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The Dallas daily herald. (Dallas, Tex.) 1873-1887, October 20, 1887, Image 8

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glnlh jOailf Strit'
;. K. (iil.iiKiti, Kdltorand Proprietor.
V. 1. .MiDON'Al.U. tMii Mnln at.
AIwujh nl IM otllre.
PINTbT. E' jwiftarSlufldai
DKNTIST Charlei B. l.ewl,
J'oalotUoe building, Kim treet.
'ilHVi' 1J l.H.,.so:iMiiiiiand
M4 Kim "treelH.
1 .0011 1 .Note.
".lo-lle" only nt 230H Kim titreol.
Cigars, tiilmi'i o or tli heat qualitlei and
low prii'i-B, at A. K. Itmiihe'ii.
Jlcllo Hoyil, of 'oiiliMlcnito n;iy fiitnc,
is lcoturinj,' in lakotn.
Ksicy orpniH, hitflieht unlit y, Kiiml
eat tluriilMliiy. tll l'r t-Hsy nioiitlily
or (inmitTly pnyiiifiitf. ill A. Wnt-
kill ,t Co., B..I.! HPItU.
If you want u linriit'Hg lor your
driviiijf hrf) m th most iTiiHonublo
i,rlcf tor leather and workmanship
'lou t tnil to see I'ticlffctt Jlros. stotk
which U tho liii jiCKt nml most eoni
jileto in tlio State.
It is ii familiar axiom, "that tho
i.mol of Uiepiuliliiifr is in tho eating."
The proof ot .Morrin' CiiHcariue as a
cure for livr-r and bowel complaints is
in its utte.
(iuinlm tile and lino Mexican coffee just
arrived at Hoiiehu'H grorery Htore.
I.adios Me Mrs. (iartlner's ndvortin
nicut. l)oula I'.ros.. the "Merchant Tail
ors, 703 Mii.n Htrcet, have received
their lull and winter ntotk ot the most
i'Hshionnl.li! Mi'iling. They solicit tho
onleri of those di-Hiriti.'p,'rfuct "tli"tf
irartiii'Ul and tiiiulo in the mont nrlirt
tlc manner.
The celebrated Fischer pianos can
be found nl Will A. Wiitkm .V.. Co'h.
exhibit at the Imposition ilurrtig tho
continuance of the Fair.
Saddles for the cow-boy. saddles for
the ladies, saddles for a quiot and easy
ride, and for those who wish sonic
thing lor comfort and made of tho
best material, anil the largest select iou
to choose from, at I'wjgitl Itros.
Hope is the anchor of lite. Thorn)
Who are nlllicled with constipation
are the victims of despondency. Mor
riV Cascarine is a positive euro lor
this disorder.
Tycoon ( hop Itleiulcil. May Blossom teas,
the 'best teas in Hie neu kcl. for TiOo and ")
,ier pound at A. K. HoirIih'b.
Fstey organs, highest quality, great
est durability, sold tor easy monthly
or quartet lv payments. Will A. nt
kin & Co., sole agents.
Steinway pii.nos aro the favorite of
the world. Will A. Walkin & C o.,
sole agents.
l.'ogers silver plated forks and
spoons at manufacturer's prices at
J. 1 Doherty & Co's., (jiBJ Main street
'.'nil door from Lamar.
Silver KIhi? yeast powders nt A. K. Holt
die's, K.!4 Slain street.
The JIkkai.I) docs all kinds or job print
ing In good style at lowest rales.
Watches, diamonds, silver and sil
ver plated ware Hie best and cheapest
at .1. 1. Doherty & (.Vs., Cl: Mum
Tho universal sentiment of those
who have tested Morris' Cascariue is
.that it is an unfailing and unrivalled
remedy for affections of tho digestive
- Honey, maplo syriip liy the( gallon or
quart, also dried bcuf, ul A. E, 15ouelir -
(iovernor lfoss is, accompanied by
hia daughter, .ludge Kendall, superin
tendent of tho deaf and dumb asy
lum, and his daughter, and lion. I I
Foster, commissioner of insurance,
statistics aud history.
IflVAl Hf.l'l.t
Absolutely Pure.
This dor nevpi vanea. A marvjl ol
,,iirit.MrMiirth and wholeiwmieneaa. More
nmil tliaii Hie ordinary kinds, end
y.ni.ot .--Id in competition w Ih the mul
J Hide of low st, hoit weight slum or
oihate powilers. 80I1I only in cans.
