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ow a Private Detective waa
Caught In Mean Business.
One night recently I waa at the the
Urs when the chaporone of the party
started norvouuly forward in her seat,
swayed slightly and turned pale. She
had been Bitting in the front 'of the
box for an hour or so.
The alare of the foot-lights was very
trying and the heat oppressive. It
supposed, as she was delicate in
1th, that those causes led to her
tneso. 6he would not hear of oth-
disturbing thomselves in the least,
smiled a hall-pitiful gooa-nignc to
we went out of the theatre. 1
most extraordinary manner as we
hurried through the door, and after
we had got into the cab and started
at a brink place she wheeled around
nervously in her seat and jittered out
with an expression of face that was
simply fear-stricken. I looked at her
with more or loss lymphatic curiosity,
for I had long since given up any idea
of following the queer vagaries of an
excited woman's fancy. Suddenly sho
seized my arm with a grip of iron and
shrieked ina voice that rose above the
din of wheels:
"There he is!"
"The deuce ho is."
"He's following us."
"Who is? What is?"
"He is," Bhe said, with a tremen
dous accent on the "he," shaking my
arm excitedly.
"Oh, is he?" i said, vaguely, but
firmly loosening the viselike grip of
her lingers. "Would you mind telling
me who he is?"
"It's the most droadtul thing in the
world. For nearly a week I have been
haunted like a wretched criminal tfy
one or two men. There is a stocky,
red-bearded sort of person who dogs
my footsteps by day and another hor
rid and sinister little monster whofol-
ows me at nmht. It is impossible to
t away from either one oi tnem.ana
Una wnvi'lail niA unt.ll 1 n.m wretCU-
iiiv ill fin hiiv nuinuii ill uiio nwn
It was my turn now. I never was
so amazed in my life. I sat up and
shesank limp and overwrought in the
corner again. It seemed incredible
that there were private detectives on
the track of a lady who was nearing
her 60th year, had been more or less
of an invalid all of hor life, came of an
old and exceedingly respectable New
York family and was one of the most
rigid and exennilary devotees of the
proprieties in New York. She told me
more about tho espionage under which
she had been worrying hersolf ill, and
finally she began to press her handker
' chief to her eyes in the good old-fashioned
way. It seemed such an intolor
ablo outrage to see that such a wom
an as this should be hounded by a
couple of blackmailing curs that I
kept her by my side when the cariiase
stopped at her door and waited for
the man who had been pursuing her.
He had rattled up behind us in a cab,
but when we turned into a street in
the reaidontal quarter of tho city he
had iumned out of his cab and was
sneaking along in the shadow of the
houses. I could see him half a block
i 1- l II.. ...... .l , n nA
up ii r ur it ii mih ii in. i i.iiiiii ii .ii.
slouching along in the most melodra
matic and absurd manner. He had
a dark silk handkerchief wound
around the lower part of his face and
was otherwise all that the most silly
sensationalist could desire.
"To-night," said my companion,
timorously, "I had almost forgotten
about the trouble I have had with
the two men and was enjoying tho
play when I glanced down the orches
tra chairs, and there, in the middle
aisle, 1 saw that wretchod and un
shaven man watching me as though I
were a criminal. It was the shock of
thi" that made me fool so faint."
Meanwhi'e the mysterious gentleman
with handkerchief around his neck
was circling nearer and nearer thecab.
The lady at my side trembled more
and more as he neareoj her, and as I
IN 1 1 J 1. 1 1 LII1I1GU UUTIII J V ..u w w.
reflected tlmt sue wouia nave a long
nd serious illness from all the ncrv-
ous strain that he wancansingl began
f.kl a atf nf truarniniT ilpnirA tn ipfc
hold of him. We waited at least
twenty minutes, and each time the de
tective came nearer and nearer, until
f finally he passed the door of the cab
and peered eagerly in. I jumped for
him throuuh the open window, but he
was very spry, and I only got hold of
his coat sleeve. He struggled and
fought like a bull terrier, and was
loosening my prip materially when a
lare and bulky body descended
through the air and therlotectivecame
to t lie tart li with a terillic crash un
der the burly figure of iny Irish cab
driver, who Lad been watching the
whole pantomime and was just about
as shrewd as most New ork hack
drivers. The servants, who had heard
. I 1 L rAn .Inn.
ineulsiuruance,u!t:i.eu ina muiiv uuui
and ran down and assisted their mis
tress into the house. The hackman
and I then unloaded ourselves. I had
added about 200 pounds of the avoir
dupois that had already pressed the
detective to the earth. Ve dracged
the gentleman with the handkerchief
around his neck into the house. On
the way the hackman casually hit our
friend a clip in the neck with his clench
ed fist that warmed the cookies of my
heart toward the Jehu. The result of
all this kindly and gentleman-like
treatment was that when we dragged
the shadow into the library and drop
ped him on the floor he waa about as
pallid, washed-ovt and thoroughly
ticked a specimen vf a sneak as it ns
ever boon my good fortune to witness
I beamed with gratification and shook
hands with the hackman. Then
looked at the detective a second
time, when the members of the family
came into the library, and I said:
"It seems to me that I know you."
