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South Carolina leader. (Charleston, S.C.) 1865-18??, March 23, 1867, Image 2

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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?: jARLEST'>fJ, G. C.,
?5 : vt'* i-r?ti y, Al a t?. ii oil, \ &Q"? ; I
.rf.. H.. OH'>:?j; -. - . IkiM?it.
SJ>, Vi, .IM.W.I.? - - Art.JOOIA i ii Rn ITO Ki
Tijw ksc^jNSTauo'tioi'j ?.jv.r,.
V-ite text oftIiis hill, i t S>.L (Niii.-iitit
?'.i' tyd.Amendment and the rtupplemchar, j
V?\\ h doubtless familiar tn the litaj?r?.y ;
.,-? rkudcrS (.?j* tltO /.-.i/;/-, ti tl il til'". I-llil U.V.- I
t h *.?*. idleet. iu our Situ?.' polities ure lir?b?li-1
ly .yell u?i^^?tt!1,
The :;ii;.t.*i I:L. i.t.i.y bili is ucidgin- 1 t" |
jii.i-u^uii.iu prac,n al part rn'tin- ?Vi?:;; j
ni' '/iooiii',! ' ri'.i-i ion in harmony with tito j
H t ?.I i ey " rd '-'ii j, iv--i, th.- will u':'tho people
??nil tili- desuhy of the na-iou. lt jin vid?s
los tin.1 i '.}? bl nu inn orviitors ; r.pecil??s thc
L?ilrtO Vvit'ita V/Ili?',l\ it .-h::'l h? doiiO, lllO I
(imo lor thc oloofcio.ii ni' I >cIO^MI< ? l'.?r tho j
Convent mi:, ia ;i word, J ?ed all ilia* is i v- |
'.vyjiirv to sot tho.lui' in. il'btiUn i; ivorgii-'j
ii-i?i ?lie iSt.iu .t.?'j^or-i'iiK'iit mi .Itu bap?'* ol'
e-.ual rights ?-i!'! universal sujirago. Regis.
tr.irs will bc appointed ?'ur each Ch:oti?u
j)??'tr?vjL, and every malo ?iiixOnl who has
resided within .tho iStu'.y ooo your \?roi ?OOH
. ?.-tho election to he hohl after lim iv-jis
ti?ti? n, anil who is li.iii disipialifiod l?ypar
l impution in tho roUylltoii or t r crime, bl
ih?. tige ol' ?>yohtY-o?i? vo.irs will lio allowed
io ^?u\ticc~. . -.
.?Ths) CBiVai'ehiB?? viiiiially all ?ftlie
h-hick. population ol' tlio|} Soul horn States,
di.-.frunchirk's a j>.irt of tho white, eoniplciOS
tj.o. ov?rthroiv ol'thc rebol lion tutti agrees
\Yi-jji Andrew Johnson's previous touti
bie^jtc-b To be inoro jmrlieular :
.>'Y.''??-lt removes the freedmen, from the
cpjrCssioii ami ?iijiisiiou which would result
IVuin the Legislation ol'his former master.
iif!??f?d-lt, confers o [.on him the high
iii iyeleijro.'- of eiti/.euahip. . "
.'{'?hirii-lt establishes a republican form
.4 government, ja that it secures ?}io i'igot
to, vote to tho majority ut' inhabitants or
vu:n within the Stttt? who aro not log-ally
Fourth-It o~! ?.i>li.-.l;oj the authority ?iud
power, o!* tho national tjovcrumcut air,
nukes treason a crime.
I'}tfth-lt places within the lvu; ;V?f
tlie friends ol*freedmen and th?! U.hiorith?:
eoutrol ol'thc State and will doubliez, for
that very reason, exercise a hene6,ce,ut in
fluence ou iti'^aiuktinl- FSCOUrUrncXiou and
iurtiicr development of its resources, llc
iiponkibility will quiekeq aud slrengthcn
i'ue tlu?u:-:imls of uolored mon how withiu
i Kc ISUilo and a liberal policy will invite
hiborora iu tibuudanco, and :i New South
will rino l'roio the blackened mi mi whiiih
onshroiid our hind, bearinu ihr same staph:
produot-ious,. but di.-burdeucd nf .shivery ;
and crowiiod with 'liberty, sh^ll celip:?u ill i
th''it come before iu glory and groutiies?;:
This L-l tho werie always done on a ni.m
ol-war jirevioioi to etigtigeiiiont, in order
that no rubbish ibay inti riere v jib. Ibo free
usc of the guns, iii ul (li?t thu deck?; intiy
be freely traversed, ll' ever there was a
t ilne when efforts should be made to "clear
thc decks" of the newly oonstnicbid ?ic
cessioa't.) tlie political navy nf this State,
thal finie is now. lt is fast drilling into
>ho waters where Hie irrepressible eonlliet
is going on, it wrll.soon be one qf thc comba
tantoi and its powers ol' endurance tearfully
tried. To meet, those exciting moments
nud pa>.n through conflict succe&s'Yd?y and
ennui ont victoriously*, we need first lo
come-to ?onie agreement as to our plan of
aetfiyit iu. Lheui. We need to form u groat,
?c^w-d.. and substantial political phitl'orni
having ?tri foiiudiillon nu the eternal prin
ciples declared by the illuslrioiiii fathers,
vis ; That all men are j rec M ni crpial, and
??hid -Qovorimieotts derive their.jjiist powers
from the consent of the gpverii?d,;.and.'t'h?ii
to udvocati; jbe.-io pi'inei'ilcs . l y c.ydry.
meaUH at out command till their be a
strong politioi?-pariy furinod comprising a
majori.'.y of.ho vote^; limier the military
bill nov in tho Stat?.
Po^p^iiti?iilj piuT'^c?} y^c ?.mst ignore
all rio. ?al distuiens ?uidchurKh li^iuUiric*j,
forget the p:ust and live to tho preFeut apd
look lo thc glorious futuro. Thii: niustbe
done at once, or comruonocd at once, if w.:
Aol ila scevtr^ ?u; triumph we'dei-ire, or wo
M-' iy lind oiu:;vl.'.'t-fl lui. ii class, *' Saddled
rtlld hrhilyd* carry ?ny our pl'Oleiiilod ii inu'ls
but realj.'iieniies into phioe and power ?yid
our liiii'VCi^^il.^ turnout, like tjiat n?? {he
careless hii?^ndpiftii w hos fields b..d bepu
slr?wn, witjii perifiieion;* V.-.r-Os by hitj enc
uno* ?yljij? idepl,., . 1 need; i?Vt- Wffltf.
tho iinportaneoju? poliiieal union, umftiif'
(ho Colored people of ibo Slate npr. '.\y.
