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Entered at the Post-Oftlce at Dallas m Sec-ond-ClaHH
Per Copy 8
lne Month 1.00
Throe Months -0
Six Month B-00
Due leur 4 10.00
uelWered in City kt 13 00 per yar .
SATURDAY. JUNK 13. 1885.
Tub present fine crop or wheat has
stimulated the mill building notion ho
that tho State is being thoroughly -can
vesaed by drum mors and agents of the
large machinery manufactories of the
North and East.
In Philadelphia, says the Timos, out
of the 1,500 lawyers in the city nine'
tenths of them are church members!
They are all religiously inclined, but
some lean toward Bon Ingersoll's
church down this way.
The Nineteenth Legislature only ap
propriated $100,700 of which $91,000 went
to pay veterans under tho present law,
This certainly would relieve the Nine
teenth of any charge of extravagance,
but the trouble was in iholr economy of
needed legislation.
Lot Wuia ht's displacement as marshal
of the southern district of Ohio gives em
inent satisfaction. There could be but
little doubt as to bis partisanship, but
that quality was as necessary to a Re
publican officeholder as was his
monthly draft on the treasury.
A man killed his wife in London the
other day becuuso Bhe wouldn't givo
him money to buy whisky. Had she
been more generous the result might
have been different he would have
probably killed hiuisolf, a Job which he
will certainly hare done for hiin now
at royal expeiiae.
Tub GleuRose Citizen is not far wrong
when it says in reference to a certain
candidate being good ' gubernatorial
timber, "but the boat of timber can be
soaked too long for special purposes.'
There is some danger, too, from the
mannor In which prohibition looms up,
of a good deal of that species of timber
being water-lnirgpd.
The speech of Judge Terbkli. at
Columoiu has boon very extensively
commented on by the Texas proas.
There can be but one opinion as to its
ability, but some of the papers soem to
find in it sontlment of a communistic
character. Junius Tkwiki.l is one of
the ablest and mostciiltlvated mon, not
only of Texas, tut tho country at large.
Tub cholnra in Spain is spreading
iuto several provinces, and other gov
ernments are enforcing the strictest
quarantine against vossels from all sus
pected ports. It will be almost impossi
ble to prevent its appearance all ovor
Europe, and nothing but the strictest
sanitary measures can furnish Im
munity from ill introduction into this
Yeaobr, who, it is charged, mur
dered Marshal Uosmnii, has been
granted a continuance In the court at
New Braunsfels. Laws' delays permit
many criminals to go unwhlpped of jm
tice. 11 Ykaokii Is guilty of the crime
charged ho should ere this havo been
suffering tho puins which It Is said the
damned experience in the next world.
Tub City of Panama is reported quiet
and yet martial law is enforced there. It
may be the military will keep peace aa
effectually in that city as it did in the
house of too Arkansas man who had a
vixen for a wife, lie told his better half
that he was a mild-mannered man, but
be kept the ramrod outside of the gun
to whale sheol out of her if she "don't
done behave horsolf."
Uos. J. D. Taylok, who launohed
forth in that wonderful Ohio manifesto,
oubt to read this, from the Bolton
Reporter: "The citizens or Cameron
have invited bx-Pukhideici Davis to
be present at Hood's Brigade reunion
on the 27th." The spasms into which
bis patriotio frame would bo plunged
would equal the contortions of a bedbug
when touched with corrosive sublimate.
In reply to "PuuIIoub" TukIIkhald
weuld say that tho question on whl:h
the Uberuls were defeated was as to
the tax on beor. It was not as to
whether the revenue demanded should
be voted on or not, but whether it was
to be raised from beor or tea taxa lon.
It was a close vote and it Is said the
Irish contingent voted for tea to strike at
the government on account of Its reso
lutlon to renew the "Crimes in Ireland
Act." '
Thu difference botweou theCitvCoun
ell of Terrell and the School Board has
been adjustel, says tho Times, which Is
fortunate. Tub Ukrald notices many
tars in the development of the school
system, but.as "it requires time to settle
down uixiu unv particular nnllov. it l
not remarkable that those disturbances
rise. In truth it shows an earnostnesa
much preferable to the apathetto indif
ference which would secure perfect-
plain sailing.
