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The Charleston advocate. [volume] (Charleston, S.C.) 1867-1868, September 26, 1868, Image 1

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VOL. 2. NO. II.
\s YO would t li.il men sh<ul<| <lo milo you do yt; uvcii so to them.*'
CHAH i J 10 H TON. S. C., SATU H DA V, O OTOH KU 1 0, i,S<iS.
wuor,K NO:m
A Ki;i.l(,JlOtT.-s AM? i r; i ::\i;> \?. \ -i .\rnt.
rf'Hi Isum . w Kv'.'ui > us
o y v j r i>, , . 4 00 M li r. T I N ii * I il I. i: I ;
.Oin i\oiit Norlli vi I Illili m
*,?. All l lall i ! fr, .l-l., r? "I iii" M ? < lr. .. i .
Mti.'tlivi tijivolli .: ?;. I ...!.! inc oilv : *.?*?..?I
Av -..ul.-.
V n t. nn ?! j-iilid iij>il,?n firi-'. i.ito ..( tl., jin
U.-lii,r. -<v hil I'll!.
. iii: (tiyirril uri HKKOVKD SU:;:?: '
r.-.i"i.i <* \ x \ ! i. ;
nv cn \I:I ??,M i?, i i
Wileri lai:.lr.- Wltll tl.i >.o. ;i l;,\ IHM:
Au l Moria ?UKI tenipcsl roitit.l ns l"
\\ liri? i-.iu-ti nu i "a l, mill ?lai'V tV 'l< ep
' ll,' U-'M l!i Iii:- itl'tllVO'l .-I' . i i"
Winn look I ?ff kickwaiM o'oif ilie ?>?vti
i >n j"> > Ulai vv<TO i"" sweet i" la-i,
'l'hoir inonu n y i" "ur .-"iii- wo k?'op;
" Mo (ovi'tll !n - l i'l"Vivl Oi rp."
Wt,, ii iflivcr-ci'ownrii wo walcli anil willi
Tho "ponlnc of tho myt-llo piiti",
i mr labor iioii?, no Inoro n> roii|i,
" liv glv?* Hi Iii- '" l"\oi -K o? i,"
Aii*l tim-, nh through tin' ftcctlng vont j
? 1? -lill Ililli', ?lal kia- -. jiiv, lt ht I l> ?:?!--.
Wo tru-l tin- -i o|Un'nl "? Hi" -tavp.
" lio itiv?ili lil-. !'0|. \,-.i I. o|.."
rovie or rm: COLOUED PKQ-\'
}'i.E run Tar M. r. viivnvif. I
Mil. Ki MTVM? : -\N " wore Ividy -"i vy tn lio
tioo. hy your paper, j Ito >? minn ut Ol un
Oxtviiei taken Inuit Hie '.'.>...-e../.'....,./.;, i
eohdohnditg tho policy of (ito M. K, ? inn. li
itoe.'Uiso sii? i- guihoriiitjf nur \.i hoi lir?itoii j
\ people liitd lier fold. Jt o truly sad id ?ere.
that lhere aro nun living aihoiigd ?ISAVII?
ure .--o blind io tho real want- Ot' tit.loved
j ....pl" a- tin-w ritor -""in-ti. V". Wi'ltojje
that th"-e w ho aro really tfyi/hy st un thin.
hetu lit it-, sill adi think that such nl^rate-j
Tal 1 ii.LTiii.e" is tho sentiment of ont'whole
l-l'"' '
W " heartily disclaim n?yfiU?lllligrfttltUdiin
now aa.l forever! The M. E. Church ls (h< ' 1
Church that, just suits tho want-nf our people
under freedom, and we ask her not to'- h'i j 1
us alone" until tho world i- converted loGod.
