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ALLEN COFFIN, Editor. "First t>h?.Uiac?o, thou the ear? utter tlij.it the trill edni in thu our."-Paul. FOUR DOLLARS PER ANNUM.
"Vol. I.
At 430 King Stroot, Oharloaton, S. C.
T. HURL KY ?te CO.
Bubscriptiou IMou :-Four IMlar.ifc yew, lava
flably in ndrauee.
Katee of Advertising:
For one Square of 'l'en Linee, om- iusertion, i'i 00,
for cacti nuti.-i'ijneut insertion. $l.fiO.
A liberal discount wal? to yearly, batt yearly, and
quarterly advertiser*. Advi-rilM-un-tita ccusnicuou*
ly displaced b,- spacial .-.?.ecuu-nt.
Foil THI:
South Carolina Leader.
A Weekly Journal of tho Timen.
Tn it I.KAHIClt will tic devoted m thc tntcreat ol
Krce I.nbor nuil general rvforiu.
The Kedcinl (Jovcrtimcnt wilt bc sustained at a JI
liumrils. mid wc tiu|ic that its llllilllHlr pulley tow.inls
thu State ? ?1! cuauro peace, prui-prrltt, and domes
tlc tranquility.
That self c\ lib-tit truth, coiitttiuctl itt itu- D?clara
lion of I ndi-pi'iidc ncc, '. Tliat ?ill men are created
equal," will bc steadfast l.t tttllicred lo.
lu mill ter? of local concern, it will giri- ita carne*!
auppnrt to till iiii|iortunt |titbllc tue astir**: and practi
cal improve uivum.
Whll? fearless in li? advocacy of thc .Hight, HUI!
frank in UH deiliincialinii ol Hie Wfiingi itt coln tu mt
will never bc nonie a chiutin-J of cou ric personal
abusr. lt will deal with principle.-, rutilar than ineu,
and allow tuc fri*; mut candid discussion of all sub
Jccta pcrtalnlhg tu tbe public good.
in ..tricing io make thi.-i emphatically n paper fur
'?' " ?""Ple, ,vo coutitlently timk to tlicin fur tho
.amount of KUtiicri|iliou anil U'lvcrtlSliii; e-.
wbich it? worili demanda.
BOX No. 4.
BY 11KI.1A i>KXlSii.V.
Slowly anil Mully I iva I keil down thu lillie
When the evening MI.I was hov,
V Following the grass grown foul pat li
Which leil to the village I if.i nv.
My heart le t ti st runge ?iuvlajiling,
1 coiilil nut divine wherefore,
Tor lo the pust-otlicc I "!k" e"ing,
To peep into " Mux Su. 1."
The village was never MI lonely,
The streets were nevei m still,
Thc brook wu? never >o sluggish,
Ami never so lazy the milt.
Un the purement I haite.l u moment.
Then passed through the hiitl-opcn door,
And with step neither linn nor steady
Walked up to Uox No. I.
I tupped on thc glass pane slightly ;
The post-master gave nie the mail :
lie a,iokc to me cheer.ly, kindly,
Anu us lied wiiai ina te me so pale.
One thin, yellow letter he gave mc,
Tiiis only, ami nothing more;
1 knew 'twas tor nie, for 1 saw it
While it lay in ?ox No. 1.
I took it with limul that trembled,
My heart heat with joy nilli with lear,
? Yet 1 lrie>l to wulk away cuiiuly,
And ehoeked down the rising tear.
A stranger hain) lui.I iinlorscd it ;
My heart grew sickly ami sore ;
Oh, why was it sent lo me then ?
Why came it tu Box No. l ?
My Charlie had been won tilled in hattie,
A iiiuuiie-liw'li in his solo,
And cohinidcs had tender.y nursed him,
Lise he ere this had died.
But now JU the hospitul lonely,
He knew that los war.are was o'er
He knew this would he tho but letter
He should send lo llox No. -I.
Thc papers hud said " severely,"
But 1 had hoped they might I?: wrong,
And so my pour henri touk comfort,
Though tue tiny s were dreary and long,
But now his farewell caine to me,
lu his loving language of yore,
In the fervent, tear-stauied letter
Winch came to Box No. -1,
1 neither screamed nor fainted,
But walked thrungli the lane as before,
And in my lone walk homeward
That letter 1 rend o'er und o'er,
I knew tba; I now was u willow,
Though his iiAilie 1 never bore.
But he had saul I should in the letter?
Which had come to Box No. 4.
A year have l bceu a widow,
Though the weeds 1 cannot wear,
3ut my heart is draped in mourning
And the grief lies bidden there.
And sometimes that tear-stained letter
I bring out and read once more
That letter which made inc a widow,
Which came to llox No. 4.
