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i 'i ' iiimkwtmm iili ii
For SKIN and
HAIR are the re
sult of year of
experiment and
study by rue.
The fact that I
am a graduate- Id
Medicine and
OentiBtry is a
that the bent
drugs, properly
combined, are
aued in my prep
In lesu than a year on the mar
ket these goods have followed this
Express ad into thousands of
homes and made good.
THE CREAM positively
BLEACHES; removes every blem
ish, holds any powder perfectly
oil duy and kcep9 the skin soft
and tender us a spring violet.
- Hair ruined by nature or harm
ful preparation rep.nd i roajlliy
to my a UOW Ell. The FRESHING
OIL, gives ft fine glos and It
nearly utiiokelcnM.
ink tlK.se preparations and you
will cnlch this smile.
Velvet llruwn Face (Team 11.10
Velvet llruwn Hair (.rower J2
Velvet Iinmii 1'resslnir Oil -'-
Velvet Itrov.il Temple Grower .2(1
Agents wanted. Liberal comn-is-sion.
Information given and or
ders filled by
ir. v J. D- s.
S013 UH.i IS01M;YATU,
(:iik a;o. li.T-
Will Thonii Ave. Iiallaia, Tex.
hone H. JW31.
"Instant Delivery from this Office.
Dallas, Texas, July 20, 1921.
The Union of Royal Family He
roes and Heroines of Friendship,
convened In their 17th Grand Ses
sion at Dallas, Texas, In K. of P.
'Temple, July 12.14 Inclusive. Ses
Islon called to order-Tuesday morn.
Ing at 10:30 a. m., by Universal
King, Prof. 8. R. Newsom, after
the ritualistic opening the Univer
sal King made timely remarks giv
ing evidence of the growtn ana
nronerltv If the worK
" Dallas, Texas, July 21. The biggest
cooperative1 marketing organization of
HO Marks The Enrollment. A growers In the world Is being com
Htftiement Toothing The Ability pieted at the Dallas offices of the
of The I jtrulty. The Requirement Texas Farm Bureau Federation. More
HeliiR Met And The Pledge for than six hundred thousand bales oi
The $400.00 or More in Being ' cottrjn from approximately 40,000
Redeemed. I Texas member have been put In one
The requlrennT of the General P,ol !e ' .
k vnri tnterestlns: talks ana slowly but surely, ana to ao this -r ' r .
aontV until the entire grand lodge l has required both time, patient and cn7nnn"r , . ZZ
seemed to be ela"ed with the spirit ; labor. In order to have the Summer ver e81to,g? lnt0 ffJSl
cToS?. Af Universal Queen! school located I . the City of Dal. JT
Ada Ellis, in a few cnosen wotus'ius, -uu.uu nan to oe pieUBeu m -v - v. . ,anA tnr ,h
.... - at n t II
told of the conamon oi ou. mi-
advance, and the pledge Is almost The total already promised for the
redeemed except one of the pro-iP" ;'"
vi.inn. n,t tsnn nn nr mnr ahnniH million bales. Texas cotton farmers
1 la , ro utill clrrnlno- xnnlmrtl nnrt ft is
Rose Kingdom No. 4 4, Dallas, rray.i oe raisea out oiae or me tuition in-- " "
er by Queen Amello Robinson or
iio nmwn who has been sick sever
al months, and Is Queen of Llllle
nitt m:urokm
CWcago, till., July 21. To prevent
Manor and Chicago Lawn, 2.0 prop
Negroes from moving to .Marquette
erty owners took action recently.
' Every block between Fiftn-ninth and
Beventy-flrnt sts. and from Uubey
street to tbc city limit on the west,
it was decided, would have a "enp
taln,'' a property owner, who will
supervise the sale, U-aae or transfer
of each piece of real estate in his
, block. A social and commercial boy
cott will be used as the weapon be
hind him.
The meeting was called at the In
stance of the Southwest Business
Men's Association aud was held In
the Marquette Park State Dank.
