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VOL. 2. NO. II.
\s YO would t li.il men sh<ul<| <lo milo you do yt; uvcii so to them.*'
CHAH i J 10 H TON. S. C., SATU H DA V, O OTOH KU 1 0, i,S<iS.
wuor,K NO:m
CHARLESTON, S. 0., marcii 1.0, 18(37.
A. WKltSTl'lK, Mtlilor.
1?. Pji RANDOLPH, ^ Associate
T. W. 1.KW1S, S i-Iiiiiort.
A Ki i i'iioi - wi> l.rit.ii.viM I'Ai'ia:.
l'i ri i-u I 11 w i I ki.\ \ i N.... Is- Mi ; i
?m, si ia.1 r. si ai; t u.iibi \.
?. M iMii: moouk.
n:i;\i- ?k m in l?iTh ?.X :
Three Dollar- a Year; jtity$.Ute in advance
six Months.I ::.
Three Monili?.\M).
KATKS l i fli Al>\ Kli I'l'siNO.
A<lvcrli-ement- will hglasei'ted al 111.'rali
of' SivVKSTY-rivli Ctds'TS per square. T??0
spa CO of ten linos <>i' P.n \ i-r i\ po . i?i?s< it tiUs
a -quare. l.iiiigef ailvi-rti-. nn nl? in the
Htiti? proportion, l or st?iidhjg advefd-e
inetit of right w , !,? anil upwards, inn
ri-isti? por square; for -laui'n ; idverihe
hichis ol'Six m?iiiih<? ?t?l upward-; routs
t t.N is por square: payment Ili every instatici'
being rotpihbd in advance.
. I'rof.x-ioiial alili llilsitioss ('?rc?s, n >! <\
CBtvuiilg IjvO llliOsi #10 a year.
?lariinges, Deiiths. ih ligioii? anil l i;. : ai \
notices, noi rXOOedillg li \ ? 1 i t : < -. Il' i Vi l.n 1 ?
cari? insertion.
No piiliii.-ation roilee(ing upon private char
UriOr will In' allowed in ohi columns, cjlhci'
as adverti?enn nt or otliorw i-O?
}>-..??"' No publication made Witlii?iii a res
ponsible nainr.
Ali lirrll.-r.l pivariirl'-ol' ihr M. P.. ( baivi?
wh' ilirr iravrhng or locai, air nifi' aulli?r^
b'ol ii'ift-lii!*.
l'\ 11 lt '; i i i? . ] i
l?ProKT pi Solili t, \ i;..| 1 v \ M ]?-!, >\
"" ?. ' Co.XIT.UI.Xi I..
'?;tt I III l'I o,,|i Al. ISSIMI ti..
The K.alo r Th, ?-logicai Institute c-tm
lisiicii mie year ago. is npiiiiig ilio m- - im
portant of the ihst?tiitioi?s oS'i r w liicli llic
fo-tcritig car.' of tile Clmivh -hould ho
CXt?i?lt'il. Wo ri'.'o-'.nl-o it a- the prepar
atori. Solidi?! t'..r Mi--h marics in the Sonili
who aro not (.n!y iii-lna'U'l in illpt'iidlf
hti'h?s "l" ? coinnioii educai'ma, hui. lo
the lectures of ilie faculty on Church Kpli
<v?Theology -X I'.loeut ion, air traila' 1 in
the doctrine-ami ih-ripone m'cessary t?
ipndify lltenilbr lisefulniiss in I he minisi
An chiealnl ministry" inu-i he rai--. d
tip lo supply the air. inly iibpro;ichjhg
Svahl which i he Common Soli " !- rir<
cl eat ing-ainl as "the falli? riami.'-- A l'i !
cu. i- mainly 1<? he oViiiigiiisOil hy ni|s
.-ionarics graduates (>!' this and similidr
schools, will he among the nio-t oil'col?VO
iithbrei's calici to that ili-laiil ami h. -
liightci heh).
