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gjaUui gxttu jtnU.
0. K. Oilbxkt, Kdltor and Proprletoi.
Trm of Hu rorlption :
One Year. 10-00
Six Months 8-0
One Month
tingle Copy w
One Y..r W-JjO
Six Months w
U published evory afternoon, except Bun
iliiv. ut 4 o'clock una served to cliy.ub.
M-rlbcrs by carriers. Subscription price,
titty cunts per iroutli or live dollars per an
num. W hen sorvod by mail (whether dully
or wccklv edition))) this ii.eludes pontiiKO
niiywlicibin the fiiitcd States or Cuua.U.
To subscribers In foreign countries addt
tlotiul Hostage In required. Try It.
Ih printed every Friday morning at one dol.
lur per annum or sixty cenls for six month
in advance and ih Nerved to subscribers by
mall only. Tho Wkkki.v Hkkalii Ih an
eMit pajro paper, containing tho cream o(
tho daily editions, made up with reference
to the needH and convenience of country
readers, especially for D.dhm county peoplo
and fur those ot other states wanting in
formation about Texas.
i.iv.Fii.inir riitrH. whether in Daily or
n .Ht.nta am rpuHoiiiibla and will be
furnihhed on application to the business o
llce. Tho daily edition has the largest cir
culation in tho city ol any pnner puniiM'e i
I.. .....I U tlmrofnrn Hit fl COilCllt aU-
1U I'llllUB uuu i. m .
verltsiiig medium. Tlio weekly edition cir
culates lu tho country alono, and is one of
tbu best clianncis iu imnua
i,..-.,.... Kf'ference Is rcHiiccllully made to
tllf. hoiiHos in the city as
to their experience advertising In tho ilKK-
The JlKUAM) is DemocraHn in politics,
but conservative and lair. II deals w th all
..nrrpiit toiiies ol the times and its columns
II.,., K. ..rian nml elltertlllnlllL'. AS
a clean paper it has Us strongest support
iimoni! tho hem peopic oi isuuue u
n . .... - I . i.m.H ,.. IllA
cent towns, ueiug jun mu
homo circle alter tho work ol the day is
clone. It covers tho Mate general news
Held as thoroughly as tho local aud thus
publishes all that Is going on at home and
Correspondence and news Hems are so
licited, correspondence muni. m ;biiu
..i... i i... ii'xiini.'u full niiini' not for nub
II. irv vtiu . " ' .
Ilcation unless desired, hut as a guarantee
ol ifooil lalth. write OUIJ on uuu mm ui
the paper und to tho point.
Saturday, lcc. 3, 1887.
The rueotlug of Dallas business mm
tho MorchanU Exchauge this after
noon will. UU cuss tho question of lin
ralgratioii. Texas would bo greatly
bonofilted just now if tko railroads lu
torosled iu tho Slate would give as low
immigration rates to Texas as aro be
ing given eastern people rlgut larougn
thoStato to California We boliove
tho peoplo of nearly evory county will
readily aud heartily co-operate wltn
tho roads in au effort in that direc
tion. Thoy will not demand that tho
roads should do all, but a good por
tion of tho work. Tho eulerprmng
communities and towns woul 1 show
their interest In tho matter by priut
Inir and circulatluz papors, etc., show-
lug the resources of our Slate and tho
value of our lauds. Theso tho roads
would help circulate with other mat-
tor of their own, give low rales oi
transportation; and then next the poo
plo would give tho invited immigra
tion a cordial welcome, show them
the country aud do tho fair thing in
sulliue luuds. Lot tho assembly mis
oveniug do something.
