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South Carolina leader. (Charleston, S.C.) 1865-18??, January 13, 1866, Image 1

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AtftSO JEiafij-streot, Charleston ?.C.,
*8doaoripUon Prico:-Four Dolkv?? !?r, lo??
Ratoa of AtlvortisinKi
?or ono Square of Ton Uruis, un? iuscrtlou, il-W?
for r?ch ?ubs*<piont Insertion, .LOU.
A liberal discount made to yearly, half yearly, uud
quarterly soVorilsers. Ailrertlsepieuts couiplcuoii?)/
displayed by special ayrei inent.
KO ll *f UK
South Carolina Leader.
A. Wookly Journol of tho Timo?,
Tu? I.K AO KU will lw ip-roled to the Interest of
Kw Ijibnroinl general reform.
The Keilira! Government will he sustained at ?til
haiard* *?d WC hope that ila ultimate pulley towards
this State Mfill ensure peace, prosperity , aud donica
tlc tranquil)!/.
That self evident truth, contained In lhe Deri*ra.
tloti or Independence. '. That all nial) ore created
equal,?. --ill t*.' steadfast l.t aOnorcl tn.
lu mat tew of local concern, o will t;ive Itsi'sriiest
au|i|>orl to all important po bile nie**?*?* and pracn
cal Improvements.
While fear les' lu Its advocacy of ?lie right, sad
fraiit In Its dehuueiatioii of the wrong, lis Polutas
will never bc made a channel of coarse punning i
abuse, ll will deal IT lt ll principles rather than Mle?,
.nd allow thc free ?u<l cuntid ill-vu*sion of all aub
joel* pertaining to lit? public -?...id.
la striving lo make this emphatically a piper for
thc people, we eoutjdciitly luuk to llieni for the
amount of -uti->.-iptiand advcrthditg |nil rouage,
which Its worth demands.
JOi> nti?M ?Mj Orr lui!?
ni) kl ^ stree!,
Oil \ ?1 ? ;RS'l I )N. S. C
Thf .. Ll aili I " flfiee I i I.t |,ti-d ?. r<
i riiti i vt i y di ad ipi toil ol
Hook, Job, and ( ard Printings
th .lie hight?! style of thr ar', and upon b
linst eitM-tuetoty ii un-. Our uun.eioii? fr li nil
n lin kan not hiietnlnrr been ah!? '.. uh'mi
(heir ?.ok lunn thia ?-tHei-, ?til now iii ?J o o'*
facilities . qua I -o any emergency.
y\S'e have onrivnlltd lld villi1 aire? fut producing
, ? 1<jtHI i M ni k m
Gold, Bronze, Velvet,
ulid all lin- Vt, tied e.olois ihul ic, H j pirate the
fancy ifi?o /?ijract thc ?i?y.?,id<i?*r.
?tara Willing.
We shall nu te eptcyl ? rTurt? lo excel in tili?
.department, and continently anticipate a liberal
? hare of the public pauiniafa
JPholographistsA /inibrojl;j^st?
lipoma, apo Kin* Street,
VI7 ILL take all kinds of I'icluree at ihe
cheapest rales, sud rularle ?n. iindj.of np*(
f?tnr*?- " Alec /t.jra.u"
180 ?vm/? Street,
.diclo? liuribaek Alley,)
?3m Nov i-~)
j'iV^ir/VV has Cine ,g,uii'wilh his ii-ani inn?, mid
No. .tr ll KIN Kt KITA tfritKKT. firle* HM usual.
Jf/H N Tv llVI'kig!*,
Ci.Ani.KST.iN, Oct. ai. A i:",wrc" l?SeVt!
J^espoctrullj aimouqcc? m Uer irdepsfa Mw* *he li
prepared to tflFU
I.K8SIIN8 ON 'ff / K riANii-KiJKTB.
At lieasonable Kates
Be.ldenee ~Cli..rlott? St., p"e drs> e?st ?r A lex
ander Street._^ Ih-,,,,.;
WI GO & CO,,""'"
RfEwr A u |< A. JV T 9
No. 65 Market Street
Al'l_ .. i. , , OUI S S, C.,
Where the I'uhhe will HIWHVK ?nd on |,u,"l, or
?ot up io order, every vmieiy ol Uislm,
?I "he shortest not ive.
A. fl. Wioo. j A. il ivioo;
s^Tte?2& . C""' ??J our Terms mod
"___J_^2__ 3m Out vt :i
To (Be CdofM I'eople of Soutb Cirottu.
f?ILHEHT WALKKK i- "re." ,,i r.,.,iv.'
Cnfi-rs to Charlea ivn.i . . t kliarleaiou p.o.
r?U. S, C. K'u"ltl wilder and Israel ?iulili. Coluro
From tilt Loudon Punch,
FoVLLT AsJASBlMATEO. Amit. 14, 180?.
I Yotr fay ? wreath on murdered Lincoln'! bier.
You, wle> with mucking pencil wont to trace,
i l!ru?/J for the urti complacent fullish .near,
HU leuglh of ?ImiuuliUtf limb, lit* furrowed face,
j Uti gaunt, (runrleifhitnitl. til? unkempt brittling:hair,
III* garb uncouth, lil* bearing 111 at eal?;
ll I? lack or ftll wi- pride aa <lrb<nt;itr,
j Of power or will to ahiuc, of ort lo pirata.
