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K^^St?h ia on the sick
' vv^n;i 0,lthesic:; list
. , h- claims all of the
* . f Chester, spent
rf- i -
f . ? :. \; oi \\ innsboro,
r . ...... tn Lbenezer.
i .. . u?k a Avilis trip :
* Saturday, look oui ;
?i ... \V ; i; left I?%st Fridad
* \ , imy, Kn-gs Monti. 1
\?jrv Alexander, of Vau
... .v. davs i? the city j
: . ;.: (?jarease was on the
". Vt..,.. hui is able to ht
!> V"
took a fiyittg 11 ip
lav IO see lils best i
I passe d through i
ut*? from Ker- '
. < >f Chf?ter pass-1
? . week en rouit
A ?io has been crit- '
i\ eeks, is greatly j
?ii ; W v lie was a victim
?j iv eek, btu is able !
, .. -ruing q lite a pep
_ . .;. rs om one ol' our
!W j ?OWl?S.
. , . v-\ ??Ii months old boy of :
\\ - M . k Moorow died Tues
<.: pneumonia.
; l.Y. V n, whom ?ve re- ?
il] in Salisbury, X. C. is.
?:. j vci v much intuoved.
.v-.v ?!.?_'??!. office has; been
..- j : t^eutatioa of another 1
. '.viii f?e ol much value.
- ? : : v to chronicle tIie con- !
. - ??: the Me Leese family,1
iu*:u H fi?eedv iveoverv
JJ-;?_r..r ofiice is prom?t tl ?
...'...<' #iffs in a tew d+\ s,
..-li ii will highly appreciate.
?.v.Sallie Lindsey wenr to
il 'i lay to see Mr. Ralph
di<i i> ijuite ill with typhoid
; ?<_ Ruaron was* caVieo
-l<i?le o_ her sister-in-law,
. ! this ?fe Saturday morn
. ' y fri mis o? Mr. Arnold
. filad to see him -ible te
lin after sewial days of ill
>!or^l American sevs monev
J m
l?bsci . who fail to pa v
i] -rs. have no i l ice in lieav
> !' U .'L? >ui i ?fbi.
?ms'-ei i ii forms ns that work
; _ nieeiv on both the Lan
Si ??! ;md A. M, E. Zion
Luster, S C.
Eulin i Cousart and Ma
gere called to Charlotte a
- n>see their sick brother.
.'. : bini wry mucii inprov
*< i ser train _Cj SG on the
:' -?! was about three and
. - late \ esierday morning
Reek Hill until 12:80.
hfceto know why "Jack"
iag?> ?he news ol Chester
'?? him nu j lease; whv
; ." .'. -werai marriages and
?aas?ier Lad quite a pleas
?? ^Kca>tei last Sabbath
";i':v ? ire exi ecting a
" printed cards
w??rttaeat in a few
^tA- Murntt frrmerly of
1 -. 1 nncipal ot
^\ K^haw, 8. C, is
6 ? >. . ;es m j;_s now
llr .?..> upward ot
OJ; >
- w a coi y of
! *'. " ' ',v,y Journal with
'^^rihino . ;. .
.j x 0 4 . - connec
. ' - . ' ~"t a tree
. . ootii pa
"iV:?.!??...?'..,. v.
5;, ;;k.-t who
v ' lhlWsl of
Ji*- A o? h M
. rV?
. ^ ." bnght and
f. lt ^'.^e 10 Moinee
J ^ I ?**tt i: .( . ? .
PW work ft i
! -A bligh*" silver dollar from Rev.
j T. fe . Gilmore yesterday pays lor his
? Subscription for this year. Will not
(lie ul her preachers, wbo are bebind,
do likewise?
-As wt? went to presr. last week, a
seven month's infant was found in a
j weli ont of which several families used
J water. No clew is had to the iirhum
j an brute who thus dir posed of her ow n
?-Mr. Alex Simpson of Harmony,
was in te city this week. He sold
five biles of cotton aveia^in^ abont
473 pom d- enc ,for winch he leceived
7:50 all around.
