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South Carolina leader. (Charleston, S.C.) 1865-18??, January 13, 1866, Image 3

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Spoooh of Gon. Saxton.
A friend has furnished UH willi a copy of Gen.
.Saxton's speech nt Hie Celebration on Kilianen
patton Day- Th?" Kr,"t ^'?K,n ,f our r,'I!?"
Inst week prewired us giving but a brief ?)?
oji?is of the speeches.
Thia is thc fourth nine timi it hrs bein my
happiness to meet.the freedmen of South (.'un?
lina to celebrate Kmniicipiiiion Day. The Inst
meeting took pince on January lirst. I80.'l.thftt day
when tiie ?real and good Ahrahum Lincoln
(ever liohorei! abd blessed bb the memory ni thc
statesman, the pallin! and (bein?rtyr) du lan-)
your race to be forever free, mid pledged tin' tui
tion's honor and faith tb maintain that declnni
tiou nil through lite coning futuie. We no t on
i hat dav bein at h the mot?-di II ped live oak.? of
Port Royal-home ti ve ihou-ntul m mimbi r-io
rejoice over that prbclniniitifin which hud j UM I
declared o pt opie tree, ntid pledged our lives and
fortune.?., and our Micro?! honor, to keep up ihe
* glad Mioufwe an- free," until np eehoini.' cho
rus- should come huck from I'veiy home in the
.South, "wu arc tree." Although the Union
troops had scarcely gaiiie'l ii t'oolhnld on tin Sea
Islands, and ymir cattai- sectr.MI ahoosl hopeless,
there was both hope und inspiration in thin
. trune,e assembing?: nf dusky hue.?, hearing foi
the Aral time, of liberty uiuh r the Murty hairnet ;
anti there waa deleiuiihatbm in every movi
meut ol those black a?idiere, who, for ihe Hist
time, hud its honor commuted tn 'hi ir kccpiim;
and when that epontnheous sunn of thankful
.My c-uiiitry.'ll* nf thee, ?weet tami ..I* litany,
Tu I 'nie we SIHK"
srent up to heaven from three thousand voices,
annie of UK who heard it fell that II wu- an an
them bf pruise foreshadowing jour final iii
In January. '.804. when we met nt Hcaufort,
cloud- and darkness M-otned lo lumu over out
country's cnusc. Faint heiuls looked doobtitiu
ly. Hol'?eti the armies ot' Ireedmn rind slayeiy
the fortunen ol the Habt sei tm d vaned and in
decisive. The land was drenched in blood and
filled with innunnn?. Hm tnlieving timi a
cail?e founded injustice and rtuhleoilslless could
'' not i(o huck want, we inaciibtil Hope on oiii
K I banners in letters of light, and weienot faint
heart ed.
Attain we met on llie first nf January. 13r>.0
and still the mighty strudle Was swocpuii! on,
Mure than n million ol' rilen M et" enrolled iindci
the flue of the Union, liitlilin^ f. . r it ami f-ii
liheriT. Hut the cloud- woie !ifnn?. .' Then
wa* victory at last !" Since that linii,' the at.
mi'-s tr. H t (ought for ?davery lui ve I.ndi-hnnd
ed. 'n'nd lhere has bei n n glorious triumph hil
' the tfausc of libctty.
"Wo meei again to-day in Chnilcsinn. toi ?Iii
frttii?h lune, to cel?bralo our anni v-tsar) will
brighter (lopes. I'tiice non rel^ti' tluouchoii
the latid, ami ihe (Joti-tiiutinu of the Utittil
? Stale's "hai hy th-- vote- of ihn,- folmhs ut i hi
SlA'- s! been KO untended as to prohibit slav, r;
' forever. PmihVd lit li-t I- that gmlintis ii nc li
nient, ilu- ark -if our safely ; irs Only lil - * a m th
pk*t' fiehlg that ll .lld ll--' piofiM? sluVety
l?ene?fn'r'h th.- oppressed ol ?ll hattons em
look t-- A m erica : and ?lin ih? si? e.- inn,,
within thi fobls of our sturry banner, his chain
aro sini-kV-- - tr for- v. r.
Tin- Uli' d Slates ot An - ilea does i lit ii.
nize the li-.'1 . in it.no iii hohl pinpi it) in l un n
fi. ?ti. 'Oil! fliii! t- ti. i ! Iel II- tn ?ki-'the we Ik i
rinn. .' I'll n i- \n i. i) u: lasi.t' Yiiii may wo
n joice- l?e' a) . I' ! job have lope j.ow lo ihn
you mi. ,\\ hal were thi' hope- of .1 -1 v. ; N"
thine, h?jSl?vrry - end ti'rs slavery. What ma
not a rr-cbmaii ?nip?' to ito ami to h- ! Il ?1
cheer- ?hf. pri'setii, H c'l'ls tile future, 'it:'! -jiv
a brit III el lintot; to every cloud. Thank Iles
4 i ven thal'lb-day joh can hope. Ymir ?l.ild?i
.' cnn now-pu io school, HI.II Iii ve the v. nui - .
know lorie--, whieh have h""ll cliis-d t-i y i
faiher-,' ojViiied tn you. C.di.ml children, i
1SG6. how j ivous an . (?rut- tul you should be
dilnrent 'und i nj nc i ti ii I at sciin?l - what iron
resolutions you should make ?- you ii::u ii pu
the new y'ear, for now um may lave a cha m
in the mee of life. lt yon have been car. le!
and' uht?T.t. idle or mischievous w hen at schon
resolve to-day lhat tin- -hull he so no itlOre,
thal you'\v:i| ne't, attentive, s.I'.sdi'.ii!*.- ?!::
you will he grateful hu und iinpinye tho-e m
vuntager" which you have now, winch yuin li
thors dut not have. L-t the w'bnion who ni
listoningtr me resolve . tust ihcy will he hetti
wive* and molli'in 1 li M II they were Inst y-nr
thnt your bouses, or huts, or cahills, -hall 1
clenner fhilri they were last ye?i- that yin
children be Intttr dressed, si nil Rn to schon
linii your husbands' doilies shall he mended.
that you will lie porer womeil. Iv? t tim! Ri
whole vni<''i I have ju-l benni in the sun;; :nsl
that Rung ic.ure beaiitiful by each day hecomii
a better and a purer gill. Lei lu i. liv her coi
duct, do honor to her parema. Let that frtti
who has neglected his wife and chil Iren, resol'
to cu to work ut once to earn them fond m
clothing. It, through his own neglect, his chi
dren have not been at school let linn see th
they nie there to-morrow, and ate nut ahse
nnothct day lo the yeer lStiti. The coiniliene
mein of the year ia the tmn; more than ev
when it ig proper mid ii uni; that we rlioli
square, up old" accounts, forsake all evil w H\ - ai
practices, and form those hettei resolution- f
the coining year. Freedmen, women and cl:
dren, I cull updn iou to do this now.
