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CLP. T. WHITE, Editor ?t Manager
Entered at the Postoffice at
Hock Hillas eecond-ckt?s man
xii acter.
One year.$1 00
rSi/v months.b'O
Three months.35
bingle copy.r . . . ^
Io variably in advance.
Agents wanted everywhere.
Aviver ising i. t s ? .misl.ed
upon application.
The editor is not responsible
for the views of other?.
Subsections muy be sent by
Postoftice money JI der, expresa
or registered ieiter.
Ah communications must
reach us by Tuesday night to
a? T>ear in the current issue.
/ on es prudence of general in
terest is solicited.
Persons railing tc get their
paner v\iii please inform us at
once and v\ e will supply.
C. O. BLACK, Ktacfa&imr.
Pref, J. J. AvURS, Chester.
. . D. wHir. HkMlviile.
miss R. E. B->YK1N, Camden.
Prof R. H. CJT1E3, Fodder,
Vl-s. A. N. WILSON, Cheraw.
J. D. D'MJfiLASS, Fort Mill.
W. H. PAYTON. Rte einnor,
I liss H S LEN THOMPSON, Lancaster
Jle was burn*-! :n old Kestucky,
Where the meadow grass is blue.
Ile was shut and mutilated
Hangul and then revive ! anew.
Ile was burned in old Kentucky
After Jit's mighty lucky
That they didn't skin him offhand,
X. Y. "Press." ;
- I
Tiie time has come when the attention*
of the entire nation has been, and ju*t- j
i so, turne ! to the degrading and inhu
mai evil of lyehing. The matter h? now
balure Congress*, and while it m?y de
luasvi ?mell discussion, will eventually
rcsutt ;;i tiie enacting of a la v to sup
press this barbarous treatment perp?tr?t
ed noon Negroes. In the Senat"
T. a en d ay of last week, "Mr. j
LuUoin of Illinois presented a petition,]
handsomely bound, and s?igne I hy 3,200 j
colored persons, asking for such legisla
tion as will protect colored men of this
country from the ;b*.rbarious practices
of lynching and burning colored men.'
iii*. Hoar, ehairnian of the judiciary
^.committee, sit I hf believed every sena
?or would be glad to have such measures
opte I as w o'ild suppress this wrong
<?mng and enable officers to enforce the
Ki^a >' ) senator, he thought, would
(lisa^ge io that. He directed attention
to tfirvkcV'that the State laws take cog
nizMieeW the cri ines referred to in the
petitionary what constitutional meth
od the Unit**] States could take action
in this question was a difficult inquiry."
In las week's issue of the Messenger,
under ?he caption "Depends upon who
it is," we wrote as follows:
Our attention was attracted by an ar
ticle in Tues .ay's State headed "Bad
boys steal brass/' in which we were again
impressed that the punishment for crime,
or rather whether one Ls punished for
a crime or not, depends more upon the
class or condition of the person commit
ting tlie .'rime than upon the crime com
mitted. That tile readers of the Messen
ger may see om of the reasons for our o .
elusion, wc give them word for word, uie
article as it appeals in the State:
li ?ejntly considerable quantities of
brass have been missed from the South
''^rn railway shop yards. An investiga
Aon by the police le 1 to the discovery of
a'a organization of white boys, all in
their teen>s. Some 10 or 12 in'nmnbers
which had been formet! for the*purpose of
securing this brass, melting it up and sel
ling it. The boys had a tent in the eas
tern suburbs in an ol 1 tiel I,wherein was
a stove, which they used for melting the
brass. No one had any suspicion that
the boys were up to anything illegal. Fi
aially one of them soi ? some brass to a
junk dealer an I was arrested,he gave the
whole tiling away an 1 the boys scatter
ed ami began dodging the police. Seve
ral were captured, however, and were
before the police court yesterday.
The Southern officials, on account-of
respectability of the parents of nearly vii
the boys, decidid not to prosecute
them, provided they are given proper
punishment At home.