John R. Walsh, head of the organiza
tion; and William Biietzke, president
'of the bank, presided Jointly. M. E.
Dorsch, local publisher, was one of
the speakers.
Attention was called to the rumor
that a house in tho vicinity of Sixty
second Btreet and Spaulding avenue
had recently been acquired by Ne
groes Dorich; fcald the trnnrer nan
been made In" such a manner that
the ownership could not be Idfcntl-
"fled. A white family has, retained
posession. , ,
A 'ommittee '.f fourteen was up
pointed to pick the captains.
r.i,.n. Sons led bv Rev. U. S.
Franks. "Lord Lift Me Up and I
Shall Stand." Collection $20.50 was
taken for her. Committees were
appointed. Then recess until 4 p.
m., for the purpose of regular lodge
Tuesday night at 8:30. The Grand
opening was conducted by the Hon.
orable J. It. Jordan, master of cere,
Song by the choir
Invocation ....Sov. II. C. Herron
Song te cholr
5t'i.n,iA Address In behalf
of Citizens ....Hon. A. S. Wells
Response W. P. Vaughn
Solo ....Miss Beatrice I. Martin
Fraternal Welcome -
..Prof. J. W. Rice
Vtesno'nse ....Rev. U. S. Franks
Qurtette led by Estella Wilson
Welcome From the Churches....
. Rev. Ooodson
Re;p"nse'.'."!Rev'. J. E. Rodgers
a,, by the choir
-- .,- , iri
Remarks by the i nivernai '.
S. R. Newsom.
2nd Pay's Session.
Wednesday Monilnfc.
The Grand Lodge was called on
at 9:30 a. m. General business of
the grand lodge was taken up. Rev.
H. McKenna of Ennls, "Texas, was
presented to the Grand Lodge by
Universal King, S. R. Newsome,
who said many good things in the
Interest of the Order. After which
the annual message by the Univer
sal King, 8. R. Newsom was deliver
ed, we highly commend the Univer
sal King on his excellent address
and report and we recommend that
nrHoe thuf nnno ATeenr flmr elnaa expected that this State Will Ulti
Instructors should be employed. This mately contribute more than a mil
part of the provision has been com- Hon bales to the pool,
plied with and the teachers arel Every grower contributing to the
rady for their pay. I pool has agreed to deliver all of the
Prof. L. B. Ross, a post graduate cotton that he produces for the next
of the University of Chicago, and five years to the association which
of two other colleges, has been em- is composed, of growers and managed
ployed and he is a teacher of class by a Board of Directors elected by
A, and holds up his reputation as aithe growers and ocmposed of growers,
man of letters. Our own J. V. ! California cooperatlvemarketing as
Wilson, the dean of Mathematics In'sociatlon dwindle into insignificance
the Colored high school, is also; when compared with this new col
the dean of Mathematics in the losal merchandising movement.
Summer School, and sustains the The largest association on the
name of Flsk University as a wor.iPadflc Coast has leps than fifteen
thy alumnus. Then too, Prof. P. E. : thousand members. The American
Goldthwaite comes from Lincoln' Cotton Growers Exchange will have
University, an institution that ranks more than 70,000 members, each
first, among the schools of high j pledged to deliver all his cotton dur
grades, Is charge of the science de-.tng the period provided for In tho
partment of the Summer school. 'contract. This organization automat
Miss E. F. G. Merritt Is In charge ically becomes the largest cotton
of the Method.System Department, factor in the world. Its office will
and It goes without saying that her De located In Dallas, Texas,
ability is known throughout the en- Adequate financial support for the
tire country as an educator, having organization is now being arranged
held the position in the city schools , throueh different agencies. Letters
of Washington for twenty-two years,lfrom ar Finance Corporation in
and also as trainer of teachers atjdjcatc that this Board will render
Cheney, Penn., for fourteen sum- tne game support to the Texas farm
mers where many teachers attended 'era tjnU It has already rendered to
from many states during ineir Bum- tne Mississippi Delta Growers as
mer vacation,
Miss Dixie Applewhite the in
structor and demonstrator of Home.