?find of a pnlil.ii-i>-? oi"iH.il to. which. ?di? cap
subscribe, lor I ciiniio*. connive that ihcrn
ijj or can be any diiTejrot>e?i of opinion ex
riting aiming ourselves or. ijriciitL; nil tliese
.l!<-ll..ll?. TU? Oliv t J tl OStiil tl to lui S(it f K tl 1
n-nv M as to tho method of Iii biging it
?fl -\'-:; I lyn it llm,Vnhm to lu? i ?Vv .(?. I . ? ?
' an. tit.*, it |i?.!itir'.-i- rn/* ! ihial; ti.,- ?'..-i i
tili.lg li.-; jMst.v a tJioi v?li?ll 03illV?t**-iil??": ?.11 ?
..?1! ?li-' i j iii- 'IM..-- .ri! \\iv-?? i-ii ..j,if ptvtviij '
jliilitic;!! .iii:;';-, i, t'J jiiciiii of i Itt? j nv'?,
'tint.{i hud pirrpit, A inn!, i v U vdi tho
/ .?i-'.,- i-,;u t;,|>(. :l vcr, liii-jio hluivc ::it.l I.
<|:nVr?l.v hope will ?ir?vo liois?ll' eijua? tu ?
'liv '...] .. ".;i?i i.'. ::;?d lo- p.u:, ?d?l ii s.
Kui!..w .t.. \n].- diacassiott ?i-i Iii. iv collie
. rn iii ..!. . l.ristM of :i iiii.itV lo whioll i'm- hhiok
ii:.i.i vail coii.-'i-icntini.th ?i;.ii without prii
?tidii'? lo hi.-i ?.i:.'i\ :-? .K--.DUI ?;, ;:.!.ii,-ri'. tiiiii ,
.lu j..--tlor Ji.llt ul' i hi? Wu::, i i! :?.;. i :
?liV ihiv.it i??v poli ill ihe kt-pc illili th\
suhjuCt aiul ijuoUioh.? ?u?it.'iii;i t it will ?H
t?l.: ?i iiji by i.?tl?..;r? and lu ll jiu-iioo liiiliij I
tlslm. .lt i'li?K'1 ! : (Ml! pcojit?j nt la;-:;o illili !
S?llollld lie ?Viii*ly discussed li?. thom."
A N IM;::: > :<'
T?J? l'A! Al?OD"5f Oil'1!'
Tho great tdtttriiy-gift o? George TV.t
hodv. Iv'q... {'o* tho benefit ol' tito .South i: ;
I...in!': applied fur by tho hu in: ry ones, with j
am.T/.ing rapidity.. I?Jhu*::- aro on !*..?. it (oj
oi.j?y thc benefits ;ii thc earliest possible I
ilitu:. Tho whites, w it !. i He ir ??stuii silirow?!- ;
luv.-? lind ounuitig. ave appropriating sui
hil lilt Iv illili, it will all bc.absorbed ia til
..hurl i i nia. lt li a pity that a certain liait
hii-1 nut hoon specified hy Mic donorforlho
Ibericiit ul' I ho cn! g red y out h?'; or, that tho
|.s<'icctjoiLoi' ii. limn luioxocutb tin; will of
. ino donor lind' not h on thoro happy, l'y
thc timo a person is t'oiind willing tu give
tho duo proportion to tho colored pooplo
in South Carolin:?, the appropria!?cit? will
till haw Inion made, and tl loro will ho *. mt
moro loft.'! if Mr. Peabody hud sedated
Mr.-Viagoer, iVm. NV ha ley of (.hiv. Mag
rath, lo carry out hir-will, tho colored poo
! pic might have stood a tolerable chanco
they woro out and ('on federate:-', aid i u}; tho
Davis? government iibovo board-and whoh
a chango carno they iiiaufiilly accepted tho
?i?ualiou-ami tu-<iay, tho colored inna limy
Gild iii them better friends than in .a in- II who
could give his tuouey lo entertain Confed
erate oiTtoerj ?ind ?*i ve hi:-? mea lis to entry
Oh tho viar agaia-il tho .United States, and
j ?hen ?vy (kit, J urn a ?niiih liiiin/' Mini
advino tho continuance 6?' tho disfranchise
ment ol' tho blick.---becanse I hoy would
ho likely ':?*> vote f'<>r (huir old ??.masters;*!
and yoi, ho was tho owner ul niuo hun
dred^ nud. niuety-njne at tho saino timo.
/Such a num.cannot ho trusted. Wo lear
for tho poor negroes' interests, il" left in
ijUch hands, Giv? us au opitu foo and a
fair light, and wo will trust to luck. " He
who Dionis my pursw, guts trash-hut bc
who robs mo of my gund name Likes thai
which will um n?r?ch him, hut leaves ino
poorutiti ?.i.vrahlo." Tho negro, wo trust,
will- knpvv how to trent suet: canting hypo
Orite?, who, .it iio:?rt, .-.re tmi:(is? to their
country, and onoto.ed lo llio ucgi'O-yet.
have nut tlie uiaiiiiiicsi to ?vow lia ir tnio
si?tiii?.i:id--j. IJmier tia: gHrl; Of loytilty,
thev sock to carry on tiroir lulai iou.-? doa I-I
WITuT; TUM ?.'OUN'TJi 'Z lil'? B13?? GVIT
SJL? 1S? TiiliS Ki..?..l?Nsl 1X13?Ol-*
I,':; M I\TUiGKO.
Amid tl?e rovoiutious iiicidoat to nation
al prbgresi, there aro riw.iy.-i doulitri en
tortained among tho host anti vascrit ? !
men. tis tu whether tho changua in life
:uo fur (li.: hon. ivl?otlior I he iiiotc-'iiro.s,
-now in their boaring? ?inti i-".:-i'lt- -
will justify tho hazards in ijiior'tion. mid
i uto rosi-? su momentous to thc well-being
of mankind ?