The Marshall ilorald defines Its nosl
tlonoathe lease of the penitentlarlos
and soys that resumption has proved s
laiinio and. has been so demonstrated
by the experience of the past two years
that the last report of the penitentiary
management shows the couvlots are be
lng cared for at a loss to the State of $12,.
000 pi r month. This may all be true,
but one of the most dUlloult of State
problems to solve Is the quostlon as to
what Is bpst to be dono. Every plun yet
ueviucn nds oceu a failure.
Ostot tho most absnrd lnstauco if
the proinlsouuus use of the edl
tonai -we" la to be found in the
following extract from the Woatherford
Suns "Lst Thursday alternnon a w
were walking across the qu ire we were
stopped by Dkputit Shkriff Bon Ross
nd asked if we were the author of
thoe articles about him. We repllo-l
that we wore, wherupon Ross attempted
to batter us with his Hut. Arter sevoral
unsuooessful efforts to hit us, ho at
tempted to draw his slx-hootr. md a
told hi in we had no weapon, and could
uut use one 11 we Had it, wnen be again
attempted to draw his pistol, which by
some means caught and dotal aed him
until Mr. A. L. Fabmbh and some
other partlos who were near Interfered.
Mr. Ross was taken before the mayor,
where be pleaded guilty to aq assault
And wa flned $4 and cost."
The desperate straits of the Republi
cans Is shown In the character of
the proceeding of the recent con
vention at Springliold, Ohio. A very
small man, ' known ' as Mb. J. D.
Taylor, who was the temporary chair
man of the convention, made a speech
in which he doclared that "by a combi
nation of crimes, scoldents and blun
ders this government, with all its great
interests, has passed out of the control
of the party that saved it from treason
and disunity into the bands of a party
which through Its leaders sought for
four long years to tear It from its proud
place among the nations of the earth
and hurl Its dissevered fragments into
the vortex of anarchy and dissolution."
This is grandiloquent expression
from a small man, bnt the falsity borne
upon its face will rob It of an effect it
might otherwise have.
The Democratic victory of 1884 was
not won "by a combination of crimes,
accidents and blunders," but by an
universal uprising of the great
massos of the people who were heartily
tired of the "crimes, accidents and
blunders" that for twenty years had
characterized the party in power and
came well nigh "hurling" us into con
tempt among the nations, if not into
"anaroby and confusion."
Nor did the government In the fall of
1884 pass into the hands of a party
whose leaders had sought to-disrupt
the Union. Bayard, Randall, Til
den, Hancock, McClkllan, even the
President himself, wero all Northern
and Union men, and they are the rec
ognized leaders of the Democratic party.
They represent the best manhood and
thought of the United States, as they
represent its purest type of patriotism,
and certaiuly that element furthest re
moved from "anarchy or dissolution."
To such men the people have confiding
ly entrusted thoir bost interests, and in
such keeping thc-so Interests are abso
lutely safe.
At this Into daio it la liiorotlihle and
Impossible thRt anybody should bo iu
fluouced by such silly and disgusting
twaddle as that of this niiiu Taylor, or
of the Ohl j Republicans. It is one of
those States joined to Its Idols, and the
Democrats can, without any great loss,
afford to lot it alone. But the fact of so
dirty, unfounded and slaudurous an at
tack at this time when L'omocracy is so
valiantly striving to givo tho Union a
pure and good government, is hut
anotbor illustration of the dcp'.lis of i ; 1 -famy
and falsehood to which thtu cor
rupt Republican parly U1 descend to
keep alive ancient pn jiulices and re
gain the power whi .-h they so long on-
Joyed, but so lonir and persistently mis
The Quocu has accepted the resigna
tion of tho Gladstone ministry, the
dispatches say, and asked the opposi
tion to form a Cabinet, the Marquis of
Salisbury being the responsible head.
Ho has nolther the learning nor tVo
ursadtb of statesmanship that Mil.
Gladstone possesses, nor does he eu-
Joy from Europe or the world at large
that contldence which has been so un
stintedly given to Mu. Gladstone, but
he Is possibly the most powerful and
prominent of the Torios and Is the best
seloction the Queen could make from
the ranks of that party.
