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The Charleston advocate. [volume] (Charleston, S.C.) 1867-1868, June 01, 1867, Image 4

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?iuniUi Nivele
Tho MoUier\s l.nsi toft.
Vii Till \ Al l i i I A SINOl I 1 I S' N1
I h i i iv veins ago lia-il UMS- Kvcit to eif
fel Oto o i i \ ol' London, ii'd li bout lodi'
.t?S'll Will's i'l Ugo. tb' Wils di. ss, ,l iii :.
dark frock, which 1ml bis mulei- iippji'rcUij
add which appeared to bas.' beer. |iuK|ti
/or ii perso.U ev id ci? h talki ihiiii ti.?. :
wearer. Iiis boots weio covered vyi/di
dust froili lld' high lead. lb' lui 1 >.:. ?ll
,old had .villi n buick bali b v. li Ult coil
ti'aistod .strangolv \\ilh tl; ?.? lili . l?a'j
covering ol bis I'oa i. A stiial! IHIIKIIO, '
fastened b.- tl.. ? mi .'l'a stick; and iiiior.v il .
over the sh-.mU.lei,' was lia' vv'tioly .: bis'
ciphpiticiit. As lie appi hj I b . M in
sion House, lu pulisod to 1 '.I a! t'
.building, ami sOaieil hil?iselfoieihi','if; j ,
.of one of tho doors', lie wa- abbat to ?
rest awhile ; but the coming in au i ?a.dog ,
Old of bali' n dbzeii j er-ou-, b, -f, Ito ha ;
.time to tl nish untying bi ; I lin i!e, mn 1
him leave tb'1*, spot .' r the liest open
space, vv her<- tho dOi'V'" boro in pun
Having taken from lin bundle a large' !
.quantilv of bread ami cheese, w h iel i !.
scouted to cit with a ravenous a phi t itv,
he annis.'I hiuiself b\ ibokijig ..' Hu
bui?ilinb before liihi, with nil the
curiosity of one iitiaceustom to ?..
similar objets.
The uppear.or c of the VeSuth spn;? ab
tracted my curiosity, and lieut )\ . [ici kg i
the door, I Ktbbii be Iii nd iiim-willii it his j
being the least conscious of i ly 'pre-, nciji
He now began iiiihniagiiu: his pocket .
and at\er a deal of trouble brought oiiji ab
roll of paper, which lie opened. After! ,
satisfying himself thai a birgt loppct
coin was safe, he put it back : g nu. say
itig to hiniscll. in a low voU'o. " M il
er, 1 will remember ybtir hist Woi tls oj
.'A penny saved is twopeiieo eattn-.b' I:
filial 1 go hard with me 'be h itv ! int SN it 1 ?
yon, Old friend." ?
l'leased with his remark, I ?n u.iv .
touched the lad on the shoulder. 1!
started anil was tibold to ::i"\ away;
when 1 sai,i : -
.?My good lad. you .iceni lire.:, aub/'
likewise a -t ranger in the cit;.
d V?*s. sir," he an- w< red. puttie !.b
blind to his hat. lb. wa- a pibl ?dio'.d bil ?
move forward , (
"Von need nc.? I (?fr ry away, my boy.'' ,
} observed. " {inned, if yob are a rilli-j ]
?er. ami willing !.> work* I Culi. |icrl??ipjb i
help to timi '.vim', you ie.piiro,"
The boy stood mule .i'll astolii li
ment ; and coloring to -rn !, rn extent **> t
to show all the freckle-; of a sutlbttiili
face, stitininei'ed f?id : -
"Yes. sir."
" I wish to know." I added, with alli'
the kindness of manner 1 cou lil assidue,
." whether you tuc iinxiogi-i * ? fuwl work,
for I am in want of.ft yo :'.!i i i assist toy
The poor boy i'wisteil Iiis ' undi.'ubopi, j
j).nd after having duly i lr. e ! his ba'..di
to his berni, niaimged '... :. : a>vk:
ward kind of iii; :.'...v.-er. thiil !. '-dd
be very thankful.