! You, wboii- traart pen harked up the penrll'a laugh,
JudKittgeach Hep, aa though the war were pialo ;
K?cVlcm, to lt rooiil,point Ita paragraph,
I OfchlcPt.perplrxlty, or ponple't pnlo.
' lind.le Ulta corp?*, Hint benrs for whldinif inert
I The Mara ?tiri stripes h? lived 'o rear ancir,
Delveen the monrnert at lil? heart ?nd feet,
? ay, acurrll? jester, li there room Tor you /
Ves li? lind ll red to atlante inn from ray meer,
Til I ame my pencil, sud confute my pen
To mike mc own this kimi of princes peer,
This r?ll-t|dttier a true-born k'niR uf men.
My ?hallow Judci-rncul I hart learnt to rue,
Nothing how io OCVUMOU'H In-Uht li? rose,
How lil? H">?i"l wit mu.I.- lunn.-I rut h seem' morn trun
HUM, iron tiki-, Iii? lcm per grew, ti) blows,
How blindai*, ?rt h"w hopeful he rouhl be ;
Ituw in liiiifi furiiiae mel in ill thc lumt;
Kur bitirr In HIHTU?', nor boa.I Till lie.
Thirsty fur gold, nor feverish lor fume.
Ile went shout li ix work-snell M-ork SB (KW
Kv.-r bsd I tid mi heail and heart and hs nd
A? uno wini know.-, when' there's a timk 'od ',
.Mail's honest will io ii - ( heavens unod grao?- eil II?
ni sud ;
Win trust* the strength ??111 with the burden cr???,
Thal fl Oil make* Uutriiiiieiit* to ?vori; ttl? will.
If hut Hint will We r.iii arrive ID ku<i*.
Nor tamp -r willi lb* wygilla ofirmif an-t ill.
S ? li- weil? forth tn hatti? ~? rh . ld .
Thal lie felt fleur wt* l.liierty's and tfhrhl's
An in hi? f>-.i-iltl' liii/llf?? I lie hud plied
Illa ^nrlitr?* willi rude NuiureN Ihwarttai: mig ?..?<?
Th? iineleared r..re>t, the uutirokcii toll,
flic iron Imrk * a' lunii the lumberer's ase,
The r i|>-d, Hut o'erb?'urs the lin itmuii'-i tnil,
r:.e prairie, lin? the ia ii? I w.m l.-r.-r"- tr.i.-knj
The ambusher indian, mid Hie prowlltit? b .ir
Such w. re thc aced* Hint h.-l|.i--l lil ? i li lo ir .In;
It-tut:li i-uliure-mil suell li. |iirge fru-t in.iV in-.ir,
tr but their nock? h.* of ri,; lu iiirtii mt ?rda.
Kn lie gr?'W uti i ili -lin- d work lo .'<>,
And 11 vi d .<. .i-i i ; four 1 mg. .uir-rhi^ year
lll-inlr, III leeliiiii, III rcimrt, hvi-1 through,
Amt theil lie heard ?hu hisses chunge I lo cheers,
The ti. uni? In trih.ile, I Itu ubu-e tfi pr.l-.i-,
Amt l<.uk bulli Milli Hie eulin' un wa veri Uf uinnd;
Tl I, ?? tie ruin- un light, fruin darkling t|t)'?,
And aoitliieil lo louell Hu- ??mi I rum wie fa lu* stood,
A lr .m had. between Hu- ?oul und him,
?teach".! from hell i lld hi- back, ? irisher pratt -
and thone perpjtigi'd nil-l pillent eye? were lim,
Thu?e gnu ul, loni; l-iburiiig Innbn were laid to rc?l '
The words of mercy were upon lila Up?,
t-'or^i vene-s in ti li heurt und on hi? pen,
Wheo ihi? vile murderer brought swifte?Jlp?e
To thou?;iits of peace un earilt, ?joo.l w111 to men.
Thc Old World ?nd the New, from tra to aea,
Otter one volee of ?yinnniliy and al?ame .
Hore tirari, tu stopped when lt at Inst bent high ;
Sad life, cut short jutt aa it triumph caine,
4 deed aecur?l ! Stmket llave bern ?Iruck before ,
IJyilir natsaain't hand, whereof mun doubt
it more .if Horror or dlegmrc they bore;
djut lb T foul crime, like Cain's, standt darkly out.
