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Real Estate Transfers.
T F tr 1 tan Pnmnonv i ft A.
J. Holt, lot 7, block 43, Onk Cliff,
Snuio grautor to W. S. Orr and T.
M. Orr, lot 9, block 77, Oak CHIT, $475.
J. A. Wlthorspooa and wife to W.
Ji Carroll, 80 acres formerly known
ft;tho Elluu Sullivan Iract, aud 20
acres in Ellia county.
AV'allor Caruth to tho Farmers' Al
liance Kxcbange, about 100 acros ad
joining the Colo Fair Grounds, $1 and
benefits which may accrue from tbo
building of improvements by tlio Al
lauco, it being iurtber stipulated that
Farmers' Alliance Exchange shall glrJ
right of way and street car linos.
Frank M. Cockroll, Waller Caruthi
C. A. Keating, John II. Cole, A. J'
Portor, AV. II. Letnmon, O. P. Bowser
and T. A. Hughes, to tho Farmors' Al
llnnro Exchange, tbo machinery hall lu
tho Colo Fair Fair Grounds $1, and
tbo building ot Improvements by the
. OHvor and J. D. Thomas tor Mrs.
Angusto (janzor,lot 87, block J, Thom
as addition, $000.
S. A. Mahon aud wifo te James M.
Harry, a lot on tho McKinuey road.
Goorgo E. Fultou aud wife to Johu
J., John F. aud George Lang, a lot on
Hickory street, $700.
Sanger Brothers Loan aud Saving
Association to Johu J., John F. aud
Goorge Lang, lot 1, blobk G, Prather
& Ardrcy's addltlou, $850.
R. B. Soay to N. (J. Turncy, lot 8,
Bones' subdivision, aud a lot lu the
rear thorcof, $1000.
The Wlicclock.
Wlio makes pinnos brlKhtcst, best,
Triumphant tlll In evury test,
Winch gives to music nil its zest?
Why, Wheelock.
What tono Is swoet ns martin song?
Wlmt touch rosponslve, action strong?
What mechanism never wrong
'Tli Whcelock's.
Sweet reader, when you want to bur
Tub best piano 'iieath the sky
One that will InHt you till you tile
Try Wbeclock's.
For sale by Cv H. Edwards, ":U and
Main street.
ltuckwboat, roasted cottees, canned goods
mackerel, herrings, apple butter, rrcsli
crackers, etc., at liouche's 8-24 Main street
Mother may I go out to swim ? Yes
my sou, finer going to iuouiwkou a
Price's for a Whittakor ham.
Tne snow, the snow, the beauti-
.jnl , Baug! The big huudred
pound ham at Thompson & Price's
caught tho ball ajid saved tho lite of a
great poet.
A match game of billiards played
Monday uight between M. Sawyer of
San Antonio, aud L. L. Maujcus of
Dallas, resulted in a score of 2G to 80
in favor of Sawyer
Strayed or Stolen.
Sorrel horso, braudod W on the left
hip and left shoulder, 8 or 10 years
old, from 1818 Williams street. Five
dollars reward will be paid for any
information that will lead to the re
covery of the horse.
Tho Kim Ilestaurant.
No. f14 Elm'strcef, next to Fllppen,
Adouo & Lobit, has boeu recently
opened, and which is the cleanest and
neatest dining room and lunch couh
tor in the city. Regular meals aud
special dishes to order. Oysters, fish
aud game a specialty. Gehrkeus &
Schmilz, proprietors.
A German lady appeared at police
headquarters this morning and re
quested officers to keep a watchout
for hor sou who loft ber at Corsicana
last Suuday to joiu a two bit show
outfit. His name is Charles Frtrols
Deitrfob, aged about 17 years.
A Fine Opportunity.
The stock, fixtures, horses, wanom
aud good will of tho business of Ed S.
