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1 < '?Ja
*? -CAW .HfeACU-f *
?' Tb? Colored P?ofilo i}f South ?^f
X Carolina qnly through 1 .
Published for the Elevation of cr vr Hace,
VOL. V. NO. 27.
? Ono Vonr.$K50 jj
J Hx months - . - - - ?BS *T1
? Tinto Mouths - - - - fl) *
Exponent of Republican Principles.
FOI'NI IK l> IX 1893.
NIX & HOLM KS, l'n bl bb ors.
AY. MARCH 10, 1898.
REV, E. B, WfiJK, State Agoat,
Army and Navy Regist^>t^ibl?shes
This Information
Of the War Preparations Made
ins the Past Few Days
81 THE Oil
Olds for Shot and Shell Opomcd?-Tor
pedocB foi- Key Wcst-I-Th^ Now
War Map Made Up-Noy'th Carolina
ls in tho Division of tl'io Kust, and
South Carolina lu thc Wulf Olvlslon
Missouri und
Tho Army and ?javy Ltyegiator,- in
its issuo of tho 12th, says: ("The Reg
ister is in possoBsic/n of iriformation,
tho correctness of whioh it pas no rea
son to question, thalt certain evidence,
gathered by the feourt off inquiry ot
Havana, has CO^Q in a/1 semi-oflioial
form to tim President fronn two promi
nent members o? tho bojard. The-in-'
formation has been in th? hOn^s o^'in*
.President since j?unday a;ndJiT.: >'ci'T-'ti
for the occasion,; ofsiub Xi?tfBucil activity^
duringvihe pr?B ?nt jweek.i
"The fnfo?m?'fjtion- ia tjULt ? the Maine
j destroyed 7?by a government subma- "
f miu4, pla'.ntod iu'Jftfana harbor*/
delib?rate! .y oip-o-:'?J Dlr- ?. '.L ?UJ
fy moored in the vicinity of the
and that the explosion occurred'
utA'moment when tliie ship had been?,
opportunely carriod by wind and tide
directly over tho raine. These facts
have been Hinted a?*? und written about
in dispatohes fc/om Ilavuna and Ma
drid, and aidibng tho varied statements
made th*?// actual conditions have been
touched upou, but nothing authorita
tive" bas boon permitted to escape from
'the court.
"That body is understood to have
completed ita work, but nothing is like
ly to boofticiallj-'promulgated in regard
to its iindings> for a week or more.
There is obviou* reason for Buch action,
tho objects of which cannot bo defeated
by indepsndoni newspaper statements.
There can be l,'mt ouo outcome of such
a report, and preparations for the inev
itable result3(' ure being industriously
and indefatigably prosecuted. The
work of the vj/eek shows that the gov
ernment nt / Washington appreciates
the situativ md will bo ready to meet
what bas . \v ceused to bo a mere
emergence. '
fan i.j
roops j
vent ?'
Order, .o
thou- . .J
oar a 11 oil a
"tyar biepni
for tr?nspo.
Th i . actio
tile Regular Army to I Jo
a;ht to Iho Atluiit.if.
on - (Special). - Substan
wholo regular army of tho
itates will bo brought to the
aboard with all possibla
valry, artillery and in
lio moved to forts in the At
ult States. Only sufficient
ie loft in tho West to pre
-ssihle indian uprising,
lobihzo tho twenty-four
. ued Boldiers are in pro
will be issued by the.
nt as aoon as the plans
on of the troops can be
f the authorities fur
nr. . ?. conclu ??'..-. evidence that tho gov
orui nt hus nd mu ced beyond tho stage
of \ paring - r trouble as a precaution
' ar \ ?easure. ?ow anticipates trouble
ai' xpcctB it I'he annual appropria
tor transp * - "tionis-wbolly insum
i? vu : s groat body. It bas
et o minea \ .ofore to draw upon
?l'filions ' letica fund for this
betn Mee .*d that Gen. Merritt
om m and an ? e.tlitary forces sent
a by the Ui lied States.