"Yes, sir," said the man, faintly.
"You was a witness in the Harbeck
divorce case, where I was jugaud for
collecting evidence."
"And you were sentenced for con
spiracy, were you not?"
"Yes, sir," said tho man, dismally,
"and I served live months, and here f
am back in the same old business
again like a fool, just for the sake
of earning $15 a week."
"It wouldn't surprise mn if you
served another term," interrupted the
brother of the lady whom I accom
panied home. "I don't propose to
have a jailbird houndinnany members
of my family, unless I know what it ii
for." '
"Oh,you can wing me easily enough
if you want to," said tho detective,
dismally. "This lady aiu't done
nothing wrong. We're simply shadow
in' her for tho purpose of gettin' onto
the habits of a certain party that
handles trust funds."
He told us the agoncy that he was
working for, and the hackman was
sent for the head of this delectablo
institution, who, it appeared, lived
within six blocks of the house. The
detective wrote a note to his supe
rior which read:
"For God's sake come with the
hackman at once. Wo're snared dead
sure this time, and they'll break us in
spite of anything."
In a few minutes a flustered, puffy
and rod-faced man hurried in brim
ming over with apologies, pleadings
and excuses. He laid all tho docu
ments before us, and it turned out
that an ambitious youngster was dis
puting his fathor's will on the ground
that . one of tho executors, a man
standing high in social and business
circles, was dissipating tho trust
funds. He agreed to pay the agency
$10 a day for every detective employ
ed, and gavo a list of the houses that
the trustee visited. All of thoso
houses belonged to people of
unimpeachable respectability and
prominence, but tho "mistress of each
tamily was being dogged like a crimi
nal, while the detectives bled the young
fool of a litigant. In point of fact,
tho trustee had not visited tho house
of my friend since . December, 188G,
when ho dined there with a party of
sixteon people. This is a fair illustra
tion of what the New York detective
agencies are capable of. Nothing was
done, of course. What could be done
withoutarousing any amount of pub
licity and talk? A statement in writ
ing was taken and duly witnessed, and
at 3 o'clock in tho morning the detec
tives were thrust out of the house. A
nice system of persecution this, in n
civilized country, and tho extraordi
nary part of it is that there is abso
lutely no legal redress.
13 IjACklky Ham,.
Curiosities in Clocks.
"The latest thing in clocks is the
imitation of machinery of different
kinds, "said a salesman of a John street
importing house. "We have just re
ceived some very odd designs in this
line from Paris. Here is a clock that
would make a fine present for a rail
road man," and he exhibited a beauti
ful white bronze model of a steam
boiler. It had a steam guagu; safely
valvo and speed regulator, and a ther
mometer took the place of the water
gauge. On the furnace door was the
dial of the clock and above it was the
barometer. Ths whole apparatus was
about ten inches high and whs mount
ed on a plush platform. The clock
was running and the pendant balls ol
the speed regulator were whirling
around merrily and doing the work oi
the pendulum.
"Now, here is something that would
please anybody," said the clerk, and
he showed a handsome windmill in
bronze and gold, with a clock face let
into the side of the tower. The.arme
of the wind mill were moving in such
a natural way, that one could easily
imagine that he felt the breeze that
propelled them. Another design was
a well, built of tiles held in place by
a gilt frame, and an open work well
house overhead, in which a bucket
was hanging susended by a chain.
The bucket served as a pendulum and
swung in a circle most mysteriously;
for it did not seem to have any con
nection with the works of the clock,
which were concealed in the well.
"Here I fomething unique," said
the clerk, calling he reporter's at
tention to an elaborate au'air. "This
is a perfect miniature of a boiler set
in a brick foundation. There are all
of the valves, gauges, steam pipes and
connectionscomplete. The end of the
boiier serves as the dial of the clock,
and here at one side is a steam ham
mer moving up and down with great
regularity, and striking a bar of brass
that is held by a workman. That is
designed as a present for a manufact
urer. It costs $05. Here is a freak
of the designer that is very neat. It
represents an old-fashioned vertical
saw at work. A workman stands at
the bench pushing a board against
the saw. On the front of the bench ia
the dial of the clock. The great beau
ty of these designs is the perfection to
which ths smallest details are carried.