Alston, recently purchased by me is
for salo. Tho location is tho bost in
tho city and tho business is unqucs
tlonably the largest retail grocery aud
wiue buMuesss iu north Texas.
Edwin Sam it,
757 aud 759 Elm sttect.
War, pestilence aud famine destroy
rouutka thousands Bui ln.1 gestiou,
dyspepsia, derangement of tho liver
and stomach are powerful foes to the
human race. Morris' Cascarino will
defeat their ravages.
m m m
Their Business Uooomlng
Probably uo one thi"g has caused
such a general revival of trade at W.
11. Howell & Bro's, drug store as their
giving away to their customo-s of so
many free trial bottles or Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption.
Their trade is simply enormous in
this very valuable article from the
iact that it always cares aud never
disappoints. Coughs, Colds, Asthma
Bronchitis, Croup, aud all throat and
lunar diseases quickly cured. You
can test it before buying by fre ting a
trial bottle free, large size $1. Every
bottle warranted.
A so clioaD. are srood: go for them.
This marvelous and unrivalled brand
has just made its appearance on the
market, and its popularity is already
unbouuded. No olgar ever mot with
such an outhnslastio reception since
tho invtutlou of tobicoo. Tho doors
hadn't been opui leu minutes before
tho house was crowded, and the stand
lug j oom was so full of eagor pur
cbasors that their feet stuck out
th route h tho trausom. President
Clovolapd sent for the first box, aud
said ho would rather bo the man who
mado that cigar than to be president,
l o bo had only at C. V. Waller's drug
store, 720 Elm street.
Bargain In Becoml-Haiid Pianos and
Second-hand Shonachor upright
piauo, sevou and one-third octaves,
nearly as good as now, lu bost of
order, cheap at $285.
3ccoud-hand Cbickoring, square,
largost size, four round corners, fin
ished back and front, good ort'.or,
sovcu aud one-third octaves, $200.
Second-hand Dormau & Holmes,
squnro grand, four round corners, llu
Ishcd all round, seven aud oue-third
oct vca, cheap at $175.
Second-hand l'oton. & Gragg, four
rouud corners, iu good order, liuished
all round, soven octaves, cheap at $100.
Largo size square Decker Bros., per
fectly now, front round corners, regu
lar prico $500, to closo out immediate
ly, J3fi.
Socond hand Estoy organ, four sets
of reeds and vox lnimaua, six stops,
In good order, a bargain nt $55.
Socond-hnnd pipo top Estey organ,
ton stons. six sots of roods, foot ped
als and blow lever, in tho best of
order, good for twenty years' use, a
handsomo or gnu and just the organ
forsome church or college; cost now
$275, for a few days at $100.
We will give reasouablo terms on
any of tho above instruments, aud
guarantee; of them. Special bargains.
Will A. Watkin & Co., 737 Main St.
a small female black and tan. Finder
will bo rewarded by leaving her at
909 Elm street, or 1013 Ssn Jacinto
California fruits, uew moiases, evapo
rated fruits, krout, etc , at Craddock's
803 Ervay Stroet G rocory.
Turf sroods of all descriptions, such
as saddles, bridles, harness, bits, bait
ers, boots, knoe caps, etc, iu tho larg
est assortment, at tho turfman's head
quarters, Padgitt Bros.
Now preserves, fresh butter, cheese,
hams, fruits, cranberries, etc.. at Crad
dock's ftrvay street urotery.
IVhon ihn tanvna Vinornn to f n rift wfi
offered tho citizens of Dallas the
fuueiest stock ot groceries over
hrnntrlit. to thh market. When tho
flnwnra Vipcrlii to hlnnm we will be
right here" ofl'oriiig tho best line of
groceries lu tne market, w e are nero
to stay. THOMPSON A ruicE.
WANTED A good gentle well
dispesed cat to use in taking pic
tures. Apply to J. H. Webster, High
Priced Photographer, 803 Elm or
804 Main streets
Thoso who are incllnod to bilious
ness will Hud Morris' Cascarino an un
failing remody for its eradication.
