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Fbrt Worth, Texan, AprU 22. 1920
EA&tland Texas Jfew
Mrs. Sander Brown made a vis
it to her old borne, Marshall, Texas,
to toe old friends, the cuest of her
ant Mrs. Sarah B. Harris. A swell
putj was given in honor of Mrs.
brown of which five courses was
erred. Miss Threasa Dixon of
Ohio, was guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Jachson of West Houston St
A three course dinner was served
t Mrs. Sara Brown's residence to
Mr. II. C. Penn, Mies Josle Maddox,
Mr. S. Roberts Miss Maddox hostess,
The Mode Shop ladles Pereslan
designs minllary display that can
Hot be competed with any where.
Mrs. N S. Jackson, at Eastland, Texas.
Mr. 8. Robertson, the successor
to A. T. McVaugh, solicit your pa
t ro ire for high-class Tailoring and
Repairing. S Roberts Proprietor,
BasuvHl, Texas.
Jtrown'g Rooming , House stands
ever ready to give you service at
all times Nice clean rooms and
tvy sleeping bods. Don't forget us
c Hie 18th and 19th of June. JSt
l.wd, Texas.
Ssnael naston College Choral Club.
The club had an extra good re
hearsal Saturday night at the res
idence of Misa Montzella Richie,
Two new Jubilees were introduced.
the tub is to re-appear Friday night
(a an all musical concert at the
whlto high school on Diamond Hill.
Monday night was spent with Miss
Itartha Smith in a short ' rehearsal.
Just before being called in for prac
tice Monday night a few of pur
Company were playing "Wolfe 'O
the River." All went well tintll
they tried to play "Wolf In The
IUtct, Miss Robie McCoy was
thrown by a hydrant and was knock
ed unconscious for a few minutes,
However, in a short time was ready
lor practice.
PARIS JONKS. Reporter.
quarter. The Ladies Secret Service
Club, with Vice-president, Mrs. A. A.
in the choir was in full blast prompt
ly at 6 o'clock Sunday evening. At
3 o'clock the club will launch the
play ground movement The big cut
glass contest closed Sunday even
ing in the Epworth League. A full
house saw the handsome 24 piece
set given to the winner. Mrs. A. B.
Standifer. Mrs. Standlfer was very
much surprised, but ready for an,
other contest Pres. Emory C Smith
will launch a big silver ware con
test in the near future. The leaguors
are going over the top each Sunday.
The reports show $49.89 raised for
Education. Visit the Epworth eLague
and see what is going on.
Sunday was another day spent in
kingdom building at ML Plsgah and
was well pleased. At the usual hour
Supt Davis was on tho scene and
with a full corps of teachers things
went well; the financial ferver ran
lUch and when the smoke had all
cleared away the Adults, as usual,
vent out in th lead. Collection for
the day $23.65. Sundav marked the
topeningr of the great revival and
mt the 11 o'clock hour Pastor Prince
Ascended to the pulpit and with
message of love fresh from the
throne of grace he filled our hearts
to aa over-flowing degree of happi
ness and joy. He used for his sub
ject. "The Power of God's World
and With the Holy Spirit present
he sent the message home to the
hearts of all his hearers and there
ai groat meeting, and when the
doors of the church was open seven
came forwftrd and aked for member
ship by Christian experience, with
a large number of sinners asking for
prayer. At 3 p. m. pastor and a
large number of his members went
to take a part in tho sixth anniver
sary of Dr. O. W. Da of the Pll
jrrim Valley Baptist church. Rev.
Prince preached the sermon and it
was a master piece and it was a
sermon to the occasion, using for
fcis snbject, "Don't Muzzle the Ox
that Tread out the Wheat" He
proved himself the preacher of the
At the usual hour, President New
man held a special session and the
B. Y. P U. forces are taking the
f.Tnt rank with all other auxiliaries
of the church; aside from this fact
the Union i doing things and that
Munti in this life. With the spir
itual ferver running high after the
close of the Union service a spirit
ual prayer service was held and
xnany prayers of faith went up to
throne of grace, and again the pas
tor ascended to tho pulpit and spoke
m if It were tho last time he would
ever preach, and the Holy spirit
was present and we had another
tfhont from the pulpit to the door.
