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VOL. 2. NO. II.
\s YO would t li.il men sh<ul<| <lo milo you do yt; uvcii so to them.*'
CHAH i J 10 H TON. S. C., SATU H DA V, O OTOH KU 1 0, i,S<iS.
wuor,K NO:m
CHARLESTON, S. Ob APHIh 27. 1667.
A. WttttST?'lK, Ddi!or.
13. F. llANDOTbPH, ? Associate
T. W. ?JBW?S, S Editora.
A Ki l l- ?? \M> 1 111 ?; vin I* UTI;.
I ' I iii i -111 i ' Wi I KI i \i S iii. \&i Nil ir
is.. Si in i r, si: us < M Hoi \.
ii. .it-ne.!-: Mpoi?ih;
I icu.Nts oi M issi l?irno.N :
'i'llrec Dollars ii Year ; [i?iyilhhj in iillvithee.
six M..mil-.i ::.
'l'lirci- Months.I .Op.
tV Ail .'< itch to lh< kiUhi-kvr I'iib-1
Usher, should >? </?>vb'd (ii '' (VniWc.s'/O/i
j Idi'ocaU . I .. <y K-7>? 'X l1
( it?rlcston, S. t..
l?.N'l KS l oi: Ah\ r.i; I'IMM,.
Ailvei li-mn nt - will be inserted :;t i lie hit C
of" SiivicxTv-Vivi; cr.s rs per squarci Thc ,
??price "t" i ? * 11 lin. - of llrcvier lypii constitutes
a sipiarc. I.Otigor .".dvrrti-. ninii- in die
kain?' pr.'p.'ifu??. l'Y?r -lauding ?ni veril sc
hient ol' l'iglii weeks ?iud hjwiit'dsi inn
(?r.x.rs per square; l'or -landing iulvcrti.se
nicitts ol'six moiilhs and upwards, luUTi ,
i rs i - per square : payment iii OVi?ry instance
Ill ing required in adv tihOe.
I'rdicsdoinil and business Cards, m.; ex
ceeding live lilies, Sin a yeti ri
Maniilges. Deallis, K. li_ri..u< and l.ltehiry
notices; uni exceeding live lilies, id F ld oi-lxis '
? adi in-i l l hm.
No pnlili.'ai nm reden lng upon pi I viii?; ?-liar |
arter Will lie all.iWrd ill Olli'' I'oilllllli.S, cilllC?'
lis advrrli-rnirnt Ol' o'ln rwi-r. j,
rJ '" No publication nutdi! willum, ix res- .
ooiisihlc iiidiie.
Ail liren.-i d liieaeliersoi il,.- M. ]]. i hutch
>VilciiiCr iriiveiiug dr tocal, tut' our author- j
?/rd ttgclii -'.
i-.. 1 11 '. i ' i nLT '1' i n .< >j< >'_r ; i
Many of our rotuli rs arc interested in ?
tho Pudo r Theological 111-t i l u 'n- in this
l ily, ii'lid UiU'W >. l?'.?iiiiitn ul" it:, mari.
success ami interesting exercises. The
iVleiidii ol' ed dc ii I 'nd' uinohg the hpUnvd
peuple W ill l'C plr.i-r.i tu 1? lil li that ll
similar inst j tut ipi i lin* lo'eei.i started hi j
(?Cdt'giu* Tl ic following is an ace. uni . >r
sonn' ol' its i i t's I exercises ld Nprihorii
teacher- :
A theological schobl Ls ijusl heilig open
ed liere for colored llaptisi ministers. A
building IS t<> l'C etvr'.ril I cy-a tn i-1 iy . lllld
a profc-.or fri lin til: North i- to tnki
charge ; hut al pre-cut thc school is simp
le a voluntary organization of hrctluvii.
meeting together for study, with such
help tts titey can get. They have asked
Mr. Price to take charge, ami he hus
proposed lo me lo a-sist him.
