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Missionary record. (Charleston, S.C.) 1868-1879, April 01, 1876, Image 6

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Sew Hampshire ihn Uni.
The result o? the New Uar
shire eiee?i H will h . va rion
interpreted, (or. like Bible re>,
elections will bear many c -ustr;
tiens, Wo ari disposed ?0 coi
der that it shows thc radical c
??usi of tue Demcr-caratic party
which we have often spoken, a
tiie existence of which is unie
able. The feeling toward ti
partv, which nairn ailv avow <
of the war and its anteceden
can be changed only by the cte;
est nnd most positive evideu
ttrat it can bo saiely trusted
deal with vigor, sagacity, a:
patriotism with ali the quest to
of the hour. Bui instead ot" ]
: vealing these dualities, tho Dei
ecraiie party has displayed a tot
want of them. It has shown I
the organiza.ion ol tire House i
continued subserviency to its e
"masters. By its elections of Se
ators, and nomina:bus. as
New Hampshire, to eonspicoi
positions, it has indicated the toi
of ir.s preferen ces. I t h as a ttei n
ted to cany Ohio and Pemrs}
vania upon a platibrm of r.
money. It has aimed /.calons'
to help itself by exposing tl
offenses for which the Rep ubi
eau party is responsible, hilt
lias shown no serious, carnes
intelligent purpose or capacity <
reform or progress. Ic wouh
therefore, be soi prising that
should be preferred to the part
which, whatever its evils, is UJ
questionably that which cou
mands the sympathy and suppoi
of the larger part of the votin
population of the [Juion, exec]
m the late rebel States.
To this must be aided iii
conviction that although the R<
publican party can not escap
responsibility ibr the char ac te
conspicuous positions, the event
of the last few months show no
only the necessity, but the pm
pose, of the control cf the part
by those who represent its rea
spirit of progress and ? e?brm. I
is the belief that the plain pre
tests anti criticisms of Rep?blica]
papers upon such scandals as th?
whiskey trials, the BSLKXA;
disgrace, and the SCHENCK: affair
such vigorous denunciations am
demands ns those of the Un tor
L'-ague Club resolutions in Nev
York; the general feeling, o
which everybody is conscious
that the condition of success is ;
loftier tone of political mo ra lit}
in administration-it is the be
lief that all such signs show .
health.y Republican revival
which still keeps the State o
New Hampshire rn Rep?blica;
This we say upon tue presump
tion that there is some kind oj
political sigiiicance in the edee
tion. If there is not; if it be. as
some of the papers stoutly and
with perfect composure assert,
mereh a bargain and sale; ii
each party, anxious to secure thc
first marked success of this year,
sent thousands o? dollars into the
State and entered into a rivalry
tor the p ur chase of votes, the
result ol the New Hampshire
election shows only that the
Republicans spent the most mon
ey, aad that American institu
tions are far gone in utter
decaderce and decay. There is
something astonishing in the
half-indifferent way in which it
was asserted thai tile election
was carried by money, and that
more dollars would have made
the victory Democratic instead of
Republican. The composure o?'
ihr all. i:;Ui?:?i ????piles thai thc
But it is none ino less au aiie-.
. iiou thar, government is put \
at auction. - \.":U tins shows, iii
even other U:I1I:I??(1S??:;-IO phenol
eiioti d' our politics, the inipe?
tive iiecessitv ot' a reform ci' tl
^s\s;em which makes it vcr
while :'>v a. party to spend moir
pivids??y ter sta-eess in an eh'
thai. That tbe statement whit
reirie^etits the New liampsbi
?polis as open markets is large
anirac wc have no doubt wini
;e\*er. Nothing: is easier than
:make such assertions, ami not
me; ?s more susceptible o?' exa
geradon linvn thc amount <
' money which is elven and snei
.lor Oribe ry At elections. Bi
it is alarming to see that ti
: assorti n that tho covernmei
Ici a State was dete: mined h
j notorious lian (J can be g'enciali
j made without exciting oilier th a
ja lauenid and amused worral
! that any hodv should be so him
! cent as ic think it strange.