I theniinned not a v...rd abott! v.Iud I
find overheard willi regari' to ilie j enny..
but inviting him Into' tie.? lc .uso. I sent
for the couchman, lo whose care I en
trusted t he new ? . iin?r,
Nearly a inbuilt bad passsed fitter this
picoting and ?oiivcf fi ion occurred, wbon
I resolved to t'mike Soine implincs of the
coachman rogiirdtuji tin- conduct of thc
" A better boy nov if . ame iou. the
house, sir ; and as for wasting ?itiytltinpri
bless, me. sir, i know li >t where be ba
been brough; up. but 1 really liilioVe he
would consider it a sin if he iii i not nive
thc crumbs of bread io thc poor birds
every tm ?ruing."
" 1 am glad ibjheid1 so go*v.i .'iii ?iib
'-nint." I replied.
l> Ami as ibr his giaid iiiitiirc, sir; lih'rc
is not a servant muong us ;!..', ...|,'t
ppeak well of ilos?plb !!>? rc..'- !.. us
while we sup, and In- writes al! oui' loi
tori >rns. Oh, sir. he has L'I" t inore
learning limn all of us put together; and
what's more, he closon't ihind work, and
never talks about our secrets after !..
writes our letter-."
? t/d'-rndned to s,-,. .J,.., ph myself. |
mpK'c^.'d the .'..laefruan to -end i,i;?? (..
the parlor.
"1 uriderMtaml, ?losvpli. that yoii ('jifi
read foul write."
4' Yes. sir. th: r!,-. i ? r v noor. dear
" You liave Itftely lost vottr liiotlicr,
"A month Hud verydsi.v when y on wein
kind em.nub lei lalo ide into your house,
an unpioteeted orphan," aiiswired Jo?
'. Where did you go ?ch ipi?"
b S'.c. my mot hm' luis been ? vvidovv,
over inn?e 1 cit ii KM lie I il lie i-. She wits n
daughterof the \illitgoschool itiatder, and
iiaViug id maintain lite ?iisdi herself willi
lier needle, she took tho oppoiiuuit v ol
hoi ?id ure lie rn- nts to teach nie not on
ly IO ?cad an.! wi ito, hut to Casi tip a?'
" Ai..; d.i.i .-?,0 give Voii i'll.* peuhVi
w'liieii was iii tin- p.-, rv that 1 -aw you
unroll so carefully at the door *"
Jose'""- ?.tiK.il annuel, lait at length j
replied vdu emotion; and ti lear sit ii rt ey!
idhi iii- eye
.? Ves, fiif, it y as the very lay' pcniPt
she gmo tue." j
?. NV ell. Joseph. So Satisfied tint I willi
5'ouil ?Hiti?liOt, l!?:.t not oi|j\ do 1 pavy.ur
a inouth'sAvngos willingly ?Ur t.lte tilde
you hilve beeil !"-r.\ I ut I must beg (d'
yob to fi:UKI the du:!- -..f.. .':'-. ?! by. ele; I,
|d ?dir dhiib whieli situaii 'ii V;, . v<....,uni?;
viie?n' by tin death id' a very old and
tV.d'dV.l assistant."
Joseph thanked inc tu the aied ituu's
Hftin'tjig inaiii.er. au ? i wie* asked h? Hike1
eave bi" his fil?n sinee 1 hud piend-ed
to proyk.'e him wiri; suitable ekdlihip h r
his new oeetipa'.i' u.
1: w ill !.-' num-.-.,- -a:;, lo reina h .v..
step by sie ii; titi : j's-uv I i ; . .? ? ? ' (J '
Will '1 -' i" .!.;']. ! .. !' ir.Vi- If .Iii!.; ! . ' .
iiiole!Unjin ile !ibs'>l?itels .v ..: i. > \ <. .i to
i pehdy:? A'. '.emili: ho hr. i .nw .1 a -?::.
iieiiv.it hthiiof iliijiiey?io lie il. p..-ile I in
i'ne bun!-..
I' -o happened t?iat bib: .-I bu|! eliji l
?;:. bum r-. who curried On a > nmv- du] ?