vVlle hand, that brinde?! murder on a ?trite,
Whate'rr il? gr.oundi, stoutly and nobly ttrlvea ;
?nd wltti die ?rarlir'* ci own crownest a lift
.JVJlh niu.eh tppraise, little ta be forgiven .*
lUfciso -Dancing^ just the music for thc
fet-r, the tuu-ic for ><iuug J?gVi au'l is well called
the poetry of motton, ? n nietyher a story of a
g.iod old uMi-burgher ip tri inter. ?It WHS io the
.duys when donchi* was held ty be a great tiq,
and to be deajt M-ith by the sessio?. JriHje, a
cornily ?nd &9ud Bud Ojii.t\ic young worman, S B d'
a great {?vhffte wflb .rile minister, had been
guiltv of dancing st a iViend'n wedding. She
was ntinitnoucd tit-fore the sessjon Jo be douall
wini -the gr,<n old fej^nws sounJy concentr?t
;III? their eyes up m ber, a? sh? aujo'l trrinbling
I;I bet niripi-d stunt g/?Mii and he? pretty linked
feet. The dut-tgr, MIJO W#* one of the divinity,
und u deep ?hiiik.er. grea'ly pinyin*, said. "Jes
sn-, my aiiiiiHll, wire yu duncili' } " "Ves,"
iV/'il't-d /..?sie. .. y - rn?un e'en promise jiev?'r to
daffie agnin, |e.-sje ?" - J willi, mr. I wwii pro
iftl'ii" wiih a euijfrsv, " Now. what were ye
thinkiu' ri'. J? ..te, when fe were dancing ) 'IV 1]
ifs iruly." Vatij^sin old i)der, who )jad been a
p.inch, r in hij youth. .? >?t,. ill. 6jr." sobbed
out ila- dear ?pile woirpin, "Then, Jessi?, uijr
.yoinan, nye dance " ci i.-d the delighted d'ioTiir
And no nay I, ti) the e<tc|it ?hut MI lnr)g as our
fpiirig liirl-i i})ii|k "use ill," they ri)af dani.-?
Ui> ir fii-p- fill, And Hi on with all I hf mund
nf ihe sunshine u ;d Dowers (ind liss ihrown on
u|id along f|,e path nf his ch?dnii.- t)t. ?t?ion
Ut} Health,
The white pitipi? of Wilmington, North Cor
ilium, nu'l viniiuty failwl to get up a fnniiidnute
negro riur np Ubiii'oius tlay, and we ma iinfonii
ed that i h i-i? -ifeurs ufan insurrection ire subsi
ding" Nemesis ," not Wh ri vengtttii n? they had
Theordei n cent I j isaiied fruin the Mar depaii;
'".un, uiuntt ring nut 37 regiments, includea 24
colored orgu .izuiions. The aggregate force
inustered out is about ?0,000,
Mn EDITO*,- Tliii ls holiday week, nnd ta
variously observed. I IIB vo not been able to look
much into people'" private and uncial relation*,
but the public demonstrations have berni as A
general thing, anything but devout.
On Monday then? were at various points the
?ho?' loathsome exhibitions of dru nannies*, at
tend -d ?iili lighting nnd brutality. One ulHeer
bad u Huger shot oil wi q'ii'))i"K n.
man was ntsbhi-d tu the hue's;, und another ir;
tt.e bowel-.
Ia spite of these loathsome scenes, however,
iii.TU wt re some who pus-ted th? d?y in plate
ful enjoyment.
It the occasion iiiust he characterize I hy enn
uin i ihat u sicktmiiig tn ali lovers ol order ?iud
propriety, the day is more honored in lite breach
than in the observance'.
I am not ?iee of those who lay great stress
upon mere observances j believing that tithes iii
inuit, unise, an cumin should give way to ihr
weightier matters of the law ; yet I web-mue oe,
casions hallowell by pleasing assticltttinnii, b)
meet i ni; ?>f friend won friend, by family gather .
IHK?, lint] Mieiai re-unmus. '<
I -?ould uni diminish the nu'tiber of mich oe
ea?ton-, for. ?hen nulli ly hhHi-rveitl, they Millen
ui'.r rough natures. Welcom-1. then, Chris ima?
hiiluiu) - !
l'h~ las eimunis-inners are in town, lea-ini;
..ni i In-lan is tor ?be neat year. Soin?- nf the
. dor. il prop le bri np un co ns ol rt lily that a
irw white tumi sh Mild it s ? s i * . s psi I i a*?, as they ?cali
:, >?i many itt the plantations.
The uoinuiis-inimr-* pursue tjii'ir own emir-??
in ilu- mai tri-, li-inu resp?msihle tu the (Invert?*
m eu i. We are in hope-t, however; tn pitr?n
. ;o.".'--!V-' speenhilton, hie!;.-., by ihe mi r-ori
i>?if 111?: ]i p?r'ui II'. Vf a uro in hopi's ti? ?e
.-uri-ru l'u?i) lauiiu'.from ti-u to twenty sen-sot
laud f bat i u?-y c ni (imvide for ibero-el vi>a V her*
ibis ft'irse 'his .?eeti p'tr-?|fd h.-r-tnfurr- ile
??.?.pl - alu itvvch h. iii r off {han w hin- tiny
?j tr w.uked ny lilt- Itl-ui'b.
l'It?r? is naturally a non-I d'-al-of snxieiy
i-jhlii^ 'h'-Hi ?o know who sr- fi bi- tho'lilia I j
.>?..,..-..ir- of llti'-e 1-llO.ls. Thin, ihr lund- h?> ]
. i. -ir- in r\ -ry it.oiu I ra ion of ju*'iee un nhl
?1 ".s'iti.? will imi-.t. ti r-tin?v th-veln-n then
-. mi Iv -i-'-l piTrtis'i illly on ? li r- ?-round nip rum j
- . u r. I'- Uli I r ittir u -1 ; .III I they -? ill cull r
? nos M tarli il th-j- un- M'iiheid. ll nins i he
i.-u> -mh .. d h ?we ver th -t priiinisi-s tif indi viii ti.
al -, un i I'rm I uiia-inii ofOviu-ral in ihe un dd ie
ire li-ibb- io ful unless ri iti-"l by positive en.
st: llleii's, by pioprr author itv. It ls hoped
l|iit?rvrr, that patience and t me will brinn ev -rv
ju-i riuht.