"Wo see in Hie M. K. Church a bright slur of
hope rising over our people ; and to her w. ; '
uro. looking for that hand ol' help whirl! she |
alone catt give US. With her in-titutien- ol'
learning opened to tis, nial lier Kro^iliiiOdi's
Aid Society sending us teachers; uiul, bed
of all, whit tbul w ith it-', h. r success i?; cer
tain : and. besides, hov ilootrhni of equal
rights in Church and Mate -ni;- till llii1 lov- ?
ors of rcpuhliean liberty the world over. *
lier Wealth, so liberally lt sod to hud i ?;?. (ho i 1
waste places of Zion, and her living miai.-tty . 1
shedding its light on nil the wei!.I, i
oven her enemies to love her.
lt is too well known io h" doubted, tittil ?
our people h j? VC :i natura! love for the M. IC. ! '
Chitreh : mal they w ill rally to her w in v.-vor , '
lier banner ls planted. Thc' t!u?.i--;:.d- wlidj '
have cbtne to her rdrendy. with tho multi-1 '
Unie1 poinii?j.; yearly, will provo! thc truth .a '
this assertion! . Aft i. -a' . .ut no lhere hle-p
vate herself in this or abe other i'niintry. j
without thc aid and presen.f ih(??e who ;
have piety. learning, and wealth, tltiiii ad
stream can ri-e obove Its fountain,
bot tlc M. 10. Church sustain lui Tliijo
logioal Institution- in l)to South, fiiiil -M.dj
out qiltditled nen lo preach to the pefiph .j
and let lier Frc. dm--n's Aid Society liotdlliuO
to ?"nd tea?.hers, ai d in a -hort Ihne African '
ideas will ?di inch away h?foY? thc gi-lihll j
rays of Ule' -iminiet 's -un ' ?.et \\4 ttl'itie !" I
W hy. the ver, though! i- j'.vp'>.(>.!-. |
Mu ? we he ? fi. (o -ink spiiitu.illy jilb r t!:i !
nation ha.! spent millions of i rendu e am' '
rivers Ol' blood .?. elevate u- (Willilt idly? ??eu
forbid ! NS'hy, io " lot its alnhe" would ho (o'
leave u- in dink . omi vvotihl forever blot
out our .?::'" of hope. If "in only liopc -u !
elevation was in the hn.som of llie AlVlcf.nl
Church, ?lark would ho our way, foi her day'
bas pusocd away. Our people h ri1'crying
for liglit - d'or the light of Science its well lis j
of Christ iaiiity -, il lld lt is folly t" H|?prOiteh j
(h. ut without those. They iuiist be pol ttl ed
to the ba tub of (?od, timi It must bc il o lie hy
those whom God -ind.-, let them he bl tick,
white, or red. WY love all who conto in iho j
nanto of Jesus; ami none need ho afraid io j
come (o our people, If (he M. IC, Church
" h t us alone," w ho w ill hulhl it.s churches,
and send us (jualiljed preacher*? "Africa''
eatitiot ho- " Ihied np hy her own children.'''
she must he taken up hy sonic power from
without. Slijrj has already (teen h fl [(id hoi.
:o her ow n resource?!. Tho M. r. ( lunch ;
(lo'uig a "real work in th" South, and our j
eye* tire I urned io her for lielju sh-, cannot
" let us aloin " just now. II. r work \'. ill liol ]
he done until Um niilleuhihi como, '?ur;
laud will soon he dotted with chmcltt - li 'i!t
hy her liht rality. add om' pulpits mppliod
with men ediK'iitetl in her litstii iithilis - nu n. '
I liopc, who will pt. ii'!i drst'.s to di tacos
and cohos.
The M. K.ohi.r. h ha-. ? lifbil ii if; iain i oi
ihn ?lilh?ri ti ol' A met? in iliif ?'btt'htry und In ;
lin li ilativo ItUiil. .uni she will . lill UpV inn
litlils ll,.';.' cf l?:i Ml in spite >>( \\\\ If . ? M mi ...,
i\?ih ?.>.?. I... Ii' nn\ i vf our peoplo ?rn! I"',
?i? ti? i'gypl or AlYien, they are M<-e lo do ?0 ; (
Inn We ni'' i>.> mi; f'* bb Americans 1 ?< ?t 11 i II J
1 !. ?ri h ninl Sfa(c. We i?hy w illi limn ?iilkl?. ;
l?i.i bli ? - ni., M K. ninn ii : i., i i- i. ?i :
Illari Join n< In ?>n>;lii?( f ?
