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m imimh IMM.AM, TEXAS. KATUROAY, KOVKMKItnil 11. 1622.
Excelsior M u t u a 1 B eri e f i t A s s o ciati.on
Makes Commendable Record Pays out $i 2,000 in 8 weeks of Dengue Epidemic, an average of $1500
per week, makes firmer its hold upon the hearts ot the citizens of Dallas.
Mrs. Samanthy
Gee, my pa's a reg'lsr booster
Hc'11 got moBt folkn skint by a block
He boost o much fvr the EXCELSIOR
'Till It most give ma a shock.
VKit you bet she soon recorvered
When he told her what they'd done
When that awful Dengue (Fever
Had the folks all on the run.
She, then asked pa to toll about it
While ho smoked his old cob pipe
Smiling like a great big apple
When it's good and red and ripe.
"Well, I'll tell you. miss Samanthy
Tlout this EXCEL8IOH insurance plan
Evan though I wasn't book-learnt
Twaitn't hard to understand
Polks Just got the Dengue Fever
The doctors say from skeeta bite
li,t when their bones began to ache 'em
Take it from me it was good night.
'En fer eight weeks It was a ragln'
Insurance companies was hard hit
Hut you bet the OLD EXCELSIOR
She didn't holler nary bit.
There was Coefield- and our Strickland
They Just kept on smiUn' through
And they paid the other thousands -Just
as they did to me and you. .
There's the Smiths, the Greens, the Williams.
Johnsons' Browns and then the Jones
These are but few of happy members
To whom they paid twelve thousand bones.
Here are Negroes building business
Fer that little boy of ours.
En fer me I ain't throwln brick bats
I'm Just handln out some flowers.
It woudrf : took right to my neighbors'
How could I ever face my child .
If while the race is marching upward, "
I was trying to block the aisle.
For what's the use of school in Willie
If you don't provide a plan
So as he can use his learnln'
When he grows up to a man.
My hat Is off to the OLD EXCELSIOR
The way she weathered the Dengue storm,
A race backed by such institutions
Soon will be free from every harm.
So hence forth let it be our mission 1
To praise God both night and day
If he calls and I am out, dear.
Send him up the EXCELSIOR WAT.
Old Observer.
Media Byrd, 8204 State State - $66.25
Burrell Garfield. 3808 Worth 95 00
Callle McGarland, 2110 Clark Street - 68,75
L. E. Bailey. 1019 Dodd .... - 95 00
Chas. Hays, 5112 Terry 100 00
Robert Murry. 2705 Gaston Avenue 89 25
Callle Coats, Weir, Miss.' . .....". 95 00
Thomas Dockery, 3628 Dallas .... ..... 60'00
Chas. Gamble, 7914 English 156.00
Minerva Luster, 408 E. Jefferson ..' 60 00
Lula-M. Williams, 2803 Allen .. '6.25
Thomas Boggess, No. 7, Metropolitan -- 80.50
Ethel Johnson. 8701 Eucllde .. ............ . .................................... 91.50
Rachel Holly, 1212 E. 10th . 60.00
Fannie Coleman, 1307 Federal . 157.00
Harriett McFarland, 1841 Forney 84.00
Emma Leonard Moore, 3307 Fuqua ......... ....... 430.00
Jim Davis, 2606 Bryan ..... 105.00
Geo. Standlfer 64.76
Rebecca Hamesboro, 2008 Huffman.... 64.00
LUUe Coats, 3325 Fuqua ............. ................................. ................. 106.60
25 Live Energetic Agents Wanted at once. Women can easily make Ten to Fourteen Dollars per week; Men, Fifteen to Twenty-five Dollars.
Excelsior Mutual Benefit Association
9. COEK1KM), Secretary.
(Continued from Page I).
an Individual depositor has accu.
mulated enough to make the buy
ing of a bond or share ot stock ad
visable. It Is haucd that the loss of sav
ings withdrawn from the bank for
investment purposes will be made
up by an Increase of confidence In
the bank among Negro depositors,
who will then induce their friends
and relatives to place their savings
Will Aid Trust Funds.