Bids for Sh :
War Depart
bids for one ol
; and shell foi
'iven, incl nd)
},' and dei
id Shell,
at at once will
>largest orders
avy oalibre guns
iereing and tor
Hen, tl ni . tors of the Army, Adjutant
/Gei\e.:>:'s Office, Washington, March
Jlllii, .698.
/The following orders hate boen ro
j'oivcil from tho Wnr Department and
?or Hie guidaneo of all concerned:
"War Department, Washington, March
j ll, 1898.
' By direction of the President tho fol
lowing changes are mado in the terri
torial limits,- designation and head
quarters of geogrnpnical departments:
The Deportment of the East will em
brace the Now England States, New
York, New J?rsoy, Pennsylvania.Dela
ware, Maryland, District of Columbia,
. WeRt Virginia, Virginia and North Car
olina, with headquarters at Governor's
Island, New York.
2. A department is hereby established
io be kuown os tho Department of tho
Lakes,' to consist of tho States of Wis
. onsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana,
?Uio? Kentucky and TonnossG, with
bei . (quarters at Chicago,.Ul.
t,.. Thc Department of Dakota will
embruCL- thi St.Vtea of Miunesota, North
Dakota, Bout!; {.'?Vota, Montana and BO
much of Wyiiru.u' and Idaho as is em -
braced in tho ! ciiowEtone National
Park, with headquarters at St Paul,
4. The Department of the Columbia
Will embrace tho State of Washington,
Orqgou, Idaho (except so mitch of "the
latter as is embraced in the Yellowstone
National Park) aud tho territory of
Alasko, with headquarters at Vancouver
Barracks, Washington.
5. The Department of California will
embraao the States of California and
Novada, with headquarters at San Fran
cisco, Cal.
.C. Tho Department of the Colorado
will ombracq the States of Washington,
(except so much thereof as is em
braced in rho YplloM'stono National
PaTk), Colorado and Utah and ? the
Territories of Arizona and New Mexi
co, withubeadquarters at Dourer,'Col.
7. The Department of the Platte will
embrace the States of Iowo, Nebraska,
Missouri, KaDsas and Arkansos, the
Indian Territory and tho Territory of
Oklahoma, witb headquarters at
Omaha, Neb. .
8. A deportment is hereby eetab- I
lished to bo known as the Department
of tho Gulf, to consist of the States of
South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ala- I
bf/na, Mississippi, Louisiana and
Tixas, with headquarters at Atlanta.
Tho Departments of tho Missouri and j
Texas are horeby abolished. The rec- \
.ords of the Department of the Missouri
will be transferred to-the Department
bf -the Lokos? and thone o^th^iieparfc
meat. Of. Texus to the Doparthfentof ,
?*1 Gulf*'' 1 "? i '.' '. '
2&if?^.eral "chi? *'. Bn^?lii.-.-']
nr^i T ?- ti- ?ikw?rr?rsr'ti?e^?pfe. <.-,
ment of ia?Lakes; and Bi-igadior Goa- j
:eVal WiU?ii? M. Graham te* the eo*n'-^!
ni?n&ofyttie Department of the Gulf.
Tho officers of the several staff depart
ments now on duty in theD.?PRr*men*B
of Missouri nr?d of Toxas are assigned
to like duties iu the Departments of
the Lakes and of the Gulf, respec
The transfer required under these or
ders is necessary for the public service.
lt. A. AiiOEu,'
.Secretary of War.'
By command of Major General Miles':
H. C. Coumx,
Adjutant General.
Talked Peace.
On the 12th tho new Spanish envoy
Don LU?B Polo y Bornabe in presenting
bis address and bis credentials to the
President expressed tho hope that he
would bo able to cement more olosely
the friendly feeling between tho two
oountrien, President McKinley replied,
saying ho would do all in bis power to
"draw tho two countries more closely
tcgethor on a friendly footing. "
Ordered From Fort Riley.
