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Vailing Hiern '* Freddy," mut ?*. John, end .. Faul;"
AS only ft motlier lier children cnn cull;
MusicalcAdcnVtes All through lui speech,
l'b?t ? love ?0 tender alone can teach,
Something so loving, rAud lingeriug too*,
luth? ''John" Wld "Freddv," ami I'ouL coiuu do
Ai bidding to her.for.dinner or rc lt),
Kwh on? is gathering in turn to h?r bfcstslt
Then looking them over, tu divers ?lo pearl?,
Huioot liing one's check? mid anolhers one's curl?,
Takiag thc brown, soiled bands III her own,
A whip out of this palm, from that one A Moue,
Drawing from pockets of corpulent girth,
With outw ard remonstrance, with inward mirth,
Potatoes for pop-guns-? hottlu of Hies
Twine, Poll? and whistles, ami two dirt-pic*.
Itedeetned from thc soil of the sired, mid rohew,
Clothed in fresh aprons, mid tiowscss too ;
Yangie* brushed out ol the silken (los? |
That ringt ami ripples in fohlen gloss |
Striving with eager and innocent heed
For aaotlitfr's approving, "Well done, indeed I"
Ot her, nar* Frvddyi and l'uni and John,
.iahe the swcctciltof picture? io look upon,
? pening l'?i?u
\t\ the dist place, horses, like all other Alli?
'Sils. must have fred iitttutnlly adapted to theil
pn.-evnauce. This consist mainly of grass, her'
bag-, mid grains, especially the latter, o in n the
aiiiiivil is donicsticated. Secondly, adequate
?hellet from the sun and weather, as itt the wild
(itaIc hy instinct they obtain these necessary
comfort? for thc m (?Cl VC?.
L'p to the lime, then, w hen thc Liberians ceas
ed the experiment of keeping horses, they hail
not commenced in any extensive manner lo ent
?rate flinns ; consequently did not produce ei
ther main* ^ Indian coin), Uuincti corn (iiii tx
cf lieut articlo fot horses in Africa, resembling'j
thc A mcneill broom com both in thc stock,
bliilei, uno gram, thc latter being lti.;cr and!
brow m j thain thos- ol tbo broom corin end hitit t .
llutiicipUS t ri is II oats); peas, liol tatt j* other gunn
upon >? i.J? ). '..'jost ail ima la ?te fed, and the great,
heit?), rich, r.iiik, pseudo recd-f>rajs of thc coun
try was totally ut.Ill for them, tiler ti being no
grif.? suited citlict for pasturage Ol hay. Again,
I ?us informed by intelligent, respeetablt, Libe
rians, that to their knowledge, then lurer had
bVVH t .Mable or proper shelter prepared for a
horse, but that, they had, III one or mote ;n~
?taiitts. known horst's lo bc kept t-t-tti-Jioiu; i
thc sun the entire day, and in thc Open ?ur mid
Weather during the eil ti rt night, while their own
er'' had tht.nl.
ls is very evident from this, thal horses could
not lite in Libeii*i and aiace thc int>t fly in
iroduced to the notice of the scientific world
rcrentl bj Doctor Livingstone the African Ex
plorer, ha? never been ?ccu nor heard of in thia
pan of thc continent, uor any other insect that
lo rou ii'.vd them, those mint have beeb t Itv prime
Atusen of fatality tti these noble and most VS cf ul
y, domestic cr^atytea. ,L ri?ve bee iii tb.ua explicit
tn ju.tic? to 4<i beria! even in opposition Vi the
opinion of some very Intelligent and highly
qualified ??h?lenleit ill tbut couniry ( muong |
whom ia ml' excellent friend, Doctor Huberts,
1 ihink., 1 bceaunc 1 believe (hal horses can live ?
f.hert: a? well at in other parts of Africa; winn i
fairly nod scientifically inquired! into and tesl-?
vd. I'ruper feed and cure, 1 Lure no doubt, will I
Vet if) iny opinion ; ?nd should 1 bul bc instru*
mental, by calling thc Attention Of my brethren
jo Liberia to (hc.se fuels, in causing them ?w?c??t
fully to tesl thc matter, ;t will be but tn.other
cridcuce ol th?i-fait, that the bUck race should
uk? thur ntfdirs ut ib*.lr own hands, instead of
placing them 'in hands of Others;
?ly exploration? in Lib?ria1 extended lo every
civil xed bClHcnieiit in the Hepublic except Oaf t?