We cannot turn out such work in this
country; it would be too expensive,
as it is all hand work, and at th
wages ws pay our artisans, the
decks would cost a small fourtnne."
Hemorrhages. K"?
'oxs or from any cauao ia ayoetltly ei
, trolled ami auipud.
Sores, 'Jlcers. Wound
Sprains & Bruises.
It iarJOolliig. oleina iigaud lUuliuif.
f'tf'IPI'h II l "' cflloanlom for this
UaUU I llf dli axil. Col.l In III" Hiiml.&a.
"Ponrl'a Kilraef I'tturrli Cure,"
Hiwclally prnpnnxl tomwtaorliiseaHS,
sliotilil hflallml wlUil'oud'aHitruot
Aiuaul SrliiK.
Rheumatism, Neuralgia.
No otlinr preparation lina enrod mora
rhaea of thuKoillKlruwIng i'imiiluliit than
the Kitrart, I'mnl'a KtlrArt ll
tf r ! Invaluable In theao iliaeoaus, Luiu-
Diphtheria, Sore Throat,
M'aa ilia Eilruut promptly. Deluy la
laifo, I'nlin in unrn or mho. ami.
Ilimil.llivrilinff i.r iiruinK it
t In tho greatest known roinody : nip-
lilly curing wiien oilier niniiieiiios imva
fnhVil. Poml'a Kalrncl Ointment U
of tyrant wirvica where Uio removal n'
doming in Inconvenient.
For Broken Breast and
ti.oil j'Iik Kurnct 111 never be with
out It. JPoml'a Kxtmct Ointment la
the beat emollionl Unit vim bo applli'd.
Female Complaints, major
ity of fmnle illaeasua Uio Kitrnct can lx
unci) Ha Uwi'll known, wllh Uio greatest
bi'ii.'llu Full diiuctlona acuouipuuy each
Pond's Extract VKJM
tlm wonts "1'i.ml'a Kili Htl" blown ia
tho pin, ami our pictura trado-umrk on
urrciiiiiilli.tr bull wrapper. None other is
fiMiuliio, Alwiiyalnaiaion having; l'oml t
litruri. Tuko no othor preparation.
It ii never softl in bulk or by meature.
Bold eTorynhrrc, l'ilc,i)0c, $1, $1.75.
Prepared only by I'ON n 8 KXTBACT CO.,
Or Mark Loproajr. la a i!Iciio which ia cont lilcrti
llicumlik', but ll'hai) U liU il to i'.w rurutlvv prop
tirtii-s "f Bwtrr'a Si'tdm- nmv known all ovii
tho world as 8. S. 8. Jim. ltailoy, of Wot foinir.
villi1, !"., m iir l;iil"n,vnniiii. kidiM'Viriilyi'iir
lj;n wllh this hi(k'o'ilfli.i-k eruption, and wnati rat
ed by tho bi n ini iliinl t.ili nt, vtliu rould only anv
tlmt thodlvaao win a apim of LEPROSY
and coniMMpiHiilv iniiiniiili'. It In liiiHini.ililu todu.
arrltx) her audiTou-fl. Hit lxilr from the crown ol
lur bond to I he noli; of her li-it wihii umra of dc
r iv, :honVsli'"!tin-. olf and Iravluirrciitcnvltica.
llt-r flnccia (catrr-11. d 1 luila dropped oB
at one time, h' r r.mln "!tr. 'd by tho Iwufiil
nlcnratioii. nnd fnryrnsi a c t!d ! ! "i Uer brd.
Her weight waa riiuu cii fn -a i . 8me
fnint idea or lu r'Htiim .n 'c J fmni
II io fact tlil Ibri'" piiundsof Cviiinlluq oi olnt
tii'iitwcro iind iT wrrk In dii'Kfing her aowt
Kiually the ihvli luna acknowli din d their defea
by thia Illack S ulf, nnd coiu.i.iuUid the auilere
Io her all-wire Creator.
Iler liunband heuriiii;womU'rfiilrerorai,f Rvi iftl
Bpeclflc (S. 8. 8.). pievn.l.d on her to try It aa I
laat reaort. 8he nivn :ta iito miller proti-at, bu'
loon found that her ayatum wua being relieved o
the ioiaon, ai the aores ammmed a red and beultli;
color, aa Ihoiu'li tho hloil waa bcccniini; pure am
active, ,Mr. llaileycouliimcdthu8.8.S. until ln-l
February; every aoro wna lieulid; ihe discarded
chair and crutr oca, and vtna tor the llrt time in Ii
years a well woman, lier hunhaml, Jl r. C. A. Mai
ler, is In buMiiros at 17M lllaekntono Street, Boa
ton, and will Hike plea-ure in rIviul' the details ol
this wonderful euro, bend to ua for Treutice ol
Blood and Skin Disease, mailed free.
