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C. K. (in.iiKKT, E-JUor hiiiI l'roprlclor.
'IVrniN of NulHtirtit ion :
One Your
Sl Months J'
Olio Monti J
Single Copy
One Year 1-(H)
Six Months w
iTeuiUlanc should tc made by draft, re gis
tercd letter or money order.
Advertising rules liirnished upon applies
tion at Hi n olllce.
OMIce: MSI and MW Main at., second floor.
Thursday, October SO, 1887.
Tiik ('alveston Trilitiue says "tlio
Pallas Fair promise to bo a hum
hut,' and If tho editor wero hero to
tUy In- would add: "Pallas always
f'ullii a her promises."
Tiik Ku untie Asylum id Austin
seem lo bo strictly what Its nnino ap
plies, to the letter and dot. A mental
imiludy scorns to alllict every onocou
nec'oil with the institution.
I'll k (ireimville Banner remarks
Texas is not Ireland, as English
landlords will soon tlnd out if they
begin monkeying with net tiers in the
Panhandle country.
Mhb. Jank Hrown I'ottkk, who
has returned from Paris, a full-fledged
nct'css, made her debut in NevV York
last nigh to nu $11,1)110 house. At
this rate, she will soon ,be able to re
cite.'" Ostler .loo' or ".John Ander
son, My .Toe," lor that matter-without
the fear of adverse criticism iu
8oeiety circles.
'J'hk (jcncral Assembly K. of E. set
tlio order right on the color line by
adopting a resolution to prohibit the
carrying of any other than stale atid
national colors in procesdous. The
resolution was adopted by a vote ol
Hi lo "JO. This shuts oil' the red-flag
Wiikx the Western l.nion bought the
11. & (). telegraph line, it was generally
believed that the rates would bo ad
vanced by the monopoly, lint the
telegraph to-day brings the news that
the directory has re-olvcd not to raise
tho rato except at points where com
petition had hrouirht messages for
long distances down to ID ami cents,
and there was a loss iu that business;
anil it was lurther resolved that wher
ever possiblo tho rate would bo re
duced. This is tuir, and it the Y. lr.
will keep on force enough to servo
the public promptly, and not allow a
letter to pass a message on the way
all is apt to go well bot ween the tele
giaph monopoly and tiio public.
Tiik people arc beginning to loso
laith iu the Dai, I, ah IIkkai,i since it
told tho story about the young lady
swallowing the Arkansas tadpole,
which turned iuto a frog and had to
be rut out of her stomach. News
papers should make their stories
reasonable. Paris (Jood Things.
What would U.u Hood Things
eall a reasonable story? Had
tho i Kit a i.i said tho tadpole turueJ
to a cat fish, or that tho toad Irog
came out through tho stomach un
aided, or that it M as a wiggle-tail she
swallowed and which turned to a
frog, the Good Things would doubt
less have believed the story. How
ever, the story as it was, was written
by a reporter who Is not on duty now,
and tho 1 1 Kit aid docs not propose to
vouch for it in every particular.
.eroy Brown, an elderly man, wa plyin
with a pet kllten nt bltt borne Dearths railroad
track In Homer, N. Y. Tlie kitten Jumped
from lil arms and darte I icnui tbe track.
jMr. Brown started In pursuit and was atrurk
by an express train and burled fifty feet ut
on an embankment, lilt neck wan broken ani
lie died almoin instantly.
For manr tears attempts have been made to
introduce Into tbe Tutted States tbe English
skylark. Large nimiliera of the birds ban
been brought over and liberated at Tarloui
Nilnts from Delewsra to New England, but
without exception ths birds hare disappeared
at iinrc and never h-u beard of again, except
occasionally, after intervals of year, report
conic of one bring beard In some part of the
country. Abroad ther flourish from tbe south
of Knirland to Scandinavian. Why tbey die In
tbl eouutry no one knows.