The Irish troubles still unsettled; tho
Russian dispute still undetermined;
the finances In a bad condition and the
Egyptlon questions forcing thomsolvos
to the front, with general disquiet
and dissatisfaction throughout an em
pire on which the sun never
goes down, the Tories or Conservatives
have before them in assuming power
and taking charge of the government a
most Herculean task. They may prove
equal to the occasion. More aggressive
than the Gladstone ministry, those
Tories may force Great Britain to tho
front again In European polltios, but all
the probabilities are that the loss of the
cautious and wise councils of a states
man like Gladstone, who Is at tho
same time a philosopher, will bogrlov
ously felt by England In her present
threatening complications with nearly
all the world.
Our correspondents from Ellis, one of
the representative counties of tho State,
Inform us that crops aro excellent and
corn, particularly, extraordinary, not
withstanding tho gloomy prognostica
tions of a few days since. Tho sime re
port as to graiu comes from nearly all
other sections of tho Stato, but the cot
ton la not so promising. Tho fact Is a los
son for our planters and farmors. There
Is scarcely a year in Texas wheu all
crops fail small grain and cotton and
until a greater diversity 1b observed In
the planting bard times may be annu
ally anticipated. If cotton fails wheat
and corn are gonorally good ; If wheat
and corn fall cotton turns out anion-
didly, so that tho lesson of the present
and, indeed, of all past seasons Is thst
tho greater the diversity in tho crops
the more small grain and the necossl
ties of tho tablo and home the more
prosperous will be our agricultural
population. Bad years will became
things of tho past.
The Republican correspondents from
London who have elected to say
that London was surprlsod to And
Minister Pu elfs and Consul Wai.li.r
gentlemen (because they were Demo
crats), are simply impudent prevarica
tors, exposing their own flip Ignorance.
The English, above all othor people,
know what political derision means,
aud the Peerage Is apt to be Liberal as
Try. But the Iniu.onno travel from the
United States the numbor of rest
dont Americans in Loudon tho
exahaugu of papers and the
constant extracts from them as
to what Is ti suspiring In this country
the full and dally cablegrams, with very
many o'her mmnsworable aud most
obvious r-mso how at once that
neither Bi (tons nor correspondents have
entertained lor one single motnout an
emotlou of surprise that a man oould be
a gentleman aud a Democrat at one and
the same lime. It Is only the dying
hake of tho Republican serpent's tall.
Sam Jones, the groat preacher,
ays: "The gentian is nothing
more thau a hugging match
set to inuslo," but Charles
ton inventor has hit upon a plan In
void all this. He affixes a knob to tl
lady's waist aud when a gentleman gets
her consent to waits she offers him the
handle, which be takes hold of, and
away they drltt into "the nissy." This,
to the average youth, Is very niuoh like
ooueo without sweetening.
The Cameron Herald has a long edi
torial on prohibition, assuming the in
utility of all efforts to prohibit, but eug-
tfAat.lncr t.hfl nlan nt' rmvinvlno- finch nil.
o n 1 o 1
staclesin the way of selling liquor as I
now exist and force the saloon men to
sell bad stufl. It says: "Though not fa
natic, we are really anxious to witness
the discomfiture of tho 'Hydra Mounter
Rum,' and would gladly hail tho han
uers of temperance triumphantly float
ing on tho balmy breezes of our God-fav
ored State. But judging from the past,
the dispassionate observer has scant
room lor flattering anticipation. The
line ol campaign pursued by its advo
cates from the times of Father
Matthew to tho present da', afford lit
tle room for hope in the future. They
have assailed the monster from every
point. They have attacked him in front,
flank and rear, with every engine and
missile to be found in the arsenal of
grim visage 1 Meloch but to no avail.
King Alcohol still sits enthroned, and
his devotees wearacomplatsant smile of
conscious Strength and security." But
the prohibitionists deny thoir failures
and say Prohibition is thriving every
where. The wide issue of facts will
make an interesting campaign unless
other questions should be lugged In. By
the way, to-morrow the vote will be
taken in many places.
One of the most instructive lynch
ing ever committed was that upon
Terry, who had murdered a man in
Liberty, Virginia, undor most aggra
vated circumstances. It seems that
but a short time previous two murders
of a very scarlet charaoter had boon
committed one in Amherst and the
other in Rockbridge County. The mur
derers escaped on the plea of insanity,
and Terry's friends proposed to ac
quit him on the same defense. Fearing
this the people resolved to make insan
ity a dangorous pica In the future.
