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siill.V iVUHHii lU !
khot summer weather has given way. The chilly weather
now prevailing,"'" ur uuun ut nervier ciouiing.
Ladies, .we'll tell you what to do, go to
And examine their REALLY ELEGANT LINE of
The Now York Labor l-omonstra. -Jon
Kail in Line with Twenty TIioii
suud .Men In Hie LIiip
of Miti'cli.
Hank ( loV s Its Doom with Very
ljii'S'' Liabilities and Cxcccd-hit:!)-
Small Assets.
I tRll'S K1VK tKNli.
Proprietors l.oai tae City
a Vuciinm hi the I'm kots of
Mil hi Ucsidctits.
erssilt's T tiru to Sjii'iik It the
SIut-KdiiIc Case.
lie Draws u l.ar;re Crowd and Coiim mcs
Most of the lii.v.
Other Foreign ami Domestic .News.
Silk and Satin
intellettcs in
.: 59.00.
itin Mervell
-j Mantellettcs
fiiCi- ruin lasuiuiiauiy umi
Handsomer styles, most e
Dolmans and 'style, at $30.00, $35.00, $37.50
liidn weights $40.00 and upwards to $65.00.
Cashmere, Drap E'tet.'Drap
nix, Dohnansi E'Alma and Ottoman Cord
at $t2 and; Wraps, made up in all the
j various new styles of this sea-
ison, including some; ot the most
ielesrant goods we have ever
"si at 16.50, $i8.co, 20.00 shown in this line at prices
3:2.50. j ranging as follows:
Elegant Moire and Brocaded $6.50, $7.50, $8.50,
SI Wraps, perfect gems of$ 10.00,
-cms, hoth in material and! 22.50.
$11.00, 12.50
Ladies Ulsters in light weight j Ladies Coats, Walking Jack
;ab, made up in most elegant els and poo jackcts ;m e!e.
d approved styles, at $5.00,
j.00, 7.50, 8.50, 10.00, 11.00 gant variety of styles and pat
d 12.50. 'terns, from 82.5010 16.50.
MISSES' and CHILD MEN'S WRAPS in great variety
iat'opened and will be on si'e
Monday Morning.
lugci-Hnll's Speech.
VA"lllNiTiiX, September .V i.rial.
crowd 1 1 1 ron is! lilt' criminal court room
today because of tilt1 anno'itici mcnt that
K. (I. liigersoll's ti:r (n speak lor the de
fense liuil arrived. lt;ri'ill ln'.ran l y ask
ing Hie jury to 1111 lent tint tiiat lie was
11s much opposed to (illle.ial cortuptior is
any r.um in the wor tl, anil lie li.nl noi one
word to say in delcnsc ot any In. ill who tie
believed lia 1 rotund the in usury. He
waiUcd t Ik jury to utuU r1 an. I Unit lie wa
not ileUmliinr, i.or eiereibint; nr ci.deav
oring io palliate the siigiili-M dishonesty in
any punlie ollieul. lie had been t"ld Ida!,
tlie pen, ,lc of Hie Iniud S'uteswcio a do
liidrali.'.' il people, that the tide
nl i!i li. ncsiv was rising, rca.lv
$!). OO, i to a .Veep triini 01m slime of the country to
. -. incomer, it nan ncen uppeaie.i t" to nun
up ID I innocent i;u'ii guilty, i:i order llut tin tide
might be saeccsstully resisted; it lniil been
tolii dial 11 was necessary lo make an ex
ample nl M'liiitlioilt', in onli r Ihal tin; cm;
try illicit take the mail lo h im sty
countrv liail been in war; tint
hshtuent of Urge and permanent home
markets lor their products. In the event of
any niodilieation of the tariff on sugar, they
suggest that the grades II, IS and lg should
not us now be sealed so high above fie ru
nning grades as to exclude them, but that
they should be so giu'lod as to allow their
importation. They also reeomniead the
use of the iolariM.oi as a let of the
K.ni.rs in aiiear. in 1,1, lv to nues
tiona uy Mr. kemmr, Mr. kwvvr
iai umi tue vit-wa on this pu
ni. iiKwe 01 the entire
Itroevry trade ot fiminiiati and that the as
siieiation hud no eonneetum whulevr with
me Micar nliiury interist. llr. l.uwa
, , "i reply 10 tt (iiimii m hv Oliver.
