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Go! Even With the Government
In the rank and file of the army na
subject is more freauently commented
upon than General Otis' extreme con
scientiousness in matters of petty detail,
.ays the Chicago Tribune. During an
advance on the north line recently one
company had to lie down at the side of
the road for shelter from the well-direct
ed volleys of the insurgents. One of the
privates had dropped his haversack in
the m iridie of the road away back, and,
after the company had laid down, he
cal ni! v stood up and walked down the
road toward thc lost haversack. He
made a fine target for the insurgents and
the bullets rattled around him pretty
"Here, come back here, O'Malley,"
yelled the Lieutenant of the company
"You'll be killed."
'.Well." replied O Malley over his
shoulder. "I might jest as well be killed
as have General Otis a runnin' me up
hill and down dale and comm' over tc
me house ?very mornin' and a savin',
'O'Malley, why don't you pay the Gov
ernment for that haversack?'"
Then he calmly walked on and got
the lest piece of property and. as he
came back and sat down Just in time to
escape ? volley of Mausers, he threw
the haversack on the ground and said: j
"And when he does come to-morrow
mornin' to me house FD say. 'Otis, me
little man you're dead wrong. I never
lost no haveysack. There's your bloody
old potato bag. Take it to the Govern
ment with me complimente.
A bushel of wheat, as an equivalent
amount o? flour, can be shipped from
Minneapolis to almost any point in
Western Europe for about 20 cents.
For Men Only!
Who are suffering wi h Coughs, Colds, Asth
ma or Bronchitis. King's Wild Cherry and
Tar, 25r. Pleasant and it cures. B?KWELL
? 1;U:.N Co.. Charlotte, N. C., and all med
icine deaiers. No cn re. no pay.
Kentucky was the first State to give ;
ichoo! suffrage to widows, granting it ;
in 1S30.
-W hite hats arc worn for three years j
as a sign of mourning by every grown '
male in Kores after the death of a mern- j
ber of the royal familv.
"Take Time by
The Forelock/*
/f?pp't vnt? sickness overtakes you.
malfcft** ??r?<? fC???n9' the first rheu
blood \ ^*rS* cwarn^n9s of impure
tilla <3Vnam^e5^' ?3?e Hood's Sarsapa.
Qfagf& rescue yow health and
togetHood^S?R!^S?CKN^^ *****
---? """" r
:.sr* Coffee Grovey ti- I
You see''* " thVi
berries strut**. ilHVntian* . j
^mmi^m\t*<*&*T>H 'l^f^ranc^S? j
^Tttat O'V^VXT and the taner tree among ?
which it TS growing are pimentos, frt>m 1
which the world gets its "allspice." lt
looks like jungle, does it not? Yet
many hundreds of pounds would not ?
buy that one hill slops. Among the j
lovely flowers humming birds sparkle as
they fly and hover; butterflies as large 1
as birds dispute the honey with them.
As you turn around the corner you sur
prise parties of tiny ground doves ,and j
every now and again the larger pea ?
doves flit across the road. Up from ?
the valley below the sounds of voices ?
and laughter. Stop your carriage and j
look down. Those are the works on a f
cottee estate, and those flat terraces par- j
titioncd off into squares are the "bar
becues" upon which the berries are 1
dried. You can see that some of the j
squares are a different color to the rest, j
The dark ones are those that are cov- ?
ered with coffee berries; the others are
those which have not yet been filled.- *
Good Words. 1
For Sick
First the medicine thai
holds the record for tho
largest number of abso
lute Cures of female Ills
is Lydia E. Plnkham's
Vegetable Oompound.
Second-Mrs. Plnkham
oan show by her letter
flies In Lynn that a mil
lion women have been
restored to health by her
medicine and advice.
Third All?-gtersto Mrs.
Plnkham aro received,
opened, read and an
swered by women only.
This fact is certified to by i
tho mayor and postmas
ter of Lynn and others of
Mrs. Pinkham's own city.
Write for free book con- |
faining these certificates*
Every ailing woman ls
Invited to write to Mrs.
Plnkham and get her ad
vice free of oh?rge.
Lydia E. I'ickh&m Med. Gp:, Lynn, Maa?.
