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The people's recorder. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1893-1925, March 19, 1898, FIRST EDITION, Image 6

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Pushing, the
>Vas Tnlcen by tho
.Over One-Half
MI This Y oar,
tan of noting as money
-veral couulios is meot
ucouragoinont Ibis year
two primary causes
themselves aro that tho
iring moro liberal terms,
the business, in other
Ho comities are in greater
ion of ibo Gonerul Assent*
net was passed authoris
ing from tue sinking fund
mt couulios sums uot lo
third of tho tax levy for or
.purposos. A lion on tho
Arrowing ooulilies guar
?ynieut of tho luau, with
or cont ou tho nmouut
ho uctual limo vlio money
lensiou of Iho L?gislature
Uno tormti of that ucl
io nmouut which could bo
lal to ono half tho levy for
bought when tho act was
1)7 that tho counties having
toy would take udvantago
loller. Tho ouly counties
however, ?wcro Aiken,
jrokee, Dorchester, Fuir
Iton, Marion, Ocoueo,
Williamsburg. Tho total
by 4hem was ?5>!),05J3.
by special enactment, An
ipermitted to borrow ?28,000
wood ?10, OOO. Tiio other
|icb have, up to this limo,
Iwed or mudo application for
[tho amouuts asked for. aro
?iorokee, $4,400.TS; Clar
^.'air field, ?7,5100; Marion-,
lier, ?3,r?00; Bickens. ?8,
|8,OO0; Williamsburg, $5,
[ins foot up $?18,270.70, and
jcial loans to Andor
jeuwood give a grand
JT6,27Q. 75, or nearly
fincli hB the amounts
'ear. Tho hrJanoe on Land
was 8l31,2liv , so it is seen
State still-?aa ..' " -nsiderable
Ifo lend to t o ?ouuties
ive n'bly\h.'xuule apu cation.
? <t> - J _
jrs' Salaries In Danger.
interest that although
Tiw yeraS-A number of
ioboeuesC-blishod, tho
jo oilicors^ in the old
no paid ff pm State
than formerly, while
[the officers in tho new
idditioual source of ro
Stato fundu. By re
lfv General Dorkuui bas
the following list of
land their salaries paid
lis: Abbeville, ?700;
ferson, STOL); Hamborg,
?700; Beaufort, ?700;
Charleston, ?1,800;
[Chester, ?;;00; Chcs
l.rcndon, ?">00; Collo
dion, ?000; Uorohes
iiicld, ?700; Fairfield,
?'000; Georgetown,
?>;00; Greonwood,
S?OO; Horry, SSOD;
lancaster, ?000; Lau
?ton, ?r,0?; Marion,
?0; Newberry, SHOO;
tungehurg, $700;
. -*nd, ?800; Saluda,
?s00; Suinter, ?700;
lc ; ?700; Williamsburg,
i'i is Dooming.
day which hus boen
tilling in this city of
the doctrino ot pro
mrpose of organizing
cet for Stato ofiices in
arv T. J. Lu Motto,
trul com mitt ce, states
ng letters of encour
!1 tho counties iu tho
|d that tho convention will bo
[tended. Ile is ujt yet ready
kuy expression of his views aa
?>la ti s upon which tho cam
Ill bo conducted.- Columbia
^onlsm timi Dispensary,
following letter receivod by
ipr.it would peem that some
sens of Utah waut to mix
and tho dispensary.
IAain anxious to got a
?sury law of South
ports and other
ji good idea
res. 1
poo -
to tho Baltimore
Jrg, Va., says: Gen.
.rived in the city on
B !)th add was visited
Iicil in a body. Brief
[no were made by tho
ith, and tho president
ir. Thomas 1>. Davis,
Curler Glass. Tho
Efforts aro being irado at Richmond,
Va., to transport tho old Libby prison
back to that oily Irom Chicago, Ul.
Marshall Boss Smith, of Molloy,
Mo., while locked up in jail, sot bro
to tho building and was burned to
During tho cattlemou's convontion
at Fort "Worth, Texas, stock to tho
valne of $~;,00?,??? chuugod bauds.
CJray wolves in enormous numbers]
aro praying upon tho stock ajong tho
Laramie river, Colorado.