Kotal Uikiko Pownra Co.,
106 Wall fUW. I
Boot and Shoe House,
71 J Kim St. HALT, AS, TMX. 71 '1 Kim St.
Galyanizcd Iron Cornices, Wooi anfl Iron Mantels, Grates, China, Glassware.
iiyd Kim Street ami B'JW Pncilli- Aveniif,
(ireat iutorest is being inauifesled in
Oak Clin" by visitors. There are many
hero who come at much to invest in
property in the beautiful suburb of
Dallas ni to see tho Fair. There are
representatives of an Kast Texas syn
dicate here to buy a number of lots.
All who have beeu over the new
lowu express surprise at (he wonder
ful progress that is being made toward
so high a state of improvement. Onk
mill' will bo a popular suburban town,
and (ho most, beautiful anc attractive
in the Smith, a regular park.
1'otitl'H Kxiract without sn eUiii tor
Forty years, for Piles, Inclinations and
lIuiutirrliMKes, etc., carries tslB prestige
with every bottle.
There is no jewel so precious, no
blessing so great as perfect health. 1 1
your stomach is weak and disordered
mill lioiirlrt IL irentlo vet strengthening
stimulant use Morris' Cascariim.
Whips and lap robes, a splendid line
for pleasuro vehicles and headquarters
for those wanting Icither of nil kinds,
shoe findings and furnishings at
l'adgclt Itros., wholesalo and retail
Fischer pianos, over 74,HM) now in
use, anil giving ul most, salislaction.
Will A. Watkin & Co., 77 Main .St.
Kslcy organs, highest qualify, great
est dtirabilsty, sold lor easy monthly
or quarterly payments. Will A. Wat
kin & Co., solo ngents.
May blossom tea, the best tea on tho niar
kol.at lioiiehe's, KM .Mnln street, Ml cents
per pound.
Kresh country butler at A. K. Houehe".
Fresh butler on ice, cheese, hams.
fruits, etc. A good assortment ol
lu a railroad wreck near Lincoln.
Nob. yesterday, Isaac Davenport, a
brak man, was caught botwten the
tender aud ear, while tno Humes were
drawiug near to him and tho only
way to release him whs by cutting
his leg off with an axe, which was
done, lie bore tho ordeal heroically
but at last occotinis was roportcil as
Steiuway pianos. Fischer pianos.
Steiuway p auos. Fischer pianos.
Oieiuway pianos. Fiseimr pianos.
Steinway pi .nos. Fischer pianos.
Will A. Watkin & Co, 7J17 Alain Si.
The newly-elected electrician in
charge of the lire alarm is to receive
ii7."i per month tor his services.
Pianos sold fjr easy monthly or
nuatterly payments. Will A. Watkin
& Co., 737 Main street.
I'ianos sold for easy monthly or
quarterly naymoms. Will A. Wtk(u
A5 Co., 737 iMain si reef.
It vou want your watch or jewtlr)
repaired take it to .1. I". Doherty fe
Co., fiC3 Main si reel.
tiuuk TiHiiMimrtiiiioii To and KYom
Kttir (ii i)iiiiO"
viu tho Texa.& l'aciflo liailway, com
mencing Oct. SO, continuing until
.Nov. 6 inclusive. Trains will leave
dowu town (brick) depot every hour
between H a. 111. and 6 p. m Fare U
cen's for round trip. Take lids ionic
and avoid the vexntious incident to
other methods of transportation.
. W. McCrM.orn,
(Jeneral l'nssenger and Ticket Agent.
Wood and Iron MhiiIoU.
iK.pi-v i'.piiN. nmnuiacttirers aud
' dealers' in stoves, tinware, queens
11 Mfilnmhii linn
l,lrl p-
irrnnnrSna lllU'HVfl HI! It All U At 1 . J I.
Crmldcck's, H03 Krvay street. I or wnre ctC ) lmVe added a solendid hue
fair dealing and low prices refer to
those who havo traded with him for
four years.
