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' !
In order to close an immense auction purchase
We will for the next week offer these Goods at
below actual market value.
lack Satin Mervoilleux,
At iV-ts. worth if 1.33.
A Choice Lino of Black' Gro.s Grain Silks,
At 575, SO and $1.05, worth 75, $1 uml $1.3o.
Wc are also offering some special bargain In new similes of plain and watered dress silks
alio Muvulllciix and Uuadamcs. '
Largest Stock,
Finest Assortment.
Long Pile Plushes in all the
New Shades.
At $1,021 worth $2.25.
Fancy Flushes in plain Ombre's Ombre Striped, Ribbed,
Ribbed and Shot, Plain Striped Moleskin, etc.,
etc., Ranging in prices as follows:
$1.95, $2.20, $2.40,
All ol which we guarantee at
regular prices. 1 nese prices are good for this week
only, in order to reduce a
Specialties for this Week:
English Walking Suits from $6.50 to $22. Sack Suits inlarge
variety, from $5 to $20. Double Breasted Coat and
vest, n-omis 10 to $17.50. Pants of every description,
from $ 1 upward. We have a complete stock of Clothing,
and are selling them very cheap. All goods marked in
nam r igures, ana oniy one
Gent's Furnishing Goods.
Our iptcck in this Department
- .1 nr
irvxry pmutuuu. we cjuuie uie ioiiowmg prices:
Fine real Percale shirts with two collars, only $ 1 each.
Unlaundried shirts, at 50c each. Medicated
flannel underwear at very low prices.
Ladies' Pebble Goat Polish, from $1.50 to $2.25 a pair.
Ladies' Our Kid Polish, from $1.50 to $2 a pair. Ladies'
Kid Button Shoes, from $2 to $4.50 a pair. Ladies' Glove
Kid, Side Lace Shoes, from $1.75 to $2.50. Ladies' Kid
and Goat Side Lace Shoes, from $1.50 to $2 25
Misses' and Children's Shoes of every Description at
Veiy Low PricesMen's Hoots and
Shoes m all Styles.
A Complete Stock of Millinery, Cloaks&IIhtac
Dry Goods at Yery Low Prices,
Call and see us J and you will save money.
714 Elm, Street, Old Stand.
713 Main Street, Opposite St. George Hotel
OP -
Black Moire Antique Silk,
At S2.cts. worth $1.10.
Lowest Prices
Newest Similes.
Moleskin Plushes, an Elc
erant Line,
At $2.45 and $3.( worth $3.25 and $1.50.
$2.55, $2.95 and $3.25,
from 35 to 50 per cent, below
price to all.
is very large and complete in
-t r ii- .
A Well.Known Citizen of Henrietta
Convicted of Appropriating a
Hog to Ills I'se.
Conductor Speers Seriously Stubbed on
the lutematioual by an Irato
Work Progressing on the Kansas A
tJulf Short Line, ltetween Knsk
and Jacksonville,
The Citizens of Galveston Complaining
of lusufUdcut What Facilities.
A Negro is Arrested at Waco for the
Attempted Poison of His Wife.
Additional Kvldeuee Is Taken in
Clipper Court-Martial Trial.
Other Interesting State News.
Tort Davis.
Special to the Horalil.
