrilU'il lii il I'.i ill" i.v ,i ..,,.1 f. '.Hi 'I 'i'lil
,vli il lie w .nl i ml, ! r I 'Ml nil lo do,
Ml'.. I lb. li was In 1:1 ii l!ie I 'ui.iil.'l. Coll
rplcluil a iimi Hi" nl'l I'll ien i wlio
e"liiri!ilil'"l t i I Ii" il'' ivii'i' if the ncni
..lull i e i. ill '. llii'ii! Inn .Iinl. " I ird,
I'il nii'l IK';,;, Ma; ,- 'I'.i, n;. ',;" ', M.ij..r
w,;:;. .ii,, Mi, i m-v m"i -Mij"'
! li'l i,'. , ell nl' w: ...I : "'in 'd I ' 1'cr' liiiil
ll.i h e n "..i.yj ;i,;;i'ii ' Tin' 'In
niai t".',' v. a-, "i riiiliily ;;i'iiiid iic c."!,
iiiid in I'.i.ii'iiiilin;.'; litis inilire we mid
our wi i'i t ilia' ni' Hi" children of l)al-
la. i li"i :' i'.,;iy Ciiniii'l Met'o.v' llglil
fliine, ami lung nmy hl'-i lianner wave
i ii;;.i'..:i. :i
t'VI'J' !' Is ii.'- i l S.V
I U'.-'n- f ' ', .'5.5 ii mi !'. ' ;'.' v;t 1.
V:'. 1V Mi. '.'.';ii .'i lii.i-. i'V
U ..1 .t'j.:fi'-iiiM "i. It'. i-'s".'(, 4s"
i. i; I , . I --' ll'.i.'. UrtilN
inii il... i': ,;ni..uail i.i'
.i i!
Jii n :
l;V li .i
ivi' t:isl
."Aimu Nj..i
i'w. in ',".:!,
i ' '1 , i.i '.'n Iiis:i:s'5l".
; :':. ; i : u, ' Hie
."'.''..' '. 'l-rK' Cuil'iisS.
.j . . : A f'.VOlI.V yi'tJl'is
. ;t I:. -: , .: ";W" :ml
. , .i.'-.'.."1 i:A lint;
.' .. ; .... ;....' C'.v;i;3li'',
i. i'.i : ; ' ,. l;i ;n5:wi
u .i ;, v.: i'iv "':. uiad
'.. i'i ' . "...' :';1 ;jm
.'..-. - t l;ii:!ouitiVvo.
'riiti'i ' in. . .! Hid ;Iovn!
... ,;"rji lit ,":vuie H,t lo the lieiit
Mi ,.:..v. -'.
'H. 'i'.v, f;
i" liulliir i' 1'iilr.
i'iiik"!,', iiinl limey
:i loi'f K,Av Viil; cos',,
Iiii. I, "' illl'.l,!)!-: A I'D.,
I 1)111. Ill'ff.1', II M , I''.' llll II lM,
in i:im .sini.'t.
, ,;iii
-iini iij r..
;;';.';i!i i :.'r (h;1
.'- I'.Uik'UI i"-4i UlOISluSj'
sir.:.:Ilij:.i'ii:iiJ, ! -?::r fi'. I's.'t'iii-
i .j
fcK4. MS.'i'r,v 'r)i'K
's'l.ic.-.. -ji j.-. iiri.ri, uiiil isil SSx
1 ni(KSiiiX"s, MisH patter, wlep
liHljl'ifrssi, table ami E-3tft tui-
li''. . .. , iLVtu-luwly
A IMvellcn;; Uitulvd.
A,iil lo S. I.ORH.V l!i.
liT.JU w.
"! .1 s;:iii'Kii!u.
A viiliial'lo family (oIiIciichi on Kim street,
licir Hi" iiiiiin liii ii.i ',vs j.iui rf Hi" iil, fur
ilinlu'ii. A I'plj innii, nil. id l.i In
. !K3 ' , ' W, V. l'BAK.
'.'.mi. I'oi i l"(,i iU'1 Mii:;,ii . I!:. 11 ul' the
lli K:i:.iii"ir iiiJI, In lui; ynnr ohll-
,U',.il U'li '.i.'Ui lllt'lll III,' huilli:;. line i, nu
ll:.'! !ii!;:;iil.l,in'iit iM-'hinii .1, just r.ii'iv,j,l lion.
St. f.ouJ, lor i i'iil r!.i., M;i'!;.i lo h,. hail nl
11. I:. W :li!''i'.: I'n.'s, (.'olimuiTi? -itreel, ojijo
Sll" Ili'M' I' lil I hull .". C.'Ul Iiilicll will lilil-
I'tlr.' theii' tii'l.i l.' "I'M.'sis. i:niumi'& Walker,
iu IliUets will li, sol I only hy that firm.
Htiaiieri ivlll glvu ni'i'i-eiioe for full par
liiiiluis read ilnilv lltii.u.ii, or call oil 1'iof.
Uooige at Oihl Fellows' lull'.. Tho bull to bo
coiiilueti'd stiittly as uiivui'tlsoct. 2T3d3t
.lliisti'.ioi'i'.iir Siiiis and St:igc Diamonds
By . F. 110LDOUF, AijeiU,
' Liiiuar street, between Main ami Klin.
