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f". The RavenV Message.
riorre'i latu to-Dljjht," said a stout,
mnbtirned woman, who was iitnndiug
at the door of lop; hut on a small,
rook' Islet in llio middM of llio Khonn.
'I dn hone nothing him hainiiniod to
----- r-
Mtu; hu'Ji 10 terriblv venturesome slnee
110 pit h Dost or nin own.;' .
"l'aoli. iluohl" answered hor husband.
T T 1
"He'll eomo baek nil rljjht, never four.
It's only proper Mint my hoy should bo
i ferryman like his father, and ho hfl
wist learn to manure ii bout, See joll
ier ho comes, rowing like any bout
nl whatever hits ho brought with
crioil Mine. Lenoir, ID nmu-
What," IndmiilP At lirst sieht, thp
tliu sturdy littlo I wolve-y ear-old, 'who
:nme akinimiiir, toward them
cross the broud, shininjr stream, ap
peared to bo won riiiff a hugre, black
jvcrcoat, lorn almost lu two. But a
wound glance showed the strungo ob
ject to bu u ravon nearly as bljr an hlm
iidf, which hting loosely . over his
ihouldors, a- if dead or badly hurt.
"See what I've got, mother!" cried
30. gleefully, "I found' it i In the wood
fonder, with its wing brokou. At first
I snapped at me and wouldn t lot me
udi it, but it s qiiict enough now.
n't it a big one?"
Oh, yon dreadful boy!" cried his
ithor. "What do you think we're
oing to do witli a great, ugly thing
ike that about the house? And who's
poing to feed it, prayP"
"Why, mother, you know you al
ways say tliut this house of ours on the
island is just like an nrk; and Noah
bad n raven in his ark that he usod to
tend Hying about, and why aliould't we?
ISositles we eau teach him - to carry
messages for us, like that one that
. '.. - I , ,t...
Well. there's something in that,"
iiiui dean Lenoir, luugmng, "ana as
for feeiling, n raven can pick up his
own living any day; ami besides, wo
have always plenty of odds and ends of
lisli. Bring him in, my boy, and we'll
ioe what can be done with him.!''
The broken wing soon- healed, and
in a few months Pierre's ravon (named
Christopher," in' honor of the ferry
man's patron siiinl) had become i fa
mous through the whole country-sido.
Many a bright silver franc did Pierre
pick up at the village fairs by making
the bird go through the tricks ' which
he had taught it; and when once it had
learned to carry messages, the people
along the river gave it so many that
the postman used often to threaten it
okingly with a summons before the
magistrates for taking away bis busi
ness. Even Pierre's molher got reconcilled
to the "great ugly tiling" at last; more
especially as the good priest of the
parish, Father (Jregoire, was very fond
ofit. and never came to see tbem with
"bringing . something good in his
rpocket for our friend Christopher.
Sometimes, induod, as soon as the
kind clergyman's, black cassock and
broad hat were seen on the opposite
bank, little Pierre would point and call
out, "Food ' Christopher!" " And the
raven, shooting like an arrow across
the river, would perch on the priest's
shoulder and thrust his great, black bill
into the old man's pocket in search of
food whicli he was always sure to find
there. , .
So matters went till one night in the
early Spring, when Jean Lenoir, com
ing home tired after a hard day's
work, paused for a moment, as he got
out of his boat, to notice a strange,
leaden dimness that overhung' the
Ii. lis along the eastern sky. . -
"It must be raining hard up in 'the
mountains," said he to himself, and
then thought no more about It.