Willela] salaries,
rac benatc has pass?e; a bi
; restoring the President's salar
: to tin1 o?d sum ol' twenty-hv
thousand dollars. The sion*
? viii px'obaoly concur, and the
: wo presume tba? tho Presiden
[ will veto it. We suppose so b(
: c. i use it is well known that h
:' th ondit the oo;rvpcn*a?ion o?' th
! .> ? s . j. i i i t . i
: t LVMueut Siiouiu oe iiicicasec
? And i?' the reasons were Hi?pers
? tive two or three years neo, the;
[certainly are not less now; am
nie would hardly wish to s u bj ec
los successor to inconvenience
' which he has h i m sel f ex per ien oed
i au a which he strove successful 1;
j to have removed. The restera
j lion (d'the oid salary is a meas,
jure due to the eeneral domain
f?sT? rr/Tacrci?on ano. rciui uri ?*uu
ide no nu lar indignation wiri
; what is justly held to be tin
jirreat social extravagance o
I Washingiou. But tho prineipk
i ol' low salaries for li i ir ii pub1 ii
: ollieers is not a sound one. \Yhei
i Dr. Franklin's proposition tua
j the honor should oe tho rewarc
d'or public service was discarded
aad most properly, since it wonk
'have made tho go vern in en i a
! kind ol' plutocracy, the reason ol
I the opposing theory should haw
i J. C "
[been mord (dearly apprehended
? Tile ablest administrative geniu.
lit) the iirst cabinet was tha?; ol
j ALKXAxmm I?AXILTOX, but he
; retired to private hie tint he
i might enjoy the income which
his talent could readily command,
jami that he might not leave
j his family penniless. HAM?L?OX
I could not aiiurd to remain in
i public life.
And thai is the point: ought
not the pecuniary condition oi
high and responsible public ellice
s to be such that men ol' ino iirst
talent may be induced to take if.'
j The various great positions of the
.'government ai the presen: time
j require lbr their su-cessiul and
proper administration executive
talon ls for which there is always
'sharp private competition bo
tween great ent 4rprises o? various
kiuds. (.dui we expect a man
wide cam command lotty thousand
dollars perin anent! v i bi his audi
ty to be content willi ten thou
sand temporarily? Or, again.
: Cnn wc w?ude:, under such eir
'ciuustauces, that tho ability
?which is called to oublie uositioii
I compares unfavorably with that
which is devoted to private
business?. Wise heads are sp?cu
l?t in/ upon tile means ?d' attrac
N- J.
tine; more general iv sunerior men i
into politics. Mon or. us such,
na? boon lound ucl io be enough.
? The ]...;.!-.(ms (d the situation ute.
jinnee:^ ii m nv. hue one of tue
i cider and most clivions is thc
! honorable reluctance oh men to
I sacrifice their families to thom
'selves. Elura out ol' ten clever
and highminded American?, ii'
: they are ashed why they take no
active interest or parti in politic?,
t instantly reply that thev can not j
lal?ord h\ ^ ' " j
Tho small extent ci' the cernir-1
j.-fry when the national govern-!
ment "ont into operation, the'
: simplicity ol' its 1 unctions, the;
? roll (?i' Ks officers not reaching the
j P. um be* oi' servants of very many
::privat?cjnrpanies today, the'
! icedngtd' a huge tau tv in regard ;
to ?he feovornmeii? mat it was. j
; as J::;j';:::s':X bclittiingly called :
it. a m j-re department of Foreign
j AilairsJ and the peculiar distinc-?
I rion ol'the public service at that |
time, were conditions very di Her-j
j eui ii oui those with which we
j have 1" deal, It is thc in 1erest!