The lads would. go through passenger
?coaches in the yards and secure every
peiee of brass they could get ofi^ no mat
ter what its value or how it disfigured the
But the day-offreckoning has come,
and most of the youthful band are truly f
penitent for the deed* that would under
other circumstances have lan Je J them
in prison."
To show o"r many readers that we were
not merely tilling space with empty van
ity, hut were dealing with facts too plain
to be misunderstood,-facts that are
daily presenting themselves to the pub
lic, we reproduce the following clipped
from the same publication, issued on the
same day of the week, just one week
late-, and treating upon the
very ?au? subject; but beheld? j
this time they are n e g r o e s in
Question, belonging to a class very much
less able to pay the charges heaped upon
them. The alarming story runs thus:
Magistrate Clarkson yesterday *e jfc n
?ed Joe Lowrv, colored, to pay a hue of j
ten doll-rs of ser,-e thirty day* on the[
ehaingang for stealing "brass from the*
Florida Centrai and Pei *:insu?a? ILul
road compaq, TiuTeV seems to be a
perfect manish r m >i g th\'i ^ ^ ?0i "
TVUV /or soling brass from m:lroad equip
:n a?;i seiiiiigH "? . .'. K
f^fiaifjortherco?.: . ... .ive .,: >
& -br pii'nH ?:.?*-a>;s.- ?.nd ; v as*
Sfafe?$'<U' eoiiteippor:--;>.. :. ' - a:
general assemm y isr such action
proper and practiable."
Messenger Wanted In New
Editor of the Rock Hill Messenger.
Dear Sir:
Incl ose? 1 ti ntl one dollar ($1.00) on my
sui scrip ti on ior your valuable paper.
Please send it regularly as I am lonely
without it.
A few copies of your paper would be a
great inducement in this city, as there
?.re so many who want to read a colored
paper from ihe South.
Wishing the Editor and its many read
ers, a H ippy New Year,
I ;;m Yours Truly,
S. J. Mr frailer.
Cur Latest Big Offer.
We want 1000 cash subscribers by
Mav 1st, and in order to secure them
we at*e willing to pay any OJ e hand
somely for aiding us in b r i n g
the paper before the public. We will
er've absolutely free a beautiful watch,
guaranteed to be a perfect time keep
er, to every man or woman bringing or
sending us sjx i e.v subscriders to the
Messenger together with 86.00 in cash
to pay for the same. This oiler is to
no one. particular, but to all. Go ont
to your neighbors any evening and
o t .six of then to give you one dol
la*' each, send it to this office with
thier names and we will forward you
the watch by rei urn mail for your
trouble. This offer <?oe> not include
any other offer in this paper.
Friendship lu titule.
This school is in a very progressive
condition at pressent. We are so crowd
ed till we cm hardly fin 1 seating.
All the teachers are very busy trying
to teach the young men und women,
boys and girls and preparing them for
usefulness in life.
Each person that expects t be felt and
known should not hasten out of school j
but take time an 1 make pre pera tion. 1
So many are trying to do business
without preperatiou.
To the young we repeat again fools
rush in were angels fear to tread.
We have a Litera? Soc iety organized
with the writer as chairman. And weare
expecting to furnish exercises each Fri
day evening, the public is invited.
P. M. Mayfield.
Fodder Notes Fr^rn Fodder
We are to congratulate ourselves
when we take inlo consideration bow
close we are to the N. C. line where
we can hear the noise .of the "Moun
tain Juice" falling over the precipice
on its tedious Journey to parts un
We have but little evidence of any
case of drunkaidn^ss, and most of the
dispensary cases that com? before the
courts are from other sections.
Wo have had considerable rain fall
ing for the last three weeks, but we'
are again the happy recipients of Sun
shine which reminds us ct Spring
. Miss E. J. Tate and Mr. Robt Tate
were happlv united in holy wed-lock
on the 14th inst. Kev. J. J. Byers
conducted the ceremonies.
Re/. Mrs, M. J. Gammon occupied
the-Kev, G. W.: McDowell's pulpit at
the i&t. last Sunday.