The Republican Stato central com
mittee of Knusns mot at Topeka and.
authorized tho hchh'ag of tho Stn*-*:
convention at Hutchison on >Tune s. ,:\
full State tickot will bo nominated.
About two miles from Henrietta Wia,
N. C., Mr. John (treen, township con
stable, attempted to arrest a negro
numed blako, who had run away from
South Carolina for wifo beating, and
for which crime Constable Green held
u warrant. As soon c.3 the negro heard
of tho officer's buainoaa ho oponed lire
with a pistol. Thc constablo foll to his
knees, mortally wounded, but drew his
pistol, tiring throo shots at tho negro, al I
of which look effect, ono ball picTjin ?
his heart, killing him iustautly.
Thc Largest Number of Patients tn
the Hospital in Ks History.
Tho caro of tho insano of tho Stato
has become a sorious problem. The
number of patients havo assumed
alarming proportions. To such an ex
tent ?3 this true that lhafc tho board of
regents met ou tho 10th, su\'3 tho Co
lumbia State, and gavo the matter their
most careful consideration. As a re
sult of their deliberations thoy appoint
ed two committees to study plans to re
lievo tho situation by reducing the
number under treatment.
During tho past month 080 persons
were cared for. This is tho largest
number iu tho history of tho hos
pital f'-i' the insano. Thirty-lour
new ones have applied for admission.
, Thirty-ono patients were discharged ou
Thoregonts decided that tho institu
tion is becoming so crowded that to ac
coinodate recent and incurable eases for
whom applications aro being made it
will be necessary to send i l; chronio
and harmless cases to the poor housos
of their respective counties. A co' mit
feo consisting of Mr. hodel I Jon und
Superintendent Babcock was apk ted
to investigate tho subject aud report to
the regents in order that tho matter
may bo laid before Governor Ellcrbo lo
bo transmitted by him to tho noxt^
(!?.. "'-M Assembly. . - ? JjSj3|
?.V. -tvMi of admitting' insane
crimiuii'Ti ? ~t . .iljmoand Dr. Taylor, j
us chairman, v> LO i?p7inTrted^to_p^
a special report. Hois to confer with;]
tho superintendent and directors of the
penitentiary in order' to have reoom- 1
inondation:', for legislation which will
have insane criminals placed in tho
ponif?nlta1ry".'"'Wfi"ero in fue opinioTC?. of
tho regentu, they properly belong.
lt Will Soon he Avallublc for Our J?I
Beports received nf tho navy depart
ment from tho contractor in chargo of
dredging a now anchorage ground for
vessels at tho entrance to tho dry dock
at Por' Royal. S, C., encourage a fcopn
that tho work of getting a sufficient
auchorago to accommodate vessels of
war may bo successful beforo long.
Heretofore ships llave been compelled
to come intu tho dock proper from be- l,
low at high water and then get out ]
again nuder thu Kamo circumstances. |
The adaptability vi tho dook to United i
States war vessel:, at all times is greatly I
to bo desired, since south of Now - |
port Neu? it is tho only dock on |
tho Atlantic coast available for use of
tho vessels of tho North
THIS PA Y~< ) li" SU PK KV 1 SO 5 ?S.
An Interesting Question Which Ailcets
Ail Old Hoards.
Under tho now law regarding super
visors of registration, a quostion hail
arisen in some of the counties which ia
also of interest to all tho others. It ' .
as to what length of time tho fon i
boards of supervisory get paid for,
when the pay of tho new boards . . n
menen. Comptroller General Dei! ? .
who lum received a number of inqu.i >^s
along tb.is line, takes tho position that
thu tenure of ellice of tLu.uld
pired the first of tho year/;l
the be_'inliing of tho fiscal
t'-." ?aleudar year. tmocqoi
says, thoy got no pay for'-igpr)
doYod in 1808 uule:;s tb?~"
obtain ?. . numeration froi^..
jt;st ci. i j; ol In sumo ^ci?
personnol <>. ti board is
unchanged n:j 1 ii "eh cou
:?..t he difficult ti
Tho .State.
