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VOL. 2. NO. II.
\s YO would t li.il men sh<ul<| <lo milo you do yt; uvcii so to them.*'
CHAH i J 10 H TON. S. C., SATU H DA V, O OTOH KU 1 0, i,S<iS.
wuor,K NO:m
?hc ha vie:, ton 3\ cl?vocatc,
OnA?LKST?N, v. 0., APRIL 6, Ii;e7.
A. webster, tiditov.
u. f. Randolph, ^ Assooihto
t. w. lewis, s Editors.
A liid.icidi's ani? ?nTi'j.AU IVu'i'.u.
rrmi-ini? w I ? i\I \ \i Ni?., I--- Mi i i
r? ; i ni r. r, mai; i ' \ i 11< >i s
il. .u pi.i: Mnok?Ki
TKI.Ms i'?K SI lisi iil i' l li ?N
'i'liroj?' Dollars :i YOtir: payable ?li iidvaiii ih
Sjx Mondi-.17'.
'il ini- Mont il*.?.Tu.
l? A i i;.s ini; r.i: i isi \...
IV Ali htnrs lo ihi / ;./a- , / (?'.-''
iislier, stomi,/ l? ili* /, / io < 'non, s? ,,, j
J7r ... .</. . j.oi k-Uo.x ?iMij":
Uclrh sioii. s. ('.. : !
Ailvi'idsinnV'iiis Will li?; in-? li'*! :ii i!!< rjiio
\>f m:\i.n i v-i i\i ti ni- per sijiian?; ilo
SP?ti'0 ni" U n lini - ni 111 v\ I \ | r r.- : 'r , .
n M|iiarc. l.hngl'r a. I\. : t i-. ni? :.' - In hej
santo pt'Opoit imi. l'i- siaudhtg : i 1 \ c ri i - -
taciti "i t'iglil week's :t|id ujiw.'U'jts Ili li j I
<;i'.xi's pei stimilo:, f??r standing adS'.eripv- '
lucili.- ?i'Six lljt?ill|l> ?illd iipwalils I <>;;; ! (
, ini- pi r -ijiniiv : payiiirnt iti t'vji i ;. ili -' an? ]
being ft-ijturcd ili tubali < .
l'ri >!'. --i'itial and Pu-iiie- ( .itih. u"t in
OOcOlilg live lini'-. i?.|il ii \?'!|?'.
Man i.e."-. IVatlo. Ili iigHilis iiild jiilt'Vfi?y '
liotU'Os'. |it?l exceeding l?i ?' lint'-. I'll TV fi ni- !
i .i' li Insevi ioli, i \
N ? pubi ica* itili l'?lli't'l jn ?4 il poli priva:' il iar |
a.-t.-r will ! hilbwod in olir columns, eh ber .
>..)"' N?! piibl?cittlou l.ia.ly \\it>?u. ? j [
pmi>i:.i.' nanm. '
Ali ii. i-n-. .1 pira, liiif- of ili, M. |v. i Imr.'li |
s\ lai Ir. r lr.t\fiin nr \<<> A. ari' niir aa'.ln.r-1
i.m il ii?t>iii>. i 1
1 Mill Id'. I ' ..; - i ? "j
, >Vll d Otlil ? 1 it l'I V ? '1 rSi ? 111 li
< ? C ,'tl l'i>l i l lit i !'
117,r.-. /.v. Tho founders pf this Ut- i
pilli IO based the -aim- "li Ila- .- d'-cvident
truth, "that all ihol) il re ercjiicd bipUil : -
Ihat lile\ aro ehdOw'o? by ilo ir ('ivat. r. a
svilii tort?in inalioiial-lo light-: thai il
ain.'iiu' tlic.se aro Ufo, lil . riy, and tin i
pursuit ofImppiue--." and j -
H'/ijvoos. It i- -ot forth in tho "Ih.-1!
ambio .'I- lite l'chial ( '. m-t il ut li ni of
17^7. tbat il wa- cr laiu.d. ii"l hy Ini' '
sewrol Stato-, (if tiilUibitailiS thoio"!'. ;
but by-tin p-omo of//,.. rmVrd .S7i(/i'.s.,,,j
"in order t" form a none poi'lV'Oi l*jlb>?.