The bank will also enter into the
field of trust business after it has
operated for several years, and will
aid Negroes to establish funds for
educational and other purposes.
- An honorary board of prominent
men will be appointed, besides the
white and Negro board of directors,
who will take special pains, Mr.
Black said, in handling legacies that
bave been bequeath to Negroes by
the white people.
Mr. Black comes of a family of
bankers, his grandfather, John
Black, having founded the Farmers'
Trust Company in Mount Holly, N.
J., in 1814. His father Alfred L.
Black, was later president of the
trust company, and Mr. Black him
self is now the largest stockholder
of the institution.
Associated with him in founding
the new bank are George C. Van
Tuyl, Jr., former State Superinten
dent nf Banks and former president
of the Metropolitan Trust Company,
120 Broadway; A. H. Eastmond, a
silk manufacturer of 357 Fourth
Avenue; Montgomery H. Lewis, sug
ar manufacturer of 115 Broadway,,
and Phillip Freeman, a brass man
ufacturer of 92 Bowery.
(By A. N. P.)
JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Oct. . It be
gins to look like the Colored vote is
about to break with the "Lily
Whiten" in this State.
While for ome time the spirit of
Independent political action has been
growing among the people of our
group throughout the north, there
has been no noticeable development
along this line In the south until re
cently when in this city the subject
began to be discussed among the lead
ers, which led to a meeting a few
weeks ago which culminated into an
organization that is attracting the
attention of the citizens generally, and
the new organization has adopted
the name Nero Independent Political
Club. Hon. N. K. McGIII, attorney,
who was president of the Harding
and Cool'dge Republican Clut of
Jacksonville during the last national
campaign, was chosen president of
this independent club and he is as
zealous and enthusiastic in this move
ment as he was when following the
dictates of the O. O. P.
The new ' organization Is hailed by
the Negro leaders as a Bpllt from the
old Republican organlzan with which
the Negro vote of of the South has
been so long identified.
A mass meeting of Negro voters
will be called at a future date, ac
cording to George E. Taylor, tem
porary ricretiry, when permanent or
ganization will be affected. It la also
planned to extend the organization
throughout the state. I
Althouarh the future influence of the
-split is problematical, it is predicted'
that the Jacksonville movement will j
eventuate in a national organization!
of the Negro vote which may. enable!
It to make Itself felt in the. general
elections. I
Mr. N. K. MeGlll, Negro lawyer,'
who Is temporary president of the
organization. In talking to the meet-1
ting proposed as a slogan: "Better,
ter understanding Detween tne races
here in the. South."
The prime purpose of the new party,
according to Its leaders, is to har
monize the relationship of the Negro
and the white man.
"The Republican party has done the
Negro more harm here In the South
than any other agency,"' Mr. McOlll
said. "It has made enemies of whites
and Negroes who were formerly
friends. No greater injury could be
conceived. This la the seat of all
our troubles, . political, civil, and in-1
dustrlal." He proposed the indepen-j
dent organization which was formed
as a means toward forcing the Negroes
from the G. O. P. yoke. I
That the masses of our group here'
in me soum are reaay 10 accept me
leadership of Mr. McGIII and his co
workers is evident from the fact that
every person attending the recent mass
meeting enrolled as members Other
meetings will be held from time to
time when all 'who wish may attend
and learn of the progress and sup
port of the movement
Prrnhlent Wllnoa, Chairman Jones a ad
Secretary Agree Dates fer National
WASHINGTON, D. C, Nov. 2. Wed
nesday, Thursday and Friday, Febru
ary 7, 8, , 1923 has 'been selected
us the dates, and Nashville, Tenn..
as the place for the holding of the
When One Thinks of Hair and
Toilet Preparations. One, at
The Sams Time, Thinks of
pono cclu-gs pct;0 connnn
ST. LCUJ3, EC , .
next annual convention of Newspaper
Men. President Wilson made this an
nouncement here this week, and stat
ed on a total Ignorance of modern
mailed out at headquarters at Nash
ville, signed by himself, Joseph I
Jones, chairman of the Executive Com
mittee and Bishop J. R. Hamlett, Re
cording Secretary of Jackson, Ten
nessee. The agreement to meet at
Nashville for the 1923 aession was
reached at a special call aession of tha
Newspaper Men here In the Mu-so-llt
Club, several months ago at which
time a special report or sr. n. j.