.Som.- nf itu* plant?is nu the. main. land t onie
to the agents of th- Bureau to fruiiish them h?lj ,
g?i'i?rally on shares or in partnerships. The
p -upl--. li . >vev r tli-tnisi them, owing to ilu-ir
lively i?ih?. iibruocei of the piisti They cinty
this feelill?; io ex'remes. One mun ?nid hewould
work for -ix ceut- ? day eleswhere rather than
work tor a relu*), lt may be nrturul io is ?n?j
ate rebel-, with whip* am*1 elisios, sc kn nw |hm
on ii.au} plantations these ure reiu'/i?tj with
their accustomed cruelty. Hot ea-sinve|iolil.rs
and ex-.-la Vi i eau in some cases, meet oh friend
ly terni-, mill enter into arrangement* advautsr
Kemi- to both.
All planters are not llends. Sonn will make
s good arrangement* a-i they are able. Tln-T
hu vt- lund and the Freedmen have no*, hut sijjr
i'w arid m i-eles instesd. (Jun ?reas tuts a sn lenin
duty to these men. Will they perform it? Ir is
nr>t an uiir.-usoiiahle privilege to ullow them to
cultivate rhe lind under protection, anti enjoy
the benefits of their labor. Several Ue?iir.eiti8
are io tie inn-tiered out soon. What will ihey
do? They wau. lilith Tney are already coin
plaiuiug that they are ahbt out of govern nit;; t
lands by white inonopol.nts. They ore impul
sive, They have not the patience of Job. Toe}'
may be unreasonable in some cases, bm what
is right is right.
MALTON I1JC*O, Dec. 30. 10G5. P,
Ma. EiiiT"?.- It ia for the interest of my
I face, tli:i| I beg itu/ use ol'one pf the column* in
your yiost worthy paper. 1 have noticed, hi ser
erm ot il/u e 1 iiori.it?. in thc Daily ?YaitfJ thc asser
tion nimh-' in regard to our incapability of laking
eure nt ourselves. I policed how il wus blow mg
us beeny xe we have not Ind, agricutturul imple
menu, medical sttuudahfu, provisioiM, clothing
uinl shoes. South ?orolinu would hu ve f.n-o
enough lo m.ikc jiu lil ie auch faut i. Jon < hita Kc of
/-living u people, uuutUmng over 4,<KX),lrtjt), lu bor
ing for '/il rears, und if scpdruicd today, we
I have m/1 u lout of land lu raise, a gnni) td' eura
?n, ur a single hoe or u dollar td Jijjy oiiit witt),
This si-ante lies not un us, hut up the h.-ird-h urt
eil whit*.' people und [Ile r ungodly lows by wniol)
we wuru forced into slavery ami u.'iupel|et) tu
: Inlior fur them for I hui long pcriotl ; arni al) wo
got tirir our MM waa one pcelj of corn and oriu
I pint nf inoltts*t's per week, nnd on . suit of clothes
' a year ; and in irlany iiist?r?eus *e were not ul
ltiived lu raise even a ehiuken.' This is the nuiic
ol our uni having the tilings mentioned Itv tbd
Kditor nf the d.tilv ?Vites, ami he took particular
caution not to give the ruute. If he know* tme
thing he most know another, und it is ajrungo
that he never "slated iMs, im|ps8 he means only
tod. grade IP, tud it'so, I don't see why he s.iould
do it, uilU'us S is (only to hayp his press palron
I also noticed that he claims that the whit?
race only arc to bc cbristianixed, and wc tue kft
In a Ktaic of bru narinn. 1 will just hen- Ink? a
view of i:ivir christianity : 1st, tliey'lia ve stolen
us from our native Un?! and sold ns drib .?lavery :
tittil breaking the eight commandment, fdr Omi
says, "thou shalt not stvnl " 'Jud. they Intro emu
peilod our mothers, sisters nod wives iii sacrifica
their virtue, to satisfy their (christianj lust; thus
breaking the seventh commandment, lor find
says," thou sh >lt not commit adultery. " 3rd they
huvc taken slavery to make a gotl of. for they
have forgotten everything else; thus breaking tho
first commandment, for (Jod says, ?" thou shalt
huve no other God hut tue," 4th, they have used
thu name of (hid ami hi-?- Holy Scriptures during
thu war trying to prnvu hil? 'hood, flying llial it
is ?hu desire of G?t| that we should be ki pt iii
?lavery ; thus breaking the ?ccoud cumin md mei. t
lor (jod says, " thou shalt liol take lin; hittite nf
the Lord thy Gird in vain." Olli, in many ca-es
ihcy punished ni so severely thai persons have
tlicl from the cllect; timi breaking j he >i.\th
comm-4 miment, tor (jud says. " thou shall nut
kill." plh, ihcy Ituvo found din niiw that wc ure
u? free us themselves and say we are un iiccoiilll
:ire lazy und wont work, unless we have a driver
irving td make the whole world down on ut by
tlieir f ilse mod ; thus brenking the ninth ruin,
tiiuiuiinciii for Gui] ?.ny?. " thou shalt hot lichr
false witness agnin-I thy neighbor " hi* useless
io mention any thing about the fourth 4? 1 tenth
cothiiiiiniiinciits for their violation:) arc too (veil
We tiHVe already gone through tHi? process of
. lavery, sud have acted our pun faithfully. We
lui Ve answered iii nil your csll-, met ul] ymir
demands, supplied your pockets, ?tippiiricd
ymir families, psi?! nil your tti*c?, nod lisvr
tuen thc chief cottier stone of youi country, lt
i* prop-r that we should Int ve -nine recntiipess-e
j tor our lahor ; ruft all the recompense tliut wr
ii-quirc lor our "?47 years' labor 11, to be .. let
, lilllie."