A man at Prague, Hohrmla, swallowed a
mail wslch wllb chain attached, which a;
Joker had llpied into a glass of beer while the j
mail's back ws turned. The metal, dlssolv- i
ed bv Ibearidsof Die stomach, haa poisoned'
ihnt organ and keep it in an Incessant stat'
of fever, mskiug him unable to retain fool
The man baa been dismissed from the Munich !
hospital as Incurable, and now Ilea In a bnplt- I
I at l'rague, kept alive by f"l rllnVially. I
Inlected, wailim; to see whether the watch J
will ail J .n'lre or be will die lint.
Tin: issues of the old land-law and
free-grass campaign Is revived to ouly
a feeble extent in the pending trouble
botweeu the Hocking Chair Cattle
Conipauy of Colliugswortu county,
in ordering settlers on school lauds
wllhiu their extensive euclosure to
vacate immediately. Tho settlors have
located on tho lands to sociiro a first
claim to their purchase as soon as they
aro put on the market, and the ca.tlc
company disputes their right to share
tho enjoyment of tho froo grass, pend
ing tlio classification of tlio land. Tho
settlers respond by saying to tho cat
tle company. " You have these lands
illegally enclosed and wo will not
vacate." Gov. Hoss has scut (Jen. W.
P. Hardeman to investigate the re
ported and threatened ovictlous. Iu
talkii.g ol this matter (Jov. Hoss says
that "if all parties will honestly com
ply with the present law, it will
not only result in greatly
augmenting the school fund, but will
people Hint country iu a few years.'
That is what those lands werosot apart
for school purposes but tho cattle
men who have so long enjoyed tho
free ratigo and unlimited control of
all that eouutry, Hud it hard lo realize
tho fact that these lauds wore set
aside for the stistaiuauce of tree educa
tion and not for the monopoly of cat
lie companies. Gov. Uoss, however
will soon give them another lessou on
that stibjoct.
Oik Ellis county triends should
hurry through with their home enter
tainment and ship their splendid ex
hibit to Dallas where everybody can
see it. They will probably do so, lor
there is nothing small about' Ellis
county. They arc in a better condi
tion lo be generous than to bo selfish.
Wincinakiiig la under way la California.
Moody la conducting revival meetings tu
Out hundred Indies are students at the Cor
nell university.
Virginia winter apples are scarce, and are
selling hiL'h already.
New York Is to spend I iVi.OHO In beautify
ing Morningslde park.
By the last of October 2,000 men will be al
work in tin; Brooklyn navy yard.
The packing of Mexican mackerel la becom
ing a big iiiliittrv on the gulf coast.
The Lick telescope la expected to he ready
for work at the beginning of the new year.
Of thes.OU federal oftlces in Massachusetts
:i,S-.8, or S.t per cent., are filled by republicans.
Sumatra l;a a flower which grows to nlm
feet in circumference and weighs fifteen
flood telegraph operators at e offered by the
Mltklewicx Barker syndicate $'J0O a month for
their services in China.
The famous case of Myra Clark Calne
comes up again Iu the United States supreme,
eourt at its next sitting.
Tbe board of trade of Aberdeen, Miss,, arc
being urged to take steps looking to place a
boat In the river at that place.
A hear at Carter's ranch, about live inllet
from Maugus, New Mexico, baa killed one
hundred goats within a few weeks.
The remains of a boy who was drowned nlnr
years sgo were found In Euglaud recently,
and recognized by his boota and a tooth.
Temecula, made famous by Mi's. Jackson in
"Ramona," la ssid to he the only place iu
southern Callforia that is at a standstill.
A piano company In New York city Is dolup
a great business by offering to give musk
le-to'iis on the Instrument to each purchaser
The robbers of the Allautiu aud Tacllli
trains have been traced into Tonte basin,
Arizona, but there In no definite further clew.
One of tbe boasts of an Interior town In
Florida la that It can ahow up more peopls to
meet trains than any place of ita size la thi
The decision of tbe Baltimore Judge that s
busbsnd is not liable for a wife's debts wil
probably atart a matrimonial boom lo the
monumental city.
A Maine man who doesn't want to In
bothered with baggage when be goes travel
lug takes an extra collar, and carries ibal
under tbe aweatband In bis hat
Miss Nellie Shaw and Mr. I. P. Longfellow
held the rein In a horse-trot at Maine fair.