Davis, editor of the Atlanta Inde
pendent and chairman of the Com
mittee on Ways and Means was sub
mitted and rejuvenated. Plans were
perfected for an enlarged organization
and a closer cooperation of all the
Newspaper Men and members of the
printing trade throughout the race.
It was at this same meeting that Mel
vin J. Chlstim was selected as a spe
cial representative of the Press As
sociation to tour tne united etaies in
the Interest of the organization. At
the coming session of the Nashville
meeting, -the Newspaper Men are to
be; so it is said, albie to perfect their
former plans of standardizing the ad
vertising rates. They are also to
adopt the Code System, which Is be
ing prepared by the chairman of this
special committee, Mr. A. I Holsey,
of Tuskegee. Among other matters
of vital Importance to be consider
ed, there are many that are on the
slate for this February meeting, so
that the attendance is expected to be
the biggest In the history of the or
ganization, and newspaper men are
urged to carry in their massed-head
an advertisement of this annual gath
Ing so that such publication will be
In itself a calendar for Press Mem
combat the rising tide of public re
sentment against him and which was
launched with a flourish of trumpets
and a hot-air blast against hia 'ene
mies,' has failed to make its appear
ance for the past week. Announce
ment was made at the offices of the
Universal Negro Improvement Asso
ciation, St and 136th Street, that pub
lication had been indefinitely suspend
ed. Carrey's dally had a brief and
stormy career, twenty-six Issues hav
ing been published. Publication of
the first Issue took Garvey aid his
staff something like three weeks, even
after the plant bad been Installed.
What Garvey will do with the plant,
which is a white elephant on his hand,
is raise one-fourth of the price paid
for it. A peculiar feature of the busi
ness management of this plant is that
the "Negro World," Garvey's weekly
propaganda organ. Is still being print
ed downtown, in spite of the fact
that Garvey's plant undoubtedly has
facilities for its printing, and could
have saved money and supplied work
for the force In his plant y having
it printed at hia own plant. This
would be a shocking piece of mis
management on the part of anybody
but Marcus Garvey. From Garvey the
public has learned to expect anything
In the line of blunders and mismanage
ment. -
Rape's Prise niaaderer Discredited by
Yet Annther Failure.
New York, Nov. 1. ((Crusader Ser
vice) The "Negro Dalley Times' with
which Marcus Garvey had. hoped to
1028 Mala Street.
Phaaa T B824
State Agent
vfuslca! Merchandise of all kinds. Re
pairing on all Instrument.
J. J. CLKGG. Fra .
East India Hair Grower
Will Promote a full Growth
Hair. Will also Restore Ui
Strength. Vitality and the Beaaty
H'Jr " 'ou'' h,Jr ry
and Wiry Try
7" bothered with railing
"''v,1?"."' Itching Scalp, or
any 'Hair Trouble, we wantybu ti
OROWfiR. The rezeedy eontalBS
"1,cl Proprieties that go to the
Sf, .h "m'latea til
skin, helping nature to do its
i-avs the hair aoft ao
allky. Perfumed with a balsa "
know-" ..i.""-.""","" r'ow"- The best
57-L . ana Beautiful
tt. kTV',1" restore. Gray Hair
Hot Iron for Straightening.
PHee Beat by Mall, SOei lee Extra tM
S. D. I,vnm nk?r!? .
1 Hartk Ce.tral nm m" ITS
k' lf.ee ... Art ( H.lr Cltaw.