But at daybreak next morning be
awakened from a dream of being at
lea In a storm, which seemed strangely
real after he was broad awake. Doors
were banging, .window rattling,
timbers croaking and groaning,
jniuglod with a roaring and dashing as
it Niagara had been let loose close to
his ear. Hardly knowing what he did,
be sprang to the door and threw it
D)en, aud instantly started! back as If
ne had been shot, r j I i
The water was within a liot of the
loor sill. . 1
Worse still it was pl.finly rising
higher every moment The Rhone,
iwollcn by the heavy rains and the
Midden melting of the mountain mows,
bad burst its banks and come down in
full Hood, driven li si '"i gn' al had
not blown In these1 ;trt. since the
treat storm ten years before. AH
lorts of things went whirM.ij; past up
n the yellow foam drowned ,-.fce-.i,
iurdles, beams, bovs and tiprtd
'.roes, upon oue of . h'oh crouched
poor little sbiveri jg dkrr. wiilh
siteously for the help ;it no oue
sould give.
Jean's first thought wal, for his boat;
ut l.ili it and the shed in, which It was
moored were gone, as If thoy ludnovor
been. Sick at heart, ho eh inhered up
Into the loft after his wife and son, Just
as the water ohiiic Hooding in oyer tliu
door sill.
Meanwhile, nn anxious crowd had
gathered on the opposite bunk, tmgor
to help the imperilled family; on the
Islnnd. Hut how was this to. I doiu-P
No boat could live In that boiling
flood, mid it seemed hopeless to think
of getting a rope across.
The strongest man could not lling n
stone so far. A kite would bo Instant
ly torn to shreds by the wind, and they
had no means of sonding across citlior
an arrow or a bullet. .
Poor Father Gregolre ran wildly
from mini to uihii, imploring them to
savo his friends,, and mooting every
where the same despairing shake of
the head. And still tbo water rose
higher, and higher, and higiior.
Suddenly Pierre put his mouth closo
to his father's car, and screamed with
all his might through the deafening up.
roar: ' . ' . ; . .' , ,
"Futhor Christopher!" ,.
Catching his son's idea in a niomont,
tliu forryman hastily rummaged out a
roll of twine, one cud of which Pierre
fastened around the leg of .his bird,
which was, indeed, about to become In
terrible earnest what they hud ofton
called it In jest, "the raven sent forth
from the ark." i Vt
"Food, Christopher!!' shouted the
boy, pointing to the opposlto shore;
and instantly the raven outspread its
broad bannor-like wings, and swooped
forth Into the storm, while a stifled cry
broke from tho gazuig crowd a tliey
watched Its flight.-.. J "" v. .!.
Twice all scorned lost, . as . poor
Christopher was 'almost beaten down
Into the raging waters beneath; but
the brave bird pcrsevorod, and, catch
Ing a momentary lull in. . the fury
of the storm, struggled across the
space, and fell exhausted on, the bank.
A stout farmer sprang forward to
seize the string tied to the bird's leg,
and instantly half a dozen eager hands
were at work on the cord attaching to
It Communication was thus establish
ed with the island, and in less than
half an hour the three Crusoes in the
ferryman's hut were drawn sufely
ashore, just as the whole house ' fell
into the swollen river.
After this, the raven became a great
er favorite than ever, nnd , from that
day ovoryone called him "Christophe
Le Courrier" (Christopher the Messen
gov). David Kerr, in Golden Days.
' 1 ' Practioal Courtship. (
You say you love mc. Maybe so
I woulil not doubt your word;
But others before now, you know, ' ' . ;
. Have such sweet lor; vows beard ;
Who sre not loved now, as wives would
Be loved by those tbey wed. ,
You say you love intu Very good
But will you llko taj bread I . . ... -
You siy you lovq me.,- You luuat know
.j'- ' Your words ars sweet to hear;
Like tender music, soft and low, ' ,
They charm my willing ear.
But if you would win sll my heart,
Possess my very soul- (
Promise to do a husband's part
8wr vou'll brina ud the coal I
k, ' You say you love me. And you Sole
If I could love you too.
' . I own 'twill be ah easy task
. If only you are true. -.
' f, , Tbls, this slone I stipulate, j ! '
i 'TI all my heart's desire :
- Thst I may sleep till ball-put eight,
And you shall build the fire.
Som$rli Journal.
No Cause Ibr Complaint.