I'm !n i .-iii n av.- {.billi I ni.
t'.'v h.*i' Oiii (ii ti) i v iisroiui.
V" In i nui' l'?iri't; .uni Lilt* ?.o -Iv v.
1 .il loll .. l ni i .. -I.nil I'M.!."
\- (ti iii aid :<. NA ? M ii So - >y w io th
h: i ilii . i; ?M lif M. Ki f'iuiri lt': "F.nir.a! n '
blt J if ' i-'hir o?1 '(?. rb; ititi lt.un li I'niw
i ig al'iL'i Itie'i ; t'.i, whither th. a ;;,>. ?; wy'
Will .'. n..ii wliev?? ilir-U i.>.!... t\ tl will
Imlji . iUi, people "-itali br* ur peoplK nn'il ?
(by Ubi! '.nt i..-il." Pili v netallie I nn.il?.,
of MOthbilisbi has marloo nui h- w hol" |
win i,! foi nur ptoish. ami ?'iiltij? inly j ai ! .1
ii alone i< mu ir. iii- programme. (:<oI Lus i
hiilfl. it wc should be lort alone in '.lu ti;::'.''
nf our i;r<lilli -i tn .al. ll' pttll'i's liri" bill itt ib
intr rt_al wants. IhaiiU lied. Wc urn IUMJ
Doctor, stand hy ..ur Ihi&ir JiUitiltflt a- you
lia vc done in tin' pitsi'-educate our young
mon. alni iinl I item oui; timi . -n r lui uro his- ;
lory will ho glorious. Your-, A. ..
ii.VK? K P.OYH \
viri or.N iii.:, S. i'., Se|it, Huh, 1M'C-\ ,
FA MIL )' H'?iiS/ril'
?t I- io ho fi arvd that filthily warship l< ho
ei m.pi; m.,. ti hogti." lot! ; (inti wh i o ii i- kept '
up. i; is elton only a gtihlod p.n fonunip b. '
soute of tho host, ?iar?- omitted. lt lia if bo- \
collie ootoiuoti in immy iiuarieri iolinvi'
" hftiyers" :-t intiht aiul ooeasibuiiliv in lliii i
mbrnliig, but lilt*^ot>ti <>Kl-jfa^HiitneilAv.c>v !.'.; :
i ":i-:-l:ii:r ot pi'.ii.-". reading of tho Scrip- !
lino-, ami player. is much iibglOyi al.
fstlil a gentl?tUiaii ia otiv 1 :? - ivit. a iou
l iv- ugo, .. I was -'i.niplng with a billilly ti j
y ill" a .?. tito loni- Ol M ? i ; . lt wi re l'Cpuicil j
'. Hts;, ami who stood High in tho einholt ..!
xyiiii'li thi v Wore inouibot's. Hill Ih?-y lim) lib ?
iitiiiily NVbrktiipi i ni Hie morning li was tilt I
ian ry io i??iJiiSaU.IASL;?.V?'I
{'O? ;
fttiiiilj Win
-tari out ?m .-Mino l'ollgiouj! m lu
liission. anil gctling bm U hilo, :'
II hetl : aiol h.'iii'" n.i Worship a
Wry ?ilioiy ilia: is i lio.s?rlj?lioii .
?t'lamities in tho church to-day.
?ar. aon iii it a inan sh?.nh! gi. ,
.tree:- and hmo.s bf iii?? oliy, lotliiig v?grthi
md neglobtt'd children their ilnty. iyliil
0 av it i ir his own untaught tutti inii'hrod foi
iVhltlH'hl, iwlbjii a ked lt a oi-i?aini uiitli Uii
1 j?Ooi? tuan, sa! ! : ?. I JO nOi kunu ! m
?ved whit him." ls ii rivht loni!' a ma
V hu
it nu
N i
.nt ii.