Oil l S'fllutf:' elolirnlloil, Hull and
' : I'KDlillAJI.Mi:.
- On IheRlst ,hiy of lVcei.il..!', W7.I, Ihe Oild
Ffllowj ill assemlile t H) o'clock A. a., nt
thii,' hull, ou llm lie. ill sIJb of the puhllo
Mliuretnil Iheie form Into a procession un
ikr the m.i.ili:.ililp of Hi ollio : John J. Good
'i'hey will tiien iiiMt'ti ep M:iiu htivet to
the coiiier of M.ii,j ti.ul ila.Uet, then hy
MarUello Coniniei'is slivut, then down Com
merce slieet to lio.elou i-tii'it, on Southwest
niileolihe piihlie siMKic, lluii by Houston
utcii iipto Klin stivut, i uen up Klin street to
isyeutnoru Mi, et, then Mown sulil btieet up
tu il.ii.i street, then down iluiu ttivot to
the OiiilFellowV building, corner Muln nnd
Lu.iiar stri'i'i and Into Uid Fellows' hull,
where a public oration on Odd Fellowahlp
will bo cellveivd hy llrotlK'rOe.'iirfeMi.'llei'sli.
After the oi'utloii they will form Ealn Into
juiiCcssiou uud bxuuii buck to llietr hall on
Hie pubiiu s iuur'e.
. Al iiliu,eoiiiini-ucjii,i ul S o'cliK'k, a bull,
Ul be i uudueiud. by riofcvor Ueorgo, will
tnil'J piaw nt U'M Keilow ' hull, nnd from 12
M. l i J K. Jl. ii sui),j tfii bJ terved to the
nili''l., ... in the hull.
f'l'..;, .i,- Jolni t.inj, 1,'ndpr of Hrasii Band;
l'ruf. ..or 1'i'yor, lea-lev ol Hlrliitf Ilnnd.
L.jSiiiu, J. f. Cnmy, W. U. BuiUes. E. ilo-
Cohiiell, J. I). Kerfool.
John II. Holiday, 11. V. Jctt, J. J. Uood,
Tbuuint' Walker, 11. H.Jt.nca.'
It. Oiilias, K. H-Joim, J. Grosmnan, E. 8.
Gay, T. 0. Jordan.
CIimv. rut invitutiou ii liereby extended lo
ml n lubb jilug louti, viltiug nod ancient
Odd KeltuWB Mil .sin mi'l bapp ii lo be fur-
Ulsleil With no npiclulomvi.
Tlnj pub'iu la jjeiilrtil, and ladles espe
cially, are Invited Uiiitlund thooruilou.
l'nir Wnrnlui;.
. ,AII parilet Indebb d to M.Hhulls, by note
K.invd by deed oft mil, km lureby uolin.sl
Hiul prompt puyuieiits must be made, or
tbelr proiwrty will lie-wld.
' :(Xllt "-''. Altornoyt.
v . ' ...
, Klus ;b.ns klwttyt on band tliebet of wlnei
mr ll'tuuni to tail hu ousiomort, ' trrujra
'I'll. 'I'll III III' i. Ml'.n ' .11' I. lll'il"
I., 'II.':
i.iiii'i i . i n i in- ril ..in i uu . i'1 "
i. M.Hi :,.i A. eml I'. ' -I" ' ''". ' l:'' '
I'. II"'' ' li ill, " ii I ' i ,' mi. -' I'' "
1., i".,, I'l l !;..::..( i ' " ma..-l ''I
Tin' imlill.l li.', il, 'il, il tli ,11 l"i.
,1.1 ill I.. I A 1. 1, '.I . V.
I'll ill, ,1,111 Cmilil il... nl A., .il,,'' I" '' '.
Inlli,-, I i.i'.'i .'", I''. I.
l'l, 'I' . "n l.l'l I" i ' I' HI''1
,M.i'."i , Aill te 'i l mi n i, 'm'I in II " ' I'y "I
Ji.iIIiii i,n tin, in, In.' i',. nil,.;, i i.'in i' i'
IT'l.iil 7 1,','lui'li i,'iniillj, In iill.-ii.l lii" In
lilllllllllnll nl i,ll, , I .,
in i,, ,,r n,,, w i iii'iii i i'i i i, ,u.i-jt:h,
I '.llll I Hi, I l,4 In I, .I'll Hi'' I.. I "I 'I'-'l'
',i'liilli, mi'l ii" III ' I ! .1' ..lil HI. 'I I " "
1.1, i in,,)'., 'i, fill, .in 'ill i. 1 1 1 1 I II"' li..ilil
T I. ,-1 i .Ii l,,-.il!ni . A I "li. ,'' ' i "li
in n ml si, I ir Hi 'I iv, 'ii I .-v.-iiiire, wild
i-vi'iy i'tiiiii'1,1 mill r,,i, i iii' mi'.
.'mi .u w. I'1'. I: -Vf , :'"i i. I'U.v.
