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The Sew Constitution,
ire the People of the State of South Carolina, hf
ovr Delegates in Conation, met, do ordain ami
rstabiish thi* Constitution, for the government of
i/K said >!<it<-'
v. i T)>V I c?shtive a?th?ritv cf this State
Li be vested i?a General Assembly, which shall
f"?i*t ot a Senate and a House of Representatives.
\SE?TI.>N The House of Representatives shall be
x M ?i o? members, chosen by ballot, every se
wJ) year, by tho citizens of this State qualified as in
h : s Constitution is provided.
S? i ION 3. Each J udicial District in thc State shall
on^tifute one Election District, except Charleston
Strict, which ihall be divided into two Election Dis
tict?- one consisting b> the late Parishes of St. Phil,
ip's and St. Michael's, to be designated the Election
l?strict of Charleston, tuc other consisting of all that
(tart of the Judical District which is without the limits
thc said Parishes, to be known as the Election
l>i>trict of Berkley.
SHCTIOS 4. The boundaries of the sevrai Judi
!tnd Election Districts shall remain as they are now
i : toN ">. The House of Representatives shad con
>fone hundred and twenty -four members,to be ap
.! among the several Election Districts of the
...-...??reto the number of white inhabitants
. . j .i? eaeh, and the amount of all taxes raised
:-.,] Assembly, whether dircet or indirect,
'..vhatever species, paid in each, deducting there
' ..j? :axcs paid on account of property held in any
[.Strict, and adding thereto all taxes elsewhere
count of property held m such District.
... ration of the white inhabitants, for this
?as made in thc year one thousand eieiit
. .-nil ti fr >-nine, and shall be made in course of
... -, ;.. . ye:ir thereafter, in such manner as shall
, . directed, and Representatives shall bc as
': r.?thc dit?rrcntDistriets in the above mention
,;" r:i?,n by Act of the General Assembly at the
.' immediately succeeding every enumeration :
. Th.tt until the apportionment which shall
... >,. ..... i:,thc next enumeration shall take effect,
- station of the several Election Districts,
instituted, shall continue as assigned at
. . ioummt: each District which has been
.:.,f.iiv divided into sni.tlier Districts, known as
..h*-.*. ha vin" the aggregate number of Represen
. > which the Parishes, heretofore embraced with
? fha its, have had since that apportionment, the
?:r.-fiv.- to which the Parish of all Saints has
:: .!...; ..".?rc?.-nti*icd bcinsr,durmji the interval,as
. i : . Morry Rk-ctioii l>istriet.
? :i>s 0. If the enumeration herein directed
i not be made \n Hie course of t.ieycar appointed
!:e pu ri ?ose. it shall he thc duty of the Governor
. ir eifected as noon thereafter as shall be prac
?N 7. Ia assigning Representatives to the
! i>;>:rtcts, the General Assembly shail allow
. . - ::? alive for every sixty-second part of thu
:iuaibcr white inhabitants in the State ; and
.j.re-eutative. also for every sixty-second part j
raxes raised by the (ieneral Assembly,
.dial! i" further aHowe?! one Repr?sent?t ive for j
: ,;t-> of the sixty second part of the white j
.-....?, :ia?i fthe sixty-second part of the taxes,
...... * I
. re Mt- i together ?orm it unit.
;;,.s s Vii tuxes upon property, real or per .
, :; !?.? laM upon the actual value of tin: proper- j
? :. ?SiiiT- same-shall he ascertained by ?in as- |
. iii.- purpose of laying such tax. In j
. : ? ?:..: um< ?it which shall be ma<!e under ,
. ?ti the amount of taxes shall be c>ti- j
fro::-, thc av? -rage et t'ae two years next prVcVed- :
tt-!i apportionment ? bat in every subsequent;
iunmca: frt?m the average of the ten years ?
rf.<N '. If ia the apportionment of Represen- i
. :,n\' Elt er.vii District shall appear not to bc j
:. fr nu it.- population and its ?axes, tu a K-p- j
?ti'.f. stich Election District.?diall nevcr-tlieless :
. Ki ;?r? >cntative.audif there be still a de:ici- n
it. :I:U!!:?T of Representatives re?i^ired by sec- j
...-til de?*cienc.y shall be $u?H>lh*d ?y assidu. ;
?ai ?::..> to th?"?*?' Klvetion District having- j
. . plus fractions; whether these fractions j
i combination of population and taxes, or j
\ i. or taxes separately, until the number j
;. ; ired and twenty-four members bc made ;
? Lmrrrrr, That not mort' than twelve !
