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The Charleston advocate. [volume] (Charleston, S.C.) 1867-1868, December 05, 1868, Image 2

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I - 1 pl! \P>
i . . ii.; nov
??.SM ?ll ll Ililli IllpllIO ?
. ??? ??
? . . -. Pi?iilir,?!i Ib'.i.'H; 'it'1 i
i-, .Ii < ; !:.. l-liftiU-.
?Vs li.. -.' >'ippi wer?' limed pu tin' bill
i ?.?von,pi.nb. SP these Church organs
vvoi'C Pi'ostUuti il iii tho defence pf slhyb
iv aub (he !\ilv i;.v\?'V ol' tl IPSO pvllIC'iplp?
rt p. 1 nu'iiiii. . thut li :i vc drenched IViO]
?land in I i .<>'!. Npxl lo tho triumph of
.... rnunhi-r. tip tho, bbl il up. lo lloiil rpjp'hi
; .. .. i t.v.r ?ul- ovbl" th" w?v-s'eaili?d ?md battered wails
; v ? -t:i?';.>...'. 0..SUi, wji, tho i-p-osinbUshmonl Pl'h
... . > .:; ?a. paper iii !liU' (?l-l nursery of lpbolliou j
' t nil should ho loy.il to lite tSoviifnhb pi;
iii.. not i \, > e lim: ... i i 1
ibtl the prout principles pl Itberty atpl j
ipabtv ivo??ti'il by \VesU\y ?bul hob
P'' ?'"'V$V _.; '''V l- ':"..'i, ; pieb and ehorisho l by tho M. Ki. Church,
i-..! ii . .ti. a ii'.:. ii-.., ??.>?.' ";^',i' At tho th-noral ConlVroinv. ol' Itsfi-I. av
,'. '"H *,.','.. s ........ 11... iiiiiiVoivtiii.hii rhnptmiohts wore mad.' hy M hieb Confer
. ; . . .pipes' boultl he pfp.-inb'.ed at the Smith.
.''.""I'.*' !."v'V b*iU'pV''. "\ ." ' ami tho haanor of our Chtir -li could ipi
. j low ti e irbnnplis (d'tho htliibhal arm- .
r'.S : I'^ 1m .a - ' 'iViuiv ai'.' v .vj Cndm- Um; ann 11 rem--:i> Charlo.don ibid
I tho S..ut!i wore visited;*
ij.p.:..iab lint Un oe. wirb
I ii?'l'd itiese points found tli.rii tho, whole
i..... .y ... .i... .h ,n\.i;i5 wm b'roiiftlii
I tit bohr iii mb th.-m. 'They wofT iissrtiTod
phil pot'isonal s?) a ti \* r ai. 1 iibttse. and io
, .. " ... ,? .?!.. \ ?.. i hhbi? t he ebb i iii n .. f t ?ib? e i au loi'.-, f. a' : n v
ubsei'it >' a t< P l lip ai I . >
'unoe at sol I Hi?lenle J ibid what was
iiniioliPii -til!, tlw C!mr h lliev
piney i-"ii?
' -ni.i l 'mire
i ih'i }\ P-'r.K o. i ooo i
C .1 1 Ali- IN
i". eutiileli to tho paper lbj, 'Vj ,
Iv than their own ?iv.
Many "f pit??' Nop: er: ? u.
l??jeV.i taki.-yth" pap.
, i i )..-?.i-h. r--if any e
: wish p. ebpituitii ll)
i. ;,,
ipor beyond tho olosojot tins v.,.
j tijiuh send u? I'ifty Coi.ts. whie.
libbi ?heir iiecuiinis to .PP.uar.
ins ly tia- s
W.. PUP: Inn
boa'.ion I fb
p. Po lie i rd i
:?:.u?'d M -di
.!;..' i'iut?o'l
ho time li
tiling wop' a -em-nts tv
va bin? no, i ?tb fbi' fo.rili' : ip ii lie
We !mvo !
- >'.or :
i .to!a:ne:?. .pal , M I;, p-s
was hseb to projadie. e un
itlievn pe,m!e a-ain-t it.
' . ?ie ehtbtee for self-yib
. ! lie puldio, au i e- p. .'?ally
.i \\ m e nf tradu a d and
'.'.> ;!. A.i ur wero imoie
:. r. bi I arliileiy. >ve (jbtiip,
? :' v ;dy. and wa- wore
? ibu < 'hairiest, n .-bia .. | ' .
'od juill private rei-.iitiipi'.
tile Cr. with y ra pe ?uti i
!1 as we. won- al le.
m r. 1 Conforenee admit!.-1
. '.'.. . (ie A ly- u- ranixo l Con
tp? .oared dis;,;):,..,i tn I* iv if
.. v. . , 7. " ?..- ..' . -Mi.i'.-nhv and ?dd lo bur worii, v.r;i?.
Al \t|o hue PiOliOlnl *. mi' ie -|: ,. ...
..... :!., . ,\ ,\i;;otps At < iiieinnav^ '.ni;.: Ulidef pheiiibu' llitlleitltioa hero.and
.;e iuith.iri/.Kl ' .pi estiihbsh iiiid pubtlipfe is; ini r:>i?in to ipipslibii Hie desipti
f\. .-ii pt . ?:' :: ihe \,\ day danu!.ry.?- ,?K ?.. ;1(..;,>n |n rv[\.vvlA.,. .,, ni,(:lu, tp..