II Hiij- nil" 'I 'liiii- IN" mi.'' in' III" iiu'M'
luum. iniii' I I i i , .i i,, .,i V, I., .!' - .ii ' '' ""'.i
'li if, nl' H "i.'iltiitlnt! nli ,".' i,'' hi
1,1. I."'," In Ii.n l.'il In i !-ll I iiii li
i.i vt III Ii". I'-ini Ii',"',l I in, I il I
I" In III"
ills in. i
mi"' 'I n
Mr, U'li,'. Inl.iriii'i : Hi. I il." Ml" v. ill I'.i
. iiiilliiiii.l iinlll Jiiim. iij I .i, 'in 1 li."'' i III
; i I'll "I I I'll II"' li'll.'l V, III llll'l
iiii n.i..l;. r i.i'iy nl "H1, tin.linl t.tlK,
lllli,'. III:' II," nli .1",
Allliilled nnlilli'T ol'inl'eH will I"' III
llliii."l III l.'e,!i'.pliy In II"' ' I j-1 t I'les, lit
111.. U.illiei 'l',i, t Jill llisllllll". 'lim-,. lie.
mIi-iiiis nl' ! ll I I. 1 Ii,: ll I'l'.illlnl'lc pinl. .o-lnli
ullhniil lii.iinliii! Mill, Ih.'lr dully InM-
II, '.,W,II 'l uli.ll.ll lirV.T in ' V,il n luil'i
I'll. T. IV.' I'll, i -er. I.'iy,
."1,'llw 1,'iUiis T. . .;. ''ii Iii-llliil".
Vi i'l.-li Jl!.:i ii. r'i'ii.'l .)'! HOW
:;vt'tii.(.',' Cn Ir v:-.U .t.-Jv uw.l
t;rU-il hUh'K t'2;.:i...fy ''n.
w iilfh Uu'f i.tivv :il tT) S::'iU
av tU-tail. 'S'K'.V ' rv,i;lJ.s
n S.H'iro iM!'.;5.V ol'iii'W iin.l
f; :.-.! j).ii!J'i'tts ui' i.'ii I'.ijU'i'.
J'.ll' tl.-l.'.
ii'inil Inediii'si Iinl! ini;; i,i M.iiij sir. el
eeni i nlly lni'iil' il, '1', i nn. , u y.
Apply lo i'. .1. l'KANi;.
Wall impvr, Wall j.nv-w, Wall
MiH'r. BiiiiiieiiM--s! ;(!;. oS'i'Vrj'
Bi'imio ami H.'jl'-ri.'-s.uj Slnifs.
i'jUt viaiiit, t):3!;isUs V.v.'
t;n:-n'tl, t',k'4is;'viJ, fi;:J5 anO
Hili, I. Lw.-i';:-;;'..: 'h.ijls!;';.
A tint' sioi'L iJ" '',vk;.l!( iv M.;ii';
win be !;'.:;. .i i:i ii'ti - ("stj's.
11?,):IT. V 8.VJ.2:.
,1 in..!.
We huve Ihls day soli ,,'ir cut ire sturk el'
III. ivli'.nidll'." nnd n ii in ,'. a. ,:ts In Mi, 1-.
Wile, V l.n Mill I" li'l. HI' III" ',l:ilH'. s i.i tin
.'Utile blliliihij; oi'i'Ul'i.'.l I)., li :. Il'i iii0' lli;i'.
ll" will receive III" lib l il p :' l , .,i:i,(,i hereto,
fori-1 xteinl' i tlo, w'.. ri : l i.i,
n,:p. elliillV,
2ii7.llf (.'H.'.I.IN ,t CO.
' III piiiiiiaii,,.; (in- lm
lin A Co., I hi k In us
i. ml piiliuil nl ll'." 1 1. 1 I-.'
eiiiilj , tlun Hie IiiI:i. k
in the siii-ne Iiii: .';ii i
'lie,' sl'vl; ii' pti. !" :u.'
..f Mm 'iv. I
i n I lie m-ii.y ti lends
and , iie public j,e!i-
ill I," li.'1'iiiidiieted
lii"f us le retctore.
'. Is- !:, pt , 'iieilly
com pi. li in "ver, dep., i ! nice;, nnd by .m . ;,t
uttctit.ii)ii to basliins', nnd 111, ilemuiuls o(
the tl'.ldi', In iue.il ii coiilinii.uiee of I'le pnl
tnllu:;" s.i lili i'.llly ll.'.lKWcd nil my pre
llecess i'S. Asa flllilei' ;ill:',iulllce lo tile pub
lic, 1 li .vc seemed tin, imc, s,,i .Mos.i.rilos
lillA Co.'s i.lH-.s.ili sun n, M .si' ;. Keel, ill lilld
MuiiiiiU, who will he i,, unit us tisuul in
their places, and .vlil always he pleased to
see their friends mid eti..niiieis of Ihe lute
ll i-i 1 1 .
klU7dlf !'. WILE.
I. O. O. P.
Uenieinber Ihe Odd l'Vllows' hall cemes oil'
ou the ninht of New Yeiir's Kve, illst Decem
ber, at Odd l'Vllows' hull In liuilus.