'.flu: fm roo aud rapid tide of Rep?bli
ca unim which swept over Fr?tice' during
the days of Robespierre, Danton ami their
compeers, with all thc purifying rn 1 elec
trifying i.it'iucuccs wdiich l/ihoity couW
give to TX nation, were hut the initiatory
tstops in thc great (Iratun of a people bound
ing forth to a higher and moro dij/mfiod na -
tional chanicter. It is true ihr?ti. crowned
hoads wore dissatisfied, jieors nnd lords
were disturbed, the aristocracy-that old
ridic of barbaroui ages-wore di.scomflted ;
h-.it,, tho people-the grent, niasscH-were
eiilianohiseii. rnceived their birth-right,
ami thc beautifid (joddoss of Liberty,
tim mol her of us id I, waa enthroned.
Conservativos of that tnr.o deplored tho
diistril?vipu of government ; 'i constitu? ion
al liberty/' they unid Wits fast roved ; law
and ord ut- had no pince in which tu dwell,
[said they, ii ut ihuy spoko for lrinmt?clvcs,
not lor the people. Tiny deplored tho
loss of power, place anti preferment ; wi
they were opposed lo tho government cre
ated hy the pnople, Dut tho rc^i'lts in
Franco have proved that involutions never,
go baokwnrdri. They pnrlf) and H c.-li ab i
l?tate. , a nation. J.)id Fiance rink
into insignifjcaiu'o nftor her in/cruaj trou-j
yes? i Did JOtigland lust; hpr power audi
iidJiicnco aftor ('roiuwoll hail guided tjjo
behn .nf sf'ftlo and humhle.d tho proud riris
locr.'u y of ibo roiilm? Did/A marica ?ink ,
hito, '^uuiuiiiy after- ;?b? I':??] iuicoe?sfully i
?ici lJ?o [opposing U?rta of K i ig Gen .
ll aa there been degradation entail- |:
.?! upon tho u.-'t'ii.l.iMf.s of tl.,. . \ylid roi-io li
up in I heir n:i_-l?; and hurled iVm power,
hi" II- 11 i'j M - ffi y j" iii;,i.'t! Ub?riy ?tithc ??'r?*c?ii- li
?I thirteen Stales '/ No. Tho gc.ti'.tv ot' j v
I?,I>yrty which iioipired IM(r:?!< leiirv, .loi- '
iors?iij Washington, and their en! ,,. ... v. i .
prepared ibo way fm- llicir de a nd i;.:.- lo| j j
icliiovo ii higher iliis! ?liv. Tlnt-.u.io pri ti- L
L-rpii'H \v?.?.'!i matte tho Atmnie.ris ii . iii |.
di which cost ;i: uti- ?::v:i ?:!..:-., ifior ' 11. * i r |
lil?oratii>h;i'ri?in ihotipjui ??.nu' t?,iglit?i?l, j
VVjll j;:v?-1 . ; ?u- colored titrtti in tlio'li* liii-t '.. '
.li-' i?iji'j i?iij.R:tii'i-and wiil i'iiaiiiict tit?'ut j
:1.?-..;: ..i iftl ibo changes :.;;.! iiliiiiiaioly j
liriii?: t'.oiii iiito i : i v' happy ix'i.li/.alioh O?T
ti'- IVOCI.O?.?, which isa prop?: :tji]?v?ie?;i
iioii ' I' the b.me'.V.y (if" gnvciiimcnt .'iud
po! ?th-? <i|halit\
Tin- rniuitry v.iil j>? biMieSt,-V Ly -Win
change i:: vari ? way. Tho canst a tit ir- I
lit at inn cottscijitcttt ii;.i.II thc . : : - in* ' ii:-?-- |
in?iil ol' :-i> In; ;-.' a m? ii h a* ni" cili/.oh:-, will j
lio '. otded. M ht n.'sis ami ni.-a"o lions I
.I! - . ." .-I
.viii inca;?1.;ra iy cease--rolitiifeiice anil luu
tii -.! j.;.nnl-v.'ill will be t tstaidi.'-hed rttitottj? j
.-iii i-l.i- iv-cur i'.'ero.s.s being iilctitital.
mir ciVuit? will -lu- harntouintiF. Tho ool
<>irl niau icciii.i; thai ho is .".t> ?mpor?nijl
jj.:::-: of tho govorniiieut. will ??.':k lo site-1
lai? tho iansc: I ?et nt;a fit "?zen ?if tho Siato,
I h? v.iil fe?! till titi) j - r : . ? ?? ol' a participant
jin ht r ititiiiiiy. lier poUtfe?l iufluciico iii
! tho iiiitiotitii a!ii:ir:> \?il! he a m:.t(er'Ol'coil
j?latil coiUiid-j.a?iou to ii titi--thc rot urn ?it
I election lit y's--thi? contests lt ir oilieo-tilt
Iduerous diities which will devolve nj?ott
hiin as a participant in thc (r/liiry. til"?th<:
whole nation will hispir? h i ia to efforts
vjj'ltU'h v.'.ili addi to Ute prosperity ol' thc
I I M 1 . . - t
I iititiou. .! ho addition lo tho coiitincrco ol
jllu: couittry is an important coii.-iitioritt.ioii.
Tho four millions ,<[' pcp pk made citizens
hy Congress n i ll ho encoi:r:ige;P to roiii?iii
! in. and '! jvolb-p? tito resources ?if (ho So?i h.
I Their w.-ittv ! oing multiplied hy tho ri iin
ji nt: ii:flm neon ol' education ?ni?) en.hrJitoti
tiiout, tin y will rc.-niic a larger amount of
mercan ti le interchange lor till tile coiiiiiio
diiics of ira.lo. Tho result! will bo
a inure general circulation of mot??..;.', a
!tr_:er r.-.a^o of Lu. inc.- rotations, ii nioi?i
I oxteitsivo coniiucroo and a larger rcvt'iiui
t?> tho national Treasury." Tho war dcb!
will bc umr.; speedily paul, tho mineral, a.
well tia thc agricultural rosoiireoii of tin
laud will be developed, atttl every branei
of labor receive a new" cnorj?y. V? hilt
politioiait.-i ws|l Uavc al?riror field iuwhiol
i to labor; yet tho people will bo fa
?cnriiih?j; tho dui icu ot' citizens, and tin
country will ho saved from a po.u.-uliilUy o
another relioUi?u or itii??iial |!&t-?"'-'y l*"
Uh, tlt^a. r^.i?:, aoeepl Ute dtr?cwiii-i vf Frc
vid?uo? and do our unt ie.-..