-Mr. M. A- Westbrook^ Harm- j
ony,\vas in thecity Wednesday. She]
im forms tis that Mr, L. R. Roddy is)
able to be at Iiis post of duty in the j
?oo!!)', after a protracted illness.
-Mr. Preston Griffin, one of the I
most evidely known men of his com-i
munitv died at Mis home near Clown- j
ey s in Chester county last Tuesday j
of ia?t week. His son. F. E. Griffin,
with whom the old man was living.i
(lied the same night. Thiel remains]
were mtv red at Armenia Bapist
church. . j
- We lia ve been reliably informed j
that a f lan is un foot among the men-j
I era of one of ihe colored churches in j
the c ity to put electric lights in their
church. This is indeed commend
able and deserves the praise as well as!
the support of every friend of the con- j
nection. For reasons best known to j
our informant, we a^ked to refrain at!
present from using personality, with
the promise that more will be said later, I
C L T A ??DW B ^vro nxontVs treatment of
l> LA 3 /lal Kill I Catarrh of the head and nose
Vftinniua ? fof ?0c> Bost and simplest
W iCU l-"1^ rcmcdr ever discovered,
ff \ lil I Booklet and sample for 2 cents.
A True Woman.
Every true wife makes nor husband's
intel esrts her own. While he lives fur
her. carrying her image in his heart and
toiling for her all the days, she thinks
only of what will do him good. When
1 amiens press upon him she tries to light
en them by sympathy, by cheer, by in
spiration of love. She enters with zest
an ? enthusiasm into ali his plans. ?She
is nevera weight to.drag him down; she
is strength in his heart to help him ever
ro ?io noble and better things. A true
wife makes a man's life noble, stronger,
by her love. "While she clinges to him
i \ true conti?lenee and loving dependence
land richest in hi* being, she beautifies
j Iiis life; by being loving and in obeying
a- she has promise*] before God and man.
j She makes a home what it ought to be if
; she is a good wife. But some men will
j tell a lady when he is courting her I have
been all around upon hills and hollows
and drooka?, but you are the only young
l??dy suits my fane v. Dear kind Miss if
you will only have me you shall not
want for any goo 1 things in this life.
If sae loves him she will say "yes," and
believe juts what he says. And when the
honey-moon is past, you must look out
{".a- yourself. When a young man talkes
in th s way do Jet him pass on his way
{'or yow will have all your living to make
anti his too, and if you can not dance
get ont of thewiiY. So you can see just
how it is and how the trouble begins.
S ?me is brought about in this way what
it ought tobe. But a gool wife can
ni ike a ?rood husban 1 hanpy at any
time. When he tire 1 and .i ik he needs
her to eheer him. So you can see he
needs her in many ways to comfort him
in sickness ami health.
For The Best
meals ^
-Cal! On
R. B. Edwards.
Our Motto is Please .o?r cus
tomers or no charge-"
You will find us ON R. R. Ave,
ZARZiE S ? Scrofula.
AMU A? tr*} Catarrh.
OR fe? kin Dine asea.
<^> Rheumatism.
sB?Eimno ? sa
SASSIPIRILU y?rl'/P't?t^r.
encniriA c ? Heart Trouble.
dfLuirlu < S Kidney Trouble.etc.
ZanaB ia a combination of remedies selected and
compounded in accord with the latest facts of
modem Scientific Medicine and Pharmacy. It stimu
lates and tones all the vital functions to healthful
activity, and by direct Specific effect destroys
poisonous matter and disease germs in the blood.
The blood is the great medium through which the
which the worn-out matter ls carried off bv way of
the eliminating organs, the Skin, Kidneys, Liver and
Bowels. Thus it broome* the most important I art
of the body in in relation to the general health and,
we might say with exact truthfulness, ht the very
life of the BOOT. " _ _ _ M
ZaroB acts directly npon ?sd ihrongh the blood,
stimulates all of tno eliminating organs, and in thia
way make? rta wonderful ?tiras.