5'oj':ico iMonlillup;, ovor 10,'
fei'ljuj! ivct'lvctl, nnd will
hv i.i:!c lo order, at
I oiler Iho fl'ii'st slllis, -lven, fumy Ihy
Ooiiis timl Millinery
bulovv cosr, roa Christmas pr;cnts.
I'. llUl.luiUt', Aicnt,
G.jd-iv on I.uniurst., bet. Main and Elm.
Messrs. Hiii hiiiu, Unwell A (',, u Slireve-
poit, lire a'iils of Hie Arizona .Mills iu Clai
borne l'urish, Ln and me prepared to sell
Colt n Yarns and Osnnhurss ut Hymen less
than New Orlenns prices. " iXM-tf
Franklin & I'e nn lire rccclvln'j new goods
every day.
Tor Gnlc
Two good residences lu this city. Imme
diate pojiesshiii given.
lSlilir STE A(.) ALL & CO.
Pmtft lstvil Oil-
Ahso'.nt.iv mite. I'erte, 'lie n,l,irl... Al.
wuys unli'oiiii. illutulnatiiiu power superior
tonus. Hum ill any hllmi without ilnnuer
of e.x,ilo(iim; rrtiiklnii 'Ire. Miinul'ucturcd
i xpiessly to tnkn the phieo of volatile nnd
duiKV ions oils. Its snfely under every possl-
uic ickt iiim its pi..;c 'i iinining ctiiullll..s me
proved by its continued use in over .i)0,uw
M lllloii.s of imllonH liavi' been Kohl mul no
ncehlent, due, ily or in.ilr. ctly, him ever oe
rnrnil liom buinliiu.sioi iim or humlllnu it.
'1 be immense yearly loss to life and property,
result inj; from the use of cheap mul iluimii'
ouroils in the liiiliil Slates, is nppulliiiL'.
The liisiiriiuee eoiupuul, s end llic i onimls.
sloueiH tbrouKhoiil Ihecouiiliy rccomineud
tjle Astral as Ihe best s.il, 'uuia where lumps
Hreused. Hend foroireulur.
rorsulu at retail by the trade uenernllv.
uud ut wholesale by iho propi ictuis,
CllAS.l'ilATT & CO..
IMOAHmw 10S FulUni strtwt. New York,
IK hIcih In all kinds of
Corner Main aud Lamar Streets,
Call and him If you wnnl noinMhlng
nice. VUJdiim
II. II. XjS3Z3 dSs CO.,
ImiKirti m and is nlertln
. Ilubs, Spokos, Axlos,
UctkitUV Iwh, whllU'8iippllt,4f, "
Xo. 1 SIIIhui Street, .
ff. i'.
Hell i ..lii.f ill llll I'll' Inlll,',' 1,1 ImI.I.s, Tek,l
iiii I i , I ' i , 1 1, e, lulu r ivh nil, ll i."l 1. 1 1, en
lull li, llll: i. i,e lili.li I tl :!.'. I 1 1, ,' . nl e 'I I, I ",
'.' Hi I nl ,'. l.ie jle... I L II. I "lliei'i WiiMl-
lininn, I i. I ,
A.bi ...I W A 11 -ii M,i ; Aii.Ii.-mhi T I'.;
.'. i.' . i i i 'i.inis V ni A'. Miiiiei Z.'l;
.'..iiiiiiiii .l.iiiii .; . ie i . i, ileii , j Al '.-ni.;
Ai'ei li Hi A. islei il l'i . ii i-l UK K l'i
. . II. I' ,j .Slll.inil I'iV.I I J A.l.il l'i Al , I.
M.'s I' (.',
l.i mi1 ll ): r; II iij.i iilii lleiii'VI I! I'm' li
It; II ,i.,i, II i; I,. ..It'll I'ieei.i.uii ll.eeiillul
I ,1; ,., illn li, nn, ; I, .inlili, .,,1 l.ii'liie,;
I, ii"i,i l.i P; llii.ioti , I iiiilil ; II. I, in r Me I;
II. llll Is '; llhlli nli h I, I.; ilhll.ii.V Ulili'lei;
II. nil- l.' Hii.; ll.i hie II i: l'i lleiiiKiiuinp A A ;
Hi, ' d ,,,i ; IIimi II nmy; llu ll It. III.-; 1 1, 1 1 -in,
ii .Innii I; liui'iii'iii .1 A; llu in s Inhu U ;
ll,,'.-. .l.ie.'i,; li a i, i, in i Innii ),; III il, .iii.ii ;
li l llnli , ,1 ,'i; in. iw n .1 nn W; Itiul in iA Jn. m
I ll.i I '.i; I,, III,'., .lu-epli; lliil .ti ,l.lie .'u s;
II u. :. . Al. el; il,, , in, A:.i,,; llienni'it M
I'; lie .1. I'mI; Hi iiii l(,.i.il; lle.liinl
Kll ...; I I'll.'! I, OS H; I!,' ,j hue X I III l.l'l' M I'S
I. nil; Jii'icj ll.i.eley ) m U ; lliunleii J li,
Ciiny 0 Wj liiimliiK W'l Clieeseiiiiin
llnii'i" :li I .n.iii.i 11 F; I'ol'iucu llciiiv;
iia.il'ii'l .1 W; Ciely ,luiei; Cieliirce .;
i ii ,i.,l I ."li ,iihi; l ullisj T; I n-h ,1 A;
I '.ni'e ll . . J, I i'1. 'Ill, I.I Ml .s Klllc; Cull' nn
in .',i II, r. ,'.', Miln, in c.i.l.int Mi'J'ii' M l'i
i in i . nil) It li .'; I oi Us T V i nlil.-y Tliltlllp.