Both parties belonged to lflffco and lu
ll uential families and it is foarod the
trouble has only commenced.
The Hon. E. G. Ross, the newly-ap-
pointed governor of Now Mexico, en
tertains viowii in rogard to the treat
ment of hostile Indians that harnioni.e
with those so oftou expressed by Tub
Herald. He does not boliove that tho
heart of an Apache can bo reached by
liberal annuities of food and clothing,
but favors tho shooting or hanging of
ovary one who ougairos In murders aud
othor outrages. This means, wero it
adopted, would forovor detor them from
oi'p.iging is their bostilo raids. II
wnito mon commit murders tboy sull'or
ex! renio penalty, and why not adopt
siiuilur niiiisnre toward the savages?
Tut: Central City Argus, cf Central
City, Kentucky, appears to know what
it is talking about. We have got pleuty
ot them In Toxa and th'j item is so ap
propriate it 1 reproduced here: "Too
many won who can only rnnd and write
and oiphor to long division consider
themselves thoroughly competent to bo
elected to tho Legislature to make laws
for a great aud growing commonwealth,
whou in truth they are utterly Incapaci
tated for any public position whatever.
Thoy are lacking In noceasary Informa
tion to do justice olther to themselves!
or their constituents. Tho elevation of
such men is rapidly ruining the Stato."
Tiif.rk does not appear to bo a groat
and immediate danger of moving Bay
lor University from Independence, after
all. The editor of the Cltlzou heard the
discussion by the board oftrustoes, and,
among a dozen or so Important facts do
volopod, learned cortalnly two things
that would milltato against tho
idoa of its removal ono was that the
board of trustors bad the solo power ol
removal, and further, that the ascer
tained fact was that a large majority of
tho board are opposed to the removal.
Guess Baylor will retain her Independ
ence aud Independence hor Baylor.
Tub suggestion that the govormont
distribute the silver dollars now in tho
troasury vaults among the banks of the
country that will give good security for
the amount desired, Is a good ono. It Is
truo the banks weuld get interest on
this monoy without paying any to the
government, but It would put just that
much more money in circulation and
improve business In every department
and add to tho prosperity of the coun
try. Itsoems to be a wise moasure aud
ono that would bo popular with the peo
ple. "
All tho county officials or Tombstone,
Arizona, appeal to President Clkve-
land for protection against tho in-
diaus. Thoy assort that the host lies are
killing the ranchers and destroying
property and that the soldiers are lu
compotont to do anything. If a few
western frontiersmen wore employed
by the government to oporato against
these Indians they would do more ef
fectual service thau the whole army
ol United States, officered by men who
recolved their military oducation at
West Point.
Tub National Cotton Exchange, un
der date of Juue I), gives most flattorlng
accounts of the growing cottou crops all
over the country. Tho report says that
east of the Mississippi the condition is
fully as good or better than last yoar;
west of It the situation Is decidedly more
favorable, while In the Mississippi bot
toms there is a marked advantage In ev
ery rospoct. If the weather continues
favorable Texas will produce a crop
fully up to an average, aud la addition
there is an increase of nearly 10 per
cent. lu acreage over that of last year.
Tuky must be having good crops out
in Wilbarger, "sure euough." The
Vornon Guard speaks of Judor Drtrt,
a farmer, who walked Into Its office a
few days since with some very Hue
specimens of rye, oats, wheat, etc., say
ing that all his crops were as good as he
oould possibly doslro. Now whou a
tiller of the soil talks that way you may
believe In the truth of what ho says, as
farmers are very prono to dospoudeucy,
which la easily accounted lor, as they
have so much at stako.
' Tub Brenbam Banner has a long srti
ale fsvorlng a nuto from that city to
Aransas Pa?, eventually. It has the
right Idoa, loo, when saying "if we can
iutke a start by building, sr.y IS or 20
miles (here will be no difficulty la en
listing foreign capital." It adds that
money is abundant, and whenever It la
demonstrated that It can be safely In
vested it can be obtained. The first
push, the Bsnner thinks, should be to
ward a connection with the Goclb
Increase In School Children A Resigna
tionAn Alleged Victim of Future.
Important Court Decision
and Examination.
