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The Dallas daily herald. [volume] (Dallas, Tex.) 1873-1887, September 07, 1887, NOON EDITION, Image 4

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gjnlhix $;tilg )erald.
Editors and Proprietors.
W. L. McDONALD. 7.l!t Muin l
AIWHVS lit lllB (Plllcc,
CNTIST Charles K. Lewis,
Pestoillee Building, Klin street.
- - i DENTISTS-Drs. . .C.Klng
f aJ3 w ;..iiii-M. over Chlnu llu
"llllliU Nos. HKI Main and tJiMEIni st,
Ixual Noted.
The circus will lie here October 2K.
Fresh country butter at A. K. Boucbe's
Tim nity fathers have h fresh uuger and
will bore another Imlc In Uio City Turk
Cigars, tobucco of the best i-unlities und
low prices, nt A r.. iiouencs.
Wav down prices on Mantel and Grates,
lllg flock, at McKobky Hurtlwarcto.
Mr.. Frank Cockrcll declare that Dallus
in to have a grain elevutor of 1,000,000 hush
ol capacity belore the eHrtl) woes around
the nun again.
Grate und mantles, latent styles, at No-
land .t Co., 710 Elm street.
lttiildem hardware lor sale by Noland &
Co., 71!) Elm street.
With two factories, the Alliance Ex
change building, an elevator, more thai) a
hundred handsome hollies, a score of busi
ness ln.s and oilier iaiprovciiients, there
will be plenty to (1 :r the industrious
working inn ii .
Smith Co. hit heudillliirters lor hill Id
era' hardware, carpenter tools, slate and
Iron mantel. Kuine cook stoves. Fuller &
Warren Co. wrought iron ranges and splen
did lire-place henleix.
.Mantels und (.rules haml-mnist designs
ever put upon the market. Price cut way
down. .Mi Kosky Hardware ( o.
I'.neka Ilrllliant Conk Stoves uru the best
Kerv hodv i&li.g lliein says so. Mcltosky
Hardware Co., sell them.
The directors of the Cotton and Woolen
Mills will meet Saturday at 3 p. m. to de
cide upon ii site for the factory. Work will
begin us soon as a location is made und the
buildings will be put tip as rapidly as pos
sible. The spindles will be (luging by June
Noland Co., 71!) Elm Btroet, huve a new
stock, bought lor euali and sold rueup.
Carpenter tools lor sale by Noland A Co.,
TIM lm street.
Ilonev. manlo syrup by the gallon or
quart, also dried beef, at A. E, Boucbc'H.
Call on Dr. F. 8. Davis for tho treatment
ol your sick baby. IKK) Klin street postof
tice block.
John Klein, 1)12 Muln street, practical hat
ter. Cleaning ana reuoviittng aim, son unu
stlfl hats n specialty. Work gunruntced.
Liver and bowel complaints are the most
frequent that effect the human family. Mor
ris' Cascanne win riieeuiaiiy onnisii inciii
from tho system.
On Mi a oflectlvc action of the digestive or.
guns depends vigor of body, the glow of
heullu aim peace oi minu. auocmohb uik
turblue these aids to vigorous munliood are
dissipated by Morris' Cuscarlne.
Stop dosing your children on nauseous
drugs of strong medicine and take them to
Dr. F. 8. Davis, homu'opnthlo physician,
who makes a specialty ot treating diseases
of children. '."Hi Kim street. Dallas, Texas.
Ulliee hours 0 to 11 a. m., and 2 to 4 p. m.
Diseases and insidious. A headache,
sleepless, nervousness mark their incep
tion. Morris' Cascurlno will remove the
cause of the trouble. It is in fulliblu in
such cases.
Morris' Casearine is good for children.
May blossom tea, the best tea on the mar
ket, lit linueho's, Hit Main street, Ml cents
per pound.
Dr. F. S. Davis, homu-opathic physician,
makes a snrHnlty of treating diseases pe
culiar to children. Call on liim at two Kliu
street, pdsloltlce block, Dallas.
A. E. Bouche, the Main street grocer, lias
lust added splendid refrigerator, in which
lie has always the freshest, country butter,
eggs and Irrfili Flclschman's yeast, which is
kept as cold as can be.
Tliel'erfccllon Water Elevator and Purl
lying 1'iiinp. sold by Mcltosky Hardware
A Great Myntery bolvotl.
