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moral training of our youth
There is too err?t, neglect of t his
important work, among the min
istry and the general church.
There needs to bc a mere earnest
ei?ort ou the part of the whole
membership, io save the youth of
the present generation. In them
center all the hopes for the fu
ture of our race Their moral
training must be of au enabling
character, because on this will
rest their hopes of heaven. Let
the church awake to this great
?work. Let the old men aid by
their councils, the aged women,
by their deep christian piety at
home, around their ?Le side, pour
ing out the sweet incense of chris
tian love to .their households;
making homes tho happiest place
on earth, tor their children, and
God's truth the foundation of all
their efforts. Let the young men
take hold on every means of
developement for themselves, as
well as the church of their choice
be earnest iu the sunday school, in
the lecture room, in the dissemi
nation o? light and truth. Let the
young women in tue church do
all they can, to.make themselves
efficient workers in all the de
t partments of life.in the Sunday
school, in society, and seeking
the~]>s^r and needy; while they
instruct the ignorant, and quali
fy themselves hi all that shall aid
them iu making the world better
yb their ?vinir in ir. Let tue
preachers be earnest,urgent.in im
piessing the truth upon the minds
of those that hearthem. Let the
leaders be earnest in instructing
those committed to their careiu
the church, let the stewards be
awake to the full discharge of I
their duties. Let the trustees j
be vigilant in securing church |
accommodations for the people, su- j
perintendents of Sabbath schools;
prompt in sirran aing thylr^wprkj
and teachers tull of fai'h in?
daly, and ihe church will work
with God in saving the world.
lt is a small ' youngster'" but is withal: live
ly and daring. Edited by Mr. Pe/ereaux
Savannah Ga. We bid this little corporal a
hearty welcome, and wish it a speedy growth
and a long life. Thc colored people of
Georgia are sadly* in want of something to
defend themselves with, from their
We print this week a circular issued by
Ludlow Apjones, and Kev. ?i. W. Amett
of Cincinnvtti Ohio , in reiatiou to "Ihe
African Company." The subject is one
worthy of the earnest consideration by
those who are iutt rested i*) the develope
ment of the African Continent, and of
encouraging those of" the race in this coun
try. To the young men of our race who
are now qualifying themselves by educa
tion, and business capacity to enter rhe
wide ?eld of mercantile relations, as well
as agricultural pursuits. This field is the
most inviting. 1'he time is now, when the
negro race must establish for itself a
character, and powers, TShich will compel?
the respect of all other nation.
The Recorder conies like a whirlwind
this week.-sweeping everything before it
Dr. Tanner challenges the lathers on their
passage and bids them unload before they
move another step toward the brigatand
better land, exclaiming that, the church
demands their contributions to her histo
ric page of the future, aud with bis accus
tomed acuteness, disturbs even those who
have neglected to pei form that duty before
departing. Well, let him continue his
aggressive movements aud he may secure to
the church at least a large number of facts
which belong to the coming generation, as
the work and labors of the fathers. i3re.
Lankfcrd brandishes his flashing cimeter at
the venerable bishop and clips the robes
skit ts, in a masterly style, it will put men
to thinking tlpu>di". The general make up
is excellent. It should bein every member's
lieus?. The information contained in it is
found in uu other paper on the continent,
Only per year.
It io characteristic of a Great Bird
that it CUD scent anything that :s corrupt,
1 trom a great distance. This is a power
inherent, nothing can escape its keen scent.
Yon cannot bury a ca'eas deep enough to
proveat it finding it ; during the war these
birds followed in tue wake of thc armies,
and made their meals off the dee&vcd men
and animals found on tho fields. The
Democratic party since its advent into
power, has been true to its character, and
Laving during the fifty seven year? of its
former control of tho government, did
more stealing, and fostered more corrupt
enterprises than could be enumerated at
this time, have enaugurated their new reign
by smelling, probing, aud oxuming all
thc rottenness and corruptions of the repub
lican party, and are now holding them up
as testimony fchac they, thc democracy are
the party whom the people ought to trust
with the government. They have done
no single act which benefits the country, or
thc suffering millions-of laboriog people;
they are not prepared to enaugurate any
financial policy to meet the demands of
the people, they have done nothing to
aid the restoration of our shipping interest,
nothing to encourage commercial
growth, nothing to encourage
agricultural prosperity, nothing to stay
thc tide of discontent which now sweeps
over the land-nothing, to deviate the
waists of the tjilliug millions of all sections
j of thc country. But they are only desirous
of traducing their opponents, and holding
up to contempt the failures and misdoings
of the present party in power. Their's is
indeed a smelling, and investigating party;
and this they do to hide their own deformed
character, and ulterior designs, of usurping
the powers of gevemment, and agaiu io
rule with their rod o*' iron. They only
want a chance 2nd they will do worse thau
the republicans ever did- While many
corrup-.ions havs resulted from the d?
charge of the duties of government, by
officials, it is equally true that all thegrea*
measures which have mace the nation great
strong, and united, were enaugurated by
and made pcrminent the republican
party. Freedom to the enslaved, law, and
order, safety to person and property, thc
maintainance of the union one and insep
erable was the work of Republicanism, aud
while curruptionist in the party may fall
and be forgotten, the principles of Liberty,
unity, and safety; ail rights to ali men, arid,
the perpetuity of the union, belongs to the
great principies of the party now, directiag
the affairs of nation.