Its EFFECTS are entirely In th? direction of IM
PROVING TI? HEALTH, and no matter what their
ailment, or whether nick or welL everybody wfll i'.nd
themselves muchbeUer for having taken ZARZAS.
Kew Tor*, April 22nd, 189a
MALYDOR Kro. Cou, Lancaster, Ohio.
GKNTLCMEX :-Will you pirase send me two
bottles of Zarza). Inclosed von v ill ph ase fud $v.00
for the above. The bottle <>f Zarzae last peut n e has
improved my health won de rfu liv. Please accept
thanks for sending such rmail ordfis.
Yours Kespectfully,
J. D. CLIFFORD, 1097 3rd Ave.
Pri?e, $1.00 per Bottle, er 6 Bottles for $5.00.
X*axicaster, O?loj - T7. S. A.
A Ct? rd cf Thanks - r
Many thanks tothe many friends and
j relative*? for their kindness during the
short illness of my deceased husband,
which was ten days. J can never forget
them, no not one of them. I was never
alone after they knew he wa; .sick.
I can not thank them too mach. He
said on the third day "I don't believe I
am going to get well any way, if i don't
it is all right. an:l if I do it will*be all right,
God's wiiJ must be doue. On thc sixth
day about live (Aleck a. m., he gave
out this hymn through:
"There is a fountain, filled with blood,
Drawn from Immanuel's veins;
And si miers,plunged beneath that Hoo l,
Lost? all their guilty stains."
Then he said "the Lord has blessed me
in most every thing I asked Him for tem
porally. He then asked me to help him
sing that hymn. He sang about half of
it then began preaching and clapping
his hands saying "I am nearer the Lord
to-day than ever I was bef>re,mv soul is
happy." I asked him not to worry him
self. He said "let me alone, I've got my
work to do." Then proceeded:
"Must Jesus bear the cross ?i lon?,
And all the world go free?
No; there's a cross for every one,
And there's a cross forme."
The consecrated cn ?ss I 'll bear,
'Till death shall set me free.
And then go home, my crown to wear,
For there's a crown for me/'
His last sermon 1 heard was, "Lei
th y gar m e n t be white at ail
times, and let thy head lack no oint
ment." Ecclesiastes ix chapter Sth
verse. Then he ccmpared the soul asa
filthy garment cleansed with soap and
peri li ne. Last year he was so anxious
t J know what the children wanted to be j
in life. They told him, one said doctor,
one teacher, one preacher, Then said
he what the others would be, May hts
prayers be answered; though in the
grave bis body lay, his soul is gone to
the God that gave it.
To Dr. Macon, who was so faithful,
I can say you have won unwavering con
fidence ?n *m y family. Ile is one among
the best doctors. I will say for my hus
band, he live I and died a christian; he
was one out of a thousand husband?.
To Kev. M. l\ Hall who taken me on
surprise by returning ?? cents that I paid
him in Apail for ?lama-jes done by my
cow, I thank von.
Eli; a J. Hali.
The Rock Hill
Drug Company
=: Is Headquarters :=
Dn:gp, Piiints, uil, ?uni All Kinds
-O F
Fresh Garden and J
Fio wer Seeds
The Best ot. Tire, harket. : : : :
The Rock HUI Drug Co.
For Fresh Fish & Oysters^*
Roil road Ave.
The ninth annual session of this
school begins Monday October 2nd
1S99. This school gives a thorough
Grammar, High School and an Acade
mic education; Besides a Primary
school to fit the scholars for the Gram
mar Department; the Grammar De
partmetif fits one foi the other courses
01 to teach in 11 ie common schools ol
of the State. The High School fits
the student foi business or for the
study of the lea! ned profession, The
Academic course fits the student to
enter Freshman year in college.