Hero rvcrutly there have beou lota
ot residences Uecornted with exquis
ite designs of furniture and household
goods of the latest stylos, mid there
havo been many iuquirici whero tboco
elegant goods caino from. Why, tho
Texas Installment Co., (!!!) Elm street,
sell them on small, easy installments.
Tho poor as well a thn bankers aro
iuvllcd to give us ft rr.'l, and see for
themselves that we sell on the install
ment plan as cheap as they can buy for
cash elsewhere.
20.40 to St. Louis and ltettirn.
Tho Frisco Line has placed round
trip tickets to St. Louis on sale at All
stations on tho (iulf, Colorado &
Snnta Fe Ity , and principal; stations
on the Houston and Texas Central
and Texas Pacific K'ys. Thoy aro
irood to return until October Sotli.
The I risco Lino train leaves from tho
ftulf, Colorado & .Simla Fe depot in
Dnllns, where tickets may bo obtained.
The route is via Pari. I t. Smith and
Springfield, Mo., and ii much shorter
in miles and many hours quicker in
timo than anv other through car line.
Tho linest I'nllinau bullet sleepers
leave Dallai daily at 11 :.') a. in. from O.
C. & fe. Fe depot running through to
St. Isolds without change, and making
direct connection iu the Union depot
with all Hue for tho North and East,
tico. A. Knight of Dallas is the agent
for the new nute
Housekeeping In Vartlnlquo.
Housokeepiiig in Martinique would
sooni very queer to American house
wiviw. In the (list pluce bow would thoy
like to tut- their maid servant, cook,
housemaid and ull, in fact, upcaring
uixm the secne ut any moment, iu draw
itift room, dining room, iu undress uni
form 'i Whut a levelution this uutlomd
costume wus to me! The natives have,
notwithstanding this Hcimtmess of cloth
inir. the redeeming iiuulity of clennliness,
Tho houses are furnished to suit tho
elimnte, Vienna lient wood and rtittmi lc-
ine the favorite styles. There are Homo
few exceptions (o this rule; when tho
people are so tborouglily 1'ri'iicli, they
must iinitnlo llin rusti-nm of their mollier
connlrv iuhI fill their apartments with
udIioIsIoiih! ciisy rhairs mid divans, gtv
ing the whole a most stuffy and inappro
priate effect. 1 he lloors are without ex
cention bare, lieitig relieved by an
occasional carpet rug. Most of tho sa
Ions and dining rooms or galleries, as
they are twined in creolo, aro paved.
Some aro very artistic, in colored tiles;
most of then, however, in simple red
tiles alxmt six inches square. These iloore
are scoured usuallv twico a week, which,
in addition to the puved courtyard, also
to undergo the sauiu process, makes no
little occupation for one servant, and it
generally falls ukiii the housemaid. Tho
Creoles pride themselves uon their bou
doirs and sleeping apartments. The fur
niture is very elaborate, even among peo
ple in moderate circumstances, and it
nceessilates a deal of labor to keep it in
order. They uiv very exacting of tho
housemaid in this respect. Judging from
what I have seen, I should say that many
hours wero sent simply in polishing tho
furniture. St. Louis itepublican.
An Injurious Shampoo Mixture.
"Speaking of adulterations," said a
medical friend to me, "one of the most
outrageous I have lately discovered is the
uso many barlers are making of washing
soda for a shampoo mixture. It comes
cheaper than ammonia to the lwrber.
To his customer it is a great deal dearer.
It has an injurious effect on the hair and
scalp, and it does not clean the head.
The refreshing sensation thnt comes from
the evaporation of ammonia is absent,
and altogether it is a swindle of the first
order. I Itegnn to notice some timo ago
that at eertuin larl)cr shops where I was
in tho habit of being titivated up thnro
was no smell of ammonia about the
shampoo. Then I noticed that my head,
in spite of shampooing, remained dan
druff and that it lathered up when I
put water on it. This led mo to investi
gate. I have got a barlxr now who uses
proper shampooing materials, but I tried
a dozen lieforo I found him. Consider
ing the charge of a slmmpoo, tho barber
who is not willing to give his customers
nn honest ono don't deservo to have any
customers.'' Alfred Truxnblo in New
York News.
lilt tie and IjIvoIj.