When the doors of the church were
period 11 came forward and asked
for membership, making a total for
the day 18. The revival will begin
proper tonlcht with Dr. E. L Lock
ett, doing the preaching and a band
ef workers at his Bide to push for
ward the work of the kingdom build
ing here in the city as never before
in the history of the church.
All re invited out to hear this
Cod sent preacher during these
nights of service. Come one, come
all and hoar him. Collection for
the ly from any sources $241.35.
DR. S. R. PRINCE. D. D., Pastor.
JInrnfrnT (Tmpcl If! 9L E. Chnrch,
rer Third and Cramp Streets.
Rcr. M. H. Spencer, D. D., Pastor.
Morning Chapel was at her' best
n dty Sunday. The beautiful day
titvw ninny to the Sunday school at
9:39. Hiipt LnngFton is still smiling
wer the continued nrw faces Sun
Uy morntiiR. Rev. Spencer was at
Iwst and preached a powerful
wnwin (n the morning service.
Two dititinfitlshed visitors from San
AnVwifo nnrt Toulnlrtna were W the
jEyirKiss sri-vl'v. Th pastor and
-ri!r jrtitrnvort over to Otpson's
E;.virirint Sunday evening to vlMt
the P. E. in rouudinif out the 2nd.
The Mt Gilead Junior Choir held
its regular practice on ruesaay
night A very good attendance The
practice was given over to Mr. Sing's
Singing school, as the choir had been.
by special request asked to sing
song during the morning service
which all knew.
The morning service was entered
into with spirit All members look
ed and acted as if they were filled
the 1 Holy Ghost The evening ser
vice was very interesting. After a
short sing song we listened to a
very helDful talk on "Health." All
rejoiced for having been there. Mr,
Sing has made special preparations
for the 19th, but on account or ine
lecture he will not hold his school
until Monday night April 26th; At
that time he is expecting a packed
church. Don't fall to see and hear
The Ladles Auxiliary Club, to the
brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters
were royally entertained Wednes
day evening April 14, by Mrs. O.
H. Wonnely and the late Mrs Sam
uel Nelson at the residence of Mrs,
Wormley 1066 Huinbolt street with
a whist party a beautiful ice course
was served, after which encouraging
remarks were made in behalf of the
club by Mrs. E. A. Texada; response
by Mr. S. J. Johns. We were very
much pleased to be honored with
the presence of Prof.-Phil R. Register
but sorry he was too late to join
us in the ice course as we are all
sure be is very fond of such re
freshments sincerely hoping he will
be on time here after.
The' Ladies Auxiliary club met on
time Thursday evening April 15, at
Gilton Hall, with President, Mrs.
E. A. Texada in chair. The body
enjoyed the hour with Bible quo
tations and poems from different
ones. Mrs. Tally was a little late
but she more than made up for lost
time by reading a wonderful paper,
which was enjoyed by all, after
which a party of six went down in
to the Cafeteria and enjoyed a lovely
ice course. We want to . ask each
lady of the auxiliary to be a live
wire worker and let's make it a real
MRS. P H. HICKS, Reporter.
Rev. L. M. Sanders of Temple,
Texas is in the city conducting a
ten days revival at Baker's Chapel
A. M. E church, corner Humbolt and
Illinois. Total Joining Sunday, 7;
Total collection $50.00. Every body
Is invited to this great spiritual
Rev. J. S Starks, Pastor.
The Dining Car Employees Local
gave their first banquet of the sea
son Thursday night April 15th with
crowning success and a house to
over flowing capacity. The weather
seemingly was ordred specially for
the occasion, with the sweet scent
ed flowers, together with the many
various kinds of perfumes wlilch of
course, went to make the complte
toilette of me Lady's Boudolur made
the hall itself perfect to be hold.