son; CIii.,iI.ii Wullii; l I'niiliiiiiuiu .,n ; I'ol
.',1. nl I :, ,' ni A: ie-h,; I'liMd' Win i; liowley
Ah'iei i; i iii'niiii' A I lie; I an unity A ll; Case
Mi .'.ui'i'; cuiiM y.. U; cole lie, I'll ii;
',, iii, I li. ii e; i .i .Ii 1, Cj I 'Handler Cuu ies f ;
i 'si i" ni, ii'ipm; Cievchiiiii Cnhin II; cie
:i..nn M.u l'i A; Cuu s.,iiiiiii E i; I I'
I -a ... ; i ',ii,li ll,' , A'; Collins Mm Ellen; i.uii'el
A; I nil, y Kuiii'iie,
li.iii iheiy Win I''i P.ivMhiiii llcnj ir; )ck
I 'linn J; nuclei:. I inline; llciipon O W; Daniel
.liiliir Oil phut !' Ward, li.'.'iiiiili M I'; I lay
tun I'mI; I in wiini It li; Imnlel Hiil'lci linvlil.
i-ini I'e.vana; 1 111,1 lii, '1' J ; Uuvln ''(cv ll.ui
M II; ll.i nil way M , ,',ii,
liv i'elt lletllei I'lvulis (,' ll; Ei.tes Geo 11;
i:.d.'i .1 11 .; Ed noiislnn J O 1',
! .her Vis A.uile; l'ilzliun I'M 2; Fried,
la, el." Esipe ; I'lii'iimu Jno W a; Finher
A iiaiiile; Fiiyd .Inn li'l'cuy I,; 1'i'milMiii
I ,'; l osier .Mrs.Maig.t ci; liynn 1( J; Fanner
l'i. ns.
Hal. -wiiii, I A C; (li'ei'ii Miss AiiiiIc; Greene
1' 11; Or:'.!.i,,i C It; liiahaiu I'aioll ie; Gonlou
I ' H; li lc-),'e F Kj liniiiiii lien Wj Herman
il. '..in li ,. li U; liusney lieuiie; tlieen
W'l. il H '.V; II .III...- .luilli's; Chilis In-.1 11;
ii.i,,.l'ne VUs Km.' I,; Graves W A; Unllttlu'v
Mis Alin j ; l. .liny isiep mn,
l iv,.i. Jiit.s iiii',-.,.i'i'; Unwind Miss Ada;
II 'lii-i I' 1 1; 'i lei' I C C; llawhliiK IU; Hurl
A ; v i a I: I la's i . pi; , .i.iiiuin II: 1 1 ul ha way
l..!.l;i lll'l .1 ; li llllier .li sse; 11 ll'hey ,los;
liais l .1; llalc icr .Iniiiilen; lloiip J'iIiii;
lie i , Jala, s .M; ll:i ;.es. t; I'nvi K.Iosii; Hull
I, I ; iiii I.; II, ike M ii'tii; llunlieii M; llohuu
.M.iili.'w; Mouie .Mary; llunh-r Melvlnu;
!!, ; ic cue 1,'un; lliiuiphieys Minion .1; Hull
iniiii Ml1, In, I; 1 1 1, in 1 1 1 on 1' 11; Hewlll I' Hi
Hu" I!"I"' 'i; llai ils H'!i' ll',ip,iner ';ni'v;
ll'.',l'i,a)'.!S.,,';i: ll,r,Mi.,iliih'ui Ann; Humble
V.'lilia.., I', iiiiil W lijllMumi W ill Ullildley
Willi"; (leal, i Z W, '
Iv.'OIIss A la; 1,'wln Miss LI..lc,
.1 diesnii Win V.; Joyce W li; .lohnson W
li; .lie.'I'S Kn'iiail,' , ; Jenuilu- Folllllulll I';
.I.uiImi.i .l'i',,'i Hun.., is; ,h nli r Mrs Annie E;
.la.iis t.; ,ni. , Ion .Miss K.ii.'i Johnson
Jov. pli; Jucoiis Holiday; Jenkin:i Mlsu Fan
ni'. K
K:i,'le lvl 1,1 lC.'iui",l ,1ns IV, Vil'-'iir Geo I, 2;
I- l.i'isseii ll.Mi. v; li'ils.i r.iiihii; Knox liiivld;
t' .-, 1 I; , lici t L; K.ivu'iaii.liMui'ciis; KayKs
l.n,.;an Heulieii; l.all'.'loii rilehard; I.unitley
.'-iiiiniiel; l,i,l;i'ini'ii Win C; l.oivenslein C;
l,ei;.. J,,h,j; I.e. i Ital , er ,1a Mies 1.1; I, a ue Jit men;
l.nnK Jus II; l.owry J M; l.unihklu Kule;
Lew, y M isa K it, ir; 1, line Miss Mclvina.