e-;|abli-!i jllsliee. imuiv iltilnosiie tran
ipiility. pr>.\ i le |VVi' ;!ie ettinmiin d. Ibii.-jin
prolin 'te ilio geiiei al v. citare, and li? -e
elilv Ilio ?>)essiiioS of liberty t.'it
"ftiumler-." ami lla ir "po-!t rity :" and
H'W.o.v. ('Onoress by it- u. ll-cii-id-'.
brodi ami iliiiiosi ti n a 11 i I m ni -, aelipli,:
(which action ha- had the -amtion of
the loyal people of the opiilili'y I ha- pi"
viiied. by the t'ttiistiiuljonal AiiiiMidiiit?tilt
pfojvos?ij a- " Art. 1 I." and by the ri -
cent Kecoii-t I nei ion Hill" for the teof
jgani/ation of the . i\il powers of llaj
States lately in rebellion, and for tin- re -
newal of their rifji l'Osi' ili ill ii in in ( \>n
gre->. and
il'/o ro<.<. \V0 fOeobnize in those h-ji
lative pr.?\ i-ioii-, wise -lalcman-iiip a
regard- the fntiirb: jtisjioO tcinpeicl
with niercV toward- ihe formof ( iiiiilies
?f ilio I' liioll j alul -1 fblig-j nari nice-, toy
the protection ,.f al! ho al ciiixens with,
olii distinction of lace, oi'e(ilof, oi |?fo
vioils coinlilioii. in Ila i lijoyinOnl 01'e(o
?v right conferred by Ilio ('oilstilutioli,
\\'h< <ts, >N'o rcu'ard Ilio jgroal Na
tional lb-publican l'arly Under ili(i jriiid
ing hand of IViviiic I'l ot id.m e. a- tin
Savior of our country from the peril? i).
the late rebellion fur ihe desrtuction o
the UlliOn, ami a- the only paily whost
principi08 otiti jusify us in oommiliini
ihe present ami future iniercsls of ||u
country for safe keepings
'Thi / ' /'?// <, /t?solo (I :
I. Tlull we give our cordial and mil ir
sanction to the action of (longr?ss f<
ilio reiiiofalibiV of thy I'nion, and to il
wise and jusl principle- of ihe Kcpiihi
can parly.
II. That, in order \<> niako the I a bo
of all <mii- |(.yal fdiloxv cili/en-. more ef
fectual ibi* carrying ?-ut l'ho provision^ ?l'
CVbigross, ibr tin- restoration Of law timi
order, i?i our Malo, as well its l'or Ilio
poaee alni prosperila Oi' Olir tail ir? . ...;u
ify, ?e ilo l'orni an association I" ' e
known sis (he i'nipu l? puMiean I*arty
ol' South ( 'andina.
III. Thai we pledge Olir '-aere. I honor,
olir h i tune-, ami our lives to servo our
country. I i> preservo her inslilulipiis. and.
especially IP njd her iti keeping hivioinlo
the national libili. W ha h ha- heOll S.iefCd
\\ pldtlged lo iho payment *>l* ttu' nation
al (lolit hlClllWd to S;|V0 Iho libibiibs <>f
Ila' coilliirv. ami lo siippross rebellion.1
and Ihal the pp?ph; will upl -ulVrlhi
fail II lo lie \ dilated 0'' impaired : but all
debts incurred lo shpppri the roboliibn.
:js llipy were unlawfid. Void and of m>
phhg^;dij)hs, -hall iioM r he a--uni?d !>v
?lio rhjl'eoi stat. -. iiOr -'nail S?ii'lh C":i?*?.?
lina l-e perniiti? I to pa\ .mv ?h ht wlmt
ev er. v, !deh v\ ;i . r?ni i d to aid t he i . -
hellion in aa\ form.
IV. l'hai ilio imi ion owes to the lira ye .
men. white ami Colorirli, oijoiti'nrniy :ihd
navy, a deht of Instimi gratitude. for
[lo ir heroic -et v ices in defbiu'e of the '
[.'on-titutnm ami tlie I'm. n. and. that
IV ||i |e W e ellet i -' I. \V j ( !| ? toil jcf il lli'j ' t ?O?| ;
die tin Uio| ie- of t i.e ! a Hell. W C plcdgCi. to
lleir widoivs ami orphan-, tho nation.
tile ?Mld p'oteel io)i.