Tor tho dear love that kept us through thc night,
And gave our senses to sleep's gentle sway j
., For thc new miracle of dawning light
Flushing thc Last with prophecies of day,
Wc thunk thee, nh our (?od !
For the fresh life that through our being flow?
Willi its full title, io siieiigihcn ami to bless ;
j jPo* ?clin, a weet thought*, uiwumigin*; from reiow,
To bear tn lin1?' their sung of thankfulness,
Wc |irnisr thee, oh our (?oil.
I)ny nt tere! lt speech to-day. inn) night to night
Tells of thy power arid ir lory ! so would ive,
Tliy children, duly; with thc morning light,
Aiul ul .-till eve. ii pioi lin* I tended knee,
Adore thee, lill our God.
Thou ktlow'stour needs-Thy fullness will supply ;
Our blindness-let thy hand still lend us on
Till, visited i iv the dayspring from on high,
One prayer-one only-"Let thy will he done."
Wc breathe to thee, oh (?od.
WM. II. liintl.Kiuu.
Kroin the Wiitchtiiuu niel lvi|..etor.
" I was Ju-i folilinii up my svwinij," said
Mrs Lansing, resuming her kni'ting, as Marx
took awuy her hound mut shawl.
And here let trie pan-'1 io say ihm Mr-. Lan
sing is om- ot my dearesl friend-, mid the purest
Christian lady of my acquaintance. She had
been travelling alt tile morning by steamboat,
and through -onie mismanagement, not her own,
hail missed thc train she intended, and had
called upon me lo pass away the tune. Knit
ting in bund, ?ho sat talking until 1 prevailed
lipon hei to r-minn with usai least one night.
So, nm tl rit I ly, she rt'Mimcd the thread of lier
conversation, whic.. hail been bink<m by these
" I Wils JtlSt Ididillg up hiv sewing when I
bea Ttl the faintest tinkle of the helL as if ti patt
or Unie .- "."r r"P'-- ->.>
bilshand looked up from hi's paper in some sur
prise. I glanced ut the clock. It was half-pus
nine. Who coil.) ii he at thu; hutir ? Martha
had giiht' to lied ; my husband was sick ; ami
tl devolv? i) upon mc to wait upon the door. I
went, therefore, hut lui that -mm- of th?- neigh- j
Inn-b?ti bet n taken ill. The taw wind blew
tin- snow in hiv face as I opened tin-door. I tl iii
uni know II storm had commenced. Kot H mo
ment 1 could -.i..??....? ? tuen looking down.
iii* ii?li? /li-hill upon a lillie ch'il I, ? host uti.I,
. !.ii k ol li- -tin '1 -I Ol".
.. iM'-a-e, imi' i.n, do yon want u g?l?" sile
li-ked, u look ot piti in.-? entrediV making lo r
I n e stl liligi ly old
. WMO' " H'r> . " I I? pealed in u-t on'?Linen t.
'. Ve-, lint'am ;( can work if 1 um little; and
1 mn t got anywhere io go."
I casi a ghillie down al ber elotlns- lagged,
ibm - lier,"id bute bund-, her little, shivering
tot ni.
'.Conic in ?Ilde it is warm," I paid.; " yon
w ill pei Isl" in the .-in i-t," ami shivi nug um! hall
? oblong, the strange little cn inure* stugg.-retl
'. You see I've been walking nil day, and I'm
son 'tl numb like," she saul when I had gi veil
her a .-eat within sight of thc lire, icy husband
still looking on in amazement.
Well he might, for thc face was no ordinary
one, though il was (ur fl om' beautiful. Til?
brown hair escaped front lier wet, unshapely
hood, in masses of thick, neglected curl-, anti
tippled where il lay along lier d.ik forehead in
natural waves ihut no chirippling could imitate.
A look of s .11' ung seemed on those small tea
lures. She munt have been very intimate with
sorrow ur oppression that all thc alchemy ot
youth could not overe?me.
'. Wlieti' were you thinking of passing the
night ?" I us ki t! her.
.. Oh, I don't know, mu'nm.eKccpi I thought
(iud would give me a .-helter somewhere. Mis?
Yirgiiiia taught me never io dc.-puir. She said
Abeu it was d.likest, it I would only pray and
have fuilh, (ind would always do something for
mc, and Ile hhs."
" Who was Miss Virginia':" asked my hus
" She was my dcHr sweet mistress, sir ! ibu
deatesi and sweetest thai ever lived. Her father
was Dr. Woodward, of Macon, and he owned
me. My dear Miss Virgin!*! she was as much
un angel then iii she is now. Oh, dour Miss
Virginia ! "
She sat with clasped hands looking into thc
tin, and over her swarthy checks the tear? were
running like nun. Shu looked such a mite, and
so desolate !
