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VOL. 2. NO. II.
\s YO would t li.il men sh<ul<| <lo milo you do yt; uvcii so to them.*'
CHAH i J 10 H TON. S. C., SATU H DA V, O OTOH KU 1 0, i,S<iS.
wuor,K NO:m
CHARLESTON, S. 0., JUNE 1, 1807,
A WKRSTEH, Editor.
13. P. HATS DOi,VU, ^ Asftoointo
T. W. LEWIS, S Kciitors.
A UKI.n.lot .-> \M> l ivrn.vtiV ?\\?VU.
rrni.isui.i' \\TTN I \ .vr NNj'i. 1 SS Mi I i
is?; SlUr.l I. M AK I A 1.11> >l X .
H. JI'H.M: MOI'?I:.
THUMS OT si list rin\ ?
J'!.;- Dollars a Y'cai'i payable in luhtitjec,
six Months.i
'Ihr?.i' Monih.1."".
['&' AU Utters (<> tin t'hlilorfi or Pul
Uslar, sholdd bc tllccctcd to " Cluir!ist"n
Adc cute. l.dcKjliu.N 100.''
<. ballest?n. S. ( '.
Si)d/lc copies;oT tho Adc -cdc may j
ho hud al .Mr. Howard's lin store, undo:
Oil I" olliee al I i'll Cetil S Ojioll.'j /i'm j
UA l IhS l-pil Al'YKU 1'?SINU.
Advctl;-cimr.!? uiil iii.' iinji r't-i al Hi" lat.'
of si.vI N i v-i i\ i. i i vt - per ^jiiiiiy;. Th''
Space nf tell ll li*' rt llleviil type ?? n. i ?ill - j
a ?.?liare. I.eau T r.dvt-rti-t im n'- ii tte :
tan., prhj'ei thai. Hoi' standing advertise-,
nient el" I'ljilit w.rk- niel tipw.ar.l-. liri S
. vx rs per square: tor standing iiilvert'pe;
nunn ot'<.Jx months ami upward-, roil ?I
CKS/is pei square: ptiyiueiit iii OVOry m.-:av <.
bondi reqiilrcd in iid\ am e.
HroV-Mmud an.i Hddhcss (.'ards, hoi ex-!
eee.hr.,.:' thc line?. Sin a year.
Martiage-. H.-ado. Ur'.i'd"U- and Hit-rat \ ;
iioliee?. m.; Oxm'ftjihg ?ive lines. I ll I v e; \ is
eaeh in?, r?i.iii. ,
N't. piiiuieiitioii ivllcethig upon pi i Va te elia:
nctei'\\ ill tie!?i(iii\\ eil ?it ?'Ur cohiiiitis; Cillic
a? advertisenieiii ..<. . ? r)i. -i-w i?...
VJ)" N'o pldd'eaih.ii miltie wi: le m.* ai--"
ppllslhle mun.-.
All llee'lised pr. h?rsu? tl;,. M, H. I I nt jv li '
w hel h.-r t ra-.. "... , r ?oeid. ai e ?'u; aU'.lmrf-1
/.-J a ;. ;;! -.
1 fo\V -!l. . ?Hi til.' li'elM']
1 V? -.-ii U M i ! 1 >. . tren tildi j
Uli a .'lay (if ia ' ?eek '.'tie papers ie- .