We have I e n looking to <-ee the
young writer hom Newport a* the
mourner's bench agun asking the
Lord to help us to tell som?' more
* R. H. Comer.
i ?Mpg] II lt
Scholarship Free
Y'ou may. by doing little writing at
vour home, secure scholarship, free, in
either Draughton's Prac tide Business
Colleges-Savannah, Nashville,St.Louis,
Little Rack, Ft, Worth, Galveston, or
Shrieveport. Best patronized in theSotb.
For particulars addc esr, The Illustra ted
Youth and Age, Nashville, Tenn.
?- Vt AND HONESf persons to rep
resent us aa Ala unger* io tfciH and
ek>>e by rooutirs. Salary $900 a
? ear and expel se? Straight, boua
tid-. uo more, no lees ra ary, Posi
to? ^rtn-iiHif Our reference*?, HU y
: ?..> .?<:...... lt j ti mai cly olBct
. / . i ito?ir. K-feieace.
t&?&ea ktH H<. ir^beti damped en
velope. Tfis DokiMes COMPANY,
Dept. % Chicago.
Industrial School
Lanc*str, & C., Jau. 1900.
Mr. E lit jr:
\ Please allow me to say something con
eerningour school and its new building.
Wc have finished putting in rhe flooring
! and window sashes. The work was dope
principlv hy the boarding young men.
I The industrial feature is fully established.
Our school numbers 245 students, (>x
i are boarding students, 2*>of whom boa?d
in the building. We have added ^fliss
I Maggie A. Howie to our facultyv The
school went to Centennial Tuesday, night
and gave a concert in int.re/t of the
building. Quite a goodly sun^of money
was realized. Among the nenv pupils are
Miss Ella Hooton, Kershayv, S. C.; Miss
J. C. A. Jackson, Miss li J. Tackson of
BJacksbnrg, S. C.; J. S./Campbell; W. W.
Edwards, J. C. Williams, J. T. Maloy,
|R. S;. Maloy, Ch craw; Edgar Green
Heath Springs: Dudley Dixon. William
Dixon, Leslie; Gracie Springs, Pineville,
N. C.
lue society has its regular exercises
every Friday night.
Col. Terny Springs gave $100.00 to the
school last week. Mr. Therlow Gregory,
J. M. Heath, with Bishop I. C, Clinton
gave StfO.OO. Prof, M. D. Lee knows how
to ge't to a man Vpocket. All this assures
hwA that they wHl continue their support
Toe white people tell him to make brick
layers and carpenters. 4000 brick will
soon be put on the yard for practice;
plastering will begin in the new building
in a few days. He wants a fine shoe mak- j
er first class. The line . f march to the
church on Sunday is now all the attrac
tion. Dont give Prof. I^e out, he knows
his business, and was naturally born to j
teach and lead people. This is evidenc
e I from the love and respect the stud
ents have for him. The Lancaster Nor
mal and Industral[Institute is.fast com
ing to the front.
E. L. A veiw
District Office Managers in this state
to represent me in their own and sur
rounding countries. Willing to pay year
ly $600, payable weekly. Desirable em
ployment with unusual opportunities.
References exchanged. Enclose self-ad
dressed envelope. S. A. Park, 820 Cax
ton Building, Chicago, 111.
1 Three Papers a Week I
I This paper and the Atlanta |
* TwicerWeek Journal for
I i $1.50? !
I Here you get the news of f
I the world and all your local |
? newrs while it is fresh, paying g
I very little more than one f
I paper costs. Either paper is |
3 well worth $1.00, but byspe- ?
I cial arrangement we are en- |
I abled to put in both of them, |
3 giving til ree papers a week |
I for this low price. You can- f
I not equal this anywhere eise, *:
* and this combination is the ^
I best premium for those who |
I want a great paper and a |
* home paper. Take these and e
I you will keep up with the *
I times. I
? Besides general news, the ?
I Twice-a-Week Journal has f;
I much agricultural matter |
* and other articles of special *
I interest to farmers. It has |
I regular contributions by Sam *
* Jones, Mrs. W. H. Felton, ^
I John Temple Graves, Hon. %
I CH. Jordan and other dis- |
3 tinguished writers. f
% Call at this office and leave your %
?i subscriptions for both papers. You ?=
?I can get a sample copy of either pa- |
3 per here on application, ?.