ysluirg, and muon bcyoud ill coe limits up the
Ktvn'i.. Hiv?-ti th c ti? iii hi dc h iinpioviiiu ut
recviitly u{ tl.i St, l'a ul Kivtr, by tile upeniliii
v?, di tim, and ill some extensive lunns Ol Collei'
MK! aiigai ; also producing rice, ginger, Arrow',
root, and pepper, litany of which have erected
Upon them handsome atul welUcoOatr?ctcd
. dwellings ; also sugar mills niul machinery for
the manufacture of tugr'1 untl molasses, which
articles irusiiufacturedi compare f?vor?bly with
the best produced in oilier countries. There has,
it ye, been no improvement introduce in the
hu.hug und (Irring of Cottee, lhere being proba,
bl y not chough pioduce ui.lr.ee the introduction
if niiichihcry, 1 am ir./ormtd that th re hu venios
bc i, C u:.ii.ene tl sCVelAl ??nod tarin fyi the .'tink
Uiver, which district, further then the several
settlement at tuc mouth, 1 d-.J hot visit The
people are willing and anxious for improvement,
.Ind on introducing ld many of tue (twiners the
htility of culling otf thc centre of each yoting
coffee- tree so soon as it ??row abo ve thc reach o'
t. man of orduiary height, I hail the satisfaction
I f>f seeing them immediately commen?a 'he ?xe
fcuticn 'if tte wntk. The branche? nf the tree
io .< .oo i.igii Ki admit ol ihe bett)' being
lucked from the ground, or at least Iront a stand
which may bo stopped upon without .limb
[ To be continued.)
I)KATH or AN ArniCAM SovBrtf-IOrrn Thc
death of Quo w Daddy, King of Axunpim, West
Africa, is announced. It occurred in Tune and
!hv ?vent WUK signalized according to the un
pleasant fashion pf Aqtl?p?m, hy the sacrifice of
thirty or forty then anti women bf his household.
Wc- wonder if tl C deceased sovereign was u rela
tive of the " High Daddy " renowned in aong,
.wherein he is repeatedly requested lo "get up
in the morning. 1.x,
Special Notices.
For Sillo Real Katat??>f tito
K.st ato O? 'Jamos 1*. llaxtt. do
Pur Rale ?hf?, desirably localed lot, situated
on the Batt tide of l'ttt ?t. About midway be
tween Wentworth and HcnufainSts. ?nd known
at f?o. 9. MeasUthtg- on lru5 r?otU ?lld li Ark line?
41 ft and in depth 104 ft more til WAV, wits, tho
two ttory dwelling containing four roomt l'an
try, nod Kitchen thereon.
Lot No. ? situated on the So'dtll ?ide of Mun
con St. Measuring on thc front lineal ft back
20. and in dept li 135 fl more or leas; with thc
two story dwelling, and Kitchen attached, and .
one ttory building in tito renr, containing two
roomt thereon.
The adjoining lot to thc Welt, measuring on
the front ami back linet vi 1 it 6 lochet, and in
depth 1,16 ft, be the tome more or less, VT ?th tin
two Story drtrllmp sud Kitchin! attached thord
Por further particulars apply to either of th?
undersigned ex cen tort.
Wm. Stc'Kinlay?
Ufe 8lh. 3t W. IX, Otboii.'
The firat Anniversary of tho Mechanic
ami Plantors Benevolent A ?soc i ut io ii tho
above natue Association, will Cel?brate it?
Irrst anniversary, on Monday next Deo the
10th an address will bo deli verd by Mr. I?
Gibbs at th? Morriu Street A. M. K. Church
:it 1? O'clock V. M. tho ?tti?cils in general
are Respectfully invited to attend.
Joseph (?reen. Iheaideut
S. li Listo tl j Cor. See.
Mi 1'. H. A.
U. L. A.
The Commitleo appointed hy tho several
Councils of thia city, to consider the bctfl
method, looking t? arrangements for ihc
celebration td' thal ever memorable day the
i tit of January, clo now give uotiee to nil
officers of Societies, and Fire Companies,
to meet with us on tbur.May oven in (j next.