Ilui'k wheat, roasted eottoes.e.nnneil goods
mackerel, herrings, apple butter, fresh
crackers, etc., at ltoui he's 8U4 Main street
ltotauy is a passion with tho lair
V' nl,l..i.i ilmintn tliOt it
to thoir business; which is wood and
iron viantels of most beautiful de
signs. Harry Itros. wore alway noted
I.,- iii.iiiiniiartcrs for lieatiuir
! and cooking stoves, showing 0110 ol
the liaiidsomost biockb ever ciuiunc.i
in tiio South. Their handsome stores,
.J'0' ly idrm Z ule ft iff:
""...' ic flowers and the earth's pro- nro crowded with house lurnishing
Jurti contain certain etilcient pre-' goods of every description-
nervS-: W2 iZ W. aTwST Co., pianos and
ankles. Morris' Cascarino contains the j rguns.
remedy for all sncti compiaiiits
1 4 1. At Iia, n urn no e.iiiAti lots
iii i n..iiufl- hut. ch 1 Around and lei
nut i
Tlielr Huslne Booming.
i i,..i.i.. i,nn ihtnir has caused
I ruunini "7 T - ...
f itch n "enornl revival of trade at W.
IMcbardsoii Mi ier. tow you iiiopc tnen gpwTi
c eXt Knco lots in tno choicest )1. Howell & Hro's. drug store a. their
tlLff,V-T 'i ... .i. ..tv ni.lv one .tvh.ffs.wav to their customorsot so,
Vnatiy frco trial bottles of Dr King s
Xew Discovery for Consumption.
Their trade is simply enormous in tuis
very valuable article, from the lucl
lhat it always cures aud uover disap
i.olnis Coughs, colds, a-thina, bron
t hitis. croup aud all throat and lung
diseases quicklv cured. Vou can test
1. .!.. i.nvinir hv uett uir a trial
ririat hut WMtl YOU 10 try OOB Ul I" ucim ""1 . .
rgist.jusi wanis you i , b1zo u Kvery bot-
his lino cigars, auu n ) i .,i
. ' I . : ... ' I In nrnrralllAM.
toilet article or any prescrijiuou -
pounded his experienced clerks w d lircgWeuURj party were expected
K lKS:i rmiunlei," WI j to leave Montgomery, Ala., to-day at
..Mfl.borhood in tho city, only one
bleck from streetcars. Now mark the
price. Onlv 500 per lot. ne-halt
cash, balance on long time. Kichard
sou & Miller, Heal Estate Brokers, 109
Sycamore street, Dallas. Texas..
Waller la Here.
Mr. C. V. Waller, the F.lni street
Jrugifist, just wants you to try one of
on him for Drugs, Fancy Articles and
A car loud ol seed wheat is wanted
at Cordon linmedUtely.
t)......i.. (i,. if. in trt irrocer. has
lust sddad a splendid refrigerator, tn which
he has alwsvs the freshest eountry butuir,
etfgf and Iresh Klclschman's ye ait, which is
kept cold as ran be.
Telephone Connection With tUe Klr
1 o'clock for Washington, no slops to
hn innitn ou the return trip, except.
perhaps, at Ashville, X. C, where the
train may taffy fifteen minutes.
Bucklen'a Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Hores, Ulcers, Salt IJheurn,
Fever Sores, Tetter Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup-
..... l ... liAtm ll I ..H.aktAAH aiV
Tho Erie I cicpuouo i,oiiiiunj pay required, iv i gunnuicvu r"
.i ... nut t tlio Fair (rounds, tl0rfm i antiafmitiouor nit iiey relti'ided
mi - - I . .
opened au otlico at tho tair (j rounds,
where any oue cnu g.-
with the rity for Id cents for a con
versation of five iniuiites. Subscrib-
i.. ..;m mi uoriirn connection
with parties at the Fair (.rounds y ,
paving 10 rents messenger lee.
1 C. A. Kkai, Manager, j
oil on I
i buyers and thippers will find it to,
their interest to call on or address,
j 6L'3 Elm Mreet.
! when they need Class I'.ooks. Jtrushes,
! Hami.ling I'aper. '' "R" or ny'"K in
the stationery line.
rlee2AceuU per box. tor lc by
W. M. UO'U X l
Kor Kent.
Three good rooms to reut over
Douglass Itros., on Main street. Apply
at W. IL Howell & Uro's.
MY Klerlrie Hell and Sus
pensory rrt nervous
debility, loss of manhood,
i - - nf linHv .ml ni i n il
MFNThjilY .n.itl.ti.l error., we.k l.a.-k.