Tho letter that never came went te
the dead letter office becauso Georgo
did not s.-iy care of Thompson & Price,
909 Elm street..
I have weak fooliues my own hubby.
Do eel mo something nourishing at
Thompson & I'rlce's, they keep every
thing. Rogers silver plated forks and
snoous at mauuiacturer s prices at
J. P. Dohcrty & Co's., 603 Main streot
2uu door Irom Lamar.
lfvou want your watch or jewelry
repaired take it to J. P. Doherty &
Co, 6C3 Main street.
finfl flm atKAflf 4 nil icntnrlil rrfiA
7V47 UlIU Obi wi suu iruigiiif avwu
measure, polite clerks, prompt deliv
ery, save orders lor our solicitors.
Thompson a I vice.
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases.
Artificial Ejes. Dr. Brlggs, over
From now until Xmas
we will offer at SDeciallv
reduced prices all of our
elegant Tea Sets, Dinner
Sets, Chamber Sets, Col
ored Glassware, Buisque
and other statuary, Sil-ver-Plated
Goods, ele
gant Chandeliers and
Lamps and Cutlery, Mir
rors, Vases, Toilet Sets,
Mottoed Cups and Sau
cers and Mugs, and wish
it distinctly understood
when we say " Specially
reduced prices" we mean
to make them so low
that no one will be able
to undersell us and give
the same quality of
goods. Eespectfully,
D. Goslin, Manager.
Grocery Oompanv
Low Prices anb a Fine
Assortment of Goods.
Having proven that we have adopted a plan ot business which will enable us to sell goods
We now wish to say to both city and country people that Wx am Your Friends, and It you will continue to patrontzs
us as you have done in the past, we will prove our friendship by helping you to
We can furnish you all with goods st our low prices. You may think that
Saving a Nickel or Dime
on this article or that don't signify, but It 11ns Been Proven In the management of all institutions, either lugro or small,
that It is the ooking after or neglect of little things that tends to the but ling up or breaking down of any kind of
business. It must be remembered that all large things are made of small ones, and no one need hope for even a moderate
success in life who will not learn to save the nickels. On account of the frequent chunges In tho market we do not quote
prices, but nan assure you that we will at all times sell at
Prices Which No One Can Beat!
Country : Butter, : Chickens : and : Eggs
Solicited. Most of you know where we are, but for the benefit or those who do not we can be found at
i i I7 TT TIT Crri f In a large frame building two blocks west of Union Depot ) t t Af XT'T TAT CT
114 JLJlVi k5 I . 1 and opposite Buck-Uoru oower. l'an Klcctrlo Telephone. J 114 liLiU O 1
For Kent Cheap,
A lino room with power if desired
adjoining Herald press room, 506
and 608 Main street, up stairs. Apply
to Hkkaxd.
May blossom ten, the best tea on the mar
ket, it Bouche's, 824 Main street, 50 cents
per pound.
Mr. N. II. Frohlicstein, of Mobile,
Ala., writes: I take great pleasure iu
rocomeuding Dr. King's New Dis
covery for Consumption, having used
it fcr a severe at i nek of Bronchitis
and catarrh. It gavo me Instant re
lief and entirely cured me aud I iiavo
not been a 111 ic tod since. I also beg to
state that I had tried other remedies
with uo good result. Have also used
Electric Bitters and Dr. King's New
Ufo Pills, both of which I cau rocom
mend. Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, Coughs and Colds, is sold
on s positive guarnutcc. Trial bottles
troeat W. II. Howell & lira's, drug
Ilolton, Jackson County, Kansas,
Sept.6, Not. 15, Jan. 24, Anr.3, June 12.
Fifth Year Enrolls 500 Different
This remarkable success Indicates its
worth. Its reputation tor thoroughness
and scholarship Is unsurpassed anywhere.
