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South Carolina leader. (Charleston, S.C.) 1865-18??, February 24, 1866, Image 1

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ALLEN COFFIN, Editor. "First t>h?.Uiac?o, thou the ear? utter tlij.it the trill edni in thu our."-Paul. FOUR DOLLARS PER ANNUM.
"Vol. I.
At 430 Kiug-stroot, dhu ri os ton, S.C.,
Subscription Price :-Four Dnllurs n )?r, lava
rlnbly in ndviince.
Tn AI?V::H n.sc.na.- Thc I.it.vtiUK has thc liir'K??l
clrculntioii nf any weekly paper lu HIL- Southern!
States,-circulating exftuislvory In South Carolins,
?s'orlh Carolina. ti corena, and Florina; thereby reit.
ilcrlu" lt a valuable inAlium foi those hil vi nc a jud?
tu dispose oT.
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quarterly advertisers. Advertisements co nq." cu cu sb- |
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~ Pit O S I ?K CT U S '
KOIl 'i'll li
South Carolina Leader.
- : t j
A Weekly Journal ol' thc Tirites.
T?U I.KAIimt will be devoted to tim interest of
Flee iatbor mid general reform.
Thc Federal Covcrnuicnt ?ill he sustained al ul!
hilliards, ami we hope Ihul its ultiriial- policy Inward, j
this State ?viii ensure pence, prosperity, ?ad domes
tic tranquility.
That self-evident li nth. ccutaliied in thc Declara
timi of Indepcndeiice, "That all mell ure cicutcJ
equal," will he steadfastly ndhere.l to.
lu mut teri of loo.it CttKCin, ii will tfivc its earnest
Hiipport lo all hilpbrtllrlt public measures ami prac;'
cul imprnecincu's. 1 '
While lom less in Hs iiilvoe.'icy or lin- rlyat, nail
frank In ita deuuiieiatleli of the wron;*, its eoluuix
will licrer ba millie a' channel of coarse personal
abuse, ll will deal willi principle- rallier than nu n.
anil allow tho free nuil ouulid di-eu-sion of all nih
jeetspertuildni; to the public |>obd.
in striving to m.lie till-emphatically .a pipe," !"r
the people, wo eoulldently look io il.ou t ir the
minnon ol' siibsoiptiun ami advert i si tig1 |*?ti')iiai;i',
which its WO rill demands.
T. li iii.??EY wt
? i
T ii K L K A ? i:n "
43? King Street,
ci-iA-RLi?^?iSr, s. c.
Tue '* LondcY " bill ct! is now prepared lo ex
ecute every description of
Kook, Job, and ( ard Printing,
in the highest style of ibo int, and upon the
most satisfactory tenn-. Our numerous frit'litis
w ho have not heretofore' been utile to obtain
their wauk from this olliec, will now lied out
facilities equal :;; ar.y eiiiiiigi h. y.
Wc have unrivalled nd vantages ftir producir.",
elegant wot k in
Gold, Bronze, Velvet.,
sud all thc varied colors that may please the
fuiicv und attract the beholder.
( ard P.rinting*
Wc shall m.ike spteial i-f?o i ts to excel in this
department, un i confidently anticipate a liberal
share of the public pa tm migo
HOPKINS lu?a emne u-rain with his usual tiih?< and ?
admired nirs.,,Ile iuuy.be lulim! ut hi- nhl .place,
No.?S7 IIKNIUKTI'A .ST il K KT. I'lhvim usual.
, ?HUI N T. inil'K INS,
A Colored i'rofemor.
CtfAltt.ltHTO.V, Oct. '.'I. lill 3 ..i
(hate of ?. S. Navy.)
AllMY A>fl> IN'A.A'Y
Ba nit i ii??' & Collection (Hijeas.
20 Ri atc SI;., New York.
noiintirn. Cntnnititntlnn of Kation* for Prlsiiners nf
Wnr, nml tor .Soldiers on furlough.
- Fruit Money, lleitnth-s, und IV-nslons secured and
pia i il. Fay, Accounts, nml Allotments rasMid, No
fury Flt ld ii*, ii nil Coin missioner of Deeds.
, Ci-rilllculi H ol' ...m iuilehtedncss prooitreil.
?!r All (tovorutnent ('binns promptly adjusted.
Communient inns hy mall will receive i mille Jiu :ni
tenthill. ,.
.'itt 70*7 Fireworks, Toys, Sc|;nrn and Tnhnern
Dce.16, 2wJl 535 Kin? Sircet.
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S Also, all styles ur
UP IH ) LS TE li El) /. ' t /Il Xi T VUE,
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Photographists & Ambrolj pists
Rooms, 330 Kin? Stroct,
\X7ILL take all kinds of Picture* at the
7 T cheapest ratos, mid enlarge all kinds of ?mull
Mures. Dec'.'l.'lin.ia
'Itesldcncc - Charlotte St., one door enil of Alex
auder riroet. Nov. IS-tlm 7.