REI? Iv -B T A ? \ ^ M ASS
Ml;:iO'.L,T.i>sTa . i
A laf jrc and otxtiit.-ia!-i i .. -:v : '"' w.t- Itel
?ni 'i'iiur-tav c\cutr.ji tit the Military I Iii!
in Wt nt wi nih St. t-> a?lopt :t phil li i Viii I'tirth
rop'.ibliciitt liar:-.'?nal take tho initteory .-(oj
lor prop n ii:;.r r. jdationu for the State.
Theimoeiiiit?v?as caile.l i.i ."'ii-;' Ly
oliiiir'uiitn of'a c.Sininittoe awpy-n-'od ..t
?.?i vii'its moctiuti, ll. iltnlt'e .Moore; ?in
LipviKti hy prayer hy Hov. ll. il. C.tit
j Next ibliowo* i ric rcr.diii;.* iif tliii report ?
i the comiiiittoo iy l?ov. iv .1. .V .nt--. T
say the !t-?\.-;t ol* tho re J ii ?rt, ii i* "i;.; ii. hi
cr?Jiiit.il)le to th - eottiitiitteo ititi! can an
1 .should 1. '. endori-ed hy every colored citi'/A
ll' the Ctittt'iilttSlity.
Tho re.t.lia;.-. ol' the platlbviu was i'.?Slov.;o
hy a masterly speech ny tho llev. {icntiv
man idiiiyorofunivo;*^;! MI/Va?ni L u:
portiii^ ihorciiohit?omi o'Tcrtitl. Ilcclaimc
lin i v?mal Kuliritge, lirai, on the ?ruiiiid t
man's volition, stat iii?; that iiavini.' a rii'.l
lo cliche Iii:; j.ur.-'iit.- iuliic and tho I Inri li
would worship, il follow. <1 ?.l-o that li
should exerei-o timi ritrht in th? choice <
the rulers hu would i-'ei-vo. Ile. tux! OH
the objections tb?iid'id pu th? ihbap.-i?ity <
the blacks, and completely overthrow thei
by citing their coiidiict in the late ph jaie:
btru^^le. Ucclahntaiil thirdly, its thc phi
reward that could he given for their ion
years of sn fieri uti' and unrctptitcd toil, titi
their uti waving fidelity to (he hat iontil go"!
orin.?ent. Again he .'idvocafed it, heeau..?u t
abridge sufl'rage was itieonipatiblc with th
gCiiiutJ of rvipublicttni.iin. Fifth, Leeann
union cannot? bo aceurctl without, it an
cHaraetcris?d il as tho only means of th
tehee hf our liberties. Ile here staled th;
lilt! polit ical Cijuality here secured wan vor
tl i ire re ni from siirinl ?<|tt:ttil.yahd rct^tirkc
j "thai ho would sh'ttidcr if ho tiioiitrh! th
measures advocated would hringthis about
lest .soiiie. h?w drunken while enemy woiiP
orrep t?i his lirosido^riiid marry lils daiighter
lie chiscd! amid iiiiinen.ue cheering, ll'
wtts Polloweil hy llev. Mr. (Jardo'/.o, win
tit! t vorodi an ti ppr? ?pr ia Ci:: Hpeoeb teem i ut
yiU\\ execlleul ad ??cc lo memheT.-. cj' I in
i?ar|y-.'ind iibduiitlihg willi caitlin,i and i\is
ni'tmiaatjng warning. Space will nut per
inil iog?TC a l'ej'"!! of nil dial \.i :Uihl.
Mr. < ardc/.o was .-tn-.vi del by Kev. M..I
iiith'lph, wini soon eiipliVstird every o:irj
. Ki- sallie* ul* wi I and ii??irily rxpref-shiii. I
Me> ?rs. ? Vi.:'!;; . Mil foll * 11 it??0 in l-l"' !
?s?f.iud perl ?Vu II! si ct-..li.-. A resolution
as oil. roil l>v Mr. S. I.. \U nm if pr??poi- j
;? l !.. i ali o?'a M nt, j ?oil vi/ist ion -.vi:Was :
?..??'?..I ! , :iii>iiii iiiijr, :.?(o? which s: asi- h
..ii !'..;. :nl jnuniionl boih'j piti. ll;?- Itieeiini: '
Mourned', tn meei mi (.'?iii?i'l .. iii tv mi
<i> i . .-ii
.>.! I mtsil.'iy afternoon, a? ?iOehick.
Ki'v. ii. il. I'aili; .-: a t1 (Inti lliit iS'h'fh]
... o I..i: ... ii, ? i i !.. iii: o . 1 .. j .. .j
.Iit?.'li WM i? .*' i .-.il with i'hi'.i.'r?'i
? 11 ; J tii.^i! .Monro fiiiiioumvii s,i.*n t fin- j
'lil* crowd IiiiMi dispersed anil sil-juro sOmi'j
i'ijriiiHi pio!nii:nl i:. I tic voiietsiblo hail (hal j
....td t?-i.*ch<??tl withith? hearty cheers of]
tewdinrit fi:iv. a.-.
Thc loi!..-*:?;t; y/t?ni lomen compiled iii? j
lohtuiittiO rai Pit ! lana :
ii. .?. Mooro* Chairman. M. <?. C&nifc
ia. V). .1. Adams-. I*. : v .'?ihv. . I. .\.
Mayne, -ino. ll. }). .}. |) |Tioe, l> :.; '
Itoilk .1. 1'. M. K-M.h:-:. ?. I'M Haialulj i.. !
li. C. i.h?iari'.j. Kl,; ( ?an.or.o, ???iii?. J i
iVtiiK'l niai V. . .J. 15 i io.
iirinitf or co.MMiirTKri :<i nu AI TA w.v.-'
Kt>iv?.? iii;;.1, INION i.::;i ::i.!'\w l'.vhi'V;
.."ll ,'t n' t !i C V ItViiVl il A .