Sim c the esttiblisineiti of the linker
Theological IfistittllO. tliiliy-t'lglii yoillig
men, who helieve they are e .'ill el l lo the
inini-try, have i'geeiyci.1 iiistfiK'titiu. \N e
note with ph a-nrc t)ie proiicieiicy they
liitve inaile in the branches of an
i-ngli-h clir al ion ami in ihose suhjeclii
which relate to the iloctriltes, eeomiiiiVi
ami usages of the M, h'.. ( htirch, Thcre>
Thai we gratefully :ickm>wh
C'lge the aid alrea-ly ( XteiltlOil hy Ilio
Missionary Society for the support of
o 'I he l?aker'i'hi'i?logicai IliMitulc ;" thai
it has hceli wi.-ely h. -lowcil air! prmlolit
)y cspcmicl. ami lhal w e he; ch\ < a rue-: -
)y pet ition that sullicioiil appropriai lolls
be coiiiinttctl for iis iiiaiiitii'iminee moil
i! shall hecoine solfrisii'p|>prt?iigi
Ii\-s,J. That the iilCiilhiirs (,f the
Faculty mm it the iliaiiks |Of this Confer
ence lor their faithful and ellicicht ser
J''ui'.iii>.Mi:x's Aio So, ii. - v.
(.'ouiinon Schools in tgiiineciioU with
tnir ( llnirches siiOiild he nurlufed w ith pa
rodiai Te :ard. The hope ?? llt.ii iVeedni' n :
in Ihe rising generation ; every!hing that
phiiaiiilirojty can d? for the children
should he dotie al the cai'liesl mdlilCIlt,
i''rom every ipiarier tiiosl itrgenl roipiesls
arc made for ttiiiehers and sei.Is, the
entire freed people htihgof and thirst for
km ?\\ ledge.
) I this coiinc lion we invit? attention
t>> iho no ossitv of establishing Tr?inhi;
Sohpo?si, s,>I. , ,! < xylioro liip Itii'rliiosi mii.
hu i j?nui'iiUiiijr young nu n 21 nil wbitiyi'i
cm hi' prepared to loach Ihc rodimi utal
I'I .'nu lli --, v. huh would supply many lo
calities that cannot now lui reached : ami
al Ih" -am,' timo load tho people lately
enslaved tho -o..ia.r to under-tan.1 Iho
neee-dlv of robing upon themselves I.e.
cvhri agijnoy. essential to their eieVa
lion. 'I her, fore.
/.'. -. '. ../. That \\e hail wit11 pleasure
?ja (Mgaiij/atidn ?:?l'llie I'l-cednieu's Aid
So, |oty of (he Mi Ih (Iliuicii. IInoligli
which our bivthivn in lite North pini c\
Icnd to u- tin- aid we now need and they
are ready to bo-tow : and that wo regard
Ihi.js a- an importali! iigottcy for the pro
motion of educai ion among our people
until the si?te -hall establish a system
ofeoiniuon schools, open to all her youth.
/.'-d. Tl'iiil wo aio glad that this
Sorim v I- repiv-emed at otU'pie-eiit so
slj-jii hy iis eonv-poiiding Secretary, h\v.
Ih. )\ alfii'lii who, by hi- pei-ornai o',-.m'
\ atioii-. may the Lotti r mil inoro fully
1. ali..e the magnitude of this I10W Wot!,
to w hieh tin- t '! HI fell i- called 1 > y lh" pl'o\
ideme Oldd-d.
Ih .v./. ,./. d'hat we carne-'. !y rc'|liosl
the i'o-opcr.'ilioti of t|n> l-'ieednmn's Aid
Soeiei \ in maim .'lining common sidld?js
iu connection w ith our charge . ami Ihat
we recommend the e-ialtli-himiit of
Training Sell..,.is to iho early ediishlora
t i' ?ti oi' -aid Soeiel v.
Ih K. \\ hittenioro.
A. W'eh-ter.
15. V. j'h'iii ?olph.
' Ih 111 J o > 1 1 1 11 1
hY.i'OKT of Solilil Cu;..||NA Ml--lo\
Com 1.1:1.S. I".
li7.'. ,v,..s-. 'Pi.c ..'.., ,1, 0 ?,,. j
hrown around oiu< |.pio ?| the .ia\- ?>
-lavery arc removed, thu- having all.;
dill old and \ diliig, to itidtilv liiij'lii .av
id < the appi'tilc for -!rung liri'.ih : liiid,
H'/dr-os. d'i.ce ate iliipl i lie : plc'd huji'i
hi'thwliite anil colored, who. gi?-ed\ of
gai ili ?ire ( stablisiiiug in olir pith -. .an 1
at all ilio rr.'-'i'on. 1 - in tlitvo,'liiitiiy< pla
ces for liie sale of hitpN?caiiiig li'ii!-:-.
llleeile-t , if which is l" i h' '. .1' 'I'll ! i/.o and
impoverish our race : and.