Amid thc whirl of events, and the cou"
sequent changes that will come this fall,
a mighty revolution will take place in the,
State. This is thc year of general reckon
ing with public servants, in every depart
ment of the State government, and wc
suppose that thc people ure glad, for we
have been burdened, in a most fearful
manner. If the people are wise, they will
now make careful selections of public
officers, as ail will be changed this vear
It might not be out of place io review the
doings of those who have been entrusted
with the public confidence, two years will
have elapsed when we shall choose a
Governor, and State officials again. Has thc
preseut incumbent of the Executive chair
fulfilled his every pledge in good faith, aud
carried out the behest of those who elected
him? has he in good faith proved adequate
to thc trust imposed'.'' lc is believed on all
sides that he has. to a grout degree fulfilled
his pledges, made to the party nominating
him ; in general there can be no great
complaint made against him, he has dealt
fair with all classes in. a geneaal way, andi
yet there are mutterings against him in j
some quarters, which need explanation.
It is alleged that he has played "double"
with the Legislature, iu his efforts to secure
the passage of measures cf Reform and
Retrenchment, lt is said that he gave bis
aid and counsel in having certain bills
passed through the Assembly, which were
regarded as for the general good, aud when
public opinion, or rather thc Bress expres
sed dissent to them, that he vetoed them,
thus throwing the responsibility ou the ?
membeis of the Legislature of passing it j
over his veto, this they say was double
dealing with them, for the purpose of
making capital, for himself at thc expense
of the members, this is a grave charge, and
if true, will subject him to a severe ordeal
at the coming Convention in Columbia.
There may have been some more important
question involved in those bills than ap
peared on the first consideration of their ?
provisions: which induced thc actiou of his j
Excellency in those particulars; these ire j
the most potent offences of which he is
charged by those who complain of him.
The Deuiooiacy do not complain, but
believe him to be unable to carry his party
in the future, and they have lost all hope I
of his success as a candidate this year;
believing this, they have already abandoned j
ihejr old line of policy-of fusing with Re-i
publicans, iii anything this Campaign, anti
ha-'e cumpi dud. ur. are completing their
organizations ?or vie-tory over ali Republi
can cand?ate and measures this year; they
regard this Centennial year as ?jie auspi
ciuus era in which the Democr cy an- to
return to power, and control o? Uic Federal
Gcveniment; and as they have a. majority
in thc Congress, they must of a necessity
have control in every ?State in the Union.
This is natural for them to watt conirol,
their vc organization iu this State contem
plates the wresting of the State from
Republicans at thc next Election, this
being the last Republican Stale in the
South, lt now becomes a suljectoi careful
consideration, with every Republican as to
whether, the Democracy shall deprive the
Republican majority of this Stitc? Are
the Colored people ready to surrender all
to that Tarty, which has voweel to drive
every Republican from office ana Power in
the State, and replace them, with^heir own
democratic friends, wno are oppefeed to the
education of the Colored cMidrc?who do
nothing, to aid the material dcvplopement
of that class who are the laborers of the
State*/ These are questions which will
enter into every man's family, ^eeause it
effects his wife and children, it frill oe of
importance for them to eoquirefas to the
condition of the colored people in the
Counties now controlled by the Democracy.
The most safe way to understand a
party, is to know and see what iv. does, for
rhe people when in power. It is proverbale
that, in every County^ where the democracy
control the Schools, there is no schools for
colored children, or if there are, the
Tiustecs find it very convenient to close
them long before the white schools are,
closed, when they can always fini inferior
teachers for colored children ^_all ".hese
signs point unmistakably t) the true spirit
of that party as applied to its workings.
It becomes a question vital to;the poor,
whether ?hey arc to le put under the watch
care of those who say " No Republicans
need apply to join in auy duties which are
for the saicty and well being of <he Stato,
thc Democracy have given it out that they
will not join with Republicans^to secure
good Govern meii?, if ikey can get it icithvut
their aid. Let the Republicans be worned
and move upon their works at on<e, organize
in every County, and be prepared in time.