tnni more was no general feelinK in the
v .. .......hi, ih mvor many radical cuaiiim
m ine tariii; heller to remain as it isthuu
uiuaii' 11 iiinieri.tiiv lulerlered with in that
'". Jlr- 1'aly. re!iresm:inKtlie teani-
....u. iiurrvs. oetweeu I'uietuiiall and New
t irleans, made an urnunient av-ainsl utiv re-
iiui.iou 01 duties on suar, molase
...... nVr iiial wjuiiI opeiatn :i.iint
iiie riroiiue:inn of thoae eluples
... in- soiiiu unit eotiM'oueiillv
.ii;aiiitl ilio HitensiM l the river transpurta-
...... voiinniiues 1 S company owned ten
or eleven tmlnlial nlfiiiueri wit li it capacity
... ....... ,.:,cii. 1 nev made
ei(-nt or nine tries eieh seaMin, tukiiiK up
siiaiir, molast and rice, and tn return
I takinir down the inanulactures oflho norlh-
jweM.iri.no would lie revived hv 11 free
. nine in suu .r. ile asked that there slniul
u ,mi. k 1 a :t in tluIexisUiin tarill. The e
! '''" no in Uer persons pnsett who d..trid
: to uieut liny vie, the commission ad
' Jourmcl to meet to-morrow in Louisville
Hon. (ieotve It. Keeve. Ilrh.w uu
Last at Ills Country HomeHe N
Mniinied by Large t'lrele
of Wurtu Frleuds.
V Yoiius LuOy of St. Louis I'aU N-ithliit
l ll Tor the Space ot
Shifty Hays.
.1 loinis Man M His Shirt Hosnm
Well Venlilated ly an "I'll
loailt'd" (inn.
A lSaiii Storm Makes It Live!) at
cits lVrfurmiiiice.
a Cir.
A Yoiniff Jinn Arrested at Salatlo for
Other luterostltis Statw Xotvs.
Hand and Machine Made ZElMIYlt GOODS, including
ill styles and qualities of Shawls, Fascinators, Hoods, Jackets,
ic&c, for Ladies, Misses and Children.
Washington Nona
Washington, tieplemlier ...-Tlie treas
ury to-day announced thai the bonds called
tinder the ll,.li call, which mature, on the
l.ilh, will bJrpuld mi pi'c'unlatlon without
rebate. AetiiiK Secretary of the Treasury
l'li'tich has ilceide.t not to ait upon the
unction whether u ecrUlicalo is rcipiiied
of Cliimse trnvflinjT from cue point to
mother in this country on a throiiKh ticket
and who may stop in tViinluon the unite
biK-lc, and to leave all siieh uuesliimsto the
oncrelion ot eus'i.niotliceTsi.iait cc,.rdine
.1 law. car Ailmi.-al licndi; eouiinaudin
the I acilic sulioii; re iris to the navy (le
thal war had demoralized any person w ho ; i,.., ., ' , '", ' i lb,
ever I'oi.Klit for ri(:ln,or what he believed J l, , c' lr""' l.imu announce
to bo rliSil. He did nuldemorali.e l.in.sell, i l, " K'l ,,1''m,"'"1 "
ho ennobled himself, and the war through tdT e, , ,'.T f"S 'v'" a,:,",,l"--
which the country had parsed had been a j ' . ' at
demora iuliou. I.,,.,,, ,,, , ' . , '., ' nave
'nthusiasm.dur. ' Z ' .T' ' :"i ! ut, 'S'"'1 'laB
inK which people had lieen uthousai.dli.iies ,,r; , T 'i' n " ' 1 ; " 'f, '!'