Min. .line Ml-'iSa ah (I; Miller William A;
.Vide. A il; .Mel) b' Miss. Annie; .Mice ,V!,
in :l; Miiiput-y A K; .Muii;sli; .Voiuii Dun
i. I; Miller Iinl; Mi.,vcsC C; Mo.-iui li.mi.'l;
.'.i.la ! .Iiki I'; .MaC'iAv liaiik; -McUanlc! E,l
v.ni G :'; Mniii'k Mis Eliza; Murphy E F;
Meil.er (lcoi;:c: ..ore II I,; McConiuuu Isuuc;
M. D" mill .1 ll; Muiseii'icl.e,' ,1 i; Miller
Jn-ep.i; M i'lc Ii.' .1 V:Mii limy Jen ; Mnrun
.I iii . i s, ei e . i'i Held Al ss J i iiiik ; Mii.endon
.1 A; Aleuy .Iniiii Viiuuv; Mil,"! J C; Mu sh
.1 1;; .Mc.Mee J M; .'.hit -on Jiics; .Muriiiieau
Al,: .Muiiiel,. s-usiiii ,1; Moore Sj,.a
McKni nit Win il; Alinre in .': Muilu Willi.-,
1,; .Vcliae ,' c.:; ilillci' Wti'oii'ii: Milner
James; :i.,iu V, ('; .Major lizzie K; Miles
Miuy E; M'ty Mu.y A; Mayer Joseph E.
NcMiibuin l'.nn'.s; Nnuwovk Knvne; Napo
leon lieu; Nc bci'..v J li; .Nion Win A.
(Men Jao A; Orrell Jno 11; O.r XI) Br;
Oiv'llcy Ciias VV.
Petty W K '.; I'ulinev Wm Do Ln Tour 2;
IVtision lllcliiirdi I'leaee II Kj l'etty Mary A:
Powers M T; IVtei' 11 O; PooUViuA; Palish
I.' VI'. 1...1-,... I.'.l... ... b,.....,. t'11... i ...
A: I'arhaiii
.11 il; ivc Jolin wj furish J II;
1. ('; Payne Lilian; peeis 1, G;
Pultirson J
liiiili,.liisj; perry John 11; Paliner Jno W:
I'ntU .Mrs 1. E Polk Mil; Polndexter Mrs
Wilinota; J'uliner W i.
Quail Thus
l!u -well Ann; Uiunxey F C; Kowlunil J 11;
lliclinnls Jo T; Lein.-y Louie i;ob.. son 8C;
It'.'iilio T A; Ei sse" Ml,-uui; Itoge s Miss
Item:-; IIc.ma Wm (i; Liciiey C 1.; P.ussey
Win; lioiii.ison In- Au-x I.; Itusseil ...iss Ann;
K.iiii.isou E A; U.iau Cliii.ndu.
Smilh W lljKlmiMinii W H; Sullivan Tim J;
Siiiieiuer N il; Hhiiu.uin SSuinuel A; Scott
William; s, refill A F; Sceoob P. A I; Sbult,
ll 11; Klin led Hen y; Sellers 11 1); .SeuherN
Jim; siiawyei John '; Sn,,(.u Jo,i,i;Slnpinuu
Airs Jennie; Shii' leu h, nn-r John M;Shlpii)un
J S; Sin i,al J FjSei'oo.i Joiin; ShallenberKer
John M; Seer i J E; Simmons TP; Siii'.'ei'iiud
Louisii; Sp.i'utii. Miliun; Switiney Mo .ison;
Sliawve, .Mis' Nannie 2; Hhulti Mrs Martin;
Seolt Nelson; Siiiuglite, N 11: Buyers llobert;
Shipley K P; Swayer Se nl 11.
Tbomni W J; Terry William; Tuber Wll.
Hum; Tuster W I); Tull Wlllliim; Thmnpson
H It; Tower V 0; Tiiompson M E; Thomas
Aluitle; Truedeii Joiepli; Tboinas James;
Tnimiiipil Jumes It; Trotter II ; Taylor
F.ilcn; Tiior.iton Kukhii; Thomas Clinrles E.
Taubert AUsust; Tiimberlin Benjamin; Tay
lor A I"; Tiii peu Arono M; Taylor Arthur;
TreubacK John II.
White 11 WiWollin II H; Wnrrin llettlej
Willie C, Willlnnis Miss Calla; Wlmlns Mi.ss
Ella; Wynne Frank P; WIshE C; Willis Es
telle; Wulhiee Henry i; Waterwoith George;
Wlllimns Henry L; Wemnnd O W; Wll.son
Jno; Williams Jane; Whitemun Jack; Wnlns
ciit J; Winn Joseph; Wilson Junu's; wnprdon
Thos; Wnlson J mi 1); W bile ' nn Tlieo MelC 2;
WalNo.i Win; Williams I in M; Williams .'
Lily G: Weip.fio lb l.ollIsC; Williams Lottie
Miss; Wh'te PhebeMis: Wood Mrs Hue: Wall.
ers W J S;, Woodward Wm L2; Wilton Wm ii.