1 UtH ?nat. at Meeting St. opposit? Burns j
XV. W. K as ton, Chairman
A Lecture will be deliver??) before the Hu
mane Charitable Society, M linday Kreiling Dee.
lOth.'tft the A. M. li. Church, Calhoun Nt, hy
HftU.H. Cain, commencing at 7'o Clo?fc. tic
kets J&cls eau be Bought from thc ?ndersighe?
Committees Wm. I*. Cole, Chairman I', Brown
M. Batey or nt tho Church Door, thc Publicare
Invited to attend.
A Bank' lkwk. on the Freedman's Hank'
or' Charleston any person finding it may re.
turn the .-?ailie t.? Albert Hunt, ??0 10 Atl?n
tie and Kast I3.1t tc ry.
l>cc 8 i in >l.
O F FKB TO Till-: CMlidmKN.
Any boy ot girl who vMI? Iring' lis two dollars
with the naines nf two ?t?b&!riber.*to thc LEAD?
Kit, i-liftll receite a hundidme and valuable Book
for thc Holidays 1?. ll' Cain, IUD Coming St
Any pe??o'n who will hiing ns ten yearly Hub
scribers will recievc. the LK?DKH one year,
C'ftlce 430 King St, H. II. Cain,
Of Joseph Ford, waa sold from Charleston
S.C. from the Family of Mr. Moses A S.in
ver, i u 1847y sold t" Columbia and ?ftor
ward sold ?South, iVnv inforiii?t^/n pf Iiis
whereabouts will be gi-ciitftilly removed by
his Flit her Win. Ford. Charleston Sj C. t?>
M lt.
Lost, "trayed. or stolon, oti Hominy Mor
ning Nov. 10th a spotted Hull terriur pup :
a reward of fire dollars will bo giren, if
returned lb Fordham's Saloon 182 Meeting
I St.
Dee Sib. ?. f
Cinda White, desires to hear of the
whereabouts of ber Children, Sally. .Jane,
ind Hercules, IlolCtlhfi was sttld in Alie ?la
by .lack \Vn.Ince, about (bree years ago and
talent" Tenhu?c>;. Jio girls was sold to
Janies McDaniel in Thoinioifon Chi. abottl
the same lime. Address,- Lucinda White, "
Dunein Si f'h'irlesioii So ()%
\ i ?i leii i
Kstato Jano I)ea*,doooased ; nil persons having
lex**' claims against said estate viii render tho
same Mt*>?tcil, within the Tiing proscribed ht lair
nod ibo? indebted vrill makod payment to,
Louisa Ann Rainier,
j Quait??? ?dnJkntelraWla.
All jicitioui wishing td Rtftil tUoBMclvci
?f th? U. 8. liomostoud aol, catt cull at No.
ltJO Meeting Street, ami register their
n??ines, tlio hooks ?re i.orr read/ for such
registration, and will olo** according to law
tho Lat of dauuar/lWtiT.
No 2 i fi, Washington Si Brooklyn 5. Y,
Places found fur Native Chambermaids,
Washer*, Ironers, Field Hands, and Servants
of ?ll descriptions, Apply ns above.
F.dwd. Dumotid,
Jacob VJ, Jours Kaq . in the Davelin)?
tigent lor this papor, ho is authorized torc
ceivc subfittriptidita advbrtisoiuoulit J?Q.
Kl) AIIIS, I? still at bis ol?| stand nt 37 URN?
lt IKTTA STU K KT, Charleston, 8. <).
Oct. 20 A Colored Professor
Kol) rii ti DI sro
I'hi> utldcMiojued having purchased the steamer
I Mri td, now m good inmune; order, intend pulling
I?IT on the rod*e between Cliiiit>*<*m und uil the
landing)* on North anti South K.lisio.
Will receive freight daily, free of charge, at
tht storr on "Joyces south vMistf, nod inti nd
leaving Charleston for North rtlld South Kdisto
Beauford ind Rockville on Tuesdays,
for Freight engagements apply to Hobt, H. Har
ney. Boyce ami Co South wharf.