Economics. Is from the famous
Tuskegee Institute, has accomplish
ed a good work preparing the teach
ers who wish to impart this infor
mation to their pupils next fall In
the rural districts.
Mrs. Wilson and Miss Eva Weems
have been In charge of the primary
and high school subjects in the chil
dren department together with Miss
Merritt, who has handled the tots
his recommendations be acted upon. 0f the 'low primary as well as the
The , Universal serine's report: third and fourth graders instruct-
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a window and cllmeit on the top -of
inn mccnor, i ao not Know now I innrte
It, but by the time I rot on toD the
deeper hrgnn to tin to the noiilh on.
, ai-ruuiu m ma iracit ueing unuurniin
rd. ,
"I Jumped from thn top of the
lieper to the couch, lty the time I
had reached tho smoker the mnoker
roof hnd turned nvir partly. All the
pHBuenxor. were In It. I walked along;
the aide of the ainokor and caught a
piece of arnntling out of the water
and broke the wlndowa and the pan
jengera climbed out of the wlndowa.
The car was now on Its aide.
"There waa a lumber yard near by
end a large amount of lumber waa
'loatlnv by, which the paaaengera
yelKcd. They warn carried over on
It to a brick building which was for
merely a brewery and the people who
lived on the aecond floor there reach
ed ou of thulr wlndowa and asMlated
the pi'iengera Inalde.
All i'uancna-rra Nared,
"There were 117 of Ua In all. The
hrakemnn, news agent and myself
were the only employe Included In
the Z7. No J'ullnmn or other paimen-
f;er waa lout There w one woman
n the coach who had two children
and carried one of tie. children out.
' he paaaeiiKera were :! more or lima
injured, being cut when cllmhing
throiiKh the broken windows. They
would all have but their Uvea If it
had n-t been for the lumber that waa
carrl. down next to tiio train. It waa
reported the train conductor and en
gineer were drowned, but the .Iro
nien e.caped in aome way I do not
believe there were any pannengera on
he tralp drowned, but It waa claim
ed by aome of the others that all had
not -en eftvcil. If they were not
saved It was Necauaa they Jumped In
to the water before the train turned
Conductor' liody Found,
"Conductor Cowan'a body waa found
In tho sleeper the following morning.
Jt waa t -Ooried hla name waa Kvans,
but I t: I the lied Croas it waa not
Cnndur.tif r' Kvana. who waa on the
Mlaeotirl Pao"!c, and I Identified Cow
In at the mo. ue. 1 sustained a bruit
ed right leg rpd wu atruck on the
back of the bend hy something, and
it In bruliied slightly."
Taylor reported the loa of clothing'
and other rtiele belongln" to him
valued at 10. The Hed Crona gave
h"-n ahoe and a pair of overalls, and
fed him or four day. He went to1
KRnnna I'lty by way of D nvor on
June H, arriving June 11. He bad no
funds, but depended on fellow por-i
torn to get him food. He got home
June 12.
office-1 found, arter the water sub
elded, that Oonduat Cowan had part
ly undreed and waa evidently try
ing to follow the porter's example of
going through the window of the
1 IIC i I'll) " oni a-"-- at'VD !'' -
showed great care and accurately
for the year's work. The aeatn
roll was unusually large neverthe.
less all burial claims and beneri.
claries are paid to date and yet a
safe balance left In its burial and
Its endowment departments. The
report shows ' lhat great economy
has been exercised In the dlsburst
ment of the finance, also our num
erical strength has made mark In
crease. Reports of all Universal of
ficers and Grand Deputies were ex.
A contribution of $20.05 was tak.
en and sent to Sov. V. J. perrough
at Athens, Texas.
Everv- delegate and officer was
nlaced on committees and -rendered
excellent service throughout the en
tire Grand Session.