" llcic is some supper for you," said I. You
must bc hungry; cat, and after ward? yuu shall
tell us how you cone herc."
"Oh, I haven't tasted u thing to-day I " she
cried, wiping the tears that blurred her vision.
.' Isn't that nice? Oh. madam, you arc so kind
to me, and you don't know anything about
" You don't look ns if you had been long
enough in thc world to do much mischief." said
my liUfbund, who is very much inclined, you
know, to ?i'c things in a comical light."
"I'm twelve," she replied gravely; "but I
am smnll o? my age. Miss Virginia always
called mc fifi ile Nelly/'
..Theil Nelly is your name > "
" Yes, ma'am, my name is Nelly Woodward.
I can tew, and sweep, and knit ..omu, I can
make a bcd beautifully - Miss Virginia taught
mc, because she said I wai tilweys to ?my with
her, and wait upon her-yet she died, I've
been used to work. If-if you'll let mu Stay
here all night, I'll pay for it in the morning,
some way."
, '. Why, child, you Uid'at think wa'd tske ?ll
you lo hnvu il Iroxei
g, il id you : " ii-lid 4
thin pains to put lifo into y
out of you before morning
iny husband. >!
" dh, lio, -ir," she replied hesitatingly ; .. but''
then I haven't always found people so good. I 1
tried ti? liiiil ?1 plme ?ll yealerduy. I tm vc only '
buen out here two days, und lust night I slept j'
in the ht reef, under a deep, dark doorway; 1 '
was so afluid ; hut not,ody saw me lill this |
morning, when the girl Unit opined the door
waked nie up with u shove. Sin- hint my arm ;
hut {hon I suppose she thought if I sh pt in
thin fashion. I couldn't ho much. Uh, how
hud M -s Virginia would have felt if she hud
know n it."
" Mi-s Virginia i- doini. I luke it ? "
" U, sii," und the piteous look caine huck in
her hu e, .. ?he died so dreadfully ! You -ce shu
would have married young Mr. Mead, ?ho was
ii major in the South, ru army, tint one day she
got ;? letter th u he w?s dreadfully hurt ; so sin
would go til the camp. lier mother HU.I hot
grandmother nod ll.trry, her little hrother. and
her cousin Matty ?ill hogged nnd prayed hoi
not to go. hut all they could say did no good.
Oil, 1 stinll never forget how she looked - so
white und still, us if the life wa- ali tuk.n out
ol lo r ; und her eyes glitt, ted und looked so
steady .it every thing, wherever she turned tin :n,
as she kept suv mg. " No, I can't have him to
die alono. I nm-t go. danger or no danger,' So
she did go - and -and an umbu!.mee brought
). huck."
..Sin- was taken ill there ? " I said.
.. < >h worse than that. Th, y told I er he was
killed, and the lindy had not beeil found. So
sin- went to look for i\ and there wis anothci
light on thill very ?put. which had le en lost anil
won twice, they said. Wi ll, a ?hill struck
tor .inj .- ?-" -.? -l . I ..jr. .,,1... ..."| Ii*..(|
only a week aller they brought her home. It
mis u dieu Ifni lime thai week fdr my mir tress,
her mother, didn't seem to know whai to do n,
tron?le. She only wrung lier hands und went
lound the house moaning m H sufi voice - to,;
idle looked tenthly. I tic doctor w i- liwuy, amt
though they tried, no won! could he -
him. II-t brother s.' 14,111 ""?'>' '."I
the Vinie Liecailae sile Ntl UV I i'd. ?lid lier COU-iii j
... i., ??iii s? a-, .lu- r. -t. M i-.- V irgmia called
un- to hoi und inld un- wliiii tn do. She suit!
tn lui-. . Now. Nilly, thete ute going to he
? Intuito! iitius lute. I'm afraid, und I want von!,
to -tn) by. Let ml the rest lon vi-if tiny ?ill, but
retm-mbi r, I i-harv't: you to stay. I am going to
lili-, hut 1 um also going to (jud. ll dues not
uiaki me aft aid, for 1 love the Lord Jesu?, and
I know he Im? forgiven me. When 1 am dead
iou iniui couiliift tbeni.' She only lived a '.:'
th- while slier," crud thc child willi another
hurst ol gi ief.
We wi ii- silent, listening io this pathetic sto
ry bom the lip- ul' a child wisc enough to teach
.' Wh. n she died," continued the mite aft?i
a while, .. ;t wits ju?l as she sat.'. My muster's
?ile lay d..Wn and wouldn't cut; the nhl
grandmother didn't luke to her bed, but (div
might as well, for she would sit all dty rub
bing her builds and groaning. Then ('hurley
cut his foot and wits laid up; then a letter
caine that Dr. Woodward wiis dead. And oh.
deur; everything huppened tit once."