(j-id, in his h!?-wi?c goodnen?, h BM thought it
piudint that out' rice flioul.l lint continue
my longer us slaves and ha*, Ihercfure, used 'he
?United Stutes u- un instrument in lu-. hiiiuls 10
lil lng about thi* "mut change l#et us hudniit
?o hi- will ela ertiilly ; und ht humanity, and
mutin riv love, HUI! obedience to ih? luws nf
ynd ev. r continue to emt in our hearts ; mid,
?1-0 ?et us try. hy the help ot our Creator, lo
Beep ihat cr etti und unod and appropri?t . nun.
tush ment that teaches lia to do un tn all meit a?
we would hare iju in do tinto us ; nod, hy so
doitiL'i it "i'1 pot un-wild 10 nil of thu pr jii
dice. If Meure found nut io he ignorant ant
incapable of self-government aim of Uiinj the
ballot, it is uni (Jhriniiniilike fm ili- iii to dc
j?ia.le ui continually un 1 .to legi.-lale law?
agituisl us ut keep u- III ignorance, und, in a sly
way, irv to force ui back uno -.luvt ri ; Issie ru
ttier let I he It-gi-lalive body enact such ISMS J
will nul us in cmcrgjitg from this (legra ted ami
{..notant stale that we have long tuen in. Coihi
nut with Christian doctrine, ami lei u* kiinw
that (rod i? ?tili ulive, and that hi- M ill must tu
done in spite of all that human p ?wer eua give,
j und thai hi* pimple liiust be l t ?o ; und M hilt
they ure doini; thin, we will nul 'h.-m hy prov
;in?{ to tho world tnat we ure Worthy nf tin
rinht ?ntl privileges that nelone, to the universa
faintly of man, This is our requisition.
Kepictlully, C. II. P.
IlE.iliai'AllTpsll Iii S. FlIHCKS, )
W'ntcrttur??gh, S.C , J.-;.. 2. 1S6C. J
To the Editor of the South Carolina L-ader.
The late Presid? nt. Ahruham Lincoln, slinl
lung be remembered sud never be forgotten
Otu reifirnent Maa engsgetl si the battle of Od
luster. Fis., Cap?. Janie? Armstrong, who tis
been Milli h{s company since its orgnnir.stibi
cheered isa on by saying '-Stain) by the Xutiwi
al Flug." We stood by the fl ig and the hnnti
of ilse country, nm) proved our loyalty sud ti.
notion. And HOM-, will not Congre** allow 1:
the rights of citizenship in thai country M-hic
we htve helpid 10 snye from desi mci - iii
right to vote for thoie who are to rule na?
not then emancipation has not done 1
ju? tice.
Out of seventy-right men belonging lo 01,
enmuanv we have only thiee sick st this linn
fielt. Beecher told the citizens ot Wutcrhtirnug
hst the aged sud infirm. Mho Mere not able t
wink would be kindly cared for; but that tho
who could labor mud do so or they would hn\
to suffer the cons?quences whatever they nut-!
hp, J suppose thal ihr payma-dnr ba* entsrel
forgotten us as it is about six months since v
have seen him. If I have mada any mistakes i
this article jchargc st rn the circumstances of m
Yours reeU?uBlflllIyf
Itt Bergt ll. I). DcnL?.?. C i K. 33th, Ke(
' " POST lVha>iTAL. ' '
8?*?4te'*v tt*. H. C., Dec. 26,I860.
DRAR SI*.- I improve this importunity ?
vi-niiinij you a few lines upon nur own cnlortv
race, persona wh-> werr stolen frmn their fathei
Uhd. sold from their psrc:>ts, and kept in bnnrl
aer. that they might toil for the wealth of thei
oppressor*. Hut I thunk the Isurd that the yuk
is broken and thu oppressed set free. Until th
present hour I know that tho 3.5th Hairnet
,h*ti d nie its duty as well as any of the bru?
boys Who defended their country'*- ?ug an
their country.s honor. We want to lei ?Soul
Carolina know that ' wc enlisted ss men an
shall come out of the service as men of in raj
wisdom and rapacity, unwilling tn be erinair
?.red fool*. Wc fought for our rights, and no
we aiH that wc mar receive them, promising
use them as wise and discreet men should.
r rf ..,. !.. I".