The memorial service was con
ducted on Wednesday evening at
:30 at St. James A. M. E. church
The resolutions were rend by Mrs.
K. P. Hampton Universal Scribe. The
memorial sermon was delivered by
Rev. J. E. Rogers, Universal Orator.
The Universal officers are as fol
Sov. S. R. Newsom, Universal Kins.
Sov. Ada E. Ellis, Universal Queen.
Sov. E. P. Hampton, Universal
Sov. Annie E. Bass, Universal Prln.
Sov. U. S. Franks, Universal Treas
Sov. J. E. Rogers, universal, tni.
versal Orator
Rnv J. W. Coleman. Escort.
Sov. N. Plnkard, universal Mar
Sov. T. J. Mooring. Universal I. u.
Sov. L. E. Coleman, Universal Lec
turer. '
Sov. C. S. Shnrpe. Universal Sentry.
Sov. D. W. Hhlelds, Universal Phy-
Sov. J. R. Jordan, Universal Publish,
Sov. J. T. Rosewood, Legal Ad.
Sov. Beatrice I. Martin, Asst. Scribe.
Sov. J. H. Mottley, Acting Bishop.
Thursday night, annual banquet
was conducted by Sov. A. E. Ellis,
U, Q. and Committee.
The next annual grand session
will be held In Athens, Texas.
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Nashville; T. T.ieodore Taylor, Chicago.
- The IFIrst Day's Session of the Na-
Buffalo, N. Y., July 21. The new
Hornby and conference room of the
Marine Trust compuny's bank was
the Bccne of a hurried wedding re
cently. In the trust department of
the ink Important business of many
kluf.K Is transacted, but that Is the
first time a wedding has taken place
In any bank In Buffalo.
It came about 4n this way- Col
man Thompson, a Negro porter In
the Marine, r i-idenly appt i.'d with
Mrs. Menty Kay and announced that
they wished to be malvled right away.
This was at 4:30 p. m., ana their
ph-ns were made to take their wed-dl"-;
trip on the Marine Trust com
rany's annual picnic at Crystal Beach.
The boat wng to leave at 5:15 o'clock.
In the bank no one could he (ond
who was authorized to tie the knot
but nfter frantic searching a min
ister was found. He arrived at five
minutes of 5.
The Circasslnn walnut furniture and
rich ruirs made a fitting background
fr-r the ceremony. One of the vice
presidents of the Marine Trusaeted
ing them as an observation class.
Principal N. W. Harllee handled the
Educational subjects.
Altogether, the Summer School
which will close during the next
two weeks has been a remarkable
BChool in many respects, both for the
work accomplished and for the
large enrollment, which 1b about
140 all told, in which Spanish, La
tin, English, Methods, Educational
subjects were taught by specialists.
The normal . concert will take
place at the Bethel A. M. E. church,
on Friday evening the 29th when
Professor L. Browne Ross, the cele
brated pianist, dramatist will both
play and read to the delight of the
many persons who love music. Miss
E. F. G. Merritt, the celebrated Me
thod teacher will lecture on "Edu.
cation as a Means to an End." Pro.
fessor Ross will be assisted by local
The following program will be
rendered on Friday evening:
1. Invocation Rev. J. H. Smith,
2. (a). Piano Solo
(b). Reading Prof. Ross.
Duet L "Whispering ' Hope"
Misses Price and Burl, Miss
Marietta Smith, accompanist.
3. (a). Reading Mrs. Brashear
(b). Fred Johnson ("Blllkin")
"The Human Music Box."
4. " (c). Recitation" Miss B. Brash-
(b). Reading Prof. Rotp.