Austin, June 12. Special. Char
ters: Smith County Co operative Asso
ciation, capital stock $30,000.
Holly Springs Co-operative Associa
tion, capital stock $20,000.
The San Antonio ; & Aransas Pass
Railroad Company tiled an amendment
providing for the road to pass through
Nueces County. aV.".c
Honey Grovo Laud & Cattle Com
pany, capital stock $20,000.
Moroney Hardware Company, Dallas,
capital stock $50,000. Directors James
Moroney, M. A. Walsh, W. J. Moronoy,
George E. Fortin, Deney N. Thompsen.
school children.
Scholastic population of Cass County,
4,001; Dimmit County, 2o'2; Hidalgo,
County 1,387; Mason County, 188; 1'alo
Pinto County, 1,1173; Wood County, 1,200;
city of Paris, 1,601; IWkdaie, 328. From
returns received it is estimated that the
total scholastio increase will be about 12
per cent.
Governor Ireland returned to-day and
Colonel Searcy immediately sent in his
resignation as a momher of the peuiton
tlary board.
Colonol Swalu is expected to-night
aud the capitol board possibly will hold
a meeting to-morrow.
JimMulr, lately the bublisher of the
Texss Law Reporter, aud wall known
in this city, has dabbled in futures and
it is alleged has lost some $28,000, $5,000
of which ho bold us guardian for Ellen
and Robert lluvbes, his Btep-children.
Muir left here a week ago, saying ho
was going to Wichita Falls, whore ho
has a broiher-iu-law. His friends tlii'ik
ho will roturn and straighten up mat
The Health Dopartmout has i.othing
new from Now Orleans.
The entertainmeut at tho opera house
to-night for the bonellt of tho Confeder
ate Home is well attended.
The Supreme Court atllcinod: It. f).
Moore etal. vs. li. Murphy ot at.; irom
Falls County.
W. R. MoLaury vs. G. W. Miller; from
Dallas Coenty.
W. A. Dunklin it Co. vs. Crittenden A
Dobbs; from Coryell County.
B. F.Jackson et al. vs. j. 1!. McMil
lan; from Milam County.
A. H. Pickott vs. R. M. Meyers; from
Wilson County.
R. M. Cox vs. A. J. BlanliBUhbip; from
Milam County.
Texas Central Railroad vs. A. W.
Childress; Irom Bosque County.
Reversed and remanded: J' H. Ran
dall et al. vs. John J. Snyder; from
Hood County.
L't Stark vs. W. L. Inpram; from
J;iuk County.
Motions for rehearing were overruled
in the followi;.gcasoH: J. L. U. IJohreus
vs. Lula Fletcuor et al., irom Burnett
City of Fort Worth vs. Crawford, from
Tarrant Count'.
C. B. Adams et al, vj.'L. C. Fisher et
al., from Galveston Couaty.
Nchuoheret ttl.vri. Ballow et al., from
Wichita County.
Motions in the following cases wore
overruled: McMurray vs. AicMurray,
from Live Oak County.
Tumor vs. West, from Livo Oak
0 'imtv.
Stoueet al. vs. Ellis et al., from Mo
Leunnii County.
Shelli'ild vs. Uaff.froui Braios County.
Tho following university studeuts
were examined for admission to prac
tice law bulore the Supremo Court to
day : V. U. Proctor, II. C. Randolph, W.
E. Moseloy, T. 1). llovonkanip, J. C.
Baldwin, J. M. Coleman, J. C. Burns,
W. O. Woar. Osce Good win, T. W. Greg
ory, Yancy Lewis, W. IS. Garrett, V. B.
Harris, B. Coopwood, Jr., J. P. Hamil
ton, W. M. Smith, M. F. Yoager, Moran
Scott and A. J. Pooler, Jr. They all
passed a very creditahlo examination
and the committee will report for li
censes to be granted them.
Justice West is agaiu at work and de
livered two opinions to-da .