117,. ,-, ./.v. < hp elevation ami advailco
incnt a- a people ale relaided. the hapi'i
i,e-- of our home- aii'i fa lip ih - dcstvoyf
c 1. atal a'-oe all. Ine salvation id' stails
imperilled hy the li e bf St rong drink:
/o .< > </. That as travelino preachers,
We Unrj.'SOljyodJy pledge ol'.r-el\es to u-e
no Intoxicating drink- a- a boyt rage, pi
i;ltii|i|ig beej" ami w ini s.
/,'?.-' .'/. 'l'hai wo enforce 1 he-t rhi
c-t i't'gal'ti for the principle - of totip iifi
siii'ieii.tfe upon all bur hieuth<u'sg mid lliiil
th" fcjjit'ifcnit'iiis ofpiir I tisclplllie. will' h
fothids "ilrilllivellt'.e--. haying of sellili;.!
s|uf|ttibus i'npiiifs. pr drinking them, un
!o-s in oases of extreme necessity, be
rigidly oufot- ed.
IP,/. T id as iniui-'.er-of C hri-l.
it is otir daily I" ignore those dangerous
chstbiitS of soeicly which, oil fe-tivo ots
ciis'ibns, tohiate the vvlno-kuip among
Christians, and ov en mini-ter- ; and Ihat
W e di'collUteliallci die iiso id'iiijubl'S til
parli,'.- ami wedding"--, a practice, which
makes drunkard^, ami paves Ihc way to
tifisolv??, Thill we statedly hold tem
per?m-e meetings through all this Con
ference j thai V.e pleach temperance siT
lilOilS ; that we strivi! to create a public
sentiment against ruih-sjelliiig, IIS Well fis
ritih-tirinking ; ile! hy piti > |?i sum) oxaih
ple : by ihi> ?ongne ami I'm- peh : (hai in
[every possible way. we seek to C'ldsU tin'
I si it ices through which this impetuous title
! rushes to devastino and Overwhelm ; aliti
the terrihle lloOtl which ha- alrea.iv car
. ' .
! ried desola'.imi to so many hearts ami
hoiUes, may ho speedily and for?vei
ata\ od.
\{-s ,!> :''. 'Ihat we ro?oi innenii the
minister- and iiienibers of our church tc
rcl'rain I'roii) ihc iise of toliaeeo.
lb Spectlillly siihiuiltcl.
.1. A. Sasporta--. Chairman
Si iih lay iSohoo?s.
1 Ki ih it or s. c. Mission ('uni i ci \. i ..
j U'ticruts, The Sunday School inteie-d
! bite Of \ iial il?ip?i'iiiiicc to us. and ?>>ir
people me put ai?ng Mii- idnd of loiow'o
edge under (lib nio-i trying dilli, uhi, s ;
Ijih cdlliiiiiU(lo woilld l? -poet lolly Sllhliiil
1 Ill? follow ing r. -o!uli..|w.
! }{, s? '/ ../. Thai wo hail with unbound
\ oil joy (ho dovi m'ali of thai sysh in. which
hdhjoh1 u- iho means of education, and
, lino, w ilhh. Id Id.m us Ila' re??diiig of I ho
w I ifl 1 ofd ! od. and ilio y?ch?sl source- of
-ahisul li si inM.1 ia .; \ \\,-\i,,n.
h'i - 'L Thai in v iovv of tho lad thai
Ihcrc ari' in iho I.ml- ofih? S. ('. Mi-.
i-ion ( ohioiciieiS a largo iulinbbf vvithou'
hlltc palp'of lliii }S? School, that wo wiii
<io all in our power lo form S. Schhois
: at every phu e posiblo, and. a- dircele,I
h\ our .li-i iiiliiu-. will orirVinh'.c llioiiii
w here t> n children can ho collected for .
that I llj'jioso,
I,'.-,.'.-,l'hai vvi: licrchy lender our
Ili :ir?y limhks to iho S? S. I uh>n (>f t?o
M. Ih < li it roll, for thoir liboral grants :
! Inoligli, iiinohg so many |?0<i(ih*, and hi
. comp.ai i . a v. ah our goal whins', tljeyj
I aio hat spai.il.