MISI>T>: ll.
This woman will thou have,
And '?iii Tish her l'or life ?
Wdt ti) HI love and cOinliirt lier?
And ind; no other wile?
This woman 1 will I il kc,
Thal ..tamis beside inc tiow ,
I'll lind lier titian! ami dollies,
Ami I ia vc no oilier li ow.
Alu! lor your li lis hand will
V.ju tai.o this nice young ii; un '
Obey his slightest wish.
Au I love hun ail j Ou eau j
Til love him ad 1 i an,
( they hun all I idioose,
It' w!. I ask t"i lilli I-,
Hi- nev er C. l?s r? Ilise.
MINIS . lt;
Theil yon iire'niaW and wile,
And happy mai you lu- ;
As many la-voir .var.-',
A si dollars lu- %ty Ice.
\yifAT A Uti Til ti STA HS.
Tell me, is each star a world.
That wc sec ut yon bright sk>\
An- they |ted|iieil like out world,
lu the firmament "ti high ?
Teil im*, i" each star a world,
They ant many that we see -
Toll tm. th'iise that .lu.'.! oil t!._,il.
Aro they h lings siieli ?is wc?
Ted me. is each star a world,
That wc ga/ii on day hy ?lay.
They seem to ?niall and I right
Hut ilicii, I (icy aro far away.
Tell tuc, is each star a world;
I would so tillich like to ktiutv,
Or arc they angels' eyes
'1 hat ure gazing na us so?
(.), tell nie ot I hose worlds*,
That is from all mortal sight,
Those bright and silvery s tah-",
0, tuc th ~y woll i? of 1.ghi?
Charleston, j cb. l????. Yi:sri:n.
In HUM! liv Ofthypieeil I have hut thal for thee:
Al the h air ol thy triumph Hum knowost not mo.
M \ Monti d il thy livers, it chnanucil tl.y sen ;
Vet nu outcast um 1 in tin '''laiiid ol ihcF fee. '
riu-lian.I th.it the swonl s|i?il the j;.-a may not hulil;
llciiitinl'Cil is the toiig?v) Which ihr war march culi
Au.! the foot tl. .t st ubi) linn when the cannon hi.li
nilli il,
Munt Ili'C lion) Un- spot where tho Laitol ls pollcil.
Thy frleml was my frleuJ, ii ml thy foe wus HIV foo;
Vet I ?i-da y nut a friend in (he councils I kilo? .
In the grille mar; Inil my stuhl wita u trend nul ri
As i Ki.' cutirse of (ho ja n(hv Illy verra nt ii bestow
X ii.' hfe whloh 'twixt thy life : iul lien.vn'* dart How.
ll- fol iud 'inaili ihi ? ig hy Vhe traitorous crow,
lo the soul th.it m* hoc hut its country's love know.
I Nor stutule, mu scripture, nor en UM-ic nee ls true. '
How They Talk.
'.We who have played with the bill cits, nnd
oftcti suckled life fi om thc .same bleust?," says
Tho Daily 1'r ss, speaking of Freedmen, we ure
tin ir tuituial guardians and friend:!
lb.'..- many colored mon iii thc Vj;i>.tc of Geor
gia, or ::;.;. other .Southern Stute, w", I st?y thu:
lillil ilvcl.ir;.!ion i- tine: What evidence have
w c th .., if Vue funner masters ate thc ? iiuturit]
guiuiliuns anti fticnds' nf tho freed people, they
nt t as such.
W'hj is it that hlinnst every day black pciple
are inurdcicd hy white nun, and thc m ut dermis
co neon lcd - spirited n way - beyond app rehen
sion, if they arc thc . miti.ml guardians mu|
fricad-.' of the freed people? Why ?M it that all
the officers of tho Kn cd m en's lin renn me daily
crowded by freed people, who complain of thc
ilinlinncst dealings nf their foi mer musters; mid
whose bodies give evidence of thc most barba
tons cruelties inflicted upon them, by those who
arc ' tin ir natural guardians mid friends?'
Why is it (hat those who conic among the
fried people to teach them nnitality ii nd indus
try ; and to ns-d>l in rendering them intelligent
sud virtuous atc daily insulted III some loeulilie?,
their'Hvi'ri tiiieinchetl, il those who once owned
t hy t.\-'often suckled life from tia- .same breasts'
- nro 'their natural guardians and fi ?cuds:'
Why is il thal the wive? and daughters of
freedmen, tVibugh they bc chaste ns ice, 'ind pay
thc mini' rails of fare that wi ne people do on
railways, arc put imo filthy freight cars, nnd
compelled io submit tu all kinds of vulgar nnd
profit nc insulting language, ii they diire demur
if thc people bf ibu South tire their natural
guardians ami friends ?