(?ii'siiii'ss. re.?".iri-.1 an aeiivlu paitm-r.
i'liivs pi.'rsoV) wa-- i'd' . li;.''!;-, and
.?o'bsidviabiy advrm- d iii ; . Scrit
[Mili.us!v iu-d . be I. .''-i' I '.>? re'rv pe?d'.y.
ind Hiviirittb'y lUsj?lthi'gikl lbs ivorkiheh
d' the.\ wei-..- hoi i .'miall y . ?,'vuphli ms iii
A wai if tin i di ii! :' '? . .
here wu-i nd per-m 1 . . :;l'i ileoimnehil
nit Joseph : au : niter oVorco:i;?:<;' ?he
.eptlgiititiei; of my part mu. wt: w.e, uu':
.villing to be deprived ot's.. Vi luilbl': ?di
; .sislant. Jose jib wits duly re.??iv?.j i billi
die linn > l" Uieh'in! Ifiiii'di libers A: (.'o,
I'l-osperdy :!tb".i.b .'. .!.- ..ph ;;. \W < nw
.inderi ak i ut:. and ticvcr sitd?T|be ?i p. ti
ne's diiferenhe to appear in his tri i h sito .
iou... ho .-?> completely won t e eotili
s.'iie,. of his senior par: m r. th-Vt he left
nm the whole of his b-nsiu .s.-.. ?is he e\
>re?-.e't it in his willi " c.. li to ilie v : ry
u?.t penny."~ (7?W.W-./M /A'j/i'i/i \
:i:-:is,r IPXJC^ "V xvi: JB WT ,
wm mimi t??timw fM
jj oller- i!,e lt:
I Hr. lb.-.- ? i i.t hs r i; .vt i'b N vu i:Ad. Jil iVdsyi
i'm: iirisfi Wotli; <?? mi 1 ''?' > s i'd: AMiu.vi -
l'ut". Iths r \Vot;u ON' l?t l'A i: M Asp i ! v |;bt!?i
I i?f His: i l'AMtl.Vdll.i. l.iet !h"iK. eten ? |i:
Ail-!:-.-'. K. d.Vif !'CI;Ki-., t ddidtin
A-ci?. Auburn. N. V.
nu: l'.MiA n:.\h!j;. run.\ni:i.
iMiiA SA\ > fyi1
" 'I'lm mum r-m- a ! ni:Marton Har
land'- biM>!<s w ill be pleased to leiiriibf tVits
new work fr* un lieH elidste and j/hicd ili'.'ib
li eijiiais . M 3 rid in ' ".a tnie: au 1 iielhi?';ul*>ii t
character, und Hie plot cf !tn. stm-y b tuite!,
more perfect."
PUK H 'tj 7c.
/d<>N"S Hld iii".. HIN'. il'. A .'db .
A now HeC :.' (iyhiji iiiid tam- Hiiol? cm
ia,iiiialt lii'arlv ctl'i iici'ims and .'finies, pt in
!. ail ,.\ \\ lu ::, ? >. \\ v, Knapp.
Nen:,': n. H"'my. H.;:b 11 iit'tlinotnl ami
"du r Hi anii'el??I * ia iheir ie'ViVijl niceihii;si
lt i-- one of I bc Lest !.Us ever pii!i?i.sh? d
for sieh sei vices as wi ?ia- |V?r Snailav
^.im.ns and Social Me,-: inys. Hrii-?-;'
t'ai' i- i'..\. ;s. ;(n i'cplsi ?'.'?.'j? pei'
lm/eii. s..?", jier I"'?, jipin I
?.'over-, .'!.*. cen: -. s I per !>??/?
en. !?;fU per b'.?. i !>.:li
Kiiibivs'. I. i lib. .V.?
cent-:. *n per
I ><./< ll. IO
pe, 1 O.
M idle I al Hie It?t?tl I'll?.'? . < o'nipi?ed bv
i.ttniiee Wat? rs. Author ot s. bri t./
Nbo, I ami -'. . < ??o:.\: MAI::.'' --hw
M Ito. o. Hill ." "A 1111 s. i : " M Cpl i i . : n c.
?.? tikis I IVS M kl ui'i -1." A .
Ju-' issued liv ?. M. i'l.'l. MA ?NH.
Aptin.:? No. . <) lirofulwhy, N. V.
A M OS'I' IXTi.HH- l!\*. I AMil.V AN I.