Their are ciitefull, COinpctant and jiolitc offi
cers on board of this limit, and commend hoi to
the coininunity and travelling public: Freights j
taken and received cheaper than by ?ny other
HaViHg lice* repaired, will resum? her former
trips, on vursdafs ami Fridays, from '.'hisol'.ti's
Mill wharf, weit end o' tradd strvet:
yo. Day* ulter. date the tinderVIgn tfjl.i itplfly to the
Stute l.'xHlutlHc f >r aCUarter for tl'e nionroi ia union
C'ouielary of tills blt?,
.1. 1). Pri?e, W. Ttforrias, Chas. Ilryan, Tlto?.
UefiUion; Director*" Jalps?; lawny, President.
l?r'dltM iTIOS- Wanted of Charlott > Carr,
dttfightcr of Sally Carr, formerly owned by
Captain Howard, in Charleston; S. C.
Was when ins! ll eil rd from, mile!* niorf
Montgomery Alu. Answer ut Clii'rli.Vto'ri, ot?re
ol South Carolina Loader.
Any rinio'iiiKitiii.n of Anna f|rt^:it?, ihr
merlv nf Charlotou. ?w'tul by Mr. William
liiil. .d' M.>tf!/..'tr.vrv Ala vfll! he t hank tul IN
. received through this iifrtc. hy her tjpithor
Mrs- Rija. (J rogans,
l _ _
Gl?ojbva ! Vol Io\v-Fever
Trichina Oisoaso !
AOKSTS \V.i\ii.ii.~ livCiyivhere in the South
? iii ^.m.<1 tike orders for ''Tiff. A M Kill -
riXIi." m ..KVI'.KV OM', (JUI?)H IN
SICKNESS," Itv Dr. .lohn .lames, II r?gulai
I'liysicilli nf over .10 vents practice 111 his pro
fession. One Vol. Oe|ilVO, over SHH ptlgt'S
hi'Miitifiilly printeil, und durably hound. This
is a Ni.w-woitK. wiitten in plain familiar lan
Klinge, pointing out clcnrlv the Causes, Symp
toms, and ( hire, nf lill d li Clises of Mi n, Wojncii,
and Children. This tin- *n/y work nf thc kind
whielt treats f illy ihr new disease, "Trichin?s
is," caused by eating diseased pork. This also
the ??l'/ Faihily Medien! [look, which is provi
ded with a (tifiad to Diayiioslif by thc aid of
which nm/ our cnn itt a moment discriminate ns
to thc haiure of the (linease with which a person
! may be allin (ed.
Libera) terms nfffde wi(h ngenti. Send, for
Circulars, and further information to R. W.
, OAHROLj ft. Co.,
1*7. Wen Dh, SiC?n?liin?ti.
CU. 0. of, O F.
Attend a ?pccinl Meeting of your Lodge ou
Tuesday, lfc>?, lld? at 8 o'clock p. in.
Hy ordr? Ja?. Huhmay,
-5>"r?i ?fury
A ?K?TLKMAN win? su flared lor'Tcurs from
;*! Neroui Debility, PremaiuroJDcc-iy, and all
the effccA of youthful Indiscretion, will, for the
aakc of iiitYciing humanity, tend free to all who
need it; tht receipt and directions f?r makin?;
thc miljie trmcily by which h? was gttrod. Suf
firer? mrihtng to pruHt hy tho adverliaer'-r tx
pcrience ?in, do ao by addressing, In perfect
Wo. ii Cedar St., New York.
. nus.
Dr. I. 0. MONTH?.' Comdin, the grimest Bti
mulato; in thc world) will foi cc Whiskers or
MustndliiS to glow on the smoothest face or
chili] iMVut known to (nil, Sample for trial -.ont
free lo my one desirous of testing it? meriti.
Addtcsi, UHJ-VKI it Co., TB Nn.isnu Rt., N. Y
??\ C. SlIi.Ltin,--Cotioh Factor, mid Cominis
finn Marchant. ?H?cv No. '!-?:t, comer of A'Uig
und Markvt streets, At V" Hi itsilrt l:i.i), Cloth
ing Store, known .ts thc ll i g Store.
Ctuts. sept. 15.
r?" Carriers ar? not rut thorned to charge
moro tliart six cent per copy tor this paper.
tay7* Luir on STUI.KS. - My card ur Cvrtili
cidc of deposite ot? thc frecdmens Saving 'Jo
Gabriel fjtrniwiiy, prirutc Uo. }). 123 U. 3. C.