Why is it thal ihe freed people uniformly
exhibit such unqualtlied distrust of their former
masters, if they dre their " natural guardians
and h it-rids ? "
Why is it that the freed people have NO much
confidence in the Noithcrn'people ; nnd in nil
their troubles go to officers-of the Freedmen's
Duren tl for re nf nnd justice-saying they cnn
get it nowhere else, if their Inte masters, - those
who often suckled life from thc snme b'cnsts,
are their natural guardians nnd friends?
Will tho Daily l'r.ss bo kind und indulgent
enough tn answer these questions without equi
Tocation ?-Loyal Utorymit.
i From ti:?! lu lepeu lent.]
Clara llartun, t^O il-'r Wort of Morey,
nv yu.'.:; :KS II. (.AUB.
In a MU i,l room on ii.ml Jloor pf a building
in Washington, il. (j.i I ait hie J liv? io pen ,
this lett? r. Nu ihtrrhr? tl au h ha cit It^hl or
beauty from these wulls ; no Vun<lyLe?<, Rapha
els, ur K?llens c?ente envy in the lic*om of the
passer-by. liri pi nn, cheap earpci, ila chairs, ils
tallies - fur use. not ornament- wear lui gorge
ous coveting-, hut bear Hie hut thens ol ?lays
tint und nights of watching ami wem mes, in the
fm m ol ledgers, and boxes lilied with docuntcliU
that have he'll the couture, every one of then:,
of aching hearts.
Vomitr, in the corner, is o cabinet. A ftitv
plain htiftld shelves arc set against the wall, con
taining the most unique, priceless treasures in
the vvutlil. No coi>:|y gems glitter lhere ; no ex
quisite shells from the depths nf the sea entrance |
Iv it h their splendor of color mid ftirtn ; no birds
with gaudy plumage rein ind us of nature's in?g
tiiliccnee in some far-olt isle tf thc ocean. Nay,
none ot' that! Ob ! pen of initie, write quietly ;
o!i! yes. put hack your tears. Cease, throbbing
heart, your painful pulsations; while I till the
story as best 1 can.
Coi :?. neme,- - let us look at these things.
The liits of un, perforated willi holes, were once
<! bollon.* lind sides nf canteens, or oyster cans,
' growii oltl and fuaty with ilse, gathered up by !
J weat y hand- and pierced hy ne ls to m ike sieves
thtti.ugh wi.ich to pass the niel.: made of corn
! .' ground cob und till," which formed the unions
of our soldier prisoners at Anderson ville.
These lusty oyster cans, with a hail of old
wife tu lely adjusted, were the kettles in which
I gathered the bones, mid reboiled them tu mal e
'soup. Those paddles, soiled anti grui', nt thc
I handles and seo Ul cd al lilts bane with constant
! us--, stirred thc coarse meal and water tc. ?ethel
I into ititish tor stttrying men. Those tullis of j
j wood, woven together like chair-bolt?ih!, were I
j tin- plates thry Used.
j Sec you these little wooden troughs, whittled j
Mith a jack-knife, rcuglt, liny, some not hold- j
mg a hull;pim ? 'rin-y held the meagre meal |
when cooked. These -re the spoons of wood !
linn conveyed the loathsome food to their tam- i
libed hps. The-e co w's"-hot ns, wrought into j
di inking-cu ps ; these little lu hs of chips nf inn ut. i
lumped it bout nilli tow-strings, served lite nunc
purpose. Une oyster eau, for which no h.ul
could be fourni, basa strip of lin cul from the
lop with short, iiariow lilts for hinges, and tims,
as a kettle ho cooking, was midi.' to do Us nu
ble service.
These little hits of hor.rii ! Some cureless, un
taught eve might have ?ukcil llictll for kiiulluig
wood. As 1 now wt ile 1 ask myself, is thc
theory that spirits of the dead linger uro und the
scenes of joy or sorrow they know in ibis life a
true one ? If so, how many thousands ure look
inj; down this night al the thoughts thal I ititi
tr;u :ng with my pen ! Those hits of ceiiiuling,
broken, I'limlahcd. five inches wide, und two or
tluee feel !bng. arc fragments of the''dead-line "
itt Alldersi/ivillc. He who, ala -ved, llladdeiled,
reckless, preferred death to coutiuii.il torture,
had nut lo puss this brittle boundary to he ush
ered instan'ly into the presence ol Him who has
said, " Wilgi ance is mine; 1 will repay."
Thal hoard leaning in the corner, with its
I black figures '* 7,606,'' al the top. is the head,
board winch Wir/.-ht? has gone to his iiccutiilt ;
1 will use iib adject ?v?s with his name-suUVreil
lo be placed iviterc one dear and nearly akin to
her who gathi'tcd the relics was laid aw.".y in that
vast cemetery of murdered men.