l??atiws shall in tiny apporttournent be as- j
to ?nv one Election District,
; ' I
X K?. No apportionment of Representatives :
c mst ruc* ttl to take effect, in any manner, un \
; u rai election which shall succeed such ap- j
LON ::. Thc Senate shall be composed or one j
: :" .:.i . ich Election District, except thc Elec- j
?tri ?- .{ Charleston.to which shall Ve allowed i
.?:? ;:. Ppon thc meeting of the first Gcne
- ::. :y which shall bo chosen under the pro
this Constitution, the .Senators shall be di
y lot. in:t, two classes; the seats of the Seua
f oae c?ass to be vacated at the expiration of
- ?t r the Monday following the genera! elec
u i M r:? xe of th . ^th-.v cia - - ar thc exparat!on
.. *;.and thc number of these classes shall bc
;. .: .::..<. that one ha!fof the whole number of
?-. ?a.;;.- :>' nearly as possible; continue to be
'iv r< after ev.-ry scct*nd y?ir.
HON !.;. N . person shall !?e cigible to, or take,
s a. a scat in the II ouse of Representatives} uu
.> :? tree utan who hath attained the age
ne >ears.hath boen a citizen and resident
s stare thre?: years next preceeding the day bf
i hath been fur the last six months of
?nd shall cat.nae. a resident of the District
lt' :s :o represent.
:: N ll. No person shall be cli?rhibIeto,or take;
;- seat ii? tire Senate, unless he is a free
. ?. ;:.> .hath attained i henge of thirty years.
a citizen j??d a resident of this State five
eceedmg the day of election; and hath
? last six months of this time, and shall
'?' . . a resi.lent of the District which he is
SECTI<?\ ' "
, ^ ' Gators and Members of the House
; ' 1 '? . * shall be eh..sen at a general elec
".' *"' }I'i:r<1 v> ednesday in October, in the prcs
Zm ?U 1 s::lue day in every second year
' , ' ' " M t*U toanner and for such terms of office
ire Ixeret?i u?rert ' r*
jj , ? v ' 4 ' " 1 :" -v s?all meet on thc fourth !
Ir-mvi .V"u?-"'r-;"lXiU:iU.v?id Columbia, (which j
..- -11.1.12 rho seat of Government until otherwise '
l?* r f Ul". cbnc??rBc* of two-thirds of both
? ..y- the 'VhoiereprcsentatiouO unless the cas
j ttaror^ntagioas disorders shall render it
10 there-; iu either of which case the
; ? . or < ommandvr-iir-Chicf for ihetime being
. rw.amation, appoint a more Secure and con
... i'?ac? of meeiin-.
N - The terms uf office of tire Senaturs
^seatatives, choVen at a general election
- ::on thc Monday following such election!
"0> ". Kaeh House shall judge of the elec
.''?-'as and qualifications of its own members;
. My of each House shall constitute a quorum
thiess, but a smaller number may aiijourn
. to day, and may be authorized to compel the
:^cccof absent members in such manner and
fsnch penalties as may be provided by law.
-ox 18. Each House shall choose its own offi
. e rmine its rules of proceeding, punish its
"s for disorderly behaviour, and, with the con
-c- of two thirds, expel a member, but not a
; time for the same cause.
": rj. Kacl%Ilouse nfayphi?islf by imprison
'.ttring its sitting, any pers'on not a member,
'.. guilty of disrespect to the House by any
or contemptuous behaviour in its presence
^^ring the time ol its sitting shall threaten
^ ."rly or estate of any member for anything
; '^<lw?c tn either House, or who shall assault any
^trefor; or wlio shall assault or arrest any
. other person order. ,! to attend the House. !
; t:---*vto or returning therefrom; or who!
;' pcrv.-n arrested bj ordercf the Ho'usc: I
SECTIOS 20. The members of both Houses shall
protected in {heir persons and estates during th(
attendance on, going to, and returning from the Ge
eral Assembly^ and ten days previous to the ?it.tii
and ten 'days after tue adjournment thereof. But the:
privileges shall not be extended so as to protect ai
member who shall be charged with treason,'felony <
breach of the peace.