Six. Hangings in1
The Laurens eorrosMHO^t^*:T
News and Courier mWie> Ia"1
ing appointed fe. (ff^h . ot A*i . i..
winch will met .o^Bmpers of ' i <.?
grusomely inclined, otherwise there
nothing tb interest ??Tv\. u,'< civilization
until the campaign'or- i- in midsum
mer. By tho wa*, it ?*tyy of note
that th?ro have' been. * haiigings iu
this county witUifr/.tW';bist ton years,
tho place of execdfiwmtng a stable in
j rear of tho jail. aacJ^?Vvalue of the old
j building is aboutit^ uollars.'' Four of
the executions vf^aii' tot murder and
to for arson, alli |eitffiT:Xiegro83.
rton Dead,
o, D. D., secretary
hirch.extension of tho
I?pal Church, South,
Je in Louisville,Ky.,
jed 00 years. For
Three White Men C- icted of
Shameful (! i .3,
T^cSiius Sentenced.! to? Years in tho
y t??nltcnliury und th* Father to 18
Mont lis on the
A special hom Ndw^&r'to\io No\v3
and Courier, ci t?|^)^p. Says: 'Hie
Pouiurhi case endet toni,:lit in the
conviction of t hree parties tried at this
terni of. court. The nojiss of testimony
occupiod four full drys. Arguments
wore begun this mor1 ling, and tiireo
speeches on each sido occupied until ii
o'clock. J
.fudge lionet's char.;o occupied half
an hom-, and einbracht tho law in tho
Tho jury retired at 7 o'clock and ren
dered a verdict at thiJO;
Albert F. Itizor and William Ki/.or
woro found guilty of housebreaking anti
larceny, andsentonccd io five yeuis and
ono mouth in thc p?nito.itiary. .T:i?. A.
Rizer was found guilty of receiving
stolen goods and wan sentenced to
eighteen months on the chain gang or
eighteen months in tho pcui'.ouliury.
Judge Benet, in passing sentence,
said that ho would not add ono word to
tho torturo of tho moment, Hrofoipid
silence provailod in the court room
when tho verdict w?s announced, und
before passing sentence euch prisoner i
mudo a negative reply lo Judge lionel's I
question itt hoy had anything to say I
why Bontonco should not ho passed.
Three white men, a ful ber with tho |
frost of sixty-livo winters upon his
hoad, and two sons convicted of n
gravo crime presents n sadly remark
able spectacle in tiiis coniiuuuity.
Tho triul engrossed tho whole of pub
lio attention, and tho verdict produces
a profound impression genondiy. 't ho
other parties in jail urrestoil in tho i'o
niuria case uro to ho tried at tho spe
ciul term in April.
While Water Was Jtcitig Drawn Krom
1 Reservoir to Itbcover Her llody.
Tho thoughtless JOSS of Miss Hortic
Hood, 21 and'pretty, nearly precipitated
a water fumino iu Columbia on tho 1:5th.
Sho is from Winnsboro ami was visiting
friends in tho oit . J.f.st afternoon sho
^disappeared, ti of friends nud
!polico failod t . > u traco. About
Vnoon today a <. t- . Hosting iu tho
,'resorvoir wus fi ;? , . it. A paper hcar
?i?7r^h^^oj^h^ . *1 ut tho bottom of
?this with woig": . jix)>ojy- ,!* "
w??5 found i ?i.~i? . . in, prouet
ing off six niii . dbms of ? ....
drugging the air waa invniudi... !_
begun in tho uce of u big crowd.
At dusk, wh? - ? o million gallons of
tillered water nud .returned to tho river,
Miss 1 Ipg^KflpjPUp. Shohudspcntlho
night NV*tB^8gW*'^ni tho northern limit
of tho ^T'-flBBHmfK'""*'"' 10 notify nny
,one. yom?^''w?g. perii(jtr;iU:(l the bottle
? -
Kxp!fl^?J>ttT.lr?stolIici! Kohl
A Hampton . special to Tho ' . .
says: ?>qaio one entered tb? Kouiheiu
j?xpress oilice here, open"'; .. -nfeand
carried awuy ?21,0?0? i .m..ny
express packages Iv' fl n.? .. V\\ lion
Mrs. 11 uglies, I' ii oss hore,
oponed der . touud the safo
blown open, ..iago done to tho
furniture, and tulum. Several per
sons heard u in. .vy discharge Saturday
niirl.-i, but cyuht nu!, locate it, und no
one suspected that our quiet communi
ty had lu ?eu iuvuded by burglar. Sev
eral suspicious characters liavo been in
town ir econ t ly, but up to this timo no
'arrests have been made.