.H iii >
not a
i ike i
r....,! who
- th.
IglOUn OtUtUVO "t :
hose ol'i ii s bwh lu cif willie Ott rilli,' foo i-thor< j
uit-iii.'.- Ib'lltrlon in t!.i'heat I. tlieniutho!
lousia tht'ii in tili- . huroh. th i a Iii the otit
.lilo Wortii, i- th'- u in- uri toi* ? ?
If ihfio w a- ti i hialier ?,'OIlS?tlol lit lon. no
liviiie luithoiity ?utori.'hig tViinlh worshlpyii :
.on-ol'mi it m ...r lahilly Inlore.-il sb'ouhi oen
.ii'iiili * 'hriiliaii p:iroii|s to have'lo ir faniiiy I
litar and llb ii' morning -nul . v> icnj fiiiiuili- i
:o- Chtidri
'IO'' -' fl t ei\
li iii throng
i:fvii .-s. hill
Ml the ?(ii
dov suoh i'ttht
hlipr'i - 'MM-. 'h i! abide with
lifo. Tliifj m \. " ter.o ! those
lO?k h'iel; as Inti-,' il- tllO.V live
ith' iod iiroutid tifo f;ititil,v itlbiri
'od a--ocia:ion . rem lin with
lo tn. a:.d many a timi' jtVllCijl "VU iiillueiice.
no eiuryhiji thetii < 'ptjve, th.- uioinoiy of
i - 'i.iii and homo religion will l?0 'in! means nt
li- '.: esohpo and seoufity, Many a youth,
.'Cars atti iu d-. ami lumdrod.i ot milos
Kuli homo, ha- hoon ?tayeti hy ihos..? inoiao
iOs li.on a t ioir-e it'OliiiiC ililli ruin.
.\??.? yoi how' mn. h illili plain duty, pro
.otis privil?ge,and -a'-u.-oy pow'Or i- iie!glc?b
I' Il -<.!i;o lunn- WOltiil gb into maiiv ol
.m i.mi.lie? iliC'Vo ihty? ?md dirac ri bli Mo' ovon
n;.'- ctiibri, tn''."iild m.- much uno i- db
??leit in i h * " < 'obi. Kiiturdny N ?ghi.' I !<?
v?iihl hoar nu "wild Witrhlitii; itolti?V ofjirti^
loo: II ? " phfuiiivb mo tor.-, worthy 6i liio j
lame." llb wbiii'l not .serii i ht ''bighii' lil
lie," nor int vc lin; plon-aire bl listening tb
ho aged lather " pilling a poriiob w itli jittih '
ions care." ll i.i s.nl tb .say a. yt t it '- httl
DO true.
Lot ns liol forgot bin* hbuscholil religl a.
Lttbiidhig on prayer-mcctings or benevolent
ssoclalions, or missionary sooieiio.s. and
lillie other in-?iutloii.-i l hu t. ave hi ojiorti
loiii, nuil ?re HO imporinnt, mn.-t not (uko
he plaOl! ol'worship in I ho family< lt i.s ohl
r'than any of Ihepeii.-'HoC'tations. It i.ssaiie
iiiod hy inonioi'iOH to which Hie hc?t of ali
ohintary religion ? -o'-ioih - . an lay nt>t ialnii
Keatiei',' liiivo yoii n family attar In yoiirj
liitiRo? I?avo you, nibrnhig aiul Ovobhig, 1
iiliiil\V\VOV.*hlp? Have your days (hose, re-:
(gioii? ?iet?htiiing?? llave ih '. (tie.sti ru)lg* j
:iiis blldirigi>| lt'tu.:, 1er ii bo yt.ar eai lio.st. ?
aro I ? t ri? t au altar .md havi a church hi l
..nv hbtisci llav.' your llet?iol at your lire
itlc. I ?o not ispoii dod'- hit .-.-in u1" ?hilo
Oil nCJiU'Ol ( "uni"s ordinance-,
lt Viii I V '.OVO- il.-! ll ! Olli h
ii?C/?.???l) W k'.1 !'/. t?.
cbViv?ttcil piizo-Hgl
.?'. fi Ti y I ' \ 7* . ! .\'\ ii'/.; f{ \\
iii 11 iii<ln jil. u I. iji;|| ? jj, i
??Miii: loi .v\ i ;l?.