SECTION 21. Bills for raising a revenue shall ori?
nate in the House of Representatives,"but may be ?
tcred, amended or rejected by the Senate, and all oth
Bills may originate in either House, and may ]
amended, altered or rejected by the other.
SECTION VS. Every Act or Resolution having tl
force of law zhal? relate to but one subject, and th;
shall be expressed in the title.
ECTION 23. Np Bill shall have the force of la
until it shall have been read tHrec times, and on thr"<
several days in each House, has had the seai of tl
State affixed to it, and has been signed in the Sena
House by the President of the Senate and the Speak?
of the House of Representatives.
SUCTION 24. No money sludl be drawn out of tl
Public Treasury but by the legislative authority of tl
; State.
SECTIOS 25* Tn all elections by the General A
semMy, or either House thereof, the members sha
j vote rica Kore, and their votes thus given shall be ci
! tered upon the Journal of the House to which thc
i respectively belong.
SECTION 20. The members of the General Ass?r
bly, -kho shall meet under this Constitution, shall 1
entitled to receive out of the public treasury, for thc
expenses during their attendance cn, going to and r<
turning from the General Assembly, live dollars fi
each day's attendance, and twenty cents for every mi
of the ordinary route of travel between thc residenc
of the member and the capital, or other place of sittii
of the General Assemble, both gohiir and returning
and the same may be increased or diminished by lav
if circumstances shall require; but no alteration sha
he made to take effect during the existence of tL
General Assembly which shall make such alteration.
SECTION 27. Neith# House, during *he session c
the General Assembly, shall, without the consent c
the other, adjourn for more than three days, nor toan
other place than that in which the Assembly shall h
at the time *itth??r.
SECTION 2S. No person shall be eligible to a seat i
the General Assembly whilst he hord* any office?
pro?it or trust under this State, the United States c
America, or any of them, or under any other powei
except officers of the militia, army or navy of thi
State, Magistrates or Justices of Inferior Courts, i:
which such Justices receive no salaries ; nor shall an;
contractor of the army or navy of this State, the Uni
t.-.i stares of America, or any ot' them, or the agent
<>f such contractor, be eligible to a seat in either House
And if any member shalt except or exercise any u
thc .sii-.I disqualifying offices, bc shall vacate his seal
! SECTION If any Election District shall neglec
j to choose a member, or members, on the day ofelec
liiiii. or if any persou chosen a member of either lions
should refuse to qualily and take his seat, or shall re
sign, die, depart the State, accept any disqualify in j
office, or become otherwise disqualified to hold his seat
a writ of election shall he issued by the President o
the Senate or Speaker o? the House of Representatives
as the case may be, for the purpose of filling the va
..aiicy thereby occasioned for the remainder of the tern
for which the person so refusing to qualify, resigning
dying, departing thc State, or becoming disqualified
was elected to serve, or the defaulting Election Dis
trit t ought To have chosen a member or members.
SECTION 30. And whereas thc Ministers of the <ios
pel, are, by their profession, dedicated to the servie,
of God and the cure of souls, and ought not to bc di
verted from tiie great duties of their function, there
fore no Minister of the Gospel or Public Preacher ol
any religions persuasion, whilst he continues in th?
exercise of his pastoral functions, shall bc eligible tc
thc offire of <*ov*cm*>r, Lieutenant Governor, orton
sea! ia the Schate Cr House of Representatives.
SKCTIC'N I- l ifo Executive authority of this State
shall be vested in a Chfef Magistrate, who shall bc
styled the Govemoi of the Stat'1 of South Carolina.
SECTION 2. The Governor shall bc elected by the
electors duly qualified to Vote fdr members of the
House of Representative's, hud thall hold his office for
four years, and Until his successor shall be chosen
and qualified; but the saiwe person shall not be Gov
ernor for two consecutive terms.
SECTION No person shall bc .digibh? tb the of
fice of Governor unless he hath attained the age of
thirty years: aud hath been a citizen and resident ot
this State for thc ten year* next proceeding the day
of election. And no person shall hold the office of
Governor and any other office or commission, civil or
military (except in the militia), under this State or
the L'nited States, or any of them, or any other pow
er, at one and the same time.