Fort Davis, November 12. Lieutenant
T. Witliclm, adjutant of the first infantry,
was called by the government in the Flip
per trial, who testified: "1 know Flipper;
saw Colonel Shatter counting commissary
funds with Flipper July 2d; Colonel
Shatter called attention to fourteen hun-
Ired and forty dollars and forty-
three rents cheek as a very larta check for
an ollieer. Hipper siml, "Ves. 1 have it
lot of small checks which could not be aud
ited, and 1 did not wisli to send them to
the chief commissary, so 1 sent to the San
Antonio national bank for deposit and
drew a personal check auainst them. I
titled this particular check: I saw tilmrw
and Flipper in Slinfloriollico, August Hlth,
conversion mauve to uic dispatch trolu tho
chief commissary stating that the July
statement received showed a largo amount
of funds in transit not lecjired :
Filmier said he had not n
largo amount in checks late
on tho Mb. of July and was anxious in
forward them; that he wrote a letter and
transmitted the receipts and invoice and
deposited them all in the postolllco in a
sealed envelope late, at night; he did
this work at bit quarters and kept
no copy; as a eonimiwary otlicer lie
was locked up; tho indorsed checks to
the chief commissary, it not received
were lost in the mail; Flipper was ordered
to turn over the funds to Kdiuunds the
same evening, August 11, as his successor;
lie ma not go to the otllce before meeting
r.dmunds in his quarters; on August la
Flipper was untitled by Shatter that liis
quarters were to bo searched and that
Wilheliiin and Kdmunds wero to do
ii nicy would apologize it doing an in,us
tico. Wilhelm and Kniunds accompanied
flipper to Ins quarters and thoroughly
searched the same: Flintier mid l.n.l
objection to the same being made; t hev found
a nuinner oi statements tor May and July
a statement for August (Ith was found in
his trunk among his clothing, aflcrwtirds
claimed by tho servant; Flipper's and his
servant's clothing wero promiscuously
mixed in the wardrobe, ulso toilet articles
they found a number of of
ficial papers scattered around the
room in siien an unsatisfactory condi
tion that Flipper was nut under iiv"n.t n,i
taken to the guard house ; they took posses-
'"" "i i ho vaiuitoies, ana found a per
sonal cheek for commissions on Flipper's
,., ........ muini ny nipper lo mo
chief commissary, which was found
to Do untrue when the checks
wero obtained; the Han Antonio
bunk bad not been notified of the receipt of
the same; the checks found on tho servant
girl were given to Wilhelm for safe keep
ing, and afterwards given to Kdmonds us
cimiiuissary except me fourteen hundred
and fory dollar check Edmunds transmit
ted to I ho chief comiuissory.
Special to tlio Herald.
Tyi.hh. November 12,The contest oyer
tho university count is still the subject of
inucli discussion, and it is understood that
eminent counsel ore preparing to bring the
A negro lust
in-i in-imi; nil- infill in,
. negro lust night, living in the country
ween this point and Troupe, pt bellig.
crent and seriously stabbed a conductor on
mu jiiieriiaiiouai, in uie ItlMlouictl. The
sheriff of linsk county arrived this morning
witli tho necro in charm and Imb-ml !.;. !,.
ror uic tirst tunc in many davs tho mm
rut in an appearance this mnriiimr ni
again the city presents a business-like up-
lion. J. (1. Iiooill. state senator from An.
dcrson, is in the city.
The court of appeals disposed of the fol
lowine cases this morning.
W. II. Kennedy vs. the state, from Dclt-i;
J. 1. and C. W. Ilovd vs. tbn .tula rv
Uobertson; reversed and remanded.
P. II. I.ockhart. from Cas i-mmtv- ril
Tool yi. tho stato, from Van Zaudt: ' dis
missed. The followinir cases wero decided (.ulnv
by the supreme court:
Ida Baker ys M, W. Baker; reversed and
H. Marshall ys. J. T. Crawford; afllrined.
10. Holland vs Houston .t Tex lis Citlitrnl
railway company; aflirmed.
J. 1 fowler vs. J. N. Stinrner el. n rn.
versed and remanded.
Mrs. II. 1'. Oambrett vs. William Nliw.1...
Lizzie Campbell vs. Houston T..v,.
Central railway company; afflrmcd,
tpcclsl to the Herald.