"I thought you guaranteed there
wore no mosquitoes In this placeP"
said a guest st a summer resort. '
". "Xeithor 'here are, sii'.y TOturnecl
the hotel proprietor.1 " . f ( J I,
"But tliey kept mo awake all nlgfit'
Just look how my face is bitten."
. ,MTuU tut, miin!" replied the pro
prietor, scrutinizing his 'guest; r 'those
are only bug bites." Judge.
' Varying Ideas of Politeness.
Well,; there i are' different ideas of
politeness. ''la a forry-boat a follow
sat and spat against the wall as though
firing tobacco juice at a uiaik A cab.
infill of ladies were disgusted. Then an
ofliccr came in aud asked him what he
meant by such conduct. "
e notico'T-'lho ItU
i .
"Can't you see the
cor exclaimed.'
A framed injunction read as follows:
"Out of resyect for the ladies, gentle
men will not spit on the floor.
"And that's why I'm spitting on the
wall Instead of the floor," said the
The ' Right
Man in
th Right
Theatre usher "I'm a afraid I'll
h-have t-9 r-g-giv up my -pit'on
' Manager What's the biatterf
"I s-a-stutter so I o-couldn't yell
f-f-fire' quick enough' if the t-theatre
sbonld o-catcb."
"Stay where you are. You're just
the mau we wauL" Tid UUi.
City of East Dallas, Texas.
An Ordinance Kojrulatliiff Oc
cupation Tax In The City of
Kust Dall iH, Texas.
lie It ordnlnod by the City Council of the
City of Kt Dallas, Texas : Thst there
ahull be, and Ii hereby levied, sn annual
Occupation Tax for the year 1H87, on tue
following occupation In the City of East
Dallas, Texas, on every suoh occupation,
or tpsrate establishment.
Section 1. From every merchant doing
InibtncHS in said c'ty, whose annual pur
chases RinoUiit to ten thousand dollars,
. : ' .
" Sov. 2, From every merchant , in iald
city,' whose animal purchases amount to
live thousand dollars and lest than ten
thousand,, f ri.OO.
Sec. :i From every merchant doing busi
ness in said city, whose annual purchases
amount to two thousand dollars or leas
than that amount,
Hoc, 4ft From every drummer, or penou
selling patent inedlolues, $5.00.
pvfs.it. Frora every fortune teller, r.M.
Sec. U. 4 From every clairvoyant or met
merUt, $5.00. v .
Sec. 7. From evory person engaged In
biiBlnens In said cUy, discounting or shar
ing notes or other paper, or as money brok
er or uaimer.'TJH'.
Sec, fc..,.From every ' dsguarlan, photo
graphic or suoh other gsllory, $3.00. .
Sec, 11. From every auctioneer. 910.01).
Sec. It'. From every person selling on
commission, 10.00.
Sec. 11. From every land agent or at
torney at law, Jli.OO.
Sec. 12. From every resident physician,
having un olllce In said city, t-M
Sec. ID. From every transient phybician,
surgeon, oculist or medical specialist nl any
kind, f.'i.OO.
Sec. 14. -From every dentist, .V0).
Sec. 1.'). From every, bill poster, 92.50.
Sec. 1(1. From every shooting gallery,
95.00. v .
' Soc.iT., From . every billiard, bagatelle
or pigeon hole ind devil among the tailors,
or Juuii tind .table,, .V.OQ. Fool table,
See. 18.
Froin every nluo or ten-pin al
ley, 9:.oo.
Sec. 10. ; From every hobby horse, ftyiug
joiiny swiug, orotber similar device, 9.'.(io.
Sec. 20. From every loot peddler. 92.'0.
Sec. 21. From every peddler with one
horso or one pair oxen, 9:).H. Two horses,
. Sec. 22. ; Frem every theatre, or dramatic
representation, where pay lor admission is
demanded, 9,00 lor each performance,
Performances for charitable purposes ex
cluded, ? t , t i i v - ' j '' ;
See. St. From every elreiis or menngerie,
9;I0.00. j .
isec. 'JJ. : From every slclghl-ol-hand per
lormance. 9'.00.