SECTION 4. The returns of every election of Gov
ernor shall be sealed up hy the Managers of Elections
in their respective Districts and transmitted by a
messenger chosen by them to thc seat of Government,
directed to the Secretary of St?to. who shall deliver
them to the Speaker of the House of Representatives
at the next ensuing session bf the General AssemMy;
daring the first week of which session thc Speaker
shall open and publish them in the presence CT both
Houses of the General Assembly. The person Hav
ing the highest number of votes shall be Governor,
but if two or more shall bc equal and highest in votes,
thc General Assembly shall, during the same session,
in the House of Representatives, chose one of them
Governor vira voce. Contested elections for Govern
or ?hall be determined hythe General Assembly, in
such manner as shall be prescribed by law.
SECTION 3. A Lieutenant-Governor shall be choseu
at the same time; iii 1 he shine manner, continue in
office for the same period, and be possessed of the
same qualifications as the Governor, and shall ex <>?
cfo be president of trie Schate.
SECTION 6. Thc Lieutcnant;Uovcraor? acting as
President of the Semite, shall have- no vote, unless
the Senate be equally divided
SECTION 7. The Senate shall chose a President
pro tempore to act in the absence of thc Lieutenant
Govern or, or when he shall exercise thc office of Gov
SECTION S. A member of the Senate or of the
House of Representatives being chosen and acting as
Governor or Lieutenaut-Governor, shall thereupon
vacate his seat, and another person shall be elected
in his stead. *
SECTION 9. In case bf the impeachment of the Gov
ernor, or his removal from effice, death, resignation,
disqualification, disability, br removal from the State,
the Lieute?ant-Gover?or shall succeed to Iiis office;
and in case of the impeachment of the Lieutenant
Governor, or his remdval from office, death, resigna
tion, disqualification, disability, or removal from the
State, the President pro tempore of the Senate shall
succeed to his office; and when the office of Governor,
Lieutenant-Governor, and President pro tempore of
the Senate shall become vacant? in the recess of the
Senate, the Secretary of State, for thc time being,
shall, by proclamation, convene the Senate, that a
President pro tempore may be chosen to exercise the
office of Governor for the unexpired term.
SECTION 10. The Governor shall be Commander
in-Chief of the army and navy of this State, and of
the militia, except when th*y shall be called into the#
actual service of the United States.
SECTION ll. HQ shall liave power to grant re
prieves and pardons after conviction (except in cases
of impeachment), in such malmeten steh terms,and
under such restrictions as fie shall think proper: and
he shall have power to remit fines aud forfeitures,
unless otherwise directed By law. lt sh?rf be his
duty to report to the General Assembly at thc next
regular session thereafter, all pardons granted by
him, with a full statement of each case and' the rea
sons moving him thereunto.
SECTION 12. He shall take care that the laws bc
faithfully executed in mercy.
SECTION 13. The Governor and Lieutcnant-Gov
crnor shall, at stated times, receive for their services
a compensation which shall be neither increased or
diminished during the period for which they shall
have been elected.
SiXHON 14. All officers in thc Executive Depart
ment, when required by the Governor, shall give lil
information in writing upon any subject relating
the duties of their respective offices..
.SECTION 15. The Governor shall from time t
?me give to thc General Assembly, information i
thc condition of the State and recommend to thc
'consideration such measures as he shall judge nece
gary or expedient.
SECTION 10. He may, on extraordinary occasion
convene the Genend Assembly, and should eithj
House remain without a quorum for three days, or
case of disagreement between the two Houses wit
respect to the time of adjournment, may adjourn the:
to such time as he shall think proper, not beyond ti
fourth Monday of November then next ensuing.
SECTION 17. He shall commission'all officers of tl
SECTION IS. It shall be the duty of the Managers <
Electious of this State, at the first general election 111
der this Constitution, and at each alternate geber
election thereafter, to liold an election for Goverm
affd Lieutenant-Go vernor i
SECTION li). The Governor and the Licuteuan
Governor before 'entering upon the duties of the
respective office?, shall ih the presence of the Geuer
Assembly take the Oath of Office prescribed in th
SECTION 20. The Governor, shall reside during tl
sitting of the General Assembly at the place where ii
sessions may be held and the General Assembly ma;
by law, require him to reside at the Capital of tl
j SECTION 21. Every Bill which shall have passed tl;
General Assembly shall, before it become a law, I
presented to the Governor ; if lie approve, hp shall sig
it; but if not, he shall return it, with his objections, t
that House in which it shall have originated, wli
Shall enter the objectious at large on their .Tourna
and proceed to rc-considcr it. If after such re-consh
oration a majority of the whole representation of th:
j House shall agree to pass the Bill, it shall be sent, t<
gethcr w^Jji the objections, to the other House, b
I which it shall likewise be re-considered; and !'f aj
( proved by a majority bf ibo wh'de representation 1
that other House, it shall become a law. Butina
I such eases the votes of both Houses shall he determii
ed by yeas and nays, and thc names ot* tho person
voting for and against tht: Bi;] shall bc entered on t!i
Journal of each House respectively. If any Bi?Ts?ia!