7,ooo! Cati you realize it J Seven tiioimud
six hundred nuil six prisoners, who, starved,
scorched in thc1 burning sun, maddern tl, hopeless,
prayed for ii eil tb, and lound in their shallow
..favos surcease from mu'tush. Ami 7,God is
scarce half. Du, ntl, on,-lip', up, np ?b the num
bers to 12,11211. that have boon found, recognized,
ami marked. Oh! (Jod of iporcy, ts there, can
there bi! produced ?ti?ll another record of thc re
sults td -int cry ?ts ibis.
Hui let us look furl her. These bayonet.* were
picked iqi in thal liolgothu. und this letter-box,
uno winch thousands, ay , {eiiii pf thousands,
ivj'fe i! nipped, hut canto iiot' ti) (gi at ldc li the op
pressed hearts of friends, l'crhups ho live pieces
ul" limh. r were ever nailed together that have
inclosed so many tah:, of distress, ur sn few of
happiness or joy as these.
This is tia- worn-out stump ot a hickory
broom, with ivlii li thc skeleton hands tried to
keep clean ; lins a hall from ono of tho many
guns ihm were mounted on the seven torts sur
rounding thc prison. A paroled prisoner asked
of Wiri, one day : " What will yon du with'us il
Sherill.m's anny cuines to thc rescue ! "
"Hy lam. I puts you in the stockade, I tutu
.lc guns on you, and blow dc brains out'of every
Lim one."
Hut let mc stay this fearful record, und tell
limy these things cann: to he herc in Washington.
Miss Clara Harton, in whose little parlor I found
thom, brought them with her on her return from
her expedition to Anilersonvillc, where she went
hy request ol Secretary Stanton, in Company
with James Moore, A. Q. M to inclose the
grounds if thu Amlersonyille cemetery, anti to
identify tho graves and murk them will: head
boards, which expedition was inaugurated,' at her
request, by tho heads of tho Department.
" I gathered th?se things up," said Miss Uar
ton to mc, "anil was told thou- mos at thc place*
whore I found them. 1 brought out jaime froth
litt! deep burrows our tuen hiid n13.de - thusu
cuves dug but by their wen.!: hinds to theiler
their, from butr.ing heats ami chilling ?'/.vs, and
into which ninny erupt never to emerge ? gain till
llielr fellows' boru th-.-in tu their L?t resting
Was I wrong in saying her c.iliinet contained
thu inqs* unique and priceless treasures ttl th'.
wundi Manya outlier, wife, or sister would
gladly exchange lier gold and jewels for those rc
curort hf tho t;?>t days of some loving hearts so
(rightfully -tilled. One lady looking al them with
tears coursing down her cheeks, oxcliltt::ed, " I
wotild n!v?! m.v diamonds for these."
" Your diamonds could not buy ilici?," wat
thc heroic answer ; of the ivoiu.in who has d?n'e
so much to ease the sorrow bf a nation.
A- I said, these tables bear tho burdens of ach
int: heart-;, 0;U<J? letters fruin bereaved Itk-lids,
who Int vu asked her lo help tb.MU th: '. llilur iriiss
it.g trie:.d>. And still they come. Still tho
mother erics out in anguish and suspense, ' What
has become of my hoy ' ' Still (he wife plead i t >
know of bim who war her all - whom she guvc lo
lier coiiutrj to die for it, il need le-, hat not to
be lust, uncared for, ami unsought. Om- hun In d
letter-, a day ofteii lay itp'tih Miss Marlon's table,
every one Creigh te 1 willi sorrow.
Do you wonder that I sit in awe in thii almost
sublime room ! ls l he theory 'ruc I hat ?puns
can huger near mot tali upon cut tb 1 ll so, will
they liol be here breathing over this kimi, gentle
woman, to help bur in her benevolent work ' Do
they nut long ;.i have those they io ved, mid who
?till wander .11 ldc asking for them, let into the
secret ot their l ite ?
0,1'uo letters ! some o( them giving th?, mimes
of twelve or tilteeii missing tuen, and each re
i ju iring an answer to the individual who wrote*
il; ami live. ten. twenty, thirty, even seront 1 dive
leitet.-, ul inquiry t > guiri the inlurtiiiiiion nee led
10 reply to its queries.
S..me o! you who read this have, perhaps,
si en Miss Hai ton's " Hull of Musing Men," ?ti l
her request tippenden to thu: --ruli" fur iiifot
Illation. Y oi muy suppose those name? are ail
she has gathered, aaa wonder that she hus lid
inure. You imagine .she ha? gone to the Quar
termaster's d-partim-nt or .-iiu-iter-roll tor thai
number. Let tl be known thal every l.ume on
ihut h.-t has been taken from Miine letter ol"
finn.!... which is now ot: !:!.: in lief possession,
taking for the missing. Most of those letters lire
fruin votnou, winer 10 their own handwr tim!
ur thal of iiii ii gefit/ telling their own kto:y Of
'.'ss iud .-01 i ow.
lier ?.roll" way printed in June or July, and
copies scu tiered ? vcr the country. It cu ii tai hs
out thieu thousand names. There are many mot.!
thal uro now waiting ta be pul in shape, und
that will be printed us soon ns possible.