V. 'l'ha' a-f republican iii-t ili;1 iom e?ti
ioi he |>m -> i voil. unle?s iplhlltgt'?jCo l e
.chorally d?tiusod anion., all i/lasses, v.e
Vili vUdiiipiil, (d'olii' h'gishiiiii'e, a litii
bfni -\-t em of eoiniuoii school.-.:, which:
hall he ppi ti to all. Wiitioib, ?II jd iiii't ii pi
if race color, or p.'eyiiuis endi: i"::. -
iil'li -;.-teiu io bo Supported h\ a general
a\ upon all hind- of prppci'i) .
\' I. That wc will lav or a lihdr.'b sy's
eili of piddie inipiov etia iit-. stiijji a
ail-load-, canal' . and odici' w,.|k?. ui.ij :
I so -Il eli -i v\ s'ObiOl' il \V" i.iilie' I . .11 .:, '., ! -
>r the sanie, a- wo! givi; all our hdlov
iii/.-n- an climi :;nd fair chance id Laic
ii them.
\ II. That we will ah-, ili-b! li j ion
m. h pKidiliiadhui ?i' lie. law * of ihe siate
- will do away with impiisbliiuOnt f?i!
Icht. except fof li.'OI'l. all'I i lUpl'?-o ! ! -
iiciit of vv it iie-M'- except l'or wilful id.i
cu-c ami. e-pcially. lo abolish i htiro
v timi for?vef, the htiiKarolis omdotn id
brpOre.il ptlibshniehi for or'phe. or anv
dhcr cause.
Vili. That as hll'gc land hibuppolies
. ml oily to inak? lite lidi richer, ami:
igficulfhrul, coiummeial. and social ip
crc-!s of the si :ii?i ilio h M.ifij.ltlnVO si io.fi id
ili'dl* i'Vel'V pl'.M' ti'-ahle iU'ilieetUellt I'Oi
he di\i?hm and sale ofiiudcouph d kiiids
nito-;g the ,.rcr classes, and ti- an cm j
oiu aveiimut to immigrant - lp solile in
mi! i-tatc.
IX. That the law- of ejectment and
Histriniil -jiudild he -o mollili, d :is t<> pro
let g(pi:|ily the landlord and the toh
\. 'l'hai j i"vi-iou should he made for!
the exemption iif ilio "i.r man'- h?itie
XI. 'I'hat Ihe intcrc-ts of the -tat.' do- ;
Intimi a revision of the entire Coi Id of
lav. ?. ami the fi|-ofgaiii/i:iiion of the
ta uirt -.
XII. 'I'hat the ititic |s. noi only of
.he-tato. Out iii' the whole country, de
mand c\ civ po-?ildc '.Miaranloc l'or (lie
iiclhciuii V of all ihe l ights Cdiilcfi eiJ |||>
on ihe new Iy cui ranchiseli portion ol our
follow (uti/ciis. and ihal in the u-coflho
-ai red right of the elective fraiiehi-c vv c
will -cek lo c?dvaie to oHices oflriist and
In. only (hose who arc truly hoal.
honest, it ini ciipaiile, irrespeciive off li?o,
t'oli?r, ?11 prev ii m? ?a'Ildii ii ai.
XIII. 'I'hat cm-idcialion? ?f justice
ami hiimaiiity deiiiami prPv?sioip hy the
l.egi -latinc. for the protection ami -up
lioi'l of ail the aged, inlirm and helpless
iioor. irrespective ol rac'i', color. <>r pre
v ions ci'inliiion.
Xl\'. That we will not support any
candidate for olilce, who will not openly
ciidor-c the principles adhpted by ihe
Union l.eptiblieau I'sirly,
X\'. Kciving upon Divino I rovidenco
for wisdoiii in Otti* council-. cllicictu'V in
action, harmony among ourselves, ''w ith
mali.v tonar.I- none, ami oliai it \ to all." |
\?o pledge oiir earnest an-l lioSi oll'orls *
ibr (U? return di'poneo timi prosperi I v to .
all our people, and an early lepre-onta- |
t ion of our beloved State in I lie t 'oogre- s 1.
"I" the I 'idled Stales. I,
i ?.M.MI'l IT.K. I,
II. d I |)t;|; .MDtiL'i:. Chairman. i
Mi ti. C a in. Id sii. Id ti Sj j :
d. An VMS, .1. p. M, Kpi'iNd, j i
I'" 11 :; Mn i i u. P.. [<\ L'ivi.-n t it.