Tjios. C. TtA-rr the Republican boss
of Now York is stale quarantine com
inissioucr, and tho Republican stale
sonato refuses to confirm tuo uovcm
ot's awoiutmout of a Democrat to sue
coed him. (Jov. Hill Jutonds to sond
iu tho uamo of Fred Grant as his suc
cessor aud see what tho senate will do
with that
The contest between frlouds of Juo
D. Clark, of Missouri, and Rains, of
New York, for clerk of tho House oi
Representatives, is growing warm
The New York mon claim tnai tuey
wsut to make sure of that State for
Tub nooplo have said Connor for
mayor, and so it shall bo. lie can now
trivo nil his srroat energy to tho Duiiu-
ing of tho nuicji needod water works
Gew. R. E. Lee's daughter, Misi
; Mildred, now in Paris, has passed thi
crisis In a serious illness aid Is improv
Mr. W. II. Michael is preparing thi
Congressional Directory, which was s(
many years edited by tho late Maj
Hon: Perlcy Poore.
Tite Chinese emporor Is now hard at
work practicing archery, a nccessarj
portion of tho education of Celestial
C. A. Fii.lsbury, of Minneapolis, is
again growing his beard. He shaved
it off last summer for tho first time in
twenty years.
While tho presidont is cngapod with
affairs of stato Mrs. Cleveland takes
long drives in tho country, sometimes
with her mother, sometimes alono.
Senator Hawley will spond the in
terval between tho dato of his wedding
and tho oenin2 of congress with
Charles Duuloy Warnor, at Hartford,
Dki.anoey Nicoll was not long ago
a reporter in New York. Ho is about
35 years of aco, a eraduato of Trinceton
and was stroke oar of a Princeton four
in 1874.
Sir John Puleston, knight and
member of parliament from Wales, is a
former resident of Brooklyn, and was
the private secretary of Gov. Curtin, of
. Pennsylvania. .
Ivan Panin will next month dolivor
a sorios of lectures in Boston on great
Russian writers, livo years ago l anm,
who is a Russian, graduated with high
honors at Harvard.
Mayor Ames, of Minneapolis, Is
nrvmirin7 ni'oniincnce as an artist s
model lour local painters and
sculptor are now at work on countorfoit
presentments ol the genial doctor.
The prince regent ol Bavaria has re
quested Manager Perfall to get back
the plays of Paul Heyso and Count
Sedack which ho refused, ana to pro
duce them at once at tho Royal theater.
ilr-!ittrnvored nettv cash
Aim vvvu j A "
iwvir ht hv IVmkniia durinff his term
VlSUJfc -v r-
of sorvice with Mr. Blackmoro shows
that bis salary of 13s. bo. a wcck was
. . m nrtr a- 1T.
raised on the 1st ol August, mo, w m
a woclo
Jnnv IIabbekton. who has written
better than "Helen's
luhinn." but who Is best known as the
creator of "Budgo" and "Toddy," lives
in a Cue old place just outside of New
Congressman W. L. Scott.
Win, L. Scott, of rennylvnuia, who
is said to havo spent $50,000 over hi
salary "in a social way" at Washington
last winter, represents one of the big
iron districts which are striving so
hard to influence legislation iu favor
of a protective tariff. Mr. Scott was
returned by a good moiorlty, aud wi"
no doubt enjoy himself again this win
Geo. Kills & Co., Real Ketate
and Collcctinir A cents, havo relumed
to their oiu staua, wt Jiiam street.
For bargains in roal property call on
US. UKO. CI.L1B Ob lU.,
C07 Main street.
Ducklon'a Arnica BalTC.
The best salve in tho world for Cuts,
Bruises, riores, uicers, oaii iJiioum,
r ever bores, leuer uunpiwu juiuub,
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures piles or no
i ii i. . .i i in.
pay rcquireu. xi u jsumuuiuuu w
nirfoet satisfaction or mc nev refunaed
IMco 25 cents per box. For sale by
W. IL Howell & Bra
Xho Elm Iletaurnt.
No. 614 Elm street, next to Fllppen,
Adouo & Lobit. has been recently
nnd whlrii la the cleanest and
neatest dining room aud lunch coun-
(op m the city, iteguiar mean auu
annrial dishes to order. Oysters. Dsn
1 . ' I l .
nml irame a specialty, ueurit'im
bchmltz, proprietors.
Rtrayrd or Stolen
Gm-Kil linran hrAiidnd W an the left
i, in ami lnft ahnuldor. 8 or 10 vears
out. from 1S18 Williams street. Five
' in i- .i r
lnt)B DAIVOPn Will l)R T1H1I1 If IT HIIV
information that will lead to the re
covery of tho norse.