u.-iii tin 1 r. ....... 1 .... "e ..., ... j
retnriualioii, and not
ar wus a oeriod ol moral 1
Krniuler anil inoro r.oine tiian tney Had ever 1
Ihcii belore. ilie ellectot ihe war Unit teen
Also hist ouened Ladies' Woolen Shawls and Ladies
ss s Skirts, l'lannels and Blankets 1 hese
hi 1)0 treated as iMoiiteneros. Most of tint
Kod, and only Kood. When we shook the VK iMeinAmriln t . '"
slmckles oil-of lour million people it did not 1 ft.,d c'llloV centered in U,a
dcinoral ze tts; wliei. we cliaiiL'od the hut ; 'n, ,.v,'. i . ; . i
of the slave into the casile ol the freid.uun C(.iv",i S' 'i; rL"u'"t llus ".V1 "f y'1,"
it did not demoralize us. The jury bad ! . ,, ',",;, J ,,H,n"' " Us adverllso
hee.l told that the filled Siulea Was d;s- 1 ' ' " '! "s U'J eiinsltueliot, ol new
tiiiKuished uuioiik the nations of the e rd . ' . ,s . ' vy. It
onlvfor corruption. He eared not wh.M uk L",,1' m ' vnne!i'w
said that lirst; il made no dnlereiico to him ; , ?id, J'"1, cM'! U'r lu,1,c l,lu,,a
, nuis mi. in auiiHi -jiin.
ini nisi ikivici's to the national board ol
ire rapitlly tilling
cro!i r v.r,'ithT.
ii p to meet the requirements of the now
that it was quoted from a republican
sonalir, lie denied il. llns country was
not (listiti)uiislu'd lor c irruption ; uud no
patriol believed it ; he had beard thai non
sense and intcllcctu.il rot all his life ; it was
the capital slock ol (very pins, cuiiinr law
yer ; but ill it theiu .as imt a word nl
truth; be b .d always Mippcsed that the
I people in .'lllienea wen nisi ll:UKslll il lor
departments iroe speech and lor ju.-.l. la vs, and led
1 1 n . o iiiou , no. I ill ill toe inline 01 nil?
universal corruption the jurv was appealed
In also to become Corrupt, Never would he
(Willi a .-harp emphasis on "never" inula
significant look toward the jury i put a stain
on (be Inrchcud of the country in or.!cr
tliat he inibt i oiisi;ii sonic honest mnl to
tin pcniteiitiui y. rto far us Insellelils '. re
concerned, evervthin thev had was at
upon ns the
lical'h ren irl I. Ill i.i w ens... ..i ..I.,. I.,-.. ..,.1
I 'de.ilbsai Yokohaiiiu. for the two weeks
i st lltlh. Hincelbe couiineiiei.-
WHOLESATjH dealers in
Dry Hoods, lotions,
end! li A u
.... ... ..i u.e eiiiiieiinc mi r.; nave neen
eases and :M2 ddill's. A : l'..k:o
I'sak.i ibe iliseaw. is !!. .1
A Worliiiutii'A rarndr.
Nkw Yoi::;, Sepleinl er X- In t.
laliordeinonBirail n to day furly tif'een or
ran:, itions were re,,rcsi nted and there
were ut least 2n,iHi i mcir in ;!,e Ui.c. The
prods ion was composed of three divisions,
I I Me ilne ol , t ,iv. is in, !lr..,.,k.-..,- I..
it Was i jewed hv
l'r. .ililiutin.
(.iinr.r.iikLi.pu o lu.a
each, and bricklayers ,,' "' There
were many red llapi in the line, and niiinv
ol the bauds played the "Murseillej," The
mottoes carried were: ''l'uy no rent," "M
men aro horn alike an 1 einml, "labor built
this republic and labor shall rule it m
man can make laud, and heneo no individ
ual s'lould own it," eto. At the conclusion
of the parade, the orranizations nroceeded
to VUslley h Klin purk, wliere a monsler
)ii nio was held. Speeches were delivered
by John Swinlon, Robert HUssard and olli
ers, and the Socialistic i;ien dnh Mm o
1'iiiauelally, the Rreiit demonstration will
Kg)' lit.