I. N. II uni:. Ii, ( Di h.viuii .
d. Id Mounts P. p. C.vniiPxA,
I. 1). Pun i\ S. 1.. Hinni , ,. |t
W. .1. P.m.mi:. I
I Mll?.' I ',| >t li 1 |-_-\- Al !< 1 ] < I
At the ratilleation meeting oh ('ithlal \
ideeii .bulge Kpping reiiiaikod as l'ol-ii
lown: J,
/ ',-/, ?-/.s dini / . / ,.,,- ( ; (,>, Us .---AN e are ' :
ti?sdiiddnd i'd-, allotnoim id piiii'v into!
pra ti,-il elleet Ilie v t ea'prii il. -:< : in n i
iii (lie Ihyjii pebjilp ol' Siip'tli ( .-indimi h\ I
llie loutn ess Of die I iiiij'd Si ales. i -
77/i / '< > 'of the i-t h.-grant Of itnivcr- i
-:il -mlim-o to the oh,red man. ?77, I
.-, . ,,/,,/ I' e jii'olei lion given to all 1<>\ :d j -
men l'or iter -.p. oi |i. I'iee jb< ?- ami frcoj > i
doni ! > meet in puhlio to di on.-- their j I
-e\ pj'al ri i-jp -. and iutetv-ts. j \
'I lie e, ;,o-, ,1 ti.tin ami the l?-vnl white <
man ol the south having now received m
ft 'mi ( oiigie - . the ! ighi and pinvi r o pto- \
(i? I themselves, it behooves t! eni to he i
wat. lii'iil and ciivat.i-p,.'. ., tha; ibbse I
rights will noi l o idi k oh ii\Va\ h\ ingoili
am Ibgi da:i a bl'ihh shrewd timi ,fi!'\
li del i!d\ l . I fw c allow the! li t < < iceeiv . .<
it- .an.', oloet tin in io control il io roof gii li- v
i/.-'t h>U < !' Il o -tale, aiiil I'iiilpiild ol'tlie I
IIOM e> ? ; i ? 1 * t ttt ion. tiny Wi||lisd spell sdlh- a
I lo hite.mave in framing iho law. that v
m o.l'.y.ou v. ill I he dang, r until il i- t
t. ... late --ye-, too luto il will he W hen l'i
1 he v. oi king man. whdlhei1 w h.ilo or ebb o
or. d. lit.d . .mi that he i? a-aiti 'b.a . le I I.
iilV, hllltiU.V l\?!U lo iii.d.ef the milllO of
pe r la.'. ." "I a;;rant law-." alai 1 lie 1p"
like. I say up alii, ihideioi'd. il heh,".ve-j I
i; - to lie ..it the alert, and .-r-inv how and 1
.'.-ie\er. iIn-great liboh ri' jib?i'iy and:,
i 'luitl hi -novel upon ids hy ( '< >ngi, s's : IbV ; i
if v.e fail to pietoet imp elves iiowj ( on- ,
_-.IV- -. mid the people of the Nol'.llelM
State-, will he led to believe that We : IV ,
unlit for freedom toni fs?lf-oSiveintneht. !
Ibdiieiilh'iT. I'a'.t i.-k I l"iu \ -aid trilllil'ub :
!\. l'ue p: ! ,. ,,|'ph, 11 \ i? ?tornai vigi-i
1'. r Ila -' n a-on-, a Itioe! big of loyal <
l'i!i/iihsjpf S>.u'h ('tiroli ini, in , ?pe. ti\> i
bf rtit'o or dbldp, wa- call-d iii''take ilits|;
;:- .pie-tipn bid
fiderai <
(den wa- appointed topri pare a platform ;
up,.a whh It a I uion h'oplihlioan pai;t.\
. . ni 1 .. atd/e in lliis dity for Iho pi'o.