"Dui the hci vantH ao ': "I asked.
.. Every one of them, and they tried to makr
me. My own mother britt word to iee lint I
must go, und I would but for Miss Virgiuiu,
Winn 1 thought of her, and everybody sick, I
didn't dun- to."
" Hut who look carr of thc house?" asked
my I, ii-tia ml.
"Oh, I did that the best I could. Virginia's
roiisin helped me. hut she waa different from
my dear Miss Virginia. She would gel so angry
and throw anything at mc; but I ?lid every
thing I could, beean-c ii seemed as if lind gave
me strength just a- .i/o- said Ile would. Then
Miss Matty was taken sick, and it proved to he L
ihr smallpox. Oh, that lime waa terrible! No-''
body would come to the house, nobody would I i
go near her-but I thought of Miss Virginia I
mid my cl my, and I pinyed to (tod on my knee- |
to strengthen mr. Mr-. Wood ward Ief: r.lmosi j
Ihe whole house to me, anti tho rest lived ut ,
the cookbotisi-1 don't kim*.' how, hut it mu.-: j
have been very hard for them. So when pom li
Mis? Mutt}' died 1 walked six m?lea to gel borne .
one to bury her, and I hud to give n black mun !
all the money I lound in Miss Malty'.- box totloj
it. I think it wu? a hundred dollars. 1 had
?dilti' money of my own, il.nl Miss Virgin.a gave j
me, and titr?t I hid, foi .-lu-told nie 1 might .wai?t I
to ?o .tome dnv. Then Voil ?ec," continued the)
child earnestly, " the rest of tho family would j
not allow me to come near them, bul a hind wo- j
mun tn the neighborhood lei inc come io her I
house, anti i;avcme ?onie clothe? to change with.
So I thought t Lut hy that time my duly wan
done, ant) (jod and Mus Virginia wouldn't re
qti.ro any ihing more of me. My good frientl
sewed np my money for nie, mid I set out lo
leave the place, r.nd find some of ibu Northern i
cities, where I'd heard they would be kind to j
me. Ho I travelled all alone, day after day, and j
once [ waa in a train that was attacked by gue- j
rilltis, 5o that I lost my money, rind then I :
walked and begged loy way, and yesterday
murnini' they lauded me in Illiston. It seemed
as if 1 could hear Miss Virginia nay whoa I got
otu of the ear, 'Child, you'll lind a home here,'
but I don't know."
" li's my opinion that you will, too." said ,
my husband, mid I assure you the (cara were
runuing pr?ttjr fast ttawa rgajr ofetek*
So wt"TO adopted her tnt?! are going to edu
te lu r; n uti thc ? ttl linnie seems ?ll ulive. Kur
f pa?t, I never knew such n childi She niki ?
re right.off my shoulders, Hittl she's the loveli
; lin lu Christin) ulive. 1 couldn't hk<- any
h;^ belier dum I do her. anil if ?In; isn't quite
lite, she's A great dud lighter than I arri. So
?.rc'H the history of my contraband j ami I
ouidn'l wonder if she'? u bright ami shining
Iht bet?rt' inatiy years roll round.''
ThNiw Or.e.iiis Daily Ti ibu ne says that th?
lolJuiiijj caustic article is from die pen nf thc
Itcv.Vr. 1J. F. Ciary, editor of thu Cent iii
LMiri*ih Advocate, St. Louis, Mo.:
\\jHINOru? C??M.KI?K, YlllulNtA.. - We
n inilias soon ?.end out son tb a pest-house for
tiCaliliif tn u g'UiibhrV den for education, i?-' j
io -eu him to tl.i? vill iinmi- college; Hubert
E. Lc}? Ut? ^resilient, und we '.111111:111111 the
ivtir-tmu A mei it'll hu- produced.
Ile us i tl nc ut ed by ibu Covernnient hu tried ;
0 dcVriy, and l?icrctoie 1- an ingrate, ile
tWhh.'b iit-ftnd the tjnvi rnniMit und il- (Jun- ;
.tiiuiiA, and TioUted his oath, ?nd therefore 1- :
1 I nun; ui.ti tu i ju r ? d wretch, lie acted ita a j
? py wile yet 111 the employ of the lioT'.rn
iichtt i!i| betrayed the philis nt his Command -
r. Ci et J Scott. Ile .-aw thou-ands of helpless
inn puto death by the most atrocious ci d?l
ie? vvcku'rpetrntcdi and yet did not utter a
.yJhtidc guimt the terrible wickedness.