Mess-s Clrny llros; W. P. Cowen A Co; Pur
Ion, M.ller A Co; Wise A Ohilsou; Laud A
Eleven letters, directed lo the fo'lowlng
names, are held for noM.-ae at tint office, viit:
W II li-own A Co., Cleburne: Mis .Mary
Bcluhel, Stockton, Cal; M a Marv lllni
broii'4li, Shelby vii'e.Tenn; Mr I)ewltt"rel(,'lea,
Dallas; Mr O L Jackson, Dallas: Mr. John W
Elder, Teuell, Texas' Mr Den V. Bell, Ht.
Louis, Mo; Mr 1 11 Doutheit, lliown'nle,
Pa; -Mr. J. W. Taoinpsoii, llutler. Pb; Dr P
Jlendricks, Dallas; J 11. Fen ell, Comanche,
Peisont calling for Hit above letters will
picas.) tay ''advertised."
General Commission Merchants
And lUc Celebrated Arrow 'fies,
Di alers In
Will receive on Conslmnnenl, for Kale or
Shipment, Cut tun. Wool and other Prodnoe,
npun which Liberal Advances will be made.
Ko. W, 21 & 2-2 Levee St.,
Cotton and Freight Warehouse, Spring SI.
Hicks & Howell,
OBn, Texas ., Hiktllar'l Nc BalldlB(,
Adjoining tbs Carnprassei, -lNl(uo
We lire HUH' III lee, ,i nl liilllj dully r. ,
'ill;: i ;.i Li:i'il.:;
J-j x OrOODS
At. VlMlisinl,'.,
Ever broiiniil In Ihe llileiior of Ihi" Hlute Hill' liliicli ul' iill Maple ki.iiiIh, hi;cI iih
r.i,i:Ai'in:i) anu hkowx ci.rTi).,
Will be fniinil iiHi'oiiiiie, mul will mini pure liivenibly lu prle,,i il a.. ,,. u- ,
hulllli, 111 """""I WrijJ ll
i''i..:;M'.i'', ami aix van-, uoaw, ,
GiirHluel; Iscniiipleln, mul will lie licpUn, ami In piic n iitiMmilm. wili.,,.,,, n
Boots djQ.cS.. Shoes1 '
.YiViVi! i:;:i!,r:;;:::t v o" w.io Vo,:.:n,:e!,,t..t,,,,,i,?, ,o y
yankkk notions, ' 1 " " "" '
OVKH AND UN'OKlt S'I1',I''V, ;' " ' ' : '
WOOi', ALII iHVfif 1 ATS '
And uiir Npii'li iif elienp, liii'illiiiu and llnu 1
O 2L O 2La 2B 2l 2S- "
Will be fniinil the best In Ihe city. Oui'iioi.ds me nil hnii.,1,1 i,,n, ,,,.
pollers by il luivei ol illeiinui ,. i.-i
enable, to ll'V AS I'llKAi1, iiinl Will M'il.L
. ." .' ' "I"'' unit is, and lie eie'Viiicd
ipilelt sales mi, lol l prnllls we hop,. In i u
' V IIH'V i.iun nwiiijii;rii ll "jM'UUH ,
WW. . kUiBWi'itL.-'tL' LiyeK
Mesale Brsmgist
Havlim pureliased (he luleiest of my r-'iiiiii' partner, H. A. 1' iualii ll, tn tlio Druif Inisl
liess, 1 urn now prepared to niter the hiiKest nlonk nl'
Drugs, 3N1 oilicii u:w,'i u ttit I cklioiiios''JiHc.
' .; , . r . ,' r l ' ' ". ' ii 'a i-i 5niiJ.iL I ..
Thai lias ever been liiuiht to Ihe iiiteilor of TeMfs, iii'J,iur. d.yti tiiUiied tu . ,. (
h i3 a x rr he ia o ay a: s rv- n n it 10 w
I will mull a Price List to niiy one napiesl im, il, Cajl uiul imai'vie liilC villi New
Oiieuns and Galvesliui pi lei s. ealciilnle fr.-lwhi, di :sy:.j-'," v. I .Mfiit;' UlMillineC Villi! n(ln"i
expenses, together with Ihe grvnl Iom of liiip' ill ..ii1e:'iiu IfamcMi diiHUi'Vkli 4 tkUU:
JUll Wll. 1IIIU . .,,',. i
' .' ' ; i'. i (' ' .Jil Imtl i;'u''iu -i '.i!i 1 1 J' !;.,
I OiTi'i Toil Kuperior IiMlurfKiMiv'il il S! .ivil'r5'',o , . : j -iii.
1 deal with innii. but llr"Vl.tss' holism, a nil 'p.lli.i''i'oi'il'H:i'i'k..t.' ft: l.!if:ll'M!;WHi'i I "'J'1"'
I will five you 'I'l'iio WviitblK niiri itlniHlii i,i iiud . ) j,,, (k ,i m .,, vu.f ......... ,. . ,1-,tnyl
M tiX KVKliV AttlU'lE .IS BKPKKSKSTfcB 'C1'MM,"M I ' eWl'i'lfl'. XI)"ltl:!.'.VlONKl '
,. - ', '..'.' ,.' : ) '.i'' . '' hi' - '.li... i.i , . I. 'I '.