(Odium'bfpiir rights aiid <>ur liberties. 1
I'h; p!al form ivtls then ?ul-mitle l I.. Iho
uem-r-il ifieetliig iigaiii. and umaiiiu- .n-l v i
adopted. i
I now hold in my bau I ibi- ppadotis
iltiidmieiil.the Maona ( bat ta pi'Sditili |
< ai.'lina - .and suhinit il t. > \. ti f. >r rati- J
lienlioii. And while m\ limo will only1
p. rmit ide lo speak of il ?li gOlitM;al ??i iiiS
oilier speakers whp will follow ino will
explain b? i|ie:iniiig inoro, fully. I bail
n?I.V say that ii wa- prepared with gl'Oai
.-ai,, and adopted only after i dai uro de
bberai ion. It was pupated with the
special view lo have Ilio prim iph s laid
down upon Svinoli all trim, loyal iucli
eot-ld -land, whether whit.- or eoh.iv.l
whether froth ihi' Noiih ,.r South, the
l-'.a-t or We-t?whether from Kurope,
A Ii ua or A ineiioa : so tliat this great
eoiintrv would irtlly he. "The land of
the free and tin- home of the brave." af
fording a home and pr?li-pi ioli to ilio Op
|il'esse of all 11:11 i ? o i s.
l-'ellow eili/etm. it isalia-adv Uioolcd
bv our former reb.-l maslers, that they
w ill not iillow a colored man lo Le oledl
cd to oiiiec. They will ilghl lir.si, ami
i at her die than silhliilt t? i il : timi Ihat
II icy will, when one,- ugnili in convention
assembled, Iranica Constitution which
will etibolUilliy redine the loyal voters
id a minority again.
They hold they have a right to frame
a Constitution -indiar to New York,
where no bolo?'od 'a.'1" Cpll \oie unless
li? I' ssi'ssi" - real vfiU?i'v lo the limonili <>f
$ 200 : Inti e\ <tv w lille man cali V?to
.vii boni lli?s propbrty tpudilicalion. Or
ili?v will imitale (Ito Ma-sticliu ?ci Is con.
.Ululimi wliicli prcstTibes timi every Vo
or i olisi la? al>lo o? r?itd ami wri.lis lo*j
ioiliorwilii -u.-h other stilaloeOtiiriyaiu'i)
is will placo ilioni in power in ibis Staio
main iWeVer. Nov. . my follow Oili/eiis,
I ?*?< you. will ydii fii ve llieln Ibis
lianee? (Orios of oho,'' duo,''),
(len. Wliile Ilampion ami his eoniVres
? II \. a thai the w Ititi." an<l eo|pT0d nem '
ia\e the sain? interest?dito stilile dosli
iv. ami timi Ilio iwo racc-i musi prosper
ti perish logellicr. Aito! he exluuts
linif people ih ir> ihoso of the eommu
liiy whom they have kiioWii. ami hol lo
ixperinietii on th,e syuipnl hie-- of sll'?n
mi-. If -nv-. ii\ Iniii ?ii<| Ihs'?tristo-i
ratielu eUir. il. who held shivery lo ho
i ?.l?vili*' in-titiiliiii. inailo aie! inaii 'ina
. I h\ the Almighty hliiif-elf for their1
p. eia! hem-llt. kii that lhe\ oOtlli? rovo! |
n it lie lies ami luxury. Ile ni I vises voli
0 ?fy incili iiliiliiil until you fun) \our
1\es .!( r. i\, !. Iliil w la ! e w ill you he ,
fyotj liiul yourselves1 deceived '( Villi
\i!l he in a worse siali' of slavery (liiiit
cat w?'ri.' i'vol" hefproi and with no!
1 air e noi;power t? bxiricatti \ olirseli esj, j
s'oI'oon will pity you?iiolio.iy will help j.
.is. Von villi lini have tiuule the sav-'
jigs of your foriiier oppressors true,'
hid ydii are unlit l'or ffoedoiii; and soil*-]
i-vei nie.elit.
Aia! v on. my while fellow eilizens. I
dio i liitl heh mg io the oligarchy
hie. ha-- tuie.I ypli wllll rods stronger
han il< li?t hose thai have ludtl voli ?li I j
a nl..! sliivei'y and thriilhidui?it is for'
oil : i.-o to ht ware how v?li pill agalli .
issati)" class int.. pi.w.-r. Have ypll t
rgotten Hie .ie-p..ii-ni (hai rhiguctjjl
ver phis heii itiful \:iu>\ dm ing Un- w ar : :
lave \ on forgotten that a while mint's .