. Ci.tr leno it S.U. Sept. Ulli lfit?t?.
t?iJSLiV?SS Mill* TORY.
Kob't. Stevens, Nu. 40?. King 8freet| above
John. Keeps constantly on hand fcali Croce
ties, Liquors, Schars, ftc,
),aiirancc Faulkner. No. 178. King Street.
Has on hood rt tiino nssortrneni of OrocClies,
Segars Tobuco, Fruits, Soda water, i.e.,
A. J, liansier, Corner Rodgers Alley rttiil St.
Phillip Street, Groceries, V?ritables, ?c-y, &c,
Country produ-a bought at taken in c?
chnngr for, goods.
Fonlham lido's NQ. 18S. Meeting St, Near
Calhoun St. Choice Liquors, and ScgilfS, Free
Lunch livery <luy nt 12 o'alock, Fallibles fur
rilehcd st nil Hours.
Thvailore faaxtp'ti, Kichnnge House, No. 1.13
Herhat fitrrsl, Choie-e Liquors and Segar?, &.
thcadote Saxton. Head of Market, ( night
hand side. )Soda water ivul Kefresluncnta Wm
tet and Sumner,
By A. H. & A. lt. Wjgg ft Ct), No 65 Mar
ket near Church ?ts. Meals at all hours, cook"
ed ami (erred up to suit the most fastidious.
Albert O'Nei?, No. i"?, Market Si, Tailoring
in all its brandie.-! dunc with Neatness lind dis
Robert Houston, No. King St, opposite
Madeline Fashionable 'i'ailoring, Repar?ing &c,
done nt ri asonahlt rates.
P. ll, Morgan No. 5'2 Smith St, near Cal
houn Muming sud livening School Kveiling
for adults
John Maj rant, ni\y bc found for the pri .'ent
ul 6i Calhoun Street, Where orders; tn,ay he
left al-till lillies lions Locks and Trunks re
paired a*, .-hon notice
\V. J. Wm fir r. K. - Law O ince XotftS Meet
?hg sit eet, .(bird flinn ) Charleston fi. 0,
prompt attention given to businois
ti?' SCHOOL NOTICK.-Thc duticis of
my Sr hool will be resumed on Tuesday, January
2nd, iliiltl. No. VJ finith Street, near C.nhouii
fiee ?0 2iiiia I'M I.K ll. Mt Uti i AN.
Mrs. ['Vu dhu in I inliu in> Ivr irituuls lUtd
nbc lins ptieiit'u ti SctuK>| loi* (?liiltlroit ?it lier
l'.-?.foiii'c Nf? ???t? Mtvliiix Sirnot. cCciy at
tuition. ?Mu? it) ibu urov.il t'li'iir.it'it-r <>f IHM*
pillad*. ^'f>\. Tull. iK-jf,
Ai M- }'). Church, Calhoun Street, H. il. Cain,
Paster! residence, No. 18S Coming Stieet.
Honrs cf Services-Do'clock, H. m., Suiulny
School. Preaching al in a. m., .11-2 p. Ul
and 7 1-2 p< m.
Morri* fcircct A. M. B. Cluireh-Services IO l-i
a. m., 3 1 2, and 7 1 ./. p. m.
Calvary tlaptist Church, Itonum's Hall John
Street, Tu-t?ain King und Meeting, Ktv'd C.
Sinnll' Paster-R?sidence ?io 7 Rtid strest
Sabbath ?chaol at fi o'clock a m. Fieacking
svety Sunday morning at IA 1 ? a.m. Atter
noon at 3 t-'i ?nd 7 o'clock.
Devine Service, will he ht M at lticCoh->rega<
Calvary Baptist Church, Charleston.
The incntbcrH ( coLnrtl).Ot ItiU church were reju
trly illlfnltfCil from ihocltaJcl aiprar* ?liurch ut Hui
H/ tu form a xspcratc church". The; h ii vc l'ur?linih
J ii lyi tit Murri? ?trect nli?l ar? Sutlclttiiv Con ir lb?