* *
The art of preparing food or cooking is
often much neglected not that our peo
ple can't cook, or wont do so when
brought to te*?t. But far too much care
lessness is[allowedin preparing our plain
every dav meals.. It is just as necessary
to know how to cook salt pork as to
roast a turkey and more so, because the
turkeys come fur a part. And the art of
making bread belongs to the few. How
can aman l>e expected to perform a days
work after breakfasting on wiiat sonic
call bread? no won 1er ii he is cross to all
the world and things all seem wrong, why
his:digestive organs are having a war
eq?aled only hy that now being waged in
South Africa. The coffee made by nine
tenths of our people is enough to un
string the nerves of the world the woman
who can in her own house, make a ?le- j
j licious cup ot colit e its a jewel. WVli cook
ed appetizing meals cause happiness
ami contentment! Almost any person
thinks, "I know how to cook hominy,"
not so, for it is usually cooked in a hur
ry when it should be boiled one and a
half hour try it and you will be surpris
ed. No girl should think herself accom
plished who can not prepare aili! ha 'e a
tempting and healthful meal. We have
had to put forward our best ? irons to
prepare food for others let us see to it
that we do the same for our loved ones.
Anti that without compulsion but feel it
a duty we owe posterity. Better cooks,
longer lives and healthy children.
We will hear less about indigestion j
and altogether find less friction in our
duilv life.
A. B. A.
Jan. 22.
Columbia, S, C.
> Notice ia " Inventive Age " fa|f ? BB <
> Book "How to obtain Patente"' | I iS?El '
[ Charge? moderate. No fee till patent is secured."
[ Letters strictly confidential. Address.
E. 6. SI GOERS, Patent Lawyer, Washington, D.C. ]
j -
(From Our/?egular Correspondent.)
Washington, Jan. 22nd, 1900.
President McKinley will use his discre
tion abmut giving the information asked
?or bj Jaie Allen resolution as to the ap
plication of a representative of the Tran
svaal Republic for recognition by this
government, and why recognition
r5f ustH*> ^011 moti?n"?f ?Senator Spoon-;
M-, the resolution was amended so as to
/request the President, "if not incoiftpa
lible-wrtU the public interests," to furn-,
ish the information. This resolution has |
no other object than to embarrass the
administration, lt is a part of the game
whjch.has been so unsuccessfully played
By the authors of tile numerous resolu
tions, asking forai! sorts.of information
concerning tiie Philippine^ a od deserv. s
no answer. Tue- s.udden^spasm of sym
pathy foi the fi??t?"Sin"-reality a demo
cratic af tem pt to change the present
["friendlyrelations between the U. S. and
England, fofc no better Reason, than for
i tile makfctg ni' political" .capital among
tue Irish voters. At least two republican
! Senators seem to have .been trapped in
this game, as Senators Ilal?. and Mason
were among the speakers at a public
meeting lasjt night, which was advertized
as a i4Boer cf em o 11st ra tion." ..
The-House will devote three days, be
ginning Tues lay, to a discussion of the
iiobert's report and will then proceed to
tire Kobcrts either by declaring bis seat
vacant, in accordance with thc majority
report, or by swearing him in'and ex
pelling hun, in accordance with the min
ority repon.
The house Elections Committee No.
1 has reported in favor ol* Hon. W. F.
Aldrich, who is contesting the seat held
by G,A.liogian.s,democrat, from the 4th
Alabama district, aud i here is no
doubt of the.seating Qf Mr. Aldrich.