Lynchers Foiled.
. v Last week ('burlie Williams, tho no- j
grO who was accused of murdering Mr.
W. Lee at ihshopvillc on November
2?tst, was tried ut Sumter und found j
guilty of murder with recommendation j
to mercy, tho ]ieo])io from tho Bish- j
orville section wcro not mitisiied with
thc voi d?ct, und violence waa teared. |
Tho sherill received an intimation that
an ?d tempt would lie Hindu to lynch tho
negro, and he instructed Deputy l?uil
lard to trot him to a place of safety, and
he was taken to Columbia.
-. ^a.?
A Shorter Itoute lo Columbia.
lt is said that tho Carolina Midland
railway Avili coinplo its extension to
Butosburg in about tbreo weeks. This
will give this section of tho country c.
shorter routo to Columbia and tho up
country. Mr. J. \V. Fowler, tho gen
eral manager, will probably do much
to improve tno service, equipment and
physical condition of the road, lie is
a railroad official of long ox per ?once and
ull ol' expedients and resources.
Crime in the Slat?.
? On. tho 11th, according to correspond
Ruts of the Columbia State, ibo follow
9feg murders woro committed: jNcar
Union Leo Turnbill (wluto) shot and
.instantly killed Emma Hall (colored).
1 Tney had been playing in the prononce
of five witnesses nud lie fold her to
stop* and she didn't, with tho uhovore- j
suit. Near Camden, Allon Carolina
(colored) was shot by Constable J. F.
Bateman, while resisting arrest for
burning cord wood. In Bothel town
ship, iu York county, Butler Hobbins,
sb^pt and instantly killed Toni MoFad-.
den, both colored. It-is said that Bob
bins found McFadden in n com-,
promising position with his, Bobbins',
lt is said that tho smallpox at Pelham.
is on tho decreuso.
At Conway, April 1st, Nathan Willis
will be hanged for murder, "^jj**1*;; i?
The town of Williamstj??'^^i^V.'r??ie-Q"
now chart o; u utl?r tho act of
TllO Naval ISonrd of Inquiry Nonrly
Ready to Itcport.
Tho naval board of ?uquiry has al
most completed it? investigation and
tho report will likely bo forwurdod to
Washington in tho next two or throe
days. A few details of tho export testi
mony aro being carefully collected.
Tho divers aro ouly verifying thoir pre
vious discoveries. Tho report that is
awaited with so much interest uud ou |
which so much depends is aiuiost fin
ished, and will ho in tho hands of tho
Prosid ' .t inside ot" tho next six days.
Tho Naval MltUla.
t has been derided tliat iu tho ovent
ot hostilities tim naval mil if ia will take
caro <?f harbor defences in conjunction
with tho naval and coast defense j
officers. Tho latter being of tho army
department, will-detail thc roserves to j
take charge of thc improvised nub
ularino mines.
Spain's Protest.. *
Tt is reported that Spain has lodged a
protest with the itra/.iliau government
against tho salo of the cruisers Ama-j
/.onus and Abrenall to tho United Stales 1
on the ground that it is an uufriondly
nut iu viow of tho tension of thu situa- ?
tion between tho Madrid aud \\ ashing
ton governments.
Moving Artillery Ibit.tcric
Tho Pennsylvania Railroad has closed
a contract with tho govi ruinent lo 1
transport artillery butteries Hom Wash
ington to IV rt Mott and from Fort Mo- .
Henry to i "crt Dclawuro.
Implicit. Confidence In tho President.
Representativo ?T. W. Stokes, of 'south
Carolina, has rceoived a letter from
U en eral Joseph li. Stupplebeiu, com- .
branding tho First Ib'tgndo, South Car
olina Cavalry. After commending Mr. I
Stokes for his recent speech in Congress
for tho" ?00,000,000 for tho national do
foiice, he adds: "J'ho people of South
Caroliuu .itmd ready and willing to
shed their blood in defeueo?of the ?-.tars
and Stripes, and if over our people were ,
united, they are today. Wo know no ;
factional or party lines when the Junior j
of tho country is at stake. As yon know, :
.1 command tho largest body of cavalry ;
in tho United States. My command j
and 1 are at tho scrvieo of thc Presi
dent, and while I understand that mi
litia cannot be pressed into sorvico for
a longer period thau ninoty days, J now,
through you, formally tender my ser
vices to tho President in tho volunteer ?
for ninety months, if need bo. Tho peo
ple have implicit coulidouco in tho wis
dom of the President at Ibis crilieal
moment, and fuel that ho will do tho
proper thing. "
Mr. Stokes presented General Stop
pelbein s letter to tho President.