This is a great wauk, requiring iii H ny bunds,
and hurd, stoudy labor. Friends inust ho put icu t,
thankful for what, hus been done, timi trusting
for tho future. While Clara Harton live? and
can woik ehe will not forget the widow m her
afHtciiou, or lei ihe fa the riet s ask in vam, or
disappoint the mother's hope-if il is possit).
lo do otherwise.
Une thing more. Let it be everywhere under
stood 'Ins is ti private enterprise, begun ned
wholly sustained by M.ss Harton. She receives
no salury from any Department of Go ver timi'nt
ur association of ihe people, and is responsible
lu lite people only through her promise to du
this work.
We tire glad to publish ibo following remark
able letters, addressed to lion. Wm. D. Kelley,
represent lilt ve ill Congress from I'ennsj I vania
Mt. Ilnrringer, tho author of them, belongs ii:
ono ot tho oldest and most (listing ii ?shed fain.lier
ol North Carolina, und adhered, as he says li.in
self. " steadfastly to the Confederacy until it:
military power was broken." Ho had a biuthcr
Kuius llarrihgcr, who was ja brigadier genera
in tho le'iol army, bul who is now cf the saint
mind as the author of these letti rs :
fJo^COKl), N. C., Deccinbor, 20. 1S??.
Dkiit Sm : I take the ?bet ty td uddtesstii;
you 111 my own interest al the ?nstame of Mr
H?ben McDonald, a young gentleman of tin
placo, who resided, however, during the war, ii
Philadelphia, where he was ut college. Sly ob
joel i? to request that you w ill send me any pu')
lie documents which you may have nt your com
nun:J. You are aware that wc tire without re
presehtatioii, nnd yet this Congress is full bf in
terrsi for our people. Dur press is extremed;
meagre in its repolin or notices of thc doings ii
Congress. In fact, wc get nothing hut from on
side. Of the report of thc bends of department
wc have seen nothing but thc most barren ?vu
opus, limier these circumstance I hnvc adopte
Slr.McDonald'g suggestion, ?nd made this per
sonni application to you fur congressional fa
vois. Ho bas given me snub assurances, in nd
tlitiou to wiiai was already known to us of you
public character, ns loaves no doubt thal my ap
plication will be regarded.
Pardon nie if I avail myself of tins occasion t
express nu opinion or two in relation lo publt
uir.iits. 1 will preface what I have rosny b
frankly dr?a ring that 1 adhered steadfastly t
thc Confederacy until ita military power iva
broken ; bul I deemed that thc surrender whic
WM inndc by our generals was nonie in goo
faith, mid demanded, on our part, a cordial r>
turn to bu." allegiance nnd 11 hearty acquiescent
ina nntioial policy. I secrpca to myself, t
len?', to reilize, :;s by n sou bf intuition,nt one
whr.t thc ''"iin/i.': of that surrender made bot
"> . 1 "
our duly iiti'l our inicies?. Down wein .State .
sovereignty .md Sute right-, bluvery and thc'\>
t-luvo codi.; together with every ?bltgiUbWi pc
cuniury and moral, ur. ] political conn- etd with |
l'sic?cssioh. In tho rn'cni ul ut] thu ?l -c! ? i i, wc
Int ci hvcomy ihoiougl !y ti it i i i> it FI I ir . . I have
beeil a 'j'ii"-'. hut vari, -st mid cluv ibserver 'if
event* silica: M ij las', i:rid c.miler i i.itsttuitis ni'
(.i itu y thal 1 ii t nut th. :;fc w I . . ? ? bine tip '.>
th?! measure of what cither oui ; ;' ' m IHM '.
required. 1 titi no?. I ii relon , I-. t iii -appoint! tl
that there, ii sollie I I) ?ii '.he I? i.! ii ?'?bili. IM
j ruthi 1 think that dela) ha* hud will il > ?joe !.
I ?'ttl in tl l?iU: ls thv -um >>l ail stiit'esitiuiish ;>
ti.uchiiig Ihn hu-.ii'-?. K vt rt-1 ne? should I; .
a vu Ul .'J - tlii? f.xti'Tii . nu the i.no huinh nt al
'. ni.lt.ti,; ui * 'J "j s ion,I st .ii? less ?ii- ul iht; past
he l'jsl on u-; nuil thc i Mt cu; , nu the othci.of
to? luiig ii delay, hst we lull iiitu a gillum iiii<l
i i'll lie ii despair. I'tni fit iii: .?.? lu lia.* Lei-it iatli
I cr wit ti our leiiuiii'.? tu? ti than our p< opie. We
litt vc, indeed, nu lending ii.'fil ul LI - il view-,
wliov.. ?ii?ip tl'?'?l lukes lu 'he il-uitn i- ot th
! tvholc situation. Timy t\ Mt In hy ?> 11 ? t J11 \ t.
bilked Ililli Itlt'li.sU? cs ?1:; !; ill ? si . --- Cit '. 'i . '? >
int por tun t to national ha; iti my ?!..* i> ti -> won
dds how they should h'estii'il'.; ti til.im?ni i>bout
them. fo the Pr?sident I.:..' '. i vii-: u- nliou:
j the if:.it'.' war debt at;.I th? <. n.-t.tu-. .nul A?i;
chtlihciit. And ii ii ty we stand higgling about
I the ter iu j which should picViiil bc* tv vt; ii th'
j raices her.', ut il wc could ev et li- a', hui mon i
either wi'.ti th: nation or with .'. . black ia.