Yes Pop Lane you should have
been there to hear most of all our
acting president of the hour give
a short talk in behalf of our Local
In person of Little "Music Boy"
known best by that name to some
people but to us as every day Jack
Hall. Say . Pop, he put it over the
top, and boy, you should have been
there to have torled to in a genie
mannerly way met some of those
ladies, and what came with them.
and more especially those from out
of town, who were here? Oh fellers!
I could'nt begin to remember who
all they were but I will tell you a
few of them from Dallas. There
was Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Jordan,
Mrs Fountain, Mrs. Moore and her
sister; Yes she, had a name, but I
forgot It trying to remember all
of them. Oh! yes, Mrs. Sadie Barnes
from Santone, was there, Mr. and
Mrs. Clyde Penton, from Texarkana,
Ark., who was there from home?
Why, boys, every body; no body left
home but the light and it was out
let's see; 1 11 see who I can remem
ber JuBt some of them because I have
Tiany other things to tell you pop,
until I cant dwell at length on who
was there and who wasn't Yes,
you know Pete , Iangston, Asbursh
'he tailor. Now don't expect me to
miss by not being here. Mr. and
Mrs. Wright. Mr. and Mrs. Nash
Meredith, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo
Oogan and Little Bogan and wife
ircain. Oh! yes. Head Waiter Hardee
Tackson and his Quarter Master
roup, (waiters quite natural he'd
seen there, being the president of
he Progressive Walters Association
t the State of Texas, he thought it
Tood taste to be up which we was
wwerful glad to have him see how
nice we had learnt' to act out in
vihltc and only being a little more
'han three months old, and Pop, let
ie say right here you know we
hnve nf"h on to eighty-three "Hash
-llnirrs'' in our local, (meaning)
"alters of course) and Mr. and Mrs,
mmes Crenshaw sharpooning Mr.
nrt Mrs. Silas Cooper. Yes, Johnnie
H'Mtnms and his. See was quite fre
montly heard.
Now I can't take any more time to
oil vou who wns there as my time
short now. Pop, Old Boy, we had
"Tie among if not the best Orchestra
rut could be hnd. Shot way, By
Ml in their swallow tall coats and
. more skirts and that fellow Sam
WhHten can surely blow that pipe
horn, what you call It? Saxophone.
n1 It's wnnnthirg. What? Did wo?
rwi't tiintinn. why that's the most
Interesting thing you said alnce we
been talking, who made it? I don't
know zactly but it pears to me Jack
Hall, Stewart Jordan, Alonza Bogans
and that Crenshaw boy was the chief
witness in manufacturing, cooking
distilling, billng on mixing it what
ever you want to call it But man,
it was so good until a fellow would
forglt as long as he could keep the
scent on him that he was living in
a day, that Mr. Prohibition is a
powerful man. How did it smell?
why not the smell, the pale that went
a long way and mum is the word.
They called it Sun Shine Special
Punch" and it had a kick not strong
right now but by the gree you knew
you had something more than water.
Well Fop, I must go and see Red
Boy, maybe he'll tell me to Jar the
ground, So long, I hope to see you
up stairs Monday, P. G. Good bye.
St James Baptist Church Corner
Second and Harding Streets.
Sunday school opened at 9:30,
Supt W. M. Taylor presiding. The
morning was a little gloomy, though
the attendance was above the ordi
nary, all of the classes had a well
prepared lesson and turned in fine
reports and good collection, reviewed
by Mr. Walter Johnson, after which
the pastor made a short talk and
commented on the good points made
by the review, the good advice from
the pastor to the Sunday school was
gladly received. Total present 164,
total collection $18.58. 11 o'clock
service, Dr. Winn in charge, opened
by prayer meeting. Songs by both
choirs, after giving his subject he
began preaching. I would like to
have all the sinners in the house
to stand up; you may be seated.