i /?'' so/i-ei/ i lia!, in viovv of die groid :
I destitution of mod of oar people, com-1
Mug' iVoiii servitude; tho a II m.si cut i'rc
i failure of their mops ; Mid the m ?essi?y
li >r -l rainiiig every liorvoio g? t ?-hi.rein - |
Thai w . earnest ly invite out i'r'ieilds ev
ery w la ro to aid il.- h\ money-?pioi uri
! hook - ; mal any other S. S. facili) h -. i
I /,'.n..i\v ./. 'l'ha!, as the S. S. m to the
ehureh. what the nnr-. rv is to tlie pieb
ald : v e svili diligently < al;ivate this de
ll'ai (ment by preaching upon it ; by o:tt
Idziup I he seiii 'disi a- dir. eted ia the \
discipline : hv leaching scholars til ;-?h??'
ci's i ho i I ' 11 '. a I.; I ice of laboring fof t hm^
'I'll' '-. ( lOI'l'I.UI li i o. l
NV, .1. Com-.. ?
A. Mima row I
M.Ui? N't 11 i l o XV tit ion oji L11 Li '
i 1 iodi vi.
! land, had a sliol'l ; dbtuiho I am! cruel
r.ign. Ii is not without iva on l hai she j
ha- hec-u bailed the "hloud;. " Mary. 'Ijlicj
i hi-t Vogfs .of lair feign wa- t l'oli'deVi, and
Mie Vie ed hm- lib- a di appointed and
thoroughly vgivtclii'd w.-a.an. To crown
' her i li-a|'i ?im incili and mi-cry. slib wa.-;
th -'.im d to liaVC l alai.-, alter a Ih reo ;
coule-l. w:,-led from h?r d.oMi'.im ao. !
! ll had hen ic;_ ai ded a- ||ie ji-wei o! her
I kingdom, and licr ahkioiy to ivi ahi ii
i had bei u inb ti -e. .'.ml her lmu t iiii .'.lion ,
ai the I -s of it correspondingly sic vide.
I A short iiuie before her ih-alh -he said : j
j"l slmil the and if my hiva-l i-opeii. >1.
(.'alai- wiil ho found written on no, ;
: 11."
Maio ii pidfipt vl.o ha- died i il db?;
Icuplf di l'ili' li'o.'i tic- during' thela-1 live,
.wars ooal 1 have -aid. with Cijinil truth. |
open iiiv breast and y<?u will limi -Mv
mMi?iry' written on my hcot." ii |s'thc
cause lini- w ri lton oli ! he heart. engraven
there by llioughl ami anxiety, l'or Sv?iieh !
tnen sari ilice and die.
The ( hrisiian Cause has had many In
iocs ami hofolili'S lo which it has ben
I thus dear. ? Year- oi*toil, and prayer, ami
' siiilurihg, have bngfiiveii t hai ineil'aci?iihly
on their hearts ?Tino lui ve home il there
by day ami by night, Ihl'oilgh Ibiig: years. 1
Ami tliese are the men add women hy
whom the eatlse lias been advanced in
I'm' pa-t?to whom, umh r fSod', ilie
"( hhrcii owes her victories. Ami the race
of thein is not oxlilici, 'l'lu y siili live,
who ate con-eel at ing time, and thought,
and labor, and money to the f?dv?heeiheni
; of that one, ?muse which is above every
cau.-i?which Carries in il all thai is glo
i'ioilS ill salvation, and draw.-. tOW.'ll'd it
' tho syinpnthles ill' all heaven.
My brolhor. should you ho called Slid
;de|dy to lie on a dcath-hed, what iianie
etiti Id you with truth say is vvrilleii on
your Inarl ? Whiil name O?tijht lo ho w lit -
, ton lliere?? Hob/;. vV Jtcjf??t?f.
\Viiai is the greatest Virine in a sea
captain? W recklessness.
i ? .ontr Hi mm ? m 11 u .
. I
j ! pulpit IHVftsMt leOlliri! iVoilt the
pels' oti ilio lit.**.:It ?.f f.utu!-. I'r?.l':i
hpho minisi e rs l'u n't know i'. ( if ih. v
iloiicy iloh'l .v t tipo it it.) lui! in iiiiit1
:l: nut often n solinoli iUol'O ll?iU? Ilid fi
.-itl 'tir Ion.; Wcaric- :iu audience ami is.