Senate Investigation Postponer!. . -'
Tho Seuato committee on nr .?' uf
fairs had under consideration ' . so
lution instructing it to make - . osti
ati . s v?r thc Muino disast . ...id dc
1 ?yr. vote of 0 ? ?i stponcd
Spain ' /tilings.
Pondon . .o. )-The Madrid
corresp: i. - . ihu Daily Mail re
port- . .'JW with Admiral Bor
ir .' -.er ol' .Marine, m tho courso
? '? . mo minister mid: "Tho exi- ;
of tho times demand that tho j
. nimmt pursuo a policy of silence, :
a we should not ho doing our duty if ;
wo imitated the Americans in publish- .
ing information as fast as received, :
only to deny it tho following day. " j
Admiral Bermejo declined to affirm j
or ?leny that tho Spanish govornmeut ]
had purchased tho Chilian cruiser j
O'Higgins. - i
A RKVOLTixc; cm MR.
Unknown Partien lilli Henry Unities :
as He Was Kissing Illa Raby.
A special to tho Savannah Morning
News, from Quitnian, Ga., says: One
of tho blackest crimes in tho history ni
this county occurred twelve miles north
of Ouituian. Au unknown party slipped
up lo ibo window uf tho house of Hu .ty
Haines, a prominent negro, and shot
bini and his two-year-old baby to d-. a; K
Kloveu buckshot entered Paine;.' head,
four lodged in tho baby, aud twelve ia
tho wall. Kaine?' wife was Bitting l?e- ,
tween him and tho window, and ii is ?
believed that tho murderer intended to
kill her also.
A Florida Sherill' Killed.
At Defuniuk Springs. Fla., Sherifl
Marvel Manning, of Walton county, in
attempting to arrest Arthur Perry, a
negro, wanted for assault upou un o th er
of Ina race, was killed, the negro losing
his life in tho encountor. The sherill
and his deputy, Wiekorsham, went to i
thc house w'ierc tho negro was sleep- I
ing. Thc negro pulled a pistol from |
beneath tho coverlet and tired foin |
shots. Tho sherill'emptied his pistol, !
and Wiokersham also took part in the >
artair, two of his bullets lodging in th? i
negro's body. Tho sherill" was struck
in tho stomach, uud lived only thrct
Ho May ??c in Charlotte, N. C., on i
May 2(>th.
Senator Pritchard, of North Carolina,
on behalf of the p opie of his Stuto,
has invited President McKinley tc
attend tho celebration of tho Mecklen
burg Declaration of I ndependenco, al
Charlotte, N. C., Way ?01 h. ThiB is tc
ba a great occasion in North Carolina.
The people of that State, claim thal tlu
Mecklenburg Declaration of Inde
pendence, made May 20th, 177(5, wa!
the model for the Fourth of .Tilly de
claration. A monument to tho signori
of t ho I Mecklenburg declaration is tc
- be unveiled; President McKiuloy kai
promised to give tho invitation con
sid?ration, with the hopo that ho may
be able to .attend.
nitor Thurs ton's Wife Dies tn Cu Vu.
H dispatch to tho Now York Evening
.YvVrid from Habana Rays: "A telo
y..' i. .n. roceivod by Consul Gen oral Loo
il i Consul ?hiker on tho 11th says tho
of Senator Thurstan) died on board
facht Anita, Sag no. harbor.
An K.lltoi' KMIed.
Un Connolley, n.litorVof tim Plow
published'nt E?st?'Wo?nt, Cu.,
shot ami killed by j\ Q.Oox, n
-ian. Tho crijr-~7^.\Af resul
Tlie Soiit.h*
Georgia will bo roprosouted at tho
Omaha Exposition.
Nat, Butler took tho honor? in the '
professional bicycle races at Jackson
ville, Fla., on tho i'th.
Now port News, Va., is to have tho
larpent dry dock in tho world. Jt is to 1
bo 000x00 feet.
All street railways in Knoxville.