Sympathy for the Unfortuuuto and Inno
cent African Who W Terforated With
1'Utol I'olleU Hccauio lie Anawered
the Ieerlptlon of Murderer (Jeneral
Wills Point. June 12. ISoocinl.l
The negro Frank Johnson, arrested
here on tho evening ot tho Otb, has
proven not to bo tho nesro who com
mitted the murder In Kaufman County
on tho proccdiug l.lnht. Constable
Chltty brought him back here aud la
having his wounds troated, neither of
which is atalldangoroiiM. it Is unfortu
nate that such means had to he roortod
to lu order to make the arrest, hut
110 blame, whatever, can possibly
attach to Mr. Chltty, as the negro ex
actly tlllod tho deseiiption of tho mur
derer in nie, walk, ano, and even dress
and batrgaijn, and the desperate oll'orts
made by the negro to eicapn and to re
sist arrest, besides K;verl dill'ortmt
talcs told by him after arrest, made
sine that ho was the guilty party, and
only persons who persona! ly knew llie
murderer could say that Frank was not
the negro, 'l'ho negro acted very fool
ishly in making Much an etlort to avoid
arrest, and being a person of such great
streugth nothing less than the moaus
used could have elleoted his arrest.
The protracted meeting has closed.
Harvesting Is general.
Oue car load of cattlo shipped from
hero to-day.
The Publlo School Wrangle lleoomlug
More Complicated 8ultautll City
Improvement Ite'ng Made.
Paris, June 12.-lSpeolal.-The Paris
city schools olosed some time sluce.
There Is a considerable wranglo about
the next session. Nome want Mr.
Brooks, tho man who orgaulsed the
school, but the majority waut anothor
man. Throe of the anti-Brooks trustees
resigned, and the Mayor being a sup
porter of Mr. Brooks, had men ap
pointed that were Brooks men, and
thoy havo employed him again. The
people say they will not pay the tax If
Lo is rouh ed; that Is, ifthoro is any
possiblo chance to avoid it. No
doubt tho best thln lor Mr. Brooks is
to leave Paris and go elsewhero. It Is
reported, and It Is said by Mr. Brooks
hluiBoir, that the people of Gainesville
want him thnre again to supervise thoir
school, but sovcml gou'ioinon tisro
wrote to Gainesville and asked If thoy
wanted him back. Thoy replied that no
otlnr had boon made Mr. Brooks and
that thoy did not want him. The two
old substantial papers or Paris the
North Texan and the Dally News sup
port the people in this mailor. Thoy see
that the schools are crippled and want
harmony. They sav employ a man
that will harmonize things.
A new hotel, the SU Charles, Is golnir
UD On South Main utrnnK U mill i. .
. - - " . un k
The work or repainting the oourt house
is about completed.
Commencement Kierelaei at a riourlth
lng Educational Institution.
Marshall, June 12. I8dcv1i.iti,
closing exercises of Masonlo Female In
stitute took place at the opera boute last
night, and was largely attended by
fi lends and patrons of the school. There
were two graduates, Mis Lancaster
anil Minn Vl.ti-cnna Trnluv TI,. nU
diotoryby Miss Lancasttr wastouch-
luxijr uenuLum ana was reHaoreu in a
manner highly creditable to her. Miss
Truley was debarred the pleasure of ap-
neartnirln nnnannnotina nf tha rlna.w
her father, which sad event took place
yesterday morning.
.tiev. ur. Mcuriue was solicited to de
liver tllA ftrtttiftn. lllll. Uau nmn,anl.H
Irom filliug his engagement by Biok-
utma, iiiuuu tu nit) uisappointment of
Sit. TllO axArnlABB nf tlia axraniT
of a highly interesting charaoter and re
flected great credit upt.n all concerned.
iuiuuoi c. r. ooxi.oh, presiaenc 01 tne
board of trustees,announced that for the
I . , . . u t m vu llini,: 11 1 1 11 -
ued, alleging as a reason that it was iui-
t'udDiuigHjcuubiuuua private scnooi or
this character in competition with the
oublio schools. The building horeaiter
will be used for public school purposes
The Town Enjoying a Building Boom-A
Nchool Flculo that tiraded Up First
Clan In Patrons and Pleasure.
Farmersvills, June 12. Special1
Farmersville is on a regular building
boom. Five bricks are now under con
tract aud building and moie aro to fol
low. The close of the sossion of Farmors-
villo Academy was celebrated to-day
by a reunion picnic, bold In the grove
north of town. The attendarce was
lar,je aud ordorly. Tho exercises of the
day consisted is volunteer speeches and
ossays by the pupils, followed bv a
sumptuous dinner spread in regular
Eicnio style, which was sullicient to
ave fed twioo the number present.