I see its quite a few here now I
don't see how you can remain there,
will you come and be saved or will
you stay and die in sin, playing , $288.39, S. S. Hemphill. W. M., Jas.
chle, Texas.
Masons Grand Master, makes an
nual visit under the auspices of
Live Busy Bee Lodge N. 433, H. J.
Mitchell. W. M.; B. J. Montgomery,
Sec'y. At 8:30 p. m lodge opened
in public form, H. J. Mitchell pre
siding. After calling the lodge to
order the Grand Master. H. D. Winn,
was introduced by J. C. Bogan, who
made a noble and brilliant address
on Masonry and Its principles; he
also paid high tribute to the Masonic
Band, which was such a surprise to
him; and. that the band was in a
class to itself. Brotherhood dona
tion led by Grand Master H. D. Winn
netted $50.00; 1919 has been the
greatest In Masonic History.
The Masonjc Band rendered sev
eral favorite selections, after which
officers of said band thanked each
and every Brother Mason for their
liberal contribution. Now for the
standing of the different lodges the
Grand Master sent out notices to
each lodge asking them to bring in
the following statement; Present
membership ' and cash on hand, the
response Rainbow Lodge No. 445,
members 31. cash on hand $89.00;
Chas. Lewis W. M., Alex White, sec
retary; Grand Temple No. 75, mem
men 45. cash on band $180.00. J.
T. Langston, W. M., E. A. Smith Sec
retary; Rexall No. 423. members 27,
cash on hand $48.00, Rev. R. S.
Jenkins. W. M., Lee Hudson, Sec
retary; Cowan No. 421, members 38,
cash on hand $100.00: Provident
No. 273, members 65, cash on hand
$240.00, James Cofleld, W. M Theo.
Chesnut Secretary; Panther City, No.
159, membership 64, cash on hand
$174.43. John Sharper. W. M.. L. D.
Lockett, Secretary; Profectlon No.
140, members 50, cash on hand
$318.05, B. Morgan, W. M Lewis
Wilson Secretary; Prldo of .Texas,
No. 82, members 98, cash on band
game of any kind is a sin. Sisters
if you play cards its betting. Now
it don't make any difference how
you play, nor what you call it, you
may say its a social game but Its
betting. Now some of vou come out
here' to hear me preach about Paul
and Silas, but I'm not going to do
that, I'm going to preach about you
and to you, not the person beside of
you but you. Though I haven't call
ed any body's name, so don't go off
and say I called It; I Just chunked
in the brush pile and you run out
I guess its all right for me to throw
in the brUHh heap If I want to and
if I don't hit you, don't you run out;
but if I do don't say you was'nt in
there. This soul stirring sermon
caused 13 to join the church. The
revival did so much good for the
city while running the two weeks.
Many souls were saved. At 3
o'clock 23 were baptized. At 5:30
E. Y. P. U. rendered a program. Dr.
L. Taylor, prisident Night, ser
vices at 7:30 p m.. Rev. Sutton from
Mineral Wells preached: the house
was crowded from front to back.
was taken, balcony full and the
vestibule packed. White visitors
were present The sermon was
grand, 10 Joined making a total 23
for the day; total collection $210.16.
i . DR. J. H. WINN. D. D., Pastor
North Fort Worth Jfews. -The
Express is continually grow
ing popular among the North Side
people. Mrs. Ben Thermond is" to
te reporter for her church, which is
doing a splendid work. Every body
Ib sure loving the ExDress on the
North Side for they did not hide when
the solicitor came to collect
Mrs. A. L. Warren, after being m
for a week is up again and at work
at the same place. 305 E. 9th St
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Walker from
San Francisco, Cal., are W the city
visiting her sister, Mrs. Caldwell
Childress at 1103 E. 2nd street; will
be here for the Summer.
Mr. J. B. Ransom from Mineral
Wells was in the city Saturday on
business and says that Fort Worth
looks good to him. Mr. Ransome is
a newspaper man.