Aus-..i, November 12. Unless the inter
est that has accrued on tho sale of the mil.
versiiT.ooiius ne regarded as constituting the
available university fund, to bo used for
iVi purposes and general support of
in,., mam ilium, mere win oo oniy about
$10,000 subject to use by tho board of regent s
after payment of tho present appropriation
out of that fund niado by the last lctri. In
to re for the support of tho Agricultural and
Mechanical collemi. and Triiirin View mr.
mal school. This appears in the rcent re.
view of tho university, and in tho report
niado by the comptroller,;
The capitol commissioners on the esti
mates of the architects, report the
cost of the material and la-
bor oa the proposed new capitol at
$1.4o2,.M0. Mr. Meyers, tho architect, places
the margin of the contractor at 2ll,60O,
making a prohablo cost of $1,717,012.
The (lonsalea tan' ntilnmil. a hi-andi nt
tho Sunset route, will file a charter on
Argument was concluded to-dav In tbn
case ot (leneral Steelo vs. the state for un
paid salary, and the casa wns tnV-nn ml..f
Pixels! to Uie Herald.
Houston November 12. Passenger Con
ductor Speen, of the International road, ,
IS. 1S31.--V0L. XXVIII.,"xo: SOft
was seriously tul bed by a passenger on the
tram coming south from l.imgvww to-day.
. ... .,. , , ,, asKtHi r nis tare,
drew a knife and sent it against the hip
imru ine Drone the blade.
Stewart drossed the wound and pronounced
it senoiiB. The passenger left the train at
The inquest held on tleorge Fulton, found
on tho railroad to-day, resulted in a verdict
of excessive drink. The deceased was from
New Orleans, where ho leaves a wife and
two children.
The name of the suicided Frenchman,
found lulim hist ni.ht t ,.;.. .,
boelle, ftxiiu Lyons, France.
Th boanl of trustees of tho public,
schools, continued investigating the Into
scandal all day. It adjourned to Monday.
v e have six druinntw i.,i;,r, i
two balls next week.
Special to the Horalil.
tiALvmos, November 12. Much com
plaint is hoard here of insufficient wharf
facilities to meet the increasing business of
this port. Vessels are compelled to await
the unloading of those occupying berths
at the wharf in order to complete the
U....U.....K vi iiiuir cargoes, while
railroad material is m n m. !,,,.
every wharf in the cttv, thus proving in ob
struction to the loading of vessels awaiting
cargoes. The wharf enmpanv is severely
criticised for their inactivity In supplying
wharf accommodations for tho vessel's in
ileal estate transfers for tho week are
ll 1l(t KO,
The t'harlotto Thompson Ir
of the most successful engagements of the
season to-night.
Albert C. Maes, of New Orleans, is at the
1 rcmoiit.
SpwiJal to tho Herald.
HiiYAx, November 12. Tho Colored llap
tist Stato Conyention convened at Bryan,
November !lfh. Forty churches were rep
resented. Tho meeting was ono of liar
tnony. Somo of the important business
was the purchase of property in Hcarne.
Texas, and the purchase of seventeen con
101 bonds in Bishop college at Marshall
Dlhccra were elected for the ensuing vear
as follows: AVm. Massey, of Waco,
president; A. Stewart, of Houston
and W. A. alien, of Navasota, yiee-pre-ldents,
and It. J. Kvans, of Navasota, record
ing secretary. The following members were
appointed to attend tho ecmi-aimual mcct
ingof tho American Baptist Home Mission
""j in neii inrK ill iUliy, 1SS;
resident W. M. Massey, Iiey. I. 8. CumpI
bel Kcv. A K. (Iriggs, Key. H. Stewart
nuu mil. j. ji. iiasnington.
Special to flic Herald.
McKavitt, November 12. Advices from
Junction City, lumbal county, says that
mo district court has adjourned until May,
In tho case of the state of Texas vs. W 8
Franks, a cattlo man of Kimball county,
charged with perjury, a verdict of guilty
..., ..-.-iiuurui iiyu years.
A motion for a now trial
or nn appeal will probably be
iiisenin inecaseoi lie slate of Texas vs
T.!'.?,m"s,M(:(,'"rty charged with killing
illiam alkms, a soldier of thu 10ih rov.