ATTENTION ls facilitated If yon mention
thisDaperwnea writing adwfcsera, So. 4
NO crop can
grow with? i
out Potash.
Every blade of
Grass, every orain
of Corn, alMVuits
and^ . Vegetables
must have it. If
enough is supplied
you can count on a full crop-1
if too little, the growth will be
* scrubby,
Send for oar boots t??s^a? About composition o!
?^JsJ?rtn:zers best adapted f<w^W*?Sps. They cost yoe
* WORKS,93 Nassau St..Nev Yock. j
The Comptroller General Makes His An
nual Report
j The long expected, but necessarily
! delayed annual report of the comptrol
ler general, upon which financial legis
lation has been based, has been issued.
The report presente a cash balance
showing the amount actually available
! for expenses of the State government
j for 1900 to be $129,574.96. The visible
j collectable revenues are: Uncollected
j taxes for 1899, $625,000; insurance li
cense fees; $12,000; additional licenses,
! $13,000; fees secretary of state's office,
I $5,000, making a total of $784.574.96.
The estimated expenses of the State
. government for 1900 are put down at
$906,518.90, leaving $121,943.94 which
! must be paid from the taxes of 1900.
In regard to two matters of general
interest the report says:
On the death of Mr. F. A. Free,
county treasurer, and the appointment
of his successor. Mr. E. D. Free, it was
discovered that the cash in bank to the
credit of Mr. F. A. Free was $8,151,81
less than the amount should have been
in hand according to the settlement
made at that time.
This shortage was a surprise to all
concerned. At the time of settlement
of taxes for 1897, in October, 1898, Mr.
A. F. Free produced the certificate of
the cashier of the Bank of Barnwell,
that he had sufficient funds deposited
in bank, with a small amount of cash I
in hand to cover the balance shown to ?
be due by him.
If Mr. Free was short at that time I
there was nothing in the records to in- j
dicate it. Had this department the ;
services of an expert auditing clerk, j
who could make a thorough examina- '
tion in each instance, and at any time j
during the year, mistakes and short- j
ages, such as above mentioned would, j
in my judgment, be avoided.
I am impressed that it would be the I
part of economy for your body to pro
vide for an auditing clerk, charged j
with this special work, and who, in ad- ;
dition, could keep the insurance and I
[ phosphate records in this office. My ?
observation is that shortages and ir
regularirites occur for the most parti
:. by reason of the fact that untried and
! inexperienced mc-^gfrr?^?*'m^j?e~ .'
lected to triko <?e of the ai\dkorV
and treasure,^s anf] undertake j
- this important j? WUh an inspector
i or audltl*g ?$*WZo witness the trans-!
I fer and j&Tjement between outgoing j
.^V?&iming officials as to their duties ;
a\*rthe manner of keeping the ac
counts and records of their office. I am j
sure would prevent many errors and !
apparent shortages. j
An examination of tnis report: shows ?
che disbursement of the dispensary1
On the 18th day of April, 1899. war-!
rants amounting to $67,204.35 were is- j
sued to the county treasurers of 27
counties. This was on account of de- ?
ficiency, as provided in the State con-,
stitution of 1895, and joint resolution j
passed, at session 1898. I
In attempting to comply with the act
No. 85, passed at session 1899, I ex- !
perienced difficulty in securing inform
ation on which to make the deficiency j
apportionment. This act provides that j
each school district in the State, where j
the sum realized from the 3-mill school
and poll taxes is not sufficient to make j
$75 for each school in the district, the i
comptroller general shall make up i
such deficiency from the dispensary j
profits. Under this head, warrants
amounting in the aggregate to $19,- j
338.03 were sent to the treasurers of 30 j
counties. For the support of summer
schools $5,000 was paid to the State ?
superintendent of education.
The remainder. $43.457.63. was ;-ent ;
to all the counties in the State pro :
rata, according to students enrolled in [
the public schools.
The $130.000 expended as above, if
paid to each county in proportion to j
pupils enrolled in the free schools,
would give 47 1-7 cents for each pupil. |
If this show of force is continued,
you should limit the number of schools j
in a given section to the school popu
lation, say-one school for each 45 or 50
General Wood Pleased.
Havana. Special.-Gen. Wood return- j
ed from an inspection of the institu- i
tions of Pinar del Rio. The residents ?
were highly pleased with his visit. !