Trunks, Valises, Etc.,
and 808 Elm Street,
I i. toil ririi.ie, h lie,,.
or. .ioiio .A'li.lo;e Ke i.
and everything lliev luul depended ' leuus lost uml others, thence In Kill Ii
diet ot tlie jury; let Iiie I avenue, uml thence to ', Mrv,.
only mercy they ii-kid ol Ihe jury w s the ! where it wan dismifscd. Tin'
inei.j i.i ioi iii'iii.-t ......-1 nvi in .uiif; iip ;j. "... in ...i.ieo (Mil ;si l siroio
law ; Hint was iiiitnal inev e.viiceicd. An piano-maKcra and
honest verdict wasa verdiit in acconlunce
with the evidence. Whoever found a vei
diet to please a power, whoever violated bis
own conscience, that lie might
be in accord, or supposed acconlunce, with
an administration or government, was
bribed; whoever loutid a verdict that be
might increase bis reputation, was bribed;
whoever found a verdict lor fear he would
lose his reputation, was bribed; whoever
bent to the public, demands, or bowed be
fore, the public press, was bribed;
fear, prejudice, malice and love
of uiinrobatioii bribed thousands of ino i
where gold bribed one; an honest verdict ! bo u success.
was the result, lint ol tear, but of courage;
not prejudice, but of candor; and above nil,
it was the result of love of justice. The
niinds of the jurors should not bo allecled
by Iroth, by fiction, by the fury of this
prostcuion turning to mi ( aiuiiialitiii of
.11 lictuient. lie argued that overt nets
charged must bu .proved ea:lly as
alleged, no mutter whether a description
was unnecessary or not. In support of his
position he 'pioted from numerous
authorities until the court suggested that it
was a legal position which would not be
cunt rovcrled, and fuggcued that it was
iinnecissaiy I ir lngersi l1 ; lo cite furtlu r
autlinrilies" I ngei soli then proceeded to
a, minute analysis of the cliargea in the
indictment, taking up and examining the
evidence on tlie various romei ami oiei
hv one dismissing tbeni When he had
Con 'in led ca 'i , win su. n en illations a ,
I . ...a disposes of that route," "another
child washed,'1 "there was not a solitary
slnii; h- left on the roof of that route,'"'
I liigcrHoll, addressing the court, said ho
I supposed he could with propriety draw an
I Inference as to thu policy of the postullice
j department from the papers prctciiud in
I the eae. The court replied that
I lie had refused lo receive cvidein e
on that subject when olltrcd hv
Sins lid to the Herald
Ai'stin, September '). The governor wns
notified lo-day o' the death of lion. George
Kei ves, spp;ik t of Ihe house ul representa
tives. The receipts of the olllce of iccretury of
slate for August was $I,,'V'..
The tieoigetowit Co-operatlvo Associa
lion of Ihe Catron of Husbandry (Veil a
Chanel to-day.
The secretary of the hoard (d' e location
gives notice ihal Mtudcnts who have at
tended one session of the llimstui normal
school at the stale's expense cannot be rep
resented at the scholarship, and if such re
port at the institute lor this term they wiil
noi be received.
The evidence against Moore, the state
printer, charged with being a partner ot
one ol the bidder lor the state printing,
was iuMillUicnt, and the charge wns dis
missed. It was ascertained, however, thai
certain political doeumeiils and lirculars
have been printed at the state deal and
dumb printing oflico without pay. except
for paper.
A young man was seriously wounded
north ol Ibo city yesterday.' A friend of
Ins playfully aimed bo unloaded shot-gun
at him, and it went nil', as usual, tilling his
breast and body with bird shot.
The weathcr is warm and showery.
No cotton worms in this county.
Ulieolal lo Ilia Herald
Siikum x, September 0. lion, (leorie H.
ltceves, late spcaki,- and candidate for
lloater front (inivsoti and Cooke c.nint'cf,
died at l'J a. ni. of hy.liophobia, at Ids
home, three mile" west of Cottsboro, In Ihe
northern porlioii of this county. He silf
lered with paroxysms from Monday tnotii
ing until the moment of his death, 'with ap
parently lucid interval", during which be
would c ill for water and then reject it. s ty
ing th t il was poison. Il is about
weeks since he was bitlen and went t i llr
Kinney lo have mad Hones applied, Mr.