Miss Bbsw's trotter wou In 3:42, bat the coin
mittee divided tbe purse of f6 evenly.
Negotiations are on foot for a colony of ten
thousand Germane from Chicago to settle oi
hundred aerea on wbat ia known as Btorm't
ranch, between Colfax and Grsss Valley, Nev
Some of the vlneyardlsts about Santa Rosa
Cat., are dissatisfied with tbe prices paid for
grapes and claim that tbe wine-maker bavi
entered into combination to keep tbe prlcci
The American flag Is to be raised on th
capitol at Sacramento, Cat, every day aflct
the etpiratloo of the time it baa been ordered
at half-mast in respect to the memory of I hi
late Gov. Kartlett.
A pair of rubber hand have been attached
by a Newark. N. J., doctor, to the wriata ol
young Walter Alexander, whose bamla wen
rut off by coming In contact with the machin
ery of a rublier-works.
Tbe new state raptitol of Texaa will be com
pleted by next June. The stste paid for the
building In laud valued at J,Oo0,lft The
contractors bave alrrsdy made over $3,t1.npi
proflt on their bargain.
It onlv cost the cattle cominissioa of Main
fill 4(1, tbe amount paid to lb owner ol
animal) kllleiL to get rid of all cases, so tar ar
known, of roataglotie diseases among tb
doiyestiv animals of that state. . t
Of the Texas State Fair and
Dallas Exposition.
nv. Hohh' Sleeli--Tlie lro
ccHsion. Tho mild, bracing norther which
lias been cooling tho atmosphere for
tho pat throe days was slightly accel
erated this morning, aa if by rcueid
of tho management of the I'air, in
order to brace up the systems of the
surging throngs and show oil' to ad
vantage the dense loll a go of bunting
which clusters lit tho wiudaws, on the
aivniugn, uptu il'o house-tops, aud
every whore flutters aud twirls aud
glitters iu (he mollow suuligh't of the
Indian summer weather. JIad all the
fates conspired together and met in
secret coinlave to set old Dame
Xttttro to right lor the occasion, they
could have added nothing tu existing
Cov. Hoss arrived as per announce
incut on the !) a. in. Texas & Paul tic
train and was escorted to the (iriiud
Windsor Ilotol, wliero many promi
nent citizens, including old army
friends aud others, called to pay their
respects lo his excellouey.
At about 11 o'clock the stralus of
the Silver Star baud announced tho
approach of tho military proce.sion,
which had formed at Armory Hall ami
marched down Elm to Stono street,
thence down Main to the Grand
Windsor. Althouuh several of the or
ganization booked lor Ike occasion
were absent, including the famous
Houston Eight Guard, the display
wis highly creditable to the companies
participating, all giving evidence o!
industrious drill practice. The local
military was fully represented bv tho
Dallas Eight Guard, ('apt. McMello
commanding, Dallas Killcs, Capt.
Ilorford, Gaston CadeU, Japt. Hun
ter and Uatteries Crawlord and Sanger
commanded by Capt. A. V. Wozoncrafl
while the Grayson Killo in their glit
tering gold lace, tho Eannia Guards
of lioiilifcin, iu their snowy whito caps
and eloquent now toggery, and the
llaldrldge Light lufautry, of Kinds,
uniformed all over till one could not
tell " which from t'oher," aud a tine
company from Terrell, commandod"
lv Capt. Eeake, made up the bat talion,
evidently pleasing to tho searching
eye of our soldior-govoi nor as well as
tlio vast multitudes who entiiaded
them w ith an admiring gazo
Iteing drawn up in a handsome
dress piirudo In frotit of the Grand
Windsor, tho battalion grounded
iirins until tlio governor and escort
passed Iu reviow, when the lino of
march was tai en up for tho grounds
joined by the fire depaatmcut, on Elm
street, and an inutimerable raravan ol
vehicles, horsemen aud a multitude
which to number or describe would
be as mi necessary as Impossible. If
the procession was not so lanro nor so
well organized as had been anticipat
ed the crowd was not lacking, and
every whcio tho sidewalks, windows,
doors atd veraudahs were -crowdod
with people
Ex-Shcrifl W. H. W. Smith, as mar
shal of tho day, was everywhere, get
ting thin if s in shape, and tho dense
crowd of humanity, with its attend
ant confusion, did not disconcert him
in tbo least.