General Wood has congratulated Gen- j
eral Lee* on the condition of his prov
ince. He found the plantations in ex
cellent condition and all who desired ;
were at work.
News Notes.
The Supreme Court of the restrict of
Ochim'bia has issued an order that the ?
Navy Department submit a survey, j
appraisment and inventory of the
Spanish, vessel Infanta Maria Teresa, i
This is a part of the proceedings j
brought for the award of prize money
to Admiral Sampson, his officers and
men. for captures by the United States
fleet during the Spanish war.
Richard Carter, colored. 19 years oM,
was hanged at Cumberland Court
House, Va., for attempted criminal as- j
saWW on a 6-year-old wthlte child. He
Txuj?f?? speech from the gallows, warn- 1
infei^lroes in strong language to de
sist fi^cn outraging white women. This
is tie second execution ia> Virginia for ,
Bf reason of its growing importance,
from a la;bor standpoint, the nava, sta
tion afc Port Royal. S. C.. has been pro- !
vided w|?h regularly organized boards
of the mpioyment and regulation of \
Representative Payne, of New York,
chairman o<! the Ways and Means com
mittee of the House, and floor leader
of the majority, Friday introduced In
the House a bill to extend the customs j
and interna-! revenue laws of the Unit- j
ed Staies over the island of Puerto
The safe af jftuf us Massey, of Dur- j
ham, was robbed of about $500 Mon- !
day.-morning., The safe was not se ,i
cure?y locked,* . "
The census ?i Cuba will show a
population of 1.200,000, or 400,000 less j
than at the beginning of thedr insur
rection against Spanish rule.
The Paris Floats Again. ;
Milford Haven,-;:Special.--The steam
er Paris was floated- out of the dry dock
here Thursday morning.
fbann year* ago I was badly af?ict
.d with Eczema, and need Tetterine
with the most gratifying result. I
made a permanent care after doctors
had failed to relieve me. I hare syrnp
tons of it breaking ont on another part
! d my person, so you will please send me
j one box Tetterine by return mail for
I the 50c. enclosed. W. L. Mounce, 124
St Marks avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y."
I Sold by druggists or by mail for 50c.
bj J. T. Shuptrine, Savannah, Ga.
xhe rush of new postoffices to secure
thc name of Dewey is still going on and
ittests in some measure to the continued
popularity of thc Admiral. A Dewey
postofiice was established the other day
in Wisconsin and on the heels of it
came an application from North Da
Connecticut received from the inheri
tance tax during the year ended Septem
ber 30, 1899, $115,195.30, while the year
Defore thc receipts from this source were
$133*037.37. Thc Treasurer says this de
crease is only temporary.
PUTNAM FADELESS DYES do not ?pot, streak
or give your goods an unevenly dyed ap
pearance, gold by ali druggists.
A novelty has just been introduced by
the Waterworks Company in Dawson.
It consists of a wooden house 6x6x6,
which is placed over each hydrant in the
city. Each of these houses contains a
small stove, in which fire is kept day
and night. By the payment ot $1 a week
patrons can secure water at any time.
More mushrooms are raised in the
vicinity of Paris than in any other place
in the world.
All except
There are hun
dreds of cough medi
cines which relieve
coughs, all coughs,
except bad ones!
?TSe OSS^icine which
has been cufiSS the
worst of bad coughs
for 60 years is Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral.
Herc is evidence :
" My wife was troubled with ?
deep-seated cough on ker lungs for
three years. One day I thought
of how Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
saved the life of my sister after
the doctors had all given her up to
die. So I purchased two bottles,
and it cured my wife completely.
It took only one bottle to cure my
sister. So you see that three bot
tles (one dollar each) saved two
lives. We all send you our heart
felt thanks for what you have done
for us."-J. H. BURGE, Macon,CoU
jan. 13, 1899.
Now, for the first time you
can get a trial bottle of Cherry
Pectoral for 25 cents. Ask
your druggist.
The Baptist? of Brooklyn are going
to build a $150.000 church which will
have a roof garden where services may
be held during thc summer evenings.
There will bc four elevators to carry
people up and down. The pastor says,
no drink? ot any kind will be sold.