The times change and wo change with
them, ilanlly larger than mustard seeds
butcouiposod of highly concentrated veget
able extracts, Dr. 1'lerco's " l'lcasanl Pur
gative relicts' have caused tho old stylo,
afire drastic, cathartic pills to be abandoned
by all scnsihlo people. The little sugar-
coated Pellets are a sure cure for constipa
tion ; for persons ot sedentry habits they
tire inviiluuble. They are little and lively,
pleasant and safe.
The IIehai.k does all kinds of job print
ing in good style ut lowest rates.
Silver King yeast powders at A. E. Dou
che's, t-124 Muiu street.
Tinware und granite ironware at manufac
turers prices br sale by Noland & Co., 711)
Elm streei.
On Webster On t
It is said that YYebstc: the photo
graphcr within tho last three months
has made wonderful improvements in
tho art of photography, particularly in
tho lino of babv pictures. Mr. YV. of
fers $25 reward for a baby that ho
enn't enteh with a smile. Komombcr
that Webster will charge you a good
round price for a photograph tnado at
l'H studio.
Open Day nnri Night.
J.aiiii lirothcrs have removed their busi
ness to soil Main street, one door above St.
Jainct Hotel. Their luncn and chop house
a now complete In all its appointments.
with a full corps of polite and attentive
waiters, and get your orders tilled promptly
without delay. All the delicacies of the
season, including oysters tn any style, are
now to be had nt Lang Jtrothors, sou Main
School or fOlooutlon.
Mrs. Allio D.Uoszell's school of elocution
will re-ouen Sept. 1st. i)l'J Elm street. Mrs.
Allie Bradley will have charge ot music de-
lartment, vocal nd instrumental. Bin.j.
;. Malone. t.ngilsli literature.
The Mrio Telephone Co. have moved to
their new and commodious ortloes at the
corner of Main and Sycamore streets, in the
third story of the Western Newspaper I'ni
on building.
New Branch Meat Market.
Manr of our citizens on Ross avenue will
be glad to know that Mr. H. II arris, the old
reliable butcher, win open on Saturday,
July DO, s branch meat market at the corner
or Jtoss avenue anu jonnson street, wncre
he will at all times keep the Iresbest and
fattest meats. Air. Hams, having unsur
passed facilities, will serve at this market
the best beef, veal, mutton, pork, etc, that
ran be found in the market. A polite and
experienced butcher will attend to your
wants, l ins win ue a groat convenience
f ".'lose who have had so tar to send after
their meats. Mr. Harris guarantees that at
this branch the best of everything shsll be
kept and at as low prices as possible. In
connection with the meat market com
plete stock ol family groceries will be kept.
They will be fresh and sold at the lowest
figures. It will be under the management
of Mr. T. O. I'evton, an affable and accom
modating gentleman, who will see that
your wants are supplied in a manner saus-
iwtory to yourseir.
John C. Smith, Wyllo, Is in town.
J. A. Adams, Waco, Is In the city.
J. II. Lovelady, Lockuart, is in the city,
N. W. Mays, Ripley, Tcun., is In the elty,
Wm. Lockhort, Fort Worth, Is In the
Mr. 8. A. Deuglass of Abilene, Is in the
Mrs. John Erdcl Meyer Is in Salt Lake
J. M. Tullcy, Mcsi-uitc, is at the St,
11. II. Williams, Miinslield, Is at the Ar
J. W. Wohb has returned from a Euro
pean trip.
Robert W. Henry, Kansas City, ii at the
St, .James.
.Miss Laura Jackson, Texarkana, is at the
Willie Garllngton left Inst night for Lex
ington, Ky.
Dr. R. 11. Chilton, wife und child aro at
Old Point Comfort, Vn.
Miss Katie Jain, who has been on a four
weeks' visit to St. Louis, returned to Dallas
last evening.
Miss Lizzie Orchatd, who has been visit
ing Mrs. M. CMcMamara for several weeks.
has left for her home In New Orleans.
N C Cherry, Hillsboro; S Zuckoniian
MlucoU; 11 Murks, Corsicana ; A S Burle
son, Austin; W A Davis, Balllnger; M
Welsh, Galveston ; F Houston, Terrell; R P
Rhea, Forney ; W F Cokcr, Terrell ; S L
Stephenson, Wneo; C K Woodson, Corsl
ciiua ; J P Howard, (ireeuvlllo ; M Shumate,
Corsicana, are In the city.
The I'Volislnn Concert.
Tho following Is the programme of the
grand concert to be given by the Frohsinn
to-ulght at Mclsterhans' :
Song by tho Frohsinn, Ich Unices Dich.