! wi".!, .a', the eonecssi it: to the freedmen, ut hi:?'
Hi a ..anted lol tn, both ot t!.e light ot !: -.tiibuiij
I nod the righl of sitliiag'.'i Ytl tt e liavi hail n i
publie tutu w.h.) liii? avowed hiuiscit bli . il'bel
pi iiiotuion tu any lo tm. lavett iii'.- j
ami tuodetate individual view s of '.lu- l'ionien-,
ns I'tjii-i-Mil lu Mujji Stenn.-, lin,s no tc-pou??
? licit'. 1 have liol seen th- tu published ::i a sin
j gie hewspiiJM r <if tlt?? 5- atv. 1 uni .ut,, it li.,
; tiling enuid b : fairly discussed, ami a lew ol ont
leading tutu bau sbinc b ddn, the public iiiiii?
lat the South would MI.m wheel into linc with
lille nation's will, and lin' day ni mil (leliici
ii ncc fruin military mle wm.ld dann ??lui ?ou.sly.
l'ut 1 implore you iicithei to riquii, ot expect
too ni UL-li ol os. lt . inc tn ber mi i pu-jud let's, tile
i;rovvth ot teiitui :i s ; the suddenness tit bbr
i overlhn w, with tliti nov, itv ol lill lim issiie?
wine!', it.ttt; ti veil ht o tv brought lo nur business
I und our bosoms ; thc e.Metil ot our tusse-, altiiost
incalculable hy huiiiuit arithmetic, runion sonic
! ming to iluso considerations Do i. lorre up
.iu us un ivet-a 1 iic^i o ?>u!li i-1 linee. It vi'111
be b ti iii -lent if Wc (jive, as 1 !: uc ? .-. soon will
?tve, au cat nest thiit lb? in 1' ita *jf ?icr?ineii
unionist liri lire ubi to he In ld ;:i ptrpet uiil po
litieul bondage. If we enter ?.:? tin- : Wuyj
by co?icediiis; Kut?rt^ti in some j tjuiililied
t.>rin, let it be a pledge that WC ? keep thai
way lo the end.
Whut we ?ni:: intcnsi'ly is lb; labor, ?he :u
il ti ?tty, th-.- eapita!, thc ideu? of the N ut::. Iii
South, u-i a resisting, protesting | uni, has
erased. Conic, then, amongst us in eveiy I rbi
>.( hutuaii putsuit, und you Will be die
'l'be w hole only ol" fruternati/.ation cuiiststs no?
in Vankeeiising this ?soulheiit l ind. \\'-.- II. .-.
giff and wc will give your system ii f.iir iriul.
Ours his failed. 1 would bc especially ?:i itili d
10 lieu you ami s mi . ot y-.ur li .publteau 1 nd i
li! oui i: ulst. We Will hen- yb i gladly.
? ?in:, Ji-ar sir, very truly, Js.\ &e.,
Vu:rm: C. il.Mt?i.N'mtn.
Hon. \V. 1). IC KULK V, \Vt?,i:n:g'.u:i, 1). U
L'ose )!;:), N. C., J.intiary ?. ISGt?;
MY Dr.AU Siii: Your favor ut ilie 'J'' !i ult ,
v. uh u I nge number of documents', was rc?civtd
and gladly received, .some it,?y* ug-?? Inc vvhdle
taken together, brings uv inc.i-t:tably up with
thc great wiirlil from winch ive tut vc been, you
know, subatuntially excluded ft r lour yeats mid
lt is ii little singular thai minds, dit?cring so
widely, us 1 nib sure wc did upon fundamental
principles concerning I he organic structure ol
oui Oiivcrniucnt,nuil S)c{utrr.tt'il by a wider chasm
of wat, .should have ttrtived at neatly the Millie
conclusion* m respect t.) ail piitctieal .l-usiiutis.