Ilopiui; lo merit nnd lvci lve yoiir p.i1.ronue, I inn, yuln'i jvl'iii'T, : ':;i!i ; i - -rie l o t ,.. . ,.! .
llldly ' ; ' '" " "' . . ,U.. lIMs-lijlNiS. ;. ,,(
212 O U X vjlu z&,J!LJi uilS . I
.isro. 120 :lu.ioad w n: itl ';', v
A new plan, as IntroiluceJ by tho ECiUlTADLE, which hiik beeoino U'.u '!..) '
' LEADING LIFE ISSUANCE CllfiPt W .TJllJ Vpj:t D, , ",' ;;,'!
ALI, ' IC I IN 1 S O IP 1 O Tj xJi I C 1 10 s': IS S Tt K
SUM ASSURED, New Business, 1872, $51,911,079. : , , . , ,;,!
vrw nravrw nr nm urn n ln itra tnc I umu'st Av nV'rtilirlW IV TIIF. ffflRLI :" ''-''l
111 11 lilL'l.lbk'J VI' lllUt') OI J UUI rt.lf A v I M
lis. JK AX1 TJ53SI 'STO.V, 5Ij5;k3 Kxniiiinrrs.
! .t. w. woii:uN.ji -si
3 T
House I-variiisiiiiia. ;;tefropc5B.si,
1 -RvT 11 TBI IT .T' t.lT f "8 ft IT
A IS If I 1:11
T1 Work
1000, B3TAEriISIIED 1800.
ISIsi lErsi 2iJLb(,i .. ''
For Xeivous Debility It never Fall. "
For I.wn ol Appelllo it has ne ICqual. in.:.
For Flatulency It Ii beyond Itlvaliy.
For UlKoruri t'd Stomutl),(ui liunn illalc JlclHC . ,
For Djspcpnlaitls retoiuiiuil-l by alf 't?i'1iUJni4i. J 'ijj ii
Endorsed by Physicians, C'lerujirieir, Pliintenfjlrterohnnts, Mechnnlcs of ever nation.
' For Sals In Dallas by Uirinsr A Wslket, DiSivulsls ni4JVQlrf1t 4liUtt,0 U, fyi Hff , J
.!; 'I'li.ilU.-iTT; J -
18GO.. :.; ' .':Y::i:-:, i
Colic nr Valns
In th- BorsK H.y.sw psli- t'nstlveness, LlrflBiilnlt, He Merrnjiil 'J If
i, Nervous and Hick fleiulu. lieVDIiirrluM-TiiAil I'js" In-ryot lll Isis "rypoj .1 1 u.
I 111 1 t, .......... l.....D M.,l....fe14 If. nll..... T.'.h ...II.... C..v-.llO,ISS. Ob
llllllous Fevr.
at. .,.,. ..j ... I ,.u 1,., M.u, vt ")f . , .,.,
structed Menstrualton j also a 1'revenlatlve and
Impurity ut the
.... . I.. D. VOI'MJIH'OOI, Hole ProprMfliS WrVsswinf
Connor A Walknr, Wholesale Afcir(t
. . . ,
: .
IV In in Ntroit,
D. E. GROVP; Proprietor. ' ;
Blinds, frames, MonidlniJS.'nracltels.'riirnlnK.Fl'rlbf', relllmr,"Wetfr; ",f.,
erV nrOllUOt Ol WtinA wnrtlna M..l,,.A,,),.,,Jn,',fal. If, nnvdWlltS
boiiniiiig, antl
pa trns. Ukr fronts, oounu m and shelviuf
, i",.l,. ln,ili,,,.. I.,, i, .,,
hv m.;".:sf u.m .'
I uph I ,,-,, ami ,e . .'.ii,, ,, "
As CHEAP ilitl 1," "
in ihe ii'iuh ., v'leil Wemv. Pv mil',' ii..
couliiiuaiice ul llu, la'i;,,, mt na ' .'''iiii
Hr.y d'oiuls, lllm ;iri'i't,.ll;il)flsp Tc.ns,
......... ll,(in5,0.'53 SC
;. .', ,'. 's,-ao,o4i sc
.... ....m.. .......... j......,. '..in i: -"ihll'll
till! U.llbUln- t .VA iK-y i I w.il i .t.n i.i - " " '.
on Kim street, niljolulng C'omnisrciiilllolelii j r-i
.3STV33X3. ittk fi I'i 0 rJ
1 ',' ,.W(i'.i ' li ... i i o'.i'i. J- i x' 1
lil I :
Ui ''
IV U ii ,
&oliitVl.'''- -r .:''2ij(im'
j , t ,,,,,, ,,, v.,,..... ., , ... ' .
('fire for l'lles.
, p-iiity,
i ;A
:i liiw
. ..-' ' 1 v .
i , .
lxillnw, Toxa,
'' --' ' T " n n
built to order. 1V)tbH? t UUInir. bU h,WJ
I5IU ,,
.1 ,IH
.! !.!
'' ,'i'Jll
.,.. .
" tul
i ilil
i. ;.' ii
,1. ,l
I .11. s'.-lt
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