|V'and liberty wort* nothing in the eye- i
Iti e-e null, hi e.-tll-e it eo-t I helll ?loiti- ' <
ig'f And thai the li!,- ni' one of their >
iituaii chattels was ol a m eat deal litd'rc >
?n^'ipieii?e to them hUt-misd of its mom '
lai'N value. Ami h.e'iee the whole |e- I
elliotl wa- nolliii..' hut a rieh man's war i
led a p>-or man's fighi. t
If the rebellion had -U Veeded. do y?ll I
iiihk t?hd (he Republican form of g?>v- i
I'iiuiet'it would ha\elom_- survived? No. i
1 W.-llld SOiiil have been converted into I
illbfc dOsjjiotio government than was I
voi' kliOwii lo ihn world. 'l'Ite unlimited I
ilplit!I'clilOs of the olden linns would ji
I*, e !n i n lenient a.ml liberal hi c?ibp?if-i
-on o it ; and the while laboring man '
i'Otitil spoil liaVo been driven from the;,
otititry altogether, lie wise. then, ihy i
ellov ciiiV.ciiS' ioin in witli t!ie colored '
nan. ami lake the organisation of ?lio <
Oat. itilo your own hands, ami keep ; 1
ioni p.'wei lh.o-e nu n who would only 'I
eek ti i pu'. you in a dogra h-d position. ! i
]...>k ar. >und you?look al the dost rue- .
i.ui caused by llicir mud folly?l??>k ;
li'Ottiui \<>ur Ih'Oshlcs an I notice the va- i
ant ihaii's. tin- ihissilig; members of your
apiiiy ; Idok at tile inaillitai, the ividOws,
unI o: plain- ?li Ila' land, and lin n tisli
ourselves, who i- il (hal has done all '1
hi-.' Will you give these men who
lioill 1 d>> penam-e in sac|ii'lpili and ashes,
in- complete political control in this
"init agaiii, as if none t>f tliciii woi'o dis
ran hi-e I. and the c?liIr?l of lite balh-t i
va- U ill in (heir hand - 'i A - if I he sltiVckt
es vere -till on (he anus of iheir former
lav.'-, and you were slid spell-bound in 1
lie lhraltloiii that the era of slavery had
a.-i 'iround you t
Sipl'.-rl Un i:, iievv inon and new ineas
ires so Unit your t|iieenly eily will rise j
ike.he I'laeiiix from its ashes, to wealth,
Old lower. Vis. lei ( hai lesloii oliee get
tfai'slarl. and sliO will soon eoinpeli- in!
I rad- ami eoi ni nere?' with the larger cities |
f ?r North, widoit aliliotigh once far
hehiid in imporlauee to ( 'luirlo.st?u, luivo
Ihrogh nieaus of free institutions, free,
pres. ami freedom of speech, gone far;
alum! of her.
\\j invile all : we invile the son of the j
riiiliil and'dispirited planter, (he son of']
tin- lienri-sl rieken iiti< 1 impoverished wid
ow, in fact, nil classes whohave lo shirt 1
in Ilio world anew, and who have to put i
I Hoi I' shoulders to the wheel in orlici" lo i
iva in an liOh.csi livelihood, wo ih vile llteih | i
I ? > join n - in <>ur eilorls lo rcgoiiOfitld ! Id |
poor blighicd, slave, oiifsod, and war- i
scarred Stato. Of will you, soils of old i
Carolina, still pm-i-l in following ila?
fortunes Ofybur Kh?!!-. your llulehin- >
sons, and your Harkers? Olt? of Mi?in | j
a Itieiuhor of your Staio l.ogi-dalure. I .
hoard boldly doolaro in opoil colili, lad
a few days ago, that lie fOlhoinnlly l?ok
ilio dalli (o suI?poiI (lo- Constitution of
Ilio Culled Slato- ; and lllill la- liad In oli
forced by military .authority tu swalloyi
the itmncsly oaih. I ask, will yoji still |?
follow stich mudinoti, and bring how fh'S- I
illation upon your country and your
selves!' I hope uhi< Khdorso llich hcar
t ily. our plat tin in : a--know lodge I hat t ho
coloro I mail ivi io ha- -neh a Viisl majori-1
?'y in Ilio Slato, ha- a fiiilit lo oa-| In
volo !i>r w In ni ho ph a-o- : and ?h?ij, in .