1 made my l'tr-t visit lust night, thy
good friend Miss P.urt ?ieebl|ipiiii\ tm.r me.
The school is hohl in one of the churches,
and hoing inore than a mile away, one
of the "ministers" hilled for us with his
?wirhor.se ao l buggy, W e Incl sollie in
teresting talk with him on thc Way con
cerning the new ami w'ondcriu! lu'ospools
opening Indore him ami hi- pcdp?o,
1 asked how he fell abdul i'otimj, ami
hr replied I hat he was very thankful ami
happy to ?nive tho privilege, I told him
there wne thousands ol' well-educated
gentlemen in knglahd wlid did uni pos
sess this privilege, nt which lie seemed
greatly surprised.
Ile said thal I he ir fathers and grand
fathers had looked and prayed for such
:i day as this, but had died without seeing
it. and woundup with the remark, "This
is the Lohrs doing, ami it is marvelous
in our eyes." Tying the horse to a (ree
he assisted us to alight, and we were soon
in thc midst ol' our scholars.
1 had taught night-school before, but
noverjusl this kind of school, lien: were
about folly ministers, ol' dilleront ages,
from lilt! white-headed father in Israel
lo the young licentiate, every one with a
hook in bis hand, abd eager lo studV,
They greeted us warmly j and when i said
1 hoped limy would hot have any object
ion to being taught by ladies temporarily,
limy replied unanimously (hat they should
consider it on h'O?O)',
School was opened by piavcr, and one
Of tho lin tiin n ralle1 !]'.,? r<>||, aiel 111. I
.Miss ll. ami I buckled on our nillioraili
nd tl rossel loll rsci vcs t.. th,- work .fen
lightening this body of divinity.
lt (duelled nie much to see a rbiv o
youngministers, overs oho with a pfiiiia
in hand: heeuliaies, I presume, il..M
wenn Miss li. iook them in lian.I. am
afterward attended t.> a Third Roiidci
class, while 1 took edin ige of u largo chis:
in the I'reediuen's Second Render, I h
tho front sent was a venerable old man
evidently nioj'O accustomed to tlie spiiidl
or the hpO than to a Uok. 1 lc lu ld il llj
to tile ga-, 1 .orion ?d a phi r id' ,*s|>eOk" o
a neighbor, and limilly succeeded in read
dig the hr.-! (iVo j.ai agraphs ol'tlie oj.cn
ing lesson: I confess I full some dolieuc.)
al correcting the old gdtilloimni for th.
misplacing of a letter or two. or tim dis
regard ol' th..- commas and periods,
pict u nd him in Ihe pul j ul gi vi eg 1'iill ven
to his native elo.pieiiee. urging his un
converted brethren io hinno td .losnS, o
going down io (he fixer .-ide to adminis
ter tim rite of baptism: and 1 almos
fell as if 1 were oilenng an insult to hi:
gray hairs. So |,,., h?wOVOr ; hi:
face brightened up ea. h time I correcte?
him. and :m he evidently enjoyed it I be
gan lo enjoy it to.>.
lint now? pi.-ture. if \ on can. o mints
t> rs' sp< Hint/ class.' Imagine my feeling:
?rn I called on ihe Kev. .Mr.-t?
spell w-o-rd-d, and tho Kev. Mr
to spoil h-c-a-s-t-s ; a dillieult word, hy
the-way. holli lo .-pell niel pronounce
and o\cr v\ Inch every one tripped an.
fell! I took oeen-ion lo enliven I ho spell
nig with 'various little dissertations o|
ibo nature ami peculiarities ol' tim lim:
li.-di language, the d.-ri v at ion of words
..to., with winch they seemed liig?ity jill
j?My.?w i.... . .... i* ....