S.',' .J" January last it was continued
T his is the case which occasioned great ex.
ciicinent and caused n riot ut Fort
i oneiiant the tune of its occurence. It will
'W .11111 ill
Kimball county on a change of
Ppoclal to the Herald.
Jacksoxvii.i.k, November 12. Work on
the Kansas & (iulf Short Line railroad, be.
twecn this place and Uusk, is being pushed
forward with vim and will be completed by
Messrs. S. Sijiall and John II. Hutchia
son have arrived in our city and will mtnh.
lisb a newspaper here. There is not at pres.
Jacksonville is the nrinciiml slilnnl.,,.
point for a large scope of country, and cot
ton is being brought in and sold and
3iiiqt-u iiuuu lively.
It has been raining off and on for two
nays, ine weatner is cool and pleasant.
misi iivss in an uranciies is at lilgti tide.
Special to the Herald.
Hkmiiktta, Nov.mbcr 12. There is some
complaint that worms are destroying the
young wheat, but it is generally looking
wen, miffo being sown this season than ever
before in this county.
uvuntv court a Mourned veslnrdW A
well-known citizen was convicted o'f aic
tirnt.t-i.iT ittn n lt,. n.t.l .l...... n..l
jail, with a fine of 1. lie annealed.
F. M. Kilpatrick, a mall contractor be
tween tins place aad bevmour, charged
with adultery, was acquitted.
There is a slrnnir belief ilml (l.n V.,rt
Worth and Denver railroad will come to
iieiirieiia, ami too citizens aru working
vigorously to that end.
Special to the HernM.
Waco, November 12. Austin (leorge, a
negro, was arrested and lodged in jail to-doy
churned with attempting to poison Kllen
(leorge, liia wife. George's wife lelt liuii
about two years ago, for bad treatment.
For the past six mouths she had been em
ployed by Mr. W. I). Jackson, as kitchen
servant, (ieorge was seen in Mr. Jackson's
yard about ten o'clock last night, and this
morning a largo amount of strychnine was
found in a collee-pot in the kitchen. Hut
for the euro of the servant, whosn ii,nt.
cions have been aroused fer some time, the
whole family would have beea poisoned.
The Coming Tar I IT Convention.
CittcAun, November 12. Arrangements
for the N ntionni Tariff Conventlon.tobo held
in Chicago on November 1.1, have been per
fected. The attendance will be largo, strong
delegations having been reported from
North and South Carolina, Alaoama, Louis
iana, .Mississippi, Kentucky and Missouri,
and all of the northern states will be repre
sented. The headquarter!, of the executive
committee will be at the (Irand TacHlc
hotel, where the delegates will report.
In Dl.trem.
London, November 12. Tho bark Flora,
from l'ensacola, lias arrived at Dover leak
ing, with portions of her bulwarks washed
away during the heavy weather on the At
lantic. She roports having passed on Octo
ber ISith, the bark II, A. Parr, from Liver
pool for New York, dismasted, but the
water was too rougUto render assistance.
Shocking DlMMter.
Trot, Novomber'12. This evening a fer
ry boat containing nineteen persons was
swampodby the swells of three propellers,
while crossing the river from this city to
Port Schugler. Seven art known to be
drowned and three others are missing.
The Virginia Funded Itonds In Couse.
quenee of (he Late Electloiis,
Have Fallen in Value.
The Committee of the National Pluu
ter'8 Association Hold a Meet,
lug In Vlcksburg.
The Celebrated Profoninr ViIm
Elected Hector of the Aberdeen
Patti Cousents to Give a Concert Wed.
nesday for tho Michigan Sufferers. .
The Commissary and luspector-tJeneral
Makes Ills Annual Report,
Heavy Snow-Storm Occurs lu
Mexico and Colorado,
Other Domestic ami Foreign News.
('miiils.ary General's Report.