. p UV a v.eeMy rem::.- jonv'ial ,
IV'p' ville. Atlanta, or sajshVilonm ?; , 1 1
..'?..I..e. . J ||..J r ; . |"!;. p,:vy he 'l'os il-t : a i < pu ,v rendered il Habits f. u
.e.... i iiii'.-t i.'yi ..i'.;. ; t; . ) ! i t p I ti rt'Avrtiti ..j :.earl\ OpprnVaJ. ;p.l 1 . .> ..pe
' 'h'. ' 'v . I...h.- .-, With ^l'/..i-;-tl, ii i- laen .e til.- n.-.p^a,. i ... ne
db- il'ibe'Aipilits ;?:-V!''I!?;-U i>r,rpivi',,,:,t u^ri:? l,i0 ^
i<0P!Pbi e ei? i hil .in .>',. , , . '. W ''eon rtpp'rePlateil liv th.v?. m.v.
> i . ie i ?.a: h. a':, a shall ia, i\yo ?eil mtl'i-'i \ to eairy .mt tho t
reib.* r 1 ^ Vb tho fi'n--eru thaii ^V.pi'M wUelv .iuUi.o-i/.bd. '
'"'Pip- pa] or* - taiie.t 1.1 me M.ip.ii i?ripi
;;;jlb th" las: tienet'itl Coittei'eiiee ma t < i
\ J b'is !??ei^ic^it.i 1 .. *{i}?'f :1> 0^ t';';;')T: i
-.t. 1 thin s, hui lliey were .-tarted mh iv in Uti
.? v/;ir x?: i'.'i'.'/us r r.i/v.w /A; yate> p
.' .7/: sn-TK. lore:, -e. hit
H ii
ii . : Ib-P, Hitch. . !
ai. ] s\ till !; Ihii'b ,
.;;? . .,yp.,-bn . f liov
\.-d-- I), t l-l bte
.tri-,- ti-, and ne.
< ....r..i-i 1 '??bf--:
sj buy l-ilder f t
'.'he il W 1 apel' jj
'? VV,e Mjh'.'tiUt .1
.-ne 1 lit* 'h,' ??Uj! .
'. ' :.-? . IP lei- t
-:"'."' Ht i: '. paye-,-, p V^teresiif i>fbili';eatisb boro iiiViilybilppii;
p. sil .Pie,-.. anil with th
AVCnlli't fhrnt - I \ it.-.oral Cnlbreip,. ivoti?d
'ti.. . i h''uri .s'.'.v \
irah-fiiTod totlhi>^? thv tAoVvliVt? pr/amp-m-!.! ?f:'.:>\ i,..:
. i ? ? ii;it".i Prep pors IP e i-atp-ji<up .1 ai, i u taira d by
AthuPjl I 'l ie'tiie Chun h. )V?i|i lilis e\;. e'.ati ?a t'.-.e
'? '..:l'-.'-." t 'hafiesthu . f/e ..<//.. has now been pnP
'( " iil lisheil for p.'arlv twn yoa:s. n- ithar i" ;
'H.?'nod. h
I e ma.?e. a
::i i -:|eee
" J t is u:
. . ;.'/{ vii /yt
.' 'Pli -o ;
i no a rr.i leieiheiA;
:.el, ..i bul ebihu
V'bbib t fbi' . dpitrial <>i" blhip' sci"vu'es: Ohi
hf ,(no odibb'-s hhs beeil assas inated. ano
shitll e.a.iv jor it . i arb'"el lilis |i:t;it'i'iui sevotai i.r.n-lred dellars
sue. ?nun Iiis private ros?n roes tn mee' tim
'?m hove ..thai ;:'?' en--o of t V: iii ii npr* the pitpev, amid tim
V. '. ! .! . ' ' '"si"onie j. .' .ty ibid limmeial pres.-uie
??( .'lio ;\r in i'-Tn j'il "'i ?di the interest - ?T this jiortii'li (if tip
ibba. Tin" new pap?!'^unli-y ; and now, after dm^Un? tor
'.> a wei. j; hj ol pat t >vo yea t's tn meet Ibis bbvUiut want Oj
11 io ??tireb liefe, we aro r.ofit.si.'d any it Ul
'..nm bm ' 7. r.p/,i ( .?,/. i'loib -,he ( Tun !, in 1 p' P.diiny a papel-at
.pli. Opi" i.-'i-'i-- iii-C'ithis piiiee. ie a vith-.t andiny otb' wants
!.-b th- .am.' ' : . ?-1 a-,d the P.v..ra?.lo aetion nf tho lau (iv-n
??? -ed ti .. ai .. ., r, ,.f??|i I ral ('oiil'oi'on'v. Wo have 1.limed to niak .