At the union depot tbe procession
was disbanded aud tbe military re
turned to tho armory, to be dismissed
for tlio cniovmeut of the occasion ao
cording to the dictates of their will
aud pleasure, whilo the throng oi
citizens and visitors proceeded to the
grounds by the various means of
transportation at hand.
Hon. Harnett Gibbs introduced to
tbo vast throng ot people Governor
ul Koss, a man who had received the
lartrest vote for Governor ever cast for
anv man in Texas, a man who had
always been true lo his people, iu war
and iu peace. Applause.
Governor itossin appropriate terms
announced tho opening of tbo State
Fair and Dallas Exposition. In elo-
aucnt language lie reviewed the his
tory ofexas ami cxprcsaod Lis pride
in her heroic achievements or tlio past
and her present development. Jle
complimented Dallas, Iter great com
mercial, educational and huaucla! me
tropolis. Jle referred lo the great
exposition as a laating monument to
the honor, fame and name of the great
Southwest. The gallaut Governor
paid a beautiful compliment In tho
women, of Texas. Ho said, when
tho Itoman Giacehl was sked to ex
hibit bur most priceless jewels, alio
pointed lo her noble otit
who wero upholding tho tottering
fortune of tlitir country, a
a response which caused her uaino to
bo cmblasoucd In history and trans
mitted through ail time; but wore be
called upon lor the jewels of this great
state, ho woultl point to her noble
women, tho foundation of our social
aHd domestic lile, to whom wo are
so laruclv indebted for this graud dis
play of our indtistria' achicvemeuts,
and prosperity. Tlio Govornor then,
after declaring the Texas State
Fair and Dallas Exposition open, and
extonding a welcome to every one,
amid tho hurrahs of an assembled mul
titude, and the music of the Mexican
band, assuniod tho place assigned
him nnil fraxtiod tlio bauds ol his
intiltittido of friends that surrounded
Tlio Exhibition Hall still presonts a
busy appearance, but a few exhibits
aro completed, consequently a descrip
tion In detail must bo deterred until
all are ready. The display is super1!
and olegaut, and simply vast, lar ex
ceeding that of last car, and far be
yond tho mo.t sanguine expectations
of tbe imiuagcmciit.
Hut one vacant space was set u to
day by the Hkk ami reporter, and con.
sidel ing III-.' tact that there are several
parlies unable to get spuco suftieiciil
for their display, Mi id vacancy will
soon i.u occupied.
The Mexican band have improved
greatly in their renditiou of tin lavor
ite American compositions, and they
are eagerly listened to by tbe crowds
Tiki sec i i i: presented ou tho grounds
outside of exhibition hall Isa panorama
of mechanical' wonder. Machinery
I ball is not open completely, llor
! tictilluial liall. Agricultural Hall aud
! poultry and pet slock departments wil'
be promptly opened on tlio nay set
apart for that purpose.
The live stock department is lull
to overflowing.
The attendance to-day was lair for
au opening day, and there will bo a
trciiicndeous crowd out there as so n
as everything is in applopio order.
At the iluckuer Orphan Home lunch
stand, at tho Imposition, Mrs. J. E.
Hour.", chairman, assisted by Mes
tlnines Terrell, Milligan, Spencer, W.
I j. Williams, ,1. II. Simpson, Misses
Clara Warren, Luclllo Crawford, An
nio I'fouts, Ma'.tio Oliver, Ada and
Jessie Williams, uiary Eeake, Virgie
Meloue, Eclia Scruggs, Xouio lloren,
Lizzie Miller, Eva Grossim and Miss
Wagner of Austin. Tlio ladies of tlio
Methodist Episcopal Tabernacle have
charge to morrow, when Gov. Uoss is
lo dine with theni.
