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The Dallas daily herald. (Dallas, Tex.) 1873-1887, September 15, 1887, NOON EDITION, Image 2

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f$lz1tes tik erM
lid t tor nl Proprietor.
Term of Subnorlption t
One Year j-j
Six Months B-"V
One Month
Single Copy w
n Vr tWP
Six Months w
Ofllce: 600 and 608 Main St., gecond floor.
Remittance should be nude by draft, regis
tered, loucr or iuuuuj
Advertising ratos lurnished upon appllca
tlon at the olllce.
Thursday, Sept. 15, 1887.
Good clt'".cii8 nro williug to oboy
tho laws of their country and bnd ones
Bhould bo forced to do ho.
Highway robbery should bo pun
ished capitally, witliout regarding tho
amount of boodlo tho robber obtains.
It is strange how far a man's ambi
tion will mislead hin This is dedi
cated to somo ot tho anti leaders who
want Souator Coke's scalp.
It w" aot do to liken Dallas and
tho Fort to two fighting cocks any
more. Fort "Worth and Waco aro In
tho pit together. Dallas is busy.
The time for paying taxes reaches
only to December 81, this year. On
the 1st of January you will bo on tho
delinquent roll if you have not paiu.
An old miserly bachelor sends the
Heiuld a protest against tho uudom
.pnif. lnw which forces him to pay
taxes to cducato tho children of other
pooplo. t t
Attend tho entorto'nincnts given
by tho good ladies and patronizo them
Mbcrally. There is not a city In Texas
in which tho women do moro charity
and church work than in Dallas.
Meridian reports one man scut up
for ten years for horse theft, and two
cases of assault to murder in which
the accused wcro fined 12 r nd $5,
This is civilization with a vongoa'ico.
The cotton-picker, if ono is ever in
vented, will throw a multitudo of peo
ple out of employment in this country
Every porson in tho Stato who wishes
to work Is now ablo to f d employ
ment. The city authorities cla'm that they
do not get enough work out of day
laborers, or timo-killcrs, as they call
(hem. "Wo boo no reason why they
should not if they havo tho right man
to superintend them.
If tho credit system is playing out
Jn other portions of tho State as
rapidly as it is here. itwMl not bo loug
boforo tho trade of Texas will bo on a
much safer f Tiaucial basis thau it has
been in tho past.
There is a good deal of hoodlum
turn cropping out in somo portions Oj
Texas. However widely tho rcpoct
ablo pcoplo of tho state may differ on
political or rei'gious matters, thore
should be no division on the proposi
tion that "tho hoodlum must go." '
It takes a long time for a Govern
ment building to sct'o, but Dallas
can't wait lor it to settle. Sho is up
and doing and wi1' need mother quite
as largo as tho prescut structure by
tho time it is Allied. The United
States caa't keep up with tb's town.
Everything Possiblo should bo
douo to make tho transportation facil
ities to and from tho Fair adequato to
tho demaud soon to bo made upon
them. It occurrs to tho Hi- iald that
a double street car track, on Main
street will bo needed nd should bo
built '
It seems to bo tho gcucro'ly accept
ed idea, especlr''y among politicians,
that a party platfoi.u is in tho nature
of a trap set to capturo as many birds
ns possiblo, of any kbit' Tho word
"sumptuary "is rn ambiguous term
that Las proven to bo a great favorite
with them.
It seems to us that Judgo Clark
treated CoL Will Lambert nd others
with somo lack of courtesy i rcfus-
ig to let them shoot tho n ."' on his
vturn : rom Chicago. They cooked
tip a lot of chickens for the judge and j
had them ready when be got home;
but their preparations ran him off to
. lv there is anything tho roador now
yearns for it is somo fresh fuiw-a late
crop of chestnuts,' as it were. We
havo had dry jokes, droll fun, puns,
patched-up pnecdotes and the pro
ceedings of tho legislature. All of
theso aro tho samo things over again
end aga'n. But O'Reilly's resolution
is something wo havo novor had bo-
IIemry George's frco land theory,
lu which ho contends that all land
should be owned by tho government
and all taxes raised from tho land as
lease or rout money, is bo utterly con
trary to existing institutions shat it
will never bo seriously considered Jn
this country. ;
The Fa'r people claim that nothing
interesting shall bo left out of their
great calo'oguo of Texas wonders.
Tho young or old law or who has suc
ceeded In draw'ng damagofunds out
of tho averago Texas uowspapor
should bo oxMbilod that Is, if one
cnu bo found.
The country papers aro just now
roturniug thanks for a pock of sweet
On Webster On !
It is said that Webstei tho photo
graphor within tho last three months
has made wonderful improvements in
tho art of photography, particularly in
tho lino of baby pictures. Mr. W. of
fers $25 roward for a baby that he
can't catch with a smile. Itemember
that Webster will chargo you a good
round price for a photograph made at
Ids studio.
For geod violins, guitars, banjos, nccord
coni, strings, etc., visit Frees & Son's waro
rooms. At Meridian tho criminal dockot
was takon up on Monday tho follow
ing convictions have boon had: A.