'pdl'tOfi Hie appi a, am e oTdojiloi s'oii 1 kn ;
liel'.ire a e. mi t in liiohmond, a lu iel' judi- ;
cial pinta'.--., and iii- lU?oratioh oil bail :
his passage mil .ft In-i. Hilt and to hi-,
li?iiii amid Um' hux>.as ol' Iiis rebel tViom . -
ami th?' waving ol' hamlkeieiiiel's iVpiii
window- hy re he i wbindn ; I I tb'iietj ( i?roe
ley figuring meanwhile in tile scent/ a -
Hie iirsi on Hie li-'. . !" He-e wi IO bailed .
him. alni a- prominent in the eon rt. t.Vn
the next ?lay. Hw1 --.nie | npers annoiihee
that while a moUvril slale-man was
Using tlie fundamenta! right of A morion!)
citizenship--(Veen mi >.!' speech-in Mo
Hile, a muli Hiokr up Ids audience, ii ri hg]
in upon it w ith pistols and muskets, kill-1
ing several pei's n ii ni I wounding more, '
hud dispersing tltd assembly^
Su.-li are ll.e . .. em - w. -rill wilne-s in
the desolated Sot;'h. M, now hile hundreds
of thousands of the b?si son-, of northern
fainilie-. sleep.Oh unavenged in tlieir p.-t
t riot ie gruyes throuobout the relie! (erri-d
tory. Sotm- assassin^ -onie prisoiplmep
ors. lune 1.n drought UJ justice in vi ii- j
tlieaU. Ul of the ?av... ; not one of Um
leaders of the gre.it crime, liol OHO r?ally
Responsible imbi.lia- keen brought '.<>
condign pnnlshnieiiU The ppTdieiaiis,
t?;-: idbniiiist j'?itot's of the ebbh t ry . I di ve
these ni.'UU'is in lulu.i ; tho people look oh
, -oder .'Sd-. : ' yv ? dun with w c, p
. 'M the fa.,,, and
111 g tot- their ns ' .
' . ''hil .".?>l Iu-ai t alni,
commue b? Vcop; ?. ?
pe.'d ol the people reui.-nibe.';""
and ip i 'lOginiiiivJ io iemand w hat i . 1 '"'
kighiliuadi ; rd vi ha1 Un- mora! eo.i-e
OjUehee ol'ibis illili <1 of '?joilioViV
We an- not , . m. sd who deminid
idooii ?i? ;.?. atbheiiteht lor the great
.-.long- ol' the rebel I toil against not only
tliii cbfintry hut humanlly. We asl; not
fmf liid deal lt Of .ieiiersim Diivis, or of
am oilier ol'Un- eapiial eulprils; 1 nit we
ilo demand, in the daine ol' the American
p opie ami of Un- morai sense of thc
Chi i.-lian world, that tin- institutions of
just ici'add law lu- rC'-p led ; H.at "trea
son He made oilioltK,'' innl future traitors
S'o '.oval iii/oii doubts the I reason of
??ll'ersoh ()nvis. Tlioro v.im hut one
course for tho country in respect to tils
?.a-c winch could he eouipnlibio with ilie
dignity of tin- laws lind tho n i'.ii.- shjVty,
That course was a lair trial hy thc pub
lic tribunals, u verdict (d'u.uilt c. abd thc
pronbtihcchionl bf Hiescnioeo^ of th
law, tito sentence ot'de??h. The 'bailey" :
of mercy could tiien -n'erv. no ; thc et'iinc,
unparalleled. would tildi hayh been
branded, thc lav. -, vin Heated, i for moro:- j
fui intervention is itself law hil.) tin- pub
lic conscience left uiipcrvcrtcit. and
future traitors warned Nothing of Um
kind lins been donef
Hut what has been done, and what
must bc its consequence? What else
has been (lone lait a virtual previirioni ion
with the most solemn law- of the lan i. ii
practical evasion of it at every possible
point? What lu'ure t. a: tor cnn !*.:;?!. in
th" wh"ie hist? ry ..:'H . rebellion, a silt1
gie direct warn.:i :: Au ' (Ve huiv have
future traitor;. l'n ;?n?pti|pM;? denni-'
rcs linty j-vb'.c it exp's'iii rt ;? ru: ...
the the- ol' rovo!* Soiiie bi] these dgCs a';
tie.' capita';. . r it: sv?:t(C iii' Hie rem ito -.< .-- ;
(toto; of the land. They may . ..j.aibite '.
