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Missionary record. (Charleston, S.C.) 1868-1879, April 01, 1876, Image 3

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w nu v. '?r. tlr.? ?.
o ct 4 a <i ? .
To ibo frieinls cl" progress at?<
iu?oliigono' wo prcsoti? ?h?s firs
Ll??d?! M ?KWV 11? 1*0<*? itJl?-:Ul<? Mttitj
ageaient, while it enticim-es th?
Silli?t: millie. Ul) Cl tho &m&? Ed i lol
as Ch ?hi i a-; u new st ail. a lui nev.
organization, il will how be tm
uVr i tie allspice? of the LaiMIshnm
As.-o':ia?i'jn of the A. ak E. < '.
Conference of* S C. The nee?i o?
a tuc Jiu in o?' commun iea tiou,
among the ministers ot' thal
d?nomination, as wo II as the need
ol a means of defence or' tue r.b?tf*
tiwi icromjfi ol' tho colored peon e
cf this cou a tr v so lar as that
portion of them in this State is
concerned, demands tho estah
lishnient, and continuance ci ;?
pawer fchat sh,til speak iheir sen
timents, and ?i^eiaiuate such
truths as shall enik-h ten the
masses, while it shah guale to a
higher, morah social, political,
ami religious de Ve! peinent o? thc
race. Tue Pen and the LVess
?re the two great modern levers
which are iii tina* np the masses
of humanity i rom degredatjon,
to a nobie, progressive civil iza: lom
The Negr.), being au integral
part of tiiis humanity, muet take
uart in this civilization, and the
same appliances which, mark the
deyel opearen t of other races;
mast bc his only means. The pe
culiar CTOumstancos o?'the South
era people. |_?I?r there arc two
. j)f-oj->!?-< ir-? >Vo t-Jt?.tj.?< '?;-'-*'""
nature of things:] demand a;'
peculiarly of treatment, uni ike
any oilier, they are decidedly, i
prejudice, to race, e.tsf ?, and p-?iiL|
leal interest; these often con?iic?,
ana ueconie a source ot mistrust, |
and retardation to the whole j
Tbcse divisions cannot be broken !
down in a dry, because there is j
such a disparity between the two I
people, the pride ol' race on the;
one side, will ever prevent the j
present generation of the Saxons!
of the S ?uth, recognizing the fuli
meed ol' justice lo their former
vassels and hom!mer., a common
interest, on uh*, (J bind these two
races together, dwelling upo;? the
same soi!, breathing the same j
air. basking beneath thcravs el j
the same congenial, fr ne ii fy mg |
San. hounded by ail the sacred
relations of lile, liiere ought not
to be a barrier, to their com niete
unification as a ure it, happy,
prosperous people; the d'Ile:enees
which now divide them, are the j
res a Its of the system? of education :
which have been allotted each, in '
their different sphere ol activity, ?
one has been educated above the j
other, upward; the other educ tied :
downward, far beneath tire other; I
Each have acquired, habits and ?
sentiments, opposite to the other.1
ar d now m the new condition ot .
things they do not understand \
eacl] other, by reason o? their1
past cam ditton o.
The work of the present age
and the duty of the instructors of
the public aie t<> un-educate, j
the educated, instruct the iguo- j
rant, moulding and fashioning ?
the former into harmonious, !
beauty and grandeur, keeping
pace with the march of christian .
e.haritv. and. t rn r h ; willie th-.'\ j
! lv>M2'.>l\*lninsi<:n <?? tl io l l* r^Ii?>lIIIIC*
' tx-1?? i ms ;?? i he pc?, ?pie. anti t he
hage in which ?hey Live: and 'hus
I nniiing. those sH-ruing tlist?n].tnt
i.elements, and givinga new impe
\ lt:.s :'> lire rising-South, and
perpetual reunion and peace tu
iii- ce-un irv, hi tul ina" the whole
into a m i gi itv anny invineil)Ie in
! J-ni?i.-i is t?t-vflopcmcn?; such shall
[ IA; the v I'll ir: and work o?' our
! little messenger, under its new
I . T V . l-l
? dl?'eetiuri. lavery interest wu len
: e?lcets the people O? the So ut li
. as well a? the nation at large,
i s?mil ree? i* e eur earnest eil or ts.