VO'1 it ! "ti-. Tim minion- of oilh'gyiuoli
\vi >.an intere -l an :.mliuhob I lu i rlla.n
tin liiiio i'j very r. w. an I even Hint
in in'mli! tiuiko i.lioir cents doubly
Olptivb by si.ufi ion. limiti. TwyUi.v
inli|?< : i>' often bphoi' libin thirly ii
tin nil Idled vv il h \ il.ii. t ! ii ci it e thought.
ivlrii un aiti liiM )<*?. en it bur ami gii libido
lei sii?ni, insi?mi ill'i'\iiilttsiVi,l, al lie
che. It is *il)niiiwll;ti whh pf. aching m.
w ii cat in;-; : t in mi ml i - u - disjjrilsiejl >v?.ili
:i iirpjiisnge of pulpit pitiiuliith its Pili'
sj Oliteli vy.?t Ii Overhauling* amia si rpUjjj
lui liio.l'l air ilii't i n-'.tally I ? M in
oilihc?ii?. Vii w.'k'i'iw oi'a greal inhny
' . hi in Ilii - i'u!!.:l:P a,' ! hi??t Obnt l? fi?iti|
sy. lover Ih'p.iU "I" pruahim- lo-s ti.au
|jiisij tpnljiiot'S o!" iuj hour, nml h'llVi;
Uk't)l?nrlt -I'suvi'ly h-? I'uiiguod than
la '.-ougi' ..a! ion. who hnvbi hull lin' :n'
!' .Mm.' to sit in mui:l' i'.If- s p.ws ami
l.i'.J it all.
"tic grami ?ii'isf? of '.'::'. - evil is the want
of ; I .ml"n-'i! i< ui in preparation. S-hih'.
oil U?i' ?V- mi Inibii or i.'md id' iiithd, afe lin'a
i h Jo separate tln-ir hct'tial thoughts i'roin
a u>r<ly dross; tin ir i<U o- wander in an
im\lri. ;i!.h' labyrinth of verbiage, until
lliiY hOculllO hop? lossiy L>-' to Unum
selfes ami tlm how'ildered listeners >vh<
Iry to follow iliphb hol us have a rol'p'rh
iiO?v. A si lig io topic treated pointedly
hiiiahiy. hri?tly* v\ ;i 1 carry ?oitvietibn 0
an ittldieiiOo which will nod or-it re.-lles
hii'dcr the oihof kind ol' droppim..-.'
T!ic pulpit may double it ; p.over am
\Jji ilii'tvt' r ooivtliiu tjliiii vv ay ir it ??ii io.s
.' ' , /.' ;
Tito N!i)l ?lo Xi-ro ] lo.V.
The fo??pw.iu<r inchini' in the lata
collision of the Niagara. it h tlm I'dsitavi
hit '.ho \1iss'Hsippij vv a - related to urn Id
ail i'Vc-vv it in - ? :
'? ini iwo si,nini ' s; i in k. ami I ho Niag
id'tl iuum . l? a I, I \ I'arcciicd, a.el Legali l
iiiis. Thi" w it'11 -1 . i usti rnation vvas a
meo univcr - I. I .a lio- ribdied to and fn
iVi.i.h pier. ';..... :.. o'uuis. imp'oi iug the im i
10 }|e|p ili?iiu Un: no liioans siicinhd ii
liand. ami ciicii .sOli;?ht hi- indiv idual re
Al ihjs fearful inuinhid a nejro hoy
olie ofthe crew ?v\ as sect) .jiiieilv la him
a loiiu and '..-ut iope round his hudy. ?
tin- other end ty.ijiii a -tick of vmi-. I in i:
ceni re.