> ' ' \ ! >.\ V -S< ! 1< ?< ?1. b< a >K.
v Al KW ?('A .N ( < l.N I'HK i :
Mu-. M A KV S. lb ?b! Nx ?N.
IV;.'" T.". e?llts.
Wek'-e).Iifiliiitlly "ti band Sumlay-Schoo
ami iii. ..bern a! ?oMik frblit all (li? Publish
Sd.-V. t'A lik I''.?'.< \?. ". > r ito.'. ?.
? yr.lrs -.ve.-AC.vim t v u ..<.. ,..>. . i-m e i.\
? \. 11 .i. t i i i iii i iiotvo ????. ii, -?> i ? i?i' nu ? i; :? nt li
'i -tili-".ni.'.:i>:i!<i alterativo pubei tts
In alloid :iu eilt ctllill a ni ?tl-0 l'?>r di-< :nr
v.il ip.U?II.1!-. li'JMilili ll? t il'". Suiii li IO
med? i- Minii waulci! by ili?se v\ Im siltier
Iybiii Shuiiiniis complaints, ?uiil ih:il onO
Vi I it. h \v ill a. vi no ph - I' 11" ii ? ii IO in tl st p? >>v >..
;.- tlii- has. ti?' ?nial, II se ?yi'V?- 0 lo ! !.ds large
.i;!-- DUI .lilli Cl Oil lo|lt>\\ eiii/i'iis. How
e iliiploti ll (Iii- i "inpound y\ i!? 1<> i: hil s boen
provoii lo experiment ?ii inti i ly iii* i lio worsi
ene- t<. lie tell I ld in t lie lt il pl Vi ht > > i .! ll | >l :i i lil - :
S?i'?.'l"ultl. SeioflllptlS s.Vv?llhiiii niel .SOlCS,
Skhi 1 MsOnST'.S; Pimple?. I'l?iilios, |t| lehes.
lli Upli ?hs. SI Amhonv's j-'iro, Huso Or Iii \ -
-pei.,-. K-itOror Stilt Uheuiu. S'.-.tlvl Hoad,
l?ihgvi ..tin ol ii.
.\... hits '. '< N .>.'ttt* 7i. . ;s'. is expelled (ruin
the sj -tem hy (lie prolonged USO ul' this Sai -
sapaiiliin id ?I ihe palien! i- led in couipar.".
iivo health.
/". : ih /?. xa'Si* ibo . aliped bv Sovofiila in
iboHloOd. : te.l ai. litis etien M.,' n eur. d bv
i:\ra. t v. Sa silt ,i ?da.
Iu> ni?! ii- int dbi1' ?hvaiuablo tiicllloiiic.
1,101'ainti yp? !-. iv- i-...n iiiiposcd upon bv
soincihitig pn n nd;., tu ne Sarsapliii??:
.\ IdiO vt x n.,; V? h n ypti li \e med
A "i i ii's- t!ira? andi noli ?I I i bi-?ii vv iiiyoit lui'?vl
lie vii lie - ? .: s.ti'-eiia i i ; i a. (. di' m : - ?le ii.i)'
l.t'eiovx l; .! i
.id i'"' ?i.
mils ii:\ inAui ?i
i -v
i C?A i I .".ll Si mi;;. ,;. | |,;i hil lc-,
I'itv?. I,i:? i,.dal. ? nc 11 tiiyi ? M 11 ii ; i i . . : - .i li'ijmi
I ?ber. 1er. .| mich. I'ld: . pf MurMd pen
.i Ol' Uv ' .' ? fpatVtio .pl . I.,-- ,.| A,,.
. ! il 'i t . lllplli'ult . I ' I . 11 . I . Wee. un.
'.-.il!'. \. m d I', i Diuuer Pid
I ? ' rm .-.'> '.. -o ihm the inosi
...mri pleasantly. and thov
. e,,; I ie fi \i i '?? . t in ?he world I'm- all Hie
i . i M ? id a lairaly phi 'sie.
i 'i i'pai'i'd bv ,1 i . Av ri: ,v i
>l.n?-. .md . titi IA all hrmr:ni?