I ilk'
This ioiivpyted pilzo-l?ghtor usiil c?li?<? t
was I.-IMTJIIII. hrut'd. iii?tl ii teiaOi l'? lil; ?'arv iii
liOiglibtivbood. I li?j (Jj?;; i ;ii;t .. hi- i'?fnlt ; w iito.l
malton was lo tl rive a bible van vi ?tittil thc ....
? uolo-nro nf a Uo?sv i;ti\t. tiltil bihhiu < ... i.' ..... ; |
''o?t and liiiiidkO.tcitioj'. x' "a ?'? i?Ork. -. Itiii ?1,. ?,,,,, ? . . . o, ... ,
I? oles ?iiil singing sarro?I son.? innl-inni? . j, |tl j.j , ;".,.,,.?. ...> . (i, . t ,.,
amid ilir. aN o? j,orso!i:d vietcii'a?. (lil hi a. ,? .?Ml, "?'?.,?w. t -.v ?-.. ,
ttttiHy hrOko ij|i iii" ?.*fbith??iig booths ?o?d njtuilatii olin Ijihibrcd '?iiidiv < ' 'T
spr-Mid ?-.S|,s!ohial?Oii ?immtt- (lie o-v. t'. >..-. . " :, ( V).u. ," |,.,'?y '.*'..', .(*;jjjl,?
j.I.? H ?'?'A OtijO <?!!]:.. e.o-t jlordtaslV?' ti ii ?I Irlilii'vivivjijnr ?.., j?.!
..1-.-;.-.'?a iMi-?elitis h, 1-..J. "id. l'-fd.o-: li iii a . twelve u.'.u'k,-o.d' Jk.'h v'"'|!i
i.ilHO lil tho ?urdt ?liftiiots aij?! ?il tl..- tlf..- Pl(. ,., UM,? jj, ."! ?
vv" ,h: I:"r,;iil":r,rn,:""a?';"ii: ? u<" '..iitpM. insv ?>,;.;*,"...,.
Mi,.- IUT.-< t.hi.-..:,1..r,1..'; Vn. lliOU tima-.!".,.,, .?v !I|U) ..,,." ."..,"..., , -?d ^
?."'.?KT . Itilil i'Mai:-, s ;>> lit?tiirl/f?, '.' ? Hi i,ni.. iL,, j, .. . ,,
* . !""V .'?< ?" ?i?, H ??H d?r o-m 1.1 a%.-.
o.ult Ins audiences M thou ni nd ??. when lt?1 x, ,.. |" , . , . v . V"u'k ? i*
!.v';u,,- '1,,!? ???. ' ?-,,v ""nv. ?iu.it l.";,M?:^,''?S,^:;,im;;";.,^.
.?lln.v oVe ", lirestUuitlff illy, . ur:, -ia; ..... ..-,." ? ."..,, , ^ .)u (
tlll|.|i'i?; ?>. . ??,..1 j.,.-. *-i? , .'..O i I? Iiil?\ . 0 ; j, ,.(.^; j(| v,,,.(? . . (1 , , ". '
-ed tltiiI ?i'.v i> I.?I" <>. di!-' l i .-lili,?.- .-?\ ?: ? t ' ; . ,' ?i.'.d'?'i i ... ;d'.':* ..
, . ., dt .i ... . j ni * 1 .' mm tiuii in ruimiii;.;
'."'..? v ti i s i A 'i ...? y ?..i,;... ?;,..," >(.v -% lili u,,.;, ;
;i> it PIHiii'i", ;???' III" !i? '?!.-?.? 1 . m.- .. . I.I..'..
