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Saturday> Jan? 27, I860
?WuoW?-tb A0KST6 : WUlhuu Dart, I'KUI Polusctt
fiim?el L. Benuett, or Charleston; Win. B. Sash
Columbia; Demi Dudley, Uobton, Masa. ? Kev. A
Waddle, Savannah ; A. G. baxter, Georgetown. Al
len Luca?, New bedford, Mad*.
Tua LEA u KB o?u be obtulned at the store? ofT. VT
Carduzo, corner ot lleurlelta alni Kllzabctll Streets
?un at Shaun* Jt Denuj, Market Strtret, oppoilto Au
taxation without Representation.
f rosar Augustus, once issued a decree that ul
' the world should bc taxed ; and every one weni
unto his own city for that purpose. liven Jos
eph wont up from Nuzoreih lo Bethlehem, to ht
taxed with Mary, thc mother of Jesus. Tuxet
wens burdensome then ns now, but under thc
iron heel of Roman power, every subject paid
tribute: :
: Wh?n Jesus was asked by the chief priests and
Berthes if it was lawful for thain to pay tribute
unto Crcsar, he said, "render unto Cu:-ar the
Ihlngs which bc Caesar's, and unto Uod tin
thing's which be God's" We believe in the
doctrine of rendering unto every tuan his due.
but we'do not recognize the right of a State to
levy a per capita tax Uj.on subjects who have
had no voice in the selection of the officers of
Among the injuries and usurpations which
She.fathers of the Republic felt called upon to
? libbi it to' a" candid world, aa a reuson why the
'States should he free and independent, those
fornili?r with the Declaration of Independence
*Will remember, that the imposing of taxes with
out'the consent of the people, was prominently
act forth. And from that time to thc present.
taxation without representation has been consid
ered odious in thu extreme, mid in nntugonism
to the principles of republican liberty.
Thc City of Charleston has passed an ordi
Wftncetaxing every kind of business that is done,
und tn addition to this legitimate method of
creating a revenue, it levies a capitation tax
of two dollars upon every male resident twenty
years of age and upwards. We do not complain
.b?t this tax ja.especially burdensome upon thai
lar?e class of citizens who are denied ihc right
of tte franchise, but that- it is unjust, anti-re
publican, and oppressive in spirit. It will be
?lloved that under the equitable military order
of Maj-Gen Sickles, many of thc rough protu
berances of inequality will be smoothed down,
and the colored man receive some benefits from
tl?e tax he is called upon to pay ; but as full re
ongni'ion of the political rights of the people
boa not yet come, we protest against the in
justice, of the capitation tax.
The method of taxation differs essentially in
'the Northern States. In Massachusetts every
citizen, twenty-one years of age and upwards, is
aasessed a poll tax, und the payment of this tax
qualifies the citizen to vote, anil whether a man
votes or not, the tax may be collected. It mat
tera not how much property tax he also hus to
121' KHaB^ai?^d^-pJ^?SBfe?1 .<^x to cuijo^
f" ^Tew York There is no capitation tnx assessed,
'but a property qualification is required of a
?colored man. The same is true of Connecticut
tn reference to the inequality on account of col
or. . In Rhode Island there is a real estate tax
nnd a registry tax. Thc citizen who pays n real
estate tax is allowed a vote, and nil other native
born citizens of thc United States arc allowed
to vote upon thepnyinent of n registration tux.
Those who do not wish to vote, however, need
not pay the tax. No nlicn-born citizen is en
titled toa vote unless bc pays n real estote tux.
Rhode Island clearly recognises the principle of
"ne taxation without representation." and as
it does not give the ballot to aliens, it hus not
the presumption to tax them.
We regret exceedingly that the city should
"have passed any such ordinance, because it sa
vors so much of that spirit which hos sn long
kept up the wall of distinction between two
.classes of people, based entirely upon the color
of the skin. So much of this class legislation
has been done away with, it is a pity that any
thing should be allowed to remain that will
tend to cherish'the feeling superiority or inferi
ority. -'Hut we have made great progress tow
ards the end desired, nnd we rejrice in thc belief
that the lime is not far distant when every man.
will stand upon his actual merit, and t-omplex
ionaldifferences pale into oblivion.
Sr** The Lender is the onlv paper in South
Carolina that advocates the equal rights of man.
regardless . of birth, color, or race. It is the
friend of free labor and general reform, and
earnestly appeals to those favorable to its prin
ciples, to gi v? it that support which shall en
able it ttl continuo as a medium foi the full, free,
and unrestricted discussion ot the great practi
cal questionn?t issue in this Slate.
We have received from our frienrts in the North
a Urge supply of School Books, Pamphlets,
and Newspapers to he distributed gratuitously
among tiie peopie of South Carolina. Alt de
siring these valuable tracts eu 11 bc supplied by
calling at the leader office, 430 King Street,
entrance'from Citadel Green.
CAVTIUH.-|A juan named T. P. Slider adver
tises that ho is an agent for all tho newspapers
published fn Charleston. As we have nevei
authorifce*d T*. P. Slider to receive any advertis
ments for^thfe Leader, the public are hereby eau
tioned against entrusting any business with him
intended for this office.
Scott has- u ?is mn ed command of the affairs per
taining to 'the Refugees, Freedmen, and Aban
doned Lands,in place of Gen. Saxton. Gen.