? of the country to da v to tempt '
the best ability into oliicial posi
tion. The favorite til cory of
many worthy people that any
Iaveraac American can admirably!
neribiTrt thc duties ot' any ellice i
II j
j is not j tsti ?icd by Hie fact, rori
jibe higher political posts, the ?
I occupancy cf wh ich properly:
'changes with a change cd' partyj
. ascendency, the salaries si: ou ld.:
bc sj ii ?oral that trained ability1
; would gladly accept them, and '
j would therefore put itself in the1
I way to reach them by participa- ;
ilion in jolitical affairs; while for
?the iowvjr grades of subordinate j
.and mi; isierial positions the ten-!
aire shoald be honesty, industry,;
and eiiiricnev.
The uuestion
not. ibr hov liiile can we iret
LI) ?S
re fi Hedi? but, how can we
I B S^h^th^ -:ios{: aili 1 ?ty:_
Suc^considi-rations di) md, o?'
j course, ?pply to thc Presidency,
i But it plain that if twenty dive
thousand dollars was a proper
compensation io- the President
.eighty \ears ago, it is certainly
not proper now, unless there lias
been such an increase cd' allow
janees that the salary has been;
i vin aa liv doun iou.
ra*AO E.-Thc orator lausi command tile
whole sca'e ul"tho langnap". f.em thc most
elegant t': die mest low timi vile. Every one
? ?a- iou
yr in ft ?reo is tin
; spnhjre ot Hie street to that '?t the a?iu.ejiiy:
i Th. ? stivci mast lu- one ot' ais schools, j
I Oualit "; ? tin' scholar i<> 1M- able 0? convey
I his iOeaidi iiT ia terms ns sh ??rt and st rong
las thc porter er truckman uses to convey:
j his ? Ami bord Chcsterhed tliOJirlu tliut
i without behur instructed ia the dialect of!
illa- i:J alles no man could he a complete j
; muster of French. The speach of thc man 1
??i thc str-ct is. invariably strong, nor KUI j
you mead it by making it what voa call!
parliamen ary. You say. -'lt he could only |
express himself"' hat ho do s already b ( ?- j
ter than any one can tor hi:;].-can alway j
Lrct tue cai* of an audit?ncc to thc exclusion j
ol' cveryh'dy else. Wc!!, this is an exam-1
pie iiipoi.it. Xltat something which each j
ana was treated to say and do, he only, or j
lie best, e-ita teil you. and lias a riaht to su- j
preme iiufiiti'-ii so fir. The power of their j
speech is ??at ir i* p'l'fc'tly a understood" by
.lieve it to he rrae that wheo any
rat?r ar?jue'--bar or in th-- Senate rises in
::\< t hO
-.. a,
; ne ueSCeims in his lan^na^o: |
that is. wjien la- rises to any height ol j
th'.uudit ivpa?sior. lie comes down roa'lua- j
iruair(devt' i witlit lie car ol' all his audience*"
lt is the M..ru of John Bro n and of Abra-;
liam hiac ?!::. one a: Charlestown; one ai j
l wo best specimens of ?
v tcttysia?-r. m ti
C!0(|ucn:ce v.'c Itavi
Vi'.. Jl:,?;>^.
had in this coiintrv.-A'
iiPfJO?II?, j
? cl v o r ti s in g A g e n t s, ;
New York. 4
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Charleston, S. C.
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W??l Augsr and Driiis m good territory.
iliic'c-st testimonials from tlie Governors of
lOTviUi Arlc?nsa??; and Dakota. All tools ?war
ranted. Tv. o wells foot (loop can ho bored
in one day, dui one veli vrill fcmisli "wa?tT
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!.. C. :... .:.-:.rvir?? Pref. ?r
Obeu-tri;j aad Dittasts cf '.ror?'.r.. ?>:. I?aia Mod. Cc.l?i?.
Late Rr*? t. Mu. Mctt:?a! Cniiojo.