Ihstaiitlyi. w ith thi - apftaraiiis, he ihrid
hi in-i If into I he river. Turning\\\ oh hi
11 J H t calling upon two ladies, who sdo'dtlV-i
the nige of ll;c iiOut -.uic wi?li a child i
!.. r arm-- lie ur.-e.I lliciii t<> spring, iihi
lijtcil cither end ,.f the tick. 11< rioi
-lliekcii. lin y he-dialed. The negio la
calmly on the v\ave-. and. in toiies i
('(inliilcnco, told Ihoni it was their oh)
hope, insistili^ tll.'d he v'.oiihl eai'rv liiei
-.n'ely to i)ie stiiirOi Kof audilior,instali
tliey he-italcl; |ad gathering coiirag
from his sell-pus-..- -inn. ami lcali/iii
ihat il '.'. a tlu ir la-t inoinoiit, tin y loo
the leap, am! I Mii siioeee< led in gia-pin
the :iich. Turning ouh idv io pruvei
their .-ei/.iie.; hi?i. I in- hi ?'i -ie fellow si rue
lOtit with strong; niii-clcs for the lam
: The i apid current wa- .veil nigh resisi
io-ls, I nt he wfcst?ed nuditilily wilh hi
hlirdoin l'ho energy i>f de.-pa.ir ke|
ilioiii 10 their liold, ami at length thei
j feet touched holtom. Jiotli hldh s, wit
t liie ciiiiging litllO one. wi'ie saved. .Man
uiiiie--eil (his feat. It exhibited Hot ol
ly a tool. Unparalleled bravery, hut wti
Wholly disiiitere-le 1, us hotli ladies We|
j .strangers. 11 should he added that \h
i hoy leli his own trnlik. iviili his he
clothing, ami three hunt.leti dollars i
InoiiOV, io sink with the w reck.--Ih e. .
Il', Ali'?rd,
Mechanic, have worked ;i\ luiudfc
jycals on the npire of the cathedral :
i Strashllhi.
M(M)<ie??u.s ?ux Slave.
\\V li .!: Ilin following at Ilio, re-;,,
?jit st i.d'fsbhte < !' Olir foailcfs, vii'? it re i
?M'idiv iu'.iled ili the l'isti ry !
v. A Is' ! ! NI' <*h i : M i :
I . N" i > >' uin > I j| hi * . >' a < o|" Ali io iV'i I Viriti.
At ? I w a - linii::ii! mi a liiiij Itili (<r : ilil :
('j'.' v as n l-RVoiiiiisiVari uj ,!? -alt oi'die c ip.i
l?ti ili. iiii'.' \ ? i-: 'i..-, ; vi'i \' ii '
'I ' '
"\\ .tkoni. tip:" * i- I.I' < Lingo. "a' ;'.?. ill d
Li-. ;'. . ;
\Yake tu tip I 'I- t!:? i al .!11? *.:< < !"
j tip MM'S.
'jiiiO:".11 Timi ( om?n??*'isah.ioM lii'iij!
, It vy?iS ii ii.:. I- :', iniiguii III?' iv a_\ !
. N i\v itili it pi I iiii iilijalj In hurry up I'onipi
1 Aiul lin e! us til (til! i mii tree doW it in llu
j. Ilii was loiovyh iis ii pinplu't-- ?l Iga-i was
a - w iso ~ I
I'lil- !. t ?il ? :' ilio bitlth'S I.|it'' : j
A-i'l wo |i'.'iiiti|i-ii wiil I ilivail wlioii ho m/I'd
up Iiis i>\. ih
[Villi w.-h.-.-i! i Ih--ha'.'' Olilis theuih.
Tii nigh i.oi l thi-dus y'i'itli jeiii'j yci lh?g;?i'-|
Won? in pali'lios iit el bow and knee;
A,iiii lit! siili Nyeiirs tlitisiili thai 1 ?.j uijoii to "I
: As !u- sleep- in the old iioll?w ti;0i'i
I !?. N li'Otit'liiiis w as never tile sjiOi't "li tu - la - !t
Titbiigh tin- hlllloi ha- Ol? oi-oss'il hi- palli :
There w I-ri- lioiii! ol' hi- Ilia ; ! iji's So brave or
Ml t'.i I i
As I" la --i- -mii a man in hi- w filili .
1 < : hi groat iiciift with hindim.-.- was tilled
: In I In- lu jlii
Iio obeyed whojwiis borii toicoiiiiitaitil:
Hut I..- Ihng'd l'or Ilio lii?rhliig whh'h ihoii
was sii ?lini -
' l-'of ilio inht'liiilg AvhicliliOVl is at hand.
I. "I'w a-a h>n w i-.uy ni iht --w o wore al
imi-; in foiif
'.i'1.. ili. ii ? ii vi* wa-iitiii'M.Oh'i-i !? ' It itovi ;
' I \ysls a long w e:iry m^tu -hill un; nlOiu
' llip; i- in ai-.
Ai; ! the words o f ou r prophet ih'o tin -.
pl'hero art: siifiis in the skv that the darkness
! i Iu-ri aio lokelij in i iiilloss array ;
, While ilio sioflii whii-h hail soottitiltily ljaa-i
j IshOd ! Ili- haw a.