Sec. 25. From every cock, bull or bear
I light, 910.00.
Sec. 20. From every wax work exhibi
tion, 92.50. . ,
4 Sec. 27. From evory concert jwhere pny
Is deinandod, 92.50. .
cents for each stall therein. From each
carriage, buggy, or wsgon, or other vehicle
kept for hire, 20 cents.
Sec. 21). From every hack, buggy, car
riage or wugon kept for hire, not connected
with, a livery stable, 9-.50.
''sec. 80. From every wagon or stock
J yard, f s.nn.
A tj .. ,t, x..HA.n .,...... .Imilit. In nilla nf
ilDi't ul. riuiu viv.J Mu.w v.
exchange or stocks, 97.50.
Sec. i)2. From every life Insurance com
pany having an office in said city, 95.00.
-'See. tfSi i From every lire Insurance com
pany havln'jr.iui oiilce in sold oily, 95.00.
' Roe.'li. . From every llghtnlngrod dealer
95 00. , ... . . ..
Sec. ikr From every person following
the occupation ot cotton broker, cotton
factory cbtton dealer on eoi.imisslon, 95.00
Sec. :i. Frem every pawn broker, 95.00.
Sec. ;!7. From' every sewing machine
agent or clock peddler, 92.50.
Sec. 38 . Froit i every ' electric battery,
luag tester or similar device, 92.50.
, Sec. 3D. From every hotel drummer,
Sec. 40. For sel.lng splrltous. vinlous or
other lutoAjeAiln liquors In quantity less
thau oiUMtdartL IpIh). ''I v
efmor4lhndlitidart, 920.00. f : ( 'i
8ecl 42. 'For every meat market, 910-00.
Sec. 43. For every huckster stand, whers
cigars '.- tobtdco are sold, 95.00.
See. 44. For every beer garden, or beer
saloon, 9&MX). I . : ' '
8co. 45. For all gaining devices, such
r-ias knife boards, wheel of fortune or similar
device lor making money, 93 0O.
- Ses.r r j ft ery borst rs, game .ol
mse nail. (dfr simusr junusmenu, for
the muTOSi ol making nancy, or wnere an
admission fee Is demanded, 95.00 (for escb
fay). - t
1-See. 47. When the annual tax is 95, or
less, it shall be paid for the entire year be
fore a license is Issued. No license shall
be Issued for a lest period than three
months. The receipt ot the assessor and
collector shall constitute the license. Ail
ooeiipstlnn tsxes sre hereby msde psysble
lu currency or colli ol tho United Slates.
See, 48, , uy person who shall pursue or
follow sn occupation herein taxed, with
out llrsl having paid tho tax herein levied
aud required, shall, upon couvictlon lu the
major's court, be lined In any sum not less
t Ii it u the amount of tux duo, nor more than
double the amount, and tseb day's vlohi'
lion shall constitute a separate oll'cnse.
Sect!).' The preceding section shall not
be construed so as to oll'eel any civil rem
edy fur the collection of said taxes.
See, 50. Y eu a license has been Usucd
to any porson, llrni or corporation to pur
sue any occupation herein mentioned, said
license shall he, aud the same are heroby
declared to be non-transferable.
See. 51. Any one prosecuted for a viola
tion of this ordinance, shall have his case
dismissed upon the payment of the tax and
uecrued costs.
Sec, 52, It is hereby made the duty of
the assessor and collector to report monthly
the amount ot occupation taxes collected.
If the ussessor and collector shall knowing
ly fail or refuse to collect or try to collect
any occupation tax, or receive any occupa
tion tux without giving a legal receipt
therefor, us herein provided, reserving the
proper stub, he shall he doomed guilty ol
malfeasance in oltlee, and shall be summar
ily dismissed therefrom,
Sec. 5:1, Tho mayor and city ussessor
and collector shall cause occupation tax
receipts to be printed with their signatures
and stubs lu blank, which slisll show wheu
a receipt Is issued to whom, and for what
occupation and f r how long It was issued.