Orders received at Fort Piloy,- boat
Junction City, Kan., dirocted tho send
ing of throe batteries of artillery to the
South. Battery B, of the Fourth Ar
tillery, Captain Anderson, command
ing, will go to Fort Monroe, Va. ; Bat
Jery F, also of the Fourth, Captain
Taylor, goos to Savannah, Ga., and
Battory F, of tho Fifth, Capiain Riley,
to New Orleans. ?.
Torpedoes for Key Wost Harbor.
The at earner City ot .Key "West, from,
Miami, has just landed two car-loads of
torpedoes ana torpedo buoys at Key
West, Fla. These will bo laid in this
harbor. .? ? - .
Strength of the Spanish Navy.
The Liberal gives the following as
the y resent strength of the Spanish
navy: Proteoted ships 17, unprotected
20, gunboats 80, torpedo boat destroy
ers 14, torpedo bon ti 14, transports 3ffc
. Loan of $00,000,000.
The American Embassy in London
bas received information that Spain has
raised sixty millions for the purchaseo?
warships and that this amount was se
cured from a London bank.
Plenty of Ships Available
Tho latest from Washington says un
office will be opened at 20 Countlondt
street, New York, nt which owners and
?gouts for ships will be invited to make
their proposals for turning over to the.
navy such vessels as are of value for
war purposes'. Tho naval officials say
there will-be no difficulty experienced
in obtaining all the vessels that Are de
sired aa there are hundreds avaUable^ .-p
Finishing Up Cannon,' .v???%
jj ?? the Washington gun faotorv'ther?
are ? JW in varied stages of construction
nd less "than :l?O\ guns of formidable
oliaracter, on which work is being done
night aha day, with a view to their
early completion. No new guns are be
ingjstartedj but thaentiro e?'orls of tba
devote!! to finishing those
aval officer uai?
for probably 30 moro auxiliary cruisers,1*
should BO large a ileet be found noces?
pavy io supplement the regular ~war
Perfecting Plans to Moovo Trc
Tho governnipnr ii pSifeV
plans for tho movom i? of trou.u.
coast defences, ot dors for wb
been issued by the "War Doj>fti
and published. A conference
held at Washington by i
tentativos of tho following rnilroaio . to
arrange for the transportation of Hg*.1
artillerymen and their accoutrements:
Tho Atlantic Coast Lino, tho oom norn
Railway, the Seaboard.Air Line and the
Chesapeake and Ohio. . .
Florida's State Troops.
From all reports coming into tho Ad
jutant General's office nt Tailahasseo,
Fla.. and letters from commanders of
companies, it is learned that the Flori
da Stato troops ara now recruited up
to tho full local standard, with offers of
enough men to put three thousand more
in tho held in a week: In Tampa and
Jacksonville especially the war feyer is
strong, ?nd tho commanders of com
pan Li there, both infantry and artillery,
report offers of hundreds beyond thoir
Spain Will Not Provoke War.
Madrid -(By Cable)-The view hold
in official circles is that Spoin will not
provoko war, because if she did, she
would ?nd herself isolated, but if
America gives the provocation, Spain
will not be alone in tho struggle. The
general opinion is that in the event of
war, Spain will not need to attack
American territory. It -will suffice her
to pursue a war pf privateering. AB
America's commerce is . seven-fold
greater than Spain's, American inter
ests would suffer most. War would he
madness, benefiting noither nation,
and good Bouse, therefore, counsels
Working Day and Night.
At Wilmington, Del., the powder
works of the E. I. Dupont-DeNemours
Company is now working day and night
l on a government order for hexagonal\
powder for the big guns. In addition, i
some of the buildings "are being en
large (1 and additional mach i uo ry is
being put in. The daily capacity ot the j
works is said to bo 10 tons of hex?*
gonai powder.