Ceeves, I Miev. wis in his ."!. It ve.tr and
bad represented this county e:glit term
in the l.'i;i'atuve, twice hefotv 'be v.a Ile
w also avs-.;'i;r and eolltetor two terms
and sheiill't'Ao terms. Ile will bo buried
Irom his t.uiu home at .1 p, m. to morrow
by the (,'c.rgeto.vii masonic lodge, of whirli
he was late masl.'i'. lie was one of the
charter members of the Truvis masonie
lodge, No. 117, of this city. A he go mason-
delegation will g.i from In re to a'l.-id
the rapid growth of our town, and of the
eoutidence ol our business men in its futur
prosiieruy. the Morning 8tar, logottier
wun ourcotton and oil lactoriea. and the
nortlieastvru extension of the Houston
Thxas Ovntrul, which was completed lo
Una place some time since, have Riveu to
Terrell quite an enviable name abroad, and
more particularly anion)? towns of Itlso
sue in eastern ami northern Texas, klany
are the highly llalierinir couimenta on
lerrell s present and future that appear in
the patjersofneighboriiiK towns. Terrell
,is al,o i th u building boom,
r our largo brick stores are nwivini the
luiislung touches, others are in course of
vrciuou and the contruets have been let
lor several others. A marriage aid associa
tion has been organuuil hv some of the en
terprising tueiiuesi men of fhe town, and
wnl umiii be in active oerution. Il appear
ances in this case are not deceitful, TVrrell
has a ftuiiro before her second to that of
other town of its iu j ihe state of
I ex as.
On Friday evening last a festival was
given lor the beiielit ui ihe Kpiseopal Sun
day school. Notwithstanding the uiipro
pitious evening the enterprise wasa finan
cial and social success.
"pedal lo the Herald.
V i.i, September 5. Th-). sales of lots at
Mctireg.ir, the junction of the S una Ke and
lexas.t u. Louis Narrow tillage, which
Hikes place Ihursday, will be well attended
by the hii-mtss men and capttiilists of this
eiiy. 1 1 is believed that it will be a print
ol considerable trade.
l'uring the aitcrnoon perlorinanen of
t-egrist, llov.e.V l o.'s lireus here lo-dnv a
jerrilie rain storui chuih up very suddenly.
Id. living do.vn the sme sboiv teat and iiile'r
ruptms the main exhibition. The audience
were imprisoned in a leakv tent for marly
an hour, and many iiiiiiiBiiig incidenti aro
relaied fhe circus is iigaui in lull blast
Croinimnt cil'zena have solicilcd sub
stnptions to-dav for the proposed new
opera-house, tin I it is believed that they
will he successful in raising all the money
"fecial t) the Ileiulil.
l.iM.vsTi;e, September 6. Hon. Olin
U'ellborn spoke in Lancaster tc-,lny to a
very large and attentive audience. The
verv body and inti lligeucu of the country
were present, and the ma er in which he
vimlieate i hiitiM II umi sidled in on politi
cal Iocs was simply admirable. It is a
Pleasure to listen to a practical slatesmuu.
It is a treat lo have the ear regaled by an
orator ol rare anility, who can instruct,
entertain and delight an appreciative audi
ence, such as the goodly borough of demo
cratic old Lam ssier, ulways sends erecting
to a trusted public, servant.
sp. ila' to il.e lb rid
IlK.vioN, H pleiuber fi. This oitv bin
been the aectio or an cxpided
contest today. (,ver Ih.i public
school iiieiii ,u. I he friends of the propo
sition an I it opponents have worked hard,
but I hi- r. suit has proved that Denton is
ero.tiessivj mid w ill educale her children.
'I lie vov 'Hand i,i lollmvs: for the propo
sition, llfiuMinst the (imposition, .'in, Tim
"tc ' e oi- dciid an exceedingly light one.
Special 1 1 the Ileal.'.