THE death of the late William Whipper
in the city of Philadelpnia on tte 9th inst,
has shrouded us with gloom. The loss of
this great, and good man, is nb common
affliction. --The greatness of ?ost men,
like objects seen through a mist himinishes
with che distance; but our bJ?yvcd and
inginy e'sreem'eTt friend", ??Ke'a *M?C.? t.Jeu
afar off under a clear sky, rosW^ii gran
deur and.with every step of approach. He
was a man beloved by all, and disliked by
iionc. lhere was in him that sweetness
of tone; that purity in his manners; that
affecting gracefulness ia his instructions;
that sublimity in his maiimg; that pro
found wisdom iu his discourses; that pres
ence of mind, that sagacity and propriety
in his answers, that created for him a
world of admiring friends, He took life
as though it was-as it is-23. earnest,
vital, essential affair tic took it just as
though he was personally born to the task
of performing * merrvpart in it. as though
the world had waited for his corning, he
took it as if it was a grand opportunity to
dc and achieve; to carry forward great and
good purposes; to help and chee? a suffer
ing, weary, it may be hear: broken
brother, or friend. Thin was his mission,
this was his life. Ile closed a life of To
years, a wonder to the world, icuniied, and
idolized, though dead, he still lives in the
hearts of many, Sad is the fact that he
is no more, gone, gone, gone., That noble
heart beats no more; that eye of tenderness
is dimmed; and scaled are those lips from
which so many expression of kindness has
droped upon many burning bosoms, We
will remember thee. We have not another
such a man to die.
known in Morris St. who for'years has
kept a shoe shop ia Morris St. died on
Thursday morning, after un illntss of two
days. Ile was stricken with p^-aly-ies on
monday night, and did not [.peak after
wards; he was a faithful christin in the
church, au untiring worker in rle Sunday
School, a devoted servant of thc cause of
Christ, ever doing all in hisj power to
forward the cause of humanity, full of
good deeds, full of noble aspiration; having
fought th* ?rood fcrht of faith. He at the
gj?d all age of 72 years; fell at the
opening of thc gates, and was g,:thrced to
his father's house. He was engaged in the
y orris Brown Chapel Sabbath School, from
its organization, at all times and in all
weathers. Rio. Washington, was ever
found at work. To his familv we hold out
the words ot cheer and hope.-"he has
found rest eternal, from all care; his labors
are cudedi may you who wait the coming
message be ready to go as he wcni.I" Peace
to his memory, rest dear brother till the I
morn of iile breaks to bring us, all to thc
banquet of our master to rejoice forever ;
more. j
Emmanuel A. M. E. Churc?i, Rev. M:
B. Quitus, pastor, Calhoun street, between
Meeting and Ansou. Services- Preach
ing 102 a m, 3*1 p ni, and 74 p ni.
Morris Brown Chapel, A. M. E., Kev.
II. H. Cain, D. D., pastor, Morris street
near King. Services-Preaching, 10\ a
ra, 3-} p na, and 7? p D?.
Mission Charge-Eordanrs Chapel, A.
M. E., Kev. B. W. Dennis, pastoa. Ser
vices-Preaching 10J a ni, 3? p m, and
Ti p ru.
send their articles, as early iu the week as
possible. Bepuuctual platte.
To THE MEMBERS.-of the Church. Wc
appeal, that they may send in their sub
scriptions at ouce ail the pastors of the
A. 31. E. Church in tb*s State are consti
tuted agents for this paper.
You are requested to remit to this of?Le.
one dollar on your first installment at once;
as much improvement is needed ia our
office which is pushing forward. Also
send in your subscriptions at once. All
subscriptions must be accompanied with the
cash, also, ali subscribers will be required
to prepay their postage to this office in
sending names und money, send ?Uets for
postage per year. Alf papen must Le
prepaid at tin's Pott ?flee
CONUMDRUM.-Why is it that no color
ed female teachers are in thc Morris Street
Hedges, is compelled to close all of the
schools in thc rural districts on the 31
inst, on the account of lack of funds.
Who's to blame 7
Band will give a concert on the battery this
afternoou,at the usual time, the following
is the programme :
1st March, "Girofio Grioria," "Wiegand.
2d Song.-The Exile's Lament," Albert.
3d Galop, "Rollicking," Picfke.
4th Song without words, Wendelssohn.
5th Waltz, "Manuscript," Strauss.
0th Glee, "The Hunter's Farwell", Stuntz.
7th Polka Mazurka, "Emilia," Staber.
Sth Waltz, "Vprgissmeinnicht," Faust.
-6th X^lop, ^WiD4sbraat,J:-Pari ou
Daniel Wiegand, conductor.
CIATION.-of this city, is doirg a good
work among thc peor on the commons, near
Gadsden Green. A good Sabbath school has
been established by them, and is growing
rapidly. They are working among the old
er people every after noon at one o'clock;
much good will result from their labors.