Scott ls said to be n man. of decided character
and gent?Vbu^^hilliiuhpopy. Ile was held as a
prisoner jfi'Cho^lestpn during thc war (together
with two of'hli'elurf. Capt. J. I*. Long and
Capt. U.^H.^'?'o?j, and doubtless understands
experimentally'tHe tunvper and disposition of
one class o^tn?'p^cople with whom he will have
toing*. " T"1".'. r
-rcijvw-p 'V A '?
Capital and Labor.
An unfortunate relation is now existing in
South Ctu-olina between capital and labor-be
tween planter ami freedman-growing out of
the former unhappy relation of master and
slave. Ci pi tu! can no more get along without
luhor, than labor can flourish without means.
The antagonism which formerly existed between
the laborer and the capitalist, because of slave la
bor ought no longer to exist now that shivery
hus been abolished. Capital no longer owns
labor, but lubor and cupjtnl, _fre?di?nn_ und
planter, are each dependent upon the other ; and
for the beiielit of all, on amicable understanding
should be urrived nt, that the soil of South Ca
rolina may produce an ubunditnt harvest, und
autumn's yellow lustre gild, thc freedman's
humble collage us well the planter's nuble man
We uro often told that thc freedmen will not
wotk-thut they will not contract-that the
vast acres of fertile land must remain unculti
vated-and all this the result of freedom. Tu
whatever extent planters have fourni it impossi
ble lo enter into just and equitable contracts with
freedmen, they should remember thal it is ihc
frtiit of slavery, mid bear up under it patiently.
Tu whatever extent planters have failed to make
unfair and unreasonable contracta (such ns of
fering rive dollars per month for able hands and
have them lind themselves) nothing need bc
We have heard of several planters upon the
Cmnbuhee Uiver, who have offered fair and equi
table contracts for laborers-contracts which
General Beecher sanctioned; and the freedmen
utterly refused to comply with the terms. Of
course, they will have to leave thc plantations,
and seek homes elsewhere. There are sonic
planters who recognise thc status of the freed
men and arc willing to enter into fair agree
ments willi th?rii lor the cultivation of the lund.
Some have proposed to pay wages of twelve
dollars per month ; others have offered tm
dollars per month and find them rations; und
yet others have agreed to lin J everything neces
sary foi working the plantation, and give them
one-third of the crop. All of these offers are
fuir, and if freedmen do not accept sud. terms
from well-disposed plumers, they muy have to
do worse.
Our advice to freedmen is, that when they cnn
secure lands for a lease, to do so ; und when
they catinnt. then make the best bargain possi
ble and go to work in earnest. Thc lauds which
came under General Sherman'a special Held or
der, will doubtless be retained for the freedmen
upon them for the term of three years, but all
other lands in thc State will have to be
worked upon a lease or under contract,
The welfare of the freedmen, the prosperity
of thc State, and all brunches of industry
would thrive, if the planters and laborers
could agree to unite their interests and work
faithfully for thc beuctit of each other. There
is no reason why capital and labor should be
in antagonism, but wisdom will discover that
their interests are identical.
mBVcmfi BANKS.-We cnll attention to the
advertisement of the Freedmen's Savings und
Trust Company. It is a Hank for the .'eman
cipated slaves and their ilesccndants." The
trustees feel ibm, in the establishment of this
Hank, they are providing n necessity for the
African race. Joseph II. Jcuks has been chosen
aa thc cushier, a most worthy mun to lill a re
sponsible position.
CONCERT.-The concerts of the Star Minstrel!
I Troupe, nt Military Illili, on Monday and Tues
day evenings, were quite well attended, and thc|
performances highly creditable.
DINI.NO SALOON. - Thc question is often |
asked, M Wu?re can a good dinner bc obtained ? "
When gnod dinners arc scarce lt is of some im
portance to have thia question solved. Von will]
only have to go to Fordham's, 182 Meeting St.
and ibid thc question answered in whatever may ]
he called for.
ZJSr The Presbyterian Parochial School, kept
in Zion Church Vestry, now numbers live hun
dred pupils. There arc four male teachers, anil I
four female teachers. The school is iii n nourish .
in;' condition.
SltAKSrKAUE AND HtS Tl M KS WB8 the Subject
nf Mr. Cunlnzo'* lecture at the Normal School,
on Monday evening, 22nd inst. The audience
wu" hrgc and very attentive, and the subject
was treuted in a masterly manner. A brief bio
graphy of the great author wns given, and
choice selections were rendered from Othello,
Hamlet, Hornea mid Juliet, and other writings,
in ah interesting anti instruct vc manner.
Gov. ?ir it.- We arc glad for the future of this
State that the direction of her affuirs ure in thc
hun s of James L. Orr, ber governor at the pre
sent time, ns tn n couple of interviewe held
with Mr. Hurley he han so well and honestly
expressed himself in regard to his views upon
the question at issue, between both classes of
our fellow citizens, that we are satisfied if thea?
measures are brought to the notice of the people
they will do a greut deal to disabuse thc minds
of our colored friends as to nuy enmity on thc
part of Gov. Orr towards them.