A series of measurements made at
Wellesley by a Yale scientist shows that
Western young women have larger
heads and greater lung capacity than
their Eastern sisters.
How's This?
We ofter One Hundred Dollars Reward for
an v ca?>e of Catarrh thai can not be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. .7. CHENEY & Co., Props.. Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him
8erfectly honorable in ail business transac
ions and financially aJhrto carry out any
obligation made bv their firm.
WIST & TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists, To
ledo*, "Ohio.
DruegisT?, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is take\i internally,
acting directly upon the blood aha mucous
surfaces of the <?jratem. Price, 75c. per bottle.
Sold by all Druggists. Testimonials free.
Hall's Family Pilis are the best.
I can recommend Piso's Cure for Consump
tion to sufferers from Asthma.-E. D. TOWN
SEND, Ft. Howard. Wis., May 4, 1894.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup tor child re n
fee thing, soi rans the fnma, reduoing inflama?
tion, allays pal a, cu rea wind colic 36o a bottle
AAlswL The best remedy for
vOUgil Consumption. Cures
C \i m ? ? m Coughs>Colds,Grippe,
w Y I ll BJ Bronchitis. Hoarse
? ness. Asthma, Whooping
cough. Croup. Small doses ; quick, sure results.
Dr.?ulCsFi?icure Constipation. Trial, 20 for ?c.
'BTP Permanently Cirt$
m m J^tn. tatai?tj Prevente* bv
1 ":: ?2 W- CINE'S ?HEAT
?PeridT? enr? frr ?IT iferwtu ?tocase*. Fiu. EpIUm.
Bpacrna cjviSt. Viituf Danes, So Hu or NtnoOMM
r^r ^?.^'"* .Treatise ?sd $S trial bottle
free to i-it psucSkO, the j p*7i2?exprc? eharprtoaly
wh< n'reo?Ted. Scad to !?r. Kane Ltd, Bellevue
Iast:tote of iiediaiae.931 Arch St.. rt?adeiohi*. Pa.
Have you tested it
^ Xooiharink "justasgood."
th? grandest and fattafreaTjag book ever published,
Pulpit Echoes
Containing Mr. MOODY'S ben Senaosa. with 600
ffrn"f"ff ?nriaa. Incident*. Peraoaal EparfaajBJMlfc, a? told
By D. L. Moody
faaueK WKk a coa^t* M^^ofbJblift by Rey. CHAS. T.
Go??, Pastor of Sir Moody ? Orieaw^CaaaAJorflre yeart,
udtt Introduction by B e T. L ^^ANABBOTT, D. ?K
Brand new, e^iP^S?^^ *0*5r^i- K^1,<?55Ti
AGESTS WASTED-Men sad Wonaaa. 07 Saki
tarnen??-a hsrrwtttoe for Agents. Send for tenax te
A. SK WeJrnUHfiTea A- Ot*. Hartford. Coma?
W.Tgart Bmm? POTATO ?www fa? Ammert- \
>*rte<Mt#A>?O?VM# r?ara?a?aat?cfcaofGra\aa. #
Clover ?nd Farm? Bacda. Send this notice aa*
i?^avRfc*alrAM40i fit/CP ^
Yon can earn $60 per no. handllsg
om* Portraits and Frames. Write for
terms. ?. B, Anderson * Co.. 373 Elm St.. Dallas, Tex.
CROUP and CO LOS. Grandmother used it. why
not you? It's the greatest medicine known. Sold by
ail druggists and generat stores. Made only by
/$n \ j*Vr Don't be in too big a hurry? If you
i ' n\^-zJs^ can get ^es* at on*y a ^?^ar or 80
)t? 7 P"H more, why not take it ? It will be
'i^i C i 7 cheaper in the end.
I \ \ SAftf Hil I BUGGY CO.,
See our Agent or write direct. KWH ffll AtfArf ROCK HILL.S.C
Itching Burning Scaly
Blotchy Humors
Instantly Relieved
and Speedily Cured by
? rj . The Itching and burning I suffered in my feet and limbs for three years
were terrible. At night they were worse and would keep me awake a
feater part of the night. I consulted doctor after doctor, asl was travel
ling on the road most of my time, also one of our city doctors. None of the
doctors knew what the trouble was. I got a lot of the different samples of
the mediciues I had been using. I found them of so many different kinds
that I concluded I would have to go to a Cincinnati hospital before I would
get relief. I had frequently been urged to try C?TIC?BA REMEDIES,
but I had no faith in them. My wife finally prevailed upon me to try them.