Washington, 1). t'., November 12. Tac
annual report of tho commissary general of
subsistence and Inspector general of the
army has been submitted to the Secretary
of war. The commissary uenenil ti,.
resources and expenditures of subsistence
lor tho department for the past year and
tho balance remaining unexpended on June
80, ltWl, are set forth by the commissary
general and various statistics connected
with tho monetary transactions of the de
partment aro al(o given by him. Attention
is directed to the clause in tho appropria
tion laws requiring the ten per centum to
be charged the olllcers and enlisted men, in
excess ot the original cost-price, to
cover all subsistence stores sold them, and
u.,ll..i:.... t.. i i , ... .
j,ien.i u'u la ICCWJIIIIICIlllLMI liy WlllCU SlllCS
will hereafter bo made to olllcers and eri'
listed men at cost prices. The issues of
subsistence by the department to Indians
during the past year ure tabulated in the
report, and legislation is suggested which
will not leave the subsistence bureau of the
war department subject to contribution for
the maintenance or the Indians, when even
the appropriations for the Indian bureau
become for any reason exhausted. The
out-come of the discussion of the sutllcieney
of rations by the olllcers, who have given
groat attention to the subject, seems to in
dicate a sufficiency at present of rations
On the wholo a reorganization and increase
of tho force of the civil employes in the
office of the commissary general is recom-
inenueu, aim mo services ol tho enlisted
men in a clerical capacity are recommended
to be dispensed with.
lie reports tins discipline of the troons
good and constantly improving. The
t loops arc well arnied.clothed and e mil, ,,,.!
(rent improvements have hi 'en miidn cl ii-
ring the past year In building and reno
vating barracks in tho west and south. Tim
amount oi worn done by the troops, not
nulling iii iiiuuru, siien as nuiiding, driving
teams, Ac., is considerable, and causes
niiicn iiissaiisuictinn and many desertions
and he recommends thoe mplnymenl of prl
vine citizens ior mis purpose, lieeent events
lie says, demonstrates forcibly the import
ance of having a strong foice at or near all
Indian agencies. The wild Indians, tho
inspector-general concludes, have great re-
speci, ior lorco. it is suggested that tho
troops in the Indian country bo col-
lecieil in larger garrisons. The orders
now in force preventing Die sale of liqaor
on reservations where military posts aro In
catcd, has not worked satisfactorily, as
many grog shops aro now located just out-
sine uie reservations and tfie soldiers go
therc.nnd d.ink to much greater excess than
if they purchased of the post trader. Ho
rccoiniiieiiusa mooincaiion ol thu existing
law so that soldiers may be employed as
sri vamn ny uic oiucers, iiieoillcer to pay
the soldier for such service, and the sol
dier's army pay to revert to the govern
ment. IniKirtaut,to Bondholders.
Washington, November 12. It has been
customary fur the United Slates treasurer,
upon the receipt of bonds properly asslirn.
cd, to run m exchange for oilier bonds on
file with him ns security for national bank
circulation, to surrender the bonds on file,
paying the transfer of tho new bonds oil
tho books of the department, dur
ing which transfer the bonds nro
net In bis possession. Being recently
advised that If such bonds uro lost or mis
laid in the department he is 'personally re
sponsible, the treasurer lias issued a cir
cular stating that no bonds deposited as
security for circulation are public deposits
or shall hereafter lie surrendered or 'allow
ed to pass from the custody of the ofllce ex
cept upon the surrender o'f the. circulating
otes, oradepositof lawful money, or a
d eposit of other bonds in the name ' of the
treasurer of the United States Intrust or
hi the caso of a depositor the bank upon
the order of the secretary of the treasury.
New York Stock Market.
Nrw YonK, November 12,The stock
market opened Irregular and unsettled.
and soon become weak, prices falling off!
to 1J per cent., the latter for Texas & Pa
cific, wwich receded to fid, J decline.
but , tlm remainder of tho list
was, however, merely a fractional
decline St. Paul, Minnesota A Manitoba
was, however, an exception and rose one
per cent. At the first board the entire mar-
set uecame firmer and a recovery of J to I
per cent ensued. Metropolitan Klevnted
openeu at nsi, a decline ol 1 per tout, from
last nluht.