I have read your cpceehen carefully, i nd do ii'ut
lind, tis you seem i to think 1 would lind, much
in tl.un from ?>!,., h I would dissent 1 mn a
11 lawyer, us you suppose, bul have been in ex
treme bible health for mote than three yeats ;
mid while toil have been ill thc inti ve wot bl, 1
have been in the mcdUalive, and been trying
luther to ke< p pnee with the advanced moral
.u-nt:nu nt of the country than to make pruitt
out of it* actual wu n t.s ami deulmdi. I lui ve,
therefore, not had much to du with law, and f.ii
les? with politics, for several year.?. Hut I in I
nome confidence in my general conclusions w hi ii
I lind them silHtitined hy one who has bu n en
gaged actively in reducing principli s lo pun tu e
for ibero cannot be a more dangt rous man than
a mere abstract political theorist.
You kindly invite my n? inion*. I give lin m
ns bi ii fly as ! cnn, in a letter form.
In it* last nnulysi.*, according to my view,
lhere is hut a singh' thing M t.ich keep* the Xi,ul:
and the South apart, und which must keep ur,
sp.rt till wc go to you, lor you eau never come
to un. Thc Northern min i is national. The
Southern mind i* sectional. 'I hat is thc Mira
total on both sides of tue Recount.
Whi'ri 1 speak of thu Northern mind I allude
moro particularly to thu mimi as organized
anil expressed in the Republican putty, \i hi eh ia
now dominant, in your region,and likely,I think
?3 continue destinant.
Wo li iii1 v novel lit - exactly buch u porty. 'I':,
nit: fedeiuls, who b'.cc- around oiir cradleol :.
fahey, ivuh Wa?.hinkle:; ut their head ?elicvi
indeed, ntid taught the perpetuity ol' the Hojtui
?lean a cardinal ul I ivie of political faith, i. .
lucy . ii. 1 not have n Crtii hold ';:t ihn {{"eat I.- ti
m ni" people, Whi ' They lu ! -d ii reai (ju i
in piipiiliii ; iv, m n' ir. There was a tiiittl*. .
i)lit?,itcl)\ ,ii u!l ih'ii t'-'ni:ii';;-. There wu- ..
Anni i,l -i ii,-i t ? y ? h ' !| ni i -. -.
The ? -i '.I'?'d.i j,.; IV; ii': . . J .-ll- rv.r;, ylv,
tip n u iy l ull u i -mili -.' I > Uiii,uni ov?r t'.
'. ?' iiti v, -'.- ?. . .I. .I. j?dd .II ::. diega wt;'?ni st >r
living; Tl:!-, pur*) i.-vi-iy w ln.ic ?iiitnlv recdjti.t ?
/ '. .. li- ?. op Iv" ,,s Ur Soiirco nf power, m.
ele.ii?h- ; m, . i. .w_;. a.. i.t i.t pnpiilur liol'
L i.I ii udinilt' d iipiinei| ?.. under the tesolu'io; ?
of '98 un 1 ''."'J ?hieb il-i.n d the indUhulubili
. .I tile Union, m. ? itiitde it dependent upon ti
vol.nun i l it.io-., li e IJcioociuey, iievciik
|'eS.?, mo II ?i.t'.lilt iiiid. in spite ol tile dissolu
hie ehtiii-i * "I i"? . i -!, '.'ie wem r.ti ?liump).
lilt! Iv tt.i idyll tu o,t .iL-i?ti w ut -, und I il o s pe,: nu
ly through t?.? ?eiunrioMs moonul peut.
w itli a ini.-gi ving, h o a ev. i. nil . h? w hile tu s'ii? -
aeioilS it,In I- lh.it th- lindel lying uiiliflict lol Iii-,
mastery bot? . o t? '' I' i "ii und th', ^tutea u.'. i
eoi?e Sottie tl.iV tu j tl I-- ... >.f Idood, Thjit U>,it
eutt.e. Hut 111 ; vi ti- t<? its ?'..minn, anti l\ o
I; .ii I of i t i vidi tit ?? I ? ; (i ii ul: .ii fui it? tot:.:- -.-.
tin- lt publican p u j .i. ?I.,:h welded ini?
. MO- glatt 1. ail- liri' M'UIWUtl o!, u .. the iutliviaiLl .
..ii.1) th? li p?iI...... w;-t. tlie hirntst rctogui?
M u ol p j u ni I ?hts Hud the wide.?; i-Xti-lialOti
il;-: p.trtj auiied irotn th? first 'o eternize tky
nation upon th - bro.id - .>!-.? ot personut ai.-J
et* :l Iii' .i a.. Tin? .<!. u. win: tii upon the tah. ?
. its heat t, ?I ..i u.i- i tioiitl. ; b, tween ita o\o?.
. io 1 u- .m ol i.(tao ot ubini*, its toil;, lt seeks l?i
tendei tir.ev.il i\tlh the a^ts ;,. eottu-, and co, \
t.'iis.vi- uni. tl...- uttno-t bli mi la of the Kcpu
I int-reiy genera :* . o-.ii history and tts ?;.:r
ties; 1 have nu .-piice I t [ti liculurs. I tutt i.il.
certainly, :.? i tija.it iee to st ri v. In the grato!