Tuition $1.00 Room rent $1.00. The
school is owned entirely by the ne^ro
Baptists of York and Chester counties.
Situation healthy. For father partie
ulars address.
Rev. M. P. Hall, A. B.
Come and See
rand ftpening
-OF- ti -THE
All are Cordially Invited to come
und Get jour Fal' and Winter Gooda
:"\r?. * ?*?: *">-.?. - - ?
To All Sufferers
dreadful disease and it \
Read the following letter from R. J. Bi
/ yj ff*'*?/'
^^^^ ^^?(Lt-^
[Yours of recent date to hand requesting stat??m?*it of mv cap? wh?rh T ?rladlv irire. I h
kidneys. My physicians said that I could riot last Mica short time. I was unahln to l?o dov
J? pallon? drawn from scrotum several ti mea. I iran completely filial at th'* ti:vo> I bo?
fluid. Was unable to gat any rest or sleep except while under tho influence of an opiate. I
able to attend to my business. I can now ride my hors?, a thing X bad been nuable to do
tia- tc give it, as some poor sufferer may be benafltted thereby.]
For Sale by The lock Kill Dr
Trade Supplied by the Murray I
FIRE and
Vault Fronts and Safes for Walle,
Let us know what you want
.nd get our prices.
(ber own selection) to everv subscriber* "Beautiful col
pred litho?raphid platee and ilfrfi st rations. Original
latest, artistio. exquisite an?V strictly up-to-date designs
- "I
Draetmakinr economies, fancy work, household hints,
shari stories, current topics, etc 8ub*crtue to day.
Only Mo. yearly. Lady ageaia wanted. Send for term*
For ladies, misses, grfrls and little children. Tha^t cen
tain stylish " chic " effect not attaintd by the use of any
other patterns HaT? no equal for style and perfait fit.
lasllr put toother Onlv 10 and 16 c^nt? each-nor*
hlfher. Sold in ?carly everv citv and town, or by moil.
Ask fer them. Absolutely very latest up-to-date stylea
llf.116 West 14th Street, .... Hew fort City, H. T.
Every day ttrangthaas th? belief of
.eut physician* that impure blood ie the
eaase of the majority of our diseases,
Twenty-fire years ago this theory was used
as a uasis for the formula of Browns' Iron
Bitters. T^niasry remarkablecare? effected
by this H?Mr?e old household remedy az*
sufficient to prove that the theory is correct
Browns' Iron Bitten ig sold by alt deakf?
AND HONEST persous to rep
resent us as Muggera in thi* *D?i
olose b.y counties. Saiarj $900 n
year aud expels** ?Uratybt, t>oriH
fld?, DO ru?rti, DO 1*S? ea ?iv. Po?i
lioti permanent. Our reference*, suv ,
bajik m any town. It is ruftisiy office
Wdrk conducted at booie. Kiierence.
ifnolose eeif a :dr?Hs?M stamped fn
Dept. 3, Chicago.
New Spring Goods
Watch This Space,
It is to your inter
Under SS,OOO Cash Deposit
Eal ro?d Per* hU
Op?n ?ll y*?r ? BU Sex-s. Very C?eep Boera.
Georvia^Uebuna Bui ness College,
Matan, Ocortia.
?*4 / OA Ami ? Beautiful GOLD
Wfi r\I I WATCH w o r t h $22.
given awav to anv ast.
who trill sell 12 of o:tr GRAND 'RACE
BOOKS. Send stamps for particulars.
J. T.HALEY & Co.
34(> Court Square,
Nashville, Tenn.
d thousands of desperate cases of this
viii positively cure you,
etsill, Maj. iSth Reg. S.C. Vols., i860.