Departments: Preparatory, Commercial,
Normal, Science, CIuhiIcuI. Modern Lan
guage, Mathematical and Preporatory
Medical Any or parts of all for one
tuition fee of
$10 PER TERM. ,
The special departments ot Telegraphy
and Phonography each U. Muslo $10 per
term and Art 23 cer.ts per hour, are equal
to any other In the West. Only
The Best of
Students can enter at any time and choose
their own studies. Board $2 to 92.50 per
week. Address
President J. II. MILLER.
NOTICE Is hereby given that the under
signed has been appointed and Is duly
qualified as aslsenee ot T. M. Miers Ca.,
merhanS at Dallas, Texas. Parties In
debted to the late firm are requested to
make prompt payment ol their indebted
ness, and all creditors who are willing to
icoept under the terms of said assignment
are notified to tile with the undersigned a
dUtlnct statement (properly verified) ot
their claim wttbln six months Irom this
date and give notice in writing within four
months of their acceptance under said as
signment. W- L. IilLL,
Dallas, Tex., Oct. U, 188T. Assign.
inssKixsrunni ""sss
Iot clnb often naroet: Dloth bound
aovel. Cluo of SO names: Oopyol
6bakesper or any other poeV
cloth worth $ I. M. Tot club of M names
Waterbnrr watch tuid chain., bona
' for asm pie copies. Address.
which will beat most every one. Consignments of
jyjonaAN & freeman,
Pipe, Brass Goods,
Water Works and Plamtcrs Supplies,
Rubber Hose,Sewerpipe
Mid Fire Brick Machinery Supplies,
Belting, Shafting, &c.
407 Elm St., Dallas.
The Gill r, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway
have the pleasure of announcing the open
ing of a uew routo
Wolfe City,
Tcxnrknna and
1 1 Magnificent Pullman Palace Bleeping
Cars are run daily via this route, which is
by far the quickest aud shortest line to
Memphis and all points In the Southeast.
Note the Schedule.
r Leave Dallas, Gulf 'lolorado A Panta Fe
railway, 7 a. ra.; leave Farmersvtlle, Gulf
Colorado A Santa Fe railway, 8:54 a.m.:
leave Wolfe City, tit. Louis, Arkansas A
Texas rrilway, 10:15 a. m.: leave Texar
kana, St. Louts. Arkansas ft Texas railway,
6 p. m.; leave Pine ltlufl. St, Louis, Arkan
sas A Texas railway, 12:25 a, m.; leave
Urinkley, Memphis & Little Rock railroad,
4:80 a. m.; arrive Memphis, Memphis ft Lit
tle Rocfc lailroad. ft : 15 a. m. At Memphis
connection is made for
and all points North, East and Southeast
For sleeping car aeronimodations, through
tickets and hat rape checks, apply to
W. J. RTOKMH. Ticket Agents Dallas.
JAMES 8. CARK. General Passenger
and Ticket Agent, Galveston.
a Fe Hun
2308 Elm St., East Dallas, Tex.
Dealer lu
Agent for "JO-HE,"
tiHin, Neuralgia, Sore Eyes, Catarrh, Female
Diseases, Acute diseases of chlluren, and
ail Inflammations.
Larifo cans 2 f I ...,. M
Smoll trial cans 75 rlP1'.
SLLonis, Arkansas and Texas Rv
Connecting In Uulon Depots with
For all points in
and all points
North and East,
and Tla Memyhls to all points In the
Si.Lcmis iit Chicago
Don't bny a ticket from any point unti
jou have consulted the agent of ts "U
Louis, Arkansas ft Texas railway.
D. MiUr, E. W. LaI3onura,
Gen'l Pas. Art. AssH Oen'l Pas. Agt.
SU Louis, Mo.
W.II.Winfleld, W.P. HomHn,
Oenl Art Tom Dcpt Gftl Man.,
Txrtuna,Tx. Taxarkaaa, TI

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