Chairman Payne, of the Howse Ways
and'Means Committee, said of his bill
providing lor an exltnsi?n of 0. S. laws
to Porto Kico and the establishment of
customs and Hi ter hal revenue collecta n
districts on the island, which is-now be
ing considered., by that committee: "lt is
al .ng the line suggested by fctem Davis,
Gov. j General of Poi to Rico; * Ge.n. Roy
Stone, who has had extenuad exj>en
ence there; the Porto Rican delegation,
now in Washington, and those "represen
tatives of -American Commercial inter
ests who have spoken on the subject'
The. bill is hot the result of any .confer.
euee -or agreement, but. 1 think it ex- j
presses' the general view of those who j
have followed the hearing, The essen
tial point is that the legislation will aid
Porto Rico, without in any way .njuring
American interests."
That .Mr. Bryan is beginning to realize I
that his party has got on the wrong side
of the expansioiijiuestion was shown,
while he was in Washington, a day or
two ago, by his advising the democratic
senators and Representatives to be
very particular in iheir language when
discussing the question publicly, and by
his saying in an authorized interview:**!
am nol opposed-to ali jwepausion; each
proposed annex a tion <-must be set t lea
upon its'owii mVnts." it is the;old. old
democratic srory./ In every Presidential
campaign for yej*rsrthat party has favor
ed, or prcptet?deM t O* - favor, any
oiuthing thatpromised to catch voters,
and has not hesitated to laver a thing
in one locality and oppo-e:it in'another.
before the, X^njp'aign gefeiaiiiy starte?},
democratic speakers and Editors are
likely to be dedaring that they have
never opposed expansion at all: that it
is only the,bugaboo they have themselv
es manufactured and labeled-''imperial
ism" which they;Opposed. That sort of
game isn't4ikely to fool anybody. There
are no imperialists rn th ii? country, and
are not h Kel y to be*.
The Navgi Bc#r<i pf Construction lias,
by a vote of 4 to\l, turne I down the re -
? coiimienatiou of the Naval officers who,
after witnessing the triais of the subma
rine torpedo boat Holland, thought the
government ought to buy the boat
which.is now at tire Washington Navay
Yard. The reason given for tue action
of the Board was that this class of boat
is still in the experimental stage. In
fac?, t?ie government is itself experimen
ting, as it'is having built, by the Coiumb
ia ir >n works, of* Baltimore, a submarine
torpedo boat.
The House adopel an important
amendment to the regular Pension Ap
! propitiation Bill, before passing it. It
j authorizes the Conimissisner of Pensions
to withold the fee of any attorney when
li?' has knowledge that the attorney has
not discharge i his full duty to the clai
mant, it is s ii 1 to h ive been the prac
tice of some attorneys to ?lo nothing to*
ward-getting a case allowed, after they
tiled it, trusting to the claimant getting
some member of Congress to push it
I through, knowing that being the attor
1 ney of record in the case, they could not
be kept out of their fee when it was al
io we? 1.
Secretary Wilson was one of the most
pleased men in Washington when Presi.
dent McKinley, declined to pardon the
Pliila el bia merchants, who are s rvirg
a term m prison for violating the oleom
argarine laws, as he had fought the ap
plic dion for pardon from the first, claim
ing that to pardon them would encour
age violations of those laws which were
j enacted for the protection of the dairy
interests of the country as well as that of
the consumers of butter.
Miss J. W? Warner spent a part of
I three d;-.ys usitirg relatives in
* *
Thru the efforts of Miss Warner, a
very neat laundry has been fitted up
for the girls. This is indeed a very
industral feature ot the much needed
addition to the school.
* *
A lt ho Friday evening of last week
was very gI?;>oiny outside, it did rf t in
any way detract from the richness of
the Rhetoricals gkenon said evening
We were all re'ightfd??y entertained.
Pres. Crockett has formed and is in
structing a large c'a s in elocution.
* *
Among recent arrivals we notice
Misses C. A. Heat li cf Gayden, Cora
Miller of White Oak, Valada Dillard
of Messrs. H. L. Hughes, of Hickbrv
Grove and F. A. Ca rragaw of Concord
. A. Friend^
.. * . : &&
TV-?-- :* ! .?
Teet?ungrat Seventy.
Adaline Woodin, a colored woman,
seventy-four years old, of Jefferaonviile,
is cutting a full set of teeth. She has
been toothless for years and a few days
ago was surprised by a jaw tooth appear
ing. She rushes a living by mending ce
' ment sacks and she says that the cement
dust which she has i nh ailed is responsi
ble for the new teeth.-Ind. Freeman.