! lie dar. of of the exi m ime;.t : they can ?
reason that tlibttgii the rank ami tile of j
j indi' follow ers may peTidt. and (heir
inha?Cst sbbbrdbiides die ..a thc callow s,
they, as h-uders. will b<?> safe, ifoy?ii badi
comes t<< worst, and that truckling- op-,
ponents will Stand up. purse in hand, ju
thc courts of thc nation, betw.cn them;
ami the terrible sw ord ol publie justice.
'I Iiis, Wc ailinn, must be t Ile cn-c'|Ue!|oe !
of snell n j! -Hey. Tho! Atucf iciui pedpb'I
may have to n;e Un- day < !' tins Kick-!
mond la ree. Hal the j ? vs taken Upurl
COUI'-C :d Uiehti?OUjl, lad JV.vis bci'P'j
lori,c from t!.< I ributmi to prison, .-en-!
leiic. d b. die a-; tim nov- dem .n i. '.hough j
pardoned the nev w ci;, i ., futtin tr.;.- !
bu- could fail to r.call tia- . a e. .-.ml io
reason justly Hud a second crime of (Iii1,
kidd might not fuel similar cloinenc\ '.
among a tliduglitt'dl people. 1}.nstrUv-'j
expressibly ..rru'el'li'. fol' the pa-1 ; but the!
history of thc rebellion is olds i hg with
law and ot' ivhol?sojho poH'-y. whtch
threated national ilclnorah/.atidn unir?
fearful Ulan H..- war froth \\'hieii wo have
ellicrgc't. We afc sine t!mt thc people
cannot appro-,.- ti.. -.- t!!-ad.;-< ! im-.-i-:
urcs, lu their \yOrkshop-. tu.tues, ami
sanci naries. tm'.V arc Uijhldhg ii iii'} fe? 1
iiig deeply al ,-ut tin m. Ti: ir i pinion
should be lilt.lied i-l some W; V. They
. Ijfi mil m.'. H..-,- will md 1 .? willr|ig ijlj?t
Un ? ' " ? ind iiic.iin!
shall ! f. iehorcd., pto Mitbd. it; tito
ol' Uiis vr.-ale - criminal. ?UL.detu hi-b -
ry. They eal! m-t tor hi-bb o 1. but U'iey
their dead. I nt of the Ihir .-. of their
ehi'.dren add (mildred's children, that a'
l.-a-l the fortitS of law -hall be r,-pe.-ted.
and that the head of lin- rebellion he
property labeled before all Hie world.
- iV,rt'.s?;.|.. .b/>s,e(//e.
Kislu-r-- ol' M OW,
Henry Ward P.eooher. get-, ott' some
good practical hints on the ijthsiioii of
wlibshould preach the gos j iel? In u-im.:
men tor our work in (lie South, we are
lind there ?ir? ninny of our tuicdticaicH.
colored bi'elhren, who eau catcii fish.
The idea is Utils illustrated by Mr.
Beecher :
A man gbh-j fort ll with a splendid
jointe.1 cd. a loin:, silken linc, un ex
quisite and ulitterim: reel, and ali ntaii
h?r o''curidits baits, and walk- w ith full
, ' isitCCOSS to the appointed
,'"']U'" l}s|i sn"uid he lukcii. And
brook where .1 "
. ? -o -i ti. e Jb- gather:
bi- lirsi throw is lin;J m .