Pres*to! What a change! I am now cured, and it is a permanent cure. I
feel like kicking some doctor or myself for suffering three years when I
could have used CUTICUKA remedies. H. JENKINS, Middleboro, Ky.
i?otoiplei? Treatment $ 1.25,
Gonsi.sts o? CuTicuitA SoAp(25c^,to clfeanse the skin of crusts and scales and softe*
the thickened cuticle, CWIOUJEM. Ointment (50c.), to instantly allay itching, irritation,
and inflammation, and soothe and heal, and CUTICUKA RESOLVENT (50C.), to cool and
cleanse the blood. A SINGLE SET is often sufficient to cure tho most torturing, dis
figuring skin, scalp, and blood humors, rashes, and irritations, with loss of hair, when
physicians, hospitals, and all else fail. Sold throughout the world. POTTEK DRUG
AND CHEM. CORP., Sole Props., Boston. " How to Cure Itching Humor?," free.
Millions of Women Use Cuticura Soap
Exclusively ioj preserving, puq^ingi and beautifying the skin, for cleansing the scalp of
crusts, acales, and dandruff, ami'thc stopping of falling bair, for softening, whitening, and
?bealing red, rough, and sore hands, in the form of luit hs for annoying irritations, inflam
mations, and chafings, or too free or offensive perspiration, in thc form of washes for
ulcerative weaknesses, and for many sanative antiseptic purposes which readily suggest
themselves to women, and especially mothers, and for all the purposes of the toilet, bath,
and nursery. No amount of persuasion can induce those who have once used it to use any
other, especially for preserving and purifying thc ?kin, scaip, and hair of infants and
children. CUTICURA SOAP combines delicate emollient properties derived from CUTI
CURA, the great skin cure, with the purest of cleansing Ingredients and the most refresh
lng of flower odors. No other medicated or toilet soap ever compounded is to be compared
with it for preserving, purifying, and beautifying the akin, scalp, hair, and hands. 2?o
other foreign or domestic toilet soap, however expensive, is to be compared with it for all
the purposes of the toilet, biith, and nursery. Thus it combines in 0>*E SOAP at OSB
PRICE, viz., TWESTT-FIVE CENTS; the REST akin and complexion soap, and the REST toilet
and BEST baby soap in the world?
^?P^fc^W^ Rifles, Repeating; Shotguns, Ammunition and
lf*^ wi / Loaded Shotgun Sheik Winchester guns and
Sfi^ R!?L w?^. \ ammunition are the standard of the world, hut
?JA fi^^? tncy not ost an7 more than poorer makes.
All reliable dealers sell Winchester goods.
? yk/^ FREE ' Sendname and address on a postal for 15?
B 5 i4K? PaSc Illustrated Catalogue describing ali the guns and
^fl ammunition made by the
?? ' -Xi's . <? ... ?-* .. .. .
Prices on Machinery and Supplies of every
[escription are advancing and ?ow is the
?pportune time to place your order.
Eneines and Boilors, Saw and Grist Mills,
iice Hullers, Grain Drills, Wood Working
Machinery. .uS ~
Write us when in the market for anything
n our line. It will pay you.
Headquarters for Machinery and Mill
Supplies. _
J04 GerTaU St.. Near Union Depot,
i Meet All
Competition !
Will place with re
sponsible parties.
Organs or Pianos
on trial and pay
freight both ways
if not found as
PIANOS $185 up
Write for cata
M. A. Malone,
Columbia, S. C.
The Smith Pneumatic Suction Elevating, '
H?ning and Packing System is the Simplest ?
ind Most Efficient on the Market; Forty- ;
ight Complete Outfits in South Carolina; ;
?ach One Giving absolute Satisfaction..
Slide Valve,
Automatic and Corliss.
My Light and Heavy Log Beam Saw Mills :
'annot be equalled in Design, Efficiency or !