Some experenced physician, acting
upon this sugesti?n, will, before the
close of the twentieth century, be i'om
pcunding a remedy for producing a full
set of teeth fur the unfortunate without
the aid of the dentist.-Ed.
Mrs. Delila G. Hood, a recent resident
of our city from Sharon, S. C., died last
Saturday. She was in the 20th year of
her age, a id was a devoted wife of Mr.
Roland A. Hood. Her funeral was
preached Sunday by Kev. C. M. Young.
She leaves a husband, and two chil Iren
who will greatly miss her tender cares.
We sympathize with the bereaved.
Railroading Patents
A single linn of pantent lawyrs C. A.
I Snow <& Co., Washigton, ?. C., have in
thc last year procured 1,630 patents
for their clients, many of them for re
jected inventions. CA.?now ? Co., have j
been accused of railroading patents
through the Patent Office, but they in
insist that this locomotion is better than ;
ox-carting them for by the lat ter process j
the inventor often dies before he gets j
his patent.
I Curly Hair Made Straight By
This wonderful bair pomade ls the only safe I
preparation in the world that makes kinky hair
straight as shewn above. It nour: the* the scalp,
prevents the hair from falling out and makes it
?row. Sold over 40 years andused by thousands,
warranted harmless. Te.-timonlalg free on re
quest. It was the first prepar ation ever sold for
straighten inar kinky hy lr. Beware of imitations.
Get the Original Ozonized Ox Marrow.
?s th? genuine never fails to keep the hair pliable
and l>eautiful. A toilet necessity for ladies and
gentlemen. Klegantly perfumed. The great ad
vantage of this wonderful pom: de i? that by ita
use you can straighten vour ownhatrat home.
Owing to its superior and*lasting quality it is the
most economical. It is not possible for anybody
to produce a preparation equal to it. Full direc
tions with every Dottie. Only SO rents. Scki bv
dealers or send us 91.4o Postal ur Exprese
Money Order for 3 bottleSj express paid. Write
your name and address plainly to
76 Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111. v
For E
Down The Slope
By James Otis. Illustrated. 12mo
Cloth binding, $0.55 post paid,
"Down the Slope" is an exciting
story of a boy's adventure in a conj
mine. The book tells how coal miners
work; their social conditions; theil
hardships and privations. The youri?
readers will lind in this book a high
ideal ot'a boy's devotion to his mother,
and will learn how manly courage
and a brave heart will overcome gi eat
difficulties and lead to success and
Boy's Liife of General Grant.
By Thos. \V. Knox, who, asa juven
ile writer, has held a prominent place
among the very best writers ot' boys'
books in the world. Illustrated. 12;no. ?
cloth binding, 420 pages. 80c postpaid, j
This account of a great schlier
begins with the arrival of his ancestors
on American soil; follows him through
his childhood; his sciiool career at
West Point; his subsequent connection j
with the Army; his experience as a
farmer, real estate agent, tanner; :
and clodes with the death of the great !
hero The entire story is told in the !
spirited mariner that Mr. Knox has'
ot writing for boy readers.
The Liost Army,
By Thos, W. Knot, author of "The I
Boy Travelers," etc. Cloth bound,
12mo. 80c post paid. "The Lost Army" j
is a story illustrative of the camp and ?
military life of the soldiers of the
Federal Army in the War tffj the Re
"It is a stirring, well-told narrative
of patriotic adventure and service,
and will kindle love of country and
humanity i n the young reader."
- Congregationalist.
Wonder Stories of History, j
COOPER, and others. Large type 12mo,
Illustrated Cloth, with special cover
design stamped in gold and inks. 55c
post paid. A series of splendid stories
ot historic incidents, heroic, romantic,
inspiring. Contains many true bits ol
history not generally known. Send
favour illustrated catalogue free.
Telegraphed Tern's Venture
A Thrilling Detective Story tor
boys, by JAMES OTIS, author of Tobv ?