CeaiRlete Caarse, I leaaeaa Dlplesaa. asa.. .
Tetal Asaaaat seat at aaee, B2&.00. If
, . Ageata Outfit .
l- An G,rOW": 1 Tomple OIL 1 Shampoo. I Press-1
r "v K
Bc Film tor Pestagi
la. , hi , i..t , i
Constant Care Not Lock
. Hunan history and experience have taught m thp. ..
many p -rsona believe that a head of naturally long
and beautiful hair, a healthy scalp and a lovely.
. smooth complexion come from luck, but they do
not. Constant care and the frequent use of
' preparations of proven merit ar? the secrets.
Use Madam C. J. Walker's
Vegetable Shampoo Glossine
Pure, thoroly cleanses To soften dry,
: hair and scalp. curly hair.
Wonderful Hair Grower
Nourishes and stimulates the growth of stubborn, lifeless hair.
Tetter Salve
For Tetter, Eczema and Itching Scalps.
Four preparations especis'ly recommended for ibort.thin and lalHntf hair,
tetter and eczema of the scalp. Sent as trial treatment for $1.50.
Complexion Soap Superf oe Face Fjwder Cleansing Cream -Witch
HaselJelly Compaot Rouge VaniabJag Cream
World renowned and made to aid 70a have a lovely, smooth complexion.
For Sale at Drug Stores, of Agrats and by Mail.
Fret Booklet Write To-day
The Madam C. J.Walter Mfe.Co.,Lc.
, Bis-run.
" Ju htr hort, then and be
ginning to fall out by the roots, use tha
Wonderful HENTHOLOW Toilet Articles
spotaUaranted t0 r0W ba,r on b"w
WENTHOLOW Hair Grower 89
$$$?$8$Hnr ?ooBu,bc,e..!:?oti,-Bi
MENTHOLOW Oreaaelesi CreAiV
m kntholow Temple Grower.. .." is
HV.UV tt .riBcmnK iJream
MENTHOLOW Vanishing Cream
MENTHOLOW Talcum Powder
This preparation should be in every horn
.HMD. c DAjarnvn, .vum rmiiwi, Tvriie OrCS 11,
Cssh must accompany all orders from agent. Orders from II Kfl
up. Try the Wonderful MENTHOLOW Hair System, a mix week-trial
for $1-80. That Include the Hair Grower, Pressing Oil, Temnle Grow'
er and Tonic. Come to be an agent (or Tha MENTHOLOW
Human Hair Oooda for Bale.
2S2 Bryaa street
Pheae H. 36r
Dallas, Texaa
Colonel Chas. A. Young, U. S. A.
Highest ranking Colored Officer In the U. S. Army and
Also 19 other fcubjects ot world-wide fame as followi:
Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglass, Paul Lawrenca
Dunbar, W. & B. DuBoIs, Tousalnt, L'Overture, Henry O.
Tanner, Crlspus Attucks, Sojourner Truth. Phyllis Wheatleyi
Coleridge Taylor, Alexandre Dumas, John Mercer Lang
Bton, B. K. Bruce, R. T. Greener, Major John R. Lynch, Aid a
Wilmot BIyden. Heavily mounted, high grade workmanship.
Overton-Walker, Ir. Robert R. Moton, Dr. Emmett J. Scatt,
PRICE. Size 11x14, 60c each; 4 for fl.7Cj 95.OO per doeen
Size SxT (anmounted) 25c each; $2.60 per dozen.
Life Size (16x20) mane to order.
Every HOME, OFFICE and SCHOOL should have some
of these hanging on their walls. Every soldier and ex-service
man should have one of CCL YOUNG. Show your race
pride. Show your appreciation for the sacrifices Madj by
these men that yours might be recognised as a race among
races -
The Douglas Specialties Co ,
(Dept. U) 8548 Vewea Ave
640 N. West St. Indianapolis, LuL jj
Chicago, I1L
T, j Vt VW
AA A. V..
, .

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