' As tho^o into whose hands have
: liven placed the moral, serial, and
rel j gi i ?us training ct'the people ot
oar ?-burch in lins State, we snail
i leel :?. ( ur espeinal duty to watch
: that i nt errsl, im ti ri ugly, 'i'he
educational work ann the train
ing vd' tine youth shall b* a speer-:
laity ol' this paper, while the
?social and mate!tal'prosperity ol
Une niasses shall he guarded with
sleepless vigilance, roi:tics will
uni he left ont. and honesty and
i;integrity in government shall
j have a. large consideration; with
these declarations, we launch our
j Craft. upon the great and
I troiih?ed Sea of Journalism, with
j fall s pleading Sails, we take our
E?lt??e lite Masses m? ml I
The sa let v of Statt-s. depends j
ail tue intelligence ann virtue ol';
the people* en these two cent oral
principles, r**st. the whole struc
ture ef society. The mest re
nowned nations nf antiquity,
boasted of their powers and pro
ess, through the m i gil ty d e velo pe- j
nient ol' intelligence among the j
whole people, and the consentient ?
virtue, through that intelligence.!
A il nc )< if rn initions y," h o s tan ?j. j
forward tn the progress in human j
atlah's pride themselves on the !
continual progress, being made j
through iva nea lion al ineasnr s. j
Lt ?as been, and still is. the!
1 Vt inst of A mer.ca, that they de-1
vote much time and means to the \
Education ot the masses, their
common school systems aie prov
er bal. This applies to Mie north ;
and west; the south prior to the |
war had no common school s vs-1
tem that deserved the name. j
The result is. that, she hast
new a vast hoard of illiterates, of!
both races, who are the most j
ready material 'brough which ton
make ]>aui:ers, thieves, ?ail hirds.'
rowdies, blackgaurds, nilli ans ?
assasians and foot pa?hs.
'1 he rep?re ul' the City Council j
of Nev Ye ric, on compulsory
education, gives tue following'
facts and statements, relative tjj
that subject :
"The American doctrine is,!hat j
..//.'.. ?>mpe/'{f/ "? ?/ftf Sud? shall
educate the child rc//, oj thc State."
This benefits equally the rich and
the nour. lt decreases crime,
reduces taxes, improves labor, in
creases tire vain*' of property*, and
elevates the whole community
One ol' tire *irst and deceisive
0 nest rons asked, in seeking a
permanent location for one's lam
1 ly is: AV hat are the means pro
vid'ed for education? A vii'iago,
town or Slate, AV: Lil gcod five
schools, is the resort ol' iauiiiies;
without them ?c is thc home ofcrim \
innis. '
In this city ir co^i? more to!
arpport police and police courts to '
restrain and punisii a few thou-'
...iud criminals.nearly all ot whom j
became such from want of educa-1
thm. than io educate eur 2?<;UHM.) j
CKDIE T?4J?? CON SEQ L'EN ci-: OK rcxci.
in Fain (ie. fro in i Si j 7 {<? IStJi.;.
one hafc*. the i ii huh i ta nts COM hi
neither Kvatl nor wi i lc; and tins
one haijnrnished ni net}'' live per
cent, (if the persons arrested for
crime, afrd eighty se wm percent,
ot"//W<?Sucreted. In other words,
an ignorant person, on tile aver
age, committed seven times the
Hu tule)' ~of crimes that on 3 not
ignorait; Mid.
lu the six New Er g'and States
cl* our o.vii count rv on Iv >c:e//. j/er
'y/il. cf ive int ahitan ts, above the
age of ?en years, can neither read
nor wiit<%yet eighty per cent ot
the ci'hnT in tho^ ?tates, is eom
nn tten^Mrtuis small minc ri I//: in
other \vjFds. a person lhere with
out eduction commits /iff// titree
times as iuany crime's us one t uth
In Nek York and Penn sly va?
nia an id Kraut person commits
on tue ale?rage seven times tile
number if crimes that one who
can reaihind tatte commits, andi
m the wlioie I'nited Suites the
illiterate- person commits ten
times iii?, number of 'crimes that
the educated one does.
tfove facts aie uerived
?ne a
irom oilfCai statis
The apo ve is a lair statement
of tacts fas it rid?tes to South
Carulinarto-d ay. Th rte-for th of
ail tile cammais, who hil our jails
and peniteuarv to-dav are the oiT
. . ** "
surings O' ignorance, the result of
shiver)-and its concomitant evils.
If our legislators and the political
parties wmid give more at te udor,
to thc- irr ne ral education of the
masses lr/ compulsory education
forcing eery child into tim school
house, til?y would 'do more to reive '
the enoijoous expenditures, and
lower taxation, tuan arything in
their POA
??il <? .J*..; iii K,U?iii.i L;.vli
jL lie
a: preach in : ( han rad Con?