.T. 1. Williams. 605 Main street
Eupiqn Oil, Lubricating Oils, etc
llurVwheat. roasted coflees. canned (roods
mickftrel. lierrinM, apple butler, freib
crackers, etc, at Bouche's 824 Main atreet
Tlielr Dasinraa Booomlng
T..i.ntlv mi nnn fhlnir has caused
lvuui w rj -
...i, nnnnritl rpvivft! oi trade at W.
H. Howell & Bro's. drug store as their
eiviug away to tnoir customeis oi bo
f...nv front rial bottles of Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption.
Their trade is simpiy enormous id
this very valuable article from the
lact that it always cures aud never
disappoints, uougns, ooius, abiuiub
Bronchitis, Croup, and all throat and
iMmiAa ouicklr cured. You
can test It before buying by ge'.ting a
trial bottle free, large size i. livery
bottle warrantoa.
Where wc take pleasure in announcing the iollowiiia; Special Offerings
lor this week.
One lot of ladies' Dongola Kid Shoes, opera toe and heel, genuine hand-sewed, at $3.50,
well worth $5.
One lot of Ladies' Dongola Kid, common-sense last, Waulkenphast Shoes, at $3.50, re
duced from $4.50.
lundell's Solar Tipped Shoes.
Masses' Grain Solar Tipped Buttoned, both Heel and Spring Heel, sizes 11 to 13 1-2, $1.50.
Same thing, sizes 1 to 2, $1.75 Sizes 8 to 10 1-2, both Heel and Spring Heel, $1.25. Same
thing, 5 to 7 1-2, $1.15
' Infants' Weak-Ankle Shoes, just received, $1.25.
We have placed on sale a quantity of Men's Calf Button, Lace and Congress Shoes in differ,
ent makes. All first-class goods, ranging in price from $3 to $5. Among them are some hand
sewed goods. The prices have been $7.50.
A large assortment of Boydon's Shoes, hand-sewed, calf, in Lace, Button and Congress, re
duced from $7.50 to $5.50.
Our Boys' School Shoe at $2 a pair, Genuine Calf, Solid Sole Leather Counters, best wear
ing Shoe made.
a nnl.;.nlin In nallad in n. tin a of T?nv' Pnhhpr Unfits whifh wn urn Rpllinp- at $1.25.
AlVI.VBW 0 -- - -
Wo aro AThibitin? a lar?e line of Gent's Fine Slinners. Silk Embroidered, Goat, Etc.
If V H V"Q O
We have an extensive stock sf Gents', Ladies', Boys' Misses and Childrens's Overshoes, Arc
tics and Rubber Boots of all kinds at popular prices.
Men's Scotch Edge Bailroad Boots reduced from $4 to $3.
r'nriHtinntinii siincrinduces tho
agony of that disease so prevalent,
kuowu us piles. This can bo cured
and prevented uy taKing jiorns mus
WliercaB, Alexander T. Odcneal and
M. I). H.Odcneale did, on tlie sceonu uay
of Ootobcr, A. 1). 1882, execute and deliver
to Be, M. J. Dart, us Trustee, one certain
Deed ol Trust to lands hereinafter describ
ed, tor the purpose of BecunnxJ. H. WaU
kins In tnc;payment of ten certain promis
sory notes, uiueu as unovo, uumunw
8. 4, It, , 7, 8, II, 10. and becoming due 0, 12,
iL ,ii .u -m j) Ati hi nnil lid months after
IO, it, WOU ' . " " , , . ,
date reHpecalvcly. And, whereas, it is pro
vided in SalU OOeU Ol inmi lllttl IU cnnn nnjuno
of said notes shull remain unpaid for ten
days after the same becomes duo, then the
entire Minis covercu uy niu w 'o-
tome Immediately due and payable, with
out any notice of any kind whatever.
And, whereas, the said note of r.00, duo
forty-eight mouth after date, has remained
unpaid for more than ten days alter the
same became duo, I, M. J. Dart, Trustee as
aforesaid, at the reuest of the said J- U.