See. 51. Tho mayor and secretary shall
taka Hie assessor and collcclift-'s receipt
for tho amount of Iho total number of
blanks issued, and at tliu expiration of each
month, shall cheek oil' the same and see
that he has accounted for all receipts Issued
up to date.
Sec. 55, Kvery person who shall procure
a license shall have tho same posted in
some conspicuous place at his place of busi
ness, and upon conviction of failure to do
so shall be llntd In any sum not less than
95. ik), or more than 910.00. The marshal
shall see I hut this section Is complied with.
Sec. 5.s. The ssessor and colloetor
shall have the right, and it Is hereby mado
his duty, to levy for occupailou tax, when
due, ami it Is hereby made his Imperative
duty lo II le complaints against any or all
persons oll'eiiding against this ordinance.
). W. Cltl.'TC'liKR, Secretary.
Prohibiting Obstruction of
, lie It ordained: That any person who shall
knowingly obstruct, or cause to bo ob
structed, any street or highway, by fencing
or otherwise, within the corporal 0 limits ol
said city, shall, upon convict Ion thereof
he lined not less than 95 00 or more than
910.00, and each day shall ciinsliliilu a sop.
ar.ue iiUVii .
Ailopled .dine H, ts.sii.
I.. P. MnNTtiOMKltV,
1; W. CunciiKii, Secretary.
Oi'iliiiiiiiro on Location of Sa
loons. I',- ii onluincd by the city council
0' iinr city o!' I'isl Dtillai:
Thai no v:t.ooti shall lio opened, or
sal 'in business conducted in any
I )-k wiiliin the limits of the city of
Km 1 DttiliiH, without first obtaining
tin- WT'tlcii consent of two-thirds of
tl.V puipcrty owners and residents lu
Hid hi. irk where it is proposed or da
s' red to open 11 saloon or conduct such
buMiitw, iind that every ncrsou vio.
lull .g ibis ordinauco shall bo lined tho
Biitii ol $51; for each violation thereof;
provided that every day that such sn
liinii is kept opcu or opened, and
every day such business is conducted,
shall' const ilulu n scpar-ito oH'onsp.
Tim, this ordinauco tako cll'cct from
and after its passage.
Approved Juno 4, 1H87.
0. W. Ckutchkr, Mayor.
Ordinance Governing Itnse Ball
ami Horse Racing 011
The following ordinauce by Alder
nias Haskell, was under suspension of
the rules read three times aud adopted,
lie, aud it is hereby ordained bv tbo
city council of the city of l'.ast Dallas,
that no ganio of base ball, aud borso
raco, shall bo permitted or allowed,
M il hiu the corporato limits of East
Dallas 011 .Sunday, between tho hours of
a. 111., anil lu p. 111., autl that every
person who shall cugago or taki part
In auv such games or horse race, dur
ing the time specified, shall be deemed
gui tv of an olleure, aud shall bo liued
no less than live (5) dollars, or more
than Illty (.r0) dollars, 'i b's to tako
ctlect from and after passage
Approved May 14th, 1887.
(i. W. CUC'Tf'IIKK,
1. f. Montgomery,
Ordinance GoverninglMscharge
: of Firearms.
The followlug ordinance by Alder
man Bird was nudcr suspension of
the rules, read three times and adopt
ed. He, and it is hereby ordained by
the city council of the ciiy of East
That every person who shall fire off
or shoot any gun or pistol within the
corporate limits of t;ie city of 1 Cast
Dallas, shall be deemed guilty of au
offense, and be fined In the sum of no
less than five ($5.(i) dollars, nor more
tlian Illty (,M) 00) dollars; provldod
further that this ordluance does not
forbid the uceessary shooting of rabid
dogs or burglars, this ordinance to
take ctl'oct from uud aftor this pass
age. Approved May 14tli, 1887.
(j. W. I'KL'TCHKU,
( L 1. MoNTdOMKKY,
' Secretary.