?erence u ?tl sit in Allanta Ga,
May Ut making the Sixteenth
Session, marking seventy lu ur
years, of the organization of the
General Conference, during these
long years-great has been the
work aeoonin fished by our
Uiuvch-iu-evangelizing and ein
lihgtening mir race, il would be
ll pleasant review, to rece un',
the vic tc ries, and sorrows, of
those who iaOorcd, fought ami
su Ile red, ju tins glorious cause, ii
we could make pass in review
ali those nobie Warriors, who. for
the cause of C hrist, were willing;
to suller for humanity and ex
emplify their faith in truth, it
would, indeed, be an encouraging
effort. We must content ourselves,
witn contemplating the present
great progress, which is now the
just bo list o?' the Sons Daughters
and successors, cf rhe first h .'lin
ders o? ol-:' c m ii--ct i m, and make
such advHiices, ns will bc emu
mens?rate with the demands of
the ase. lime work aeemupliidied.
is the rc.-iiil ol a millet, sue
Ce ss i ve! \" waged bv the votaries
of tlie cafise ol thi:i>tiau Liberty;,
and. Hu ii (an Progress, as applied
to the Colored race limier our
guidance. The question is now
propounded; are we satislied
with the progress already made?
have we accomplished as much
as could' be, under the circum
stances? and can we make any
improvement on the foundations,
laid by our predecessors? whoever,
looks over the vast held of the
Church to day will conclude
at once that there must be other
nieasure.-j|niore ?advanced, and
conn ireh' liding the wale ranged
[illili mighty strides, of nation
! developemen.t. whit;h inls ; nunn
i is : ria k i ii v, dailv. The fact, th:
, colored people t?! ihis e?>iihtr
j have been enveloped m thc gre;
j nation, by law, and iYtiman inte
j cs ts. precludes tho possibility
1 their ever beinir se m rated, fro;
?all thc interest, whit*h belong i
; thc whole people: this being tra
\ whatever udvanccMiietit is iliac
; by the nation must effect, t!
I . . ...
j African in all his interests, it
? General Conference, being ti
: law making power ol' the Ch uro j
I must lav foundations in harmon
! with thc work be lore ns, tit;
work is thc perpetual unt'oldin
! of our race, out of the night (
j ignorance and degradation, int
j which two hundred and lift
[years of abject slavery an
outrage have imposed upen th
j race, we are to co-operate wit
jail other agencies, arider Cod. t
! life up, ant mould this great bod;
of humanity iotvthac harmoniz;
j lion, necessary, to a fud, an:
l^ijiidl recognition ol' manhood
j this viii Le accomplished, LI
! proportion to the v>\>-i legislado:
! of that august body.
it will be apparent, throng]
the measures adopted tot' ou
future guidance, financially, ant
the wisc direction o' o .r Bool
j Department, our Publishing: in
j t?rest,our Educational work, am
j the choice of men t.) carry ini<
sitcc.essiul operation ail cf on
! measiuv s adapted: the regultaion
? in the past, have been iruud it
i tr <_
! tuemselves, but the complet'
fuliillment, cf the cosign by mos.
? who have been appointed to mak<
I them a success, has been in sonn
! instances, a iailu.e, then teer?
i have been, misinterpretations o
j the law in some instance?, wind
! have lcd to, lutria on the part o
j some whose duty it was to pus!
[?Vj < . ";j? 1 ; . 1 ' j M ... ? - > j> -iri >> i * 7 , ?A ?
their care. Our new ilymu Boo li
has been pi epared uv? r fOui
years, and yet we are waiting lui
! its aopearrnce from the ?luok
I department, lhere is a .*hdc/i '
'somewhere that prevents, its
! appea aaec, that work alone
! properly put upon the church
I market, would bring to the cou
: nection one hundred thousand
! dollars properly managed, tous
"this is a criminal neglect on thc
' part of stjtne party, or parties
; whose duty it is to control our
, Publishing department: then
j there is tho* Sundav-school de
I par tm ci it td' our Church, which
?should be a might}' power, it is
I almost entirely neglected so tar
! tis thc direction (d' a great enter
' prise and an important auxiiary
I to tae prcsneritv of our cou
; nee;iou, we should have this part
j of our work thoroughly (iganrzed
i and in operation, a church with
J three hundred thousand members,
I and an army of ministers.