Tenn., includion ibo Weat End, will bo
in or i;ed in leo days.
At Atfigusln, (?a., Alis? Nina lil- I
ilrhlge, a young woman of good family ,
marries nu old Chinaman of 50, uauied
Li Choy.
Kent nek}* has round ii supposeil rival
to tho old famous Mammoth Cavo. lt
is culled tho Cu vor n Cave-, a eurions
collocation considering thc meaning o?
Alabama Hcpublicnns met nt Calera
and noiuiunted A Ulrich foe ro-election
to Congress; ro-nlii:ined tho St. Louis
platform; endorsed MeKinloy and ?lo
elai cd for Cuban independence.
Claude Lawrence, treasurer of tho
Allanta (Cn.) Soda Company, com
mitted suicido by takin:;, sixty grains
of morphine. Nothing is known as to
the canso. His book.j nra correct.
A.t Meridian, Miss., J B. Koyuls,
his wife and thc latter':) sister wero
poisoned by a servant, a 12-ycnr-old
negro boy; Boy?is and thc young lady
ure at the point of death.
Near Tulhottou, Ca., Yv. S. Brown, a
prominent planter, .-.bot and killed J.
ll. Miller, lii'own is hold by tho ocr
euer for murder. Tho c.?uso of tho trag
edy is kept a : corot.
Tho Supremo Court of Tenor
lins decided that tho Stato law
iug railroad com punies to provide aep
aruto conches fur white and colored
pus.ven.gcrs was constitutional.
At niacksburg, S. C. will Hum
phries, white, in a quarrel over a gamo
of curd"?, was shot and fatally wounded
by I '.manuel Kurie, colored. Tho negro
lied, hut was captured. Jluuiprios
chances are against him
Tlie Nortli.
The death penalti' for larceny of over
$100 is to bo imposed in Alaska.
William (). Hutchins, of Providence,
ll. J., ono of thc best known manufac
turing jowelors in the Fast, was shot
and killed hy a burglar.
.lohn Wanamaker has consented to bo
tho candidate for tho Business L.opllb
licau League for (Jovornor.
Charlo3 Boich and Thomas Flaherty,
painters, wero killed by the breaking
of a ropo ou a platform at tho oighth
story of a building in Now York.
Fivo studouts have been dismissed
from tho State University,at Columbus,
() cv" twenty two impended, us tho
. .- ' a recent riotous outbreak,
"u*o. \Vilmevding. at-grnuddaugh
ter of Cotumoiloro i 'er hilt and wife
of ".lack*' Wilmer?! of New York,
is u paretic patient Bloomingdalu
Twenty miles of road tracks in
Ghion."' will bo ole . . I this .suinnnor.
"pPh? .. -:f: '-o in oighborhooia o:
?8,00.;, u?i -v:'.1 ,. o omployi.uoDl
to 25, UUO mon.
Geo. B. Erb, for y of! Sherman
lowu, Pa., who thc t ho had divin?
'lower ami could iii iud. it and is a
tho K?stern District Hospital, Brook
lyn. N. Y., Mullering from internal in
juries and a broken leg.
Hoy ({dirie;, of Milton, Pn., shot
and perhaps fatally. Will fl. Davis, o
Ht. Ciair, I'M., at iiiil?ersvii?o and the.
killed himself. They wt.ro both ill lovi
with the : anio girl, and ne left ii not.
saying it was a double suicide.
At Kansas Citi*, Mo., horse meat wa
served at tho annual banquet of tin
Kansas City Veterinary College
Though tho spread was elaborate, not)
morsel of meal ot ii er than tho lleuh o
the hi tve .v,i- M . ved. From sou:> ti
loa n :! ?ins ?di I"?; so. Tho student
and fa >i!iy wiso l athered around th
?.......?MU i. lt? men y und insisted that i
UK -liZiiig.
\Vi. . i i t-ut ii. manager of the Cen
ttni <. . .-.r e-s Company, of Kt
Loni.-'-, . - i.iuud dying in Fores
! c l iivii. : !ii t wound in the head
:t \. i . -\ . I t. . a e of suicide. Th
yon ag w.-. ? tatton to tho city hot
pital, where ho -bod. (Ie is a relativ
of l'erry S. tient h. Assistant Posl
master ( louerai.
HI iFceUuueoiia.