spelled, ii was proposed by thc Kev. Mi
-thal they should read Ihe Hrs
chapter ol' Revelation, and I readily coi:
sc ii i cd, advising tha| oifh should r. ad i
adi-tinct. audible vhu'c, -topping al th
i>ihl of each verse for tlie l'est loOritieisi
Sly advice was followed, and prpVcil V.I
rv acceptable in its rpsults. Tim piisR
of tin- chllfeh ascended Ui0 Slops hf tl
pulpit, opciie ; the p n.d.nous Ki'.m. pi
on tile ?.spec-," and proceeded slowl
but fundy, rea l, pan-dug, ?tOeOldil
(d.agreement, for tho criticisms of h
brethren, an.'.--ala- foi" lliO dignity
man--of lu's sis!, r loo '. Yes. there iv
rn* way t>> escape thc leSpdiisibiiity ; f
once il w a-clearly my duty lii cOi'rect t
preacher, -landing', too, in Iii- ow n pl
pit i There was no h< -itation on t
part of Iiis brethren. ( rilmi-in- show?
cd d..w n lice;y, and i was appealed
as Umpire. Voil said ".sanctilicd" I
.'signified, d ied one. alluding io l?i? 1
verse; von said ..//'.? thing-" instead
'.//CM thing.-," cried another, nderri
lo the lld. Tho worlhv pastor stood
bilked, ami submitted himself ivitli
low liness vvdi worthy bf imitai ion. \
wound up our exorcise by i'epOaiii
Simultaneously, nil tlie hard words in I
chapter Alpha, ( Ihiega; liphc-us. Sm
na, Thyatira, dc.
'luis recitation was particularly aeee
ftble lo all the -tu.louis, for OHO; Ol'
primer Itociilhit?s had previously wi
pored to Mi.-s H. : '.Miss, won't \
[Moase give me a Hil ?Ve lesson, foi' ll
call on nie to preach sometime.-, und
m nj h I y ti') U u/i on t?o i'-ords.'"
j All thc theological Sllide?lS seemed ?
islied with their teachers, ami passe
I '
vote ol'thanks, w ith a re.piesl Hud I
.would continue their .-erv ices.
'The same good brother drove us ho
chatting pleasantly and inti lligciith
the way.
; per the ( iiarlesion Advnc?b
The ( !(>tl lil Ky Al i VC
\Y'e Imar of enlhusiiisiic meetings
ing hold in thc dillerenl Districts, wi
i Republican organizations are being h
cd. and thc people exhibit a purpose
mistakable lo (lioso who have sworn
i rule or ruin." Tho (logs lil the ma
are being driven out : tis true they s
and show their tooth, but there is a
tailing ol' their power to harm w
j gives COthfort to those who hil Ve so
I bCOti Stthjccl to the fear of dogs.
i people jiro rising in (heir i : i i .* I . !. tho
i ular \ nice i, Significant. There1! a-nr
? anec iii tho air o vi n. liv erv ? I ? i i > . ?,; I n-i ? ?kens
nililoii action. Crowds gather ll? hoar
an.I !.. .io ; I,? ho iiisl rn. iel am! (.. llo
. termine. U,\pr< >sions solid an.I (>ot?*>ii
?-< nm i?'oni (li? gr.-al deep of* soltlOid
purpose, which uLtko (ho ?neo strong,
weak-kneed : the always liphstful, dOuhl
fiil : lind (ho iiKsiiiii|>tiv?.1, cautious.
Tho freedmen aro Imidin:'; (hoir ? ar
!.. lim advocates oi'iroo ami i'.|ii:ii privh
lo n s ; io thc .ir.'arali-ms of th.-ir 10:111
hoo-l - their rights ami ry sp? ihi'ilics.
with delight. Thc Millitary lii-OouslruC
,t?.>u Hill has already haili limn lip in
hope, and. as one. Uley will show hov,
wort liv tliey have hemi to receive the ! rm-!
j-ihe iV.'iheliise so deservingly Cohforrcil
ilpOll (limn. Th v are no! 1.1 he duped,
although ev?ry invention will ho applied
t 1 accomplish distraction and division
', in their ranks.