A Hoy Wanted
To carry a horseback route on IIku
At.n. Apply at this otlicu.
Suit Piled.
Iu Justice llraswell's court to day
J. G. llabb brought suit against J. E'.
Maugas for payment for carpenter's
Steinway pianos are the lavorite of
tbe world. Hill A. vtutKin & co.,
sole agents.
The Woman's Homo ladles have
meals at all hours of the .day at the
George W. Brawloy, a youug farmer
and hay-maker of Graysou county,
yesterday made complaint against
John W. Fields, one of the oldest and
wealthiest citizens of that county,
charging him with the in fatuous crime
of lucest with his 14-year-old daugh
ter. Fischer pianos, over 74,000 now iu
use, aud giving utmost satisfaction.
Will A. Watkin & Co , 7:7 Main St.
Tho General Atsembly of the
Knights of Labor concluded their
session at Minneapolis yesterday, alter
a coulinuous nine hours' session. The
time of meeting ot the General As
semby was changed to tho Tuesday
following the second Monday in No
vember. Indianapolis was chosen as
the place for the next meeting.
Steinway pianos are tbe lavorite ol
the world. Will A. Watkin & Co,
sole agents.
Marriage' licences were issued to
day to Mr. O. V. Leaby and Clara O.
Corict, aui1. II. D. Eaton and Min
ute Smith.
Fischer pianos, over 74,tKK) mow in
use, and giving utmost satisfaction.
Will A. Watkin & Co 737 Main St
tnin.it; err ..' il.
8cuoud day 0 rand concert In MiinIo Hall
by the cclciirutud National ltuud of tlio Re
public ot Mexico. Grand opening ol the
Art department, collodion ol' work ol eel
(ibriitcd artist valued at 1200,000 on exhibi
tion. Military drills, (,'liurlot ruccs, lour
homes abreast. Knees on track.
M.ITI. .!, V TOHt. lt 2i.
Third dtiy (iriind converts In Music Hull
!y tho celebrated .National Maud of the Ke-
Puldie of Mexico, (irund oppnlii.tr of the
'firm and Mill department. Military drills.
Hulclior's celebrated flying- Trapeze, or
laud ship, drawn ny lour thoroughbred
homes, making a circle, ol the mile, truck In
1:41); uerohtit performing on bar suspended
some thirty feet Irom tlio ground. Uraud
balloon ascension, asronatil loping ironi ins
balloon, with parachute, at s dU
H.unce of
oiki mile from terra II runt.
Knees on track.
f .VJ'.f I, HVTOHKM 'i.i.
Fourth Utiyj-MHerod concert in Music Hull
by tho celebrated National Jlaud of the Re
public, of Ms.xlco.
.".. 1, IH TOUKH ill.
Kiltli day Uraud concerts in Music Hall
by tho celebrated National Jlaud of the Re
public of Mexico. Grand opening of the
Live .Stock department, 2(Kl head of stock,
among which will he exhibited some of the
finest pedigreed horses, rattle, sheep and
hogs in the world. Captive balloon uscen
aion, with lour cars attached, ullbrdlng
sealing capacity for four persons, who can
make lite ascent, and, with field glasses pro
idcd. can see the surrounding country for
twenty live or thirty miles away. Mlllltary
drills.' Kl) lug trapeze. Aruna Kxbilnllon
of live Mock. Knees on track.
Eight p. in. Grand display of tlruworks,
ii which will he given uu exact representa
tion of Hie Kails of Niagara, with all id' lis
grandeur of rolling, seething waves, pictur
ed in variegated colors ol tire.
;.!, ovtuhum !,;.
Sixth day Grand couuci ts in the Music
Hull by the celebrated National ltandot the
IlepuliMu oi Mexico, (irund opening of
Machinery Hall : itssi feet of Hue-shall in
motion, operating I07.ik.hi floor apace of
machinery, exhibiting many ol' the marvel
ous labor saving Inventions of the human
brain. Mlllltary drills. Arena Exhibition
of live slock. Chariot races. Flying trap
eze. Hicycle races. Knees on truck.