Wc I ia vu ui^t together willi music, blinni
and a grund procession. I sec yoiiiig and 1
before nie iciili joyous faces; lite burden oi tin
song is liberty. You are ci'l?hratiiig a tm
glorious anniversary, ?1 day to h- rcmemlwr
throughout till succeeding generation- ul' fret
men, us a glittering lAnil-nuirk along the path
hutmill progress. Yen ! linburn progress; ihn
tho word. Hc.-olvc timi you will lea I thc van
that grout procession WI tere llumitnity, in 1
path ol Progress, i> marching to the sjmlids
joyful niusie, h t us hopo, at double-quick >n
towarils Ireeduni mid po ine.il eipiiiliiy. Wittn
proejress nil we ure doini; is a senseless, mis
able turee, ll in freednn: \ou du tun advance
virtue an I wisil un, in nvurything that udils li
. or and dignity rb Immun nature, then you bi
gai nod nothing by Itticrjy, mid might ns well In
renviined in sin very. ?'bw you mc free, 11
that you own yourselves, vim" must increase
value,nf yourselves, ll in ?la very you ii'
worth one (honsuml dollars to yotu'imi*- i rs. h
inucli 1I0 you intend to bc w'drth to yoiirsiivl-s
'freedom ! You must he morn-industrious, lor \
ure to huve the trulls 0} your own industry, VV?
voil bec.one free iou ?ave jip thc riyht to he ii
None tint the slaw, who Mbcs not receive
benefit of his own J.ilKir, has ii right to be ir
I know timi you ure dishppoihicd at not gen
'lauds ; and I know, toi), that 'vbti hail some r
son to cxpeci that they would be given v
Hut I am informed that, with thc exception
thc Ses. Islands, where the question is not
.ciilcil, thu GovvrnimJnt lins nhhe io give \
My tnli-ke to you is. nm to monro over this.'
nay, if you have not lands, " Thank the Loni,
arclree; we nw>n ourselves ?nil our children :
huve got .strung hands mid bravo heans, and -
s?o to W6rk, und, with tho blessing of lion,
wi)| earn hih.dfc und homes." Ho not hold i'm
ami say. I will uoi ron tract willi nnv one. 'I
spirit ? ill never flo. The llclds ol "Souih Ci
lina tmist ho planted at "nee, or all thc peo
black and wliii?, m?>t s lar vc. So if your
iiSer master nffeis yon faif wage-, 1 ndvise
by all means (o cont ran with him. and gb
work iii once. You will la: honer ami lap
?of it in the end ; and hv such a cours . of 1
-duct.you will glnildoii th? hearts ol emir tri..
Who have labored fue ymir deli vern nco frdm I
i '!8l?*# Vu" '"" ??ver be slaves again, and tli
Who formcilv hold you in hnudiige know 1
iou m\i%i endeavor io improvo and rlevejope
yhut h>-'bhie> lor -mod. ami M i^rnw Ivt'cr, w
'HM tuilier. Act irt fliti li a way ns io is.min
?ly respect <>r?lt men, and yliow rriursclvi-* v
thy of thc rights ii ti? i privileges of lniinen, ttiul
tliut iiiiiti: sonso "I justice, which i.s ii part ?il thc I
gieni heart ol humanity, will, sooner ur Inter, j
afraid you nil. Hil patient itu I hopeful Tho 1
?iiiiip lires of the gtcal annies, lately in deadly
strife, have scarcely gone out. Wc Minni mind
thu rilli iii illili tislu s nt towns. lilies, alni humes;
hy the eta ves nt the ihoiisumls of brave men iv lui
hine lullen. In this terribie way, (ur ihe nation
would heed in? other, has Providence taught her
thal Immun slavery must be nb mor? forever.
This nation turnt and xviii heed the lesson. Your
cause is safe. Von may not ret lands until you
(?urn them ur the money to lilly them ; you may
not have all ymir riyhts t ? i i -> j ear. Hut he patient
and have f^it'i. Accept '.< ith joyful, thankful
heurts what you have now. Mud Hie rest will all
come. Let iib uneasy spirit Mir you up lo nets
ot vi?leme apa inst tl"- (iov?rnmeiil. Trust It
and believe in iis good intentions. Heed the
great lessons bf this war. bini always iiei with
jour country, (or von have a place in hoi tature,
a shute and lot iii her fortunes.
A few days tig?t it wits my pleasure to meet in
/ion Ohm eli thc convention of c?>lbrcil men
from different parts of ihe Stiito ?oll'-cted here
tb ask Ibr their rights. ) was sui prised and dc
lighted at the dimiilh d. manly, hoiiorahle Stain!
I ta kuli bi that convention, l?es! unbred littst the
moral pov-ci ot that convention wi!] fe h it until
thc ol jeei.s for which it iva's called shall hil vc
been realized, The firs i convention ?il freedmen
in South I'molina has passed ililli hisior.Vj and
i- now another hellion light bil lliii much .1
ymir lace towards political equality.
The old vear has licpill toil. lt hus gone with
it- hopes and its fell rs ; its jois and ils sorrows,
to sw ell the record ol'ibo p.i-t. We ure another
p uaw aids towards eternity. has beet?
au eventful your, ??d ??n?e b> o- freighted ivith J
blessed hopi's tu hiimatiity. Hold last 'o all the !
good lessons it ha- taught; ijicrish the memory j
ole.I duds you have liunc*, ti ts tl try to repeal
them in the future
Kt ced men, fellow chi/.* ns nf South C'arolinii -
. bi this ||I>I id',Innuary, lvli''>. 1 tim here lb give
i bu thc compliments nt the season, tu hid yiitrii
liappi new yeai II lhere are some ?peeks in t!.<:
hoii/ou, the signs ol iii*-times tire elii-i-iing anl
hupefnl lot humatutv Success nw.n's II. il lye
work tait i fully for iii? ? anr.e iii; love
Let li.?, then, l e tip atel iliiillg'i
Wit a he.ut l'a tilly liiii ;
Still indue vine, still ptirsujug,
t.e.u n tb ii) ur lind to wait
Jin li a ni cs' Association.
\ Kciruhir Weekly Moetiin* of titi'* Asocia- j
\ Hon will lalo-* piare ic Un- /'.nue* Church
, ?, ty U ..lim >.i.,v ev ?-iiin?j ui -. \.k
(..renier. Iso i |? |>Ksj V Kit* KV; Fres'l I
A M I lilli.Kl i IN, Si rr. t..r> .
Officers "I tin- M.?. hst,ir A s social loh
ji.iitl * I" lle-veitjey.. l r. -Melli.
* lit ?Im Til -?um ..us. Vire 1'irnltleB
in I .1. II. 11. s-1,rei.
'ir.iliiiiu M niiil, ton, .Seru tary.
Sinn?! lue ? "in nu fi ... . I 'uniltlittet- nr. ?luir il > - -
1'eler St. iii ei;?itle, < h'rni'ii ' .1 ll. Hsrri.ni
.lu.. pli <> ri eil. j M . it. < l.a-e.
( uinnun^' hull, I Kui., r: \ .-.. v,
IV; ll thorn, I Ki.hi rr U i (ls
lt ll, u ti;,.,i,,.,
I J li. M.miine.