A lt outlier lie ?titi?d* out Iii? most inexous
ible, vdu traitor of the whole crowd of critni
ints winn he headed. Putting hun in t)npt>"
?innu of ?ri educator of youth is an insult to
he (JoTlfliiiieat and an outrage upon all re
pectubhtenchi. rs.
What Kv: the youth of thc country done
hat such) man should be their teacher r Wc
votild not for thc wealth of thc world h.- edti
a ted ai sibil 11 pince, by stich 0 man. P.v-ry
tuilent ?io rt cein s & diploma ul his bund.*
hotild li--?.".-.. it throUith Ufe. IL ought to be
'.xeluded ii om .-Ttl y position ot trust tm...
ir. We uutild not pertr.it :. son to go to school
.1 a teacher who should grui] tia te und. r this
reh-traitor. We go in for civilizing Old N :r
;iu?H, utii?, iripellinT from decent ebctety the
sHsiecs, |'iofe--oi-. sud ?unit nt? of this traitor
lilllie. A niau- fliigri.iit, indi:cent, unspeakable
iii tragedian his cUciion hus inver been perpe
rated in the ns 11 ie of education.
Sonic of our politicians are coaxing Mrs. Co
in 1 hi*, to imitate "the mother," of wh.nu it i?.
. 'ui in "The Cotter's Saturday Night," that
-" with 1e r nroJIo .-.ml Inr ?lifer?,
(?.irs until et:iT? tent 11 roui s ( .1- we.d'? the new."
The mother'.i jHivorty forced her to piitch an
Minse which mir rut ional niotlier has no need
u a vail hcrte-lf of. fm- flic in holli able ami willing
n provide new clothes to roph.ee the torn K*F
neiiis in which h<ir wayward children ari.1 now
lithed. Iles id e.4, tin: "auld elites' are not only
orn, they ?re t.?. small f.>r the- hoy- ; and th.- ni l
adv think*, that'if her rehellious son? are peni
eut, ami nish to ri tun: lo the old homestead,
hey shmilil do m in qrxnnentj suitable toits riv
niTAtei! condition. The returning prodigal wa?
villhig to wear ? new robe ; but the politicians,
vho love tn].:?iih ??: niltcli ni ?onie wnineii luv?;
o darri, pester her; with oilers of aid if ?lie wilj
inly hoteh the nhl clothes. If permitted, they
ivill co ti tract to .lo the joh, .uni present to her thu
;iirmcnts clieekeied vs. itt? as many patches a?
?vcr liiottUil a trotip of beggars. Uni remember
ng that ilut? politicians nc-re not rea.lv with
their aid wjieii slip wus flogging her bini hoys i 11 -
0 obedience, tin- turns .1 il ruf >-ar their v.heed
ing, mid j uti ber foot down against al! patching
There hun been enough of it in the tinnily li.r
ihr? la?t tony y vu.* j to ln-t her for a |i fe-ti me lt
lid im srrrice, alni was net only rxpcii-ive but
1 init.ving us to lieget a ?bur years' i| harrell
riicrt'forc, hoping that th-* hoy? bato learned
imv ?tlciu concerning their iiliiil and paterhtil du
io?, and ate lorry tor their misconduct, she pro
loses, in tlio kindness of lu?r heart, to provide
lliciri with liow ?MirUK nts adapted to their growth*
mei resembling those tvliieli her dutiful s.ms
iv. nr. lu thiu actio:.', -hf thinks ile. i, obeying
iltt- advice of Hun who knowing v.?nt was in
man, said to tildie who sought to patch Christi
anity vriili Judaism, ' No mun pitttctli r. piece of
new cloth niuo na vii garment, for that which
is put in to lill up, taketh from tim garment, and
thc roui ii made worse.''
The editor of thc New Orleans Timci ad
\ isr-i the colored people who have employment
to get certificate* fruin their employers to that
effect. Suppose the editor of the Times and n]l
Ins whit.' fellow.citiseniB were compelled ut ev
ery street corner to prove that they were pursu
ing Rome bout st culling, how many white "vag
rants" would be found?
A SriTnsK.vNi.iKK VIKW. - The Nc whet nc
Times supported Holden because its editor was
" tired of hoting w hite men elbowed off the
banquette by negro solJitri." The editor and
some other confederates surrendered a long
tUiio ago because they were tired of being
thrashed by negro soldiers.
A soldier belonging to an Illinois regiment
recently married a negress at Arnericiis, Ga.,
whereupon his indignant comrades tarred and
feathered him and drove him off. Ile was pro
baldy a Southern mon by birth and education,
and Hoosier? and Suckers dou't take readily lo
ftouthf)t& aabit*.