LOO be
Boeill, and Floral Guidii
FOR Itt V,".
n i.uivv jnibinlo.-ih il oonfgiiiis nearly ?I.HI
r'/nme Fh?rXfrs .i/.;/ I '< ./< [at ;i .v. anita
iWavti/\ti (.'. rm, it l'fiat; .-. l*Uih>,
I'm li-.ntl-piece. Als., .lese! i; iimis ul' the
1'iM-i I" i < f \ i i : - ,\ sn Nt '.?.i \ i \ . - ?i'dvv?i.
IV lilt lilli :: nd i ia I n ?IS? Cot iou? fui' cid! uri'.
d lcd. Addie-.
.1 AMI.s \'|VK, Ul - li i . N ti
i > l v ii;'.itv WAUii Ul.Ifllli: will rurai-i
i >. iir.tj it ii: toxnui : i i?>: ? m HU) ?.v.liiuiils ,.<
lill', siivrnooisT?
Fortuiuhd;, X^eAoas u>t(\ ..Aro/ior
linnrn V-.//.-.S-."
i cpoi h d i xplo-sly i lim M I .i'IH ?! ?l> T.
revi<vli bi- Mm lin < ii rn. ami proteolotl by
Arraii.i:('mc'.t> ..
series ..t \alaalil-'
beini" made tor a
viOXS '>.\ liiiiiieui jni?
.!'... iitui ((ilil'iCiiii eii
I'ntMv: ftl.c'i li i: vi vi:. jiayaUle i
ijiiihal I'lfiiii un- Ur L'b.i)iitl?fi.t?>ijs ? if a
|.-.vvid tuth.-.c ti.rmii.;/ eiuiis of o;l'.-'.1i'.iht;r
Addi-.--. lin: MI; iiioDi-T.
N'u. ll t v..^:,., s,,-, cl. ;>'. V
i hi- i- tin- oldest Methodist new-paper ?a
wbi'ivh it ts pidiishc.l liy ti;.- UosrON WI
i rv IN AssdoiAi'loNi eompd-soti ol'twenty
nieinl't-r-utilu- .\ Otlibdist 1 -ipi-copa! ( iuireh.
and i- the reoogni/i tl urirae. t ! our elm roll i i
N'.-.v I'.i.alamh i'h?- A--i.c:.,i:?.-n lindert a ky
'.Ile l i-!< am! e n c hi' pubiieiitioii i ?.!.. ly for th?
belo iii of (he M-:hedi .! i"!.. r- li aiiti lin- eau -0
el CilV'.:-!. Wid)"",! IC. C '. V i.i^ illly lie n?' |V
idlier >b :'.i..?.!:'! papois.tlu; /A r-.i.'-Mtas never
ret'Oiv ed any support li uni tin- I h mi? ( 'Otieerui
nidi-, iliereiole, entirely dependent unit:
. wa p?iir?naji -. ?i', alit-r pavia:; lite m-.-c.*
-arv espouses pf pnMi iiine-. any profit,,
acerbo, i boy! are ?'iiivl ibiliii Ne,v> Hiigiaiid,
Maiiilli Noy.' Ilamp-hirc. ihiri'iiioiii'O. Ver
ne iit. :'..:?: HaM Maine <'oi.liivnees.
1. hie III i: vi.i> A sn. 1"' i; NA I 1- published
wOeldv.ai ?s.'.r.o i.ev voa'r ttti'-triithti iu od
.J. All ii-avcllimr I'rcachc; i. ni thc- -tlotho
di-t I'.p'n-"p.*l ('tiuioli aroi|u(horded A^ ait?.
lu wlibiii payment may !.. math-.
,'{. Al! coinnuinicaliun- do.-i<ill?(l fol' ptlb
lieatibii rhoiild he ?ddresR?ii t" tl:o fatiior,
and l"tters on binim-ss should !?.. nddrOSsed
tr. thc A'lttit.
H. All biographies, accounts Of revivals,
.iud other mailors involving niel's, mini bo
aoomiipaidod willi the uiihiesblt lie wiltoiSi
V? '' W e '''.i"1' a;;eii!s t" he ??aiti.-ular lo
Wilie tlii* name-"f stibseiihcis in full, and
the aiune bf ibo ?*?sl < dbe !.? which papers
?it'ij lu .-"-nt. iii Stiel) in fi IU I er that there ran
br. no mif minor standing'
i r l S i'-?H'Sj li A I.S A.M OF WIM?