. . "? ' ? latan .'.. . i. , , -.'ti: i
wah lolu.iee; "- .ii^ . i.i I 1?'?!.i .?.." "I :!>/
ne .-t :tttra..li\?- ?|n>ak?i's Iii UM-.-!.-.;:.!. ti ' . .,
wear* a L'i'ay-nil "I ? l ah? s. iii !?!.. tiir;i ." , , ...
l>) ? iiiilie?' llio.se ult<? Is ttl n?" hittU' i -d? ( i.
. ..? ?I. ?' ?-t!;. . ? . f.?: .,? I,, ,j |,y
: 1 lin l.'ttjil : i lio i o?l ii'-n i.|? ?jti?*
v Iii; (In < !..>;.* lld \ ai., lit I,M
?i'" - Un y iv?;i'iviit ; iw'i diinl
inan piraeii. Mis 'M'l.* -ne? ? . hu? . .' \.,lVX|).,.
iinnvit hi- lienil?r ?tlotiiliat tho -i.ej.i.,'. \ . : yj, .,t>
.len a? t'f wi i i.-h ha - mat Kial hutt for s<> ina ?o ?jj
years. de h.;. de- I'ttlt (..??Mt'ultmec ??( :'n< 1 ,a
ehiinte--. aiel mit ',.--t. i s ol' ?Von It'tltto ia-?.|?|i., i i.i,,. ... ... V',*,'
l'iiiH? i na\ ? u .it ci toi I i li? an vorv i'ii .-aa v
VttiV Hllil iii' HU'lf pit'lM?,*. 11; . : ll- ?'?V'. sOl .,..,) ..... i ,i i ,
i?.\ I lltiUK lllev h..?.' tmon :e in
e> hla- \ Oui;, ihiid.
?i" ht ' -f?itl eire, lu nvi'i'ti
IVirly ! n.:,", .> ;.)?.? ? ,i ..n atal Otiin-j
i iIm ad. v?. nant'd e?.i!
tin* ino.d imhitti'Uihjil i ?alvlitrmijdaii hi- ,?,
roMj'nn'- Oilrii? -itu and (dit'OOty-'t ll??ri ni le .
u >.?l ilo'i'i' e.ili t)V itu ijiii'.dioib WO ' ? ?.,
ililli a uvii'thy S'ow YiiiK jd itt'Ontiin ;.? e. .,.
ina int >'!''.?..: (.. hri?i j Iltis ebliier po-.i.-'.!.." !.>, t
'r'")/' .t/d'/i ?: /'e;; i'a/.v; h'.'. v.
|. -.|.' ? iisiiall.i iiii
a white
*. I ila tit ei |. .n,.I 11 ?Hal 1
- "I Odi a. p'ii??oos. !
a;- . ;."i>?\ Imr Um-ly. :
'-Viii -"?.;; |j?. lil ,\,;.!
-np! I.i their wallis
te Oatie looks weil.
1 hu,?t ?ianlyrh io
natl the -lilli, lout ?.
; . j ntii k t.; h >, 111 I re? ; it? l^slioad ? ;i 11< e h er" v eu r,
wov'l v.e:- r:...;.;.ni., ,,,"," (.j|.jj^y .
|?siv i'.?t
*T ! . -, ... :I7!T.^S^
The I'I.UOW ;'..: aitvl
ititi niton ot" nt any in s,.ieii ( 'ataiUtta. W li?) j j
ar., w aitei r |'?>r di.".: it ??a.- in ; ii.' en>?.l>>> la.'ni >
",'l>'!,t',?.. ll. ni*; Yo du, iMheiihlhiiniiwhlohl
At .a div. e y.'ats a.:. e. a yonm.: in m i h?-ina;? d up t... <i?e jiiuiio^'oid^lihtiiijii
sonn ?1 h'u.i.-, if !>> M'. ? o? .vin I'M a ' '
?lii'ivo.j?':^ hii i-iii-i..I .uid -ti'd 1;
d '?. li'- ;?? ?' .