-T- .-Tf > <V
Ho I?Bues Ap^ Addceva': t.A Jth.r #>?.?> ^
oernoy*? ?,:Ji<' ? . :. * '? ,tr?<' ' A-.^"'R
%?"VJmJTOD.." 1*0. k, Of C.v.-rn
i who ?B one of the ten or more candidates. |
for Ur. Strait's placo in Congress, has
issued ?he following platform:
To tho Democracy of tho Fifth Con
grcs.sionnl District: Believing in rota
tion in oiliee, not only in respect to
men, but also in respect to thodiiForent
sections which aro represented by any
officer, and bolieviug that Chesterfield
county, which has never had' a-native
born representativo in Congress, is en
titled to Boru o-consideration at the
hands af tho other counties in this dis
trict, Pjtteroby announce myself a can
didate for Congress 'from the 5th Con
gressional district, subjeoVto tho Dem
ocratic-primary. I shall stand upon
my record made in tho General Assem
bly o? South Cj?roli'i?? diiriug tba past
four Sermion?? of '.bur, body, n ut hereby
declare iuy allegiance tu thu principies
set forth ni Ilia l ienioerivt?o pintiorni a3
adopted nt Ofiiciigii i i >:<?.
t favor tire fro? uud nu i rsi if eil coin- j
age of silwi and ^??1.1 at the rut sn of Hi
to 1; tho repeal of ibo prohibitive lax of
10 per cen;, un the ne ??f .-.tute bauks;
an uthoiidiiKMit <.<> ibo < 'mwiiluiion of
tho L?nil?.I Staten leruntiing the ns
K?;si:i)Mit mid collection of un income
tax; tim i ?-.sTrlction of tho turill'so that
it will only provide sufficient revenue
for the economic administration of tho
government; the curtailment of tho
extravagant and outrageous appropria
tious for pensions and for rivers and
harbor*, and tho destruction of the
sbamc'ul and minons system of gamb-.
ling iu futuros, by which tho sfient ef
the law of supply aud demand on tho
price of cotton and other agricultural
I products ha? been dostroyod, and hy
\ which tho gamblers of Wall street have
I been enabled to iix*tho price whioh the
toiling receive as com pout at iou for
their labor to a large extent.
Pickaninnies Learning to Manipulate
the Looms.
The colored cotton mill at Columbia,
says The Register, will be -opened for
work about April 15th. Several looms
have been gotten into position already,
and half a dozen pickaninnies about 15
yeari old are industriously learning tho
di.f.irebciw?Mjn *'vtrp"aujl.'.?VvPo?
and "combs"' i ? i. 1 . IUB.;: The ex
pert mill men tea-' ?? : thom declare
that they make apt scholars and learn
the intricacies of the looms readily.
The question of the negro's'capacity
being settled, the next which suggests
itself is his "stickability. " The'negro
in, _ as a rule, musical and rauuic
loving, sentimental and sensuous,
faithful to others biH negligent of
self, and. hie cup elf happiness ia
easily filled. _ Bat the/ ri ogro race ha|?
" li strides in recent yeara$
MiijW?s'many of the ift?
???tiO^bf the ??yan1r????ffl
?rye. Can Obtain All tti<
We Want. <
or Reports That Autonomy lu
l!u>.*a Is a Fuiluro-Preparations foi
Pefonco Gola?; Forward Rapidly.
.ishingtdn.-(Spocial. ) - "We arc
p\. M ired for war," eays Hon, John D.
Li Bocretury of tho navy. 4 Tain
iii i ?nterl in saying that wo can obtain
ad tho warships wo want. "
Jle added, "Sovoral war vessels can
bicorne ours at an hour's notice. Wc
hive concluded our plans for trans
forming merchant vessels into armored
eliipB, bat wo will not take possession
o| thom until tho necessity for them
aj-ises. Wo aro fully prepared for war. "
?Tho United States has bought thc
battleship ' 'Amazonas, " which will bo
transferred and placod under thc
Anierican flag us soon ns arrangements
cou bo completed for turning her. over
to an American crow.
Npain hus bought the Chilian battle
ship ^'O'Higgins," and the Spanish
flag Will bo hoisted over her within a
few days, when she leaves tho Tyne!
This ?B stated on-authority.
Senator Proctor made a report to the
President on tho 14th dedaring that
autonomy in Cuba is a failure and that
thu Maine was destroyed by design. H>
call ed at thb war department.