( ll ll,'I? Y lin boon ns. .j Iv.i
II aili I lull'a Century' willi ? lie mus?
asfOniahi ? fhieees!" in culing.
( 'ouujis, (..'oki?, 1 lo?rsenos?, ?Soi e Thront,
Influenza. Whooping Cough, Croup, Liv
er Complaint, Bronchitis, DiHictdty of
1 h cathi;.-. Asthma, and eui y iil?e?tioii Of
Tho Thront i Lungs ami Chest.
t ONSIMFI toy.
M ilich earlies otliiiorc victim-, than ail* Other
disease, im.I wjilcli bailies ilia skill Of th.-,
liosieiau lo a reiilm extent than any other
unihnl\. mien.
1 I Kl .US TO Tl I IS PK.Si Kl) Y :
when ail others prove luelleeliuil,
li.VPID IN i:i:iii:i*. S??TlllNi* IN IT
FK'i r. SAFK IN li's OPF.it AT ION,
/ / l? i ysi iiiM s-scp :
\ while a- i preparation, free from noxious
j innI'l-tlisiiis. poison . or tnhc'T.i ls ; uniting '
.i l l. science and uicilical knowledge: cbhi-i
liilit?fV htt thal li ViiliiahlO lu thc v<-;;ctal?lc
lotijjiloiii '-'a tine ela-.-, ol* diseases, ii is
ixi '< >Mu A JU. i: :
ami is entitled, nui its ami re?oives the Rim
erai < oiiildeiicO ot' thc pnhlie.
SK S M1 Md; ill Ai'( ilKl?. M . I'..
ot* H?rnum. N. Y.. writes fis; follows-,?A
'"AV i Sr.\ fps llvi.-VM ol uni? Ci pl*, hf: Y j
: 'jive-ur.ivi-m.il-:.::-!.o tem. ll seOhis tbcliro j
M Cough hy loosening ami eh'?iishig tim
Um ;-. : 11 vi I alhiOuig ir' 'tali.m. tims reinovin"; i
th- oin -c iii stein) ' ; d tying up inc coo", li ami i
1- living tim piase hehiml. 1 Oohsidet' ihc
iialstiiii us good a? any. if not tho best; ? "ongh
! iueiiii Iii ? with Which I am acquaint" "
O ? -, s- <>1 i< . i t < .( 1 Ti 's t i 111< >i i y.
li-rn ! : i.v. li:.\\< i ? I omah t . Ihfster oftite
?joiitli ( obgregaiiotijil ' hm.-h. Miiijgopbli.
! l'mm
is.:, m, i roi:;. ,):.ti. I. ISO I.
(ieiith tnei: :--| ebn-?der lt a Uitty which 1
nivO :.> ?idliii'iiig hlubaiuly lo In ar tustihioiiy
j to the i utiles bf |)n, WiS'iAh's ?Al. -.iM Ol'
Uni? ?in inty 1 haw used it- w hen I iiitye
m . a-i' n !'".. iiti* r.-ni-.-dy fer l'bliglis; Colds, j
ilii K> . .. Throat - I'"!' many year?, and nev er,
in a ::i?!am-e. ha- it fulled io nimv
ami' i i'- ide. I have frOipiei.tily beeuv? iy
, hour.-i Suttlriltiy. ami looked fOrwjud lo
? ile- ilpjii fi ybj'1W li diinbiis on the follow in ??
I ..lily willi sad?ii?js'giviiigt hui by a liberal ilse
win, h wi-a c pi cidi.-ir!y oXpiiSc'd
P .:';:.> ly uiisotieheil. 1 ->-i i y<>u this tc-ti
moic.?-.!. win ? ybti tir? at liberty; to iw In .
a'tiy v\ a\ you ?i,liob;se? Perhaps tho Ila1.-,un j
dbes nih ?fh i til?;|ier?sOn.?? alike* but it alw tiys
nm.o,-- my lOitiseness.-and Iiis ino tor t lie
iiilliister's liai I working day--the Sabbiiil . !