Mrs. E. C. Jacob of E. Terrell
avenue has been ill for a week or
sov though she is able to be up again
and doing fine.
Mr. Richard Vann of Stop 6, who
was seriously burned two weeks ago
died last week. She was a member
of the Loyal Friends.
Mr. E. Mitchell from Tulsa. Oklal.
passed through the .city this week
from Palestine, Texas, having visited
his wife, a sister to the Updike
Brothers; he is all smiles over his
son. ,
Mr. C. H. Long, a cousin to Bird
Long from San Antonio, Texas, rep
resenting the Western Mutual Fire
Insurance Company of San Antonio,
Texas, spent two days in the city;
wmie nere ne ana tne .Express Re
porter signed contracts as to have
Pratt Secretary; Live Busy Bee No.
433, members 72,- cash on hand
$351.23. H. J. Mitchell, W. M., B. J.
Montgomery, Secretary. This con
cludes the - writers statement now.
the little young boys that belong to
the oldest lodge in the city made a
verbal report members 100, or more,
cash on hand $600.00, or more. The
Grand Master did not bother tho lit
tle boys tee cream and cake was
Notice: To the Dallas Express
readers. If you don't -et the paper
please call me and I will send you
a copy. Don't wait until I come to
collect and tell me you missed your
paper two times; Call Lamar 1875
or come by 9 15 1-2 Calhoun street
The Oratorical Contest was the
best ever held at High school audi
torium. Wo also had a new Fea
ture Singing Contest which Miss
Monzella Richie of the 3A class won
the first prize and Miss Corine Brown
of IB class second, and of the Ora
torical Contest Miss Jessie Harrison
first prize, and Miss Lula Mae White
head second prize.
Rev. Barnwell was a visitor over
to the school last week on interest
of Humane work. We are all re
hearsing for a large Folk Bong Fes
tival PROF. W. O BONDY, Prin.
Allen Chapel A. M . E Church Comer
East First and Elm Streets.
Rev. R S. Jenkins. Pastor
The church and all the departments
are fully alive Never before has
Mother Allen Chapel demonstrated
such wonderful life, both spiritual
and financially. The membership
continues to increaso Next Sunday
will be a red lettered day. All
Allenites will be out celebrating the
pastor's Eighth Anniversary. At 3
p. m. Drs. Winn and Prince with
their congregation will be present
and join in this great celebration.
At 8 p. mi Bishop Joshua H. Jones
will preach. All are invjted to hear
thin great prelate and chancellor
of Paul Quinn College and Wilber
forco University, having raised this
quaarrennium more than $60,000.00
for Paul Quinn College and in a sin
gle rally raised $80,000.00 for the
emancipation of Wllberforce Univer
sity. Come and hear the closing ser
mon of Bishop Jones for the Quard
rennium . - '
Equipped with the Very Latest Apparatus for Teaching the
Poro System of Scalp and Hair Culture
' and all Branches of Beauty Culture
Terms Moderate Diplomas Given
Write Today for Further Information .
Poro Corner
St. Louis, Mo.
wind. Mrs. George Calhoun of We-
tunska, Okla., is yet in the city.
The revival at Mt. Rose conducted
by Rev. J R. Murphy of Dallas,
closed Sunday night, twelve con
verts were baptised, twenty back'
sliders, total added to the church
92. Amount collected $150.00; $58
will be given to Rev. Murphy and
League, $20 back to the church.
Rev. Murphy has done a great work
here. The members of Mt Robs and
the whole town regrets to give htm
up. The financial rally at Post
Oak Missionary Baptist church, col
lected $60. Rev. Spott Ellis, pastor.
Revs. Silas Jones. Murphy and El
lis, blew the gospel trumpet Mrs.
Emily Jones died Saturday burled
Monday She belonged to the
Church of God. Mrs. Lizzie Keys
died Monday buried Monday. Sid
Sole was here Friday and Saturday.