Buss solo, Jake Yarn, by Mr. Cole.
Piuno solo by Prof. Krcsslg.
Recitation by Mr. Ben Fabian.
Song by the Frohsinn, Mcin Herz thu
Dlch Auf.
Tenor solo by Mr. Missolhorn, Sonncn
licht und Sonnenscholn.
The Peplta by the Frohsinn.
Absolutely Pure.
This nowder nevei varies. A marvel ot
purity, strength and wholesemeness. More
3cononilcul than the ordinary kinds, and
ionnot lie sold in competition wuu tne mul
titude of low test, snort weight alum or
nosphate powders. Bold only in cans.
Royal Bakino Powdkr Co.,
108 Wall8UN.V.
Trkasury Department,)
Supervising Architect,
Aueustai. 1RS7.
Scaled proposals will be received at the
otllee ol llio supervising Architect oi tne
IJ. S. Treasury Department at Washington,
I). ('.. and onened at 1 D. in. of tho 21st day
of September, 1S87, lor turnlshing and put-
ting In place comnlcte tne wood rooi re
quired (or the Court House, Postollice. &c,
at Dallas, Texas. Each proposal must be
accompanied bv a ccrtilied check for t-.VX),
made pavahle to tho order ot the Treasurer
ot the united states, rne right to reject
any bids is reserved. Copies of the draw
ings and speclllcation can be bad and anv
Information obtained by applying to this of
lice ortheollice of the Superintendent.
(Recently of Austin.)
Surgeon and Physician.
At office. 050 Elm street, from 9 to 11 a m,
S to 4 p m, and at residence, 1063 Elm
street, 8 p. m. to 8 a. m.
Suburban Institution for Young Ladles.
Twenty-seventh year; September 6. New
building for additional pupils will be ready
then. Home-like boarding department:
thorough curriculum of study best musical
department west of Boston. Thorough art
training. For catalogue address Mrs. Anna
Sneed Cairns, Kirkwood (Mo. Pac and
'Pntoo R. Its.), Mo.
f f TO t DiTsI
if. B UHSIrHMf. "
fc ft-rui Cfceltil
fhcuirt oi that clt of
rme.tt, tnrl has ft
almat ttlrcrMl ntnts
fim. Ter
OfctHvna tfia 4
fto pu(4ic nd now rank
Mff tht IcAfflSIf MU-
umm of th o'ldnm.
bradfoM, fk
gtmg iff.
j yfefr- rri ; J NATURAL FRt'IT
A DVERTI8EMENT8 under tho bead or
t . To Rent Rooms Wanted ; Rooms. To
Rent Buslnos Places. To Rent Houses ;
Houses AVauted. Wanted Agents: Per
sonal i Lost and Found : Positions Want
ed Holp AVantod. WnUod Business
Chuncos ; Miscolluucous. All properly
claosllled ut tho very low special cash
rate below :
Two lines
Three lines....
Hour lines
Ha H H3 Ho H-r
B i"3 B? i'S al
toe 800 av ftip xc 4Sc
l.'K! .UK! ie 4.ric Me ttlc
aie 4H- Wie fiOeL70c tsic
Prepared with strict rofrard to Pnrltv, Strength, ano
llealtbfiilness. IJr. Price's Unking Powder contains
no Amraonla,Llme.AIum or Phosphates. Dr. Price's
juvacu, v auuia, iflmon, eic uavor aeuciousiy,
purer sims power en. n,:
Pipe, Brass Goods
Water Worts and Plnmljcrs Supplies,
Rubber Hose,Sewerpipe
nnd Firo Brick Yachlnery Supplies,
Belting, Shafting, &c.
407 Elm St., Dallas.
A. M. D. G.
This Institution chartered in 1878. and
which the inhabitants of Texas have kindly
favored with their natronatro since its tlrst
establishment In 1874, needs no special re
commendation to public notice, l no nuuu
Inirs are convenient and spacious, the
grounds aflord ample space for outdoor ex
ercise, ana Doing situated in tne most pleas
ant part of tho city, the surroundings are
suen as tenu to promote nosuu nnu uapjn
Board, tuition and washing, Including
stationary and ordinary in rmarv ex
penses per session of live months. . , . 1(10
Music and use ol piano SO
Entrance foe ft
Graduation fee B
Vntino. lnltoa flnalrlnrr nrllnltinncn fntn the
Academy must alwoys present satisfactory
testimonials and recommendations. For
further particulars apply to
St. Joseph's Btroet.