' dil p; .p. -.y , ". v \\-., willi i t S po..I will, t" he
b .i pas-.ai th.- .'h...v- ila' ?in P-a t'- < I tho (. bb roll, and ai tito
hi I (iai'li .itbt. f-nd :. e..ntroi nf de' Cook Coiic.-rn i.t Now
li-.... ti;.- lib J!C :\n Pists pbiliteii by tie' 1'.ishop--, an 1 then lo pl VC
'hy atphofiibiij t.. -i bond. v. i>h ump'o seiihiaty, to pttblish
d pap i a' Charieslon. t.? the satisfae
n ol .'". lb' di.hpi aiei ih.iok Apelits. mi
.eij'.t I . .. pei \ ea; . nain 1 ne |;e\l
'.i?ni (if (?io (.el. -;,i ( niifeienee. pro
?aime .-Hail bivibvo a. M'.il- \ : ie-t WO he all .-.ved to roeeive and pb IP
?'.M'y!'' li' i;i ??'-'."'"/>>' ir, J ils fin a thv. Hut. even on this e,,..
: ipi.; m. we j'ti-o ? !bmd a ( Imn li \<:v y r?
.?'PI i. :,.
Xe". York |,t
'?-di a pap. r at ( iiml- 1 m. il,,.,
Iv? i'PP iiatyil by tip. Ihsia.p.., Will
?'?md; hm ti"cA?b:;;,i-:Vr!i ;n :;:;,V'\
lip Piilib?l . -aid imper in the . Vi hi
nu 1,10 p.Ul ni ill*': I? ai Ap 'iil.a tn
aft and eoniihuo p.ip. P. at !',?.- ?ibib.ps
i-n.'d. pfpvitleil tlp-y .lid neil involve'
hiii Hunk Com-ei-n lil a fess oj nv. r
i let the (iifoelioii nf the (JPtlOpiii C ..i
ren-e ibid e-^. nhd kin.pdy io Phi nil
li papers 'bi'i lip I'pei fut ebasij am! ?ii
imi imp..i tant |i,)inls. to \im}?ea'e Ute
IbfcisU of tlie Clltilvli. Tho time tyas
.eu we inp] our Charleston C'/trtstiun
iv ?md nther chu rob papers at the
.nih, bill they were taken {Voip the
itin li hy tia- snh?f! l?ihieiK'C.s I bat af a
'or div tptili I'm'! Siilhtor fr.m tiio
v?jiiinont. ami oilier Ihiiiortaii bbs-i
les.P ipipppiappo ami sirenyth. iu:p.t lie
? Npia nen:...; up v, ',....,, ..neb liuau
;nl i'iedy.e. Ph i i he '.'.\e?p If ibo hieb
1 > a ' m ri mr lb. iv in (ho inion st'i of our
ea-pa- had ly .is .if tl;, ir ibvip thby would
te", hesitate li i ri" vote ! ?a-j,- pi ?vate bl eil li s
!.' ktslain a M. tim.?i l paper here. ?i ?\
i: .; in poi.,! faith upon the repon t aid ?Oh
of i lip (.pinei'?l Conference llually lp hid
til ein ill li.eso sa.lbiees \\.y tho bib-res !.>
ol' mir comm m . p.?s,>. amid (he d ials and
pi ids nf this S,,,ul,ern lie',,1. Our peen
liiir wants, (inlieulties. and omhai rass
"tenbs, we an- sure, aro pol fully known
and appr. eiated hy p portion nf our
t..'mi.-eii om,"a!-. ll is un Oiisy matter tn
t?ilfi' a inaji bf eefbthi sections of tim
(.i try-for iiisbiheoj ono (.!' C?tica?o
.entre at th:.' point - an l show how iva?! H
(ix1 St. !.<>uis ami Citieihhiiti cnn bo sup
plied by a pa por puidbdied at Chicago;
luit H'S;. Li uis and (Mnciithati wore to .
bo 00?i -ai I i oil.?j in regard to their louai j
wants aiu.l I lioso of i'm- country I ba ti cop
Irca aronu i them, a paper al 1 aub ol'
these place ? mi.'.bl br deemed of essential ,
svivhv in iiieolipg ibo demands Ol' ?nr
work. We have a hminber-lop in South
(.'undina ahme of liol less than sixteen ,
thousand, an! a paper with us. as the'
lUcuirs of informal ion. education, and dip i
fence of our rights, is nf far grottier im*
porttitm" limn ainotlg ihe .-attic lnotnhi r-,
i-hip in atty Noriiierii portion of i'm .
, Cintren. Wo are persuaded thal I li? I
Church have teuer liad an opp d'lttntly to
iiivoisl ooo pre cs;,.",,1 in any cider-;
priso that proinise l grenier res-aps in
permanent good to thc oatise of Chri.-l.,
' Method;-tu, ami Ute ( b>\c. i.;mn!. limn,
j itu- (.o .-v ..i ..-(i. it mut;.- '.<r Mi?i?'odnjji a
I paper a! lids place. Wc oilglli lo have'
j at Md - point a Charle inti Coi::-MAN
: An\a' AIr.. lo litote I huh iii ti ko "..I l(>|
our e.aii-e tl"' one Mdjt'ti liv Ihe hands of (
j-lavery into the inime.ls of Cm M. K.
; Church Sduiiii The pul pi I ipili Ute j
' pro-- of ;he isibiith havi loij* Ijeeil inatm- 1
'del by (he fotlyrs ?V slttx'e'rj-. ami. as the >'
irc.uill. the country ha . be, ii weil nigh
; ruined. These liiiisl lie iViv.lan'd U'Uelto
?lind .ind hum.tidly. ?ti bider I" .?? cure '
jibe 1 cdcnncion si nil elevi.tioii pf lliC
? Spul h.