I d'hivats have'alr. a ly hoon llhldoi liai,
' thanks to thc koen-oyoil \ igilame of I he
( i rmral ('omtndiim' (Ito 2. District, pi'o
1 visions aro made which will relieve ma
; nv a dependant physically, and cause
him t?i h.?conic an imle?U tiilititt inenlaliv.
\'ot Ors, that uri- lo he. have h allied,
i Unit Contract- do no( control their opin
ions, however inlicit 'tho ulvin/s in th
iiiubii (>/t'ulhtj may say to the contrary.
They have suddenly iliSlaivered that they
can think for themselves and -peak what
they think -in fact are free eut i rely.
d'he count ry is ali ve with hurilCsi ?11
ijttiring ; men want to know thc whole
of the great maller which blanchs Tue
cheek s of some, irritates armi ocrace ami
rejoices lim hearts of poop/e ; white-,
as w eil as black ai e bi cal liing freer look
ing more cheerful and mont milly proinis
Radicalism prevail-. There arc t!io-,e,
oliee the I00U of tim Slav eoeraL and the
Seceder, that How oU'-Sleveil Stevens
iit. ileiiiiiiihjat tyits, of snell as would sink
th? ship if tiley coul l not command i:,
Ih niocraev l:\e tlie h prosy is>hiliitthd
and lie who dares defend it m in .bingci
? if thc verdict, ..traitor to huhliUtit \ iilt"
National unity."
Depend upon it. i lie country i- a!
ri'.dit and will -end forth Stadl an ex pro's
sion of loyalty as Will ooh Villon tin
-.heming- m i rccoimil cd non-oohfornlist
to the lorie or niai.ii ol" . vents, tim! ol.
tilings have pavsbd a why and a new pi
? der of relat? 'm1 exists.
At nu v
P..r tim Adv?cale'. 1
A ?mi-- m-viug of the freedmen wa
hold :i Ihiiiihgjon ?ti the evening of I li
hilt instant; Although lin- weal i er wu
unfavorable, Ihe house wa crowded :
OyertiOwing. Chaplain NVi.ttcnibro wi
(li? prim- pal speaker, and delivered 01
ofhis characteristic -.pec hes, which vv;
ciilhu-ia-tieally received by theerowih
au ?iitorv. A fiel* dosci'ibihg Ihe two ai
tagoiiiStic partie:", (the Reihiblicaus tit
Dcm. u ral - i he reihtest od those who 1"
' longed to Ibo former party lo rise, win
instantly, every one present sprang io ii
feel, and :i voice replied, *'Not il Dein
erat in the lipase," Am. her voice csciai
ed,"l es, thmc are two on! in Ihe hall
Kev . Isaac Krockehtoh) followed in
short speech, in which he ably ndvocal
.-mil defended the Republican doclril
1 Mr. Iltiinhird, and olhers,spoko, dooli
?hg themselves fairly and squarely on I
I nion Rcpubliean Rial form, which \v
; read and unaiiintOnsly adopted. At I
! close of tito addresses, Hie following ro|
ihuions wore ?mi lo the house and una
i niiatsly adopted :
! /,'. .s ./ced. Thill as citizens of Darling)
Dis; riet. we do bel ehy pledge on IS el'
to stand by each other in upholding ?
j defending ?10 gieat principles of Hie h
jon Republican I'arty pf South Carotfci
and thiil wo do cordially and carinii
adopt thc platform of that parly, asTi
? Sdi (Ot) and hil ?lied al :i public meet ir i
" Charleston hy lim people of timi ci'.
I Ites?lvfidi Tlial we will rcmcnihotl
- adage, "United wo stand, divide* \>
1 fall ;" and usc our every cmleav I
; hiing abotil perfect unity of ti<
^throughout Ihe District, so that wita
not he .;.'-?-,.;!. .! di' (he g?pnoil ; i ... .i
and pris ?lr- - M :\ mi n ..