not be returned hy (he Governor within two da}
; Sundays excepted).after it shall have been presente
to him, thc same shall be a law in like manner as if h
had signed it. And that time may always beallowe
the Governor to consider Bills passed by the Genera
Assembly. Neither House shall read any Bill on th
last day of its session, except such Bills as have bee:
returned by the Governor as herein prowded.
SECTION i: The Judicial power shall bc rested ii
>uch Superior and Interior Cour s of Baw and Equit,
as the General Assembly shall from time to time di
rcct and establish. The Judges of thc Supenor ( 'our!
shall be elected by thc General Assembly, shall hoi
! their offices during good behavior, and shall, at state
! times, receive a compensation for their services, whic
! shall neither be increased nor diminished during thei
I continuance in office; but they shall rcceivo no fees o
; perquisites of office, nor hold any other office of profi
! or trust under this. State, the United States of A mci
! i ea, or any of them, or any other power. The Genera
j Assembly shall, as soon as possible, establish for ead
j District tu thc State an Inferior Court or Courts to 0
! styled " The District Court." the Judge whereof sha!
j bc resident in thc District while in office, shall h
j elected by the Genera! Assembly for four years, an
j shall he re-eligible, which Court shall have jurisdic
! tiou of all civil causes wherein one or both of the pal
! ties are persons of color, and of all criminal case
I wherein the accused is a person of color; and th
j General Assembly is empowered to extend thc juris
distiou of thc said Court to other subjects.
SECTION 2. Thc Judges shall meet and sit at Cc
lumbla ;it suth time as thc General Assembly may h
Act prescribe, for the purpose of hearing and deter
mining all mutions lV?r new trials and in arreste
judgment, and such points of law as iriay be submit
ted to them; and the General Assembly may by Ai
appoint such other places for such meeting ?ls ih thei
discretion may seem tit.
SK<:TIO2C Thc style bf all processes shall bc "Th
State of South Carolina.'1 All prosecutions shall h
I carried on in the name and hythe authority of th
State of South Carolina, and conclude ;* against th
peace and dignity of tile ?:unc:v
In all elections to be made by thc people of th:
I State, or any part thereof, for ei*il or political office;
every person shall bc entitled to vote who has thc fo
lowing qualifications, to wit: He shall be a free whit
man, who has attained the agc of twenty-one yean
and is not u pauper, nor a non-commissioned officer 0
private soldier of the army, nor a seaman or a marin
of ihc navy of the United States. lie shall for tw
j years next proceeding thc day of election have been
! citizen of this State, or for the same period, an em
grant from Europe, who has declared his intention t
become a ( it mn cf the United States acoording to th
Constitution and law- of thc United States. He sha!
have resided in this State fdr at least two year
ne&t preceding thc flay of diction, and for *h^ las
six mouths of that time in the District in whioh h
offers te vote : Provided-,however* That thc General
Assembly may. by requiring a registry cT votes, ?>
other suitable legislation guard against frauds in elcc
tions and Usurpations of thc right of suffrage, impov
1 disqualifications to vote as a punishment for crime
: and may prescribe additional qualification for toter
; in municipal election*-'
Ali pcrsrms who shall bc elected ?r appointed ti
I'any office of profit or trust, before entering on th
j execution thereof, shall take (besides sp< cial oath
j not repugnant to this Constitution, prescribed by tm
\ General Assembly,} the folio ving oath :
" I do swear (or affirm) thal ! am daly qualified ac
I cording to the Constitution of this State to excrcis
tlie office to which I have be< u appointed, and that
will, to the best bf my ability, discharge thc dutic
thereof, rud preserve, protect and defend the Const!
tution of this State, and that of the United States.' S<
help me God !"
! SECTION 1. The House of Jieprcsentatives sha!