. As the repiesei (id ly es of d'1' v'ljdi'eh
t ari. wi
V-: we I
Il JUd'sbUtd fespousibiii
and labor- I'M- lids obi.-d. 'l ac <'horeb
uistake iiijiiot siisiii?iking t?ddil in lho-e
ital mea e-. that aie 1 i";.-tr b'd Utily as
ndisnctaab!.' oitr sdo?iTss. dur sol
ile ; - 111 reoccupying ' ie South 'I'd u
'heed artillery inoro !" ai l Hiern in lin
j opt rations, than our ( bundi I lie pre.
j.-1 ---?: I in our Sontbunni nioveiiionts ; lt
the ( ?ovemuicni he yo i* d?uhUn<lod th
Kort Suma : . u! 5 ': - h^rdeir?!- 1
: ':?-.-. ?f?flB SSW i:' '
i eos, pian! ?tlijd supply imf well W'U'koii
leljiid?y'd? (ti?! I Oy jul pre.--. lt was the
i'b a tjjial iii'' 11 *. > v i ? r u : m ' ' i t ivas doing this
wc k ilia', gd vii] il pl? "I? Ig? ?'j 1 j -e.". ir : -o
giving p.wer and |>joivnundiidy io these
cil'o'.ds to jliU.it Methodism oil l|i<' oj ] '.-.
bil ic battiellelds of llio once di-loyal
j Viv un.-,' ask.-.' ord, sind au appoint
ludid to thi-- S; iul heir.ii wi il. ? pd we hoy\'
. hu nd'ly Usk to be irtinsfeired to soiv.e
j?lh?lj lieip "f labor, whore we .hall not
le si r:ing? ly d.i vi .reed tViVhi ihd .syihpn
j tllieS ?d' tia' Church, nul ula i;", if ive
i should fall :i iniirlyr '<? o ir hdciitiy lp tho
: ca e:d principles of an impartial (lui.
' tiaiiityd dcbiisi-i'i and bombed! political
1 p u'i-ans would not combine td prottfei
'aii.i li iiuir those stidiied willi otu* bi.s1!.
an ! (?veil I" rob tis of our good m>.m?\
. which is lim only ?-o\eb.d iiilicfittuieti ive
fondly niiticipiitp leaviitgto oiir children
: nfl'"!' a lifo spent ?is a .Vi !ho.li-; itintjr
We notify th?' ilishop vho will ii ll cud
the next se.si-'udl of Ihc South Carolina
j (\.id'erenco of ibo M. li. Church, I"
I bl i I ig willi bim to ibis rid some nea
recruits froth the eOidine altd refreshing
.ha l.>ws of New York .'HU i ilicilliliili.
nun who i ut ye lieiird lit th. and ? xpt. 'na
il i less ?d' (lid .-tern redit ms of Hid ia
i|iis s. i liv'ii ol'our ivork.yiip have ample
liii.'iucial r?'s laces (hat bey can dCVblc
lo th.- interests of the Chech hore, sting
.din/ amid povi ? ty tilliI ie.'Ully ho-iililv
?rom i ..","!e-.?."!si?e;d and piliticai b es. loi"
sonn- \vho aro icu uer? wll oxpiict lo h.:
relit ved.
tili: s i;s s i,./x o?' rm: ?tr rn u.\.':<>
I. / v.i do XL'ic iii. \i 7;.
lia next session of dis ?\|i'iiVi:ei'i?o
' Will I'.' held al Ciiaiden. I<M?. I 1th. j-s (p. i.
iii! lau? Aim s pr? siding. Pet <1 y
|UO?icliO?'i tobe bxiiiuilloi at this sos
.'i??h, be carefully |?rejUre? on ila
cdliisb of study assigned. All rep iris
of stiilislics and other miders for die
Conference should be in readiness^ ?inil
ihe missionary money co b eted iii due
season. Tito preacher in charge .-h?.tdd
sec timi ?di Church rogi.ster.s are w?dl
libido: out. in a Cohtiiiion io bc ijji?d?i
gible for ih? next preaehi r. Lei eva -
ry preacher consult bis Discipline i"
reference to tin-<h:t i< s ,,;'| j,,
lilt: \ /."11 i>!::.; .;\.< \X!> ell \?m.L'ii*\ \
ros Mi vt ?ci i ?:s. i
" N"'? ITU vcr (IclVlulcr?t ol' Iii- ?ty siro
i hort! iii till tin- ?South tllhlt iii '?io (liar- ,
logion amt tin' Now ? >? l.'.i:i-i Christian jj
Ailvociitcx. For i hoir lipi?iiioss sovoriil'i
ol" their Northern Ativoodles Ithyb ;;'-!?,
ton i M ? ^i io cul Ihbih oil'(rom ll io support {(
oft ?eiiot'.'tl Conference. Abu ! :i!.o- ! w?ilit ! ,
Until ol'Chr?Mtixn advocate is il th.il lias i
MOIMI lukewarm in stiolt ;> linn' as i?ti*i? j
Out upon siioli Mc.llioilishi ' iloltu V\ ox- ,
loy wi niki have spewed il vint." i j
TI|o IL N/.//i .\<?>.?,('?'/?? ? athor tartly
i tikes tlib GVNO'C lt {./'"( in h.aii'.l fiji4 ti?ij> I
gravo n ?ni-'ako a ? it ma !" in ihn above !