WiitiiV.\r?, ti'.e iouiidi r? < \' ''al repul?-:
lie ba.-ed thc .same oa the solf-cvident liait ll
'. th.it ult lura ruo eroated otjual. that iii.",
are endowed hy i li? sr Creator with certain
iiialioiiahlo rh-his ; that atuout; tli.?*?.?: aro
lil'.-, itboriy inn] lli? psirsiitt U" .-.oj-juiii ? .,"
WtiKitr.A.-; it i - F- :i forth ia ?he " Prc
amides of thc l'ov?or?l (Joust il ut ion ol''ST.
that it w:..; ordained, not OJ 0\". ."er..*-, '
M.U-M or ioii.iiiitar.hs thereof; hui by " ti
.nople pf tiio United SUi??s/' "ir: er?'.,
to lorin rt inure p?rfe?t union, ?'Ual.dirih
j ust iee, insure ihuuo.Hic trahouility. ??ru
vuic f-.v th? ci.in tumi (hift-inco, promote tho
nouerai welfare;.'ititi (0 secure t h.-bli-, .-ito
of liberty t<? i:.-; founders and their pu.*
! lority," mol
V,' :t I?'.V.A::. i.Vittrre.-?-j, hy its weil ouiis.d
I. ii rod stud nlnio? t unanimous action i^ which
action has h:::! th? sanction nf tho loy ni
Ipeople ol' tito cuuiiiwi h:U or?iviihK? hy
the (r'on.-i it uti*nuil A isa nil alon? ; r. >}.>..' ?. uh
.. Artitik1 ! I ."?tul'hi: root u; .. ItoiouMruo
iiOii Hill " ?.'K ih'- re-i>r?:iui?:itio?i < l' tin
civil poi.Vcr.-4 Ol' lin: St?l.-.- !.?t. jy in rt:hi'l
i lloli all?! lui' thc I'. MV/'al :.! tl '1 IVptt VM.I
titioti in Co?ttTo.s??, and
NV u r.'.i ti \?o r -o.. ?!?*/.' inti.? 1 ..?'?-?
lal i ve jinn ?.-ions wi.-o s l :i t ?. *r: mn 11 11 ? 11 a.-i rc
vr.iitls tho ftitti.it!, jaMicc tcinj:croil willi
mercy low:ird.-i thc fortin r ciictriics of tin
Urtivit. ?*.?U ?.t. v...........o t.. I'tir lite pro
teciioti ?f till hiyjfl citir.cn.'*, without dis
[Unction of rn-", or <. !ur, or previtiVci cOti
jli'iti, i:i fil? ?i?jjuyih?ni of every ri;;ht OOH
I Jerrod h;. tin Ooii''*.itutioh, iitid
j Wi; K-:I:AS. wi: rO;iatt? :ho ^rcsst Nalioiia'
it|'pishlic:in p.:;ty, -smhrr tho ^?.ji',',/. j,},hi:
j nf i>ivi:i,; Pinvidciscc, a.s ?hi- Aivihr ol int:
ic?tlisti" I':.:-; loo iit'iii;<of thc ?atc ?"?hcl
!" .
!'!;.ii :'? i- li.u it ?': .':< ii? ti of tho I niOiii at!'
I. }..,...v ;,,;..,.;"!,,. L?.].? j,,s
iiii'v si- it: t'oiin.iiil:iiij; (h? jtir?.s?'til al l\i
larc iiitor'.'v-i.i of lin: Cviintrv ?VIM.I! -k .-i?
I. Thjii vo yi;VO O'.-r c- '.dial t-?.ist
j.aao?s.v.t io tho act hu: of ijoiii? for th?
rc-lwrai ion ol' (He I'tthm. and to th:- v.
]<iihi) j::.;t priticijih.? of tlic ?lcptihliciiti
! ll. Thai in nnj.lv ta v.\:Mo th, hth.o i/
J::ll i?ur i..-.:?! liillov-'-t i:i/.cii- iiiOri1 clloctiia!
J ft ir c.vr ry in si out thc proviiUisiu- .?'t'o-. ...rt::.
l'-.l th.- t-.. i ..::!:...: ol' 1;:'.?' Ol'tt?r ill i?tll
.V.iiito, a-' Wi.'ii a; for lao j- |i};0 and ic ?-.o.-r.
iii-, of "it;' cit tiru country, wo ito foiin :o,
ii^lcisttton t.. hu known :l th.: vvt-iiSoii Ile
I pui.il ?cati 1 '..i ? y i if i^Oiith Ctiitdilia."
!' 111. That wv ph-hr- our raer??! h.Oiior
fit'tf iV-rluiic-it and our lives, to w om
? . . . !
j country, to p rotte rvo uer in ttl itto't.', aip.1
otpccially lo aid her i.i !.. . pia.; i.:\i-jlsiii
tho liati?iVal t; i;!- \? l.i. ii h t.- hooii ?icri .!!;
pleilgcd tu lin- payi?i?iti ol' tho national
?loht iiiciirrcd to save tin- liberties ol'lin
country, rind io suppress rebellion, ami
ih;il tin- people will ui?i suffi r this f.ii.'ls t.
[li? viohilcd br impaired; but till dchtit in
curred tn support tho rebellion, tis (hoy
were unlawfully void stud of no lihligalinn.
?di?ll never he a.i.-uixd hy tho United .Stsites]
nor rhtill Solidi Carolina bc periiiiticil le
poy any doht wh.it .-vor whioh was cont met
?e-I to ?lid tho relton1 ion in any lorin
IV. Thal iii?nat ion otvi's to tin: bnivo
lin n, ivliilo and colorcl, ol' our ??ruiy atol
.navy, a ih'lil ol' "Tal?tilde foi' th. ir heroie
service's ?II -loft nr.- of the (ihiiistittittoii tiiul
t.llC t 11 i ? ? 11 ; and tba! while wc clierish with
a (etiticr iilfei'tion the tnetcories i,i,f thc lah
j lon, we pledge t-i (hi ir \\-iilov.s ai.ii n;-phaii>
thc Ital ?oil's oaro and pro";oct inn.
V. That as roiuihlicau inst h ui ioiyi ciiiiiiii
ho preserved,; ual.-f-.-. ihicllij.'cricc he j^tiit
,.pilly il?il'li??tl lililtillg till ria. .-;e.*, We will eli*
ia.uni of out I .cg is lat ure a unit.rm syulcni
nf common fii'hobM, which, shall lui open
lo.ill without '? ll.H lion oi'l.L' t , Coll r? Ol'
'ravioli i < . ?iilii ?oii-- Kurll i?ystoin. io lie
ll J .] .. * 1 I ? - ? : hy :t ; i lKT.il liltX ItpOII .'lil kill?!