I*u? tu eil Ab lb tliciil tu erect u House of worship,
her ?rv bwllvVid t-o bs? uiou? ?IUI north* persona, ?U'l
tielr o bj mt i? retpectrull? bt?ittlhcli'dc?i lo nil who
KT? th* ability nQi).<llt|iU)ltiun tu ubi ?S?h ?liter pt ia
?. Th? following ntruiberil of tito Kftbl ahurch h??*
tnt *?th*rl*rd to ai??.? o*llactlulli?--CbttrWi Smalt*!
Uward lim.-, Hanni D, MlAloulU, Thom-ts A. Da
lt, John Bt*,au<l .laatonl Steward.
Che/ion ten 8. V. Jane irtlt, I Sdi.
IT 11.1.1 A M ll. WllttillKN
ll J3 f????*Ri ul Ol ia titi kjilUtrb Church.
H Ot I C R
Th? Rabtcribers lief; IcuVe to inform lhair
?end* mu? the I1 il bl ie, thin they linto Eructed
Steam Rupine for lin* purpose of dinning
nd Bulciitg Long hud Short Culbin, ?nile
eef's Wharf tiri?r fi. K. ll. H. Depot, ill
Inters entrusted to them trill ba attended t?
rilli dispntcli.
O'llcnr [''an iii oh ft Co
for I 8 rn ( ?
Oe n t.? ? '? L1 GO 111 rac t or.
Tho Undersigned would resiu-en'iiiiv rilinoiiiiviD io
lis I'riciiils timi the public generally, that ho hus rc
inleil his liilsiness, and tuc rca ly minali 6 ct nit hie t
s heretofore riz, for Hrh k w'dlki slri.ing ,]ditl ri
ag, and eoriiieoiiig, setting ol Boilers, cooking
tinges; grates Se.'
CF*.- - AU contracts shall lie executed faithful'
y.and with dispiitc'il. Residente No. 12 Morris Ht.
letweett King and St. Phillip stree.'*,. Oltlcc No. 5
'albot?n Mt. 1'nst olid.
>. J. Maxwell. Imo. oot. U
I desire to obtain information relativo to my
laughter Mnrgerett Ann l'li/.nbeth Clemet. wo
fr?te, brought from Marlon Perry county Ala.
!8tate of Dr. Frank Hates to Friendship coun.
y No. CI. here we seperatcd, t left her tn tba
lands rifa speeeilat?r named James O a rd il er, any
jarty knowing of her whereabouts will please
nform mc by letter ot oilier wisc, at Calhoun St
jppd?ile A. M. B. Church Charleston So. Ca
Mary Simon
(Jrout Watch Salo!
OX THU l'OlM-I.AK tixE I'ltlCK FLAM,
C?iviiij? every Patron a 11 anuSOtno and Hii
inblo NVfttcli lor the low Prico of Ten Dol
ktr.s !
And not to bo Paid for unlOHS perfect
ly Sattsfnotdryl
100 Solbl Cold limiting Waith**.f2.'.u lo S7?0
loo Mairie. Cased Gold Waje.llei.von to 60O
ICO hadios' Watch??, H nain el I ed.loo to 300
VOO fluid Hunting Chrenometer Wnlcites.ttti to ?toO
SOO Uoltl Hunting Kitt-jlali Levers.'?"JO to 050
fluid lilttitl?ig Duplex Watches.150 to ??OO
coo Bold lithiting American Wittitlics.lOO io 230
WOO Sliver Hunting Levers.,',0 to IV)
KW Silver nuntin*- Duplexes..75 to ?S0
600 (iold Ladles' Watehca.60 to "?60
l.'Oi Hold Hunting l.eplues.;.60 to 75 I
. ??00 Miscellaneous Kilver Ai* alel?es.50 to leo
i.isvi Mu ntioii Silver Vf nt (bes.,.2.1 to 00
i,000 Arsortetl Walt In s ali kin Ls.10 to ??
fcy- I'.very patron obtain- a Wa tell by this nr
rangotuont, costing bul ?10, v hilo lt may bc worth
^750-. No partiality Shown. .-CO
Messrs J; IllCKLlNH fy CO., 119 Broadway,
N'cw York City, wish to i m i rife 111 ti t cl >* dispose of
(he above ui?emiliecnt Stock. Certificates, naming
tho'articles.'dre plated in sealed enyelopes, ami
rfell mixed Holders are eiititlctl lo the articles
ilaiiied'dii llmir Ctirtilleate, upon payment of Ten
Dollars: wot flier it be a Walch worth or one.