Ojdv hastoa.-i iho tulvciit Ml'tliiv*
l ?v })i11 >1 ii 111 l )<>(.*(riiioi
Tliri"!i'i-i- Tilo.n. in a recent lotici'
Cri un tin- Wot. in disenssing I hi' i|i(igdlph
? :' ahiiii'.siy, m< s ila- ndlOw?lig Inugniige?
Tin- sentiments depressed aio uhdbiihi
'. ily iliiisei'iitpr?iiineil h\ I lie rad ical par
ly ni' Ilio etniiiti'v :
"l ani .'U'ipiainted \\iili nearly . il Ilio
repivsi'hi?iivi' radical inon ' ' i Norilij
rjiiMjuaii'iteil .-'.'so. wiih llthiV ': ? iOw?i
ami idtpr.iiiii'S, and I ; , y.U v. | ii'ii'i
; in liiiids w hon I say that I : - -.. .' ;. ''
l\ . a- litst ingui-hed li'tnii
rind Of the h'opuhlit-an ( ?.'i 1 r ij
in hi \ <m; ol' loiiioni. ndii r'i ii Vii" ? ;;
I ieruis, in filili ling vV: 'ho , ; . li"
l'ho radieal party holds, '.il.! \ [{f.
!'ml a l'tor a .: roat i'?hollioi).' h v- ? -o. i'ii-io
rious ami humane <?o\oripiionl will pitr
duii Ilio many ami punish Ilio few. Am!
even in puni-hin-: I'm- low. Wliat -Imi! ho
ili? punishment ? jVoailiV Tie- h'adi?i?i
pariy asks l'or iic> tlrop (if ?|l0oi|. Colli:
?iitioh? It hi'griijigiliS no man hlsi pariy.
' r.xih- 'r l! hears too little ?l v. ?! l<> for
eign nations to espatriate American ren
egades lo i'oroieh shore.. NViiai ilicn'i
// //' initials l/h't ///<' riii'ffi it'h rs nf tin ri -
bill inn sfinii bt: tlt'fiH)'tl? "f Un jtntct:')' ci
?ttti?i?l n bulini timi <>J l,-,hHn<j t>jj'"-'\ In
New York Slate, ovoli a piokpdcket wlio
stealk li ft eon dollars itiiil goes lo jail, oidi
he VOI' afU-rwar.l. oil coining olili dot?
, (lie hailot-hox or run tor ollic?. Is (rea
Il : ,
- a a less eiilho than jteit\ lareenv;
vi 1
'Ilio radieal paiiy. thoroi'oro, lichiauds
that Ilio men who lately l'ilio i li|l their
hands lo destroy Ihis hation, .-hall not
In- iiiyit?d tu govern it.
To ;!ii-. end. it demands the to I oath,
like a sword "I tire, shall guard (ho itool's
-of ih - l-'eih-ral capiiol hgaiusl tin- intru
sion of traitors. It deinamU that usti rjt
ing slato governments shall he displaced
hy' legal and valid logisiu(hroS. It ilo
d iiiaiiiis (hai a Southern black man'hall
jl I hol laro worse lor being a loyiilisl iliah ii
i Sold libili while man for being a traitor.
J i i : -1 it < I < t li ( South.
While, \vc nre ma-nmniiuomi and coti
iliah rv tow aid ; lie .-e w In > won1 our lute
uoinlok", cci'lnihh wo can ill l'old to bo
I'd loWnrd IliOke w bo w ore our friends,
tid bini iibi ' ' Ih magnanimity< ooncilui
ioii, and justice ; bill is hot the grenlcsl
i' IhOsijjus'l IcO ? ( an wo as a pooph)
i hi lo forg?i the moo who --avoli the
I,<-t ii- iOhiciuhci' (luti they pui
ii.. Of <'i>i' muskets on tin ir sliolil
.i -' lib V stolti I a . a living wall l)ci
niri; I ',' ail?l 'ho |UV?ulv'l', thai llu'V,
n Isetj nvi-il I he country at that tiiiiO.
ilo y were noble follow s. and
aid. "Ybii aro pocii soldiers/' They
bitgl? bravely, and stood up for the
oilIIIr>'s Hag.