jtisliooto Ilio great hiten -I- ho has al :i
-take, ho hasa riohl to ho lepre-eiiled i
i li t In - comici I - of the Stalo, and in it si hi iv j
ma king assembles. Ilo hut this simple i
acl of Justice io the Colored liuf?i. and all l
will he well, (duo- then, one and ail. I
join out* standard and slatid upon our
platform, and peace, prosperity ami Imp- ,
pinoss \Vill agalli [trovali throughout the;
land. ji
I'ur the Charleston Advbeate. j |
1 \ ? 1 j >i 11 >1 i< : i 11 i s--11 ) lit Siinit(M'. 1
'l'ho -pirit which has moved tin- PrOcd-l'
imn of ! ho mei r?poli- of (he Slain, ha- '
-tilled the poop'c of SflhttOI", a lid a Uiosl ;
leei-led e\ pi e-- it ,<\ w a- made on MotlditN j!
night la-t. in that oily, hy the lately cip '
frUiiOhiscd citizen-- ofihe commonwealth; 1
it a pul'lie lil??t i tig held at the M. I-'.. 1
.'hutch. The. speaker on lie- occilsh'di 1
nl of Iv lueal nm for the hiislorn par! of ,
In- Stale; some of '.lie ihosi inlhien' ial
it i/.eli- v, ere pre-etit ? the Ibilg-iigO law-'
naker -. OXCiatlOffi and breakers --t he I
meo potent, grave am! ruling seignois i
Ade thole. Kol" OIIOC, ill tllO Itisl0r\ of i
\etit ;. -tern. -oher. iinau-wcialde truth I
iViis spokoh in language (hat UOUO could i
ni-take, ivltil? the IVocilhiOli Were Oliligttl
>(icd a- to Iheirnew rights. re-p--nubili- :
ion and d die - umh r 77.e Sldi/iut ( 'hurt or I
low conferred upon them, in the. provi-- I
oiis of "-d'Iie Military Reconstruction l
liiil :" Un- late uin-ler-of the-laves, ""thai I
Aere." sat with tin in to be told thai tin y <
iVere the cause of the change so un Inoia- ' I
ile ami radical before them. The -peak- '.'
r reviewed the pa-l. its prejudice-', I V- I
i^ahuibsi, interdictions, the Oauso of (ho *
iviir. il - re-nit. j ho elisi h.cos given the j s
nmliUhr (O'.S'f>"0?/CM <>t the ?i<}?thfh> t|V !
-land on eijiia! ground wilh the tilirttjjii?i
'"'/o'. their refusal to act wisely!, Ihoir I<
Iciiaill at lit mie in I he wi>i l, of I-elude li! a- ' i
lion until (Vnigl'?ss was driven to the :
|ia--age of an sud. ivllicll delhlCs lite w ay- |
limi liicaits ofrccoiislriiclion not to be
r0|00lc<l or defeated. lie made some .
soothing- allusions lo the methods which i
would be organi/ed lo nullify Ila- power c
invested in the |lO\i Iliade citizens of the ' i
South, am! eouu-e!|. .l |ho lYe?dlii?il to
beware of ---ii-'o! n conversions," siihdhji',
especially .those, who an- by iheir own
act. forced "*lo -lami out in the cold." hi* ,
well as the troop of prctoiidcd friends, ,
whose act s gi\ e I ho lie lo their protesta
tions; lle g:i\e ilictiv a graphic picture
of th? true, trini and fearless friends v, ho
have watched tin- interests of the black
UHM), as ihoy have -tomi by them through
evil a-' well a- good report, ami asked
ltieni il' tltoy would 'dicirny a trtisl so sa
cred as Unit which made them free,
indeed confided in ?libili by a Congress'
who dared lo say the biillvt is l/u' ritjhi
of tin1 jYeethiittHy President .Johiisoii to
Ihe contrary noi withstanding?" The
earnest "".Noi'' of iliO atittjcncc! iitisiVoi"
ed the question.
The rumors of another war, (A weak
in \ enl ion of t ho enemy. ) rceei ved wither
ing blow s of sarcasm ; (he allies of those
WllOSO rebellious -old- ale ever in arms.
wore buried, mourners ami all, bo\ohd
the reach of n resurrection. I
Only one Ihing was left fiw the Sonili.,
t'odo; UO'pirOSOO in Ilii! donuihds of (hi*
liOUr< liei l'or Ilio pr?seid ? i;h?( hanging
iii><?n ilio impossible ?tid s?i/.e hold of Ilio
iiioviinhle. The IVc<k.Um?;v? were oshovl
il ?" vigilance. I" spinti biiahl rivoi" choir
l>ri\i11 ?>;? -, (<? mule in purpose sud deter
mino leti |<i In- tlu- ?lupOS of I lie ja\haw k
U's ol* Un ir legislated preiiigntivo.