TIIK PKR<*?I)KNT TI CJ?)S(ir.?.<i Tho ('hic.i':
Ti ibu nv'ri W n-linifcr'?.ti cniesp'iudeni Ita- 'I
fol lo iv ?nv; willi r?'i?>tt ?? to 1 * i - i v i .m's Joliu?oh
forthcoming iiiessiigc :
"A M'ij.,1 Geiicrt.1 in tb?.1 confidence of tl
President -if '.ve muy receive li:? own ussuiiiiii
upon 1111 point - - v. *< L,iv. n lo undi i-'iiiid Iii,
a few liny- ?ince, in ti frank interviejvv with ll
Ivtei 1!I IH V, that thc message would rec?iv?. an
convey t" Cnii!?rL>.s all exeeutive fe-poiiMlii! I
i.i collin clion with rceun.-tiu?'i.iti ; I lit? I Iii- I'.'
celleimy would -ny for substance; " ?rctifjetiic
ot thc two Houses : i have thc hohoi t'? r?i|ir?
?nit to your niivcri.'i^n'ies llntt up m ti>?siiitiiii
<!?' - I fit tilt.] i. v ry com :!i Cory policy itlfead
ininii'Urited, no', only foi tn illy, a- in th" nor
H ittizuti, n nf I. ?mt-; inn, !>tit ly tili? really in th
?.muir:!, of ?lie administration, fir universal tip
plication upon tl.?- return of pciice. (hulling t
ibu I'residency utttlcr surh cit cutii-tiinci'-i n
shadow* d my cmuing; I could not triiiik ;f cour'
ions to ruy predecessor, bi M hi- eim-ti.ut HU??
1111V : -1 r-, win) w.*re a l-o tu inc, to intctriipi tl.
course of event* already shiipeil. by ti .? inti i
tluction of tuonrio tuon? iatisiVetmy :-i iiiysell
1 h?ve, therefore, without e?-?iiMal rhn?it?cti
ticin, citri ii ! ft? ?**'? r?l 'ti" pinn, of yntii lav I'p -
utiii'. not without th" approval of? luri?e ; ? r < ?
portion nf my fellow citu-uis, deferring th? lot
mation of a nijw policy until I could nViiii tn;, sd
(?fy ?ur v"i_v valuable counsels, anil lict'ti I pun*
f"r your replv;' "
! A Si.? vc. TI ll ur. A rv r; - A ^.t? tient 1
j white Tisit.-d tin. headounrti r-, of (i ni ral Uris
I bin, nt Lex int; ton Ky., a ( itv days igo and asl..
I for a inditnty protection from h? r tun', c. whit
woman; who Claimed her n a -dave, and demainl
jed that the ??ri should either pay four bundie
dollars for her freedom, or r<?turn Ratlin to but
i dage. The girl is the dr.ughtcf of the Indy
j brothel. Mtal hts lived w ;th Ipr HU tit. MK. X
for >ixtitn yean j-Tuiy Inst. Th? gill, who
nain*, wc ?ill o... .-f?llv, thiakini: che had vvorl
cd (orig enough tor Aunt X.. without pay. tim
t' j lie etty, obtained u pass from General H . an
i.... .trice continiied to life with her liusbiin
who is a hiird wortini; ii'U"< ii-.:...,.... 6r
j jiro vi ' 'lo. wwiiji i: a a t?<0(l hoiiK"?r.d a cot?
i fort aide living, 'li:'- atilt i churned Sally und'
I thc Mayor's proclamation as a h?gro itla vc, int
I sought to ruur n lier to ter ?? Mide. Wi -n tl
j case came up le fore i ten ern I l!., hr decid? d iii?
j i: nar ?tiijiiiip<r for relations lo bold each otlii
in bondage ?nd then fute advised ^ uni X. to -?
j in peace She departed.
j titi-Oi.tiO.iKKS ike xrr. - Hie .. OUI O .k.
j Hucket " wu, written hy San.::? 1 M. Wood
worth, \\h:h be was yet a journeyman ptthtsi
work inj: in . sn o'lice at the corner <
LMi-iinbir iit?t? l.Miiuhiitn Stteet-. N. V. Ni.ni h
on Friiiik?o'rt Street i- ? drinking house, kej
by on- Mallory, where Woodworth and sever:
patliculiir friendii i:>. d to resort; One" ?ft?i
noon thc liquor was super-excellent. Wood
worth seemtd inspired by it; foi, after lukin
a dirucht\ he,-citing ihe chis* upon lit tubb
mid smacking hill lips, declared that Mallory'
tau ii* tte ??i superior lo unythihg i ver hi ha
"No.'* sniJ Mallory, "you are mistaken
their was oin? w hielt in both ot our estima
lions far surpassed this as a drink;!'
.. What was that ? " ?-kel Wo ulwotlh (lllbi
otis! y.