I sick his linc and his so? .. ?'l Un'
into ii bush. He gainers back ttl? bm
aeain. and his third U.ii'oW U into Hu
mud on thc oppo-ite bank. And li? h.-c.
his hooks, (incl snaps his linc ami g. ; .
d? manner id' thies execpl fish. \ml
he i- .'.rv to ? Iii Iii? tba! one So, eminent
Iv tit. ii'ine Hi ih?rottghly lurtiisl.j I ddt
so specially opintm I. -ie mid fail III lit
mission. ()n the other hand a poor
plain. worUing-niiiui thftt hil? toilet
through Ids appointed hour--, timi leeds
soinotldng iv iv hi,, (abie, goos to tho hist
bush and eilis him a pole, (did talo s a
piece 'oT twine tor ti lino, ?UM pots on
tho ?oiiinioh?sl h i ipi of a hook, and goes
t" Mm brook, timi drops ibo hook into tho
Water, an.I instantly ho pets a bllh, an.i
pul!; om a tish. I lo throws ii bi lino
a ain. ami iinun'iliaii'i? Im gets iiliotlior
t i! ', ano pulls out another ilslt. A ma
'it ft ntl i hg J?v - ivs. oj|t, ought nm ty have
..angil! those tish ; ho was not appointed
t" ?I., i.." lint h.- did eal ell tin ni : ami 1
say that tho mau who cati catch ?is!) ottglii
to ti-.i. lind thai the hiaii who can n it
blight not to. Now. to want to preach,
a" I to 'oe able to do it suce .dbl!v. lits
- an to he ? pi.cae'-.cr : and il' tee. thou
sand ap"..? I,..;, ??i i', - w s as long :IS fi;bni
li -ri' t.. the celestial pale. . ilphhl refuse
i" {jive a man permission to preach, vet.
!' :u- h.;- thc dc- ii'0 an l the ability, he is
'jilKi I. and In- is -u daiucd. to lu- a preach
[d'or thc A hoei'dcl
* '?ii' 1 M;ii 11 > t . 111.
Th;0 l?t.h article ol'our Platform reads.
'Thai i' i- jiisi and proper " : " thal
i" capilathdl or poll tax should ever bo
evie.', in lld- State."
Their arc two reasons why this plank
-ItotiUl be Striekel) from our platform,
iud are -o grave ;1Ul? Si,lf.t,vhj|.|it ihm i i
.on in rc to Oplisider Ihohi, in the |iopc|
"mt tims,' ol' ?ny colleagues who stijipoi'-j
oil iliis article hi ny seriously consider I
lie bad iell'eeis ii may have, if al lo weil I
o stand, upon thc weal ol'thc common- '
!";.;. I will brie ll \ consider its "jus-j
ici' anil Itidv it will he tieeesstii'y t??
td huck f.? the first piiheiples .d' gov
neut. All govcrnnu ut is based or
> > c i to : c on^eilOil*trie" lYHitw'
lei's 1anding hiUween the governor
ho go vented : tliat is. ibo lat ter ?on
o spppdrt ibo gpy?rti?neiit, v.Idle il"T?
'oriiier agree to pi'otect ilie governed.
hose inn tn it I iigreehudits not only inelu
sl phy-v.i!. l ut d 1 sci pecuniary support.
fie- vot. r who I,a- mi personal or real
? ta'e propel ty Mlhji et to taxation, is as
iit??h a paity lo j his mutual ?grceiiieid
..'.'erred io. r.s he who posasses thou
:lhi.lsr f dollars in taxable property:
illili I h?
!..< r receive!
?oioeriod. and |
'.'. lil wa vs im
No vi tid- obligation may 'oe oithtrl
i! 1 dcal'tu' ;>cc/piPi. >/. according to w h:H '
t'..' ;:'Oen.:ne:,' crodU'nr hms i iv 'siiiiub '
inri id": and as ..ur ei'i'iiiioi'-j-i- tile I
lin- i o-;.ii!ouw ealt'u of South ('afoliiia-;
i,..-i -tamls in need Ol')Hc>i)iiiir>? sup-!
j -i I .it is that -he sjtoiihi demand '
it. as well as for ii- to ..bey. Tin- ?!....
1 inc laid dow/it ly '.he ancient le ?mans.'
that not only the property hut tho life ol'
e\,-iy ei(ix.en belonged lo the state when
l.ome demand-- it. i- one that we mod
el ns do hot, am! cannot wholly dispens?