Sir Hoary Bossoiner, tho eel ob rat 0
inventor of Bessemer steel, is ?lead.
Flooils along tho (?rand ami Thaine
Eivers in Western Ontario have lei
over 150O persons homeless.
A bill boforo tho. Maryland Lowish
ture will increase tho cost of a rota
.itjuor liceuso to $500.
Missouri's Democratic. State Cot
Toution, called for Springfield ?
August 10, will have TO! delegates.
Bradstreet's report of business tor tl
pa?t week says business in tho South
good, and tho industrial trade may 1
improved by tho ending of the Nc
England cotton mill strike.
Tho St Louis Union st?.ck yards a
to bo sohl to satisfy ii ?leed of trust <
tho holdings cf the company for gl5(
Tho negro, Will 'Putt, who slow ii
wifo for wautiug to go to a barbocn
has boon seutouceil to bo hanged
I Mayfield, Ky.
A steel pusaoiiiror steamer, to
' launched at Wyandotte, Mich., w
? bo christoDod America, in ay mi
I thy with tho prevailing oublie "nen
Tho coasting steamer Ktirokn v
wracked in sight of Sun Francis;
Cal. Her passengers wore rescued a
tho storm's dumnge to shipping AI
The Amorican and Pacific Expn
Companies are about to consolidate.
A Boston iloctor, after a eloso stn
of diphtheria in HOO casos, linds ai
toxin reduces tho douth ruto con sid
Windi lo g'on dot lings.
I The houso r 'mitt ec on rivers j
harbors voter, i fi to report a ri
an?l harbor rup' ?printion bili ut !
i Blanch ' lb-nee, Register r?f
i Treasury a-- es-Untied SluUjaij^d
from M ins. -JjfiSBMn^n
! homo in vj
1 troubl-.^^l
thcrcil From All l'art* ol' Thia
Mimd.mo Sphere.
Now York theatrical mauugors com
ain of dull busiuoss.
iVugnsta, Qa., Merry-Makers' Week
bc from April 25 to 30 inclusivo.
ie 1 lobs co-operative common wealth
_.founded, it? lirst colonoy nour Hoi*
fii^ Wash.
v;!V. licslio Cook, convicted nt Koa
no .?, Va., of forgery, has been taken
to yo penitentiary.
.T^bu Dougherty, a lifo-prisolior iu
Ne\ '(.Jurdlo jail, Delaware, Mil , broke
out -- i t J i tho aili of a fellow prisoner.
ib'? Ucorgo H. Morris, a well-kuown
iicutist, who died in Morgantoii, W.
Va., lef t au eatato valuod al ^100,000.
! t appears thut tho strawberry crop
in tin?eastern counties of North Caro
lina! sot back two weeks by tho cool
weath r iu February.
Kevi Dr. Howorton, pastor of tho
First Itrosbytorian t 'Kn: eli, t harlotto,
->. <'., classes playing progressive
enebro for priv.es us gumiding.
Dr. ,T. M. Strong iho<l in Mccklon
ortii Carolina, of co ti -
nigs an liour after 'bo
a Confederate sv.rgeon
bm g county, N
gestion of tho b
attack. Ho V.MS
of prominence.
In Frodertelt e<
Morille --vus shot
gaged u\ sereu
l ?oorge ( .ibboti
(Jibbon ?ful bi.:
lip to ^urjb
passed HUM. U;_
? 'barloite, ' lin
agr?ment ii . lo
a new i v
father u
loth ii?,
h tho
h is oui
Mav.ylnu.it, ! . ?ilia
killed while ou
Mr. and Mr.t.S
murrio?I couple.
e uiuler ar
:. i i io
rs. i
oa; resoun
ian -
s ol'
> eil
- thu
C.) Star i;
Il - ?.nowa
ina that
UM', nour!"
ii sh
.. .so
itt? armina.
Tho Coe hoi election bi!! has ?
Ibo Kentucky House, Vi to?W, ovi
Oovemor's veto, sud is now law.
1 Hiring its pillage two ot thcmembers,
Depp ami kilmore, engage i in ti .iieults,
but peace vins rcs! oreti.
Tho VVillningtot! 'N.
Mr. W. fi. ?jVo; p. tho w.
tl eal cr, gives tho inforini:
catch of ahmt this yeat is
large as tba tish men wouit! liku it,
i ; owing to the wniil of freshets.