paragraph, in I hus calling oliy lill tillite ,
sheol aul titi' olio, i-j.sttoi. at Now O rio;., ns ;,
Cft'riMUljt .b<V watt ..'. 'I Lia iii n mistake. |
however, which oilier wise anil yoe \ i i i ei'i
iie'liile tho eili tn I' of tho t'u lo ii have I'rb
ipto.tttiy mad,-. Tho t ntli i-:, v.o ?Ho l i-'
thor hm modest in thu* ?uctiOli o?' Olli'J-'
ivork I" i a ko ii j uni ottrselvoH ti ii ile willoh
nul only indi, aile ?MI ol ill'i tU oryan hill
implies a dogriio ol'eioviiioil moral bxTpl
lotie'e \yhieu hy Car h"? low ld' the jour
nal- O?'tills aye cali ?tis.?y elaiih; In jut
diiioii lo lins, ii -toms in iib- -cibui j
lUil'oi iiijialo loi' Hu' name ol' Clifiatiun . l<(
(.? .?''? thal rill dhu ioriiior pnporit ol' lho|
South; keliiitlg litis lille, lii'bmiie lia' ad
v.?! atc- ol' livery Mid soyi <Sion in ("hun ii 1
and Sd?il?. aul loni their inlhiyneo to
that state ol' a ?bi d'- that ba- iii vp! Viii Hip j
lani in tho Indi n's >.! war, :iici brought j
:i MI
A\ o
thin!,, u i'iiotil ;.ii, .i to cb -- " wibi I
is in a uai:.' ." hl'Hliri' ill'.',(|hu?'?bsllil) liol'
N>n\ t )i loans J?'. .- h "Ve :-!'.'. sn ll..-i li
lli" lino uiiirlo'd ?i'd by \V.-!.y. in u
<? il I'il ti) he lilli di! o?lTVoni .]::? -opp.-rt of
bise bis -upper I.'.' 'no lea a'n,
li Va r bad i*.. 1 ii I'Cgni '? t < < t li
cr in thc l ie - 'ut bo he.
Wmo.M.i: may bc tho Ihoory-or prac
lie of party politicians in milking di-!
tibet ion on ii cooli ti I. of tho oiiinjdoxipiiy
wo think lb" time bc .onie, when tic
(.'bri-! ian Church .-boni I tibi its lace j
'. c ;-I" ill ali it - l'i'IU-:. Tin'";-'
.cod an i while wore uiitdo I-;, tlnj ala"
.-- . i , . .i \ ' i
lliroimb iirtice tn d ,i, :'. Ihi.illy in the shine j
' i < . : i \ i ?i. and way ?i"' loiito logoiliyr in
lb" si /v ia,- ol'iii" .vti/io'j i,' ?ii qn ni rift?
Wc notier by an t ./<./, o "?j, lhal ca-.l",
'.ur blititolibs at Wa .bin.:!"n. Wo ! ipili
U vc ilia' tho i-'ilki (.'on-; ? ,y" i. a.al .
Church' ol' ibnl city .va - built by out::
hu(ioii i iVi'.ni i bc Ni it th ; ?ubi I iii w that it
b- adie to in itki'll) I na ?iv ol' it:- liKbii
htjhi aro Opposed to UjpndUlisshAi of bo lr :
niel por-oiis. ({bi'i; llowaid.ai ibo beal
ol' t l?o minority, ha. - -meeede-1 in bavin.!
a council called to ?nv, -thrU'c charges 1
ap'ain.-t Uov, liri, lioviitoti, the pas i or.
T|io inajoiity claim thal 'bc i oin.oil i.-;.y
/uir/o; lihil illegal, ?ind that if it i-, hop, j
they woiii'l prefer a niptui o I o adn,!'. ! i
i'liitireji people pi loU?wship. Tho elit ist
tianity thal, tinder tin.' willis , f ll.c Cap
itol, cai ii,, it .a bail ;.!i woi U jy piii -plo lo ifs '
pottihiillj??ii'- tibotis eulli'.'uli.Miniont, i:'
ii ''liiii" iii?iy, d'be !:i-t ao?or.his ii?ii
i'iitb thill l )r. l?o; nt.-ii ??as be, H su^iaihe?i
by ?ho council, and eon|jr:t,ul:iioii hv his I
'\iny ol' t, li ii Church.