RoilfcT WAL*an, of U.8.CT.
Secession Gleams.
Curter Hil* loud we aimil repubUUi weekly,oUracU
from ?oullu;rn literary v.-<irk?, pr"'lm-i"l rturing lins
llcbrlllou, UI >t ?ur ri'aileru ni iy judge ot ihe liiitnbil
III-NM ?t Southern prophet*, n> well ali know what fite
awaited lh?* poor an-1 l.'ilioi in JJ danie* of tin' Smith,
haiti tho Coulcdero't KUcereded.
TAKK?* ?'H"M '.iibrfilKltN I.IT..lt I i:T:MRAAnSORH;"
UICIIM -NM). Jl'NK 18ft 1 ;
lion. Joftn I'vrkitiii lielfjfat?ferin IsnHtiitnh :
From tin* nb?trnct bf the l/?n*titiiiibn for the
I'm vtMomi I floveiiiiiiieitt it appeal ?. lliut th?' sin vi'
trude, <?i-.pt ?ill) the .-?ive Slate- ..t' NIM?h
America, sholl bi' prohibited. The L'on??re.?i
ihi'ufiri', not rbiiti'tit w ir li the 1 mi M .>t ide ?"ie
United Stales UK II in-'t i', ttliicb. i' i- t? h .. j.ir
sullied.-w.-re ro-cntlcteil. JlliVe um. lt. ri.My li.neH
ihe su J-' t liv n p r oe i-um ul lin- Unn-oitu'iiiil.
fha! jiinvis?bii, for reasons . qualli cnnclu-ire
will llolllltlf** pu?? the L-ollati'Utioii '.t thc
Permanent Government; The prohibition, there,
fore, w ill ho ?dniier lw II qti>>tinii "f j?<?1 ey, bur
?ill he H cardinal principle the Soii'ln-rh
Confederacy. . ? . . ?
'1'h - riouth i" now in ili? furir.niioii <>f a Sl'iv?
kepublic. . . . . Th.- con
teni i* /.ut between the N.?i'h ninl Sou'h :n ?ei?.
i*nij>)ii?nl Kenton - for helwreti hitch ?eetiiinii.
merely, there eui he nu e?ntri?v?r>y--nor be
tween the people of the Xiii li un?) the pt'bple
nf the South, for our reliiioti.i hive been plea
>Htit, unil on neutral g ro il tul ii there i? ?till un
thill;: to i at rn tige u-. . . . .
.VtnJ perhapa t( u not the Icu at ici?ark?hie III
lilli connertioti. that, while the one. ? shape
less^ org?nica,;, mete run-* of social elements in
nit definite rvlatiori ?o each other, u> lo.vttl and
eiiiogtacd u mi ?tniida tile ideal of the HUI' ; I lie
chef, comely uti il proportioned with Itt hot und
lirectinti, muid mid muller iii jual relation io
?eh lltlli-r, pre.-i lilli, c Bitalli^)' til thc vt iv
i??hcai development* in anim tied ii?iure, ti
mid. tiijie.I and reprobated, liven we ourselves
;uve hardly ventured lo ailinn il,- ?hile Mu
ck cri'W'ii. ttl fu-'i, ar- ?.-Ul lu llcliy ii, - ami
if u nh,ii! nut p ri.-h tm the emus nf immun
?llgmMOl, lt il.nil he lol Hie lea-ull that Ult
{rent K .unil ha? pu ip j... 1 that such anbtlnr
gVut ot his ? ill ahull not come io ?Och exet ii?
ol human ignominy. . . .
* * . The ptineiple that nil men
are eq l ti. and quill) ililli, wo-iid have hero
UUvllve of ?In? ry ul the Suuth. tl ?Ch rc
quo ed the element Milted lo Us .lueiul nature.
I'iie tint ut al expah.-mn nf Ute (Hie bec II tue en.
croaelmiellt on the other, mid AU the
olile.il ?vitii itieviluhle. R-puliale the doctrine,
I \io>, will, hut ?i ia j rue; miJ sie Ward und Lin
coln, in the.irv al iciiat, are light. 1 realized
thc tact, and ab announced (hat duct linc, jmii.
heiufi: either vcitiuied tb ad'iiiice it. . *
ll the loicign ?luve trade hud never been sup
premed, -lave aocici) OIU.it have triumphed; ll
extended tu the limns of New Eiii*Iniicl, /mri
jiaitu. ?uh em inmuta fr bin Europe came ni?ve?
iront Africa. step by MI p. Mir i?u in union
inuicheo Upon the West, and ll ia lr killin btv
certa ii, hud ihe memii lu lui Mu r ?ilion lit en
idmi ted, iliat so th-i ?u?id fiitve cohtinUttl ti)
mureil upon the We.-', - that ?Live lub?r ?i.uld
tl it Vii b??li tl.tapir lhall hui 1 iii j{ l?bor, Moil,
truiisceiiding U^rieiilibie, il ?ould hav? ixpniiil?
cd (o thc arl-, and thal tilba one llbiliojji llt'OUi
ftirm of iah.ir ami one liuuiogeneiiiia lotiu ut
auciety, unq iistioiutJ hy one ?inulc di ea mer,
and cheriyhcd ul home and hoiioied utuoail,
?nulli ha Ve UV?rSprvud the elli Ile available nil
la tc ul the lute- L'ultiU ?liile.i. . . .