/i'r.s .,'..( ,/, That hvufy lix nil . shill) h
used I" instruct, caution, an I cnhbUrag
Ihe people in tin- discharge ol' lb ir dji
ties, Mi thill none max s:i\ al 11 it? lunn o
election, -'ur were ignorant o; .mr duty.
-'/p'.(/. Tinii we nominate, ?did mp
p. 'i I. a, our candidates lol' <>;.;. .., those
?iud those duly, who, we are fully ??et!
sitaded, are true to i>ur inte:esl \ ?tut wi!
hei'oine tie' i'ailidiil exponents ol' ever*
I? .yal principle of government ?
hqtwv?d) Tl hil we (?otitiiiiliiiCiite yiitl
thc. popple of tlie sur roil lid i i lg Districts
and stimulate I ! ii? i Ii t.. a ?oneci l ot' a. tim
in tlie coming . yeui .?. to lite end timi
otir hllbris may I.sucCemini.
/irN'./n il, 'Thai hy tlie help hi' i lim ii la
ordninetli right and justice, ive v iii | r. ?
vail, an i show ourselves ivortliy the I nisi
So graciously Coi i Iii led in tr-.
/? MVI/. Thill a meeting f >r tllh libiii
ination (il'oliic?rs for Ihe permaimnt or
gani/.alioii (if lite I nio.i Republican partv
nf Darlington DistrieR lie calle I a: t he
earliest possible date.
litmhid, Timi ihe speaker, ll. 1'.
W liiltenioie. receive our sincere thanks
i'..r Iiis nillo ami instructive midies
i l'or tliC Adv.-eatr. )
A mass meeting ol' thc eili/.om <.t
lollli's Island was held at tim t amp
Lr round on the RU|i instan'., f-r lim
.inpose of adopting tlie Union Ropuhli
.an jdat lorin, ttliij hearing tin1 addresses
)f the Speakern. \\'0 had invited Kev.
Mr. Villi 1 lom. and ?.tilers, ol' your el IJ .
.ii address the inoctihg, hut ihi'y were
irevcnted from attending .>n aeeouni id
ll^^ienieney ol' the We llher.
hneelihg was organized hy c ding
pl'ivels to the chair, mid loi|iie:t
f U'Al^.?IX ? a i 11 ?ixi '.'? net as seero
I Alter i flo i.|>ei.,..^ .. .
R\l r.(! ail hird malea veri impie..
siiyTutd appropriate ad ir. a: i'm- pli ?j
>f which tile platt".rm wits lea l an 1
adopted with grillt l?nahlniiiy. There
were ano.;! liv Li hundred p.r-ou > pre sj ni.
L'Verv one ol' whom voled lo adopt the
pitlll'orni, au i pledged I heirn elvi lo
suppiirt the dod Ul lie's and principi?is cin
liodiild in it.
'lite meeting was altogether ihithiish
a lie an?i harmonious, .and ili? gr??tes!
order illld g ?'I feeling prevailed. Voil
hiliy rest assit rei i timi .john's Diam! is
lili i illili and will stand shoulder t>>
sluillliler willi li:.- great UliiOn Republi
Ulh parly North ililli South.
eSi: IHe j Ci IM 11 lg1 i!u' 1 >. \ U I .