'rice by any Dealer or Manufacturer in the
outh. Write for Prices and Catalogues.
i. C. BADHAM & CO.,
1326 Main St., I
OLUMBIA, - - - - S. C
1/1/1 i I They never produce best re
\J k ?*1*f^snits hut often inflict great |
Ll/ 4 V I H injury. Use on Iv the genuino :
r?iUIJUaud original OZONIZED j
OX MARROW and feel j
ife. It never fails to make curly or kinky
air straight, pliable .-ind beautiful. Sold
ver forty years and used by thousands. I
Varynnted* harmless. Only 50 cents. If
our dealer cannot supply you send us his
?dress with 60 cents and we will ship your j
rat order for one bottle express paid. Ad
ress, Department H.,
76 Wabash Avenue. CHICAGO? ILL
3 If no, you want a GARLAND
1 STOVD to make yon happy.
If they are not sold Dy your beading
erchant. write to
lx*Tl* ??P? _nc Sprite
Saher'tSeefetr?MynmU?UTn?m. y?
f*F Kablan Lather. K.'fror.Pa., astonished the world
byirr?iwtnB J.'iOhaHh'!sI{tKFourO?!*: J. Hreider.
Mtftfcieott. Wis., 173 btu, bar 1er; anti H. lovejoy.
Ked Wing. Mino., bj- growing :t??hash.Malier ?corn
r p*' ?Kt?, ir you doabt, write them. We vi sh tomkin
900,000 new customers, hence win tend ?n trial
10 pkg? of rare farm beed"*7~!*a!t Both, the 2-eared
Corn-Spritz, protiuciug'Obu+h. foo-? and 4 loos hay
per H re-?bose oauand barley. Broma* Inerro?*
-the grcat?-?l (rani on earth; Sailer tay? ?o.
Bane. Spring Wt.-m. fcc, inclndiug cur mam
moth Plant Krait and Seed Catalog, tellingatl
about Balsera ??real MtlHoa Dollar
Potato, ail mailed for IOc. |>?nag?;
po-otitelr worth $10 to get a ?art.
teed Pot atoe. $1.20 a bbl. and op.
t. with
c. to Salze r.
*5 pkg* earliest vegeta
ble seed?. $1.00.
alon?, ?e.
At ; _
Having shoes to buy will find
it to their advantage to cor
respond with us. We are sell
ing many lines under the
market. Now receiving or
ders for our samples to be fill
ed in rotation.
No Medicine to Swallow!
Cared by Absorption la 30 day?.
If not benefit*?-ii money refunded.
Book free oa application. Semd
$1.00 ter a PAD to the
SOLE AOTS. rOR N. C.. S. <?. AND GA.
wffA Vi ? Y q ?ak relief and earea won*
taos- Book of teatuDonia? ead IO ?mjm* treataaeai
!*ea. . Sr. H. H. CBSEJt'1 SOM. Bes ?. Attaabe. Oa.
So. 4?
Sw* Carolin
Extension R. B c
In Effect 12:01*^^*0.3
Between CartMien ,s r ^
2dClas, 1st Class 11 ,
Lo. Vre Passnir'r
Daily ex. Dailv'Ui',N>
Sunday. Sunday.
p. m.
,8 20
8 50
0 20
10 50
11 20
12 30
1 20
2 30
2 50
3 10
4 10
4 45
o' 00
6 25
0 35
7 00
p. ni.
12 5ft
1 15
1 27
1 40
2 10
2 15
2 35
2 50
3 00
3 10
3 20
3 40
3 55
4 02
4 20
4 3;,
4 50
5 00
5 20
P- m. p. m.
'jun.** ??
KoasantH?i ?i
Hi -.' ?> t?r ...
Biaefci r, J*
Between Biacksbur- ^3
Marion, \. <
ll 33
2d Class 1st Class
Mixed Passas'r
Daily ex. Daily ex.
Sunday. Sundav
a. m.
H 10
8 30
? 40
9 20
10 25
10 50
11 15
ll 35
11 45
12 05
12 25
12 50
p. m.
p. ra.
5 30 Kacfabu?l*
54a Earls
5 50 Paur's&g'*??
6 00 Shelby 7 JJ
6 20 Uttimore 6?
6 28 M< oresfcoro 6?
6 38 Henrietta (jj.