Professor Allon, ol MoKlnney ; Captain
George Hardin and Rev. D. J. Hardin,
of this plncc'also entertained the audi
ence witu vory Instructive, short, im
promptu addresses. The weather was
very plmisant and every facility offered
for the children and u.11 present to enjoy
themselves. The occasion passed off to
the complete satisfaction of all. Es
pticial praise is due to Looney Dow
Ion, who certainly deserve groat crodit
for having built up .such a meritorious
iiiM itutiou ot learning.
A Church Lecture and au IOuturtnln
men i by the Ladle-A Splendid Fire
Department KutiiMlshort aud a Uood
Mill Uemnuilcil.
Ennis, June 12. Special. Rev.
William Price, ol Weatherl'ord, will
lecture on bapti.ira at tho Methodist
Church, South, beginning on tho even
ing of the 17t.li.
The Young Ladies' Aid Society of the
Methodist Church, South, gave an en
tertainment last ovenintr at tho res-l.
dunce of Mr. J. H. Dentin and rualU. d
quito uu addition to thoir lunda irom
tne sale or refreshments.
The members of the Fire Dopartmout
aro the recipioutsof a very lino toned
alarm bell. Ennls Is processing and
sho now has a Silsby steam lire engine
in charre ot a conmanv r.mmnu...t r.f
some of the moat energetic business
men, who aro ever roadv to rn-u,onrl
when duty calls. She needs a-lluuring
mill, which would prove a good invtit-
The Ladle Banquet the Guard Prepar
atory to Departure for I.Hiupuaa
Railway and Personal Matters.
Navasota, Juno 12. Special. The
ladios prepared a splendid collptl' r lor
thobonetitof tho Navasota Guards t
their armory hall last night. There
was a ball in connection with thw ro
freshmonls in Ackorman A Gudger's
new building, adjoining the armory.
Tho Guards, 22 of them, will attend the
encampment at Lampass. Thoy have
prucurou new uuuorms lor tho oc
casion. The railway trains run now on time,
Mrs. 1). C. Cobbs has been appointed
assistant suporiiitmidout of the city
rchool.4. Sho is a verylsuccesslul educa
tor and vory popular."
Mrs. M. P. Yarborough is visiting her
relatives at hor old home in Galveston.
A revival has been in progress some
ti;no In the colored churches, and 45
have been lately baptized in Town
What Workmen Unearthed In Pipe-laying
Excavation at Fort Worth The
Owner of tho Wallet Wanted.
Fort Woiith, Juue 12.-Special.
Workmen laying a pipo on Rusk street
to day dug m apockolbook which cou
tained certificates of deposit from the
Waco National Bank and tho Hill
County Bauk for $23,000, promissory
notes paid oir for $10,000 and bills of ox
change amounting to $12,000 Tho cer
tificates of depoiit and bills of ex
change are In the name of W. W. Trend
well, who seems to have lived at llills
boro. The promissory notes were
drawn by Treadvrell A Jackson. City
Marshal Rbt a has written to illllsboro
to tiud out about Tread well,
W. W. Trend wiill is now supposed to
be In Abbott, lliil County, and tho city
marshal has been notified that Tread
whII lost tho pspnrs found. Why no
elt'ort to recover the valuable documents
before was not made is a mystery.
Mulls Slopped by a W inhout-Ulr;h
Water-Cattle Shipment.
Colorado City, June 12. No mall
was recolved hero yesterday, a disas
trous washout having occurred east of
hero, which dolayed the tralu for 10
hours. Tho Colorado River was higher
yesterday than it has beon since 1.SS2.
Threo hundred head of cattlo were
shipped frem this point to-day.
M..5" '"titti'm Jit'a,'
The Oroatert Medical Triumph of tlis Age I
Indorsed all ovor tho World
LoofappotUe. Naueoa.bowolgcos
tive. Pain m t ho Head. with a dull sen
Batioajit tho back part.Po.injnidoi
tho Bhouldor blarto,'l'ull)ioE3 Blter'eaN
lug, with a dlslnoHniitlon to excrtio
oibodyor jiniaa, Irrlta'JlUtyjiftems
a fooling of huvlng ncglooted eonj
duty, woaiTtips3. Diir.lnosg, Fluttoi
ing of the HeRrtjTjots botore iFooyoi
Yellow ykin."Ho.tdaPl)o,Kpstles.-.ii'i
atnlght, hluliiycolorccTUrlnel
TUfT B FILLS are especially udaptvd u
sueh case, one duseeC'ifia nrh achauea
"'elliiff hi to ntomli tho suuVriT.