. I* pnipt r! v.
VI. Tli.i! uv will Iii viii- :i iiWu?? K y?-? ? in
il' puhlii- improvements, snell ." .' '" ':"ti'??a?l .
aviAti; :ii:.l other works. ;u:?! also siu-h a
. -(. !.) of :iW.tr<Hi|o fruit rheta l'or tli?j k?tu\['
is v,'il ??ve nil mir iWIow-i. iiizous :'.tie?p?:ii j '
?lill liisr l'Initi?e io .-hmo i:i ilium, j
S'il That Vi- iv itt Ills.? ill." isl lill : mil I
;i...!::;...;.I ion ol':1M- Li'.v.- ?.f lim J-'liiti'\\ ill I
! i K'.v?v willi i'.mi i-.ni": for ih-hl; (
.j? j ?j i'-r ii .i.'. : ;:inl ?lil j.jisniiuient of wit
iic>yiris. except l'.?r .\iUV.i ni' . . : sk s? 11 ? 1
'M'lMrtUy tn aholh'ri, rniinlv :*l iWyvor.
ll ?. !ni :i :i!< ' s < L IM i i' ioi'pOr:t! piinhii I
Viii. Tba!, a* ?::r?.v lain! I I? iu?|.filj?'S*|
leuil i.:.'1, in iiaiko . ': i i '"n r. MI 1 |'< <>i ,
* i ; i l
poorer,- anil ruinous. L. llie a:,t i.-ttUnral.
L'Ojiitliort'inl ;.mi |-'ii<;i;il iot.-'.v. .?!' ll".'j
StiitO. tho j.?0;:ish? illili iiiviliii Oui'!]'?lt ii'.v!
pi'iU'? ioably ; : i ? ? *.? . i -.. ?: i ' Ipr j hy <!?vU;h.ii-|
nit'.) : . .. . !' i!"| ? <??'*.*.?-? ? liui-'s iiiiiotiii* tin-'
, _ i.i . . ". , , i j
pinner i'la \\ ano a.-i an tin ...*?...? omet io
?ililli. : i ai,iUi iii s illy iii on' .SM.ito.
IX. i'lait (liy I;ii\ il' .vjv'tii;' :: '' aiiil j
.. ii:-..-iliil " ?1 ii .iii.! : ... .. . iiii.'tli<??? ? o\
i tommi. I
I >. 'Vt ', pro?. ; i..ns i.hbtihj in; ?iii iii loi j
: lily ?.'.< ?op' i?.?i "I t?u> p?>or mah';- ? i o ? i .. t* i.i
j y I. 'I ii::! li' - i::!. r .. ol" tin- ^!;i:y ll. - j
niainl a reyhioii ol" thy '. ' . ci .io of law j
!:uu:. thu rooriraiitiii'tioii OT ? li ^ Courts. 1
i Xii. That th. int .>...<.?. v. ..?,1 y , f tho
j ; i , ! ol' \?\? wlnilivotiuritryi ?leihaiul j
j evyn p?:i:.-ibl? ?iii?r.tnlyo l'or lin1 [???rpctuiu
l?ii'ill? 'li:! ?-1 _? 1 * ?I Olili'i'li ii IM.Otl lill! ill;wl\ '
I .- 1 . !
?rii?ac]i?:t'c?l portion ol' *>ir lylhiVv-|yiti?.?'ii.s.
jami ii..il. i.i tl..- iule wt'tiiii ?sac re? 1 ii,rlit iii'
ititi! <-loo: ive flamhho, wo v. iii ?....!. to Hit-;
; val y i<> olney ol' (rii?t au?l honor, Only thosoj
...ho are- ttiilv loyal', ii .ii- i amI ?MI..;!.1.-.
? icro: ji-..'0?.i\c oi'i.t'V. color, cr pr?vhiu.
I Xiii. Thiil vi- wUI not ?U?pjwir? any'
I eamlitl t(y fur i.fliifr! iv h ii v. ill not op?rth
j 'ihiloii i?: :: Iv.H'uteanii lieifcml th.- ptiuc??j?ei
,iiil6pli-l hy tho Thuin Itopuhihatti l'ai?y.
! Xl\:. Tin- c..ii-LH..rati.?ti .-I' j.i-ri.o ami
: hiiti :.h\ -1 iiiahil provision hy (hf I.?*-_-?: 1 ;?.
'turi ?'i lr i li?.; i>|?ili.c? loti iVo., ?if ?ill tho :ii;ee
. ? : : f? i in :t?t i Imljles* ? .i?ir. inv.?p?:cii\;o ni
! nu'o. elihu ol'1 pi'.-\ ?oil < n>l 11->n.
j XV. IMyin/. np ma lovim; iVi.v: hhiyt:
lor \tiPiliMii ia o.ir t:oii|i?il;?, olijoi'in-y iii
?iU'ihin. '-Vi''?'?'.f.-;' amort; oi..;.-.?.'..ul.
! ina lita: iowiirti's l?nit? iiinl yli.'irity to nil. wii
j i..mr . ?..?>-. :.. i hi-M f.T..rt-t ?'.?r thc
i ii'lth il ol pi'avt "inl w< pi i hy (>> all iii:r jiyti-i
i pi-> nm! lor ail i ..r!y n-pr.itt-tt?i>tl iii* otic
, j i.rliiw'.l .vtAt-.' in tin; Coiiyiy^soll ttic ? 'ititiitl
j Ktl?IlUhli VSllKii 1'UB (Silo VD.