CP* We are in hopes that some notice will be
taken of the Birth day, Feb. 12, of our lamented
President Abraham Lincoln. Cannot thc friends
prepare snmething in ihc way of a meeting in
Zion Church that evening, mid all turn out and
pey n tribute of respect to thc memory of the
greut emancipator.
Ouit, PUIJLIO BcitooUi-Wc arc in hopes
that (he rumor in regard to thc appoint-,
ment of; our friend Gilbert Pillsbury, ns
Superintendent of Schools, for Bureau of Re
fugees and Freedmen, is correct, aa no better
choice could be made; he having been a teneher
lor thirty yeurs, and having been unequalled
throughout Ihc western pnrt of Massachusetts. If
he can be secured, thc Free Schooln of South
Carolin.! will soon take rank with other schools
throughout the North.
Headquarter^ Dept. of SX.,
CHARLESTON, Jan. 17; 13001
No. 1. J
I. To thc end that civil rights nnd immuni
ties may he enjoyed ; that kindly relations
among tho iuhubittints of the State may be es
tablished ; thal the rights and duties of the em
ployer, and thc free'laboror respectively, may be
dciined; that the soil may be cultivated und thc
system of free labor fuirly undertaken; that the
owners of estalea may be secure in the posses
sion of their lundi ?nd tenements t that persons,
able and willing to work, may bav? employ
mein ; that idleness anti vagrancy may be dis
countenanced, and encouragement given to in
dustry and thrift; and that humane provision
limy Se made for the aged, infirm mid destitute,
the follow ing rcgulationa'are established for ..'<?
government of till concerned in this JJeptuM
ment : J?&
Iii All laws shall be applicable alike to irS
the inhabitants. No poison shall be held in*
competent to sue, make complaint, or to testify,
because of color or caste. " *
III. All the em ploy incuts of husbandry or of
the useful arts, and all lawful trades or callings,
may be followed by all person,, irrespective of
color or caste ; nor sh di any freedman be oblig
ed to pay any tax or any fcc for a I.cense, nor
be amenable to any municipal or parish ordi
nance, not imposed upon all other [crsons,
IV. The lawful industry of all persons who
live under the protection of the United State-,
and owe obedience to its laws, being useful to
the individual, and essential to the welfare of
society, no persons will be restrained from seek
ing employment when not bound by voluntary
agreement, nor hindered fro til travelling from
place to place, oh lawful business. All com
binations or agreements which are intended tu
hinder, or may so operate as to hinder, in tiny
way, the employment of labor-or to limit com
pensation for labor-or to co iii pel labor to be
involuntarily performed in cerium places ur foi
ccrtuiu persons; as well a.s all combinations or
agreements to prevent the sale or hire bf lands
or tenements, ure declared tn bc misdemeanors;
and any person or persona convicted thereol
shall be punished by tine not exceeding five
hundred dollars, or hy imprisonment, nut to
exceed six mouths, ur by both such tine and
V. Agreements Tor labor or personal service
nf any kind, ot fvr the use and occupation of
lands anti tenements, or for any other lawful
purpose, between freedmen and other persons,
when bully made, will be impartially enforced
against cither party violating the sume.
VI. Freed persons unable ld labor, by rea?
son of age, or infirmity, and orphan children bf
tender years, shall have allotted to them by the
awners suitable quartets on the premises where
they have been heieiofore tl um ici led as alu v?a.
until adequate provisi?n approved hy the (Jene
ral Commanding, be made for them by thc State
ur Local authorities, or otherwise! nnd thev
shall not he removed from the premises, IP'O-SS
For disorderly behaviour, misdemeanor, or tittie)
offence committed by the head of a family or a
mem bet thereof.
VII. Able bodied freedmen, when theyJ?ve
thc premises in which they may be domlWPd,
shall take with them and provide for such of meir
relatives its, hy thc laws of South Carolina, all
..itir.etis are obliged tb maintain.
Villi When a freed person, domiciled ona
plantation, refuses lo work there, alter havuig
?leen ollercd employment by thc owner or lessie,
in fair terms, approved by the agent of thc Fi eld
:ncn's- Bureau, such freedmen or womat)* shall
remove from the premises within tea dues aller
stielt oller, and due notice to remov?- by the owner
oi ncciipnnt.
IX. When able bodied freed persons ?ire doini
riled on premises whc?ragky have been lu'fc-to
or ctsew'her?PwwBWl^^icrmilted to remain,
?iii showing to the satisfaction bf the Comm.mil
ing ?nicer of thc I'ost, that they have made dilig
ent and proper efforts to obtain employment.
X. Freed persons occupying premises without
the authority of the United Slates, or the permis
sion of thc owner, and who have not been hcryto
fore held there as slaves, may be removed hythe
Commanding officer of the l'ost, on thccompliint
of thc owner, nnd proof of the refusal of sud
fred persons to lemo ve after ten days notice.
XI. Any person employed or domiciled: cn a
plantation or elsewhere, who may he rightfully
dismissed oy the terms bf agreement, or expeled
for misbehaviour, shall leave the premises, aid
shall not return without thc cotisent ol 'tho owier
or tenant thereof.
XII. Commanding officers of Districts ?Ol
establish within their commands respective!',
suitable regulations for hiring out to labor, furn
period hot to exceed one year, all vagrants ino
cannot bli advantageously employed on roils,
fortifications and inlier public works. The jib
feeds of such labor shall he paid over to the .ls
sisiatit Conimisssiptier bf the Freedmen's Durent
tn provide for aged and infirm refugees, i ml ?gut
freed people, nod orphan children.