Chicago Norther stern, 1.2S5-8; dlto pro
ferred, M3 1-8; Illinois Central; l.!U ;M;
Lake Shore A Wisconsin. 12 3-4: New York
i cnirui. I.JW l-z; Jtock Island, 1.3(1 1.2; Wa
bash A St. Louis Pacific, 40: dito preferred,
! 1-2; Wostern Union Telegraph, 87 3-8;
sub treasury balance, coiu 180,454,18(1; cur
rency, 14,0)8,828.
Meeting of the National Cotton PUiler As
aoolatlon CoinmUtoe,
VicKsiiiBii, Mis., November 12. A spe
cial meeting of tho executive committee of
tho National Cotton Planters Association,
was held here to-day, at which all the
grangers and farmers .clubs through the
cotton states were specially invited and
urged to send delegates to great convention
of planters a4, manufacturers at Atlanta
..n Th.ul.u L ..).,. 11.1. TI.. . t
Ull uiri.'. . VIU, 1U. ilS.HH.'W
i j
1 rT.Rt tsiiKn ism
1 l'UU t HVK CENT.
tion has received assuraiuvii t)...i I---., h. i..
i'l!l,U.,,',,?0I'.7V.,''',-al'J ""r I'anulactureH
tliroin:liout the I ii .in n !. .. i
in all'r .nJiV l-ul,rli"- The reduction
in all railroad fares to one cent i,r .,ii . in
sures an miim-iise attendance. It is be
hoved this will be the most important indus
trial convention ever held in the south add
Tlielrl.li Kent UtiMtlon.
Pi-suit "November 12. Anions the .nrmli.
catiois for fixing of Judicial rent recorded,
re one nnnureit and thirty on the cstato
of Sir tleorge Calhursl, of Cork, and others
on the estates of endowed school commis
sioners and of the Marquis of Kly; in Fun
mough county, and one hundred and sev
enty on tho estate of MacNamara Minaras,
" "V ii. !r i n "ave long refused to pay
.7.1 i,l laml eommissioncr has resolved,
mat in all caseH wbern i.,,ti,.. i. ...... i.......
si-ned .beiore to-day. it will note the
application it it sit until mldiiinbt. This
greatly increases the tenant's facilities.
French Mlul.try Kurtliuakes.
London, November 12. The Times mv
it is undersft.od that M. Chalniel Lacoiir,
French ambassador at London, will not
make a part of the.Frcnch ministrv. Oen.
eral Conpenoii will become the bead of tho
..r i.ioce, ami .n. ier reycient will resume
the post pt minister of foreign affairs. It is
unsettled Whether nr nut ll r,. ..in -..
main minister of instruction.
A dispa'ch from Vienna savs there bavo
be-n curious earthquakes at Chios, and the
village is sinking into the earth. The In
habitants have lied.
Houvj Knuw Storm In Colorado ami New
St. Loims, November 12. Advices from
Kansas City say that Santa Fo trains have.
b.-en delayed by a snow storm for nearly
thirty-six hours, in western Kansas, Colo
radoand New Mexico. Fast of Pueblo
there are from six to eight inches of snow,
while from La Junta west there are from
hteeu to twenty inches. Tlm coin urn
full of snow and a strong w ind is drilling it
badly. This is tho heaviest snow storm in
New Mexico and Colorado that the Santa
Fe ever encountered.
A l'ort Abandoned.
Cliiton, Statkn Island, November 12.
Fort Wadsworth was abandoned to-day at
noon by (icneral (iibbons' eoinityiml, in
cluding the company of Captain Baron and
Company K, Major Mlsack. The soldiers
embarked from the fort dock on a larpe
buege, which was towed to New York city,
where they took the steamer Louisiana lor
i ne sntiiu. i iipitiin liarron and his men go
to Mt. Vernon barracks, Alabama, and
Major Misin k and his company to a tort
near Baltimore.