5. "The Bluck Woman, the uiacic
Diamond" Lena Price,
(a). "Not Where You Are But
. What You Are"' Beulah
Vneal Miss Annie Liee
soeiation which has five minion
dollars and which will be advanced
t.o the growers while the crop is
being marketed through the same ex
change that will handle the Texas
If; 1 1
Six Reels of
TheMost PmzMj Pictures
AdvoflureSof EtedLaemmle
dndWliam F Alder among ihe
.Never Yordei
Bl.ttllWmillllBIIM-LlLLJWJUil.1 IMUPraTT
Monday, August 1st, 18J1.
Hundreds of pleased men and
women wearing our HAND
Garments cut and fitted as
you want them
I'HOXE L. 5500.
i n E. l.'th St. (One door from Jfaln St.)
6. (a)
Lacy and Miss Ella
(b) . Head, Heart and Hand
" Jlmmle JameB.
(c) . Rec'tatlon Roy Lay.
7. "Education for the Masses'
by Miss Emma F. G. Merrlt,
Supervisor of the Primary
Schools of Washington City.
g, goio Volce Mrs. Carrie mot.
gan. .
(a). Piano Madam Plttman
(a) . Piano Solo
(b) Reading Professor Ross.
Remarks by Principal N. W. Har
SmtIi1 Summer School Fund.
The following was contributed
during the week:
Dr. M. C. Cooper
Miss M. M. JackBon .....
Mr. J. K. Rowen
Prof. W. B. Smith, 2nd
Dr. O. W. White .....
.. t 1.00
nl A annotation will lin ht-ld at the
Mt. Olive Cliunh. TiiPKday, July !ith.
Hnd t D.u fnulii... .... 4 1. . . .
I") on prom-am o" that day will h nln" op!t mnn for the bridegroom, and
d-jrens by lr. j. Acton Hill .paBtor.tho private secretary of the OfTleer
ot St Paul A. M. K. churoh. Hy ape Ptnl.j fnr hB y,riA Turn ofhor
ciul rt-n K'Kt T)r. Hill la condrntd p " p ror tne pnnc. 1 WO Ot ner
to Hponk on iluric a relates to the officers Berred as witnesses- By the
church, other TenneRans pr.-r-.-am-J time the ceremonv was over, It a
Town.'in.l.'X'mllhr; Nrl u I P 5." A crowd gathered
run N-ihi-11la, MIhb Ulllan thumpnon. wJt.h rice, confetti. Old shoes, etc.
v?-?viiii'.un!."d Mr"' G","va l"-nder. The fact Oiat a bank was the scene
' on rir..iay nlB-ht. at Mt. Olive Hap- of 0,8 weii'i-.g In no way detractor
ti.it church, Kaxhvllie will be given Ifrom the wedding atmosphei-e The
n 'Vportunitv to witnes a program ! couple ran from the bank down Into
tn wnlch will appear the rreateit , l j a .
number of noted artist ever brought a waiting uto lind dahed to the foot
to hia rity at one time. of Commercial street, almost the last
The et.nJ and tlilrd duy nefnilona I ones nn-th hdftt e:id i'r n-. oneelv
will be In Id on Campiia of Ft.ik Uni-!? , ?, .r l)a , . p'0Pe'
verxity. t ncert will be lvc-n each joeral ded by flittng music from the
aifcht in the chapel. Marice Trust Company bund.
Total for the wct;V
Previously repo't d $372.67
Grand Total $378.67
Bal. to be collected Is $ 21.33
Dr. E. Arlington Wilson has In
vited Prof. N. W. Harllee to his
church, the Macedonia Baptist
church. Sunday the 24th to receive
a public offering to be added to the
Summer School Fund. It is hoped
that the sum of $200.00 will be
placed to. the credit of the fund,
during the "next week.
Teachers may still enroll to take
advantage of Jhe Primary Methods
as the school will be In operation
for the next two v,eeks. T iachers
seeking these methods are comln":
from an over the state,
Detroit, Mich., July 21 A battle
between the immigrant and the Col
ored laborer for a permanent place
in maustry was predicted by For
rester B. Washington, Detroit, re
search expert, in an address recently.
ine type of immigrant coming
to this country now Is a poor class,''
said Washington, "while the Colored
people during the war proved their
euiciency ana reiiamiity in tne fac
tories of . the north.