Ordinance Governing the (Jnlf,
Colorado & Santa Fe unil
Other Kallroails.
Section I. Ito it ordained that it
shall be tbo duty ot every railroad
corporation which bus a track in or
through any pnrtiou of the city of
Kast Dallas to keep lis road bod, cul
verts, swlicbcs and rirniiiiigo In good
repair, and whenever tho track of any
railroad crosses a street or alley in
suid city, it shall bo tbo duty of the
company to construct nnd keep in re
pair at such places suitable crossings
for tliu use. ol suid city and the public,
said crossings to be tho full width of
tho streets upon which tuey nro made,
and so arranged tliut tbo top ot the
rails shall bo even with tho surface, ot
the street.
Soc. II. That it shall be tho July of
tho (J., C. & S. R It. H. Company to
forthwith grade, build aud construct
nc'ORS its right-of-way nnd over its
track, at their intersection with the
new avenue recently opened by tho
city of Kast Dallas along tho division
lino bctwoeu tracts (6 and 7) six nud
soven in tho John (iiigsby league,
suitable crossings, such as described
in Sec. I of this ordinauco, nud that it
shall ho tbo duty of t lie Texas & l'a
cilic Railway Company to forthwith
construct at its intersection with Unco
street suitable crossings, such as de
scribed in Sec. 1 of this ordinance
See. III. That no railway engine
or car shall bo stopped, or permitted
to bo slopped, across any street, alley,
road, highway or pathway, so as to
obstruct or inloriero wilh passngo
thereon, and that no engine shall bo
run in 'aid city without a headlight
Sec. IV. That it shall be tho duty
of every agent and representative ol
said roads having a track in or through
said city of East Dallas to see that the
requirements of this ordinauco nro
complied with, and in enso a failure to
comply with or any violation of any
of tho requirements of this ordinauco
iho ogent or representative shall be
deemed guilly ot a misdemeanor, and
iilion conviction in the mayor's court,
shall be lined no less tbnu ten ($H)i
dollars, nor inoro than ouo hundred
($100) dollars, and each day shnll con
stitute n separato otl'ciisc.
Soc. V. That this ordinance tako
effect from and after its passage and
l'nsscd under suspension ol the rules
and approved February 7tb, 18H7.
L. 1'. Monti lo.MKHY,
(1. V. CmiTCIIKK,
t Movers DonMB Acting Fore
GlriPfl Valve Soat.
The only I'ump made having this
Cull and See It.
Hose and Hose Reels Lawk
Mowers Bncnoards Bnggics & Carts
Bartram, Robinson 4 Co.,
20ft Main Strrct. Opposite Court House
NOTICK Is bcrohy plven that the under
signed hns been appointed and la duly
qualified as asisitnee ol T. .M. -Mleri & Co.,
inorliaii at liallas, Texas. 1'artlrs In
debted to the late llnu are requested to
make prompt psvmeiit ol their Indebted
ness, and all .To'dlton who are willing to
accept under tlie terms of said assignment
are 'totiticd to tile with the undersized a
distinct statement (properly verltiod) of
their claim within six months Irom this
dale and Klve notice in wrilinK within Tour
months ot their acceptance under mid as
signment. W L. IU1.1.,
Dallas. Tex.. Oct. 12. 1N87.
Pipe, Brass Goods,
Water Worts anil Ploticrs Supplies,
Rubber Hose.Sewerpipe
vi d Fire lirick Machinery Supplies,
Beltinp, Shafting, &c.
407 Elm St., DaUaa.
rHl NEW DtPaPtTUSJl orvm
naramxlawiih init ciin rod
Vtr4 In tlx bM Hnmll 4
(MThtWrM. l'nrqn M for
tonfv, urpM IV otliers In
flnlih arid pprareix-. I
Drarrt M alo d-lT iotm
nut kM ihm. rti to m
fnr lIlaatrmlMl CatAlotfn
HtALT, Cmcaco.
HetlerMi Mason
r r

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