iv?f?li It'^S. Thc retiufi' of any o'! our eertilientes
nt ides yon to the article named thereon upon pay
ment,- lrrca*pcciiyo bf ii? worth, ?uni as ho article
i alu'cl less Iban $10 is miine,I mi illty ccrtlliciiiCi it
will iii once he -cen ihat this is
No IjOttory, but a straight-forward
loftitiinato Tritnsnoti?n, which may bo
participated in oven hy tho moat fas
tidious 1
? single Certitie.itc will bc Seul by mail, pbs!
paid, upon receipt nf ?oelsi, live for *o. eleven foi'
ihirti -titree and ?If'grfnl premium fm .>i.\t\ .'
?ix ami iiiiire ?almtblc prctniuiil lt ir iib, one
liumlred und inosi Mipcrb Wateli f>>i ?l?. To
tilleuls t>r tluise \Vishiiig employmenl Ibis is a ritrit
ipporiuiiily. lt isa Icjiiilitiatt'ly cbitiliictcil biiiii
ic-.-'tli'ly .-tufInn i/ed by .he (iV?y^i*i?nii'lit, ami upen
?ti(lie'inost careful sertitiiiy. Tiy ii-'.
. ?? HU Broadway, Now Yo'ric
To Coiisumptives.
[M?f. Atlverti.?er, having bron rcsiorcil to hcrtlfh
?4- inn few wc?ks, by a'Very siniple remedy,iiller
inviiig Milferi'd several ye^Vs with a -mere lung
iltcctioti, mid that drca'd disertVC, Coiisitniplibn
s anxious tt> make known lo Ins Wllowsiiiii fif$ the
iieans of eni f.
Tonil who desire it, he will ?end a copy of the
irceription used, (free of charge), with thc dirie
ion for preparing and using ihe fame, which (hey
till find a M it K irni. ron t'ONSt MI'TKIN ASIIIMA
I noa cu I TIS, i\c The only ohjeol ol thc itdvertise,
i ?eii'l'ili' Hie ni- I : :\ ti ?.'. i- In liciiefll Hie ;i Vie .
lil ip ll.11 i',e .aol itt' hopes Ct eli - nib i. i n ill I ry
lis reine.|\, a- it will co-t them licit li ill;', ia II? j univ
,. a-'; . . . i t li .>.')!' o'e.,,e
RU;HI\1I\U OF THE infasfcfrffi
NKW VOVI, July lt, IRAtV
.Wc.? ara. Herring A '?>,,
(I KSTI.KM Kjt,~Tlipi . 'i til's <le?tructlnn Of Hie Am'-ii
rican Museum lia? pro r d a acrlou* loaatu niynlf ali?
Ititi ouldie. I HUI happy i verify lb? o|J minu?, Um''
" li's nu III wit),I timi blowa liobodjr Koort." and,colt!
?fqUCIltly, ronerntulnto > >li ilint your Vycll know:
?ali'? bare nguiu dotnoiiNtintt-tl tht-ir aupcilor ll nj
lirotil i^Ualttiffi ni an ol deni vf uliuqunl arverity. j.
'I tic Hale yon noni? for liir aoinc Hine,a?0 Win ,1h Iii
office of Un1 M li neu lu, on lite arcoud Door, !|?ok ban
of tito bullotli|,'; aud in iho liotteat of tin; (Ire- ., , ,.,
After twenty (nur Imuta of ft tal lt * ot found nm J.nj
lji>?,t|p#rj8, and ou iipciiinu li tina day baa y.leldatl iii
UH content* (ti tjery gnonorder-luioke, pu jura, poll
cn?? of iuaiilHiipo, bank billa, all in conditio u .fur lui,
medials uai', niuln libbi? coininoiita'ry,on tub trust
wurtliliifaa of lim IUK'H Ki nt J'ruof Kaie?.
Truly your?, i , i , ii Vi'
V, Ti UAltitUM;
Tho nivit Ttltablc pK><'e'clt'?'H fhrn/?n niuo tlic&'i'
Iterrlni; A INi.'a. .pijieiij bankers' Safen, willi ii?r
riiii: .1 J iyyifa Patent l'ryalall(i;tl Iron, Ilia lr?t ?,
curlV> Sgnlual n biirfehir'ti drill eyer ituimilut'lured.