"The immigrants who are coming
here now will stay only long enough
to make a little money and learn
American methods- Then they will
return to tho fatherland which they
left to escape the hard work of re
habilitation. "The Colored people are Amer
icans. They will not go back to any
Mr. Washington Is research direc
tor of the Detroit Community union.
From recent investigations he has
figured that in Detroit 50 per cent
of the Colored papulation is unem
ployed, and in Pittsburgh 30 per
cent. The convention session which
he addressed was held in North Wood
ward Avenue M. E. Church.1
"I just came from Chicago," said
Washington, "and there I saw a con
dition . that is unparalleled in the
history of the Colored race- So
many Colored people are homeless,
jobless and hungry that a band of
them has gotten together along the
lake shore a few miles out, built
huts of refuse, brick and wood, and
is existing on scavanged food, mixed
with liquid so it can be evenly di
vided among them."
' The future of the Colored race
here during - the next few years,
Washington said, depends largely on
the industrial prosperity of the coun
try, because the Colored ' labor is
marginal labor, the last hired and
tlje first fired.
Social work in this county Is
largely a fad, he said, and just now
the immigrant ts the fad. Not long
ago it was the housing situation,
and before that It was the Colored
"Not so long ago we had commit
tees of social wort-era to study the
problems ot the Colored m:
marked Wellington. "That was when
the factories needed our people bad
ly. Now the employers would be
glad if several thousands of our
people could go back" south, or any
where, just so they left Detroit. They
are not needed, now, and there are
no committees to study the sociolog
ical problems they have."
James H. Maurer, president of the
Pennsylvania Federation of Labor,
warned white workers that unless
they realize the solidarity of their
Interests with those of the Colored
people they will be draored down
to the economic level of the latter.
"Back of racial and religious pre
Judlces.'V said Mr- Maurer, "can in
variably be found economic Inter
ests. "The antagonism between Colored
and white men in the United States
Is the result of their struggles to
live, inspired by those who exploit
both. The East . St. Louis massacre
was inspired by the exploiters of
labor and the victims, Colored and
white, were the former victims of
"It Is true that this hatred and
antagonism has even found !ts way
Into certain groups of labor organ
izations where the Colored man Is
denied membership.
"The .union must open w-ide its
doors to every class .of workers,
women .as well as men, and then
there will be no lower class; and
racial antagonism and prejudices will
disappear, at least among the work
ers. Their interests are identical no
matter whether white or Colored
male or female."
Me Queen Preparations
Scientifically manufactured to meet your particular beauty requirements
NILE QUEEN Wander Bleach
NILE QUEEN Hair Beautifler
NILE QUEEN Vanishing Cream
NILE QUEEN Liquid Cold Cream
NILE QUEEN Face Powder
Pink, Flesh, White, Brunette and Cream Brown
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so great that they are on sale at most drag stores and first class beauty
hops. If your dealer OT agent cannot supply you, send l?!?!?!?
ua bis name with your order. FREE - Beauty Book V IXtUtli
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permanently by Electrolysis. Moles
and Warts removed. Miss A. C.
LACY. Haskel 3245. 7.16.M
MKH-l'lll LINK,
grow." It makes the sculp, healthy:
it inaUen the hair soft. .-tralKlit and
gloeny; It. grlvt life to the molt atuo-
born hair ana surrouots the race wits
grace and beauty
Armory for 15th Infantrr to flo
W),VM) Plot In Harlem.
New York, N. Y.,.. July 21. Sixty
thousand square feet of city land has
been purchased by the municipality,
through the Sinking Funds Commis
sion, to provide a home for Colonel
"Bill" Hayward'8 command, which
served valorously in the late World
War as the Fifteenth Infantry.