! have thc sole power of impeaching ; but no impeach
j mont shall be made uuless with thc concurrence 0
two-thirds of the House of Representatives.
SECTION L': All impeachments shall be tried by th?
Senate. When sitting for that purpose, the Senat
shall be dnoatti or affirmation, add no person shall b<
convicted without the concurrence of two thirds of th
members present.
SECTIONS. The Governor, . Lieutenant-Governor
and all civil officers shan bc liable to Impeachment fo
high crimes and misdemeanors, for auy misbehaviour
in office, for corruption inpro'curing office, or for iii}
act which shall degrade their official character. Bu
judgment in such cases shall not extend any furthc
i than to removal from office, and disqualification ti
! hold any office, of houor. trust or profit, under thi
State. The party convicted shall, nevertheless, bi
liable to indictment, trial, judgment and punishmen
accordiug to law.
SECTION 4. All civil officers whose authority is lim
j ited to a single Jud ?cal District, a single Election Dis
I trict, or part of cither, shall be. appointed, hold thei
j office, be removed from office, and in addition to liabil
I ty to impeachment, may be punished for official' mis
conduct in such manner as the General Assembly
! previous to their appointment, may provide,
j SECTION 5. If any civil officer shall become disable?
! from discharging Hie duties of his office, by reason 0
I any permanent bodily or mcnfal infirmity, his offic<
I may be declared to be vacant, by joint resolution
j agreed tb by two thirds of the whole representation ir
I each House if the General Assembly. Provided, Tha
j such resolution shall contain the grounds' for the pro
posed removal, and before it shall pass either House, 1
I copy of it shall bc served on the officer, and a hearing
i be allowed him.
SECTION 1. The Treasurer and the Secretary o
State shill bc elected by the General Assembly in th(
House of Representatives; shall hold their offices for
four years, and shall not be eligible for the next snc
j ceeding temi.
SECTION 2. All other officers ?hall be appointed as
they hitherto have 6ee?, anti], otherwjse^directed by
law; but the same person shall not hoid the office of
Sheriff for two consecutive terms.
SECTION O. Aft oo?imissionc shall be in the name
and by the authority of the fctate of South Carolina,
j be sealed with the seal of thc State, ami be signed by
the Governor.
I All laws of force in tin's State, at the adoption of
this Constitution, and not repugnant thereto, shall
so continue, until altered or repealed by the General
Assembly, except where they are temporary, in which
case they shall expire the times respectively limit
ed for th'eir i?uratiou, if not continued by Act of the
General Assc?r^y?
SECTION 1. All power is originally vested in thc
people, and all free Governments are lounded on their
authority, and are instituted for their peace, safety
and happiness.
SECTION 2. Xo perron shall be taken, or impris
oned, or disseized of Ids freehold, liberties of privi
leges, or outlawed or exiled, or in any manner depriv
ed of his life, liberty or property, but by due process j
! of law, nor shall any bill of attainder, ex post tacto
: law, or law impairing the obligation of contract?, ever
I be passed by the General Assembly,
j SECTION 3. Thc military shall be subordinate to
j the civil power.
j SECTION L The privilege gi the writ of Habeas
Corpas shall not be suspended, unless when, iii case
of rebellion or invasion, the publicsafety requires it.
SECTION 5. Excessive bail shall net he required nor
' cruel punishments inflicted.
j SECTION ti. The General Assembly shall not grant
?any title of nobility, or hereditary distinction, nor
! create any office, the appointment to which shall be
; fer a longer time than daring good behavior:
SECTION The trial hy jury as heretofore used iii
I this State and the liberty of the press, shall be forever
inviolably prserved. But tiie. General Assembly
shall have power to determine tiie number of persons
who shall constitute the jury in the Inferior and Dis
I triet Courts.
SECTION 8. Tin- free exercise and entov?ne?t of rc
? ligious profession and worship, without, discrimina
! tion or preferenc \ shall be allowed, within this State
to ail mankind : Provided, That the liberty of con
science hereby declared shall not be sn constructed as
j to excuse acts of licentiousness^ of justify practices
j inconsistent with the peace and safety of the State.
SECTION ?. The rights, privileges, immunities and
estates," of both civil and religious societies, and of
! corporate bodies,' shall remain as if the Constitution
! 6f this State had not been altered or amended.