Wntlt1n. will, for the purposo of paying oil
and satlHrytni? all ot tie unpaid uoUjh. awie
eatlnir the sum of 10, tell to tho hiL'licst
bldUer.for cash In hand. a tho Court House
door of Dallas county, Tei as, on the i;itb
day of December. A. D. 1887, the followlug
described lot, tract, tr parcel of land, sit
uated in Grayson county, Texa. to-wit:
Out' of the Antonla Hernandez survey,
patented to B. F. Hall, September Urd, 1872,
by patent No. 7H, volume and Is more
lully described as follows : Bcglning at the
south east comer of a section ol said Her
nandez survey, known as the Mormon
uniinn milt nmrkf-d H. thence
uiwm bo""" - - , , . . r
north 4421 vtrw, a stake in the east line or
. . i i kil'l vnrna In A
saia section, lucuco i. -
stake.'thence south 4421 varas to a stake in
the south line of said section, thence east
8113 vara to the place of bennlng and con
talnlnir 70 acres of land more or less. Kaid
deed of trust is recorded In Book H, Page
on-ii-i i,..v.ia f trimt lreda. Morteaircs.
&e., ol Grayson county, Texas, to w hich
relerence 1 nercoy maun wi iwiun
uihliuu. . .
Said land will be sold subject to a trust
deed or fSOO in lavor oi jobc pu v. neou..
M. J. Dakt, Trustee.
Ad vet Used November 22nd, 1887.
Mice to Present Claims.
All persons having; claims atralnst the
estate oi a., n. Areumnu, -
hereby required to present same within the
time prescribed by law to the administra
trix of said estate, Mrs. M. A. Archinard, to
whom letters ol administration were grant
en on the 2nd day of At jr ist, 188., and
whose residence and post ffflce address Is
Dallas, Texas. . A. abi;hiu,
Admx. of E. tt. Archinard, Deed.
I Mr 4 anl, f Okt
I" 1.1'im Atnlol 8a.
tlwMlea of that (U of
ntmlKI. anrf fca (iwa
Intutt aaivatMl wuuaw
fari law
filmmi Ilia "
iimmc th laaHing Modl
UBasftholl'n.. A.UbMinl.
Il.adf.a4, Pa.
goMba IVari'iUa.
And -:- Wholesale -:- Cigar -:- Dealers,
' 810 nnd 81 ft Kim Street, Dallas Texas.
U3TOur Ketall Dcparluiout Is comrlete. Tho finest line of
Fresh : Goods : Daily.
Thompson & Price,
Say, did you see our advertisement on Whlttaker Meat and Lard display at the Fair?
Well, it came hiirh, but we had to buy It. No use talkin about expense, it was too
good to loose. Whlttaker wanted us to have It, and we wanted it bad. Hereafter we
will always keep a full line oi this elcpnt Meat and Lard in stock. We are determined
our ctsto'tners shall have the best goods the market attords. Jtcmonibcr, we guarantee
you tull weights and measures, auu you will receive exactly what you purchase. Call
and see us.
Wholesale and retail derU
Rough andDresse 1 Lumber,
Shingles Sash, Doors and Mouldings.
Long Leaf Limbsr of All Kinds a Specialty.
Cor. St. Paul and Elm Sts., DaUas.
tv are. mule with patent douliM autliiii rodi aea
luiaina Knea rrsu Liium
nbatantial and handioms.
I Vtoi In tho brt llnnili and
Orchutrma. Unoqualrd for
tone, arpua n oiliors In
f Bnlah and nnesranoe. If
Joearont Mulo dealer doel
nut kp ttvm, write to us
fur Illuitrated Cualone.
- MEALY Chicago, IIL
t you nv an lurm ot news 1Tipe
t to the tier eld.
If went to anbeerlb fer tke ImM
eleetaone roar eddreia.
If ree want to Insert dTertleoameml
the Herald telephone roar order.
PM-toro Mo. 14 Ml T(fofMft
Rochclle, N. X. . . .

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