The organization the strength and
daring of which the Bosches soon
learned to respect Is wholly com
posed of Colored men residing prin
cipally in the belt north of One Hun
dred and Twenty-fifth street and is
now housed in the Lafayette Build
ing, Seventh avenue, One Hundred
.ind Tf'irty-flrst street.
The location chosen for the armory,
which has bi-"i under discussion for
pome time comprises twenty-four lots
running through from One Hundred
and Forty-second to OneJlundred and
Forty-third streets, about 143 feet
east of Lenox avenue. Its purchase1
from the Emigrant Industrial Sav
ings Bank at $300,000, was arranged
by the Cruikshank Comnany and the
neces.arv money was allotted hy the
Sinking Fund Commission at Its meet
ing recently.
The Wonderful Hair Dresser and Grower
Waycross, Ga., July 21. Another
echo of the peonage system as em
ployed In the South' was heard here,
when Julius King, alleged to have
been held In virtur.l slavery by his
white owner for years, in an attempt
to escape, placed poison in his em
r'oyer's food, which resulted in bis
death. -
King was convicted by Judge R.
Q. Diekerson and sentenced to be
hanged. His plea w;is based upon
tho fact that owing to such cruel
treatment at the hands of his em
ployer, he hf.d deter nined to he free.
Accordingly, on the night In ques
tion, he placed some poison in Ms
food, with the sole Idea' rf makfne
him sick. The drug klljed him.
J." ,f
Knthtnir in tn world .(ke it. Tht
gonu In comoa in white Alan lrt,
pertunnrt. especially, Tor rofinrt po
Die. I'rl"? 541 rent nt pnltl.
Atlanta. .
SingeriWhite Sewing Machines
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sell, rent and repair any make. No
down town high rent to pay, will
cve you 15 to 25 per cent.
171 St. Lonls Street. '
l'hones: .0916 l Y.8464.
. : n
aif-i -..tV-
-. t r "
l nSVv
the age
If you
SBfr.-i'i Grtitest Hiir Grower
It clears the hair of dandruff, stops
itching, stops the hair from falling
out or breaking off, feeds the roots
and puis new life in ii. Every box
fully guaranteed.
Rrtrinnll Coma Balm SSc. SpoHt Grnwrr toe
iampoo Jelly t6e. Preanno Oil 60c.
Mem food to briahten Ike complexion Mr,
Jteginall l olict Soap o. All six by mail tt 10
Y?u can take REGINALL PER
by mail. Write for SPECIAL TERMS
TO AGENTS. Address
One thonsaad Kganx
wanted Good
moMtsy '
- made. We want agt
In every city and i!
lags ta ' sell TIT
ER. This In a wondr
ful preparation. Cv
be used with r wltr A
out straightening lrt.
Sells tor J Be p
box one S6c bi
will prove Its rait 4
Any person that wtl
use a 25o bei will b
convinced. Na mattR
what has failed ' i
1 grow your hair Jat
give THE) 8 T A I
trial and be cenrtnew
Send 25c for full tin
box. If you with
be agont send fl.ot
and we will send e
a full supply tint ytf
can begin work tr.u
tt at once:
agent's terms. Hta
all m'.ney by a.tr
Box 818, GrMBtdMt
O. U. O. of Knlg-hti of Shepherd
wants one thousand (l.Onft) nr mr,r
deputies to organize and set up local
iiiukuk in every mace or me u. s. de
puties both men and women are mak
ing one hundred (S1U0.0O) dollars to
one hundred and fifty ($150.00) dol-
larx per monin. experience not neces
sary, we will teach you free.
vv are represented In fifteen (IS)
states, giving thousands ef men and
women work to do In each state. We
guarantee you steady employment and
regular pay. For District Deputyship
to set up lodge anywhere In U. S.,
write Sir U W. Davis, S. O. C, No.