' stretching their lines of operation
j from the Atlantic to the Pacific,
i and fi om the Koeky mountains to
i the ifulf "i Mexico, should not
j neglect the vast WOTK o?' Sabbath
schools, in thc literary depart
I ment, a vast revenue, would liow
into the Church ami enable it to
j move in solid columns toward
j success.
Then there is the Educational
j work still lingering hy tlc way.
demanding renewed efforts un the
I part of thc church. Wilberforce
i still waits the more substantial
: and which the connection should
iii ve it, Cok es bu rv is ervine tor
! aid. i i Florida, we have lest a
i ?rolden opportunity, for lack cf
j means. Every Southern ritate
i demands a I i i e. h school under the
i _ **?
.control and intere-i ol' FJdnea[iuir
in ox- t uureh. wy shrill he ellie?!
un io rn acat? lae aumsrry, Young
men ; io now oiv.vr]?n? our
Couler* mees asking ft!< i r > edrurafc
th e nisei v?s. ive euri no? 1er th.'so
de ni.in ils pass uuh< e -ed; I his
demain i nu ist ru* rmi i?v the wise
Motion ot" Um G ?neta! Conference,
i lu' w?. ? i u ot missions rooms tia
ho h J tv us as ?I mighty sa wave,
clam, mg; every care, ihe on sthai
ol' B i.> h oj. s Will demand ihr less
attention than ali ol' these ?real
j metis ii ivs.
Lei the General Conference
look these great sid'-ec ts in the
tace au ? :.? re j ?are to do tili thev
can to meet rhum a<> best ttiev
can, wi di ti broad comprehensive
policy, and we shall have accom
piishe.I a wei thy work in oar day.
Oliureli Yt ?Hi.
Wc cad die attention ot the
minisiry to the great imrortanee
ol ti renewed energy on their pa rt,
iti extending the power and inila
once (?f lue church work. The
world's progress in morality de
pends en the hii?her rehirtous
culture ol' thc neo pie. Tue moral
arid religious trainings are-in
seperuble, and the one is depeii
dent on the other. The eilbrts ot'
religious teachers, are to be made
on ; ll, and every held whc?*frney
may accomplish any good lor
mankind. There sro thousands
ti persons, who do Lot visit
chu relies-who live beyond the
inti neil ce ol: .> al bath services.
Yet these ough.:, to be reached,
they have immortal Souis, lor
which tue saviour died: now shall
they be leached-and iniluenct d?
I low shad th'-y he made to feel
the riecdol a savior s IoveV They
wi;, ?.ot visit the eh undi, laen the
chu rodi must g?> to them, go, where
they :ie, ano deiaand a hearing,
lor the divine master. This can
5 i . 1 . . .. i" ? ? .
"T/C UV?I"I.' ?-'j inc ii*v7lA5 ~i' :.rCTT"! 07- *-"*""*
gan'zation, ol' visiting committees
m the church whose duty, shall
he to Visit tami les and read th-j
liol} scriptures.and instruct those
in the way cf .hf , ft!.o now,
neglect tho dury of church c-cr
vice-and this int Ci est i hem
in the work of religious improve
ment, and of morai, worth. The
mern Leis o? tue ch tu ch, have not
looked into the great importance
which is attached to their calling
tis members ol' Christ's hod y
These subjects must be urged hy
the ministry-constaurly until i
becomes a part o?' The- hie Wo; k cf
the whole church io lie co-work
ers with Chi ist and the ministry,
in saving souls. E:\vli member
has a neighbor, or friend possibly,
wim do not come to canico,
whose circumstances, ol' discour
agement are such, that they have
no heart to eenie to service; go,
? speak t JJ them, words, el euc ur
agemeut, console them in their
desolation, and help them io rise
nj) ti hove discouragements: you
may thus, save a sinking sinner-,
Von may tad a longing saint to
over?eme surrounding trouble^,
and ho.vo*' God. ^Society will thus
.bc-benefiited, H.unies will be
'made cheerful and happy,
j Then there are tue hundreds ot
children, who are out of the Sun
j day sehuoi, who never receive its
benefits, These tue to be cared
! for and insti acted.
This is the ministers work
noless i han in's labors in the pul?
[.'pix. Hu should-with the mem
bers ol' ids church seek the chi 1
: dren of the distressed and needy,
and bring them into the pale of
: the chm eb, anti under its happy
and cheering influences. The tu
straclions ol' the Sabbath School
ure ol vital importance to lite

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