77/iV ('At'.S'A" Or :^flSSfO\Si
Tho MK*ioii Comniiltoo of thc M. K. :
Clupeli ludid their reient iiniiua] tiiootiho
in Ne\v Yoi'!\i They have cart tully OOH
.-idoroii Ibo want-,.f tho gre?tl bold Wo
ititi I ry i i ?? to occupy, and li-'poliiily es
timated Ibo .amount ibo (?htiivh wiH Ito '
iikely to raise * ! ii ri ny Ibo eon.iivr, n-ar io
?i.oct tbi:, demand. Tho ninoiihl ?ippro
pi'i.'ttetl nial to in- litisbil aintuiiUs to thc
I'ouini .-um nf ($>vM).0(jl)) eight ii u mi rofl
and lilly thbitSitiul (hillui's. In seourinp. ,
'bis Miin. ro?iiioi i- placed upon tho j
immy coiilnhu'ion-i rij" ibo ooo:, ratho:' I
than i'.io few o?iiliihiltions of tho i deli; 1
o may ?.!? nave Kliare ni I hi-;;icai
and ploiioii- bitteipriso. and ibo inoiio\' j
paid in boro may bo safely rooanhd as l
upon oto ?al interest, if |ue ivador wi'.! 1
consul I tho fort", ung article, bc \\ il! .-cc '
Ibo ainounl ?lj>poitio(le(? to bo raisi'ii
in ibo Soutli Carolina Conferen.v. As i
our Coiiioi'?iioe liohlii i;-- iibxl ?tissioii ai I
''amden. on thc lilli ol' l'cbruai \-, in. 1
time should bc losl ip. raising the ainoiml
ippoitioiicd io euch charle d'be la-:
C'oiilereiiee. year Ihis Conl'oroitee did
nobly for thc ciiiise iiitder tin-circiini.sian
,'CM, but llb.-, year wc ?mist greatly ?id
tunco upon tho hnioiilit ?>;?i,i las| \'oar.
Wc ought lo raise upon rn avci'?i'?C ii fl y
i'i i.t:- p. r m. ubi r.
rm: AssjssixA i'fox or iiox.ji
ft. f. UAXDOl.l'U.
j ?
Wi; have previously noticed in our Col* l
nuns Mr. Bntldolph's death, und thc I';
ucl Unit lui had previously held au edi-'
v.iii' confection with this paper, andi
vas ii member of the Sott I h Carolina ,
' m?crohCeor lite M. Ii. Church. Ait lie :
va-! a member td' Mic Stale Senate, that :
.ody, on ?lie .".nth ult., took the follow
hg a el ion ??j reference to his doa) li. I hui.
i. -h Wright, of Beaufort, olleied Um sub
oiucd preamble and resolutions :
ll'/oo'o.s, Tho Senate has heard, willi
he hibst profound Sorrow and regret, ol ,
he death pf ihe lion. Bc lija lui n Kriink-i
in Randolph, late a senator IrOnithoj
: oont \ o!' i hiingehurg, w ho in Hie primo .
U' manhood and full vigor ol' intellect,
f.-ii. pierced by tho bullets of an assas
sin. 0:1 K rid av, the I OUi dav of October.;
loo*. ' I
Hym'i'?l\ That tn his death the Sen
ide luci boen .deprived of one of its most
esteemed fin?T"Siilub<l motntieis ; of one j
e bo, ?i, lbs private friendships, was af-j
I'eCliouatc and steadfast ; and who, :o- a
?iub?iC lo.iii, was over ibo ardent, bol I
mid oulsf|)okcn cluimpion of human lil ?or- ,
fy and human rights; who. while over,
iniiintaiiiiitg Ids own dignity and elf-re
spect, ito ? even in Ulb beat, of debate. '
forgot Hie courtesy that was duo lo stn
Opponent : Of pue who?, in bis entire ca
re. ; . public and private, was a repr?sen
la t ive maa of his tithe and tho people.
/.'. ' . That these resolutions bc
entered upon the journal of thc Senate,
illld ilia) a copy thereof, attested hy tho :
Presiiletd anil ( lek. ami appropriately
, , be forwtitite<l Lo tito iitllioted
i'el?ilives of tito deoeiisud, Vvith tho ox-,
. ion of our sincere sympathy and
Cdndothtiyc with theitt in this terrible bc
? ea\r:ncn'.
Ib u..'. .1. Wright spoke aa !?>|l?\\'S :
.'?/.. ?'j?xhi?nt (Old h'i'ath:,;\on n f (lu
y( ?, *_thc preamble and resolutions ;
which 1 prescni lo this honorable body 1
are prbsbhtod for ibo purpose of showing1
tia,? re-peet which is due (o OUI' deceits- .
e ! ijii I much lamented member, the Hon. :
ii. I'. Ihm dolph. No was ii man who 1
av riv > ie-.pc.-t itt all his actions, not
otilv in ibis Sonate, but through tho ;
v. bole oom -e of his lib?. Were it, deem-'
ed i pee i-'-v. I might give a brief histo
ry ofirs life : ijiiit i' is enough for me lo
say thai there is no person of his agc
who ha- p;i morl away amt lefia brighter .
record' Munt Iii?. H shows that from his
'.,0 hpotI tili tile time be fell by the hand
of a wicked assassin Iiis whole lifo Was
-pint in st H villi* to further thc eau <. ol
h j ni an p;o;icss and liberty. Ile was a
voltio.' mau. but one who was blessed
with iVuperiOr talents, and, t?> ibu? honor
.i.. v - -..:.l, ?I.... I.?.1 tilleuls W(!|0
always employed in doing good. He
spi n.e.i always to have olio great object
in viev . au i that was lo unite all cia.-.
. .- ol til" pi.?plo. and make them happy.