I Ah xai .t.-r WillUms.
! II hrrl Weils,
ll. I', r.ir.11.., I'lrhnr.t Mnn'-'?nier.)
Sun.Ul I I", ll I,rt, I > .1 ll. u< 1 I Ulf r.
Nov. I. lt-.?,
?jt \\7 A'iciiiiisi VN'?? (:?l.VlN'?
>' Neek-eh?nis, l'.raee . ts. Hte.isi
tiiovVSl'-iir-r i I Kingi r i hg* ; .lewe ly ol i I
.''..crut ons. lor i ot h -.?>,,.-. t., i . K ...i, walinu je
card io va.ne, at .'?tl i I .% i > ? it i,
No ('ALIIOCN Sf h KB r,
.liiii G .tin, I I I'!.ar.e.-t..n. S. (.'
Jasons, Odd Fellows, & .Mein
bc rs of tl. L. A.
(WILL send n Solid Ooh] Masonic or Odd
Fellows' Phi on the reeei) t of S'?, 1 will send
a (*,o|.| plate I'. I, A. Pin on tile receipt of "ii cts.
I w ill sen.I the Memorial Me lal of President I.ni
co n. giving the date ol Ins hirth, inaugural and
iissttssinution, suspend':.! hy an American ling, :or
..n tents.
AUKNTS WA NT no-To whom especial induce
nichts are tillered.
ll F. li AY WA Kl),
Manufacturing Jeweller, '.'ns broadway, N.Y.
Parlies desiring thc above ..an leave their orders
at the hea ler btlice. Juli l.'i ;hn l?
Crystal Washing IM in*,
EDWIN WKlisfBU * ft).. Sol- Agents
fur the City ol N. w Yolk,
S'o. 32. PL ATI' ST.. (near William, j
The qtmlitT of I hit Itlue is n ncr) ii.-de. I neinf purely
vegetable, ft will n? I injure Hie ft ne* I fabric** sud di?
solees .o freely in water ns t" entirely prevent stains.
Thc qua III Itv hi each lie:: 1? tn II r lt gr- HIT lt ai: Many
other kinds Of tallie put up In boxes One small box
is f<| Itu I at least to one rpi rt ot liquid bia?.
There is rio lian ger from frvexliig, as in the ra?*>ot
liquid blue.
Willi our pslr.nl box there (. no waste.and "f ?erl
doo' eau occur ss lue bliie is u.-e i without removing
the rimer.
Kor nea i ne?? *n<l eaurrui lenee it surpasses ?li other
kinds nf liquid ur Ijojij hine.
Juill:),lm.5 For sale bj all ?Sroeers still Druggists,
[ST Warnanied a Sure and Permanent Cure
lor nil kinds of
Pilos- Lepro3y. Scrofula- Snit Rheum,
anil hil diseases of ihe MK IX, All dealers will re
turn the m.?nev in cverr pu?e of failure. Prepared
hy ll KN UV I).IIMVI.K, ri Prince Street, Huston
Snlil every where. Thousands nf l>rtillr?les from
tihroarl und in iIIIM cuiitrv of astonishing curtis ti?
hs use. No failures in Piles or I Inuit) rs 1er Hu* pus
s>years! Ilctrsr'c ol inti'ithoi- |v<-21, Iv. I
! AI)tI'S, il y>n desire '.> M'uni beauty, ur n
J j blore yum goiitl I'.uk?. IT yotli beauly lui ri laded i
li KW OK i:uftx.M
prepared by "Tin- Itnrniicl's >"ii " lt I* sweet .I
delicious, Mini bti|H'iiui t" .-'ll cxtirhal MppIlcalioiiM
Ht tail. SI.
KU. ll A IMUS A Co . 4S3 Itrumlwiiy;
Confidente t Ag" ms tu ' 'I ?if Huron? t's Sun." ;
fj'iTLK mns A\i> <?iiu,s,|
j yt) you know lioW Iii n > ll ' ll liol get a copy
full of 1'i.tiii". T?ii'ii gel l'urk't A- Wat-un'*
uii'l I li' I. lill!
.Soon you ?111 want thc
ard In-fur'* wi- know lt,
THE fl 11 KI) H? A I) Elt.
A nto't beautiful bo-.k, and you ?in bi-dei lg ii tc l with
itu- I'lctiirc* uint |ih-io-ioil blurb's in lt. At thu stout;
linn- study timi Uni? Arithmetic culled
Tli.-n eec If iou cannot mauler hi*
Willed u-ll? yon li'itv lu add, count; divide, multiply
a iel Mil.tl.I And ulule y un leur ll to lead und cy
pher, (?el um- ul
mid wrOe your mine un li, mid muk"1 letters und
word- Ilk.- ile- t'nplfii itt 'In- t<-;. ill llii- pngi' told it
will not. tiki- lune l" wine s letter to I'upn.ud .Main
Vuu iv 1.1 ml li? ??-ill tu study
(??OOJtAPilY. Nu. ':,
?EOC1?A?MIY. Nu. 3.
V..ti ?111 Vin) .ni I lum- book* at lin- llijokhtorr-s. mid
) un um-il ai r. fdr t lie
v.i ii ox Af. s/:/://:.<,
Which includes I'aiker \ WittMoi's Primary
Ki'iitior-i i?tnl SpelJiiiy Hooks ; Davies Pr i in a ry ;
Intellectual ni.il 1'iueticiil Aiilhthclic; Mon
teith'.* U'-ogiaphies : Nu-. 1. 'J, .'}. fcc , ; it--, r".
Copy Hook.;, 1. to 12 j and the b??knclicrii also
hu vii
S PEI. I. EH i. H li FIN Klli
.I ulm liiiss?il
Ila. ihr-ie hook-for -ul.-; ul-o ut the other hook
-. I!-r- m Charleston; und vu: will rind other
buok- nf thc
.V l/lo.V.l /. S Kit ?ES,
ivl je? yoit ?ill wish ot study. JunlS.tf
Ml: AND MHS Mt millSt ?N'S S<'ll' ibu
for .Men timi W.n. CM t- open front 'I o'clock '
lill ft; p.ni , i-i.d vj io i?j in the i -ii mur. nt the Nurititil
-ch.-ul, >t l'iull'u '- .-'rei t, i-iliiiol hunks lilruii-lied
I . ri:. . Uiotleiuiei .Nov. Il-tl- li
irei y Vist?i- t ii ? )i? "Fonlc
Invigorating and Strengthening
mit K IlKST TONIC ISflli: WOKi.b- They Itt- !
I vig?rale, it rettet lieu ?ind Kite m iv life rn tlie sys
lem I h.-y ? ->rk like ntugtri anil wi.I eur.- ;.!! rase* ol
Ity.spepsi.i', I'elidily, Internen -rn Kever, liiurriii-.-t
J " it n.lu . . .S. rn.'t- A Heel lon-, j.iver < 'um pl . ti t. boss I
of Api-eiii--. llenriliurii, lllllciiH i i.lu-. Fever iiu-J |
Ague, .--iii M..in-?.- kc. ic.