T>> th' .V..'/,'../ <?/"' /o Let titi r:
I hnve loatl villi mei titration ami
jj-hhiivi tlitvsji?cclit?ii ul''two foliir?;il un'ii. rivi
? IM'V.'VIV X.-is!?, at:-'. I! v. I). IMokoU.:"iUUiv4?r
. ! oil in ( 'ohiiiihii af a iii:i ?s iii.?t?l i ii? o!'., nloi t'??
i ?'i'. :'/.* n>. \\ Iii lo ii i? ry ii'icaHiirc s'.i i'i',t j'i'.i?!?i
? . liji j : i?-" hin! ri. 1. ;.'i . j>lt?>t?]?t bo pul
! i'o.lh hy ih- o ?-:o-i ? ..??.-; . ! : i : ; . i>o.r
??.ii un ! 't..;.i:;.!?!i.r nn-.l .-r!IM lin] s hy
'j lu,, nih."..--iv.. :iio\tl k ili'Lhhoi.s
II yoi it : iMMi..-[.. J .olwliyll ii..i;-.:.! :;i:-: ilkfi
. i';iV lin ?Jv r iht? t-v -j . t- : ;.*?. - :!i ii v 1 i;.
. I i'a'r aw..y fi in".on .-ts i'.iljl ? hl.t? i.s. ::.
. j tiic-o (w(i v.;ti;i:..J ' , po'.hi.'i.iii i ri jhirtial
j ' to h iv?- lU'Uti ?!. y i it??.lth! r- . . '.\o ?ha' con
i ?i. ni:f.:i?o?.' IV .ni t';. ir l'v.llow:5 wiityli
r, thoir at tims jtjiojy nii-rit.
J Jiy tho ?mV. il'c ;..>!..n i n.fo \i ilrstrv.vl
I jilin ai?''? nH::i:i?\? with t'o 1 <.... . i.l'thc I :<
'i'll-' ,hki ioairii:,!::-! i!mi, ,in:..;plo?;
uit'lauiii ; .-. i\ orv, w il li :A
? i '
lin p.u?ti bl iii?! htytaiot. \?y\\*\ i her '.hoy
ian tl o' r.'i.l ion ?'it?ran? ami (??b.r.i i !"
h?.?..::...a hy .ho o?. .? iMtichi
\ j bii? fj?j:v..Vr ih. ?.I.I-. ii ::?.; ioho? v ' .?:' : ... thc
. bihor t;;.;'.'.- cnlVanvhiijitf." lo'vn! ?i.ic'K.*,
11 i.
jami hoth a iv loiiiiii linnlotiilir.vr :;y.'.iii::t thc
?vii?.wii ltiiv o?' ilu) html.
'4 ho one ta ku.? t ho irrouiitl ot' initvcri'al
siiifr:io?: i ii ch til?n!.' niliols, traitors IVooilinyii
:u??I ail. 'J ho other favors ijiialifioil siifinic'C
? :-.( ht.lii:_' tho iimontnl anti tho j?< ?.r. aiiil
ht.th aro Ibuinl lib'oyiitj* tin iiilluoiic?! nf a
tloluni ; power. Hui cluirily h'ula us asorih
ihoso cxpro.-sions lo I hu pr? "onoo nf fiitiaiu
goiilloinon, al lin: Minmi ol' whoso whip in
} hy'-giinii'ilay.? i li?:so now mailo .^alosnion wm o
wont to t romilly with fearful approhyiisinh.i.
I (?ont hmioii, i hu ry may ho many nullor tho
oloinl still liku yoiirifolve? hu; tlioiv aro
j many uoru who han- soon tho faiiiliu-'hl anil
j lull tho iiispii'inti hoii?is . I' iViv iloin am!
I who.'tro wtlliii'4 lo rut oil (ho ?ii?! man with
j his deeils ami to put on tho now amr xnO
net " pel it iori " for lin; n umun! inp of iheir
nhl niastcrH ?m tho nJw hors;s whioji I ho
S\ ilitary Itoron.sti'iioliori l?ilj oroafen".
'J'liey are too wei I oonlonl willi I ho p.*isl
favor : ioi I ho : hapuol cow hilly, !:iiiiiir-hoii.sys,
paihll. s inn,! iio;rj rcii'oivuil at the h?mblol
I hose i;.v.:.i( leinoit., " who Uj'lielil (heir prill'
eiplos al tho point ol tli?* h;iyono( " win n in
placo, ami pow. .'. tu. 1 ?Vlf lol" fji? ir M,/.OIHI
>i -iii. ai iou. (.
i II j UM icc Iii Mr..Na.?li. wo puhti.-li tho
Co t. ti .\t iii A, 8. C.. M.-in h '.':.. I8t?7
')' ij?tr?ov : -Hoar ,?ir and I it nt lier
'I'? !. . .'.jilli'- (lopiitt-li at Ininti. IMoas? timi1
m \ :t i ?vi T lu t III! a rt it li -. '1 lian Iv y ? . i I Int
1141 ? . iv . ; i -.. . i lie j tvf iou |? soo. iliHl ! wa*) ii":
. ' i. i ? '. i i - ! 111 i * -1 udillUtli llr.il ?li-..'.
Vil li;* H ?jil '.. I'uily.
W. ll. Na-h.
M' f.'r.->. /.'. AV. Ci;!tittil >'i / 7ci tii.i :
\\*!.l yin.* rh-a- In jj?ivo titi.? a ji.,i.'? in
Vt.lif ?::|il. i in \ c*ltT'?:> Y'.-< >'<u/fl '
<\irhn?ti>tn uhill pin-ports ;.. jU an Mvvv*
Iliad, -.mt* t ? ) 11 .?. *.. ?1 : ? i ?.. I [iel it!. - in I 'ni.- rily.
un M uti.lav. t in I S? h in?! (lil Now, I \\i?it
I ! ' . '. !
V ! tli'tl l!.<- sin .'; ii ?'ii! Ii; I;
,1 !..
fie ( 'i;r'i?} ituiiii i.*- liiit il I. ii i r . ni ri-it sl.itf .
iii'"'i( . - ? " i : i \- ivhiiii k; . Theiv .-i ir?--flit i
ni 'lit* ::. il i!*.; I if r,r ti'/. ,-. ./. and I koro
.nt- s.illii'.liihj;.?' within I '!:<! : iv t!.;it Mi.
lifVt *' .' !. y> ? rcii :i '.v< ?V lint di! fri li .
ll-.i i ti : j . < : ; i 'I II.?' ni'ltM'iit : in \ ni' iiv.?e? .
I wotild \vi: !i . . :. .-. .?hu edi Tiif
; -.' .;: 1.1. alni Iv..?.n.'lol < nO'.-'ri.-tj |iy .\". J-"
'. iv.ard.--, u'n'il adi>:.fi .!. a* pjiH'tihtr ?t.