"The draughts of pu ie, ftes!., sprint* watet
th et tve ii s cd to drink from thc old oaken bins
ct that h ii ?lg' ni thc well, alter our reit.ru fr tit
the labors of thc field on a sultry day in ?11111
j no r."
The teni drops glittcncd for a moment i
Woodwcirth'ii eye. " 'i'rur, tine," he rcpliei
und .-'nor! ly siter '?nilli d thc place. Ile i tn mc
dlately returned lo thc olin-", gtatped a pct
ami in half on hour thc "Old Oaken Ihiekct.
MW of thc most delightful compositions m ou
language, was teudy tn intttiu.-cript, to Iii em
huln.cd in thc itiersior.es of succeeding genera
A wi ddin?; was interrupted lately m ('niche's
ter, I'n^hind, br thc levity of the groom. Ai
went well until the clergyman iiqiiiicd tl:
bridegroom to repent iiftei him the xv ords, "
-, take-to bo in y wedded wife .
for heller, for worse," etc., when bc alli red th
formula to " I'll lake lier for I letter, but not fd
worse." The minister iiiinicdtritely clusid th.
book and quitted the church.
A young nt iii in Harrisburg; Perin., an
swered an ndveitisemeut in H MOW Ymk paper
which sit foul, that " valuable informatioi
would lu forwarded un receipt of ten ont.." -
j Tilt' young man -a nt thc tell couts, mid 1 eitel ve?
thc followincj, pr icu dj to r your ten cents pos
tfige, eic. pieuse fttid inclosed advice, tv h iel
inay he of great value to you. As many person:
nie injured for weeks, months, amt year* hy tin
circles? usc of a knife, l lune fore, my advice is
when you u?e a kn J*, always w h ttl lc fron
U.ctionsry making appeals to bc a Healthy
business. Dr. Johnson saw seventy-five veins ;
Walker lived to a good ?dd ngc ; Dr. Worces
ter, who died rcceiitly in Muston, was ? ighty
one; Noah Webster was eighty-live when lu
passed away ; und thc hist English news re
ports thc death of Dr. llichij?isiin, at ninety.
A monument it to he. erected at Moicowtc
commemorate, tb? cuiaucipution of tho Uiumii
MB Ml) M?.
Hiiiirili'.ii'j YVOKIIH.- All tho Kreut, chartern of
Humanity lin ve been writ in blood; 1 once
hoped that of American Democracy would be
.tll,i,,... I iii leas cb!* 11 y ink ; but it is plain, now,
ibiii li'ir pilgtinitigt! munt ieud through u lied
Sen. xviii rein many 11 Pharaoh will ??,0 under and
perish. A lits ! ti'?' vve ari.'bot wise enough to
bc just, or just chough tb ht wise, and KO gain
mm h ut -mall cost;-{Theodore. Parker, lfci'J.
Tbc prue. " nf making pails by machinery ic
-o rapid us tu K illi" the eye, lind so comically
instantaneous '.ii.it any one who witnessed it tor
i'm- first tim.' laughs uivr it as a most excellent
practical joke. Tlmre is a xviii/ ot' revolving
wlieei.?, a rplutter of v, bite tdiiiviiig, ?1 procession
of jii.tlis stav-s i.liasittg ono another in tiki air
i . ii another xviii/ ul tho collet:teil staves, and the
pail i- lioopeil and iii ide.- I.s..
FLOWKUH run t'KU ru MI:.-Floxvcr? arw yen
I i'fiilly reckoned rather ai.ibng the beautiful than
tim useful institutions. Tin- manufacture of per
fumery, however, furnishes employment to
1 "re.it huiniier ol' lahorers.
Aeeiirditig tu tin- New Vorl. Tribune, tlwr,
quanti:;, of dowers manufactured into pi-'fuinei
iu tliii town ot' i'.um.'- alone, amounts to the fol
ie.wing ipi.mbiu s, which wi- give in tons instead
iii' pounds : Orango M..-->m-. 7<m tons ; Heises,
? '?'in toils. ; jasmine, ?<> tons; violet:1, ?7 ton.-? !
? aea -i.i. -'- rms ; jonquil, 'J tons ; -? amounting in
jail tu over 1. 100 ions ol' Howers, and being s tiffi
l t icm; if pii" ! on waggons like loailsoi liny, to
j form a close proce*-ion more than th tee iiii lc/si
j king, or silllieieiit lo lill twenty (.nod idzed Innis.
; Lkrtiiii raon WustiKLb PHI burs.- Tba
Niutehe.iter, England, Examiner publishes tho
follo wing b tier :
.. HOSTOS. MUSS., Sept. In, 186-5.