The Lucky Five of Houston, will
play here Friday and Saturday.
Mrs. E. A. Ford left Tuesday for
Houston for medical treatment and
to visit relatives. Mrs. Willie Wal
ler of Post Oak reads the paper.
The Sign, Baker's Shoe Hospitals
Means Dependable service. No.
1 1029 South Calhoun. Street,
phone Rosedale, 2491; No. 2, 905
B. Jones street, phone Lamar 3764.
, 4-24-4t
Palace Cafe 411 K. 9 street
Good place to eat, hot biscuits, twice
the Reporter to represent the Fire da,,1 cigar? ?.nd d Later on hand
Insurance Company in Tarrant Coun- Hakln "d Woods, Props,
ty. Now if you would like td have 4'Z4'4t
Fire Insurance, now is your chance.
Vou cannot get it when you need
it You must ake it now in order
t.AA 1. . 1. ' 1 1.
to have it when you need it
Bonham, Texas, April 23. We
Mr. Lewis (San Top) Lofton: one were blessed with a SDlendid rain
of the greatest base ball players in Sunday night followed by a coal
the United States will soon make his
departure for New York City; he is
to play his last game in the South I
Sunday with the Fort Worth team
vs Dallas. We are certainly sorry
to see him leave, though if its for
the better Joy go with him and
peace behind him.
Wealthy Druggist passed away
April 17, 1920, Dr. L. Adams one of
the leading citizen's of this city.
He owned several rent houses and a
first-class Drug Store, 309 . 9th
street m
Mr. Paul Johnson, an artist barber
at the Star Barbershop and is one
3f the coteo&s in the city has gone
to Houston Texas, to visit his broth
er, Joe Johnson and other relatives.
Mrs. L. E. Heed served five o'clock
dinner at her home Saturday even
ing in honor of Rev. L. M. Sanders;
J. S. Starks and wife, after which
car ride to North Fort Worth was
jnjoyed by Rev. L. M. Sanders, Mrs.
U E. Reed. Mrs. E. ,M. Davis and
Miss Susie Kendrlce.
Miss Gaudle Manley of this city
'.ftor closing her school at Mt Pleas
mt, Texas, has returned horn and
las begun work at the same old
lace where she use to wear that
iwcet High Brown smile. The Tem
Me Drug Store welcome her to her
ame position as cashier.
Mrs. Victoria Johnson has re
of.imed to league. Texas. She was
ailed to attend the funeral of her
husband who was called in Waxaha-
RoKolntlong from ClaHsmates.
On April 8. 1920, death took from
Mr. W. M. Royal a daughter, Jennie
V. A host of classmates mourn
her loss. Sleep on Jennie V. We
will miss you because your seat
will be vacant. So we can only
bow our heads in humble submis
sion to Him who doeth all things.
We hope to meet you in that sweet
beyond where parting will be no
Be it Resolved, that a copy be
placed in the home and one sent
to the Dallas Express.
Resolutions from Schoolmates.
On Thursday evening April 8th
death visited the home of one of
our friends, W. M. Royal and Belted
Its victim, our most dearly beloved
end esteemed schoolmate, Jennie V.
Royal. She is not dead, but simply
asleep. The school will . miss her
but our lost is Heaven's gain. But
this is the will of Him who doeth
all things well.
ue it Kesoivea, tnac we place a
copy in the home and a copy be
sent to the Dallas Express.
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9 .llSfe
i , t v PERIor PRi;PAfW,0i
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hair a nuturul soft and
silken lustre. i d a
Pomade is the ONLY pre-
L paration sold that will keep
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tne nair in aesirea posiuuu
in any sort of weather or
climate. If you have never
tried it, do so and you will
be convinced it is just what
you need. Aida Pomade can
also be used as a daily hair
dressing making rough hair
soft and pliable.
For sale by all druggists.
Breaking off. Thin or Falling Out? Is Your
Hair Dry and VIry? Does
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