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Bf 111 Another.
out 1:30 o'clock this moriiiug two
9, ouo 01 wuom registered as iv . iv
llofi; turned Into tbo Pacific IIouso on
Pacific avenue and occupied ft bed in
room No. 8. IIofT's companion bad a
pocket book containing betwoen $10
and $17 which he left iuhia vost pock-
et thrown over the bod post. Ho
awoke this morning to find pocket
book and contouts uon est. Suspicion
polutod to dishwasher J. Brown, who
holds forth at Dare's restaurant ou
Lamar street and who occupied tbo
. 1 l il At 41.-
firniiiir KUUUL 1UU LlllltJ bllU IIIUUUJ
(IB IU180UU, I1U Yf U9 UIIUUU vvivtw
""hlnf nrPnllnn Arnold who after OUQ8
tioning him failed to .elicit any fact
connecting Drown with the.robbory
and accordingly let him go.
Firo men occupied the room and no
dun hns boon fuKtoncd on any parly3 In
Loudlng as Usual.
Messrs. Knoptly & Son, the Main
street jowolcrs have rocoived this sea
son a stock which in fits li I on and style,
oxteu'ivcucss and varloty oclipsoj any
of their former efforts- Kxpccting to
move into their now building on tno
1st thuy bought very largely and rau
saoked the comers of thoonrth tor nov
elties and goms. lieiug disappointed
in the timo of obtaining posossion they
huvo decided to exhibit and offer for
sale their immense purchases in their
present location. For Diamonds
KuepllyA Son havo nlways been at
the bend, and this year tney navo ex
celled tbemeolvcs. In watches they
occupy the same position as with dia
monds. A larger 6tock than auy
house in the state to select from and
of tho leadiuir mnkes of movemonts,
and cases of the most artistic finish (
aud designs. '
Those contemplating a noiiuay or
1.1 !.. I.I ..I-.. . ....!. I..
UUUlMir Kill vuuiu uutnuivuiuujtuiug
oro boautilut or usoiui tuau a am-
loud or. watch at Kuepfly & Son's.
.'he blue ribbon iron) tho exposition
is exhibited in their store.
Court Notes.
W. D. Wylie has filed suit in the dis
trict court againbt the Dallas Street
Railroad Company and tho city of Dal
las for $2000 damages for placing a
ditch in front of his properly.
In the county court this morning
the following cases wero disposed of:
George Almes, assault and battery,
discharged; O. A. Wobster in three
charges for selling Louisiana State
Lottery tickets 11 nod $10 in each case
and dischargod in tho third.
Wash Lewis, carrying pistol, dis
charged. '
Pond's Extract irivcs immediate roller
from pain. Its reputation and Bule extend
everywhere Caution: Countei'lelts are
ibngeroiiH to use.
We Mean What We Bay.
You can buy Holiday Goods of us
for less money tbau from any other
(briers in the city.
Corner Main and Lamar Sts.
Fiftieth CongressFirst Ses
Washington, Doe. C After
Oak CHIT Hallway Itrlrtjcc
A paper published a fow days ago
that in place of the false-work of the
Oak Cliff railway Trinity bridgo it
was " reported that an iron bridgo was
on tho way." The truth is that the
iron bridge is here ou the grounds
and in courso of construction, the
largo iron piers bciug now about com
pleted. Tho Oak Cliff railway doc'ni
live on" reports."
Are cheap, are good; go for them.
This marvelous and unrivalled brand
has just made iu appearance on the
market, aud its popularity is already
unbounded. No cigar ever met with
such an enthusiast io reception since
the invention of tobicco. The doors
hadn't been open ton minutes before
tho house was crowded, and the stand
ing i oom was so full of eager pur
chasers that their feet stuck out
through the transom. President
Cleveland scut for the first box, aud
said he would rather be the man who
jnado that cigar than to be presidout
Jo be had only at C V. Waller drug
more, 720 Elm street.
Say, tl'iggte, do you know that
Thoiuptou & Price's Christinas goods
will bo here this week? Do, my own
darling get me a box of California
crystalized fruit.