'Jiho developments in the Cub-... >i ?
aticn have been confined dur'iig -he
pusfc few days to tho contip/a .' .of ac
tive preparations nijitre by tho war and
navy depaYt ? -ftfcs; preparing for a pos
M'MS coiinio? , ith Spain.
"i.'i;1" Biujip negotiations with Spain
h' \?i been practically suspended eince
tho Alaine was blown up and with re
(3bft 1 . iwn as ft comrceroo destroyer,
me; : Uo marino rallier than to have
scr ? aid only tho very floetest of
Col . lui? Just benn ordered in con1
gard to tho, general^ question, Cuban
freedom, nave not been renewed.
The President was hopeful a few
months ago that by this timo negotia
tions would bo brought to n hoad. Tho
blowing up of tho Alaine interrupted
these diplomatic negotiations.
Unless thc roport of tho naval board
of inquiry is hastened it will be imprac
ticable for tho President to briugf the
controversy to an oud during the pres
ent session of Congress. Jl?th branehea
are rushing through nesessary legisla
tion for tho jmrpose of early adjourn
ment". They will let tho President set
tle the Cuban question.
Tho Soh;?ghticoko Powder Company
has received a r-trah order for a hundred
tons ot powder from i lie government.
Tho works are the larget*t for tho man
ufacture of powder in this country.
A big consignment of shells for Bub
marine mining has arrived at Key
West. Fla. ;\
The work of transferring three hun
dred artillory Wen ordered to
Sundy Hook - . began on the
14th. Preparution^ v w.ere commenc
ed early at Ports'Hamilton arid Wades
worth. Dozens of eifjht, ton and twelve
i ach nt e ol rifles arel at Sandy Hook
ready for mouuting. * When engineers
are through the forlji fl cation will be
among the strongest in the world.
AU tho women anjfcahjkl^-Under IG
years of age have W<M&> ?WkW from
tho Hook. J-A^-H
A hundred masorgBBBB?feffi8' ftnt1
other m a chi noa aro wft St? flf& tho ad
ditional quarters foi
Fatal FIro ii
Tn a fire at ?Jew
lodging house, fivo men
jloatu, and twe^k^tt
was old!
hw, in
bneral William
,..r Itedondo, Cal., ^oi
jg away peacefully u
is Bon and daughter.
[.-"Hos cor ans, and sever of frieni
family. Rosecrans bid a
"in the civil war. Hf served
ter to Mexico and??s in
ly ..rea
ds -
ino oi
Gon. WilliaaffG.' Mad
nt Alexnndja^ Va./ aV
bom at Mortsm?nth, auu
of tbe??rsecesBi?ii cony
120,000,000 UusholB of Wheat, 783,
000,000 Corn, 272,000,000 Oats.
The consolidated returns of the dif
ferent crop reporting agencies of tho
dopurtment of agriculture made up to
Mnroh 1 show tho wheat reserves in
farmers' hands ou that date to hnvo
boon tho equivalent of 22.9 per cont, of
last year's crop, or about 121,000,000
bushels. This is 33,000,000 busbols in
excess of tho farm reserve reported ono
year ago, but the result of tho special
wheat investigation made to tho depart
ment last fall would indicate' that tho
crop of 1800 was larger than the depart
ment bad reason to boliovo at tho time.
Tho proportion of tho Crop of 1907
shipped beyond country linos is 00,7 por
Tho corn, in farmors' hands 03 esti
mated aggrogntes 783,000,000 bushels
or 41.1 per cont, of last year's crop, as
against 1,104,000,000 bushels or 51.Oper
cont, on hand on March 1, 1807, and
l.C/72,000,000 bushels or 10.8 per conj
on March 1st, 1800. I
Tho proportion of tho tf ! ll crop
shipped out of tho couul'.y /hero
trrowu is estimated 21.6 ric? cant, or
abotit 412,000,000 bushel-, 'ho pro
portion of the total crop J ?rcnantablo
is estimated at 80.8 per c m..