XIII. Thc Vagrant laws pf the State of Sbutj
Carolina, applicable to tree white persons, ?il
bo recognized as the only vagrant laws applica
hie to ibo freedmen; neverlheiess, such laws filial
not be considered applicable tn persons who an
without employment, if they shall prove thal tlu-j
have been unable io obtain employment, tifie
diligent efforts to do so.
XIV. lt shall be lite duty nf ?meera cntn
mantling Posts to see thal issues of rations t<
freedmen ure confined to destitute persons, ?hi
are unable to work because of infirmities nrisii;
from old agc, or chronic diseases, orphan childi i
unable to work, anti refugee freedmen rctuiiihi
lb ibeir homes, with (he sanction of the projei
authorities; and, in ordering these ratios,
commanding officers"Will be careful not to tl
eoiiinge idleness or vagrancy. District cm
mnndcrs will make consolidated reports of thu
Issues tri-monlhly.
XV. The';proper authorities <if lite State,ti
the Beverai municipalities mid districts, ?dil
proceed *o muk*' suitable provision for thr
poor, without distinction of color ; in debil
of which tnt- General commanding will levy i
equitable tox on persons lind properly sufiicie^
for the support of the poor.
XVI. The constituiioral rights of nil loy
and well disposed inhabitants to bear arms wi
not be infringed ; nevertheless this shall not j
construed to sanction thc unlawful prituM
of carrying arma ; nor to authorize any pflE
lo enter with arms on the premises of unflM
person against his consent. No one ahull bel
arms who has borne arms against the Unit*
Stutes, unless he shnll have taken thc An
nealy Oath prescribed in the proclamation
thc United Stutes, dated May 291b, 1865, or tl
Onih nf Allegiance, prescribed th the proclaim
lion of the President, dated December 8th, 180
within the time prescribed therein. And no di
orderly person, vagrant, or disturber of tl
peace shall be allowed to bear anns.
XVII. To secure the same equul justice an
personal libetiy to the freedmen as tu other ii
habitants, no penalties or punishments diff?re
from those to which nil persona aro amena bl
shall be imposed on freed people; and n
crimes and o (Ten ceri which are prohibited und
existing laws, shall be understood ns prohibit,
in tho cuse of freedmen; mid if committed hy
freedmen shall, upon conviction, be punished
thc sumo manner as if commited by a whi
XVIII. Corporal punishment shall not 1
inflicted upon riny person other than a mino
and then only by the parent, guardian, tetichc
or one to whom said minor ia lawfully hour
by indenture of apprenticeship.
XIX. , Persons whose conduct tends to
breach of the peace may be required to gi'
security for their good behavior, and in d
I fault thereof shall bc held in custody.
XX. AU injuries committed by or upon (recd j
person.'', ?hall Oe punished in tile mininer pro
vided by the l?w? iii Soul h C.lHdinu, tor like)
Injurien to tilt! persons or property ol' the elti
zunti thereof. If no provision be mude by thc I
lnws of the Suite, then the punishment for such j
offences shall be according to this lion rsc bf the
common law; und in the case of any injury
to person or property, not prohibited in the
cninm^u^|lu\v, or for which the ptiuish
miiij^Wfciul lu: appropriate, such sen
lL'Uflii ^Isia imposed, as, in the ilia.?
itrt before which thc trial |
ed proper, subj-ct lo
ral comminuting,
whatever cause, will
kVlth thu proceedings
escribed channel, lo]
Muccra of Districts,
ullin their co m mu mb
; nf the duly uppoint*
duly appertaining to
thc Bureau of Itefu
Tmnduned binds, curcio I
Ir guidance ult orders pub-j
tituissitmer or Assistant Coin
r competent authority,
ict Commanders will enforce
hy suitable instructions
and Post-Command era, taking]
TTTtice he done, that fair dealing be
twi^FTff?in and mun tic observed, and that no]
unnecessary hardship, and iib cruel or unusual
punishment he imposed upon any one.
liv command of
Maj.-Cen. 1). 15. SICKLES,
\V. L. M. U?itOKit, A. A. Ai
Alexuoder Moore, lJrev.-Maj. nod A. 1). C.
Cir*" Three or four hundred freedmen who
were transported fruin Edisio ami oilier islands
min Ham well District, before the collapse of tin
Confederacy, ute now in Charleston, on the way
to liieir finnier homes. They ii ll rejoice in going
back under thc old ling.
I"t?" A colony i- about settling in Florida, j
consisting nf both while mid coloied pcoph
Thc 'umber trade w til form one of the pi iticipiil
brunches ot business.
The Host,m Courier, notoriously know n ns j
thc NIH England oigan of Secessionisin, lins
i.dosed it's ibi-eruble existence. Tile Confederacy
lind lin further use for it.
CoeiiTixa MARTVUIIOM.-The South Cindi
?nun desires to be n martyr. Publishing ix
penses are heavy, patronage slim, amt it lt could
only be suppressed by military authority, it
would probably renoue a saving. We regard
thc freedom of the pi ess ns one ol the greatest
blessings u free people can enjoy, bul treason is j
a crime. There is n difference between inde
pendent journalism and a reek I ss tirade of un
qualified malignity.