? >t in !.'- v. ? I l'a ri . a,,'I thc '-??< ai y^H|
?ll ti i itt th.' -tt??n::..-t ?.J ble hiitji?u?r bi ;i
don lib i ' 11 i'p'.? - .'. and ._''?. t?. 11 ? ? ? NN . ? -1. il Ito;! ?lt,'! ia?i" i'.'V a ji'ii'!
. ..ii'd do no 1 . tl-a ..itt dde th?' I 'epaton. iii-. ' i?-id Ul r lil' ri ?' ?>
.. My yotm :" iii. nd." Said tie. " id) tn th'- l'-?l-'O*
N'iH'th-wi'sf. tntj Pin ;i? a..- ni' gu ve ia ti tien v i
'atilt - or. l? \ lot luv. tijJt I lie inoitOy 1 .> pu !:
?lia-", -.?aa: "iii'; i <t you au asii ?ir iuat-1
took, pill up ti log i-a'.'iii lor your lia' e: al iou
and taise a ?Uti jii Ourdi ti titi p.tato. - . kei'j
y?.i.i oi^iisOlOllOii ih'?tt' und live li! . .:.>>.
niau- yian own master, willi iii) om1 i?> j*b
v-ai ?e. .?? i -. a; d w id.out dcj'??t'.iii'nj?:'nil i ,i
liody. 1 >o th.ittiil yon w'.'l P.- honoi,
i itbl'lol ie .
t.,,,..-! -a die
A cvlt h.?< been - rgauiiO?d. We have
j,. ,t leii.Ui lilly pi ay in,: '? htoii.tn -.
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' that llie ? ?iii.I miyhi never pul hi- li ind- :? i lo . ?? .' a. ., vbivsio'a ol ' the live point.-,
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blitfl ?ii. i ?ii. Viv, ,,|,, ,.| .
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ho vo-ivi,'i-.| lh.it |!|.;y pivMP .,, ??,, .- |,N ! '
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lill" till .1 ll' ?I) \V || il'|| I !l(l il 'III ' t'ill ? . ; ' . ;. . . I
:li?' s.mili .li- ii- Ci.- ,(-...ii...i i.i i .?vvii?,'
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iniflii;/. n, i; of |?|,. U: . :. ?;..- %. |
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tho O.i.!;'o with lils ti^orA iUi'l VNliihi?s hi i'i\i'\'f \ '. >:. .? ?ii?iv .-.
li ry ovor llu-m. I'1;' !<.: ?In-r ti.- i - i>::?-- ^iiuijl * ii -loi;?.
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th.m ho vieilli wi n- i- i.hv nt-y ul n \f.Hi<\ ,ir?i\\ ili?j .-.. iii.,
ilia; liU'l iii'Vi.T hoi-i i?. 11 iv .1'>r ii ? lif/'.'i'ty, j ?;.!., >ii|\iliju.:!
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loni'' ho:i-u -' ml th ii . itl||,'iIU|i<*iit;15 ? '. 'i.it ? m iii. ar. I (hoi i
iii.- I ), itu? r: i v <i|i|>t?o.><! nilli will .!.. uli'iij niiishii. .,*i\U*; iii
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t.t l-o earr'n -t i lu ly <i; ;-;i- .i-.l. n? '.t' ft 1
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,li-iMi~ -i'll .'.'Uhl iv a o'i th" ooltuVil liiiiu't yiiur liiti?V-:, ,\
rar-, 'lili' V- fy iritJK h.V whitii ho i> I " h.-' ? ?,?.?ki;.'' [iiy
! rauylil aio :' .'ly d'-.'?< ?'i <!, lin- if?it it i ?? ;n.il IV.'in ' iml :o. .-.