S.ii.iiio, September ."..A young man,
e.v.i.j li s name as .1. V. Hill, was at rested
" suspicion "f lloiSi-sle llillg. J lo hj(
'us siis-,. ni 'wo horses, and since his
i s i, i i.n i.i le l;'i d lint Im bad stolen
in 'ear An. t.ti. lie i.tu the Helton iail
the obseiuies.
eneiiiv your
failed to lenril
Ifl'olonel Itecves ha 1
riirreRpondent has ulwav
thereof, and his most la-
laixnoN, Si'hMiri'cr The Daily News
linsthir'f.'.llow'ing (VispaTil'i h'luu le.aii'.
ill ia : A body of ii"l.inariiies'7i7adefi'rVaid
upon the villages between Alexandria and
M'2lt!'""'l'lrri'''1''1' "11 peril ins who were
nimble to give a good account ol tTicnT
selves. The aullnrities are taking strin
gent measures to prevent the indi'scrinii
iiato landing of peu nuts without means or
eiupiovmcui. inie niin.ired and liliy pem
ants who (added y. slerdny have been sent
to the arsenal, pending n decision n, to
w hether or rot they shall be compelled to
return on the vessels from which lliev dis
embarked, four lic.lnulns, whoni Ihey
cuicht loaling in liamlih, hiivo been seii
tenced 10 death.
White and llliiek.
t'oi.i-MHi.l, S. C, Seplfinber.'i. The state
cmvetition of the greenback labor reform
party met in the hall of the home of repre
sentatives at l'J o'clock to-dny, about Ur,
delegates belngjiresent, many of whom
were colored. As tar as can be
. i i it... i.i.. . .
' ' assistant postmaster general could establish
' any policy for the goiernnient or for anv
r , . i . ! branch ot the government. It was not to
Uur rtrst Moor we are o enntr a complete line o Ibefoimdimiawandibeeourtwasiinwiiiinir
ns, Lindseys, Flannels, Repellents, Blankets, lileachcd and j '''"uTW
"0Wn Cnntnn Vl mnnlo lxli."irliiil nml Hrnwn Domestics. ! He had no right to prove his policy. In.
Pnf lit i iiiiiiivu, ..v...s...,s. , geisoll c insuiiii d the remainder ol the day
"won l'laids, Cheviots, Hickory Stripes, Prints, etc. I in speaking as to the legal points in th,.
f t . , - , ... ,: ' case, and did not once come in conlliet
vii uur oecond floor we are oiienng as compiuiu a ime with the judge or the opiKising counsel, in
'Jotinno Un-lnn, r.,'! IfiieniJiinir flnnilcs C.KScJninri closing lie stated lie Would;, oncludo Ilia r
louons, Hosiery, Uents ruinisning uoous, assimere lni,rki.0.morrnWrri.iioon. The utmrncy-
S. isiiorinllv ciiitml to nnr Wi'uti'rn traded our Custom- general will follow him.
. I' uiiivv.x.1 w v ne, - - i f -i i i i
'We OveniHe frr -us i-(t nftWf'fl in this market. i Tbe TarllTCoiiiiulaslen.
On Our Third Floor we arc offerintr the most complete1, "'t
(inB -e t , , . , : ' , i ti ' 11) troin iuo uroiera iissu :n t uu mi viuciunail,
oi Mens, Boys and Children s Hats, comprising J. 11. consisting of JatnosM.Gicnn,B.i.'.Keciier,
"CtSOn's and Hurst & Smis' Hats. FOtten UD especially for James U. Louis and David A. While, came
L"m-W aH Ladies' and blisses Trimmed SlSi
''s. Rlisscs and Children s Sailor Hats, Trunks, Valises and ti,., on Ug.r, molasses and rice. The paper
ItChels. also Towers. Fist and Shtf.ld Brand Oil Coats, CtC udvocaleslliecontlnuunceofawisoandllb.