1C06 Michigan avenue, . Kansas City,
Mo. Enclose 2 cent stamps for speedy
I rant every m."n, woman and child who to
fer wilh Fits, Epilepfy or Falling Sickness, ta
send at once fnr a free bottle of my famotal
treatment LEPSO. No matter how long yon
have sufiered, or how many so-called cures
you have used without results, do not give op
until you try this treatment
Send Uo Money
Dont srnd ire a penny. Simply give me yoot
name, ge, and address and I will send you bs
niafl. nil charires psid, free bottle of
Li.ISO. 1 hen you can prove to yourself, en
tirely st my expense, juit what this famous
treatment will do for you. When so man
other sufferers state that LEPSO has brought
them complete freedom from this terrible af
, flirtion and I offer to send it free, you surely
owe it to yourself and to ynur loved ones t
lv. It a trial. Mr.. Dolla M.n .i writ., m. that aha
"i". ""'J1",i"l'1attaclitotahtoolc(linritdoM
of LLPSO. Mra. Fajl Griimiuriaba.ulTordfot.v
fouru.il yr, that doatnra and miihcin. did hor na
gtvyj, and tltat ab. Ma mad beyond all taopa of r.liaf
when aha hoard of I.EPSO. Sha aara alia -aa not
bod a euigk) fit tot ovac I waive yoara.
Accept ftly FRlEE 0..arl
Don't Joubt. Dm't htvftate. Jnit wnrl yxr nam
nd ittMrcwi for tbe fr proof t.otiW. Jf jmj wth Jj
till 1 ftxl ennflnt fht yon will hv the wuiw ifood
rvtulta no many other Ull of. mun and writ) ma
tcriv. aid if yon hnv tiny fr.4n.1it who ulTw. fcltow
ttt to then: tut thUout.M it may oovr apptar aAln.
. . .. . a
Groava Hnir nn Tantnl
. .7ha Inventor of this Hair Grower, which Is made of sixteen Ingred
ients ut d contalnlnnr av.rvih n,,. ?;!?'"' 'nerrea-
Dandruff and Tetter prevent the Hair froV falling out?and ifoepVu
"ick.y:i.kSPL.,. -.ft I""': U make, the HalFaVfuli:
... amiouL picsnina;, dui you may press It If von do.
s re. I eruarantted this Hulr rimu,., rinn-ar ".. ou ae" Z
one Inch amonth. also to darken a-rav wilr uVla5..Xtr?8-.e. of
eoet Preaaln Oil, 60c Kh.nn.poo Paste, 60c. Send 10c extra with ordeV
for return. Agents wanted Inclose 3e stamp f, r replv to letter
Send postorflce or express money order payable to- letters.
18 W. Calif. AveM
Please Writ Name Plainly.
Crown Barber Bkop
'' ..:'.', ! , : :
';" ' V.--T ,.. ,
-' : ' ' ' ' -1
Every man and woman ouirht to sea tti.
w-nderful lady for she cun tell you many
things that will put you to wonderlnVMadame
Jefferson can bring- tangled brains to the liorht
ot helpful sensibility. She can cure any fu!
ease that you were not born with. In fact aha
can locate any disease In the human body, and
tell your complaint by your writing to her
when other doctors have failed, then write her
and she will give you full detail, of Joir dis
ease. Madame Jefferson possesses a natural
born gift from birth aitf fs one of the great
est licensed preacher, of the age. Sha has a
supernatural gift C' d ha. given her power to
heal and lead her people. Her advice on busi
ness problem, is worth more than you will
eVM,r J" ab,e t0. Bay Pnl Business matter,
will be answiied. Send ten cent. In atftmpa lor
reply. Madame Jefferson . ha. discovered a
wonderful hair restorative. It grow, hair on
bald he ids. Agents wanted. She teaches the
frt- rncn0vn?f11,t.at,0,1 tfi2r U""1 sickness, send
two ($2.00) dollars and If you tak tieatatfint.
thl. will go on your bill.
Address: HADAMR IDA B. JKFTERSOU', Evangelist A, M. H. Church-
North Texa. Conference. Rout 1, Box 10J, Lonrvlew, Texas.

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