..D ur Sir: 1 he Manchester Examiner and
Tine s .how- me Low kindly you liavu watched
..n i thy i* i i cid lian,c. and se n justice dono mu
:u iii.- matter nf a!!- g- d untiling for repudiation.
Ai cept tn* tiiiink.s. I judge you sei-our Ameri
can pap?is; If so, you will ob-erve that our
iii -.. |juides, b -iii journals mid public function
11 ries, are now directing public Attention tu the
vi i y point my uiguing w hich, during the list
ve-ir or two. has got me so much couture-I
mean ihi> uniir rin.t nntiniinl r>red;t iu pceunia
ly uiif.teis is otu a?:?! il..: sinne question with
justice, iu tl.i- negro. Let him vote, our public
I dcbt>, --ate iiiul national, xxiii be paid. Shut
linn mit fi oin fin- franchis?, ami j-ive buck the
! uiiciiitveiti cl sotithi rn wit i ti* race their old pow
j er. ami 'ii- re's great danger wc shall repudiate.
1 until with 'ht- tin- Aiiti-Slaycry Standard of
- pteinber 2!. Pleuse notice Thadden? Ste
phen's speech mt this point. Of er-ursc you
mil -.e. Sumner'*: speech, and v. ill have ob
.mrved L'btel Ju-lice Chase's observations-. Our
journals are ju-1 printing an excellent letter of
i yiiiir n-ili'- Stuart Mill, which envers the whole
ground. I luipi ive shall be wine in time, but
j I io nut expect th it \vi> -lull. I fear that Mr.
. John-oil w?!l deliver us, hound band and foot,
tutu the t. uni- ni thc old ti rant white race of
the South.
j " V im-, .villi thanks fir your kimi thought
ful ne WU.S'DKLI. Pim. UPS.
j " I', il. Halker. E-q."
j Mr. U irkcr, in nun.milting this letter to th-:
I Examiner, says :
j "Fruin l-.it. rs recently received from the
I'iii ted S'ates, ? h I i evy tlmt William Lloyd
Gartuoti ? ii! t:-it England next spring, ac
companied by Ins devoted friend und lour cs^
teemed eoiintryiaan, Mr. George Thompson,
?hen 1 um ?iire the p.'upi'.'ol' Millchester xvii,
give* lo these ?;r.-it ch nnpiotu of freedom .1 moil
cordial atti befitting ieceptiou."
j Thc English Iriditis of General Garibaldi
positively deny the truth of the statement that
the General h i- 1?-. en obliged, on account of his
I want of nuaiis, to -ell two horses. They say
j he is sulli..emI v provided for against such A
ntcessiiy, and 1l.1t if the horses were sold, it
was billy because tiny had become unnecessary
on the farm at Cupiera.
A ii trible tire broke out on the night of Oe*..
13th iu ionic ot the storehouses attached to the
a t?en a I of Nap h.s. The firemen had to work
incessantly until daybreak before thc conflagra
tion wa> elfectually overcome. The d image is
estimated ut '? OOO.OOOf., but thu cause 0/ the
disaster :.-> tts yet unknown.
lt has been ordered in Moscew that in all
public buildings the doors shall open outvvards
m-iend of. as heretofore, inwards. The reason
nf tin- arrangement is to enable people to have
free egress iii the event of un y panic or acc'i.
dent nceuriiiig,
lu C'rotni tin* highroads are so unsafe, owing
to the bands of roliheis which prevail there,
that 1! is thought martini law will bc proclaimed
theie li t ir.- lou.;. A notorious robbing chief,
J.i-cph C linallie, besides three others less faui
11U-, lia ve just been inside prisoner i.
Thc French Government, in order to thwart
as far as lies in itt power thc Students' Congress
at Liege, ordered tho railway companies not to
convey any persons going to the congress nt ru
duccd fare?, anil h is wained thc manager of tho
I'hciitrc Fian?ais that no member of his com
pany must piny at Liege.
A buy named Joseph Petit has just been exo
euted, at Ulialoiirsnr-Snen. for the murder of
hi? in o l her, nuder eiieiimstances too horrible to
.I."ci ilie. Tor a ?ung time he supported his
coinage by au idea that they never executed
oin* so young as bc was.
The Patric hi- received intelligence that a
caigo if colton, gum. etc.. purchased at Djallah,
hy a French trader, has made a passage direct
from lbs Ked Sci to the Mediterranean through
the Slit'Z Canal, ami arrived nt Port Said.
Thc Appeal Court of Gothic in Sweden hu*
just quashed, on the grounds of informality
judgment in the nir.ur of Pastor LtNDUAO^i con
demned for having poisoned several ?? his pa
rishioners in administering thu 1, ?et a ?ne nt. A
?aw tml -wa W-J0? ordertd. ,

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