6 55 I '.r.'-u ?tv t: l
7 22 Millwood Jj
7 .ti Golden Valley j#
7 40 Thermal ( ?ty 33;
7 58 Girnwood ' 51;
8 i "J M.tri..a
p. ra.
WEST. Ga Huey Division,
1st Class.
15 13
Daily ex.
pm a in
100 600
1 20 0 20
2 40 6 40
l>. ra. a. ra.
Ch?*rofc?e I'aaV
Train No. 32 leaving Marion. N".
m.. making close com . tm at Ki
S. C., With th?' >o;;th? r . v train .\'|
Cuarotte. N. c.. anil ... :
connecting with the s<.i?t!
ins to Atlanta, (ia., a:, i nil.
will receive passenger--oins Ea*:
No. 10 on the C. <V N W. U.li.x. Ec
C., at 8.43 a. m.. aV; rouno? ?: 1]
s. C., with thc Southern's trais No
ins in Charleston. S C., at 8.17 p. ij
Train No.34 with |>a>s??nger . : ?
leaving Blacksburg at -VIO a. BH I
nectins at Hock Hill, S. c.. aitni
ern\s Florida train for ali {>ouifc>ftd
Train No. 33 leaving (.'aBdea, &J
?2.50 p. m..after the arrival of the Soi
Charleston train connects at Laeec?]
with the-L. ? < '. H. li.: at Catawfc
with the S. A. 1... poing East, at Ba
S. C., with the Southerns 'rain NoJ
Charlotte, N. C., and ail points El
neets at fortville, s. ?.. with (nial
the C. & N. W. It !:.. for Chester,!
Blacksburs witri th?' Southend fl
Soins Kast. and thc S..;.t:.<*rn"s tra?a
soi s West, and connoting at Mawi
with the Soutnhern both Eastandll
s. B. LCSS
Gen'l. Passenger
How a Big (itorffla I'ollticiaa I
tin?ly Saved Hit 0?ra Life.
Don Hain gave me a new Ti
story recently, says the Atlanta
stitution. 1 call it new becaase
never been printed. One D
the legislature was in session, ?
Markham nous? was crowded
statesmen and loungers. (?en. T(
was there. Something had gone
at the capitol and he was mai
usual, he took no pains to ?-once
sentiments. VWn Bain entert
hotel he found the &< neral taltt
citedly with .i crowd aroonc
Toombs objected to something*
done in the legislature and pr?
to "cuss our" the whole in
eloquent talker was perfectly ?J
He threw off brilliant ?-jdzra?l
theta and outburst.- of profanitf!
he almost equaled a volcano aj
force, fury and fire of his
The loungers listened ard 14
They enjoyed ir tremendo8S||
looked at the politicians w #1
they stood it. Among !hcf J
was a member from a rm'!'!'*
county. He was a giant ia *J
tall, broadshouldered and 21
He was not in a good haoorB
Toombs irritated him. K;r^, J
s?nted the general's remarks. J
d--d if 1 stand your talk a2>' ,:<*B
he salo. "You are ' ' ^ ''.J
you repeat your statement HI?J
This interested the crowd J 1
lator towered over everybof?jj
to strike the general. Too?*B
fearless way. was about r": ' I
thing when e>e\> ral jB
ly drew him into th? eieva.?orf??B
him to his room. "1 *'2S -
hit him," remarked the '.'z-: '-M
then a very small. !?f'';:ci^?
man, with a pale face and JM
eyes, walked up to th?
"Yes," said the little ma?.^
saw that you were about * ?
That's why I cam? "P-*' * ".?
deretand," replied the
close to you." M :
"because I was going to ^'JM
st > mm
struck Gen. Toorna ... y.tm
lt, and if you bad to t ne? ' Jm
have shot yo-i through ^fM
Saying this he UPP^ ^
The tall legislare;- in ^??B
said something apologetic
atory and remembered ^ * m
elsewhere. "That little T^jM
Bain in conclusion, '^as
Hart, one of the graves. m
cers in the confederate ^fl
was afraid of nothing. 2^ ifl
Just what he said. He ?fl
killed that man ii be . I
Toombs." _ il
?-' ^ .-ial^
Tommy, aged 5. was st:rJ^Koots
the house in his first ^
being told his baby V
kiss him, said: MI?
that kid takes me for ncr

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