BBnuTqrs, Military District of
CllAHI.r.sTOM, S. C. Jan. 'JO. Irlu'G
OriNEnAi, Ounnus, )
No. 8. J
PAIU'L Sneclal ;W?S*?i<iiti i'oiiiniittidinirjriiTi
. 111*' i)I HIM *BWp^pp*l dieu Miliorilliuile
ofllcers, is directed to Ceti?!rill Orders. No. I. from
Dep. I loin! Quarters, dated January Isl. 18I>6,as
it is believed that energy au I diligence on theil
pai'l Mill contribute materially to the attainment
tin: great objects Of the order.
II. Wherever il is claimed thal employment
luis been tillered lo the treed people illinticiled on
a plantation on fair terms, approved hy the Ho
re u of Itefiigees, Frceilmeii and Aband oneil
Lauds, which they have refused. Commanding
Officers of Sith-Districts and Hosts, previously to
issuing any order for their removal wilt satisfy
themselves clearly that such oller has been made
ki ntl ly and explained intelligibly to them, and ii
any ??oilbl exists whether this has been done, will
themselves in person or through some officer, or
intelligent non-coiuniisioucd olliccr, in whom
they baie eonlidctice, renew such oller to the
freed people previously to directing their re
III. In onie' thal the report ol nil rations Is
sued may be mattel rom these I lead-Quarters, lii
itioitthly. which is retpiiicd hy General Order Nb
I, Sec. XIV., ('nunn.miling Ollicers of Sub-Dis
trieis will report to these I lead-Quarters on thc
"iii, 1 Tlh, ?md i??th of eaeh month, the rations i.s.
sued hy themselves, or any Host Commander,
subject to their orders, lo de-lit mc persons, and
will reit .lire from those Hos! Commanders reports
at snell limes as will enable them to make snell
repor s fully and accuriitcly'i
IV. lie ports of all arrests for whatever cause
made in any Sub-Dislri I, and the proceedings
thereon which tire required by (?eiier.il 1'rdo- No
I, Sec. XXL. will be made hy the Coin iii .niling
Otlii-ers ol Sub-Districts un the 7th, 17th, and
27til ot each month, in ordei thal they may he
foi warded from these Head-Quarters on thc loth
?tub, and ast day of cindi nioltlll. These reports
will be in addition to the seini-tnonthly reports
>f persons in arrest, now nt|iiired from the Pro
..ost Marshal in each Sub-Dinriet. ami also the
nombiv ri'jKjitof the Provost Courts, which will
mntinuc lo he made ns heretofore.
V. The provisions of General Orders No. I,
will tif necessity bc enforced, mainly through thc
Provost Courts, whose decisions in all cases re
quire thc approval nf Suli-District Cnmiiiiimlcrs.
who will see thal those selected as .Judges lor
these Courts, are persons of intelligence and hu
manity, and who will carefully revise their deci
sions "taking cure that justice bc done, thal fair
dealing between mau and mint be observed, und
thai no unnecessary hardship, ami no cruel ami
unusual punishment he imposed upon aiiv one."
Prisoners ami parties io snits In tile Provost
Courts should hu informed that In all cases un
fatty a I lies from the decision (if the Provost Court,
'.^Hfamd by the Sub-District Commander io
rj^ijB-irici Commander.
iSS^l he jurisdiction of the Provost Collits,
HHT'II rs heretofore issm-d from I )>. pm tim-nt
BP-Omi i ter-, is limited io a line not exceed.
BESIIK' humlred dollars ($100). neil impii.-oo
PPra not exceeding sixty (60) days, and nil
.'ases of offence charged to have been commit
ed bj' persons of coioi or by while person.-,
iguinsl them, and nil violation of this order 10
vl'.icb thc Post Commanders huve not sufliclcnt
uristl ict inn, - 111 the opinion of Sub - Disttici
Jmninunders, to entibie them properly to pun
sh tbi> offender if convient!, will be reported to
he District Commander, ns heretofore, for ti ia I
lefnrc n milituy cotnmissioii, No pcr.-on will
IC forwarded for siudi trial without written
barges with nu mea of witnesses accompanying
VII. Commanding Olfleers of Mnb-Districts
lin ir u-iial semi-mtuiihly reports of ihe ai
ira in their Rub-Districts, will particularly
1 dc Whether the supply of labor liieret" is dis
U'lit or In superabundance in order thin
' table [irovislons may bc lundi: to afford I run -
nation to those who are deslrooa of obtaiu
'k, tn points win re it may be loni, should
t' be located in sections in which there is a
HIIIB of labor.
1 command of
>> RICK.
. Lieut. 36ih USC T, AAA Generali
Tin" Senate Inn devolv? most of llie werk to
thu discussion of the bill gran tiiig equal sufTruge
in thc District ol' Columbia, and lim hill to en*
latrgc thc power? rtf tlie* Fieetliiicii'i lluteau. 1'hc
bill grunting titles fur ihr*-c yearn to the lalttnd
lands included in ?eti. Slierrtino'a order ; passed
by ii large inuj?r?ty. Senator Wilson offered u
joint resolution for un amendment to thc Con
stitution which i/ill prevent the payment of any
debt contracted by thc rebela in aid of the re
bi llion j ulan tn prevent the payment for slaves
liberated by the war.