We wa re in v er among ihe admi?vi s ol'
Joshua Soul.-, lately senior Rishop dil'
lie M. Vii. ('hiirtd#.S6lliii; hut WC believe
hat his frieiuls should reselle lits rcpula
uni from the foul slander which a cor
aipl press recilcs above his grayo;
>oiti;heri) papers sa\ timi lid diarod lin!
icitlinicnts ol' his eplh'aghos-- was with
UtiOlliC-r R|s?lOpS, vVe. We '.nive said In-.
losition was far I'rOm satisfactory, and
?0 WC still say, but while every man
inn and now in illili Soul her ll Upiscdpa
.v. was a febol in liCiirt, a rebel in sylih
?aliiy. I'.'mh .p Sonic hoed Ihe old ling
ind the Constitution loo Weil lo join
heir vituperations, or assist in any wav
vtiy Iii. ir wicked maehiiml ions. Ile
vas deeply grieved ivhch McTyOro ivas
vriiiilg . ra/.v plu?ppies ieraiust our gbV
i'limcilt, and Marvin wa; in lim rebel
auks ; he did m>. share i'm' treason of
i'm colleagues,
We have not joined in any iiioiiiori.il
emires for I'dsllop Sollie-there W?S
Hough ol' mistake :uul mi -chiel". in his
ile to sadden any heart, and errors lbj
rhieh posterity iiiust condemn him, bul
re (loni believe Ihe old man ever gave
lis ap loval to treason, or went to his
:ravc with thc blood-guiltiness of a rebel
pon him.
ll was sad enough that he, .Northern
'oin and reared, ever became even the
polugisl of the W(.rst system of shivery
hOWli lo history ; timi lie ever lent llie
illhlCliee ol' Iiis great name lo the mad
Cheines ol' men who ineiini secession in
SM ; thill he thus did hindi to simpe
ml render potential, Ute causes which
ventilated in secession, bul wc cannot
' .'?? 'tint In* iii.li.Kfil lo those grave inis
la !.-.' liio ?ih ci' ii. lilu'iati'ly sahel inning
l! mousier ci?iiih of ille eentury, lite
i1 Noiith?rh r hellion.
i- I-.ol them leitvd i Vii ? jir?oii I wig un
sentlied ; lei thrill iojivo niio virtue itn
taintcd : Iel them linne history one
. inti ('til record ; Iel llieu'i hot wrung lite
. im nu,.ry d?Vioshti.'? .Sohle hy ?nsisldig that
- he was Uii'ir fe|h)W-i'oh?|iiral(iri I heir fol
I |i?\V-trail<U\ tlieir fellow-Ichel.
i li' iii ! u>> willi them Vi ry far. hut tv ti
cannot i.iiiieVe that he soiihdcd, with
i thhtii, tm- liri.th lione.'ith the ijcoji?sl
. i h j it h i 'fi II I a my - - the sh nigh in which un
I I'ejiOtUahi I i'd ads wallow.
?l I!' -?i .|,/,v/.V|/r,
. ( > i ; :. < '.'itt.--'" in i\j?i lintis ii Iii I
H lM iSrVOiii'i.
? Th.- ?nih!.MI..,. ol Hie M. K. ( 'hurelt, is
ii?i?iig mitch d'or tie- loyalty ami i'ljtlal
righls iii the -wat West. Tim (Va//' I
.1 /.-o,vi/, (iii! dished at Si1, ?.?.io's says:
u Oiir posh ?oil in reipi'onhe to human
i righi s i-, well hiniwt!. ami wc shall give
I our out it o i ii tinonee lo frei"dotti i n t lie f?
? lure a- in ihr [itisti W c have no ilotlhl
j of Ihr i'os?it ol' lim pending canvass.
Mi 'mri will put the hallot in Hie hands
?of the legro w luther the government ile
Imaiiils it or liol. We hope Congre--.; will
pa-- a jaw giving suifrnjjfo to all men in
j every State long holme snell heiiightcii
? region ; m: ( "onneet?cul can lieeoiim li nly
j civtli/.e.l. Missouri ami Kansas will not
m e i the spur ol' Cimgrc.-sioiial ?id thom
tl?>lis. Tile people w ill do righi. Wi
kiipw thal our elidreli needs no urginj.