Willi. I lbw nuu ii more valuable is life
I (iii ii "tin- aidiighty dollar?" a few thou
sands ol' which our beloved slate tc
>:uit' s Ivy v a; jjf capitation m poil tax.
"it is proper." lat us iljso consider
lilis a-sei'.ion. Aet'di'dutg to the census
oi'lS'dOi th. population of lids stale was
7o;'..' jo : of which iuiiiibor it is supposed
thal loo.inn? are now voters; ami of this
lidjuboi' dbl niore than purt fourth are
p.s-e-ei1, of any taxable property: so
that e.xciising the capitation lax. wc liml
that Ut rc is jottr(h?? ol' the freemen pf
South Carolina, or 7.*?,0(u) voter-, wodi 1.
wliile receiving all the benefits accruing
front governmental protection, he ox
empted from rendering thc hitter any
/a ?.".o'"cu support ! Nm" is the argu
ment which ha- bOch prefer? , d aga'tURl
lld- lax. viz : tlie corruption of Hie 1.al
lot box, temible : for it iniudit w illi e.pml
?clvanee Pe applied lo general taxation
or tin- ideation of penurious jicrsuhs wi,.
,ni ,;u lie slipp'-H-d to value tlleif limncy
more tim.) ll." |>?"'?'.V : :""
(lins th- argument. ?'.'* ?j "?'.vihiiig
pio\ es o...? inucl).
hut, beside these eonsideralio'.ns. wi
have licohllCii in Article I 1. f'that '.ii
;.r ami destitute, ?ldse aged ami in
man persons, houseless and homeless
and jm.sl labor . should ;".
provided ibr:il tli?- expenso ofthc state.-''
A?-.', riling lo tho present ral io of the lux,
Ibo treasury \i\ this wholesale indulg
ence would he impoverished in th-'
<: ">iitit ??Sl/iO ??rio : ., mm t?tht will he
jquit? sidlleieiii lO'otjrry tito humain pro
? Vi .:',<1 . 'I' th-- 1 1 Iii Mili. ;.- int,, i-tVect.
? Afi i?i,i\eidleiiieii di' tile t'onyentidh,
i ...,. j .. af'/* . ...
I .(?.? . ??uv -.o; i. ... ..... . yi , .
|im." . M:,y in.I .?otuingi'ii' i 's arise
; Wilt! h wiji tax lite lilian? i.-.1 iib?iily <-t Mi?
? Leg.dalmo lo provide iigt?insf? and in
h' i-- ;i "proper" i"'- us ti) ??ip?se ttpini
the la gislatii!'" tin- luunahe discharge of
ti.', ditly .-. <. owe to th.' ?MiiOiin people''
xv ; ' iii**1 "houseless; and hohiole.ks'' while
jive in tl;.- preceding article wiiliold iVoin
j th-;uil [J ie UU'ai?s lieeessaty to Uni dis.
: ..'.arg.-ol'this .hil \ r
/'/..' preparatory t.. UH- ('o?nniblt?
i on veution.
I.. S. I.\s?;t.i:v.
ofort. S. C.. May I i. 1*0,
; K.?r tit- Advocate]
A < ? ! ort? > 11 -- I. ' 111 111. i -.
IdvingsUute's Zambesi and it-* tiilaila
i'yeS : iialofr's S?ottrees ol' the \\ Into Nile,
a lid Du Chnillu's Visit t.. As?hitigo Land
iiivile mn- iittentioii to dmr d?ifoTcni
[)oriidii,s of tin- vast Continent ol' Africa.
1'hesi- distinguish,-I O.xpioivrs agna- in
' ile s:id |??( nie ol' tin' nd-orv and degra
dation of tho native, populations ; II con
dition, in large measure-, tin- result of
con tact with tin- civilization of Kurope.