The House ot iii prcsciitativcs hus under con
sideration a resolution for amending thu Con
stitution in stich ii way iluii tlio basia ol' rcpie
septation shttil be fixed according to the voting
Congress moves slowly bil surely and justly.
Our cause-the cause of justice and bumiinityi
gains iii? ods in both branches ol Congtess, and
I'lesidciil Johnson xviii not plac? himself in op
position lo the will of Congress. The following
is the lull gm ti titi)* tidffriige lo the eolored peo
ple of thc' District of (Joluiiibiii I -
lie ic cimcti d by the Senate and House?f Repre
sentative!! nf tin- United Stales..of America in
(.'?.U/M.?.? itsseintilvit, Clint tioto nil laws ami part
ot laws, and pic.-ciiliiiig the ijunlilleni?oiis ul
el clor- fui any i>ttu'> in the District of ?olniii
bin. thu won! .. white" be and the Mini*' is here
by stricken nut, and ibm from and aller tin
passage ol this net no person shall he disijunli
li .i i i om voting al any f lection held in thu ami
district on account ol color.
SECTIO.-? 2. And be it further enacted. Tittil nj
iiels D' Congress, und all la>?s ?>t the ?itat?;??l
Mary IIIIKI III foi ci* io stud Di?trici, and al! orili
tiniiccs ul >\'a-luojj on and lJ?-orgetO?vn loton
Sist?iit with th" prov sinus ot' tins nut, tire herc
by repealed and annuled.
MUTATIS MUrxsiiisi.-?Tliti general tollen
the artil les in thu Ch 'Heston Sews luis changrt
ol'bite (br thc bette Wc do not know ?vbcilioi
the recent o der ot ?.fen Sickles lia- had uiiytbiiij
tb tlo wob it or not, but the temper of thc **. 1 i??J
rials bas changed.
Thc .Wies ul Thursd u ulrike* titi ajiolo^y fi?
?is rcceiil unsparing efforts to Imap ridm.-tilt- aie
itii.-rcprcschtiitiuu upon the entire colored rac?
in ihe following language;
.. li ihusi not be supposed that the (arrimu
remarks mat appear, from lime io timi', in mi
local columns, in relation io th negro, eiihiltnt?
fruin any unkind feeling towards the race. Th
miiikeil peculiarity ol dialect arising iront th i
igttoiuiicc ami want ot ?ducation, natur.illy tm
ni-hes legitiman* food tor liuumnliis nonce!
which is as much one ut' lin.* essentials u? a ii'ml:
ldc journal as heal irr and more -?THot-, lillirie:
lt does not follow, however, that we IHM- an
d?sire m engender m lin- mind- ol bur iradci
contempt for the race which it wimbi Bivi' i
unfeigned ple.a-.iirc to ? t t lin vc, prosper, an
lu come i lr? ut ni by II ?tropel i tinea ion;"
Tbc AVltM univ ??nu.-, it? h.- tie- fl lend ttl tl
Neiii i?. and -ay ? : -.
.. Wy Migge.-t that n meeting ?il the fli t t
tori, ol' ibis my be culled j Ihnt Uley hr ti'
dressed by South Caridiiiwiia i thnt they I
HtldresSetl lu such language as cannot fall
cou vince i bein that ??e ?re their mm frmiid
.inti ?? r Veiituie io assrrtjirlH rtfitronly ?viii IM;.
i. ri m* br re-estiihli.-lb d bAiwe?ii tim twit tac
h?n that lin* (nippiest n-.-ulis will ensile, not tl
I ra st of .vt.uh ?? ill In- n happy irndi-licV to? ai
?t. .....ij- ..? mn i.riti- ?...-.0 a<- u
tn-, nod lite utter di-a-mutl nr.* ol tin- italu-rrkn
mi veinurei s now mtikiug capital out nt'tin poi
licgi o's cn dullly."
Wc hopi' the .Wir.i i" iii earliest : WC nope tb
il ?viii not gil iiiick upilil ?? li lt ii luis ?aid | ?
hope that its editor anil other Sotilli Ulliolina
Mill tall a inectilii! of ihr Ircrdtnrii, mid pie-?r
slime tangible evidence unit they arc the fi et
ui II n's tim- friends, and are wiilinu io lend
helpiiit! hand tn improve his moral, soc ni, HI
intellectual coitdiiiou. A's a*um H.- Sooth Ca
nlininiis ?? ill dil jn.-tice to tin- Colored r-iCci gi
t quid pri? ilr^es for cdiicat iou ntl I hilMlieSs pu
sn its, r**co|iui/.e lli?-lr ciii/.cu-hipi anti confer i
right ol' suffrage, the colored m.m ?viii consul
tlit'in ftiends iiitleed.