7 !.i :< Contain Xo Poisonous Driin
Pi uf.i.Y Vi mr Aiii.K. - Iluhhei's Celebrate!!
(johlen Hitters uri.in ?sed of ti. nt ian, L'alaniiuis
Kool, Wild Cherry Har!. Anise, Unlngc Peel. Call
ina Hark, Ct'.um!-", Hark of Su.-airas Koot, Sherry
yVinc, Hittterniit Hark, Caraway Seed, Vcliow
DcKk.Daiideiioii.?ic.nllprcServed in .liiiunica limn.
The ii 11 a t Cure Fur
Ll Y lili A SD 'ti?WELS ' !
The ?i.-k ant stiiTeriiix h-ivi' si iva y s felt Ike iiepf?-l
ty tor N sate amt lru?twnrtliy iin-ilieiiii-; free from
ca lionel iiml otb.r corroriv? itiliierals, ?liich. while
?t'llnt-* ceiilly and willuuit prtiduelnp naUM'S ur pun,
would ro I lioroiigiily rieuse, streut hen and reiriii.ite
the luierniil or^aiiia.i to enublo iheai tu perform their
pruner functlens without continual retort io uirilicnl
tirdoKL-a Eci'Biiion oho
Cabinet Brandy (Meilical<Ml,)
Pl irrhos, (jtuunier ColUitlaiiiUColera Mortui",Griping
1'aln* in lin- lion elf. Colle and Chronic) lu..nh.M. lt
is-hichly a pp ru veil by tin- Med lr? | t-aruMy fm rtiithce
ul Water and Hie!. Used with -?rrut sliecess III tue
Anny i I io pu -1 - in violent cases ul Chronic l'l?rrlic;i.
Tins pre|iaraiioii ls Himple and harmltss, uiiaclti)lorii
ted, e.-cprcstily for mcdlciasl usc.
\r i eiitrnl Depot, American Kxnresn Ituildinfr,.'
Hudson street. Ncr Vork. M inufu. tniy curutr Wa
1er ntxl Ferry .stn- ts, lin.Ison, N. Y.
.Inno ly il GEO. C. IlL'illlEI. .V ?"<>.. 1'ropri'lors.
Hittite Ytfiir ?hvi. Soil fl \vilii
??UKK coxc?N.aV?TEi) P?TAS??.
r)r I.T.M'V SOAP MAEI'.I!. Warrant??! doubl?: thc
Mr?lijMh '-'f C?iiiinoii P-itash itii'l Mi|? il'<r ld any ut||?ii
hapunlfh i ?.i Icy lu tl"- iuurlu-t. Int up In ?'ins .! 1
imtiiiil. ".' pumids. p?iitit'ls ii?wii?j?.. and Iii poumls
with lull <lli??:tl. .;: 1 riv.lil. ail"l Uliman lu
makin? Hanl ?uni Snit -..at.. tn?! >.. ? i -t ?iii niak?
gallons <>r Soil .-. .api N<? hiiiv ls rc'jutrid. Cousuni
ns will ll ml tl.I' tl.?; cl;?:ap?'M ! < !??..' ll. linnie t.
ll. T; ll A lilli I I .
Ol, 61, i>;, ?",*,?>, f?, TO, T2 hu i 71 Washington-si., X.Y.
i^j^ijytant'wwi j oncni; conj wv?as^aT^^vnsjpBS7':
I6 JW ttl .y? (> ?Jp-y-is . v r .? t .i v ? f., .<- .
JiM?2i?fai?tu?i;ni rtry/v z?af~?. bit .t.;-'.
ll T IlAllHllTS BEST
.SAI.IdtA'J cs.
" mad?: from r< mm' ti 'alt.**
llrvad w lien iliad? viith this Hnlcrat?' c?mt.Mtis, vrhvu
hakid. nothing liti*. ci ii I?:'I . ? .?!... ?' .. : ali ! (lour;
ii. I :?it'i'.lff.
.Nos. C-i. r?. ri,r.~. t!*,70. "/ niul . I. \\\-i?djtu?tO?-.-t; N V.
I?I?T I?i curr
i :? TEES
.1 .MU: s ry !y
#ti?Si* t
7 ;//. KM/;<./>/.M/:.\T OE PliACTIC?L
.J, i'-?:
. i,:. .? Maj l3. IS-M; Improvement patent
i Uti cel?brales
? 'amity f-i-tti M ?'tr lill* 71 ;? r Ii I in-,
V."i'll i rltiiplue iiii..chiiietit, a tu..M wmiiicrrui an.I . It -
yautlV-riilin.ru? ted Novelty, li iiol-nlfts li. <>|.1 1 -jil. i..
li-..- tin- Strait!.; N . ? <!!.-. al..I W'.rks Inirl/i>t:lal.
v?ttl. ?loubl?? ..? ?l:u''<- ttlrcMil ?.| all lliid?; Mtilt?* tin
rmiiiln.'-Hlltii moi' ii-rn-et alni resillar Ill-ill by liatiit.
?mit with eiirauidlliart rapidity, toni.mr MxtCi ll Stitch'
i- -ci 1 :ir!i ..vollltl'iil I '!.'. wlift'l. V\ill i;ati.?r, hetti.
nilli?1. shirr, lurk, rim 1 ;. In ...ult li?. .Vc. U arrantcd lint
t. .- t nut nf ?lilli r kn three vi-ais. lt has taken th" I'n -
11 u: ? S title I air-; nii'l r- ceived th? appro, al ..fall thc
pt li:ei|>al J-.ni Hitit ami Ilms? win? have ii.s.-<! lt.
?" I'm Hie dressmaker ll 1- invaluable; for tlif ImUMc
I 'M it -.up;.le-?, a Vac mt p! ic?."- Gi .</.>..? /.init?.* /lui ?.
I ..With a ?Itt|n> '.r 1!. .utile llire:i?l. lt silently yet vi-rx
la|.lillv, with n e. ulm n inri ?ile. inaki-a Hie runulni:
itltl'li . Vacllx Ilk'- liaiid-.sittliitr."-A*. 1'. i i-.iimr.
MitK-ie tn:ietmt< v ... rt ;n any part nf the r umtry hy
i\pr?ji-?, iiaektil in h?i.\. ?Ith prliiteil In.-trucllons, ou
..ci i ?.f iii price, ?A. Sal?-?Icliy?r% warranted.
t.'al". ami exaniliu . ur jul :t?.- uni? 1- ti>
Suit. Ag<mi jbr South U<irolir,ti,
J.H. :( 14 U ll A lt LEtiT ON '.
M?\ SKI1?T FOI! I860.
j The Groat Invention of Hie Agc in
.r r / ^ t s i ) o rr i u> rr
.1 L K.J \J l . 1 I V J J V J. O .
j. ii*, mi. 1 ?)L?rs -V'ic Af?fu? r-rrt.Fx
ELLIPTIC, (ortioubkl SPIilX? SK1!?\
.VESTS* lin A 1)1.1. Y fi CA HY, Proptieto'rf of th
in ei?tionC>tid Snic Munni. tm er. I?? Clianiberi tittil
ititi Si Ilii.iMe Mn t-. New York.