: ietuie ' : ? i\i?t? thin1 i- f,-lc ce neither for 0 ein. I s
i.or for littleness of ?j.n.t.
Tl .i ll j ilblicuti party, vt h esr- thief corbet;
st lie thus tunde u?, ot the I wo most populir
principles which char.icteriitt.-tl both of the bid
purtle?, if true tu itself, i? destined to be un cu
ll ut tug fabric; und to exert n permanent influ
ence over me public nt i ri tl ot America.
Now. I tl.nil'. I understand w hut presses nu-st
heavily on the mind nf the Nor lb. You j., i
thin the South, ivaditiitit.'d io her present ti to
pi r to tile liai. ,ti.ti i ooti, tis, w iii continu? to h. .
.1? .?he has h--n, Demo', rn tic anil sectional. I
do not me.ni to '.upi', tti.it this fear has lt? ruo
tu u mere lu?t nf place tin 1 i ver. 1 know you
ute [ iitlts.tns, un.I i-agOr partisans, tis wo till at
upi to be :u u in.- country, lint it i- u tniitik
thal ine.i cea-e to tie p?t?iotr bceuuSe. tin y un
?i lin.-.ina. Whither, li? w ?. vt.-!', as partisans ii
.i- putt t?t?; jour huts lite weil grounded. Th .
South Las long heiti !. ttincratie. We linvij
beeil taught tn b I iii vc 'liu the Northern li
unit iel . mr tl itu I ul ii ll V i K Veli til li ?I V td fu i
loading muli, A??U belitre the war d.u not syn
!>iulii;:c with that piirty, indulge tuiw a sit.: .
hope ibut it m,!-' i V?; u in it? oLl ascendency, (.! ..
press utteiij ulmus: otu voice tor it.
ll,vie I?, then, reason to fe.ir thu', wo tue to
De tlie tat! of that snake which, ttl your no\Yl
;i ?meal nomenclature, you e.ill .. Cujiji rhend."
KvideiicO nt tt..s is seen ;n lite tiutver-ui wist
.lint the:-' may bea filial broach iii the li.-pub.,
.-au party upon iii - (pit ai ion of ? rcnrgiiiuzttiiiit:
if the Suite*. 1'i.e hope is that the I'lcallionl
.i .11 iii i?\ otf woh hon u coitstd hillie part of tl.
U-.-piiblieutis, ol.o most ulli.iate, s., liu-r or littet
iv tili tlie lieinoetucy. I loci iiiyS'lf no ?nil,
lope. 1 ciiiiuht imt it-jjiiril I hit i-vei.'t a> cain
tiitous, ii it sliotiid yee ur. 1 uni unable to un?
jersttiiid w but j;iind ii could, in the end, do tho
We want nationality, ii bi ve all wants, and Pi
jet ti we must become ii-puttltcautzeiL This ,j
a hy I desire that su::,e nf yum prominent Jj{,?.
juhltcaiis niay come down hero. Let us nev you
nul let us Lear you. They ina y come, 1 ass ur..'
iou, with perfect safely, mid won hi do (tomi.
Vcciiiupiiiij n g '.in m, m i ai lo i bet?re them, send
is all tlieoipu.il. industry, und bruins you i..i.
? jiiie m i vi i i dejiilrtm m. 1'ui.s jnoecss wi?l
?ooo tlnsettlo eui old i lea-, nit I. iii tile general
lisiiilegfiiiioii, tm ti wtil luttuially tutu to thy,
luist n ilion d organization m the counliy.
Uiii1 o? two questions, esjieeiully. we lit'etl the
-juill of SeCtlOllitlislli btokell Ul Upon to tile
idtitiiii. 1'he tiisi legtitds ibo niiliounl ile lu.
i lui illy any one you nu-et with lure but dui
shes s.uue hiipt'i ly n ?eil of hocus-po'-u
A ho h he e.innot understand or c.xphuu, thii.
h it debt will be rejnidiutod. Our jmblic bodte<
- otu legislatures it pd eon ventioos - have boen.
,oti obs,-!ve. stngltitly reticent on the subject,
linio ?s, 1 asset!, n eieniral want of coniidenec
lilt Viii (j us in the solvency of the national sort?
mes. Il n mun hus tobacco, cotton, or Isnd tu
ttl. he mu?! have the gold, which in imnn'di
lely looked up tn lus stront* box nj?ft.iiut tho
loy of universal bankruptcy; The it-suli i ,
hat ulule we lui vc much specie in the South,
ie hare scarcely .my curr.' n y - none indeed at
ll adequate lo the ilivclopmen\ of her uu
ounted resources. Nobody lends gold-Ho
mily pays tb hts with gu il. Tm te t? not milch
unveil.i tit. then line, ev t i t Us we are ablo lu
ibinin capipil ut the li t i. Thc tl-' w.l;-?
laced to Us loot, is tu 1 fm'.x i ia ecus
itstruet of tlie tiationn j;- c? . '

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