... y.,,,"","' PP'tUn, and canst
the body to T.a. on lir.li, thus tho r
turn Is nuiirlnlird, And by tlmlr Totiti
Artlnn on tho IHavtllv Oi 'Sana, Iti-ru
lrwtnl.irpm., irrd. I'rli e MH ni
S.u i,I.BLt.f '''"'' applleailon ol
till Dts. It Impart a natural color, aota
In.tanUniiou.ly. Mid ,y pniMlfts. or
ont by xprop. on reoelpt of 1.
P?iMr.rl it., New York
vi 111 V JJj. J
01 01T0IERS
May rest assured that -we
haven't a single' Straw
Hat in stock which has
been carried over from
last year. The goods
which wo are offering
for sale are all NEW
and FRESH.
Will perhaps remember
tho 0-iant Clearance
Sale, which we held at
the end of Ust summer,
when our remnant stock
closed out entirely.
Will please understand
that wo are prejudiced
against old goods even
if they ara of . ttaple
styles; neither dv we
care to hold on to gon-.-by
styles, no matter
' how fine the go jds
may be.
We will begin to clear ourselves
of many broken lines, find sell
many other Hues of Straw Huts
which we will be unable to
replenish at remarka
bly low prices.
Below Their Actual Value
Whlto Clinton, wiill umilc, dcslrahlo .hape,
rlliLon bund.
r.ltiek and Whlto Mlxod Cautoua, blnok
ribbon baud.
Itrnwri nml Wliltn Mlvo.l f'.. ......... .11.....
curd band. '
Mixed Kirnw, round anil inure, 'ow crown
lu biz. 3 Irom 7 up only; worth Jjo.
Whlto Canton, eU-Kiint shape, whl bluck
ribbon html.
4T !(.
Finn Whlto Canton Hallora, mitln lined,
ik rlblionband.
Fawn Colored Fancy 8lruw, with tan rib
bon band.
Nobby Shape Whlto Canton, narrow Bilk
ribbon baud.
AT !..
r.xtra tirade Whlto Canton, lame brim,
Black and While Mixed Canton
b ack rlblmn huml.
, full shape,
F.cru Colored Fancy Straw Hnta, with
fancy allk humlx.
Mhlteand Mixed Btraw VentlUtom, fuil
hapo, black band.
Warm Weather
Scornncker f ou nnd Tent, lu rudely
of colors, $ .'., io $3.&l).
Vino ChccXed Linen Salts, neat and
well made. If 3 each.
Crash Linen Suits, the very goodi for
Hade of Pique and Duck, at BOo, TBo and tl ap to worth double the Mail-
1 1 1 1
1 1
Mixed si raw, medium high, ignore eton,
good Heller. 1
(Superior Canton, neat shape, narrow b'W,
band and blndliiK, natln lined. j
ModcCnnton, sutlu lined, full shape, bw
Ottoman silk band.
Keru Caulou Btraw, drab nl'.k baud, at,
Ill-Oil. I
White Matlilnnw, black band, satin IMS
AT !.()). j
Heal Silver Mackinaw, black band,!
UI11111 crown Hiid brim.
While Mackinaw, stylish shape, W,
silk band.
AT 3, :i BO, Ot AM i.
)erby ahnnca, srjn:ro i'"-l narrow cm"
In Fawu, Whilo, Kern, llrown and Jlii
Maul. la. !
Bchoal aud Dress llnu -
In Fancy and rtaln Btraws, with varW
band, bent atylea ot Bailors, Tuf (
bans aud Caps, at ;
25c, 30c, 35c, iOc, 50c, 75c, $l,$l 25,111''
buglnciii, $3,50 per salt.
Pluln wtii Striped Crash Linen Si
only ft per suit.
Linen Dusters, 75e.to $5 Fanry W
tors, t to !Mio0.

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