This I arr tit ion rnnslft* hf I ?it ph? x .: two] ',: ::?.ti.
pure t?llii?eil titeel sprints, tu.:, nlmu |j ! raidi '? t \n t
lj and thinly thither, ci\pr Id eil:'*. IH-II.IIIL' iii*
lem:ht-?.t. i?."?t tU-xihle, ela.itie ami ilur?iile -ene:
ever iinnl. ritcj -eal.mi i.-tul or hrea?. .tiki 1 he'?.im
f?;,- -priiif-, -u l <.. HM-<pi? II:!y pre.-? rte 1 h. iv per:'.--I
i. .1 he.-iiilitiil -im-.- mn ?. th.m tieiee ..- hmrj iii tiny
t nele ?.jiliuif -ki?i th?t ever Inn- or eau i.i itiail^'.
Tho iviiti'i?rftd Iii xlhill'y anil t;rcnt i'.,ni|liirt ami
pli-rii-tire to suv l??lv wear i nc tin l'ut.Vx ElipMe -k^r
\ ill he exp.-rienreil jiartlruljirly In all rn--.' (let) :I-M III
h|le?, nperrti. rarri.???e-i rullrmitl ?'nra, cllureh pews,
?rat chair* for pronicnade anti hon MI ilros, an the
?klrt ?III ti?' iel I >t H.- easily and convenient).)' a? a
n!k or muslin ?Ire*-.
A laity liaviiu enjoyej ihr plea*?re. comfort ami
fcre?l ronveiilrnce of 'vesrini; I he liuplex Elliptic
ricii sprint? Skirl (or a single .lay will never rifler
tvsrils wlltincl) rlltipenss will- their us?. I'ori'liil
??reii, titistes und young ladles they :.rc superior lo all
Phi'Hoops are-covered ivlth "J ply deni.le twisted
lliresd mel will wear twice ss Innr* ns the single yarn
covering whieh lc used tin till siu-i.- steel lump -kin.-,
i he three hottnin rmi- on rv? r> skirt are also iluuhje
st,-. I. i-tul tw lee ?a iloiihlfetivi'i-fd to pri 1 . ii t Hie rov
eriii!? from wi -iriiic oir the rmi- u heit di.i'clti^' -1 wu
-t.ors. ht...... Mi-pW, ,Vr.., .Ve which lliej an- cmistiiutly
stibj?el to win n i'i h-e.
Aliare made of lite new niul rlr^-vr.t c?rd?'l tapes
?uni arr the he?.| quality iii ? vir? part, t-ivin*: tu thc
wi arer the inosl graceful an.I perfect shape possible
und ure n in 11 csltonably the lichtrst, moat desintblej
iiiul ccotiotiileal -kin ever mad?-.
r*br'5iili? in nil lirsi e.a-- ttores ID this city, anti
iliroiijiiiout the Uniter! Staten .ul Cumidnk, lisvatta
d?' Cuha, Mexico, South America nod tlie West
HT l?t,?irf- frr l)u,>\.x E?I|p?c (or dotiMe)
Spring Sktr:. JrrnC lwH
Immediately r? ll? vc Cnuehs.CflldS,
Ilonrstiiess. I ms? <if Voice, Bron
rhiii-. I.ashltii'l?;, i hirst,.md ever)
sympt.un <>t I he Oi-t singes of Pe.l
military COiisu.ninli o n. r'?tr
WlioopliiK ???.ii.'h. t roup, Ihflt'ien
ra an.I all utri ctpitis iii the throat
lungs a?! CUesf, the PULMO
NALES arc not ?'piallcl hy an>
medicine in Hie uni id; hemp now
used mid prescribed hy eminent
jihyslclans, .Ve., tiny atc rapidly
bccoiiitna the lietj companion in
i vi iv h.iiif? liiild. r iiii|i und i-Hhln,
In all civilized r rion tries ot? tin- Ol..he. Hr Skinner, for
waul <>l spar.-, ta ti-i s to only a lew names ?>f prominent
New Kugtiiiid r,;eu w'lin have ii ?ed bl- I'lttuionalcb with
marked residid ? ?ev ?J T Waiker. Pastor nf thc
llowtloln .-rja-n-e t'huri'li,llo?|oi.. M a ?SI Hov ll W Olm
siesd.cttltor Watchman ami K?Ccctor) n? v li llphsm:
lion A t) lirewKt<;r,count?)lor, 90Cmirt-sl. ru.ston; Lv.
} White, ?li d Ulvtsloii, 5th Corns; USA: .! Skinner, MD,
ii. .-t' u. Anti hundred* hf otlidra In every department
of life. Prepared ht KDWAltD M. SKINSEIt, M. HM
at hi* Medie.il Warcfion.-e.'.'7 Ti'?-nioiit ht.. Illiston. Mast
Sold by OrUKgtlts Keueially. JanCeowlyU
Jewelry, Diamonds ?nd
W a tell es.
r pin: h?.tu- ntikt* ??quel, ?lrni'd .V ? ?? . I'.ii ifi Uti??
I tl:.- pleasure of uncoil;.fiii;: that tl.? > huye np?" .
?.I .m At-iK-v III H i- City New rori:, for tue nih- -il
their vi i h'ly konwn .leivelrv. Wnielie?, .Vi- .MK! lu?
tin- purpo?e ..! makin;; Huir plods li? rxteilMrely j
known and i>piirce?utcd la tin- t'nlted Sluice ns tin y j
in,%v I-H-. unit lui vt l.i i-u 1er s> >uuty >? iv* -. m lani.pe ;
they luivi- 'li t.-i mined un > jil .H by whl?-h poor nod I
ilrli libke univ hilve Hie r.ilv-nt H" ff iboir ep?-ndld i
stylos. AH n prelliiililnr.i, Hie; ivould ictitaik ilia' !
Ih'ev inauu'uettjie, und sell no iinittttion .lewctr) or '
Watches, Out
AIL ARE WABr!.\.\KIt GOLD OF lill: liNrS! WOIK?A.NSII?P. ;
Our.customers will also Lav- tue irre.V nlvntituce ;
nf ii cott-tntu ?uercs-ion "I new* mid icchcri-he Mv'le? ;
uti.I pattt-rr.n wit li vvliictt ,v? ?lilil? le i ;. our New Vork j
Ai-e|l?y hll|i|illee).