One branch of them arc working at the
foot of calhoun st, in rotton borough every
afternoon. They have meetings, [which are
doing good, they should bc encouraged by
all lovers of truth and reform. Thc thou
sands of persons who never enter thc
church need lo have the gospel brought to
them, in as much as they will not go where
the gospel is preached. Let thc good work
?0 on the more, the better, all csu do
something for the geod cause of humanity.
TIIEEXIIIEITIONS of the Public Schools,
I on Thursday 30th iust was as usual a sue
j cess .Long before the time of commencing
the exercises, the halls, and door ways to
different rooms, and every available spot
was taken up by the Parents, friends and
the well washers of the Educational inter
est of the colored youths of the city. The
exercises consisted of singing, declama
tions, and marching, which reflected great
credit to thc instructors. Wc ?"ere highly
entertained at Shaw's Memorial School.
Rev. E. J. Adams, Principal, there was that
warmth of congeniality, that feeling ot
respect that we failed iu finding iu any
other school that day. Thc youngsters
declaimed without any ambarrassment, in a
clear tone, and a remarkable pronunciation.
The singing was well^ done, and the deco
! rum of the school. We are proud to say, was
tho best that we have ever seen. Wc all
left agrecitg that wc had speat throe hours
very pleasantly,
Learn, Learn, Lean.
All person desiring to complete their education,
and fit themselves for future uscfuldess. eau do
I so, Ly applying to R. H CAIN, 11.1 Morris Street.
Ali brunches taught. Special attention paid
to beginners.
T?R M S :
Low Branches, . 20 cents Per Week.
Higher .. 25 and 30 ct?. .'
?2. 3P. Hall,
Principal. j
(Successor to thc laic Wm. S. Hcnercy,)
McCarthy Boiler Cins?
For t?ea island and Long Staple Upland
JN?O. 19 Exchange Street,
J. A. May.
John. Colcock & Co,
Fraser & Dill.
Cameron, Barkley & Co.
?Stoney & Lowndes.
W. M. Lawton & Son.
No. 43 Vesey Street,
P. 0. Box, 1237. NEW YORK,
Price List of Teas.
Black, 40, 50, 60, best 70 cts per lb!
Green and Black 40, 50. GO. best 70 cts per lb,
Uncolored, GO, 70, 80, !>0 ct*, best Si per lb.
Green, 60. 70, 80. 90; SI 10. per lb.
Green, 50, CO, 70. SO, M. SI, best 1 05 ncr lb.
Green, $1 10, best 1 30 per lb,
Black, CO, 70. SO, HO, best Si per lb.
N B- We have a specialty ?of Garden Growth
YOUNG HYSON and IMPERIAL, at $1 20, and
OOLONG, extra choice. Si.
Our Teas are put in One Pound Packages, with
the kind and price printed on each.
Agents Wanted to get up clubs, to sell
our Teas to Families, llor?is. Boarding House*
and others. In writing for terms or sending or
ders, bc particular to address the President of
thc company, thus :
No, 43 Vesey Street, New York,
Office, HG Maiden Lane, Manufacturers of tho
E. Gr. Kelley's
F .A. S_ T O JR, OIL,
j?k X: 308F
Prepared for immediate use.
Si 50, SI 00. and 70 cents per gallon.
Sample Cards of all our colors sent free by mail.
English Roof Paint. 50 cts uer gal.
E.G. Kelley's Pa't Sperm Oil, $100
Engine Oil 75 "
Filtered Rock Lubricating Oil, 60 44
Pr?t oleum Linseed Oil, 50 "
HG Maiden Lane..N. Y.
Pure Concentrated Potas hi
Of double the Strength of any other
I have recently perfected a new method of
packing my Potash, or Lye, and am now packing
ii only in Balls, the coating of which will sapon
ify, and dues not injure thc Soap. It is packed
in boxes containing 24 and 4S lb-, 1 lb. Balls, and
in no other way. Directions in English and Ger
man for making hard and soft soap with this
Potash accompanying each package.
G4 to 84 Washington Street, N. Y.
Business that will I?a.y,
From S4 to SS per day, can be pursued ia your
own neighborhood; it is a rare chance for those
out of employment or having leisure tiaie; girls
and boys frequently do as well as men. Particu
lars free. Address
292 Washington St., Boston, Muss.
Old London Dcok Gin.
Especially designed for the use of thc Medical
Profession and tho Family, possessing these in
triiisic medicinal properties which belong to an
Old and Pure Gin. _
Indispensable TO Females. Good for Kidney
Compla?as. A delicious Tonic. Put up in cases
containing one dozen bottles each, and sold by nil
druggists, grocers kc. A. M. Bininger ic Co.,
established 177S. No. 15 Beaver st., New York.
a day ?ms.rr.ntee? usinjr our Wen
Auger St. Drills. SlOO a month
}>HKl tu Kwod Aleuts. AUX?T b?H>K
frc?. J iii Auger Cv,, St. Luuis, lio.

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