Phc eoituhereo upon th.- epasts-runt and
t'ie -lav.' tra lo-aro felt thousands of
. iles away in tho interior, "making
night hiiieOlis" willi tho shrieks of tnur
?'0-tl inen, and tin- eries ol'women and
loren driven from their blazing huts,
'le ?he flag ot some Christian nation,
l'/ies? expeditions have i'mele know n
Hist fi* ts <d' hound jess eiipabilii les, a .??... r
tuilicd the existence of a v ery i nge pop
ulation in \'.v interior i neither'delicien!
in tie.- virtue of industry, nor incapable
of social iiiiprovenu-n; ; and that .?'.Ulong
ilie;ir chiefs are nu-n ot' the most l.indly
manners, humane dispositions ami g?n
?rons aspirations^ tlUxieitis for a higher
Civilization thad has yid dav ned upon
Miali I? nighted ep iidry,
W liv should m I all Anica-not by
a ij . i' ans tl(e - andy iloscrls that used
t . bri th??ilghti ''Ut ?(is rich nial fair as
!li.\ land i'll the globe--'bc peopled by
inductions ami peaceful tribes, wot'ship
pi.iij?'the find id' love, and iidoriiing the
doctrine oft'linSt their Su\ioiir? Thc
l>.otni-c ol' lier renovation through the
p. wer cf the gospel still stands, ami lite
results timi have followed its faithful
promulgation, ?ire the snr.- pledges of its
i\iitilnieid, and tin- promise ol'a glorious
(lu the Weston coast al ne. within
thc hist lliiil \- years, sollie two lllllicliOil
. uisiuiii elli?relics have been organized
jiiid upwatds of lilly ihousand hopefU
Converts have been gathered into thosi
cliiirchcs. I v o hundred Schools, sever
al -. miliarios, and a college at .Monro
via, tue iii operation, and not less Unit
t ?v oh ty l hon s a i. 11 native youths are rc
oohing ti Christian tmining in those in
stitutioiis at the pre-. nt day. Thirt;
IiliilerCnl dialect-, have been studied on
?and red ticed to writing', illtb most o
which large portions nf sacred scripture
a-, well as other religious hooks, lull
been '.ram-lated. printed and circulate,
am ma the people : and it is believe
that sonn- I,ho :. ledge >.!' thc Christia
salvation has boen brought within th
reach ol' live millions ol'immortal being
who had never b?l'ori! heard of thc bim
ked minie ol' the Saviour.
Kright Christian ligiiis now begin t
blaze up at intervals, alon", a lim- of se
'coast of titre.- thousand milt's, where ut
lii'oki n hight fi innerly reigned. Th
iiliiisli Odbh.l o!'Seit ea Leone, and tl
Ui'public ot' Libo ia. the result of Ame
?cali benevolence and iiegt'O capacit;
are thc most proniiii?nl centres of ililli
euee. On thc banks ol' thc far faun
Niger, a native African Kpiseopal His!
op. once ti poor slave boy, Ind rescue
educated and converted, now preside
willi un i'llicionl ministry Ol' Iiis own titi*
l?to count ri mon. At nhl Cnltdmr, tho
Spirit bl'vloil lins boen piilirc.d out in ?lt
ospe< ?ni iiianiici', nu?! on tho heights ol'
Sioirn dbi Crystal Mountains, tho gos
pel ha- hoot) pinch dmod to tribes wibi
wi r.' Unknown ti? tin1 civilized world ni ?
til within a low years post.
Pressing es am tho halls ('or tho lain iti
m ....... b.incntOil, Christian freud - :
inbu tinibhg their own }>?'Opiii in tins i
? n! ? v. the cull from Africa i-. yoi moro
I'l i'-'-in:: ; while Colored inch have ah j
lolvantaiio over other missionaries ivhieltl
it seems bspbcihlly dosi ruble tb employ.!