B. Chappol, assault to kill, fined $12.
,10; Tom Jones, horse thoft, two cases,
five years in tho pouitontiary in each
caso; Taylor Gruunols, horso theft,
five years in the penitentiary ; Tom
Bruton, assault to kill, fined $5.
My case lias been a very curious one for
about thirteen years. At Intervals of about
ono week I would be attacked with spells or
severe and most excruclnting pain, always
commencing In the region ot my kidneys.
The pain would then go upwards and atl'oct
my body and head, and seemed to penotrale
my very eye-bulls, croatlng the most intense
sullering, lasting about eight hours each
X restored to all kinds ol medicine with
out bcncllt. Several doctors treated my
case, but none relief. I finally used B. B. B.
as on experiment, and to my uttor astonish
ment all pain and suffering vanished after
using three dosos. To the present tlmo I
have nscd three bottles, and not a pain bus
ever returned. I do not know what was
the matter, noither could mypbystclunnume
the cemplatnt. The B. B. B. acted flnoly
-..J nnnit-niiltr iitt.n mv Virinnvi ; uiv an-
petite has been splendid and my constitu
tion uuui up rapiuiy. iv. i ,
Constitution, da., May G, 10.
I am 85. Broke down twelve years ago,
and have not been able to work since. Have
lost proper action of my hips and legs. For
live years scrofulous sores nave appeared on
my scalp and noso, and at the same time
mr eveslirlit began to fall, and for three
years have been uuiupttfuUvuly blind.
11 ave been treated by eminent physicians
of different schools without a cure. 1 have
taken five bottles of U. B. B. (mado at At
lanta, Ga.,) and all scrofulous sores are
gradually healing. Inflamation abont'my
eyes has disappeared and there is some lm-
Crovcmcnt in my vision. Am very much
enefited and relieved, and begin to feel
like a boy again feel good. My strength
and activity are returning In my hips and
legs. The B. B. B. acts vigorously upon
my kidneys, and the great quantity of mat
ter that has been forced out through the
skin is utterly incredible, often so otienslve
In odor as to produce nausea. I refer to all
business men ot! LaQrange, Ga.
1. ProMill.
LaOrange, Ga., January 13, 1880.
All who desire full information about the
cause and cure of Blood Poisons, Scrofula
and Scrofulous Hwelllngs, Ulcers, Sores,
lUicumatisra, Kidney Complaint, Catarrh,
.lit nmn lanllM liv mall. fVpA. & lOT)V Of Olir
32-page Illustrated Book ot Wonder, tilled
Willi ine most wonucrmi uu bummiub
proof ever before known.
Address, BLOOD BALM CO.,
Atlanta, Ga.
Us. E. Ill's Books
Elegant, Educational, Standard, Best.
Most Useful in the World, and MostlUpid
Contains Hun
dred of Social.
Commercial and
Legal Forms, Standard Authority. Newly
Illustrated. Enlarged and Corrected to the
Latest Date. Continued Large Sales.
Gives lono Portraits,
tOO Biographies,
600 Illustrations.
Meveral in colors), of Eminent 1'eople, their
Work and their Success. Very elegant Sel
ling Fast.
Agent Wanted In every county, to whom
we give exclusive Territory ana uoerai
terms : elegant pictorial circulars free. Ad
Publishers, 103 State street, Chicago.
Grocery Company
Low Prices and a Fine
Assortment of Goods.
Having proven that we have adopted a plan of business which will enable us to sell goods ,
We now wish to say to both city and country people that Wk are Your Friends, and it you will continue to patronize
us as you have done In the past, we will provo our friendship by helping you- to
We can nirnlsh you all with goods at our low prices. You may think that
Saving a Nickel or Dime
on this article or that don't signify, but It Has Been Proven in the management of all Institutions, either lagre or small,
that It Is the ooking after or neglect of little things that tends to the bul JIng up or breaking down of any kind of
business. It must be remembered that all large things ore made of small ones, and no one need hope for even a moderate
success In life who will not learn to save the nickels. On account of the frequent changes In the market we do not quote
prices, but can assure you that we will at all times soil at
Prices Which No One Can Beat!
And which will boat most every one. Consignments of
Country : Butter, : Chickens : and : Eggs
Solicited. Most of you know where we are, but for the benefit or those who donotwecan.be found at
fiAr m nf rim f In a large frame building two blocks west of Union Depot ') 11 A J XfT f CrP
1147 JiiLJVL Ol. 1 and opposite Buck-Horn corner.. Pan Electric Telephone. f Lll JM-ilYl O I
A safe place to deposit your money in. Cap
ital paid In, 1325,000; Surplus, 975,000.
Dallas Nal'l Bant and City Nat'l Bant
Ofkickrs J.C. O'Connor, President.
J. T. Tkkzbvant, Jr., Vice President.
K. M. Kkardon, Cashier.
L. U. Berokron, Assistant Cashier.
Directors T. L. Marsalis, B. Blanken
ship, J. T. Trezevant, Jr., Alfred Davis, A.
J. Porter, J. C. O'Connor. C. A. Keating, L.
A. Pires, M.L. Crawford, J. F. O'Connor,
Alex Sanger, K. M. Beardon, W. B. Wor
sham, T. Wistar Brown. 8. Q. Boyne.