DKI'IIDKATIONS. -Mr. Pringle nf George|<i?
wini hail oiie hundred imo titty freedmen upi
his plantation, hilling lo make tiny sn*
tactor)' contract ??'iib llit-ni, gave thew ten dn
io rjnit the premises, 'tr accept bis |?-rnisi win
are saul to have bren ve?y lair. Upon bi- i
tun., alter thu expiration ot thc icu days,
found the plantation house anil nil the tn hi
und Hillel buildings upon his place burnt d du??
mid thc ft eeo itu ii gone. I his is n piece of lu^
ha ml ed vandali-iu, unlike iiiiything ive hu
previously Ininti of, nntl causes the friends
the freediiii-n exceeding grief. .Such acts u.jti
lin- cn Usc of fin- labor, and give the enemies
freedom an oppoiiutiiiy to exult m what th
call lilt- tail.Ile "d' rmnfieipntiou. We hopi- Ile?
io liave io record ii not her such insiam-e ol' shu
sightedness mi the patt nf freedmen.
WoiiniY of 1'itAist:.-The justice nf Mr. C,
cock, funnel ly member of Congress and Inti
Collcctbi of CiistouiH at tins pint, towards t
people on his planiaiiou ls Worthy of tommin
anon ; nm) if, tho example sci by li iib is folio
ttl by the rest ?if Hie planters, lhere ??ill he
qmstum ns to the settlement ol thc labor tim
lum. (J? iitlenicn tty the laborer fairly and
??ill upiiy yoii honestly and fu?t li Tn 1 ly.
Vy" Thc Loyal (?ioiyian is the linim of a in
pa pei just slant d in Augusta, Ucorgtn. ilevot
to ile- ll.iitilt? Hillier of , quill light-? nt.tl liri
leges; iticspcctive ol' color or raeut Success
(?on.?Int?.-Dur correspondent Informs us
a (hagiaceful collision which occurred iii Colut
bia between six white young unit anti two ct
und young men. The white then were the ii
Lr ?essors, bot tile colored men victorious. '1'
UH se cantu bi fore the Provost Court, which di
ihnrged the CtlliUcd persons, anti adjudged I
tiller party guilty of iissntM and bitter)', '1
?liivulrtitis nix were seht to (In- (jtuird Utilise,
ry After the lapse of so long a period sit
inc Confederacy's collapse, the relapse of Sou
.rn newspapers into prais?- of plunderers up
he high seas, is some?? hat remarkable ; anil, I
or the fact thal some rebels aro near tn ilcsp
itiort, it could be u nu cen II mable. One lil
ihcet plait's Haphitel Semines, who numinahcl
he Alahnma, on the list n till I HI rd Nelson a
ither naval rjotnintititlefsi History will tn
.ure of itself, and Certainly ?ny of the Confi
rab.' nu ral lion ttiffi
" Hf left ii rorsBh's linnie to other Unios,
Unkel with one virtue and u tliou?aial crimes."
i iinmnn - ^
NKQHO HATH KD. - The Negro- hulera of
Wushington net fire to four elm 1 ehe? occupied
hy colored people, 011 thc evening of the Iflth
inst. Asbury Church, one of thc oldest Metho
dist churches, ond the 1'resbyieiinn church
where Uev. II. lt. (Jurnett preaches, were muong
HIE number. Twd ?welling liouava were ainu*
1 j ti A ti s TO HEAD.-In view Of the rapid ad
vance of political ideas, it i? IUI portant that all
the people shtlnld he educated. Lei every per
son who can read and write len Hi Rome Other
person to rend urn! write. Thc time may not bc
far distii.it w hen Inc colored mau who tan rcud
intelligently and write hi* mime will bc in pos
KCSH?OII of the ballot; Learn to read I Learn
lo write ?
ITT Three of the eight boys who were carriers'
[of The Spriwt/ield /{rpublican in 1856, are now'
cashiers of biiuks in Western Massachusetts.
The ablive reads very well, bul why does not
the lirptifiUenn tell what hos become of the oili
er live. *~"\_
ITT FR?TK UNA I. l.ODCK, N< ?. I<M)4|
H IJ.?if *>t>U KKLLO VV.S.-A meelliiK will be held
lin Tueaiiiiy evening next, ;toih, at ?even o'clock. A
piiiirtual nltchtlUlice I* requested. Hy order nf tho
N. (?. MKllCH AN fi
jail. tb*. Iw.ll H C. pro tim
'HON.- An rxirn meeting will bo held al /.ion
Church, .Monda... ?'.'til imitant, ut deven o'clock I'..M.
Punctual atiendan.:?' ?f "ll thu uicinbcri It rvipiesieil,
Hn hiiriiiesi ul' import ince will be transacted. Hy or
der ol tin- President.
JmVir iivit; A. MtUDI.i: fiiN. Sec.
rv A lTKNTMiN CO. h.-?Tl'EN?) A
Meeting ?m Monday evciiinx. .Inn- letW, nt Union
t.en ni. Mull, Kine St , m ? o'clock. Per i?r?lrr of
jmii? bil? H. I* IIBNPOIlp.
delivered for Hie benefit ol tho Protestant Kplsropul
Si-winy Cu cid commencing Jan. 8. I NW.
I hr third lecture will he delivered by Wm. ty. Wes
ton. M oiiil iy <-ve'it. .Ian amit, (?Od., subject " Dcclfiltm
nf Character;" ihe utilera announced weekly Th-keti
eau tie obtained nf Hubert Houston ; W. P. Marshall ?
'I'. li?rosla ; S. Hare; A. O'NIifl arid Jus Koilham.