Verv trull tours FitAScts I omn i i. i
h'i t rt h i n* 1 'h is-?l ici t Oil Tesl i
r.vi?il i.o, M).. April Isf.i.
Mc? -i. M. ni V. F< ?w M A ( < i.
i ?eui h.-m?ii :- .cciim' liiiliicrous cert moates
in tliii M..dm lu uer ? mint-mg the merit- of
j i ibu Creal I .ti jj lieincdy. ?VISTAIFS P.AI.
s.\ M i ?I v\ 111? Ol I lilt lt Y. I mu imiueed,
add I iiiko gf'?i jd* af-hr? in '.diing ptibliOiiy
lp j ho great ?iel' li a.-i-<>mpli-h.-iI in my f.iiui-.
ly iii y<iir ISM I Miring d|?j .siti|iiiier of illili
year my - nlb-nry A. An-h.-r. dow I'-.-t
nn.-t.r.it Tad-ld. Soiiierscl <'.ninty. Mc. ;
., ( ai'.ackcdi ' lt 11 -pitting <>l blood, eotiglb I
Wi tl.i.c-s ol n.""' g'-ncral debility. SO '
mm ii sb thai ur faiimi p^V*'1?^?'1' <h*lared
lem :.? jiaVe Si-:ATr.n i ONSIM.".'\?'
lb- was imo-nm ni. ;.i Im.-nt fora mini-'I
her of iiioiitlishiii reeeived nb bciielii from j
'i:. At leligtl frolii the solicitai ion ol him-1
-.if and oili-s. I was iiuhici'd lb purchase I
One hot i le < WIS'I'AIPS ?1ALS.\M OF
Wi LI) Olii-l?) . vvhicii I" m-li; <-. I him so j
iu.l?i ii thal l'l:.tm 'l an ..th.-i- b..iilr. which !
lil . dibii ?in .'c.-1 mid lilia lo his usual stale!
j of healt!). I tl?ll ! uni .a.' .ly rt,.oi,unend !
; - i-.'; r?hiedy '.?>ih.-r; hi lil,.mi?|iioli, foi? it j
.-. 1 ilihiki all parpm-ts io h.- - fill-: bul?AT
Lt ? li i vu:<v< n: ; in. mitiS !
il...' at ove ::. tem, nt, getillOlneii, is my j
vbliiti'ary otbng t?> you in favo.-of yoi)i
ll-.tb.am, and i I your di.spo.silL
s ..vcr. you:-.':, |
Axion.w l in MI K.
I'll WK <>Ml>OLL42tA Ti OT TL K
iu e vitim HY
k? itMOX'T SlitKIlT, PO?TOX,
\st> v(,u . \-: i-.v ALI I>J:'-(;I",ISTV
A1 ^ K IO I i ? W I N G MA( i 11N KS.
1*1*100 : Win linisn, $?.>;*) and 850 j
willi exi-iyS-lijto'$100. The only lirsi
ehi-ss liceiis liml warranted machine t-old
less than .-s? Ui'ui.
.Killi ?. OLA FF, AOKNT,
1( lil MONT, bos i, is,
Iii), ral t ii to denier'.
?i."i" Thft)'/ Anioghi" KUibroldor.S' done I
t>*i onlcr. I
Tile 15 th Tlious
a nd
Ono Volumo. Prico $2.
ckliLANK?US BO? ?K'S.
.si' i.'?!1 KKOOMI-: sr. NEW YoitK,
n l ' / '. i'd t; i 7.' \ / /. . .i l{ TIS i '.
I Vol. (Orno, Prico $2.
Road What tho Press Says:
?.Ht.- ivas inore i ii a ti a painter, for bc was
i render of human nature ; nm! he si tulloh
lie character of thc distinguished subject of
ifs tiri mini ho became ihoi'bughiy heqiiiiint
.tl with it.-- w'uto is t r.i; (J A/.I: I i T..