in a muller ol' (his kimi. The ijUCstidl
i- already settled witli us. ami the eldin
' wcighl nf the h. dy in these two Slate;
? will In'?giveil for Iruth and justice nov
lis it was tor linette ami mir country he
', Uer. Treason ls utidntililodl.i .-hocket
i al negro sliding", hui il win reeciv
1 wor-e'nno, Kn ii..... i,irs I ie fort; il gels il
.elf eittliroiie.il again. Wc like Hies
providential hiljti.sinicnts. When th
Soul!) iiiteUipted to forge chains wide
1 would hold forever their slaves, the Coi
pf heaven fid yd lo his poor freedom ; am
now tie- law ol' e.?ui\a?euls demands tha
h.- -hall have the hil I ti ii. Wc have se\
mal '.'one- allhiucd our faith in (ind iii
i lhi a t hiter in tin se in liters, ami wc ha v
nod.>uht ol' iii,- ht i iii ly ol' his award
I Th? sliglli reardon ol'a little nicrccntir
-pol in Nevi K.uv.laml whine noyer \i
had i nil? -1 i independence ol' character w i
ohl\ lid cid '. fy lli? di ;gu?( of thc Wes!
ami her majorities for justice will app:
? the deccii cd relic's w ho trust in ( 'Oniiei
; Cn ni. line coil<[ant, earnest idlorl to ri
'con '.nut th,- cou ut ry, Norlli anti Sditti
oli the principies ot' eternal justier, wi
lie prolltailie for :.ll coueertled. We --ha
?lo our part."
Tin1 I io\ >i il >1 it 'ti ti I l? riy i
?lu- Sst >i 11 11.
There i-- mu.-li meaning in (he eidlui
?isdic?'institliol1 iii wdik'h th.- Uepubli?:
! party is indore 1 hy (he ho al elemeiil
j Hie Solitll, Tiles ute Lol lii-po.-.ed
have any hali'-..ay w.uk in ijie dialler
reCoii.st niel ?oh. I'i'tie loyally i.- in ear
Os?, iiinl doe- liol iphr id esl 11 Illings 1
their ri dd name- ; it is only the coin
jtioliallv loyal who un' afraid (hat ll
ii'titt- Iveplthlioan will i ?(ii *iiil sollie .som
live soul horn earn. 'Ihr inyal ma---,
who ?ire ihoving in the great work off
eotistrueliot) now going forward in I
iinrecon-t ructcd .'?dale--, have I io UI ly
gallantly thrown thc ham.cr of thc gre
Hcpiihlican ^>ai ty to the hrce/.e. ami a
nul il y rail\ing around its stitntltud.
The splendid ami patriotic reen
n?tido hy this great ])olitical orgauizatii
J in siamling hy tim ( lenora] (?ovorhiiu1
With au inlle\ih!c resolution, in oarryii
forw iinl profound measures ol' -tate.-in:
ifillip to ii successful issii?, ami Hie po
erlul aid given hy it in lt milly overthro
ing and pr.-ti at i ng thc tnosil gigan
rcocllloti ol' ancient or modern tim
should eoniinand Hie respect and ch
lengc the admiral uni of every cam
Thus spake the convention recen
held al Haleigh, North Carolina ; and
same sentiment has prevailed where
Hie loyal people in those Slates have
- ntithleil to express their \ iowa.
This is \vis(*;; tliVf? i-; hui olio gTciii
loyal pttrty in tho country, aiul thal, i-i
lh,-)>:n! \ ivpio.sonTed hy tho. (IniilintUtl
inhjoriiy in ?on^resii. li is io the RC
|ptddh'an i ?a ri y alone Ihat tho Smith cnn
lot IK for ni i .o restore their torfe! teri rc?
talions in (he Unitin, 'rite name h an
honored om-: thc parly is a loyal one ; ll'i
prim iph?< arti Know n and c tnblishcd;
the people (if thc North ami Xorlwost
have approved ii We wish thc work ol'
m?.raniv.idg thc Republican party in the
s. .ut 11 ( iud speed, firent lt. ?,?1.1 ?.-.