M''.V '. 1', U4TOHKM rill
Seventh day Grand concerts In Music
Hull bv the celebrated National Hand
the Republic of .Mexico. Grand opening ot
(he (jcologlcil department. Catile
bv cowboys : thirty head of Texas
wild from their native plains, turned loose
on the grounds, to ue ropeu anu lieu
Irani horseback, under competition
for a handsome prize. Military drills.
Arena Exhibition ot live stock. Chariot
rices. Flying trapeze. Rare buck riding by
ladies. Races ou track.
Till HMIt.ll', OI TOHKH 27.
Eighth Hay Grand concerts In Music
Hull ny the celebrated National Bund of the
Republic ol Mexico. Grand opening of the
Ladles and Educational departments.
Chariot races. Flvlng trapeze. Arena
Exhibition of live stock. Military drills.
Races on truck.
jiiu.it; oi ro hi: it -is.
Ninth duv Grand concerts in Music Hull
by the celebrated National Rand of the Re
public ol Mexico. Grand opening of the
Horticultural department. Cut Flower Day.
Chariot races. Flying trapeze. Arena
Exhibition ot live slock, emtio roping.
.Military drills. Races ou track.
Tenth day Grand concerts iu Music
Hull by tlic celebrated National Rand of tho
Republic of Me vict-. Grand opening of the
I'oullrv department, Children' day ; chil
dren under VI year old tree. Arena Ex
hibition of live stock. Cbnrlot races.
Flying trapeze. Grand captive balloon
ascension. Exhibition of horsemanship by
bovs. Military drill. Grand parado of.
premium animals. Races on track.
Sl.Vll.ll', Ot TOHHM U0
Eleventh day Sacred concerts by the cel
ebrated National Hand of the Republic of
Mex.co. ii'esa parade of troops.
,no.nj Ot Tit HUH 31.
Twelfth day Grand concern In Music
Hall by the ccicbrulcd National Rand ot the
Republic ot Mexico. Grand opening of
the great race week. Military drills. Bal
loon ascension. Uureback riding around
track. Regular racing to begin at i p. m.
TVKfll.l .Wt'K.nHKH I.
Thirteenth day Grand concerts In Music
liuil by tlic ccfebrrtrt'd Nstinnal Hand of
the Republic of Mexico. Military drills,
balloon ascension. Kaies ou track at 3
p. in. .
s-nw-vKAur, .vi.Fiift 9.
Fourteenth day Grand concerts In Mnslo
Hall bv the celebrated National Rand of the
Republic of Mexico. Military drills. Knees
on track at i p. m.
Flftocntb day Graud concerts in Musio
Hull by the celebrated National Band of the
Kepublie ol Mexico Chariot races. Fly
ing trapeze. Military drill. . Races on
track at 2 p. in.
f MiiMt'. .vt'K.nmrtm 4.
Sixteenth dav Grand concerts In Music
Hall bv tbe celebrated National Rand of the
Republic of Mexico. Ralloon ascension.
Chariot races. Flying trapexe. Cattle rop
ing. Military drills. Races on track at 2 p. m. J
HJTI t.l .,lJV.WtJvf 5. v.
Seventeenth day. Grand concerts In
Musio Hall by the celebrated National Hand
of the Republic of Mexico. Ralloon uscen
ion Chariot race. Flying trapeze.
Military dill's. Race on track at i p. m
Fight p. ni. Grand display of tire-works
among which will be given a representa
tion of tbe Mvaterioti Sua-- Dance,"
'The Juggler." and many other attrvtive
piece iu ariegutcd colors of tire.
The amall-lHined Yorkshires, more flesh
to amotiut ol feed than any other stock la
our country.
I ciill have
e a lew tor sale. Three full
i, ild .t half-breed, and 3 sows,
i ol Fair ground on Santa Fe
I J. M. Raownsa.
stock boar
mile north
Dallas. Txa.
Music J
nd of f
insrot X
roped V

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