Jvtr Offfrpri lxw ne vrl 'l,ll''y "' l""t',',l"U for these sluplesof
defenco for the siniplo reus, u 1 very lew leadlinj representatives of either
that he was of the opinion that no secon.i J color, i.reen decorations ol various kinds
iniorueii in" nan. nev. J. li. Durham
while, of Aiken, was chosen temporary
chairman; Dr. V. C. Clayton, while, of fair
field, an I Dr. Ilnwen, while, were appointed
secretaries. A committee ot one Ironi each
congressional district was appointed on
5? We earnestly solicit an inspection of our tock before si
making pUrchasc3i ft
the south and soiithacst. It nrgid
strongly that no cliaowo be made In the
duties on those articles tbi.t would nil., rd
less proteoilon lluin is now exieuile l lo
them, as the priscnt land gave uo more
protection than was actually neceMmiv lo
encourage their protection and si i'u 'i ii,tu
thair increase. It expressed the op't.l u
tliaVthe aurlriiltunil (.;ple or the Mi.sls
sippl valley are In warm syinpniiy Wii
the development ol ihusv great southern in
lent"1, beiauae they fully api..'-cia'i ihl
B-lva'diiges lit be Ui.mu irein tit sal)
Itauk ('lined.
liKovru, Col., Hedeinber .". A special
dispatch lo the Tribune from rialida, t'o'a
orado, says; The bank of Hallda closed its
doors xesterday morning. The deposits
anioiinli.ig to about .sijiii. H1i were
mosCy made by the working classes. The
capital of the hank Is said to only have been
i'J.WM. Tho deposits aro a total loss.
Ilartsbell llros. proprietors of the hank,
lelt the city Saturday.
' A U'det K.lrelloD.
Nmv itntXAMs, S'eptembir 6. A special
to the T linos-Democrat from Helena, Ar
kansas ssys: The election In this county
was Ihe most orderly and quiet for years.
There was no Intimidation, and no violence'
other than personal. A lull county vole
was polled, with a democratic: majority ol
about l,i, t '
Tmm Cat! la favar.
I.swtsTox, Mi., September 5 The Kven
lug Journal liss Inlormation from tha sec
retary or the Mains board of agriculture
that snlemlic, or Tsias cattle fevar, has ap
peared ill IHxpnut, I'enobseot otAinty.
Kiirlii animals have died. Tbt authorities
nave taken tha matter In hand and bars
le luted tin herd. Ti
liie'itatile . mil violeu! death casts a w'o uu
over all the country.
tit. Louis.
Hpeclal to the Herald.
St. I.oris, September 5. There came to
light hero lo-day a case that puzzles all the
doctors and sets at naught all tho laws of
physiology "and science. 'Miss Chilllpina
T rei-gel, a fady IMS years of ago, aiel of one
of the hest.Cieriiiaii families, says she lias
not taken food for ninety days, llor friends
and relatives corroborate In r story, ribe
was seen to-day and (luestioued about her
case. She is lull uml lank, with black hair.
deep sunken eyes, sallow coiniilexion, but
not so aaa iaieii a would ho expected.
She said; 1 It was just three months airo
last Monday sincj 1 last took solid
food; simc then 1 have nut been
aide to eat and have had no desire for food
I drank u good deal of water and now and
then a little cotl'.-e." She bus been under
the care of sevetal prominent Physicians.
tine of them, Dr. llarr, says it is the most
remarkable cure lie ever Heard of. At I rst
he was r tber skeptical, but has become
convinced that the woman does not take
food, lie has endeavored to introduce
lood into the stomach by various arlilicial
means, but it will not slav. iiosavssbe
will die. Tho other physicians corborato his
st ateincnt.
Special tollio Herald.
lli-Misi:, r-optcmber .. In our district
court to-day at l-raukhn, Judge Crawford
presiding, in the case of Doctor A. T. I'ol
soin, ol lleame, lor aggravated assault on
the person of Doctor M. Matliiin, wus lined
twenty dollars and cost, which amounted
to sotuelbiug like one hundred dollars. No
inooti'idcrahic interest on Ihe part of the
friends ol both parties was shown. It was
oc -aMoneii nv imcior roisoins illort mini
peach Doctor M attain testimony. Your
correspondent is not advised us to what ex.
tent ho was Miccosstul.
An engine on '.the International ,t ;(lreat
Northern railroad blewits steam-chest out
the ot In r day ut this place. No one wus
hurt. .
Colonel Hubert Martina will havo his ele-
Limt opera house linlslieii in a few davs.
Cotton lucking is getting lo be general in
lie uotioni
8eclal to tho Herald.
AuasiiALL, Bepieniuer o. uuward, ion
of Mrs. Nat.nl Wallace, and grandron of
cx-Uovernor Clark, died yesterday.