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Pr-rticalPharreaeT. St I.outi ."?::...-? c: I':..-..-:::.-.--.
J. C HT71ITS?.I.I.. ? i. Mo?c.1 ir^hi?*..
/ .r. ?lB-encr. H. L>. Tr. 0; . 1'. i.r. wro.
6. Glkicva. M. 1>. S. '.I:A-..? V ?-ai. M. 1'.
C. A. \7*aa. 1). W. ."?. VV^.oX. J!. P.
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rathte Rhyiiciaas aa.l ?jr?- ut.
jttay 7. Tr-i'.rrr.E. M. O..
PrAf. V vria Hc-!::a .-. i Tho-?.-.: emir*. !:'.:.-.. . .-?ttte Mcrt!
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Thor orr: ?u* -.-r?.-r to a ; :fc .
?NNO SANDI"":."?. AaalTtie?! Cacrai-t.
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Titc^orsaala for V.: . ll "a ? li tieri :. r a a . :hrait;*d to -J?.
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ll. .Ww&syar. S?; a..
G. A. Vj.?:Mau. AaaJyt?cal JAS. V. /.. ?u>:i, U. O.
(>.?:..:?'.. Prof. '7hcrai.try., Sails
K. S. .V.uiN. M. T>.. y.~ C /.'.ctt.
h. MCV?C?K. il; !>.. J. !'.. W ILK?;: M I)..
>..a.\ :'.. >c'-. V. D., T- S: ii M I/..
It. :.t.-::.?vi. '.!. :... ?. T. K;:.:s. St D..
A. " ?.tii>s. M. !>.. ~ J. A. !!iuv M J>.
Eminent Jt'JsvRieiiiiis ??^ ? :-i.-4n;t:>ti,
N r..-:. who:i.Kr.*Prof<*-".-.i in cac or th*oth*r vf ti?
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J. !.. V?TT:;:U. M. !>.. J.- A. .'iva.. St, D.i
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?'. >. MC4.-u.rr; M. !>.. <i. VT. KwtLsa. St. L>..
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c. rwi-jut?t?. M. i>.. vtix :-:uK!>.. M. n.,
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J. ii l;.-.^j.-it.. V. I';. i"*:: "ru*. M. Hi.
li. Pcs-.ttz.s-; y.. s?. A. i;:.wv. M. rx.
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r".::;'.IO:?? ?'ItyS?Ciai?S -ii c5tst<<!:t;rtr;h;
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V.'. :i. Caitttw; >! ?J., !'. ?I. 'V:u..Ha. V. i>..
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Aitx? ?3r.?i?v?s?s o? OshcA-?.
JV'i!."L'.t.:.ai., it. :>'.. i:;
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."?-.a? A. J^cjcsoj?.'; Ot-] t- tacexaAai*iC<ith< f?;a:-i. of :h .
icc'?orV. Z7??<.'i'?L ^r'^Z?^i?ti? t_r'-."" t r-'-a.. 'J.tUr?
>thu?. U. S?CMASCN. il. i'.
5) A. .:::.<'I.-?>r: ? .:'<?.. I>ropr{<-:<>i-4.
' J ir'.rvi.? <-r Ui^:-.. . : .i!, t --arr.-.:'.<c Aiu-avj?; ?
A ) eossiul ir. ..-ari a;ar.:. Pcrt t-.-Jl i::-tho--tw?rtd ?j?
I :.r.>r..r;;:;- : .r cos: ::: I ?a?. Cfcri^afewtwhlp
?ind C :i:iiv" rirLtciVt-S<r.d y -.r
t\<l.. r.t. and f-ttt'v u-:i ?-t.:....-:.;-?:..?.. k witii
cj:;ia:-ra.^:. ?*iU?t>a Aa^vrr Cu., st.
<-^;^"'"^^ -^V Zlitir-irAeiCd ????:-.:r--.r
Ai. v.-t -V. ., - , . , ; . ii.- . . .

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