M"rll for book'on Manly V:g or. Iree.
llR. D. Yot'Nii, Hiidaon M. N. Y., ity.
University of Tanas.
I purchased a sample of. Dr. Thick's Cream Haking Pow
der and subjected it to a rigid examination. The results of
the'ehemical analysis prove it to be of greater strength, of
more perfect purity and more conducive to digestion than the
ether baking powders in the market.
I use it in my own family in preference to all others.
Professor of Chemistry, I'nivcrsity of Texas, Austin, Texas.
The following Heads of the Great Universities and Public
Food Analysts having analyzed every brand of Baking I Powder
in the market, find DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER
EXTRACTS for general family use.
Prof. R. CHJI'IKN DOR K.Ml'S, M. P., I.. I.. 1., ll.'lleviic Me.lical College, New York.
Trof. II. C. WHITK, State I'licmist, I'nivcrsity of (ieorgin, Alliens, Georgia.
Prof. R. C. KKO.IK, Late ('resilient Stale Hoard of Health, Lansing, Mich.
Trof. II. M. SCIIKKKKR. Annlyliial Chemist , St. Louis, Mo.
Prof C1IARLKS K. IlWICH I, Analvtiial Cliimi-t, Wheeling, . a.
Prof. IAMK.S F. IIAIK.'O1 K. State Assaycr, Hoston, Mass.
Dr F Ll AS A. HARTLEY. . S., ( hemisl to tlie hept. of Health, ltrooklyn, N.
I'rof. CURTIS C. HOWARD. M. Sc.. Starling Medical College, Columbus, Ohio.
Prof IOIIN M. OUDWAY, Mass. Institute of Technology. Hoston.
Prof. R. A. WITTIIAUS, A. M.. M. D., I'niversity of ItulTalu, N. Y.
Prof. A. IL SAHIV, Slate I'lieniisl, Hnrlingtoii, Yt. , . .
Prof. IOIIN HOHLANDKR. Jk., A. M., M- D., Prof. Chemistry and Toxicology, Ccl-
lege Medicine and Sin gerv, Cim iniiali, O.
Profs. A&STKV & Wl LBUR. Profs. (. hcmislry, Rutgers C ollcge, New Briinawick, N. J.
Prof GEORGE E. BARKER. I'rof. Chemistrv, University of Pcnn., 1 Inladclphia, ha.
Prof PETER COLLI I'.R. l liicf Chemist U.S. Dej-t. Agriculture, Washington, D.C.
Profs HEYS & RI I'.. Prof,, fliemistrv, Ontario S.liool Pharmacy, Toronto, Canada.
Dr ( M ICS M.BR EC I IT. Chemist at the United Status Mint, New Orleans, La.
Prof. EDGAR EVER 11 ART, Prof. Chemistry, I niversity of Texas, Austin, lev
Prof. E. W. IIILG AUD. Prof, ( hcmislry, University California, Berkeley, Col.
Prof. S W. McKEOWM. Analytical Chemist, Yonngstown, Ohio.
Dr. II EI V RICH DETTMl'R. Analytical Chemist. St. Louis, Mo.
Prof C GILBERT WIIEI l.ER, late Prof. Chemistry Chicago Univerity, Chicago, III.
Prof! . IL LON'G, Professor t hcmislry, Ch.icag.i Medical College and hicago ( ollcge.
Prof G. A. MARINER. Analytical Chemist, Chicago, III. .
Prof. M. DELFONTAINE. Analytical Chemist, Chicago, III.
Prof R S G PA TON. Ph. D., Chemist for the United States Government Chicago, III.
Prof A' V. SMITH. Ph. C, Prof. Chemistry Case School Applied Science. Cleveland, O.
To sell goods but
Sell Goods to Live.
Our brag PIANO is the
They have been here too long to
need praise from us. Our
New England Piano
Every Note is Music ( Itself.
Standard, Frees & Son and ImrEuH-
O R Gr A N Ij I N E.
Come and see us. e welcome
one and all.
812 and 814 Main Street, - Dallas, Texas.
Iv. S HIELD S, ' :
CKJ:i 351m JSvrcet,
Justin receipt of the latogt ami iiiok! anintic itylri of
Aul we are llcatlqiiarters for

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