H" a'"?ays mot every' person pleasantly,
.-.ml even his bitterest ojipoiionts ackiiciw
led i illili ho was a man of warm heart,
gen! teinai.lv deportment, a phiianlliro
{iisi Uiip a .??-..Indar. Tlio tone pi all IPs
-; .1..C- wits mild and cdnopintory, H.
leiieved ia ei|iiat and exact justice to all
inoii, :in ! from that lino of policv hil nev
er! deviated. His career as chaplain ip
oie I 11 i... 11 anny, as agent of t he educa
tional department of thc Procainen'-; Bu
reau, as a ji ember of Ibo C'ptlstitllthiiiai
Convention, and as ?i member of thc
Seiiait", com.ncmls itself, without any
0U|,ogiluii;OU lily part, to all those who
aro ilbsiibiis of seeing ponce, tranquility
an i jiistice established in our midst, and
0 ??- common country to bo tho hann.T of
?di nations desiring lui iii ?tri liberty and
lust ice to be meted oui to all classes ol
pt rsoiis. But bo has ?gomi ; his labors
uj-on earth haye ended. Wo look around
and wc miss om- from our mids! : yes,
we behold a \acant chair. No more
sh.iii we behold bim lhere and hear he
strong end linn voice in defence of those
;-linciples which ho always so earnestly
and ,'iiily vilitlicatcii.
Wnen wo reflect that tie Jms fallen,
t'u ! *. i-, a thrill of sadness that steals ov
er MU frames, in memory of hihi who
ha-; die.i a marlyr lo our country's cause
But. while bc by Ibo hand of the assassin
bas fallen. ,vc rejoice thal the cause for,
which he .??ed still liVOS, and will live ;e
long as ?imo shall last. ll is a noble
Ihoilgh! to cherish, timi when martyrs j
ii. their cause Mies
.' Cur l'ii'l'iloni'* Ininti' oneo begtni,
ld i|';.'.i'.li...l iYnill ?.1,cliii? :?j|'i'to Siill,
'l l;.?Hi ll obi!? lost is ever M <?u."
I; is ubi a novelty in tho history of thc
world for iiieii libe thc Hon. B. !?'. Ham]
lolph to b. assassinated, for lhere are nh
rv ays. fhose who nie opposed to lui nut li j
progress, eqiii.lily and freedom, and
1 li?se wltii will resort to any mea sures lo
irrest Ihe spread of the eternal and iin-j
entablo principles of right. The world's
i st orv shows, that in consequence of
lei'Stiiis contending for tho rigid, fho\
?ave no! only hoon brutally shot douai,
uit burned al tho stake, and tortured in
.very conceivable way hy the enema s of
lie (?alise in winch they wore engaged.
Ibu we should know that brute force can
mU ( rush .un. thought as it can lifo; and
ral oppression ?ind tyranny cannot cause
he (nie. tiio loyal and ?ho brave, to turn
is.de from thc path of duty .and rcoti
imie Our worthy senator was a person
ty ho was very much beloved hy tho peo
ple, in consequence of Iii.-, untiring labors
for tlv. ir welfare Ho loved the people,
ind he loved his country.
t fed assured I hat ' if it had been
plain to him thai io go to Abbeville and
talk to the people, and instruct them in
" I ip iou lo their duty to (bcmuciviX) ?Mid ;
Iii it1 (.MI i ii I tv. tl.uil lui iviUj to full tty tin?
lisnKsiu't' jiaiill, timi lu' would havo
rone; mid 1 ?liso believe that were he
lermitted lo hu in our midst, und lo
jpotik of this heartrending (ind lamenta
jiu iilfair, li? would utter, in that elnsaio
roieo : /Vo patria cst mon'.
He w in hided hy a lew, ?iud no doubt
w:n uR.hi.sai hided simply because ofilia
i^reat love of trudi timi justice; and Hie
tmorgy und /.eal iiiahifcsled in their de
fence, ll' he w*ero assassinated on ac
I'ounl ol' his principles mid tho ciiu.se in
which be was engaged, this Iii sufficient
lo iimoT. demonstrate thu weakness, the
unholiness and tho falsity of the cause,
bi*hin opp mciiis. as violence is never vo
ip ii io d lo ?iifpree truth and holiness.
In the person of Ii. F. Randolph this
Senate llils lost one of its ablest I ll bor
ers, mid thu country tm able champion of
liberty. Ile seemed to fully compre
hfiid llie fuel that our State hind licon
very much broken. Ibo fragments seat
! te I. abd to gather them up and proper
ly nude the)ii, master workmen were, re
quire I. Ill every sense of Ihe. word, ho
iva a noisier wotkman. Ninny attempts
wert' made hy bis enemies to villi fy and
bitisl kis eihiraetcr, so that they might
d Cst roy lim wliolenoine inllueneo which
la: exerted ?tui?ng thc people ; bul ho
shari d fio high above them that their ef
forts were m valli. Ile. is dead, yet he
live; : ahd tim itillucnco he has exerted
will bc fell hy oe ne ra lions vet unknown,
ai; i I hoy will revere Iiis natue.