Of oats there are ast: atod to bo
about 272,000,00r bushels, or 38.9 per
cent, still in f. ij?rs' hands, as com
pared with 3ir . .000 bushels, or 44.2
percent, on jh 1, 1897. The pro
portion of 'ir.t crop shipped beyond
county live, ?j estimated at 29.2 per
cent, >
/Thc Enemy's Sltlps^Comlng.
I ? special dispatch from Cadiz, Spain,
"announces that the Spanish squadron
has sailed from that port. It is under
stood that the Spanish warships aro go
ing to Porto Rica, whore they will wait
the orders of Captain-Gonoral lllancho.
Enthusiastic crowds of people gathered
to bid farewell to the war vessels.
ber mission being to prey upon nn enemy'
ii placo in the lighting line. She has triple
tho oceau greyhounds can escapo her. Tho
Their Homes to I5o Reproduced at
Omaha Exposition.
Senator J, M. Thurston, chairman of
tho Sonate committee on Expositions,
recently suggested that tho McKinley
home at Canton be repro?ucr.3 as tho
Ohio State building on tr?e grounds
of tho trans-MissiBsippi exposition
afc Omaha. Tho board of man
agers approved tho idea. Tho build
King when constructed will bo nsod. ns
a place of reception for Obio?aus
and it is proposed to exhibit there
in many mementos of tho luto cam
paign, avoiding, ns far as possible,
anything savoring of partisianship.
Noting tho action of tho board of man
agers, the friends of William Jennings
Brynn lost no timo in putting a pro
position looking to the reproduction of
tho Bryan homestead at Linooln. Tho
board of managers have unanimously
voted authority to tho buildings and
grounds department to allow the space
for such building, making n proviso,
as was done in tho McKinley home
stead, that the exhibits bo non-compe
titive and not for bale.
Reward for Lynchers.
Governor Atkinson, of West Virginia,
has offered a reward of $250 for tho ar
rest and conviction of the lynchers who
hanged a negro named Bailey at Bram
well, in that State about a ^month
Millionaire Joel Killed.
. Wp.ojf Joel, tho South African mil
lionaire, nephew of Barney Barnato,
Was shot and instantly killed by a man
named Feldtbeim. The murderer was
Mining Millionaire Dead.
E. C. Bassiok, who located a famous
Colorado silvermine, and by it beeline
a millionaire, died at Den vor -
A Kansas F iv. Yali I.
In tho United States Supremo Court
at Washington, an opinion has been
handed down by Justice Harlan, in
the case of the Missouri, Kansas A.
Texas Railroad Company' vs Churlos
bor, affirming the constitutionality
'dity of .the State laws of
'* iting the transportation
e ulled cd with Texas
br a civil action
infraction of
Proceed I npjfl of L?otli tho Senate ond
IIOIIBP I>ay Uy Doy.
08m DAY.'-Tho ftenato passod tba
emergency bil), carryin?r ?1851,OOO fop
deiicieucies, and placing at the dis
posal of tho President $50,000,000 for
defence. Tho voto hy which tho moas
uro WHS passed was unanimous. Sixty
six short, sharp and emphatic npoechon
wore delivered in favor of tho bill, each
one being simply n, ringing "ayo."
during tho roll call upon tho passago
of tho in cus uro. Not only
Sonator presont register 1 .
favor of tho bill, but for ev
member tho authoritative
ment was made that if ho w
ho would voto aye. Bacci
mont to tho Hawaiian anncxi*..
was under discussion duri}
ocutivo Bcssion of tho Son
The nmondmont provides
treaty shall not become ojiei
ratified by n majority of th?
tho. Hawaiian islands. '
.>!>TII DAV.-?bo Senate tra
!.. i nss of vp?l importanc
jo'.'i . d until ?Jenday.
in DAY.- ?Vjiug
(iv.- II
ito ia
e cx
t tho
i until
?ers of
tod no
id ad
iu of
nade on
bills pass
.horizo tl
:t a bridge
turco hours, tho S^'T), pasto ', a con
siderable number "u *F^rj? ;'om the
general calendar, ?'V /.v ' CK number
one authorizing tho struct ?otros?,
oight now reveille cutter^'iot exceed
ing an aggregate pf $i,03fi,000. A
resolution oflbrud by Chnudlor, of Now
Hampshire, authorizing tNhe committee
on naval afluir?.'to send foi\porsonn and
papers in tho courso of tile investiga
tion of tho Maine disaster was adopted.