Wt luve ndnptcd tb- phill nf io le. lime no po'iulsi .
ri) I'-irjiiiiir ii unirorin priee, niid thi? pri?e vvllf Jiivnr
itjbly be fc?Tor ein li urticl?'; un nuit" r hoiv ei?st ly it
lin I" The i-xpi-n--- nf condiicttiii.' nut Ne?' Volk I
Airciicy inc pal.) hy the ?al- nf Oertifiral'-ii ur timi
l-nns rcpresi nt ni? the ?ni ibu? articles-The*? I.'ertffi- ,
etile?, ure ?ol?! ii t M) lient? e.-.?li. or five for 5V- ?I'd ..?eh .
i .itili-,-1- ?ill -ii- iv Hie holder the part ieiibir article? !
lt.-br ?li?-ls i-ntlth -t to. uti paim-tit "t tm mlditlon'il
il If lb?' urtii-le limned ntl the Ortificatc in tint i??
fin-il, tl..- liuMef M iii iibllise ii? ?In ti hi' return? the
Ceiiill-a ? . h. Ktatiiitf iwhtt! bi?n>r art Iel?-, .nf .till' ?aiiii; ?
vein-h. or-h? may p|.-tcr? : ml it ?ill I" sett- with ,
|ile??ure. Oiiriiiiiii t? tu ps- ?e. and every mi-aiis ?o 1
that . ml will I .. tiite'rii '1. \\\ -nilen u trml li nun-v. ry j
nu?, ulin rend" mi- initi?e MK we ute rotitiJ- tit 0! -r-iv- ;
itu- t -i- utmost anti.-? nil inri.
I"! i Mud; eiiiiiprl-c, Aiubnrrt idlier viii-hs. Splen
.lid t.....; (ii.lcl ui-.t siU.-r iViip'lieS.:ltini:ii ?et wita j
; lu.m-on -, ItuPie- I-JIN. ii -in t nu I '. lu r Pto ?-,
I (?O I Ha In- nuil iii clU'ier?;. Ladle** n-1- ?'? Jcivclry j
\ .':'.ni|iti-in;; Pin? etui Hal tin;'- nf ti. lie . t ijeltiOH
; illili- My le-', -it io l'reehiit.? -tune? <-i ev. ry-vrti-iy, .
together with a l.-.r;.-?-a-?nrtuicut et (ibid ii ti. J lyiui- !
i melted and i'etirl Si t-. dul-l ?-'llids -li l ?.!' fie Hutton*
tot Hie m.i-i hei.u ti ful puiteru?i <l?.-ut?' li-'soiu mid
Serirf Pliiu. ?nd .-lt, .,":;,., iiim-ty ol llriii-ehte, '
' I'int i ns. M ti-a-a I la, xe., Head Prense?, Combs, (.li mu*
j Ar,-In case unv nt our pr mu- ire ted Iii want of Ar
Itch-a y.f .levvi-lry. 4 nd vv6?\l?J pn I. r f-ilvei ware. u -
?ill nelblj 1 >r A S V ? .-ri iii al- let ut neil to tl?. ? richi.?
. .Illiraveil Set i-f ? ?ii-.iil? or Putter Illili, beautifully
; . li .?-'I i.iul pliti.'ll.
An? lit ? iirc vv.if.ted.-In en ry p;?rt ut tl?! Culled
-tiite-i mid provinces, and tn ..ll'.....i ii very liberal it.
I ilureii.cnt J u l! 1)-- <.tiered, and. un. iipplb'nl fin. II i-iri:ii;
? ?at ul tenn* vv ill la- !iirw:.rdi'd. We p-.i-r luniu'y aeitt
I iii l*n?. i i tri ce i iph-r* alu i- tin y eau La ul.tatt., rt; ..r
I by Until, I iiuti lo our unli t. Aibitees ?ill uni.r? lo
! our Aj-iticc; vvhir?i virtll be'cijiiilueted i.'V
;Mee?t?. JAQUET, KTEUI.I5G Co..
? J -i .'aa I ! :-'.' I'.runiiwtiv, New Vork.
' "J j iHA'JE 'VA l EHS'
'Great Musical Establish
S;'o. t.H It rn ii ?1 iv HT. "len Torli
! plain*. Mi l<.?i?nri?i ?' -I linl Oirahi, stielt Music. Mc atc
! ll .oks. and ali ku.il- ?.? Viislciil Iti?tiurut'tilM and Mi.-i
I eal Mcicliiuidlse. :it Hie l???e?t inti.-, vyliuleto?c mut
retail. ?i coud h.ind Mi Pel.i- -.md Manoa nt -M. at
1 linriwlns. Pt?..?-. *.?'. J:-., ii": *'..'.. H-W*-'.'-'. ?t.1
' t.'.'.'i. N?'w l - eiuv.i pl.im.i for t;"' mid upward?.
? The Horace Wan . I'i.-inos alu! Me oieoti* .ne ai tire
arid durable Ittilrunienls aa ai- mate. Wat ranted for
J live via:.-. Prices-iii lilli reilnci-d fur cail..
i Thc ll'iracc WalnV I'liiteis are kiiiv?a as Mi.ur.i- thc
. verv lan.--;.. Y l.iji.i.'.ll-t.
w.-cati ,<ak of Hu- m-il?- of the lb,rife Mutera
i'lauoi from put ?dual kunviiedvti: a- lielUij of tho very
? ii?-?-i uitalttv - Christian lut-Miu< i CCI .
i Tlic Horace Wat? r-.'l i nn t un- Until ?'! t'.ie lio?! am!
' most llioroiij;hle seiiaunt-d risaterial.-Advocate ? Jour
i lia!.
i Wniei-s' Pianos and Melodi.'oiii cluiHrnpi- eompurlson
ultu tin- ftnest niad.j am where in the cjutitri - llonic
Horace Waters" Plano I urti ? nr.- . t full, iii li ! even
I tom-, and povvei lul -New Vol k Min leal bel lew.
! . ur tro-ti !- i-111 Hu I ai Mr. IVateis." st re Hie ti ry lu st
I .l-foillili'Ut ?it MU?lC aii-t i.l I lan -, In tu- !-.u:iJ in lue
i L inte l St;ini-. -nruiiain'j MiiKaiiin
Tlie Hdriice v>.tiers I" jiu? me ? : ?'npurlwr tone and
i i.-ip|raut lliiisli-- Ne? V.-rk ?'lirlstlaii hu'v-u.-"-.
j Sela duli- nf prices ol Instrium ul- .i.-! i a?ali irni's ?J!
' -I.-el M H-ic and utiy music putilisliid ?ti Hie L'ulled
; stati ? ni ililli tie? .
I sheet Muiic. a 11.U-- soll?-?!, .-t 1 1-2 ci nu per pa-re.
Satibaih acliooh nu-J otliei Hook-;, ptibllilieJ lit Horace
I S.lBUAlH-fCll'IOL UUt.L, Ni'. 1.
?\nB.\TH-acitoi-L BK I.l.. SO
tltl'llAI. ll A Itt*.
I Paper Cover*, riir-- p?llara pei <t i : r.- ar-t Titree 1>?U
j lars arid silxtv C'en?.-. : Cloth EuiliOiaid (iilt. I i '.; liollaia
i amt I ?vi n:y fjeuta.
HELLS, Nos. 1 uti! 'J. in Ohe v.,:-,."-. S\x
j Dollars and-Slxtv cents per .!-... C'iotli embossed Oin
, Seven Hollars' nu l Tweutv t ea:.- )"?! 'lt /.
DA V-M'll')'?1. HELL i" Ihihtie Se.honl?
arid S?;miiiafle8. ?*a|KT ?."i.vcr?i Tlirce Lollars j>er dos.