1 !:.. 1 1 ; ii in s?;i nt, I lie'I (it'd t'.i p.'.-pnro; t hov
-j.iv : > a! i . , ?.?'.i'!.;; Voil rx i. .?protI Vi .IV
Vt* M. i >. .VAS II.
i iil.i'MliI \. I'., Mandl L'O.
Tu.': l*n:~ i.K-Ti'Hi: before (h>s
Ladies Sewing i'ir.do oonni-tod willi .St.
M:.!-'.- , i'hai. h. v..-..- dt?v. r. il hy tho K.?vM
]'...). Ad iiiai oii Tiioi?hi', oven i ti?; tit Mili
try I ; lii'it i : ..'i'-:;?i,( 1. nf i ho hiMtr. V
i i 0 MI1-,.---: y- i- h?lid!? I in a inai-fi rl\ uiari
iiifr. 'I In* i.ttcntl.-itii-v. wa., .mall nwini*
th.- |.r<.i'r. - . ! i'i.. fair foi- tho Mi.-i-.iitn
I'rt--i.Mi lian ( 'hiirch, nf whivli tho ? ph ki; i'
c*.;'.i- ., 1*/VO?JI?" ia ri t t?a. n u
, tu < . _ .'. H in .i. M OK in ??'Vj kitbjocl
?. iiiu r ;v "
j [Special N ?tico.
I ThUotirtior .?toin; of tho M iS-ioti Pr?shy
I (liriaii N. S. i fliurc?i odil'co tu.w in i'our.?o
iii'ureoiioii. ia (i'ooi'.'o M Lit Wini Kiuj?
! iti?ti Si. I hil?p ?t. -A iii I. laid . it in
I .Monday .-.tit rn..mi. :.t n't !... k.
I A im l!% ii pro.-'i ifif'on ?t*ttl?' varii-iia
I iitin itii!HHiinit.s aro liiviti-o, it i *<. thc Ir?
i S'uve rn] Ch'i!.'\ *.!**. ? nf ii?hor Iii li: . II.?
: V'otl if?, i -.??: '..'ip :'. . iii tl.ii- iM-r.-'iM-ii.
; A ririlt t I ?tin tn a.?.?i.?t ia (i-A'illj^ l'nr lin:
I i'!i.:.fh ?ul will In? tiikfii. v.t Mit*,clor? hopo
? il?'.?t all.ii'1 ?.r.-?>.iii- in :ii-.?i.-t us in thia
! ililVfl ?O? .
i I*. .1. Adau-.s.
Toe rotot-.-'l ?;?!??.,'?. fi' Ny^nloi?ju-toii
j -J ii 1 ? i eoi-nclntrii an- al..ni! ni'-.'.-, ni 7. i I if! n j-iint
.'i-.'k r ,-i oialinii, ft ir tho pm (it?so o?* nst:ih
li."*hiiit: :t ?luil'v ?nd wecklv no-^spai or iii iii?
i ,. - *
I Nfctloiih) Mcirtipuli.?. lt inHl.ttoiltli.it up
I .v:i?d 6*;,(}:U? h?vu nii cad> h?-oh s?hscriliL'il.
j ii?fOriior lUtllncV. !' .Maw-K? hiinctiH, with
1 r< !i-t-iit iif ( 'iniiio; !. hiiii'appuii'itvti C.- ftirj'? L.
I litiliin (ri ii r'?d^ JUM?IJO ni'iii - 1 Vat c fur
' iii.-il i.iinty ..? SMIT-J!!-..
., Ui'hi it ldiif. In, tho cidijst >;< i. ..'" i!. - hilo
i ri.- :. tout Lin. .li, hii.-i Lita iitl?iiiil?d td.
.1 tho har ..!' !l!ii..Vi.-;,
ii.-.v ?l i yOn arrivoat tho h^L-hi nf ;.
! i:l.u::i ii : I rplfi nu a hot d*y! I 't r -.?pire.
! TIM:
j r ? A i i a i'?sr.v c .< ) I J J^I.:C.
'i'K i."-; t )!.' is M Kl >rS
1 v . r Oliorot'. i:t >\U'.orien.
. 1* it 11 * i ? 11 ? xi .li?*"* - ' inr'ioMP ?iii c iltirntiun ?r#
,;. t ! ir. t.nr ;.c iv
???ua??'iir ('liiilvatorS' fcufdU1
Tl? *. H'4
K tehan aiij I'iowsr t?itr?an
N'?W TfllllJ.
A ilt ioi iptiv? wei '?, o? IT*, jinjif ?', fuilr i!l?ictr? t.
I i <1 witt, t li'.Air-if' i t 1 : ! ; .? a mi I 100 rn>.r?v
.'.;<, i iii'.'Viiiiit; ? ?IM of o'tr ?.'jtlO yiirii-li?*/ of
l"'ii?w?r iti?ti V,g??l!'hit? P?eJ>. hOu' trnriclirt.
nf t'iv> rlioicail l- iuiitli Mi brlii tiUdiohi*. A' ..
?hr m ir? it ie?, httlh nf lt? Klonor ninl Vfiw'fir.hl?;.
fm 1867. will tir itiuiiti th?criiitit ?H thc ?hi.T? '
wirK. Mallet! ftc-* l" ni'./ tu.ilun* Un met ?pt oi
.'3 conti.
Rtr.l Mt-r-'hi-nt?, MnT'ti'iiitiiiiil ll ni I. Holton,
M-iirt lall??, Ttttirrotit, Ti^ritiin*, (ll?iliiiliisj
itA?iiinc?lui, fcc, i\c, fur ?? -iii|. (?lantin,; no*?
ti'rtdy. 4ili.
Plano and Furniture
Jr ST IN ni?DUCKI), m .! hi'liiR Btlopi?fi'
by all |tMitlin_i lint:?.(.< in the nnmifm-tntt
lil i'innnK, 0.-Pmn, ISillmral Tiililf*. ruuiiti.tt.,
! Ar. St", Kri-iv i ii?' who lu?s n ?*?*nn ?honhi Im vu
j ? lotllo of thil I'oliiilt. F ?? i i tl fm Ciiiiilriti. Mttl
lire vii'.l "ite full (inrthulfu? tout dit?fliii?,
ill IB put tip in lintth'f M Hu ttl ii nu! i<0 run*,
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