THiSwirrSpwiricCc ir. rt? aii. .
MY Elcctrlo Belts and Sus
pensory cure nervous
rlelillllv, loss of manhood,
HFNWQNLY youthful errors, weak back.
Write for book on Manly Viftor, tree.
Dr. D. Young, 200 Hudson St. N. Y , City.
Santa Fe Ronte.
Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe R'j.
TRAINS KKEK to holdfn- or tirat-claas
ticket! between Uullaa, Houston and Oal
vestou. Direct connection for Austin, Oatesvlllo.
Waco, Han Antonio, MemtiliU, Mt. Louis,
Kanaaa I ity and all points North, East and
Through Sleeping Can or Galvei
ton, St. Louis, Memphis and
Kansas City.
From St. l.ouls 8KW p m
From Mempiiia and Paris llAflpm
From Galveston llUWain
From Cleburne and Kansas City p m
For fit. Lonls (through sleeper) . . 1M a m
For Merrphta and Texarkaoa
(through sleeper) 70 a m
For tialveaton and Kanaaa City
(through sleeper) ,.. 320pm
For Galveston 8:10 am
W. J 8TOKMS, Ticket Agent, Dallas.
JAMES S. CARK, tienerall'assenger
Wboleiule and
Rough andDresse " Lumber,
Shingles, Sash, Doors and Mouldings.
LongLeafLumlier ofAll Kiniis a Specialty.
Cor. St. Paul and
Stoves, Tin and Queensware
GUf anized Iron Cornices, Wood and Iron' Mantels, Grates, China, Glassware.
GHQlKlm SSI !( th1 6!JS FiK'ilic Avi'iitip,
liecnuso it Is the great tliorouglifure batween Central Texas nnd all points
North, Kutit and West.
Ilecause it Is tbo only lina passing through the beautiful Indiun Territory.
HecBtise it runs a line of Superb Pullman llotol and Sleeping Cars between
St. Louia (via Denison, Dallas nnd Fort Worth) and San Antonio.
Because it runs doublo cluilv truins milking close and sure connection in
Union depot at Kansas City, St. Louis und lliinulbal, lor all points.
Hocauxe it runs solid Trains (rom Sun Antonio to St. Louis, via Fort Worth
aud Deniaon.
Because there is but one oliange of curs to
Trains lor St. Louis and the North, Kuxt and West loave Dullas at 12:13 a.m.
and 7:Si) p. m. Take tho 12:15 p. 111. train for Gainesville, Heurlet'ii, and Inter
mediate stations. Take the 11:45 a. in. train for Tyler, 1'aleatlue aud all points ou
International & Great Northern Ruilroud via Miueola and Troupe. Tuko the 4 p.
111. tra n for Duck Creek, Greenville, Deulson, Sulphur Springs and intermediate
Pasaengcs booked to and from nil points in Europe via the American Klenm
lliip Line, between Philadelphia and Liverpool, and the Ited Steamship Line be
tween New York, Philadelphia and Antwerp.
For Information or tickets call on
Ticket Agent, Bud Alain at., Dallus, Texas. Passenger Agent, Dullas, Texas.
11. W. McCULLOUQII, General Passenger and Ticket Agent, Dallus, Texas.
Texas & Pacific
The East and West.
Short line to New Orleans aud all points In
Louisiana, Now Mexico. Arizona and California.
Favorite line to the
Elegant Pullman Buffet Sleeping C irs through between St, Louii'vla Tei
nrkana) and Deniing, N. M.; also Pullman Palace Sleeping Cara bt ween Kort
Worth and New Orleans without change. Onlp oue change or cars to
Take the 9:.V a. m. or 10:20 p. m. trnin for the Southwest, via Little Rock, aud
Tor SU Louis and all points North and Last. Double dally line of Pullman Sleep
ers to SU Louis. Take either the &M a. m. or 10:2."i p. ni. train for New Orleau.
and HoutheaHtern points via New Orleans. Take the :o& a. ni. train for Kl Paso
and the West. Take the 6:05 a. m. or 0: :W p. in. train fur Waco, Austin, San An
tonio. Ijiredo and Intermediate points. Passengers booked to and from all pointa
in Europe, via the Ameiican Steaniabip Line between Nw York, Philadelphia
and Antwerp.
For full particulars or tickets, call on
J. n. MILLER. Pass. Agent, Dallas.
C. C. ODEN, Ticket Agent, T. ft P. Depot, and No. Imnj Main at., Dallas.
T. A. U. Depot, East Dallaa. B. W. McCULLOUUU. O. P. T. A., Dallas.
JOHN A. UUA.NT, Uenerai Mauager, Dallaa.
retail derli
Elm Sts., Dallas.

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