Hoard. Three Dollai-s and feiicty (lentil C'iotli, roitr Uol
1 lars am! Llirlilv C ut.-.
i lill'. IjaULSllAN MELODIST; a new- i"
I vi val HM.ai am! Tum- Honk. I'rlc . Line Hollars p':r
'<!.../: lt ai !, three IJollars ?lid Slv.t\ Ci nts.
-Ttix nioiiiiiiai. rv. T.
\\?M HEG TO t'A LI. I HK A I i UN ri?bc
' ' nt thc public to tina iong t?it..i nud uiv
Thc Painkiller i;- r. purelv vegetable coiiipounct, r.nJ
while it i? >, tuuft rfficient K-in- ly fol piiiri.it i- n
perfectly ?afc tn rvtu ir. the t 4L1 uiiskli.'ul
or niiy.otii?r form of bowel t?.l.?eu?* lu chljjtrcii or
nil = '.t?. ; it I- un illino?: ?i-rliiln c?rei and ua? willi mt
dm.ht beeil more Micceakful 111 ciirlny 'lie various
sim!.- ot
thilll any ether know ti rented y,nri-veii the most ?kl.
(?I phvF-ii-iau. In Itali i j Africa, un J China; where
tina dreadful disease U etei: inore br lesa previiiontj
Pain Killer
ls considered by tin natives, as well cs Hurupeaii re
sldeiit? ia thoae elirii ile?,
?.-. ?Tor. ic for iii" Stotaui-h, 1; i- 11 bri cull i. A
fear tloscft will relieve iif-vi-rr run-? .vf
alii ?: I- often n perfect cure f.^r
j Dyspepsia
lin its most npj; rn vated forms, lui Ionic rind stluiu
i latina properties, nn .....-nip thc sys te in to vigorous
' action, render it n sliest elTcctniil cute fur
when use.l according tu directions.
For external application, ii t?> unsurpassed bj any
medical pr?parai inn known.
i and Neuralgic ACccti-us, u;e quiiily relieved and
often rr.red hy it. Any Soren??? in tin; Mu?r!es u:
Jolnts can be relieved by Its application, lt euri*
Instantly tb? most violent
It should nlvravs be kept urar.it hand, to he usi'd
tn rases of severe
If npplicd immediately, H cr orri i n<; tu directions, it
mil eire Instant relief, ao?? ?ir?rcnl, bilHlcriii?;.
Nov. ?8 3m-7
4-14 King Street,
Wisl.pj m rnli the ntletitlon nt the public to bis line
Hto<>k nf |;noda, They mil ul wu Vf lind a Ut?? HMm.Vt
iiicni on limul, which w ill bc -old ?- reasonable ai-.*t
any inlier house iii the cit>. (?lv.i t.. ., cull, anti see thc
?tock Pron pt attention pitid to i.ll.
t! Oil. ll. if.
'p?' 11.?a .u .nt?.-wi? lillX U.?ltKUI for the
?cure ol Itheuirmtiain, l'ih s. . Nrur.nlifln. s?o- n.
Urnii-eH. .Sprain?, *C.? thc best nud chiapcat Llni
motil in nae. For -?iii., by
o?t? lirn/?,?*i. vr llarrl.ton ?vrn?e.
Costiveness thc Most rroliiia Souroo
of 111 Health.
[?CUM'! Piles. HeudaclU'. Iiljt/iue?*, Opiirvasl?u nf
ri-.il. Sour Stolii-ich. Pidpltnlliins, FlUil"? ?'f Mic
r" .i<-<, Pain in iii* lim-k i. ti ft Linns, J nu ml Ii*, Ycliow
i,vi- ni thc Byes .uni Klrtii. ' o.iU-J Tonger, Liver
i . . m iii int, Loni nf Ap|ivtlte. I ivunvpula, I ?fl I pe?? iou',
etc. Aiiyiliiii't: likely lo prove ? reliable remedy Mr
halntuil i Obti\iu(.-i liai ecihiid impur ?lulu until wu
lmar of
V ci'i s til! 1 tic L 0 t v ii g o s .
Tin y un- rture?nbl? to lite pul lie, crane uri pain* op
er?t? promptly, never weaken Hie i-ii.nmrh liku hil
Hil?. In i-u ry euee 61 ( (IxtiK OJICMM mu!
1'llOM iii? y produce linnvdlatc relief, -md never ru
quireJncre?rV of do?e to eifeet a eure. Cbtldrcu mel
ii-m:il>-!> m.iv UM; llitiu under tiny clipt.ruslauccii.
I'riee CiO c?ut* ; (.mailboxes 3-1 cciitfi Kor'.?ale by
.1. s. liar ii sim &, fJ6 . Priipi ietursj Huston, Muss.i ur
iviil lu.-m.i iii-J un remitting t.O els. Dec 23,!},12
Iowe's 1 inproved I^rintinq proases
j ur. tltelii-ht iiml elii-a|M'si portiiblv Gard sud
.lu!? I'ressi i ''v. .- tu mle, and have t-ti ti a warded S il vt r
M.dui*. Vuu will fliel a lires- a source of pleasure
mu? |>rulli III |ifiilt inj,' fur i ourselves ur ne Jj; ii bur*.
>inu\ |iere"iin are
by usliej nm- vi tln-ir hoiries ur plm-ee ol builnuss.
,\ coiufurtHlilu i liui; limy bu nlitiiiued in unj city or
ri Unge, ?ith II ?mull '-nt I., v fur pri-sn M nd tyt.eF. Iii?
pii-i-n i, su eimpl" a luiy or pi ri ol twelve can ito com
mon and futi?y prlntiiit; iv ir h ouse. Ct: rd ii, HM-ii'?'.nle,
IHIII-I-, n-i-i-ip'te, circulars, etc., cnn bc printed ai a
inti mi: i > iienii?. .
Price ot pri'?Fi>s': ?ll Sid ?-1 nn^ PSn. Prien oj.
I'rin:mu < liri"' ?. Iticliidlni; l'r?as ; iii s'i* M'< ?^c sod
$71. .Semi ?ur u fjiri ulnr tu thc
I.' |\V K PU usa C'?xl TAN Y,
2'i Wnier St.Cit; Ulr-.teo.
All Inf- rmstlou KS to the above to I?' ol?iiiltir*d ut
tl.ir ol?.cc. Dec ly.l-J
a new an I heautifu! Preparation tor the Teil
et, willi ii ?fn? arti a -res-h, ia r auJ hen t"ij hue. to
t:ic complexion, nu-i renders thc Flein Fol't mitl
u.coiii au ininiit'i and removes all blotches, tans,
freck .. - and other iin| urn cf that nifty arise mun
r?tlier t aus-.-. Ttiis preparation is intended to biko
ititi ?..ace of the o i inferior articles of powder timi
:.u\c iie?i: Eb Icnj; in usc toi \-aut of soiucthi.if? -
ter, nil re appropriate, iieriri?iibiit und :M '.cable tn
thc Ue'iuirement .?: thc 'Jouet. Madam's Pearl
l.'ro's. unlike thu powders, remain upon tue tace
a i oity, nt!-! 'iii riot disappear ut t ic inst symptoms
'.i pi-ici.viutii.it;. t.c ti cr LS .: cut.rely rcmtivctl by
every litt c pas*iii;? breeze; i .nt after one thoroutrh
a: ..ikhi.On, tipoti ..r'-ssm;.', it is unncr-FMiry to u.-e
i airam t:." same <!ny. uii.es? ii ia the wish ol' tho
.a l-i.> t" iio vIJ. This piv.puititii.in IF, tor many reu
sojis., -ar superior to ail ut hers nove in use; its deh
e.'iie pink tex turi-, to he;ir y rcscmtiliug the riiFv.