' The I Mat form of (lie l'idoli Uophhli
nii l':iri\ of Sotilh CVirhlinu/'us'i'|<mi?Ml
il a ina - ihoelittg of lilt) colored eiii/.eus
if (.'hurli'slbil, was reati lo tin- meeting
and received (lie endorsement of (ho on
Ihusinsiie crowd. * While nniiji," said
lhe speaker, "will he done lo di \ ide. dis
I riiej and mislead you. it remains with
yoii to show thai Ilii' malice, indigno or
devices of all -hall he of no a\ail : lake
oiitisel id* your friend-, and hear I ho ad
vice of (lie protendi nii\ Imi. <>nl of all,
learn w i.sdoiU.
I'he fui lire of 1 he nohlc Republic, free
in fact as w ol I a - pinchi ma I ion. w i I li dilli
inal iena hie rights of man' a<k now dodged,
established : humanity's plea triumphant ;
oil nit it stallino in the race of "life, lib
erty, and the pursuit of happiness." was
portrayed in glowing imagery, while the
iibplo satisfaction of being in union with
ilio purposes of Heaven, inspired every
lenii ami every mind with iisstirnhcOs of
vicbirS as porfceli as ilio fund triumph of
' iijfil o\ or a rniuj."
The speaker closed with palsying de
iiiiUbitiii.Oils upon those wito would sever
r prevent the union of the Slates, I he
'edits of her oili/pns and the hopes of Ilio
u Ili re : while he honored the defenders
?f the ling;, the guardians ol' national
ibllor and greatness, the enfranehised
o\ ali- l :. to w hom he looked for integrity
did invincibility in ilio Inw ard inarch"
if events, for :
The land oflhe bravo is the land of
he li ce, and each should excel each in
:\ ( \> lo : a < I man i~ ?
ssi ]-i Ii ! ion.
1 Ion. l'.nw AiiO 11. W.u.Ki'.n. of C'harlcs
o'.vn. a colored ineinber of ihe Massa
hlisci I Legislature, made an able specoli
m tiie duty of Ma--aehtisetts towards
le- Constitutional Aiubiulinbhl. The
( inclusion was as folkiws :
u 1 have heard gentleimui say. "A year
i o 1 Wotihl have \oled for the iiincUd
iicnt.' sir. I never would have voted
or il. I never would vote for any law
he tendency of which is to place the
iclple'is blacks at Ihe South in I he hands
<flh" men whom they have jllsl ceased
o liglil. I Wotlder if the people of Ihe
>Ou(jl luiyc loriioKcil (llO fact that lutll
Ire 1- of thousands ol' iilat k men rushed
ngerly into the held for (he purpose of
liding the govcrniilcnl id' the I'ldtcd
Slate-. I wonder if the poppici of tin'
South have forgotten I he fact thill wher
V or your soldiers, sick or wounded, need
d help, Iheir slaves were always willing
tiid r:i rto furnish il. If the people of
ihe NOlllll have not lYnjgolieii all these
fact., i wonder if there is a gentleman
ill this Moor who believes Dud lllOy love
ilio Idiioks aiiN heller lO-day than they
lid a few years ago. | shy lo you, gen
lloinen. thai the passage of this ainend
ineiil. with this second section in it,
would not he doing justice io Ihe relig
ions, hone-!, manly sentiment of Massa
afiiisetis. I-av ihat Mas.ssibho.sctissliould
declare here, and a! once. ? We were
compelled to go ini,? (his eonlosf, wo
have -pent millions of dollars and loiU
Ijdus Of lives ; we see around us, wher
ever we go men hearing the marks of
11e infernal institution of American shi
very, and the war that was brought on
to support it ; and we mean that, so far
as we have any voice in the matter, eve
ry Vestige of thai, institution shall be
swept from the land.
Volt have here. gentlemen* ill the Sen
ate I hnmher, ami on the tloOr of thin
I louse, on the persons of half-a-dozen
men, the marks of sia very and the war
waged in its behalf. Here is slavery;
here is the war. The men who helped to
subdue the rebellion are in (he S?liti);
Will you now, while yon claim (he right
to leycishde for these Slates, or for (ho
ici'l'ilOry where Slates once cxlslcd, also
say. lWe arc ready to put I hem' negri >e?

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