SECTION JO'. The ri^ht? of primo guemture shall
I not be re established, and there shall not fail to be
some legislative provision for the equitable distribu
: fi'on o? the estate of intestates.
j SECTION fl. The slaves in South Carolina having
been emancipated by the action of the Cnit'ed States
I authorities, neither slavery nor involuntary servitude
j except as a punishment for ( rime, whereof tin" party
shall have been duly convicted, shall ever be re-estab
lished iu this State
SECTION I. TheGeueral Assembly whenever a tax
! is laid upon land, shah, nt the sume time? impose a
i capitation tax. which shall not be less upon each poll
j than one-fourth of the tax laid upon each hundred
i dollars worth of the assessed value of the land taxed;
j excepting, however, from the operation of snell eapi
I talion tax all such classes ol persons, as from disabili
: ty or otherwise, ought, in the judgement of the Geu
I eral Assembly, to be exempted.
WK LE xi.
j SECTION I. The business of the Treasury shall'be
! condrcted by one-Treasurer who shall hold his office
! and resid?* at tiie seat of Government.
SECTION 2. The Secretary of the State shall hold
! his office and reside at the seat of Government.
j SE'/I ^ON 1. Sb Convention of the People shall bc
I called. Unless by tho concurrence of two thirds of the
1 whole rc presen tatT^n in both brunches of the Genera]
? SECTION 2. Xo part of this Constitution shall bi
i altered, unless a Bill to alter the same shall have been
j read on three several days, hi thc House o?" Represen
! tatives, and on three several days fa the Senate, am
agreed to, nt the second and third readings, by two
! thirds of thc whole representation iu euell House o
Hie General Assembly : neither shall any altcratior
take effect until the Bill, so agreed to. shall be publish
!pd three tiiontKs previous toa new election for mem
hers of the House of Representatives ; and if the al
; teration proposed by the proceeding General Assembly
shall be agreed to by the new General Assembly ii
their first session, ly the concurrence of two-third:
of the whole representation in eacli House, after thc
same shall have been read on three several days ii
each, then, and not otherwise, the same shall beconu
a part of the Constitution.
Done in Convention at Columbia, in the State o
South Carolina, the twenty-seventh day of Scp
tomber, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight
hundred ond sixty-five.
1). L. WAUDI.A W,
Attest: President of the Convention*.
,lonN T. SLOAN, Clerk of the Convention.
Important Latter from the Late Pres
ident Lincoln.
[From the Southern Advocate of Sept. 18. j
The following extract, which has Just heel
published, is froid the late President Lincoln':
letter to General Wadsworth, who fell in th<
battle of the Wilderness. The letter, which ii
of a private character, is to be sent to Genera
Wadsworth*s family.
It shows that Mr. Lincoln, who desired tin
bestowal of the elective franchise upon tin
blacks, was, also, -at an early day, in favor o
granting universal amnesty which, for somi
strange and' unaccountable reason, is still with
held from the South, notiiwithstanding it i
known that it was his intention to grant; withou
any exception, a general pardon.
His wishes, in this particular, the America!
people cannot afford to disregard. Congres
will, no doubt, exact the right of suffrage fo
the blicks; Why universal amnesty should b
withheld until" that time, we dre unable to see
THis certainly was hot Mr. Lincoln's plan
whose intentions all parties should sacredly ob
The following is the extract referred to, ii
which Mr. Lincoln says :
You desire to know, in the event of our com
plete success in the field-?the same being follow
ed by a loyal and cheerful submission on' th
part of the South-if universal amnesty shouii
not be accompanied with universal suffrage.
,lXow,since you know my private inclination
as to what terms should be granted to the South
in the contingency mentioned, I will here ad<
that if our success should thus be realized, fol
lowed by such desired" results.' I cannot see j
universal amnesty is granted*, how, under th
circumstances, I can avoid exacting in retur
universal suffrage, or at least, suffrage on th
basis of intelligence and military service.
'.How to better the condition of the colore
race has long been a study which has artracte
my serious and careful attention ; hence I thin
I am clear and decided, PS to what course I sha
pursue in the premises, regarding it a religion
duty, as the nation's guardian of these peoph
who have so'herotcally vindicated their manhoo
on the battle field,' where, in assisting to sav
the life of the republic, they have demonstrate
in blood their right to the ballot, which is bi
the .human protection of the nag they have s
fearlessly defended.'
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