I res-i i line ot health, ami the wurm, bricht clow that
.: imparts, wherever ti^': I. itiaUes 't both vaiuahle
?tid li?iic.'.c?al, as a lu ai:::!.cr auria preserver ?if
Hie i;?mp!exion. l.'iti?n the dry preparation, it
. ' ? i.ui-.s : ?ic li it'sh u: chagrin and antiyunce to
tuce eek hy ICM; re.inindcd of its' .UM! 'hy. Iiiii?i
and lufhiuatlon? ni I li?rent kinds of associa tel ai i(i
coiiipani(>ns T :.- .-?iiant ty e?ch ii?tt??cor.tftiii? aiiil
the (luraliility ot' tue Peat 1 ilrUps niakes it thu
?:i] m i as v ?a tue I .'Cat ueuu..U?i' in existeuci*
Foi* sa e hv a!! druggists;
Dec 'J3i 3??J?2
gnOiT'A^ aft BJ ,gj IS ld
t^pnld ilia's Rosemary
I'rnrriote* the trrowth of -Human Hair.
Sofii-ni. tin- Huir when hnrMi and ^ry,
SOOIIK-I tin- IrritHted.Scaip.
Prevents Hie Unir from fnl?ns o?(.
5 PA i. ! JIN '. : ' S RO SEM Alt Y
Pri .deist's the Hair !roQi tarnlug gray.
1- th" !....-.. arid cheap'-at Unir Pressing lu thc world
!t promut.- tb- LT aili of M y hair, mut U entirely
fnv fruin n't irrtuttlne mitt- r. Spnldiiiir'ii ttoHerfiarv
i. prepared liv KUM' Mil) M. SKINNKIl. M; V>., Sol?
Proprietor ut Ins Me.lir.nl Wsruhouse, -j; Trelrinnl
~-,....t ,.r.;.,..-t.- Mu-'.mn, UoM.m. Mn... Sold liy
il.-..|i-r? vc'tierslly: cow Iv lier. U? I" '
NEW YOUR, July 14, lM?
Messrs. Urning 5 Co.
Cv. ri KM i N -Tl o-.-t the desirve? los of the Ame
rican M ii?enm liss pr -veil K aeriuiii- I"*?tn rriyelf ?mb
the titililii I liri) li-ip; lo verity tile old srtii??. thal,
v lt's :ui 111 ivlnd th.it bl?wa nnl'io'ly iroud,'* nnd.cou
senu.'iiilv. .. H ;raiu! it-- ynii 'hi' your well known
Fates luir- in dem 'ii*tr.ited tlirlr -ujierior firrt
j ! i.u in ? M ordeal nf unusual severity^
Tim ? if-' vi ti -i H '-. (or nu- M.mi- lime nco wat? In lin
Office ni lin Museum, un th?- *>c"ii'l flnor. hielt part
of t'u- linUdlnc. sud tu t lie ?IOIIIVFI nf the Ore.
A 't'-t t .1 .-uri fi ur lii--..i - ni tri?! ti li's* found anion])
the .I- t tl-, i"n| ..H tipenluir I* 'li ? -lay line > ieldi-d up
lt- enti'i it- in i en i ind ? rn er-honkFi pspora.polt
<-ii-- nf InMire-cee, l.nuk bill?, nil in iDnuitinn for lui
ine.linte nee, and s lin'-le ronuuetitary ou thc iraat'
W.irtllllieS! ol lletri-i?'- rt rr I'mof Sufc?.
j i*ulv vuiirs, '
ii r it Rix? ; s p A r ?. JCT CM AM j? fox s A FKS .
Thc most rrit?bU protection from fin non: knwu.
Il?rrl c k r.c>.\* I'lilMll n.iilr.-r-' Ssfes, wltti Her
rim: fi Fiovd'iii Pat- ul Citvalallzed Iron, the heat so
cdrlti Sjiiilint ii hurgler'a drill ever insnilfseturcd.
Il KR KING it CO.,
No.-Vi' ltrmul ..*ny. cor. Murray St . New Yerk
F??itKL, ULUKING A '"??.. PhiNdolphlit.
UUltltINO * CO., Cult*f?.
6ma? M. ? I - .S
?flcdical au il Sur^iciil Journal.?
HIS well-known an.l lomr-Csiahlisheii Perio J
?c?! <-utere I upon its 73r.l Volume in Aujr?M,
IM'',, lt will he issue.I ?cclilv fis heretofore, fnr.u
thc >.i:lke of puhlicaliou. S3l VVasliitigtoh St^.Los-.
toa. lt? editorial uianaprcthcht is ('titrtiFted io two
o:'the. m? lica! Fncii tv QI Roston, meinhcfa of tue
State and Cte Medical Societies.and well qualified
uir their place hy scient ilic anil literary attainment.?.
Aid is n so L'.re? hy many ol' thc lea lin;: physicians
".' Bostt>Vi,fti*i I contribution? arerechiveil iVutn ena.-'
lieut, mcinhers of t f. prot'C'Sioii in oilier parts ot
mr- country. All t ic Me heal ?ni 1 Siir?icnl KcpoTu
inti !.? m the Huston Society l'or Me,heil improve
ments arc inserted in tho dni:RS.\i., and ?L,o.tl e
mure i liierest uni casfiS rm.I report?i I Yon\ jollier Me.l
ica As.-oc ai oiis in UoMouand it.?, vicinity. Valuu
iie eoiiitmitiieataius are a so, irom tune to time,
receive.I luun S ir^.-uns in tue Arinv and Navy.
lt- contents, thouin main y of a practical character,
ire iincti lcd to lu- Millie ently vane ' \r> make it*
ivcek y vis.ts interesting ns weil as useful to the
iic-li.-ii practitioner. , .
The pr.ee is KULT, DOLLARS a year, payatil?
n ti. I vance. Two vul<imu.-?.-n year, ol'over ?OO pa
ies e ion Previous lunn mrs ut' the etirreut volumrf
uiniuic-l, aiul I Hick vo.umej also bupplied, at a
uara, di?cotint. ,
.-Jr DAVID CLAPP ?t'??Hr- >.
Dc . CS, Sui 12 i Ihihlishers,
_.rltfr' ;,,?'?-?
t your Fireworks, Toys, Secare and Tobacco
At R. PO CREK? yV.
Pccrji .2wll 6.1A King Str?fll?

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