Itev. I). A. Mchiuncy Hall has been In
stalled rector of the Kpiseopal church, and
preached Ids lirst sermon last Hundny.
Jennings Dies. Iisve sent Cameron connty
an elegant county commissioners' record
book, and have instructed the aulliorltha
to pay over the price, $.1), to aid the fever
tuilerers, . ne nous, went rorwaru to-day
by the Texas express, free of charge.
Another matrimonial charter has bun
ft raranieii io ausud i ;r approval.
Special to Ui ncrald.
TtnniLL, 8epUrubci 5, This morning on
wakening wa war greet I by Ui tint
issue of thtliornint 8-ar. It ii a spicy
llttlt paixr or twenty columns, and ipeaki
well for th stirring and enterprising spirit
of tbt Ttrrell press. It Is alto lndicatlv of
in. i
1 bo Kites Calm',
I'mi'.s, SeptciuVr K' I.esicps to-day
eo nt'.'d his report to the counsel of tho
Sue, canal ci.mpjny on tlie negotiations
witli the I'.ngllsli uiitiiorities lor the preser
vation ofthc nculiulity of the canal. Ha
s,iys (leneral Wolseley has inlormed hint
thai the l.ngludi govcrninent accepted the
responsibility lor the da "age and obstTuc
toion to trulbc on tho enn.il.
Nkw Yokk, September ii. The stock
market opened weak and I lo le. lower than
it closed yesterday. Later. MomnlA fc
Charleston, in early trade, after a slieht d.
elliin in some share lists, covered an ad
vance ol 1-h to j-h, .Norlliern I aeiho pre
ferred, leading therein. After this the mar
ket became dull.aud prices fell oil' 1-H to le.,
Delaware, l.nckawana .t Western, lloehes
ter A Ciltsburg ami Texas Cacillo belli)!
most prominent in tlie downward turn.
Nr.w Yoiik, Heit.iiiber 0. Madame l)r
telDviede, the heroine of the famous dia
mond wedding event in New "York
sociely a little nioro than twenty year'sago,
was married at Trinity church this morn
iug to Colonel llodo Van lllunicr, uu olllcer
in the Mexican army. The bridegroom Is
Mild tone the Centum baron who in the
Into war was in the Confederate army.
A Sir noi; o Disease,
IUamnii, I'a., September Some alarm
bus been caused among the farmers of Ccrry
township, in this enmity, over the appear
ance of a mysterious disease among their
swine. Dark, red blotches appear upon
the body belore death, and some furiueig
pronounce the disease hog cholera.
HUH C'ontlued.
CotiK, September 5. The corporation has
r. calved a letter from K. Dwyer Gray.frora
which It appears that he will not enter into
recognizance after the expiration of three
mouths ot his sentence. He will conse
quently have to endure further and simi
lar confinement.
Hie Purls Duel.
I.omiio.n, September A. Tho Dally News
dispatch laya M. Dechard, editor of the '
Petit Cuporal, who killed M, Damassos,
editor ol tho Combat, in a duel Sunday
with swords, wus himself dangerously
wounded onthe head and in the armpit anil
three cuts in the hand. M. Dechard will be
prosecuted, but will certainly be aciUitted,
London, September 8. M, Ktlenne, a
well-known French authority on the sub
ject, bus issued bis estimates of the hsrvesli
or the world for lni. His report is, on the
whole, decidedly favorable, and indicating
no serion dellcieucy in the crops in any
anarter of the world and th general abun
unce throughout Europe and America.
Yellow Fever.
Brownsv!!.., September (1. Sixty-four
new rases of yellow fever to-day and on
death are reported. Th Mexican troops at
Fort llrown continue in excellent health.
The lever in Mnlnuioras is on a decided de
crease. Three datbs have Qcctirred sine
yesterday. ' The weather is cloudy and
A Cyclone Predicted. .
WAimnuTOH, D. C, Bepteruber 3, Th
signal ofllc report that appearances lndl
catet a cyclone southeast of Honduras, Ita
position and com cannot be defined at
present. .
r i!
, ' I

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