Such, Mien, being tile nature of Mai colitcat,
thia Union has betti di-inptid wi Itu- cUort ul
? lu Ve aOCleiy to einunuij-kte ii.-ell ; .-.nd the mb?
iiuniuu.- qiie?tiiin now tu he determined ii -
?ililli thal ililli t be nUCO illili . Thal Mle Rf .
?.ubi?c:?( thc South ?il, auatain lui indi-peiid?
tnc-Miete i? lillie qiieatioii. The hom ul nur
iuciety la too pIL'ijbiillt ul llliellectual leaoUlVt-s
and military ?livutiili io l?e subdued, if, ni .itt
producta, it il ul nut huid Mu- hulula ul' amit)'
and pVu ce upon u'i the lebdinv; nallona ut the
wmld. . ' . W : iii t hat
pcrlcvl ecbubiiiy of renbutcea, that j i-t upjiln-u.
lion ol powei, that eonci iiiiiilii.ii ni torcei, that
ncu;ity "i otdt-r which ic-uiis lo slavery lio.n
the prr-niiiiiui dirix'lioii bl ila beni liiieiiigilice,
lhere la nu other lunn ul human bitloi Hint eau
Kiwnl ugim.it lt; und it ?Ul hullo il .ell a home
and erect fur itself, NI. tbiue putin wtllun Mv?
p; coe nt ininu ut the douiiuiu blutiK, a ott bc
(gre of imperial po* er ano gruiuhur-u ?jUbi.
UU3 Coi.Mc^erac)' ot Slalea Mlal will aland ulutt
and kef,*VV 'ul Mi** uuud thu uiuiichy ol Uttuo
?I Sc lr* jtliat it-el uiuuud it. * .
. . . l*he s).-lt:i.s (..li.nut mix ; ?nd
ilma it ia thui slavery, like lin 1'rnacian lturae
letutinng Hum the h. lu ot VlCtot), ?lill b?ais a
maa lei on lils back ; und, having achieved uuc
revolution lo e.cape deinociacy nt the Nori:., u
muai atili uchicVe another to eacupc il ul the
South, ib .i ft will uitimutely iriumpb, none
cun doubi. it w ill become ted ec m ed and vin
dicated, unit Mle oui) qnea'inn nott' lo be deter
mined la - ahall llieie bc uliotlicr revolution lo
that end } il in nut lieccnauty, Slavery, billiin
the kecvtlillg ?tutea ul least, ia now rmancipai.,),
if men, pul lorward ui tu agenta, have intrepi
dity to realize ill? luci, and ?ct upon it. lt i?
free (o ch om- ila CoiiatUu'.ion and ila policy, and
you and other* are now elected to the high of
fice of that determination. If you ahall elect
aU*?ry, avow it und affirm il-not aa an extat?
io?, (nat?, bul M ?> lmug-punclpla uf ?octal ot
ik't. und H.H-ri it.? r?|*ltt, hol to toleration only,
Inn tn extension mid tn politics)] recognition
?n.uni? the nations i.f ihe eurih. If, in shorts
inn i-lnll i?wn slavery MS tlie source of your
miiriiiriiy, nn<l net f ir it, amt erect, as yon ore
i-nmitits-ione tl *" ftect, uni nnly n Southern, but
n Sin vi- 1 {... j > ii f . 111-. the iurk will he uccnmplish?
erl. i'linse Siit'f.H ititi'tiilitti; iii tr jin ti se mid per?
[ielust? tin ihrtitmion will enter your Confed
enitfy , timi.': that do no', will .not. Your -re*
publi? will nm r-q'iire the pruning process of
another revolution, lin'. poi-t-d upon Its insfitu
timi-. ??il move on ?OM ear', r ul g-r< st ness and
'if uhiri iiint jijirt in.li ii Iii nov nt lief nation in
the world. . . . . .
Hut it-, policy i-, ?putinu-, H.-. principle is {?UP ,;
. lid liu-t me. iii"' ilieil who live hy .?lriv<;ry will
. il iii.ali 1) -porn .iii act which el.at ge* jt a* n
. time rn purclm-e -liv., . . *
Opinion.-, when mei I) true, move niowiy.;
int', wh?ii approved inquire piocliviiy. "Those.,
a- to the tiuhi nf -l iv ty have lsi-??sj ti ne merely,,
.ii far, hot tn-y came upi Ut to rul'iiinationj.
! wu? the ringle adv en >. nf ?he shiv-, trade ic
IS.V5 ; it i-> tiow n I] iestititi ol'ne.-t u.ouer. tous
.input t. M itiy ?if n - rein inlier .eden we heard
?la vi ty tii-i declared to li ' ot th - norti.ui cnn.