I olh-oi nf jiiii hail iii I ly <->.? .! ..h --i, X'A ii\\<? | ??HIMN I-, il. '
I .lisriis-i.oi laKiv..-. plaoo i.uuloV' 'h.- .-yo ?i th- j pi mlontly V IM
j \ i.-l'un in!? ii I' .1 :<. hi' -iirviu"o-l. 'riio U>\ ':- j lu r ;l...-c
I iuvih il io Kink iii lin; voi-y i'lov.'r inaiiiii'r Sis I ti> ?v^Y :. iv?'ri
I wliii li (ral? ix i \ i ii iI lip t l?o i?. |. i!'io-.- ? rir liai iii i*;l ,
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ijiilok lin- fpt'liiK ,:; !'!h" 1S ri.'iiiiuiiO'l iio.v nial Hu* ?Miiriv
j u.-oli -> it will ho fui- him tu alti'inpl !-.< <-. '.j--- ? !<.;? '' !
iilikii' iii? lm<5 oiico pul hi-- iioaii ili lli li1 ali uiil roll liyi"
Ihi-i ?CK uii'.'.r.urah'.y on lin- l\>\', nliil ho iiio ln .iv;.!.-.
-oom- rflui lalil io ir'.V *\i ilaii'/ori-u; .iii >' -.. '( i'.-;i.n!a:i >.i , .
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aol iii> wiiliii-.-ly int.i tho (rap, lo- will l'li<?si .\!i" .
oamrlit i'.fi' h.ivo liU liOail !!nn-i ina! ? ?> . iir' h h 1
! A blu.slorli?ji* Itiitttov hsili'liO?i lio .am.'
! l'i-!i iiovoi' '.ito ih.i- liOitk of ii lu'.-tf.
j 'I'hoy l'ipoii'y ikyo\\ ?li-ii t:> y >I-O'K t" ?.:.
.j -!i,?' ilo oOlorvil mai froui i jin osj'roiif 0
j j pi (Iii lo.il l'.ii'nl .. plafiiif, Ihclr (IfUinitiiiiil .
Moj? (ho -ino ilia; lio ii an Inl'iM-lori ?no
I ihal \l :I iii.-";.. |':i I > ?ii uiiii't hill'. ."! li'Vtil.-' ii
' ??ii UT i ?al oijiiaiiiy V'iir .il! ijiK i I i V '?'?".< :
?i?uil iio'UkU yii-hl t!i [iiiui!, aiiij a
;h> pfl?iOlil li'.-.1.' Utl'li-i lin- ililli '."..
I i lOivit?liol? illili flo iii' n u (fi opi'iiiy .. .
j Lu.-!, ?'liliii?ui at-- lo- h..- ii iV?.Mi !-. v, |i?
. a .?.? ai iii-' h'nil tim', lio-'.' liaVi' ?i ?.'.iii' 1
; f?lfii?lii'lll i'OV l(?U); ?lii'.V iii} tio'l h '." ' i
I ln-iip I Iii' liio.sl .-.-?: i-1 - op?il?fls a io I '. ?
S I upon htm. j'in-.v iloiioili.f o i-iii; iv t? h .
. hr -aih a>; a lliiiT .'it"l ii uiiinl' rorj ?ititi . tl
' iioxt i-xpi o-- pity for him ii 1 i j?fol . -
j llli-^lliilrii hj h.ol ItOIIIMi 1. hui '.in ' ?ii i . ?
jal |i?:i.i. Tluy oliar^i- ivi'l'.v . i>- i'filn
i VVlik'lllor ol minil'M' i.'.- :\<-><??'.. :.' ?ii ? . ?!. ?
luau. ?VOU ivUltoill. Ilia -li-.h1 . i. |> -M.
I paiatlo >iu-h ?iiiptitoil nfl 'i iii th'; . . .' .' "';
' I iiiot iloi' io ?If-i roy iho o > uh|. a.--- il'iij . S
in I lio ?(>totv'il inail. A w?il?: mu: r>
COloi'Cl? man ul a harlx < uo. a- .i Viki it.
lili' pr<'--i'iioo ol hui; h ?. i ?'. an.!. >i. Iiult! :.
! pi'ovuoaiioit ; Iii' N liol lirio?lfii ul'hi , . -
! itioloMoil, hill titi; mono il. thoo li..i;.
" ? tally .uni SIIMW a .li-?> .. i: i " i 1 . <l . ' i.
i- .sVIVo.v. Hiev Ulf ?il'i'f !,|l .'inti ia ' "ii. .
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