Il Ult It IM (J A< CO.,
T ii k h fi ,1 i) & n
IM King Street;
Oli?ni^lCSTO'Isr; 8, O:
Tho " Leader " olfieo is now prepared to e$*
cuto ovary description of
Hook, ?lob, mid Card Printing
tho highest style of tho art, nntl upon tit?
most Hdtisfiiclory terni?. Our h'ufhcro?? friend?
who have not horetoforo krui aldo to obtaitl
their work froiit this office, will now Anti oiii
facilities utjunl to any einerg*ucT.
We have unrivalled ndvantajfei for prodnoilt/f
'levant work in
Gold, Br;onze$ Velvet,
and all thu varied colon, that ni rt y picata t?o.'
taney and attriict thu uonoliier.
C ard Printing.
Wc Khali ai.vkc special efforts to uxoul in thi?
department, and confidently anticipate- u lihoral'
iliare of t?:e public patfonrH?*
Finir? Sewing
Salesroom, 53? Broadway, N. Y.
3Sid Washington St., Uoston,
[\>'?\ Chestnut St., PliihuUlplna
nilcn'tcil Koiii M, 1SCO.
Til IS M AC 11 INK is constructed oh entirely hew
princip?? t?l lucilia Iiis iii, posschsiii? immy rare nun
I Valuable improvements, having been examined I?)
Hie niost profound experts, ami prou no uncoil to ho
Simplicity nnd Porfention Oohltifnod,
li lins a straight needle, perpendicular action',1
makes the JjOfj/i or 8UUTLK STITCH, wlilcli will1
neither lill* nor HAYK1,, ami IH alike on both aide?,
performa period newing on every disc.riptlon of ni.t."
ierl.il, from' loatlior to tin' finest Nansook muslin, VT iib1
cotton, linen or silk thread, from tito coarKoM lo I IV-"
fluent humber,. Having neither CAM or Ctn/
\YlfKKI,, s|itl tiie least posible friction, It runs tis"
smooth aS ttliiss, an? ls .. .
Einphnticnliy it jNoi.tcuo?s machino.
lt require* K?KTY {'RH CKefT. lea* power t?:'
drive it t ti nisi any other machine in lim market. A
?.tri twelve srnrs ..( ?tu?' can W??K fl Hlendily,without
fatigue or injury to h'Aalifi
fla 8t\lei:g?ii iiiitl ?un dor ful Slinpliety of construe
lion roiiihtra it almost impossible to vi t out of ordei '
I .-'nil iti lift K A N'T^KO I .;> ihoeouVftiiiiy lo j*lvt? enliiii
I Hitisliictloii. lyii re'siie'etfully liiviieull ttio?c wlU.'
may desire *o supply iliPiuaelvCa tv^lh u fiVporior ur
tul.-, to ..nun' unit e*>iiuiir?? ?* ft* J ii t Kl v.s 1.1.Kl)'
flue tislf biiur'x InVsiriietioh ls sullUdoiit lo <n tid<
liny pursoi: lo wi:Vl: tills Ma'?'lillie ?o Ib'i-ir oil!ire t-nl
A:;i iits- wanli il' for uU IntTtiH in tin- United States,'
tv lien a i'i te-" arr liol aln-ad) estiihllslu-1. A?SI1 Inf
i ulia tl? v eo. ('rnfrhl iViiVt;rio.i, I? tv limn ti libera f
(j|.<eo'iin'l tr I II' lie I'lyeii,
basans, Odd FellawSt ^ Mern
j hers af il,i Jj, A.
T WILI, -col n Solid (told Mi.nine or Odi?
1 iVllojos' I nt. m iii. n-. o,.I ol v !. I will geln'
I ""el I',.?ie i '. I.. \. I- i, ,. , th, i reipt nf . . Cl' i
I util .oi?l fliiv .\|cii|'ori:i1 Moimi ,,f I'rosident hit .
eoln, Kit in;r flin dmr <u his l.?rih. iliaiuriirai ?o i
assassination, suspended lit ?ni Atuorican Mar, ur
Ooeitls, '

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