Toiiohihg anti appropriate remarks
were also made on the occasion hy Schi
tdors Ci tri ht. Swiiils, and Hayne, and. on
motion ol' Seiistiol' Maxwell, tho Senate
thou a Ijpnrned, oui of respect to tho
inoinoi; di Mr. Randolph,
'iifi: '?-.?'Wr/txoirs MI;SSAGK.
lip i?iisl '' Mic present week Govor
n d' $ ??'1 bd i b. fore Hie l.ogbhdttre his
Mo--.a which is an attie and states
manlike d i.'iiincnt, It gives a hopeful
vii .-. oi' Hm I'maiKV-; of tin; Stute, and
Calls thc ;.fe.-lion of (he Legislature to
111 Vt rfaid i him sures il?inaiitliiig legisla
j?,ip, fdr tu.- protection; dcvelopnienl,
and pi til*- of tbp Slate, which our
t; .-. in ,;- ev't tontl\ ita.- a htitdibtc ambi
tion td jit'dnipte.
Pr,.is reported io inaugurating
the ii lu aUpmil I b pu l.cent of lite Stale
:m in lleate ! by lb" report of tho Supet
(nton !- of If- la ..alton. With reference
i'pi icceid a-sa -.iuaiioiis. and thc dis?
I Vprbe'l dtrtt'c tit' adair-, the < Sovornoi*
I is ms painful dilly to bring to your
, noli.-, a condition >.! .nilair.s in certain
' pi t !'., a- of tliO*S.i?tp ivhiolt imperatively
[donmii ls;yii;ir gikivhst consideration, Yi
lila! ion? of I aw. a ml outl'itges upon per
soil . :. I pip; .:'.'.. have been perpetrated
h\ i i ?te; otd Ull|irtlieiphd men, willl a
: kl . -j.- iiii 1 i'ofoeiiy ivhich, while
I : .1 i rfitiglii allli'. lion ami anguish
: . i b >- eu . nf bereaved families and
, friend-, h . . -.- i t a - 'a c low upon t he fair
. (d' thc* ( oMimonwotdth. mortifying
find painful bi ali who nye jealous pl hoi*
i i'cpu i ti I ion., .aid v\|iileji will require ol' you
lite prohipt adoption of the most efficient
indus 'res for i'-; ample \ indictitioii.
li ?iii .itiinOs Marlin, a i\*Td'esoil lilli V0
i; ' lie i lem ral Assembly from tho County
.d' Ab1 ovill?, was mind, red on th,- Illili
i lay ol'lfX't -b -rla-l. I Ic was on his way
. :. wai i from ihe courthouse, and was
I'ia -an a liv a gittlg of ruliians, by whom
lip Was a ssassina led in lit" public high
way. Mr. Marli?! wa- .III intelligent and
piitriolic citizen, singularly inod'ensivo
ia language and demeanor,dud al! the
birouthsi alices connected with this Out
rage mata it as a (add-bloodod ussassi
II .1 ion.
!i .:?. lb 1". l'a:,dolph, a senator from
(baa bing County, was ?issassiiialeti at
lb Igii-' Station, noni*Cokosburv, Abbe
1 :':.' County, on the ICth of October.
Mr. Wrjhd; b b wa- "lt Iiis way to addle-s
a ilicCtilig i'd iii, I'eil.iv.-eiti/.cns. jilit 1 illi
li;; t i ie . lopping of the I rain, while on lim
p a edlin of tin- ear. was assassinated by
tb:ee ItiiJiansjAvlio had evidently been
I.Viii?? it) wait for Um purpose: and ni.it
withstanding lhere ivui/o a number of
pci'rfojis pfestiiu, including I hose connect
ed willi ihe train, tho assassins were poi*
niitted tole stirciy hiiuint tlioir horses and
escape Mr. Kan bdph was a man of
enlarged \ io'wsi td'percal loree ol'ci iii rac*
1er, and c.\ciOl.scd ,ai oMclisivo intluencc
nj ph p..i de tieiitiindnt. Nolwiihstnnd
ila. timi lie was stU'Uottsly courteous and
iib'eriil in ai iiitcrcour.so with his iellow
nu-n. ilia ;nh|itioiial iafa.my. tis in tho
i??-> of Mr. Slit it i ?J. wa.- :dtciil|>lcd. by
si I ('Cl' lab:?e:iti.i:?s and falsehoods, to
libido a bi- chm net er and defame Iti.n
iiicniot'Vi its .. ?< il?a'.i.m. if Wii justifica
tion, "flu- itiuiVliMS (Plior iiisianecs of
vi ili'hCc an?! outrages^ pt' tho niosl revolt
ing chara .{(>[. in port?oits 'd' Ivlgellcld,
A bbc Vi.lhv ililli Newberry C'tiUUlioS have
hoon rCjioriod io tlii:-. depart moni, but
proiuiiu'ni'e has been given to the :m-,as
sihatiOns ,.f Messrs. Marlin and Ran
dolph heeau.se bf their o?l?inl position.
Largo lew ar. ls have berni OI fe 10(1 fol' tho
appi eheusion of their murderers, some of
whom ar?- known to be refugi?is and out
laws from adjoining State.-,, who availed
themselves of thc political excitement as
a. cloak for their schemes of rapine and
murder j Inp such is t ho condition of sp
in el y in their ?inmediato neighborhoods
tba' neil her t he j >i omise.il rewinds nor tho
strenuous cl lor ts ot civil officers have ac
complished their arrest. They aro fully
a lined and mounted, and Unod ol'tho ox
topl an t power of their orgmiuntiou..

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