-ti'ii mn ul -o- i *\ ; few ii..? wll titre to dita
tittti H. rii'i-f opinion-, iiuw roll un ; ?hey are
o.u? mn only iiiie, hui ate f'iinint? iii he trusted;
they ' nv.- riiuv.il H,- -. nu- ot.- of the State, and
nen w ho v. ill nut luke Hie t::i|?ul-c nod a Ivmice
. m..i p. ii-.li in the ? t tek ul their ail vitiic?ment,
I't.. no n.le rs of yotn C niveni|on linty tni.-d.rect
lite ititi veulent-th.-i iii iv 'tiip?iic the movenient
they tnuy pu divirt it thni nnoihi-r revolution
muy he nee. s-ary ; tm?, if lie'cessnrily that other
revolution come-:, slavery will stund serene,
.ree', aloft, unijue?tioited HS HI its rights or itt
intejiity at so?h<: puint within the pi us cht lim
itH of the Southern States, mid it is only for
present actors HI determine whether they will
.-ontnbute or hf crushed to that result. Drag*
steil to hteess on. ns many have been, without
due t-otieep'ion of i'- canst-:-for ?tn paramount
und vital cause ha- not been -.tated in our pub
lic iictr-men may he anxious to be dragged no
I'O rt hf, H?id in ny pe?'k t'i cut thia further move-,
ment off hy vigor of the Constitution. But th*
invention i? a wi nk one. The movement will
nul .town nt such n .lidding. It will rise, with
..irt hicks, it uni y he, in wiineK? of the tin
niittiriil niHiiiier of i'r taking off. Thi* feature
ut the iiislrnilleiit will he .spurned : the law ac
cotdmit with it wilt he industriously violated ;
mid even the lesson ?till again repeated, that the
Cerements nf a constitution can never perman
ently hind the spirit of a vital and vigorous
...cinty. . * * . ?
Pv.rpectfully, your ob't ?erv't,
L. W. SpaiTT.
Ch?rt.?ati.n, D c. 30rh, 1865.
OENTLr.sfr.y. - I'leas" accept tnis Manner, ai a
f-tlilr token 'if the high apiireciation tn which
your Association is regarded by one of the hum
ble d-ui-'htern of Charl- -ton. I hope that you
will tiing it triumphantly io the tireeze on our
.-'.ttiiovt tiloriou- li nainiipation day, sn that all
u} Carolina's mn- an?i da?gh-er? may behold il
ind i S IHIMI- .. We tru?t in O id."
VVi'h Ililli regard, I remain your? with re
- peels, etc.. SARAH PHASER.
Charleston, Jan. 3rd, 1S65.
R KS ri: CT ut? MatttM -The Mechanic Associa
timi hi ?hi y appreciating the motives thatpromt
-d you t>? pr?sent tin m wuh ihe beautiful banner
(hm vins uiiftirli-d to thc breeze on E n-tneipa
>i>ni day, would nike I hi- method of tendering to
you the thanks, winch your n--iutiful gift so
richly deserres, IV? a???ircd. Mi.lim. that the
Mi dinnie Association n ll PVT cherish with
pride iluii banner tis a memento of dear woman's
approval of i ur endeavors to benefit our lace.
Acc.-pt, al-u. our thank* for ibu noble motto
ir.-.cribed on our banner
.* lu (tod we Tiust."
And may that (Jud, in whom we trust, crow*
vnii with los riebest blessings, is the praver of
your humble servants, \V. H.
f ?r \! -ohmic Association,
FitKtiF.utCR\ IViti-J L\<i. Speaking of this well
known c dor.'.I or it.ir tile N,-.v li.*] lo rd Stt.-idard
s ny > :
" rwenty-sfvett ye.ir-i .140 a fugitivo from
Southern hun 1141! f.niu I his wi.- ti th'n city.
Ile received here Iiis !lr<t eir.ii'l;? a? a fro* inn.
Ile nhl tin -1 einp'O; in -ut in af ? 1 1 !r.\i;i I iv!rile
ld ?Wini ttl? VII 1 vs h s .vet v . -j i t . I .? 1 th-s
in-w-piper -lip ?tuck up li lore him. from which
ne was -trivilli? to o'lt.iiu ku i.e'ed-ii . Vt'nr toil
ino li,.n- for a tow y?-ars. uui'inirttgu,| by n fow
? ho recognized in tin* capacity of being roora
th m n inert? day hihorer. ho went to oilier aod
higher Nellie of toil. Two evenings ago that
fugitive si ive lectured he to ru ide .argea! audience
of thc .season, listened to attentively hy na audi
ence compost d of thc best dais of our citiaona.
Tiic next morning lie breakfasted with, tlje gen
tle... tn who p iitl him the fir.ii iriiiuponc-e. fte earn
ed twenty-?even yo.irs previously. '
Christmas was darkened in >? ir folk and vl
i-iniiv hy atoriea nf a prnj*eted negro insurreo-?
i"?in, hut the ii host' of J ihn Hrowu kopi quiet
mid th - tlay passed off pretty smoothly. Io
Nurf.-lk city, h'iwevcf', a policeman and a negro
lind i\ mi-<iitiil-T-?t*ntling, which resulted in tba
de'a'h bf the latter,'
. Mr. Sumner hij in'rodiiced in Congress . hill
io confirm the titles tn grant? of lands in the Se?\
[-linds and Florida, given under general Ordert
if Sherman to the freedmen, nearly a year
A colored man mnird Jihn White, died at
ihe alms house in Colebrook, C?an., laet week?
Kc ww aesjrty otra hundred yeaxt olsL

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