''pur shakhn land in j< rii".- plight
Sl'iii forili !u ir li.wiio.-t to pa- light,
lii.til lo. .a i-n-hived
'l'Ilo ii or ilielnsolyos were savoih
iiii! ? i vii-I orimi-; Siale, unjii-t,
I'd ltd imi -, 1: 11 - ? i.' frocdmh'.'i trust,
'?'li\ hot an- tioihiilhig m>w.
itOI'ere d ie judge ol' all IhO earth
Sli-ii hold ii a equal rank ol' birllii
?ii i-quiiI righi of In i adi?
An i'ljiiid du-t of dl'illil,
< ITood?i?i. op< ii Hum a '/rave
NN"Ibi i o? every king. whore every slavo
Shall oils! hi- Crow ii and ehain,
'1'iil only un u remahii
i 'reni e Ilm.it. then, a < hiislian Stale,
Sublimely jtisj ?sUpremcdy gfeiil,
w liei e man shall place no hail
( Ui any righi ol man."
And when we shall ilo that, when we
-hail learn to he just, t licit will God bici a
Ilio clhn'is?if ti i.- naiion in a complete
,v toralion. 'i'lio in?n walks not on
A ih ''ricadi soil in w hose In-art there is less
of revenge, hatred, or liudice, or moie
Chafily foi' llie people who fought, us long
and desperately than I have ; but while 1
would be magnanimous to them, I can
not l'ingoi that 1 must be just tp those
w ho wen-our friends. Another fact in
?......?, ,w., ....... ..... . ? l? . _ .1
pie were kind and good l?> the South dil
it ..: ali the trouble, There Were no lie
sun ?jon . tei ititi Kiel's, m> burnings-;
l -i! '?n y -laid til home on the plantations
an i ;< Ok ear,- of the woman and the dp)
dren. while nearly every nble-iiodiOil man
in I he South w as in arum against us to
[ici'polunte their slavery.?(/On ?-7.-.7.'.-.-,
. h/'//-e.t.\-.
I >p 1. 1 y'.-s ( ? l'ntil ud?'.
Noi I iveitiy years ago the beautiful iiy
untie iti Chicago now eal|bd NVabiisli Av
enue, was a pci-fetd ipiughtiro, ( ine Sun
dil\ Itioriilnp hi tho-e arn ioni day--. I wo
g?ni lenien saw an Irishwoman sinking
into its Ireaeherons depths. I'.iddy, With
I f-l foiiglll an I temper mi-direeled, iis usu
al, was sl'rii fgliiig, and at the stiliti' lime
hcrtiting' wjili an unwearied tongue Hie
t -e o'l'lit I misfortune.
iicgaiilh-S of their Sunday suit--, the
ivhlr?>iis Westerners sei to work with
ff ' ' good will to extricate her : and after
I !.: i pulling, pianteli her, by no
iui'.'iii'. - v 11'h like form, lipOii linn ground,
expecting nothing less than a blessing in
ttri- inline () 'all the saints in l?iddy's ci|i?
' "There noo !" -honied Ilio grateful crea
II un-. '-a:nl li rid ye a cOople o' fides t? ho
lli'vihg :i hj lily here on the coohl groillld,
'wilh ni \ or a - hoe to her feet. All' CiUlh't
I ;, !i ye, Hie bye, lin t ye was jisl puliin'
un- eel of a line a pair as yid be afther
s adii', ( Itrii 1 paid si von and sixpence
1'iVfi Arridi! grin will ye? An, its lidie
vcM care it'I walked homo on mv head,
Faith, thin, I'll nivor ilo that sanie for
yCes. i'ull 'enVoul lor me. ye dirty bla'
guards; Ami didn't I jist wash me two
ilfilis oti' la-t Monday lo buy I he same,
anil it's tin feel deci) they are noo, and
: I'll iiivcr s'irr till ye jisl pulls 'cm out
'furine nathcr, bail link to ye."
It was useless to explain. Biddy would
w ould not believe Ihat but for her gallant
p? -, ; \ er- she would soon have been hu
' 1 ietI ih eper Ilinn liei -Iniosi I'crimps the
foolish woman was no! more ungrateful
'than many who repine ut ilio gl'Old loss
lbs caused by the recimt war, antl forget
to begriiteriil to Cod ami the brave dc
: fen.lor- of the Old blag, that, while
slilvery has been destroyed, their coun
try has been preserved.

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