.Jiu. MAN.
1? H mun a vi?iii ihe helter
lol lil- liehe- ami his gains?
for his aei es ami his | ill! ace- J
lt" lils ininosl ije.ht i< callous ?
I s a niau a vv hil lim h el I Cf ?
Ami il a man - in? w hil thc better
Kot1 his collers ami his mines.
Kor hi? plirple ami line lim n,
Ko'r hi- vineyard-- anil his vine?.
Why do thousands henil (lie Knee.
Anil eringe in mean servility,
11' n. nian'r. no vv hil thc heller?
ls a ninn a \i ?iii tlc worse
I- or a low ly diesS ul nigs ?
Thohgli he <>wii< nu lordly rental,
ll' his heart is kind ami gentle,
I - a niau a vi hil I he worse ?
A ml il'a man's no whit the worsn
l or a poor ?ltd lowly stand,
Ki?r un eil i pl,l. u\ en pucket,
And a hraw'ity, working hand,
Why du thousand* pass him hy,
W illi A cold amt scornful ev e.
ll' a mau'* un whit thc worse?
< >ur lius'sihn Pu reit a.so.
i i Vi?/ did tc* purch??e //ns vast and
desolate royinn f Wind are iee (joiiuj to
'tn with il? In answering the li ist we.
must deal principally in negatives. Thu
sale w as nut made because wc wanted
land, lt was not liecauso itussiti wanted
money. There must then he sumo un
known reason : something diplomatic, lt
is priilial.lv a sialcgi' move and no one
as yet has guessed thc secret. MK Sew
ard propounds riddles. 'Miks pd reliase?
is ?i political conundrum and we give it
np. 'I'u what usc may this territory he
applied? lt may he turned into a haven
lor disappointed politicians, and take
the place ot that mystical Salt Rivet'
tliOtlt whose head wal- ts hscil-up politi
?al hack-- have lihou wont lo gather.
Why not send thither all the Nashyiles
ind Yallandingliaiiiuiers, together willi
Kdriinn lo Wood and the rest. W'e should
ie rid ol'them al hut little expense, and
hey would doubtless \,v happy, ns llie
rrepressiliie negro would not care to l'ol
ow them to such high latitudes. Trite
lure arc K.sipiitnaux there, hut they
night he rendered useful nilli subservient
o lim higher race, and might even in
?nie take the phtcc ol' the lost chattels,
low unhappily freed and enfranchised.
A'e duty need our Russin as a refuge fdr
?xiiot 1 traitors, who having tried Mexico
md Bi*:i/,?l, and hi ing disgusted with tile
introit id' improvement in those empires,
nay wish a place in sonic more serene
uni -eenie region, hcyoiiil thc reach of
?ailronils and telegraphs, newspapers
iud schoolmasters. There tiley eau lie
el alone.- Central Advocate,
( 'an wo trust (ho Ali'io.'in!'
(!encrai Ki >k in his recent speech at
he anniversary ofohr missionary society
aid: "I remember in Ihe curly months
if lMio, w hen thc army of the Union in
he Mississippi valley was endeavoring
o climb up 'some other way' to Vieks
iitrg. Dial J wa.-, attached to a large force
ihich was penetrating thc centre of the
dale of Mis-issihpi. On a Sabbath evc
ititgi thirty or forty sfcttincrs loaded witli
loops w en1 anchored stile by side for the
light. The deep, overllow ing river Btret
hed far out, imp on the decks of those
learners sal len thousand soldiers of the
nat Northwest, willi their faces turned
OWli.ril ihe Jami ol' the reocjlioii. The
lars looked down upon us cpnolijV, the
night moon .stole out, and the scene van
hv?ly, I remember I hat ( liah.lain J l arc,
.1' Iowa., a soi l ol'.rla.plain-uiohief for the
loops, i had thc honor lo command,
nouuteil on tl c pilothouse of thc sten
ner, commenced singing with his

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