I.cl thom Join in hastening the omis tri
limphs hf tile Redeemer's Kingdom. The
Africa ol'(ho futuro is Africa lilied with!
schools and churches, and the richest j
fruits of a Christ inn ci viii ait ion.
ttl M M; V l.ol I ?j OUI t WOOl?.
I f a pilgrim h o boen shadow. od
My ;i trot' ilia, 1 lum- nur-od ;
I f a cup . >f olear col, I water;
I havo raised t.. lips athirst :
II I'vO phUttcd lilli' sweet ilbWi'l'
|<y an else tn?, barrbn iv y :
If I'vij whispered in thc midnight
( ?tie s\\ t>0t wen! t,i tell of day ;
Kn: one j nor bleeding bosom
i. a woe -wept chord have stilled ;
li a ilarli ami restless spirit
I with hope of heaven have tilled;
ll I've imbil! for life's hard hattie
i 'nc faint heart grow hrnvc and Stroll!' ?
Then, un (lo.l. I thani; thee, bless the.-.
Y t ile- precious gi fl of soiijj.
.MOM MUM ro rm. I'.U NDKU of Avtr.i:
t.AS M i i li'UMMi.- At tlie recent session!
bf Ubi lies Annual Cnid'on-ncc, a com
mittee was .appointed lo raise the neces
sary funds amt erect a inonuinoni to ihe
menlo!')' ?f Phillip Embury, the founder
ol'thi- man now lie in a beautiful cohh
eli'ry in ibo pleasant village of (?'uni
bridge, Washington county. A hundred!
vears iigi), in his own house in New 1 nih, j
he organi/.cl tlie tii-t Methodist society;
Iii America. lie als,, erected willi hi
own hands the hist Mhljiotiist church in;
titi - country, and ministered in it-pulpit!
until a regulativ organized blorgyih'iii?
was -cut front Kugln nd. Then hoihbvod
into thc -ci tion of lin- State which i-,
now Washington county, and while al
\vor/\ in the field with a scythe injured
himself so that he died nf tlie wound.
For a long lime the whereabouts of his,
gi ave was uncertain, but hVonty years!
ago it was brought to light, and the
remains removed to the burial ground ,
ol'A-h:iro\e Chiif ii. which then stood
in the I own of Salem, an I iasi year,
when thc Conference lioh'.l its session a;
Cambridge, tho bones v. ct e c\humed.
ami with fitting ceremony, conducted by
lb-imp danes, deposited in their presold
'rosing phuc. Now it is proposed by
the Cdhfofenbe to erect over then! ii
monument worthy of the man. ami one'
which will point out his grave to the
I children nf thu Church for generations,
to conic.- 7Y"V '?'?mis.
A < 'hikl'.s I Mi ild?S?phy.
A little girl of live, on hearing il
announced that a day of thanksgiving
had been appointed, and thal there
would bc seri icc iii the church, sup
posed tba' if lhere was to be preaching
I '
j lhere would also he tim usual Sabbath
j school session. Hoing- told that it
would not be heh', she but-! into tears
I and exclaimed, "1 don't think much of
tho Governor or thc President either,
td go t ' work and make a Sunday, and
I leave out tin- hoist part of it.''
At one of ibo mass meetings' in Ceor
'gin. :i colored speaker folloiyed nj) liefs
; dud V. dohn-oii in lld-- sharp style:
j ''If Governor .lohimbu is really \our
friend, a'.nl wishes I" sec all thc people
prosper, why don't lie accept the K Cooli
-U nct ion and Supplement td bill ': There
I is a reason thal he should be thankful
j 11 tnt bc has Ihe privilege ol'coming here
. , to-day lo ?peak t?> you and to advise
'yon. Ile luis reason to be thankful
? i because ho han liol been hung "
, I'm- j|i?< A iv.M-uiv .
I i upubl i< \-i 11 1 '. i ri \ .