A Store Ke q.er Murdered.
Atlanta, Oa., Novunber 12. Aleck Mo
Klwin and wife, colored, cuine at night to
the store of K. Fuirclotii, noar Albany,
tieorgiii, and on Faircloih's refusing the
woman credit for goods, they both begun
abusing and Insulting him. This brought
o an altercation, in which Fairclotlt was
cut with a knife, lie ran into tho store
and seized an axo helve which tho negro
icrked out of his hands and with it struck
him over the head, killing him. The mnr
dererisat large.
A Vessel Foundered.
Ciiicaho, November 12. A dispatch lo
the Evening Journal says the new steamer
Brunswick, owned by Captain Bewick, of
Detroit, which was built nt Wyaiidotto and
valued nt $1,10,(100, foundered last night nn
I.iiko F.rie, oil' Dunkirk, New York. Tho
engineer and two cooks were lost. The -Brunswick
was rated Al with a star, and
was insured for $7fi,0U0. She was com
manded by Captain Chamberlain. '
- ..
lllcliigan Keller Fund.
Ni:w YoitK, November 12. The subscrip
tions received toward the Michigan relief
funds sweirthe amount to 128,711.(;. Ad
elina Patti. has consented to give a concert
on Wednesday next, the proceeds to go to
ward the fund. The concert will be under
the auspices of tho mayor's committeo on
Michigan relief, and invitations have been
sent to the president, cabinet, governors of
the states, and all prominent men in the
Weekly Associated Dank Statement,
Nkw YoiiK, November 12. The weekly
statement or the associated banks show the
following changes : Loans, decrease. 421!7..
000; specie decrease, $12S.00; leiml fenders,
decrease, I.HX.onti; deposits, dcreapo, fl-'
4(t,0UU; circulation, increase, S.U7.0IKV re
serve, decrease, $i:;2,KK. Tho 'banks now
hold $2,11,2,5,0 in excess; of legal requite,
lents. 1
To Illse mid Explain.
Maduid, November 12. The Spanish gov-
eminent In awaiting explanations from tho
ambassador at London. When thcr are re
ceived it will send a note to tho British coy
eminent in regard to the North Borneo af
fair, recording its protest against any Inter-
u '"""" ouwiHiii rigius ceiled lo
Spain by the sultan of Sooloo. i
A Mississippi Cyclone.
Jackson, Mng., November 12. A cv-
clone struck tho premises ot MattK. Asli,
near Madison station, twelve miles nnrih of
hero. Vesterdav arternnon rnm,.Ui..l,, ,i
inolisliing and carrying away all the build
ings, and seriously injuring Mrs. Asii, two
of her children and four other persons.
Killed by a Canine.
Wilminiiton, Dm., November 12. A
twe -year old son of John Fox was killed
to-day by a bulldog belonging to John .
linran. Ihc doir broke its elm n. rnm-l.t.
tho boy by the throat and horribly mangled
him, causing almost instant death.
Cotton Mills Hurried.
B.u.Tinoiir;, Mn., November 12. The cot-
Ion mills at Friinkllnvlllo, Hereford county.
Maryland, wero burned Thursday. Tho
building was insured for $20,tKiO and tho
stock for $76,000.
I'rof, Ilaln, Krotorof Aberdeen University.
London, November 12. Alexander Bain,
LL. P., has been elected lord rector or
Aberdeen university. Sir James Paget, F. '
It. H. D. C. L., was the unsuccessful candi
date. Virginia Honda railing.
London, November 12. Advices say the
Vlrulnia funded bonds hum fnllna .1. -
because of the- success of the rcadiuster
t,llltv nt ll.n ,n.,,l .,1 I . .. -
I'H.tj .v ...v 1..A.V11, V1VVI1VIJO.
' Obituary.
Naw Oiu.kans, November 12. Captain
Joseph A. Aiken, a prominent steamboat
man and wharf lessee of the oitv. dii ti.;.
Continued on Fourth Pg a .
' 1 i
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