Considcrulllo excitement exists ii; tho
oil Ileitis abo Vc Chattanooga, Tenn., ou
(he Cincinnati Southern I Cati way. Ibo
Dayton nil and das Company hua just
been formed with a capital stock of
$.,'00,000, anti bus secured s ?case of H">,
H!)U ?cres of lund. Tho company will
boro ior oil at oueo.
A Washingtlm special says: Repre
sentativo .Skinner, of North Carolinu,
has becu informed that a life-saving
Mutiou is to bc established at < )craeoko,
N. C., and tunt a range light will bo
placed ut the llouth of Alligator river,
tho order havipg hoon ?nat?o by CUiof
of the Life-Saving Servieo Kimball.
If the farmers of Kowan county,
Kurth Caroliut?|, provo that they can
raise sugar beets successfully, a re
liuery for beet sugar will bo established
thereby tho government nud the South
era Hallway. ' >'he seeds have boon or
dered from YYasuiiigton, au I tho culti
va'iion oi W:. >ugar beet will bo begun
at once.
The arrest of Henry Hilton, a moon
shiner, lins brought to light a peculiar
luxm^'.-MH.tra'reijy ut Kussellvillo, Ark.
Htevc Mc Alee ii .1 -'M>v." i/JTiltou, noto
rions moonshiArs, were -s.t. jr.?';.
their still kou?ft Aie \ co,
fun, awukon^B 1 il ton ami
:fter thom,
filtou grabbe
o death. I !
m a.-.pirn ol
obi hint tho
?Half awako
a chair und
'Iton is now
sent lo the
marshals Wi
iv .excite,
beat M"Aj[
a raving ntauiac t">d ?viii bc?
An iron ' combino'' has lbecn formad
by the Southern iron furnace operators
with a view of holtling op ijho prices ol
iron. .Those interest e.
the Chat
tanooga, 1'ii ni ingham. Uocv.wuod, Day
ton, .Bessemer, und A uti isl on f?rmico
operatives, an?'.: tho price ol' .'. o. i fur
nace iron pluec-l at ^T.-.u a t< i. I hero
was a general cu tiing of price*-prior to
the agreement. Tba tb amudfor iron is
good al Chattanooga, Tenn. Tho Day
ton (Tenn.) f ii ri M> ces, with a daily out
put of over ::..'"? Ama, havo just' be ni
"blown in." That* give oin ploy aient
to 1.000 men, including thais employed
in the company's mine. ?
A special to tho Ch-arloittflN. C.) Ob
server from Fayetteville, IVH: While
the machinery was vt Iii." ng in tho
steam laundry of M?jHsra. Lodboller*
on Franklin .street, i
four inches in ilium?
high rate of speed, v
fragments piercing t
roof, and ono bury i
earth, where, after ft
il romains undiscoi
rolled over lind pinn
tho ground, whence
unhurt. ( )no large i
lauded in tho yard
Neill, nearly a quart
taut, on 1 >ick street, i
steruation i-f tho child
i (iel, tWOlltl
, re vor i* ut
?t kW to Mima
? lJ<:o,-s and
g ?itself in
tuet of digi;i
.eda The sh:J
I t'y.workman
0 5-iiM rescu
cc d tho wh
J -A J. v. ?
,. oUf\i, milo ii
' uob .<> ibo
eu at ipbiy.
Mon Wnip*r
m'?rr .?tft&H cl
v is r?"
inter?s ?r,
y. ?xv.,: !?
lu one of thi
3f l.ontkni tin
curious and
which not ma
Yet ii was liol cl lat?
hundred and ?ifty-?r
(uiially known ns tho
dell very of thc "ibm'
instituted in commeiri
cideni which occtirri
Slr .lohn (layer, an r
Km.dcm to\\n. Will .
n party in a ileunk',,
th J atory goc lr
p?ir confront ed l
rated'from his friee.ds,
htV helplessm ss. and ?
1 neesrsakiii?' that God
bim. Op ri iirr. ho was
His animal walking awa.v
3o grateful was Sir 3
he beJlevid to be a divin
on lits behalf that, on
l.onflonrbc s'?t asido a <
money that the anni vor
, cape might every year
by ibo distribution of gi
and made arran semi
n sermon, it ti
generations I
prayer and
of the lion

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