I.K M I' ASSOCIATION.-? regular Weekly .Meeting
.il tili? association will take piare nt the resiliente of
Ur .liiseph Oreen, Meeting Si rivi, ever} Thursday
rvenlng, al ? o.elbek, pm- Hy order of Om Prcal
,l,."i. r. ll. Pluck, Sec.
Tho following ?rr the officers of the ?hure assoruv
th'ti t
.Ininrii l.erv, Prr.Mrnt ;
Joseph tireen. Vice-1're?.J
C ll. I'rlce,Sec.ami Trcaa.
.SI a mil ug (hunmlttei- Connnilier on Charily -
P. Stimmer?, Cli'rnuo,; A Holier! ainu Ch rman;
i J .InhiiMiii, ' * ' Tiiliver,
T. .MUN, .1. Murry.
XV. IVrrv, I d- Pilmer,
.Inn 1 ! Tn 15
txy NOTICE.-hr. T. M. Mrtnminger rc
Spcctl'uliy oilers his services tn his friends iiiid the
pnlihe, in the p-^ictice of Me licinc, 1 ' '^?^^Sf^?g?^^i
Sii>.;erv_^pr - tttt?tflItf?^W^n
-w lin Jan. ].-,
l-l?- SH HOOL NOTICE.-The dui ivis or
my Srfii.nl Hill he resumed un Tueiulay, january
"ml, IMV, NO. .VI Meeting Str. et
Mer Jo "in l l PkTKIt ll MOKOAN;
Cc"' DH. H A. HOS KM AN (h.,,. A>M. Sur?,
lb S; tl; T.) lilia taken up hn> rt-stdciu-r in Ibis Cl iy
with tin- view bf engaging in llir practice ol Medicine
ami .Sunter)'. Me will he lound al hi* attire,
Nu. I'S Calhoun Street, unit ni rr?iilrnrr, No. 35
Ungani Street, near ll ti I legs. Oilier houri* front ?
io 11, nan., and from 4 tn ;, p.tu.
Nov ?Ml. .tn,S
rurel K hill, y I Osease.
rtireu ltheumutisni.
cures Urlimry llisei-ei.,
SMOLANHKU'.S Ki'ritACT iiucliu
cures t i ravel.
SM fl LAN It KIPS K?C TH ? CT ll fl'll (j
ruren Stricture*!
The liest fluid Kxtraut now before the public la
SiflKlIll tt<l?;|-*H. r?ir t li? diseases limned above,
and fur VVi Akneio.es and Pains In the Hack. P. maje
rmiipluints, ami hiSorders. arising fruin rxrrssr* nf
uii.v kind, ami is |>??rt ?M*t I JP liivnltt
uhle Suhl by ult Apnthcenric*. Prier mir dollar.
Try ,t )). names i rn. New Yurt, mid Har nea,
Ward, k-Co., New Orleans, Agent? f,.rthr Smith and
West. HU ll l.hioil h ItOUKIt.S, Houtui, .Miss ,Cen
era! Agenta. De,, .a, ly, VJ
Janies, John, \ Kdisto Islands
'IMIK Plue light tl rta lt Steamer " MAH," having
1 iaadr her first Trial trip, ii il!, nu ami alli r Ihr nm
al .lau. ISMi. Iea*e I'hMOltn'a Wharf. W.-?t Kuti nf
Tntllil Street, din!, . f..r .1 iones amt .lolltl Island i xrept
M ri I ti t?i ?y? l?lirh ade Will leave fur Kit lit O Island.
. ^. , s U M' ?A UT. A?ent,
Mee 90i it 13 Mark lluwartt StrambOMl Ct?.
Tn sell prlte Ceri ideates for
UtM and Silver Watches,
l.adl. a jewelry, llvtiriiOlid King?, Pin?, Ar.,.
On I T *>O> KlICll,
Vat any nrllclr tlrnwu Helnil PriPo from $10 lo
I'rlce ?if Cerliflca ra 2,r, Cents mell. Liberal Preinlunia
and Cominiaslon allowed tn Agents.
for CIrriilar.- mid Term? adtlreta,
Messrs. ll A'Y W .t II ll ev V43-t
Jan'i03tnl5 3J3 broadway, N cw York.
VA Nt Kl).-Gnat Sale of Ji itt dry, Silverware, Ae.,
kc. Tb? llamllfr>n A Co.'? Orrai (HfM)iairibu<li>n.
inr hRcnta are rhafclna; ffnm Kivr m Thirty dollars
i*r day, and we still nord mofe. Laie Invoices from
Stfrupe have ??relied our stock to o*? One Million
?oliarr. A aplehiltfl assorthivtit of Watches, Kings,
.idle?' ami gentlemen's Jim dry of all kinda, ?f tba
tidal fashionable patterns, aelinf* at ll each. SenrV.
Acriit? tor ccrtiflcate, mid you ?ill are what y,.u ?ro \
ntitleit to; or send llfor (Ive eertlflcatea, dr |& for \
lilrty ; cr ?omi a three cent stamp for our trrma to
gents which arc nf the most liberal kind. Now la
our time. Write plainly your Name, City, County
nd State to Hamilton A Cn.^ lion ?6;\ I', ft., Ktw
'ork. ?ab irooni, .lo Liberty St., New York.
Jnn 20 8m j?

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