Among other hills passed Vero: To
increase the pension of Mrs. Letitia
Tyler Semplo, a daughter of Prosidoot
John Tylor, to 850 a mouth.%
Ol ST DAY.-After tho posBntjo of nu
merous bills from tho calendar, the.
Senato began tho consideration
the measure prodding for ni
tional system of quarantine
tie beyond tho reading of tho
was accomplished'."*. .Sonio desul
discussion occurred o? on am?ne
but no progress v .
eral bill. Among
the following: To
sac?la, Alabama :.
road company to <
the Alabama- rlVoi p J Witcox
Ala? : to establish wJl'pfM \
Pitch bf the.C^a,i.:4%^. qty
,m^?oo^tf^'xtenu tu? uBes of tho mai
service, the plan being to adopt the ro
turn-postal card of tho. United State
Economic Company.
03D DAY.-The House devoted .'nelf
to routine business. Tho legiaJative,
J'ndicial and executive appropriation
>ill wont through its last stages in tho
adoption of tho final conference report,
and tho remainder of the day was con
sumed in the consideration of the Sen
ate amendment s to the Indian appro
priation bill.
04TH DAY.-In the House tho Senate,
nmondmont to tho Indian appropriation*
bill was voted dawn. Tho naval ap
propriation bill bas been practically
completed by tho House committee ou
naval affairs, Bare as to tho question of
increases in the navy, dry docks and
armor plate. There have boen fow
changes from tho estimates, and tho bill
will involve in the neighborhood of
?80,000,000, aside ?rom now vessels, dry
docks and armor. .
(15TH DAY.- Tho bill to pay the Bow
man act claims, aggregating SI SOO : ti)
for stores and (supplies furnished
Union army during tho war, was ob.ore
tho House until 5 o'clock, but beyond
completing tho general debato, Utile
progrec was made. ( >f
claims in the bill
fow come from the
dilatory tactics wero
to prevent progress with tho bill. ;
In a speech favoring tho bill, Mr. Gib
Bon, (Rop. ) of Tonnesseo, said the
claims wore distributed LS follows hy
State3: Alabama, GO; Arkansas, ?50;
Georgia, 42; illinois, 1;Kansas, 3; Ken
tucky. 06; Louisiana, 532; Maryland, 70$
Mississippi, tOi); Missouri, "01 : New\
York, 1; North Carolina, 12; Ohio. 2?
Orogou, V, Pennsylvania, 4; South Car
olina, 2; Tennessee, 190; Virginia, 00;
and West Virginia, 40. Tho House
then adjourned until Monday,
GOTII DAY.-This being the second
Monday of tho month, -it was given
over, under tho rules, to the consider?
tiou of business relating to the Distr '
of Columbia. The District bnsino
was concluded nt 4:35 p. m. A few Sen
ate bills were passed and at 5 o'?loc
tho House adjournod.
G7Tn DAY.-The House agreed to corf
sider the bill for tho relief of the legt
heirs of the Maine disaster
tho postollico appropriation
wns taken np in tho House, it
wnj'. During tho general *
postoflibo bill, members et
advnntago of the latitud*
committee of tho wbolo
tho Union to discuss vjj
questions aud tho
covered a widening^
The groat Euro]
France. . ; iv^n'
-thc c< ni
.and each Uuca
Qt was ever noel
noise in the his
ls now thc vic!
toward wit ii cov<
ble is just begin*
day ns though bel
every groat Kuri
maud ii si
y lr c. Ul
ls no po\
tho SOO odd
all but a
South and -?
resorted to":.

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