Paid up Capital, $300,000.
John N Simpson, President; WH Gaston,
Vice-President: Royal A Ferris, Vice-President:
N A McMillan, Cashier; John U Gas
ton, Assistant Cashier.
W. T. Hancock.
J. n. Lawrence.
Dealers in
Country Produce. Etc. Agents for the South
American Cure.
Notice to Machinery Eilitors.
The Machinery Park of the Texas State
Fair and Dallas Exposition Is now ready
for the selection ot building lot by exhibi
tors, and those who propose to erect their
own buildings for the coming Fair and Ex
position, October ith to November bth,
next, are hereby notified to fllo their appli
cation for space with the secretary at their
earliest possible convenience, as there are
already several now in asking for immedi
ate action. The lots will be numbered and
drawa for by the applicants. Eight hun
dred dollars will be the minimum cost ot
any stnicture allowed in this Park, and the
ground upon which the structures are to be
built will bs leased free of cost for exhibi
tion purposes to the occupants.
C. A. KEATING, Director In Charge.
SYDNEY SMITH, Secretary.
Notice to Exhibitors.
Floor plans of the Exposition nail SOOx
X) feet, Power Hall 75x feet, Machinery
Hall 0x250 leet, of the Texas State Fair
and Dallas Exposition, can be seen at the
secretary's office, and exhibitors for the
ceming Fair and Exposition, October SOth
to November 5tb, next, who live not alrea
dy tiled their applications for spaee art
hereby requested U do so at their earliest
possible convenience. Information as to
terms, ebarges, etc , can be bad on appliea
tlon to the seenfary.
A. 8 ANUEfc, Director la Charge,
SYDNEY SMITH, Secretary.
LOCATION in the mountains about 1700 feet above the sea beautiful
and healthful. '..., ...
BUILDING magnificent, one of the finest In the South. Dormitories
being erected.
EQUIPMENTS Farm and Shop receiving valuable additions. Laborato
ries well supplied. ' ,
VACATION In winter, affording especial advantages te Btudents from
malarial districts. ,
TUITION only flO per year for non-beneficiaries, One thousand State
beneficiaries allowed. Board in private families from $12 to 15 per month.
For catalogue, address, SECY BOARD TRUSTEES or the PRESIDENT.
Mecwal College
College Station, Texas.
TWELFTH Annual Session opens September Sth, 1887. Gives thorough training In all
the sciences that load to useful citizenship, with such practice in the agricultural
nud mechanical arts as has secured for recent graduates immediate profitable employment.
Dairying, stock-breeding and management, horticulture, wood and metal working, aid
chemical analysis for fanners, physicians, druggists, Ac., civil and mechanical engineer
lng, drawing, &c. for engineers, draughtsmen, land surveyors &c, are all taught In the
must practicul way in the llek's, bhops and laboratories. German and SponUh in the
course. Extensive additions to dormitories and appliances for instruction now in prog-i-ms.
No tuition. All expenses, except clothing and books, only f 155 for nine months.
Write tor catalogue to II. II. PTNAVinniK, Chairman of the Faculty, or
L. L. McINNIS. Vice-Chalnnan
Missouri Pacific Railway:
Because it is the great thoroughfare between Central Texas and all poInU
North, East and West. It Is the only line passing through the beautiful In
dian Territory. It runs a line ot Superb Pullman Buflbt and Sleeping Car
between St. Louis (via Dcnison and Fort Worth) and San Antonio. It runs
Double Dally Trains, making close and sure connections m Union Depots at
Kansas City, St. Louis and Hannibal for all point. Solid trains from San .
Antonio to St. Louis (via Fort Worth and Denison). But one change of cars to
Trains for St. Louis and the North, East and West, leave Dallas 8:40 p. m.
' Ticket Agent, No. 506 Main St., Dallas, Tex. Passenger Agent, Dallas.
B. W. McCULLOUGH. Genl. Pass, and Ticket Agent. Dallas.
Between tie East ancl tie West. Short Line to Hew Orleans
And all points in Louisiana, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Favorite
line to the North, East and Southeast. Elcgunt Pullman Puffet 8 eeplng Cars
through between St. Louis (via Texaikanal and Doming, N.M., also, Pullman
Palace Sleeping Cars between Dallas and SU Louis, morning and evening,
daily, without change. Only one change of cars to
Take the 80 a. tn. or 10:25 p. mi train for the Southeast, via Little Rock,
and for SU Louis and all points North and East, Double dally line Pullman
Sleepers to St. Louis. Take the 6:06 a.m. train for El Paso and the West.
Take the 655 p. m. or 6:05 a. m. trains for Waco, Austin, San Antonio, Laredo
and Intermediate polnU.
J. H. MILLER, Pass. Agent. Pallas. Texas.- E. P. TURNER,
C. C. ODEN, Ticket Agent, T. P. Depot, and No. 606 1 Main sU, Da as.
TVa. U. Depot, East DalliTs. h. W. McCUlXOUGH, G. P. & T. A., Dallas.
JOHN A. URANT, General Manager, Pallas.

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