Gumbo file an4 fine Mexican coffee Just
arrived at Boucue's grocery store.
Mrs. J. V. Meolcy Is very sick at her
home on McKlnney avenue from the
effects of poison oak contracted while
gathering pecans several weeks ago.
Mother may I go out to swim ? Yes
my son, after going to 'Ihouipson &
Price's for a Whittaker ham.
Tno innv. Ilin mnw. Ihn liiauti-
i ft n i 1 t . i I I
in. iaui(i iue uier nuuureu
ound ham at Thompson & Price's
canght the ball and saved the life of a
great poeu
California fruits, new moiases, evapo
rated fruits, krout, eta, at Craddock's
03 Ervay Street Grocery.
rca'dlug of tho Journal the senate took
recess to await communication from
the presidout.
After recess had been extended for
aquattcrof nu hour longer Senator
Morrill reported that tho joint com
mlttoo appointed to wait upon tho
president had performed its duty, and
had been iuformod that tbo presidout
would immediately communicate with
cougross iu writing.
Thereupon one of the president's
secretaries presented several messages
in writing aud tho presiding o Ulcer
laid before tho seuato tho president's
annual mossagn, which was read.
The following nominations by tho
Drcsidcut were thon handed to (lie
secrelary :
Lucius Q. C. Lamar of Mississippi
to be associate jtistico of tho Huprome
court of tho United States.
William F.Vilas of Wisconsin, to
bo secretary of tho interior.
Don M. Dickenson of Michigan, to
bo postmaster general.
Charles S. Fairchild of New York
to bo secretary of the troasury.
George L. Hives of New York, to bo
assistant secretary of slate.
Isaac II. Mayuor of New York, to bo
assistant secretary of tho treasury,
Sigourney Uutlor, of Massachusetts,
to be socond comptroller , of tho
Jantos W. Hyatt of Couuccticut, to
bo treasurer of the United Stales.
Tho proceedings of tho house this
morning wero opened with a prayer
by the chaplaiu.
Mr. Mills of Toxaj offered a rosolu
tiou directing tho speaker to appoint
committees on rule, accounts, enrolled
bills and mileage
Mr. Cox of New York, chairman of
tho committee appointed to wait upon
bo president, reported that tho presi
dent would commuuicato with the
houso iorthwiih.
Some resolutions changing uuim
portaut rules wero adopted; one ol
which was:
By Mr. Johnson of North Corollna
Providing that whou any motion or
proposition to amend the rovonuo
laws is under cousidoratiou,auy amend
ment thereto or substitute therefor.
whether it refers to internal or cue
toms revenue, shall be in order.
At 12:20 a recess was taken until
12.40, when the president's private
secrelary appeared at tho bar of the
House with the president's annual
message. It was received and read.
House then adjourned.
Pianos for rent at Froos & Sou's.
J. L. Williams, 605 Main street,
Hiuplon Uu, Lubricating Oils, etc.
Complaints continue to issue from
residents of McKlnney avenuo of the
discharge of pistols on that street af
ter nightfall. This disturbing prac
tice wa repeated last night in the tame
neighborhood about 8 o'clock.
ItapUi Improvement.
The public is always glad to hear
ol improvements, and just at this par
ticular season the people will bo pleas
ed to hear, or if they are already cus
tomers there, bo retnludod that there
is a plainly percopciblo improvement
going on at Thompson & Price's
family grocery store. These gentle,
men are tmly enterprising, aud have
put within their spacious house every
thing that the most painstaking and
fastidious housewife could desire or
think to ask for we meau, of course,
iu tho grocery Hue. In ptovisioue,
pickles, sauces, etc., their shelves are
artistically laden with the very best
brands ; woile their meats and Jard of
the famous Whittaker braud is auotn
er strong drawing card" of this house.
They are prompt aud obliging. Give
them an order and you wi'i go again.
There has been no new develop
ments in the reported robbery of Mr
Albert Alston alleged to have oc
curred Monday night. It a clue is to,
be cad the Ds'Ias police w!'l get it.