" lt presents th?' groin mau al home; III thc
V'-'-.imn of unrest rained intereohrso : and ho
?buk iliat lias hoon pnblishcyi ii bout him will
five posterity SO aeCuralO an ?doa of him ?is
Iii-." -ll vhi roan hu lissi
"Kike ii modern Hoswi ll, Mr. Carpenter
iislies lip hi< hi-ro. phi tn and with all kimls
if sauces, we have lum alono. Idle, and hu
y. in his Cab! liol, peaceable a nd ?intiigonis
IO, as judge, solider, law vor. rail-splitter,
rilic bf Forrest and Rooth, actor himself,
.??.??y fat li,'1', the imminent imsbimd, iliosto
lu far,', what tho book doo?
nt jis'l'j of Mr im'oomij - P*'<?l>ftbly not worth
..hm told. ..-,\ i xv fony TP!si-,V.KS8*
LA Itf.
A.g?^ii?s Waul ed
Ti l ID J io w i?
UV;-, a tea nial //? ft iahest premium al tho
1 M'0);((r.s /'d'/- ('/( I.'>),<! ot, <md six first
j premiums nt tin X. V. .State Fair of \H.
GO; o)id
Are celebrated for del; g thu best work, us
ing ainnoli -i na i ?cr needle lor' tin - si mic thread
I Ha ii any other machine, and by tin- introduc
tion of the most approved machinery, we are
non-aide lo supply tho very host machines
j in Hie world. These machines arc made at
: our nen ami spacious Factory at Bridgeport,
! (.'omi., under tin- Immediate supervision til'
?thc I'rosidoiil ot' ihe Company. ELIAS
j I IO NV ll, .Ii:., t lie original in ventor of the So w
! iug Machine. They an adapted to ali kinds
jof Family Sewing. Army Clothing", and to tho
use of Seamstresses-, Dress Makers, Tailors,
j Manufacturer- of Shirt-. Collars, Skirt.-?,
j ( leak-. Mantillas, clot hing, liais. ( aps. Cor
sets, Hoots. Shoes; Harness, Saddles. Linen
Clbbds. I'lulu ellas, l'arasols, etd They work
I oipoilly Well upon -ilk. linen, woolen and
j colton goods wit li -ilk. cotton or linen thr< ad.
i Thcv will seam, quilt', gather, hem, loll.
: cmd. braid, hind, and pi riorm every species
of Sew ing, making a beautiful and perfect
sllleli. alike mi lilith sides of thc articles sew
, ii,,- stitidt ihvotiied l?.\ Mr. IIowi:. niui
i made on this Machine; is the ihn??! popular
j timi diiraliie; 'find ail Snrimj Machines ur< sub
I ica to the iirVncitilc inventt ?i l>>j him.
SEND rou <?I:<?T.AK.
The //oicc Machine Company,
Gail RUOAUWAY. Coin Kot'ltTII Sr., N'. V,
CLERGYMEN aro furnished
Hie Illustrated Phrenological
devoted to ijthnology, IMiysiology, Phren
ology, liiys'togiiomy. l'hsychology, cte.-at
i luh rate-. S1.?? a year-Single No.\s SOotso
I'd others, $2ii year* I'reniiiims, ot Molo?
dcons, Pianos, Sewing Machines and Hooks
are given hy
S. R- WELLS, Publiahor,
380 Broadway, N. Y
s hrhnfiil < I delight tn. ?"V ?T' "^??^??i
ilVeiliie renders i sjqries, faiin. ' , ^,oV|.,o
chases, enigmas, ami exquisite WOOii . *
.iims. ll is beyond comparison tho boslj??
enile magazine mer published.-- lie Halo
?'.X pres-.
livery boy and girl in America should htiv?
i. ii'.?Ms : Two dollars a year ; Single o;
.pOOinicn Xumher. gi c.-ms.
s culled from tho rich and vvid? |??ld ot oar?
int foreign lin rature. From lim immense
Ibrelibusf bf English anil Contir.oiital magu
illos and papers lhere have been taken thc
hoicest short stories, thrilling adventures,
s-qui-ilc p.s historical sketches, seiend
c articles', racy essays in biography and
iticism. Tho -elections aro all maila wit
ic object of mooting tin' tastes of American
.adel's.- I'hila inquirer,
ii.uMs: .--ingle Niuiiher. 10 rent*; ?5
ICKNOR d'. FIELDS, Publishors,

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