Most Useful In tho World, and Most Rapid
mTTin lriimiT Contains Jlun-
nilllj U lllAIlUAL Commercial and
lgal Fonns, Standard Authority. Newly
Illustrated. Enlarged nnd Corrected to the
Latest Date. Continued Largo Sules.
II 11. 'It U iimjyjm 1 BOO tllnstrntlnns,
(Hoverul in colors), or Emlnont People, their
Work and their Success. Very elcgaut Sel
ling Fast.
Airents AVanted In evory county, to whom
we give exclusive Territory and liberal
terms; elegnnt pictorial circulars free. Ad
Publishers, lO.'l State street, Chicago.
Beginning Sept. 5th
and continuing until Oct. fith,
The Sama Fe Mte
will sell ROUND TRIP TICKETS from
ali stations to
at rate of one fare for Bound Trip.
Bear in mind that the " Santa
Fe " gives yon a choice of routes,
either via Paris and the "Frisco"
Line or through the Indian Terri
tory via Xaniai City, with elegant
equipment of all classes, including
ullman Palace Buffet Sleeping
Cart. All tickets good to teturn to
October 85th.
Always Cash in Advance as tho sums
aro too small to tako up thu time of book
keeper and collcotor.
For Silo. Notices and Business Curdo, M
por cent additional.
For the convenience of ad vei Users, lot
tors may be addressed caro of the Dallas
Daily Herald.
Checks will bo given entitling thu holder
to any replies rcculvcd.
P. Chkanky, D. D. S., Prop'f.
70!) Elm Streot, Dullas. Texas.
Erie Telephone.
women nnd children, also all chronic
complaints, has had upwards of twenty
years experience. Otllee 84-1 Elm St.. Dallas.
Houses moved on short notlce und work
guaranteed; bond given if roqulrod; leave
orders nt Cooper & Robertson, real estate
Agents, 703 Mum street. J R Saint & Co.
Why don't you have your boots und allocs
mado to ordor, whon they don't cost any
more than stock work, at A. Rlust's, )14
Elm street.
J Lumbor. Long leaf yellow pine a
peclulty. Sash, doors, etc. Austin 1 1 mo
huir, plaster, Portland und Roscdulo cement
it) it ju;nt.
TWO OR THREE largo furnlghed rooms,
connected, plastered, (iood neighbor
hood. Healthy locality. Cistcru wuter.
On car lino. Apply 12110 Comniereo street.
LOST Recolpt books of tho Y. M. C. A.
Finder ploase leave notice (or books)
at the drug store of J. L. Williams on Main
a position as salesman in wholesale or
rot all grocery, Long experience. Address
"A" thlsolllce.
TXrANTED Sltuntlon in a family totuke
V care of horses and drive carriage.
Rest of references. Address William (lien,
lit .Mast en street, city.
MANUFACTURING. We now have our
foundry in operation, and prepared to
contract for the manufacture of anything
that can be made ot wood and Iron. Also
reneral repairing in Iron and wood. Mun-
gers Improved Cotton Machine ilanulac-
turtnir uomnunv. Dallas, lexas.
VlANTED, steady man to take charge ;
Ul DUiilHU. TID.IGIU .1 U ,1 n.,.v I
1,'uiou, corner Muin and Sycumoro streets.
WANTED Ton shares of Dallas Homo
steud and Loan Association. Class I).'
Address W., Herald ollicc.
llouso und Sign Painter, Kalsomining,
Paper lianitinir, Orainlnu and Glalnir.
Portland and Cadiz streets.
WW. WESTON, IW1 Elm street, cor
. ner Austin, select stock hardware
and cutlery. Genuine Gllddon wire, steel
nulls, &o.
Boots & Shoes
r-Rcpairlug Neatly Dono."tJs$
OlO Muln St., Near Sycnmore St
Send for maps and particulars of special
pargains in Pine, Agricultural and Grazing
Lands, immediately on the lines ot new
railroad, where you can " grow up with the
country." State amount you can invest
and whether for use or speculation.
Dallas. Texas.
M j
1 1 ll, l
it o tf : v 1
v m m i
i i .) c
Wholesole and Retail Dealers in
Paints Oils, Glass! fall Paper,
747 Elm Street.

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