RVPI heen sufTorlnj:for thr^eypars from dror>?y. ^rpri?"^! rna^nr^a, caused from Uvpr nr.<J
rn except Ph^rUy af* r hdn;? tapped, every ?ssuoco npletely fill?*], satur?t <1 ?vftb i!m<!;
jan VAUGHN'S LITUONlT.iPTIC!; perfectly helpless*, loea terribly inflamed ?:.-? rxu?i:i ir
have used fi_-:?t turnios of VA.U?rHN'? LlTIIOXTRIPllC and am now comfortable
for nearly two years. You may publish such ot my staieaient as you nu^y desire. I am
ug Co., Rock Hill, S. C
)rug Co., C'.M?i?bia, S. C.
_____ _.-^^rt
Notice o?r _ : fefegBf.
Advertisement v^^Rill&S;
rC0PP & CO.. PatcT-.A*1:*:^"!^---'^ ^- '
Ibrongh the Winter. We will ^W?WVTV .vvv^virnrsTTr?? .
hdve as usual novelties in Giocerie.s. ?
Fruits HI? coming in and we expect I OSBORNE'S * ^
.0 alway* kee,, a goo.l stock at j . ^Ofoo*.
from }>r;.;<-.s. Keen in rm rn lour ? X) <f
Pure Wheat Floury ; ^?."chc?g^?g?^ST'l
-AND- ; ~ " 1
^_Fresh Corn Meal
promit! daily at the Rook Hill Roller
Mills. Yo? ovw it to your family to
riv- I hem PUBS WHOLESOME BllKAD 4d^r{js,Mg KM"-_____
Hie price is no nigher than mixed *
and always tull weight. -fir lin* -
Youesto the White Front G.ocary, jj^j. jj.jj JJgggg,T.
L.M.DAVIS, - -
PROPRIETOR. Titm, Time. Time. Tim'?
12 ino. I? mo. 3 ino. Imo.
11 Col., j -roo.oo .?.*;">.oo $is.oo 57.o<
PBM-P--H-M j Cu| j $35.00 ?IS.CQ $!*-2o
jffi CAPAG4TV. 10,000 JOBS PSR ANNUM. j(\>j $18 00 $0 2**5 $4 50 . 1
I ^^^^^^^^^^^^ ? for'^siKh" a?uiition;:i insenian
I "1-7 *W IT IF I advertisements must lie pi?? fo, .
.CTi? ??a? J?kJa JUS ly as tlu.v inou?e ,lue.
N own electro's or stereotyp .. ?kc
S fw? ?l-n'^ra pmh the mi* ot ch??p ><u?t1?? fc?>?u?? B r f . , ,]t i
S3 th?pr.. ...:,reK <r. Voa i .11..w jour? If lo IM TAUIIO ? ,U? ?O j>t*l* CCIIX I? iUJIO? W.t.
>3j Snto hiiiiu.'. *>iv<i<lT job in ord*r t? t?t e ? doilar or to.
M **R0':k Ul l-l" Wu??Tt *r? .. A U'tle litthrr in l'rioe.
H But-" ll '7 ManJ af. look wtli. sod. >.? ?>"?. all. KEXP
H AWAV F KO M Ttl F. Hl?i-mUm; ibem citt^fln tb?
?H ced. ^oid : j tT.t-?'n>. dation oat;. If nos? oa tata
ID jo<ir to?n, WliMdirect. I i
?l ROCK HILL BUGGY CO., Rock Hill, S.C. ? j
C. L. Wroton, Local As^ut.
! They banish pain ONE J
Ko matter what the matter is, one will do you
good, and you can get ten for five cen'
A new itylapackot eont*Jnia?r rzs HIP A KS rut?ueM In u pnoor carton iwtttyr:' gfa.
ai so cc 6 drug s.vres-?Ot I\TB eryn. This lcw-prlctd fort is nt4iadea f> ?r tis?, ?,>
al. OC J dozen of the ftre-cent cartoo? ?i? ubules) an r? h*a hy lAttJ \n?m?i t
to the REP A. TO CHBJCCAL CO KP J MT, SO. 10 Spruce Street. New York-e.- ?
T tscutt will "be ?.'ot for Are cent*. Beac medic mo ever nu-de r >c toa wf

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