The recent .-mts ol' Congress rbi- (li?
ii??. miit government, uiul speedy rdoon
si ruction of the Stated recently in rebel
lion against the government tire me?is
i|res looking to the restoration of Mle
Union in th . spirit of justice ami upon
.'? '.basis of .equality:. Slavery lias pass- ,
i ii away, ami it only leiuninK to (tcstiov
.?.s spirit (uni to crush the institutions
which it established and nurtured. The
Republican parly cxpoetfl mid desires
the restoration of ?he Uuhm, but upon
sui.-h terms and conditions only as shall
render it Impossible for its enemies to
renew tim civil war or to involve the
country in sectional strife, lt will bc
imo to its friends in thc South without
regard to color or previous condition.
I'hc Republican party is thc parts of
freedom and progress. lt is its purpoM;
to aid in securing for the South freedom
of speech, a free press, and a system ul*
free school. These desirable results will
he Sought through thc action of t Ymg ross
as far as posible ; but our main reliance
must be upon the wisdom and virtue of
'he pdoplu of the respective States. Hy
the ads of the 2d of March, nial of the
-dd of Mareil, lSdU, provision is made
for die enjoyment of tito right of voting
by all nude citizens, twenty-one years of
age, except those wlto have been convict -
ed of n-lotiv and a small class of rebe's
wlto arc excluded from ollicc by the third
article ot'thc proposed amendment tb thc
( -institution ol' thc I idled States.
The negroes ol' the South ley thc meas
ures ol thc lb-publican party, as express
ed in those iuds ol'Cougross, ar? elevated
lo thc full and equal rights of citizens of
tim Stales to which thc\ belong, and of
Me- country which hereafter will rctog
or ' olor. Thc ual ii m 14'Viii i'd li ia'i AI'"MYS
negro race for servil es rhnder?d dt?rlllg
tue late War ? the negro rael' is indebted
to the Country, controlled in its policy
l>\ the republican party, for the emanci
pation ol the race Pom slavery, and now,
bv these nets ol' (.'phgross, for its eleva
tion to a po.-,itn.n ot' equality. Kroin
these reciprocal services arise mutual obj
ligations and duties.
The nation c ii iib longer hesitate. Ii
will nt once, and frech, eoiicedc to thc*
colored race every political and public
right that is enjoyed by any class of Citi
zens. The negroes, on their side, can
not hesitate tn support the party and tho
pi'ih?i les by iVhose labors and influence
theil- redemption has been accomplished.
Thus, by this natural and necessary
union ol' forces in thc .South and through
out thc whole country, peace, progress,
ami prosperity; are secured.
Nor is thert' in these suggestions any
food lot hostility between the races. Tho
wants ot a bhu U man and the wants of a
while umn are precisely thc kamo ; their
interests are the same. Kspecially is thia
true ol'Ilie laboring classes. Thc labor,
ing man, w Itel her white or black, needs
tin- protection of law. Ile needs thc bab
lot tis the means by w hich he st cures
equal laws and the just administration of
them. Itv thc ballot he rebukes or rejects
unfaithful public servants, Hy the bal
lot he arraigns and condemns corruptor
tyrannical judges. Hy the ballot be or
ganizes and maintains schools for the
j education of his children, and inspires
! Iho police and magistrates with due re
-ped for his personal and family rights.
While the measures of Congress extend
; this great right to a new and numerous
i class of men, there is no invasion of tho
i rights ol'others. Thc white people of the
South, with ii few exceptions, compara
' lively, arc to enjoy just and equal politi
cal rights and privileges. Freedom lias
given to thc North unexampled prosper
ity ami constantly Increasing wealth and
pow- i . Freedom and free institutions
will secure for the South the same re
sults ; but there must be co-operation of
the rm-cs. and there must bc co-opera
tion upon thc principles which prevail in
thc North, and ti' which thc Republican
party is full? cou.milted. Kol" more thar?
two hundred years thc. siuveholding aris
lo'Tscv ol' thc South originated UH policy

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