New preserves, fresh butter, cheese,
hams, fruits, cranberries, etc. at Crad
dock's Ervay Street Groteiy.
Col. W. D. Wylie returned from a
trip to Corsicana this morning.
riafa Facts..
You can buy holiday goods from
us for less money then from any other
dealer In the city. Hickox & Ilea rue,
cor. Main and Lamar strccst.
J. I. W'tlama, 60S Mp'n
Pccket Knives, Dird Seed.
Grocery Company
Low Prices and a Fine
Assortment of Goods.
Having proven that we bave adopted a plan of bualncas which will enable us to tell goods
We now wish to say to both city and country poople tiiut Wi akc Your Friknis, anil II you will continue to patronlzi
us as you liuve done in the pant, wo will prove our frlemUlilp by helping you to
We can ftinuuli you all with goods at our lowprlces. You may think that
Savingr a Nickel or Dime
on this article or lliat don't signify, but It Has Dunn Proven In the management or all institutions, either lagre or small,
that It is the ooklng after or neglect of little things that tcuils to the bill Hag up or breaking down of ay kind of
business. It must be remembered that all large things are made of small ones, and no one need hope for even a moderate
success In life who will not learn to save the nickels. Ou account of the frequent changes In the market we ds not quote
prices, but can assure you that we will at all times sell at
Prices Which No One Can Beat!
And which will beat most every one. Consignment of
Country : Butter, : Chickens : and : Eggs
Solicited. Most of you know whore we arc, but for the benefit or those who do not we can be found at
I'M "7 17T Hf CT1 J In a large frame building two blocks west of Union Depot I 11 i fji r ,r o rP
I lft I XVLuflOl J and opposite Uuek-Horu corner. Tan Electric Telephone. J li'l J1i1jJ.Y1 O 1
Itecoeder'a Court.
Three cases of intoxication lined $5
each ; A. Gardner, tailing to pay occu
pation tax, continued; Lewis Crumby,
throwing stones, contluuod ; Tom
Spivey, assault and battory, bond for
faited and alias capias issued ; Ruber t
Parks and Tom Spivey, fighting, con
tinued; Chas. Davis, nuisance, fined
$10; Nick Arlhus, Jne. Daros. and
Jno. Arthus, obstructing street, each
case continued.
Gall and See for Yoraell
I hat you can buy holiday goods of us
for loss money than from any other
dealer iu the city. Hickox & llcarno,
cor. Main aud Lamar streets.
Holiday Attractions
It was remarked on tho streets to
day that not less than KK)0 mechanics
are idle in Dallas ou account of tho un
favorable weather.
Important Notion.
You can buy Holiday Goods for
less money of us than from any other
dealers in the city.
Hickox & iiearnk,
Corner Main aud Lamar Sis.
WANTED A good gentle well
disposed cat to use in taking pie
tnrei. Apply to J. H. Webster, High
Priced Photographer, 803 Elm or
804 Main streets.
909 Elm street, lull weitrht. srood
measure, polite clerks, prompt deliv
ery, bave orders lor our solicitors,
Thompson Ss Price.
Turf (roods of all descriptions, such
as saddles, bridles, harness, bits, bait
ers, boots, knee caps, etc, in the larg
est assortment, at the turfman's head
quarters, Padgitt Bros.
Pianos lor rent at Frees & Son's.
Thompson & Price
Wo keep nothing but the very best
goods we can purchase. Onr price
are reasonable, and we guaranteo you
full weights aud good measures, we
are here to stay aud a'l we ask is a
trial order and we can couvince you
we do what we advertise to do. We
don't promise a piauo to every custo
mer because it would break us to keep
our word, but we do promise you
honest and polite attention. We are
gaining now customers daily but we
must have more, and if we cau't creep
into your estimation by news paper
talk, we will do 1 by personal visits
of our junior who says the bnsinesa
roust be doubled during the next two
and on very easy payments at the
warerooms of
812 and 814 Main Street

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