Tyler," 'Silent Pet" "The Boy cap- ?
tain," etc. Beautifully illustrated, and !
bound in frne English silk cloth with;
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12mo. ?0.55 post paid.
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read? rs
are pure and econom
ical. Scientifically
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Pure Fruit Juices.
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cate aroma, which ls
easily lost in alcohol
ic or liquid flavors.
Free from alcohol and
all poisonous ingredi
Naomi Lotion, a delightful toilet prepara
tion for beautifying the complexion.
Hamamelis Lotion, for chapped hands,
face etc.
Naomi Face Powder, the ?)est on the
market; containing n<> mineral poisons.
Saponaceous Tooth Powder cleanses,
whitens, and preserves the teeth ? soothes,
heals and hardens the gums.
33-38 Clark St., CHICAGO, ILL.
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A History^^
Life of Adm?al Dewey
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? Man'gr Lithta Springs San
Qj itanum. Box 3. Austell. Ga
Messenger No, 48
By Jame Otis. Illustrated. 12mo.
Ornamented ciel ii binding ?0.55 post
tji*id. "Messenger" No. 48 is a bigly
ntersting advtftitine of a messenger
toy who in a nsf ?mig a cal!, was trie
.Heans of fen et ?fig out a hand of crim
nals in New Vol k City who 1er vea rs
fiad barned Hie polieee and detective
leadqnarters. Boys reading this ste ry
.ve pitedict, will b? unable tostopreud
ng until finished.
Captain John Crane.
, (1800-1815)
By Thos.'.W. Knox. Large square
L2nio. Cloth. 80o post paid. From
. hisbook the nailer will get a good
idea of the kind of ships our country
had at the beginning of this country,
-aid ul the famous naval battles that
wee fought din ing the war ot' 1812
Sailors' superstitions are woven into
the narrative in a most admirable
manner. The story is histoiically
correct and entertainingly i elated.
OU?* Boys.
A choice collection cf stories for
boys bv popular authors, am >ng them
being: Sophie MaV, Mrs. Hall,
Mary D. Brine, Fredrick A. t)ber,
Josephine Pollard, Uncle Forrester,
etc.. etc. Einbelised with bundi eds
of original illustrations. Over 200
pages. Cloth bound, gold stamped.
Special cover designed. 55c postpaid.
"Our Boys" will make the boy famil
iar with tlie secrets of Laud, Sea and
Sky; will biOaden and quicken his
sympathies, and create a love fur
The Boy Captain.
By Captain Nautilus. Artistic
t ovei design, stamped in gold an i
inks. Cloth binding, 55c post paid.
Thc adventurous lile o? a hov jvhd
assumed command of a small trading
vessel making trips between the
United Stated and South American
ports; the story being toid in the stylt
? hi h it is, and also Lei .g unusual j
und new in idot, should prove a de
light lo all hov readers.
lUonder- Stormie of Travel.
Bv Elliott McComick, Ernest. In
gersoll, E. E. Brown, David Ke.*, and |
others. Attractive English silk cloth
binding, unique cover design, stamped
in gold 55c post paid. Talcs of the
peculiarities of people and objects in
foreign lands. A careful reading of
this volume will give a better idea of
the customs and various modes of liv
ing in our own country as well as in
ot her con nt nes, than could be obtained
in anv other wa v.
s & Manufacturers,
Buggies, Photons, J
Surrey s i
Come to Heado.n;U!er>. ;/ ^ M
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Tyson ? Jones and Red IUI ft^J
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The Rock Hill
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Best Advertising Mediums i?
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L. R. Coureton.
We are Sole Agente for IVHey* cfc o
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OurJfapk >>rUp ?D ; ad j :
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1 Gal. <^ins 90 (rents.
\tce Fresh' Mine? Meal it Jg
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all kinds iu??6cans. IVeakvb**?^
line of can GOODS, oat meal an; ^
ny flake in fact we have every lin- J
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Devil Crabs. . #,
New Orleans Granulated Sw?ar?''
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cured at
ont win ^T?kt

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